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Chicago: Second City is First for Summer Events


From – AMAC.US There’s no place like Chicago in the summer and the Windy City really packs in the events. There’s jazz festivals, food fests (including sausage, ribs and craft beer), art festivals, boat races and even a shopping festival. And of...
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GOP Leaders to Brief Members on ObamaCare Challenge Response


from – The Hill – by Sarah Ferris and Peter Sullivan Republican congressional leaders on Wednesday will brief members about their party’s long-awaited response to a potential Supreme Court ruling against ObamaCare, aides...
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Promoting Opportunity Through Informed Choice Act

Flowers on US Capitol Grounds

AMAC recently supported the bill H.R. 1795, the “Promoting Opportunity through Informed Choice Act,” which was introduced by Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX). This piece of legislation seeks to modernize the disability program by providing disability...
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Promoting Opportunity for Social Security Applicants Act

capitol hill

AMAC is proud to support H.R. 2135, the “Promoting Opportunity for Social Security Applicants Act.” This legislation was introduced by Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) and sets forth an important employment service to individuals seeking to return to work....
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Guiding Responsible and Improved Disability Decisions Act of 2015

capitol rally

AMAC recently supported the bill H.R. 1800, the “Guiding Responsible and Improved Disability Decisions Act of 2015.” This piece of legislation was introduced by Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) and seeks to update the medical-vocational regulatory...
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2016 Congressional Balanced Budget Resolution


At the end of April, AMAC conveyed its strong support for the policies set forth in the FY 2016 Congressional Balanced Budget Resolution. AMAC applauds both Chairman Price and Chairman Enzi for their correct identification of the financial and economic...
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Empowering Patients First Act


AMAC is pleased to indicate strong support for H.R. 3400, the “Empowering Patients First Act.” Introduced by Representative Tom Price (R-GA), this piece of legislation repeals the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” known more commonly as...
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Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015

capitol visitor center

In early April, H.R. 1105, the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015” was introduced by Representatives Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA). This bill seeks to protect small businesses and their hard-working families from the federal estate tax,...
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Culinary Journeys


By – D.J. Wilson People travel to see new sights, meet new people, and try new things. Culinary sampling is one of the most interesting ways to experience a wide range of cultures.  The fine wines of France, the melt-in-your mouth artisan cheeses of...
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Flag Day Quiz


From – 1. On which one of the following days do Americans observe Flag Day each year? a. June 14 b. July 4 c. September 14 d. December 7 2. When did Congress officially designate Flag Day a national day of observance? a. 1777 b. 1818 c....
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