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Fox News Polls: Senate Battleground Races Trending GOP, Roberts Up in Kansas


from – Fox News – by Dana Blanton Watch the latest video at New Fox News battleground polls show a Republican trend in the fight for the U.S. Senate.The GOP candidates — helped by anti-Barack Obama sentiment and strong...
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Costa Rica – An Action Filled Destination


A relaxing getaway on the beach?  Oh, please.  My friend, you crave an adrenaline adventure. If your heart isn’t pounding and the world isn’t a few hundred feet below your sneakers, then you won’t come home from the trip refreshed. You need that...
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We Can’t Afford the $2 Trillion Price Tag of Government Regulations, says AMAC

Debt Rising

‘In recent years regulations have also been used to promote social policies’ WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 10 – The federal government takes its toll in taxes but there are insidious and intrusive hidden regulatory costs that eat into our household...
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Mr. Obama, Mr. Erdogan: Save Kobani


from – The Washington Times – by Robert Charles Just over a week ago, I sat in a room with President Erdogan of Turkey. He spoke to a small group. He was asked: How did the 49 Turkish hostages suddenly get released by ISIS? His answer was coy,...
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Move Over Lois Lerner: Lawsuit Says IRS Destroying Evidence in Separate Case


from – Center for Individual Freedom –  by Ashton Ellis Private lawsuits against the IRS are nothing new, but one claim against the tax-gathering agency should interest House Republicans investigating the possible willful destruction of evidence...
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Are You Getting the Best Price?


Make the most of your hard earned dollars! The holidays are quickly approaching, and the thought of gift buying is daunting.  After all, there are less than 75 days of shopping until Christmas.  Are you ready?   Will Black Friday deals be better than what...
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Making Energy Less Affordable for Seniors


‘Obama’s attack on coal raises the cost of staying warm’ By – Dan Weber If the Obama White House had a secret plan to emasculate America by making the country more dependent on foreign oil and federal bureaucracy, and if the...
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Keep Talking to People


One of my guiding principles in life is this: people have to talk to people. It sounds simple. But it’s something that not nearly enough people do—especially leaders. During my years in the NFL, I didn’t stand on the sidelines and watch the game when I...
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Walmart Drops Health Coverage for Part-Time Employees – Thanks, Obama


By – Peter A. Finocchio and Caroline Rayburn It should come as no surprise to those of us who have been following the disastrous rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “ObamaCare,” that Walmart announced...
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Time to Involve Congress


from – National Review – by Senator Ted Cruz (TX) The president’s 60-day executive authority to take military action against ISIS has run out. Today the 60-day period designated by the War Powers Resolution that has so far allowed President...
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