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Well Done, Michelle Obama


Despite its widespread success, the film American Sniper has faced plenty of criticism. Michelle Obama recently came out in defense of the film. Daily Mail reports: Michelle Obama has hit out at movie director Michael Moore and other critics of the...
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GOP Mapping Out Obamacare Alternative, Finally


It’s. About. Time. It looks like the GOP is finally getting its act together when it comes to an Obamacare alternative. Politico reports: Three powerful committee chairmen — including Rep. Paul Ryan — will lead a working group to develop an alternative...
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Avoiding Anemia – Boost Your Red Blood Cells

healthy food

If you’re feeling constantly exhausted and sluggish, you might have a condition called anemia. Anemia is a common blood disorder that many people develop at some point in their lives. Many types of anemia are mild and short term. But the condition can...
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Castro Is Now Issuing Demands On U.S. — Well Done, Mr. Obama


from – –  Soon after President Obama announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba, Sen. Marco Rubio called him the worst negotiator since Jimmy Carter. Cuban officials are now proving Rubio right. As soon as Obama made his...
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There are 6 Things Different About this Picture! Can You Find Them???


There are 6 things different about this picture! Can you find them??? Answers revealed next week. Enjoy your super bowl weekend!...
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Need a Winter Break? Why Not Washington D.C. for President’s Day?   

DC-Moonrise_73828132 washington

In 1971, President Richard Nixon combined the holidays commemorating Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays into one and ever since we’ve honored all past presidents on the third Monday of February. Special festivities including parades, events and galas...
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Are You Giving Your Body Its Best Shot at a Long, Healthy Life?


by Judi Sheppard Missett – Think of your health like a savings account. Are you saving for a rainy day? There’s so much we can do right now to contribute to our future wellbeing and longevity. Ask yourself these questions to get on track for a...
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How to Construct a Fair Price Comparison of Gold vs. Stocks and Inflation

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

On November 21, 2014, when the gold price was down in the dumps, USA Today published an article titled, “Gold’s cheap, but look before you leap.”  In that article, the popular national newspaper used 1980 as their starting point for comparing gold’s...
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AMAC: Aging Workforce Good for Employers and the Economy


‘Older employees more focused on the satisfaction of a job well done.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 30 – America’s aging workforce is a good thing for employers and the economy, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American...
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