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Boston – Birthplace of Freedom


Summertime is a great time to visit Boston as the weather is perfect for outdoor events and tours. It’s one of America’s oldest cities and birthplace of the American Revolution. On the fourth of July you can enjoy the Boston Pops outside along the banks...
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‘Just Asking’


From – – by Thomas Sowell In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality. One of the ways of fighting...
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Senator Moves to Rein in $600 Million Government Agency That Operates ‘Without Real Congressional Oversight’


From – – by Kelsey Harkness In an attempt to enforce transparency and accountability, a Republican senator is attempting to restructure a federal agency that oversees a wide range of consumer financial products. The agency, the...
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7 Ways Older Workers Can Win at Job Interviews


From – by Art Koff Finding work or changing careers when you haven’t conducted a job search in many years can be a challenge. Here are seven good ways to identify opportunities and prepare for your interviews: 1. Interview with...
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Power To The People: Can We Privatize The Welfare State?


From – – by John C. Goodman The primary reason for the growth of big government in the twentieth century was social insurance. The idea behind Social Security, for example, is insurance against the risk of growing old and not being able...
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House Chairman Calls For ObamaCare Watchdog

Money and Obama Care

From – – by Grace-Marie Turner The Obama administration has spent billions of taxpayer dollars implementing the Affordable Care Act, often taking vast liberties with statutory language. The administration’s actions were the subject of...
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Follow the Money: Export-Import Bank


From – – by Chris Walker “There are two types of businesses: successful ones that don’t need financial assistance from the government, and unsuccessful ones that don’t deserve it.” This line from Heritage Foundation President...
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Home Improvement Assistance Programs for Seniors


From – – by Jim T. Miller Dear Savvy Senior, Do you know of any financial assistance programs or other resources that can help seniors with home improvement projects? I would like to help my 86-year-old father make a few...
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Want Great Longevity and Health? It Takes a Village


From – – by Dan Buettner The secrets of the world’s longest-lived people include community, family, exercise and plenty of beans. In a string of whitewashed villages in the mountains of the Italian island of Sardinia, there are 21...
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7 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Bones Now


From – – by Rhoda Fukushima When registered dietitian Toby Smithson gave presentations on bone health, she’d bring three bags of flour, each with a different amount. One bag represented osteoporosis. Another bag represented...
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