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Obama Threatens Social Security Beneficiaries’ Gun Rights


By – Sydney Walter In yet another attempt to tighten control over firearm sales, the Obama administration is seeking to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they have been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments...
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Enjoy an Exclusive Rate Discount on Best Egg Personal Loans


Whether you have outstanding debt that you would like to pay-off or have an upcoming expense that you would like to finance, a personal loan through Best Egg offers you a great alternative to high rate credit cards. Fixed Rates, Fixed Payments, Fixed Pay-off...
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Obamacare Compliance: It’s Not Your Religious Beliefs That Count; It’s The Votes You Can Deliver, says AMAC

Money and Obama Care

Little Sisters of the Poor lose, unions win WASHINGTON, DC, July 24 – The Little Sisters of the Poor were denied an exemption from Obamacare.  The denial was upheld by a federal court recently.  The president’s signature legislation allows for...
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Belief and Action Equals Passion


I believe that if you’re going to do something, you have to really commit to it. Whatever you do, give it the best of yourself, not just “enough.” A big part of that commitment is having great passion for whatever it is you’re doing. If you look...
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I Spent Seven Years as a Vietnam POW. The ‘Hanoi Hilton’ Is No Trump Hotel.


from – Politico Magazine – Rep. Sam Johnson Ask a veteran, and most will tell you they are not heroes. I share this sentiment. I do not feel like a hero, and I do not call myself one—I reserve that title for my fellow veterans who fought and...
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Save the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund

social security cards

By – J Patrick Gromek While many in the media are consumed with presidential politics, national scandals and foreign crises, the tide has been slowly rising on a serious concern closer to home — at least for older and disabled Americans.  A threat...
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Here’s How Religious Business Owners Could Protect Themselves Against Gay Marriage Decision


From – – by Kelsey Harkness In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, conservative lawmakers put forth a plan they claim will protect “many of the millions of Americans who voted to define marriage...
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Small Businesses Threatened With $36,500 IRS Fines for Helping Employees With Health Costs


From – – by Grace-Marie Turner Small businesses that reimburse employees for the cost of premiums for individual health insurance policies or pay their health costs directly will be fined up to $36,500 a year per employee under a new...
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A Not-So-Total Recall


By – Mike Fuljenz The number of Americans who lived through the Great Depression is dwindling steadily.  Those who were alive during its darkest days are in their 80s now – or even older. One of the memories that remains most vivid in their minds,...
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Tomi Lahren Rips Obama To Shreds, Says What We’ve All Been Thinking


from – One America News Tomi Lahren Rips Obama To Shreds, Says What We’ve All Been Thinking Tomi’s Red, White, Blue & Unfiltered Final Thoughts the Slaughter of 4 Marines by Another...
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