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Obamacare Approval on the Rise?


I’ve been saying for some time now that criticizing Obamacare without offering a solid alternative helps no one. Check out some recent polling via The Hill: Support for ObamaCare has climbed to its highest level in more than two years, according to a new...
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Values and Attitude, Not Resume


For any of us who are caught up in the world of football, we’re coming up on one of the craziest parts of the entire year: the NFL Draft. I think it’s fascinating to watch, and not just from the perspective of a fan, but for what it has to say about...
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An Assessment of U.S. Military Power


from – It is a self-evident truth that America must first and foremost have the military capability to defend America from attack. Beyond that defense of the homeland, America has interests around the globe, such as protecting...
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AMAC Connects – Off and Running!

An AMAC “student” receives hands-on instruction

by Gerry hafer – The AMAC Foundation’s “Connects – Technology for Seniors” program got off to a roaring start in March with two filled-to-capacity sessions focusing on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Under the skillful tutelage of...
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Eureka Springs

By – D.J. Wilson Have you ever flipped through the pages of a travel magazine and wished you were someplace beautiful?  It’s time to stop dreaming about travel, and to start doing.  If you’re looking for a picture perfect place to go, surround...
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Why Are We Going Down Same Path With Iran We Did With North Korea?


from – – by Kim Holmes A U.S. president reaches a nuclear agreement with a rogue state. He steps before the microphones and declares, “This is a good deal for the United States.” The pariah nation will, he continues, “freeze...
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Congress Can Raise Your Income 10 Percent By Updating the Tax Code


from – – by Curtis Dubay Congress could raise your family’s income by 10 percent, or maybe even more. And it could do it with a policy reform that has the support of 71 percent of the American people. Even better news is this is...
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AMAC Scores a Legislative Victory!

congressional building

Killing the Death Tax, Part 1 On Thursday, April 16, AMAC celebrated the passage of H.R. 1105, the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015,” by the U.S. House of Representatives. This bipartisan, AMAC-backed bill introduced by Congressmen Kevin Brady (R-TX) and...
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Proposed City Law Would Let Non-Citizens Vote, Reports AMAC


‘Immigrants who built America came here with a desire to participate in the democratic process, not to dismantle it’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 17 – Liberal politicians in New York City want to give immigrants who are not yet citizens the right to vote.  The...
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