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EPA Impoverishing Seniors

epa seniors energy bill

from Tribune-Review – The American people registered their disapproval of President Obama’s policies in the midterm elections. This means EPA’s proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in new and existing power plants needs to be entirely...
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No Fear of Failure


I have never been afraid of failure. Sure, I would rather succeed than fail, but I’m not afraid of failing. As a quarterback, some of your passes are going to be intercepted. A lot more of them are going to fall incomplete. A lot of your drives won’t...
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AMAC Launches Hotel Discount Search Engine


AMAC Travel has negotiated discounts with 60,000 hotels world-wide with significant savings for members. As an AMAC member, you can now enjoy significant savings on your next hotel stay in cities like Las Vegas, Orlando and New York just to name a few.  On...
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ObamaCare Total Was Inflated


from The Hill – Last year’s enrollment total for ObamaCare was inflated by nearly 400,000 due to a mistake that helped push the tally past the often-cited target of 7 million, the Obama administration said Thursday. Health and Human Services (HHS)...
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‘Ideological Weathermen’ Threaten Our Economic Future, says AMAC


‘They’ve succeeded in blocking the Keystone pipeline so far and have hampered affordable fossil fuel production’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 21 – While scientists caution that the Sun is cooling and a “mini ice age” is in the making, the...
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Amnesty and the Minimum Wage Make Strange Bedfellows

money Hayward As amnesty becomes Barack Obama’s latest Bright Shiny Political Object, let’s not forget the previous one: hiking the minimum wage.  The Obamanomics argument for  minimum wage hike is that wealth redistribution creates...
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Obamacare is About to Bankrupt a Whole Bunch of Small Businesses

cobra-compliance-business-closed H. Wolf The crushing costs of compliance with the regulatory burdens of Obamacare have already been well documented, especially as they pertain to small businesses. But as small businesses prepare their corporate tax returns next...
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Ten Arguments Against Obama’s Executive Action

obama executive order

by-Robert Charles Mr. Charles is a former assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, former counsel to a congressional oversight committee, a former litigator, and a teacher of government oversight at Harvard’s extension school. He is currently a...
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Six Spectacular Reasons to Visit Hawaii


by DJ Wilson – KAUAI is a special island, full of natural mystery and enchanting beauty. Sometimes called the “Garden Isle”, this paradise offers diverse pleasures such as glistening waterfalls and rivers and dramatic lava caves and state parks. The...
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How Business-Friendly Is Your State? Check Out These Rankings

Screen-Shot-2014-11-14-at-11.32.42-AM-800x420 Allen The choice of where to locate a business depends upon several factors. One of the most important elements of a favorable business environment is good tax policy. Companies owe it to their investors, workers and customers to...
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