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A Year of Anniversaries

Picture of Americans 5-27-14

from – – by Thomas Sowell 2014 has been a year of anniversaries. It was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War — a war which many at the time saw as madness, and predicted that it would be the harbinger of...
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Budget Victory for Veterans


from – Baltimore Sun – by Garry J. Augustine The omnibus appropriations bill approved by Congress and signed last month by the president finally closed the book on federal budgeting for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, more than two months late...
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Plant Goodness

hosea-1012  goodness

10 Ways to Go Green like Our Grandparents


 by Angel Ridout When we think of “green living,” the image that most often comes to mind is a stereotypical flowerchild of the ’60s or a preachy environmental activist. What most people don’t realize is that our grandparents were reusing, reducing...
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On Race in America: Lesson Learned, The Hard Way

View from above of people looking up

from – The National Interest – by Peter Roff Some parts of America, particularly the liberal elites, still have a problem dealing with the issue of race. The promise inherent in Barack Obama’s elevation to the presidency, that it would...
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Know Someone With a Small Business?

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

After the Holiday rush, this is the time of the year owners of small businesses take a look at the overall profits their businesses earned. It is also a good time to evaluate their expenses to see if there are ways to save money. Brad Winnings from AMAC Small...
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The New myRA Account is an ‘Exceptionally Limited’ Investment Option, says AMAC

money tree

One investment analyst calls it an IRA with training wheels WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 26 – “President Obama has once again proved that his pen is mightier than Congress.  He signed a memorandum and, voila, the myRA was born,” according to Dan Weber,...
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Recalling What is Right About America


A nation is defined by its aspirations and accomplishments - By Robert Charles – – Sunday, December 21, 2014 Everywhere, we suddenly hear words of division, difference, recrimination. Suddenly, America is Ferguson, Missouri writ large. But are we?...
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U.S. Health Care Lags Worldwide for Those Over 65

newoldage_graphic-tmagArticle SPAN The Commonwealth Fund has been publishing surveys comparing health care in industrialized countries since 1998, a continuing report card in which the United States has usually fared poorly because of its high...
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Obama And His Policies Have Been A Boon To Temporary Workers

63dd934a9d6f34c31d118bd390e825c9 Mathews Well, at least one industry is thriving under Obamacare: companies that provide temporary services. There has been a lot of discussion about the “29ers.” Those are workers who would like a full-time job but are required...
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