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AMAC Supports the “SCOTUScare Act”


In light of the Supreme Court’s recent activist ruling in King v. Burwell, AMAC is supporting a new bill that seeks to hold Supreme Court Justices accountable to the laws they uphold – namely ObamaCare.  Introduced by Representative Brian Babin (R-TX),...
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AMAC’s President Sickened by Supreme Court Decisions


Dan Weber, president of AMAC said he was ‘sickened’ by the recent Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage. “We have five unelected judges who have taken upon themselves to change our culture. Going against our traditional American Values,...
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Supreme Court Ruling Gives Obamacare New Life, says AMAC


It also gives Congress a chance to flex its muscles with a new “Patient CARE” law WASHINGTON, DC, June 26 – “Congress has an opportunity to flex its muscles by moving forward with a plan to replace Obamacare with a law that actually enhances access to...
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In the Huddle: A Nation of Entrepreneurs


by – Fran Tarkenton One of the most important sources of this country’s greatness has always been its entrepreneurial spirit. We are a nation of entrepreneurs, always looking to use the resources and skills we have to make life better for...
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AMAC Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare Subsidies


Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision hardens our commitment to restore the right of Americans to make their own decisions on healthcare matters.  Obamacare took away our choices and disrupted the economy.  It must be repealed and replaced and AMAC will...
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If We Can’t Throw Out Obamacare – Let’s Break It Up!

capitol hill

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled to continue the payment of tax payer’s money to support Obamacare, despite clear language to the contrary, it is more important than ever to dismantle the very harmful parts- one by one. House Passes Bill to Repeal...
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Where Are We Being Led by the “Experts” ?

diana erbio

by Diana Erbio We are being told by “experts” what to eat, how to speak, what the majority of people think and what we should think. Have we ever been bombarded with so much polling data? (Maybe someone should poll that?)  All this data gathered and...
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New Benefit: AMAC Real Estate Services


AMAC is now offering a one-of-a-kind association benefit whenever a member buys or sells ANY real estate.  AMAC Real Estate Services, LLC (AMAC RES) is a partnership between AMAC and Relocalmove, a Georgia company. This program provides huge savings off the...
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A Socialist President?


There is some interesting recent polling out of Gallup: As the 2016 presidential election field takes shape, more than nine in 10 Americans say they would vote for a qualified presidential candidate who is Catholic, a woman, black, Hispanic or Jewish. Less...
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3 Ways to Slash Vacation Costs


From – – by Irene S. Levine By land or by sea, these ideas make long trips more affordable: Vacations of any length can be expensive, especially the long trips we want to take as our work and caregiving responsibilities taper...
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