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Clear Channel

AMAC CEO, Dave Weber, attends an All Star Panel Discussion at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment.

AMAC CEO, Dave Weber, attends an All Star Panel Discussion at Clear Channel Media +...
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Uniform Power of Attorney HB 254


AMAC is pleased to extend our support to an important issue being considered by the Alaska State Legislature.  HB 254, the “Uniform Power of Attorney” bill, was introduced by State Representative Shelley Hughes to protect seniors from fraud and financial...
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AARP Faces Competition From Conservative-Leaning Groups


Wall Street Journal | By LAURA JOHANNES Receiving a membership pitch in the mail from AARP just before one’s 50th birthday is an American rite of passage. The advocacy group, which itself turns 56 this year, is a powerhouse with 37.8 million members,...
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AMAC: New Regulation Would Hike Premium And Drug Costs for Medicare Part D Users

drug cost

by John Grimaldi - WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 31 – An effort by the Obama Administration to impose new, unnecessary regulations on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, Part D, is nearing the final stage and would increase costs for seniors. The...
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70% Of U.S. Spending Is Writing Checks To Individuals


from Investors Business Daily – by  John Merline - Buried deep in a section of President Obama’s budget, released this week, is an eye-opening fact: This year, 70% of all the money the federal government spends will be in the form of direct...
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AMAC: Supreme Court Justices Appear Divided, Liberals Versus Conservatives, on Obamacare Birth Control Case

Supreme Court Health Care

The contraceptive mandate is an ‘obvious infringement of the first amendment’ by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 28 – “Religious freedom is not a partisan issue, it is guaranteed by the Constitution. Yet the Supreme Court appears divided by partisan...
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In the Huddle with Fran Tarkenton


This is the first edition of “In the Huddle with Fran Tarkenton,” a new weekly feature in our AMAC member newsletter. Fran is on the advisory board for AMAC and is an AMAC National Spokesperson. Each week, Fran will share stories, ideas, and news from...
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GPS – We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!


Remember the bygone days of planning trips using paper maps? Or the agony of trying to find an obscure address in a large city? Or trying to remember as you drive which Interstate exit to take? Over the past decade, the growth and usability of Global...
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Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare


By Stephanie Vogel The Supreme Court is scheduled to begin oral arguments this week for what is arguably the biggest case of its term – as Hobby Lobby, Inc. looks to tackle the ObamaCare contraception mandate head-on. The Oklahoma-based craft store giant,...
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