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Diabesity – Preventing, Controlling, and Reversing a Deadly Disease


C.J. Miles, MBAHCM, MSA Research Analyst, AMAC Foundation “Affecting all age groups and all aspects of a person’s life, Diabetes is a major public health issue worldwide, requiring lifelong behavioral and lifestyle changes and support” (Lawrence,...
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Joe Biden Threatens Reporters with Toy Assault Gun


from – Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges Students have been suspended, expelled, even arrested for far less than what Vice President Biden did. He not only wielded an “assault-style” water gun, he shot it at reporters and threatened to kill...
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Can’t We Agree to Agree When We Agree?


By – Diana Erbio Can’t we agree to agree on the things we do agree on? That statement sounds like common sense, but as the old saying goes “Common sense is not so common.” How do we know if we agree with others? Do we even know what we believe in...
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Unlikely Articles of Impeachment


By-Robert B. Charles Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, was — perhaps surprisingly — no fan of the U.S. Constitution’s impeachment provision. Initially an enthusiast, he found it personally frustrating. Having...
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Vote of No Confidence: Americans Have Little Faith in Media

remote tv

from – – by Philip Wegmann A recent Gallup poll finds that Americans’ confidence in each of the three major media platforms—television news, newspapers and Internet news—has plummeted to record lows. When asked to identify...
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Email Shows IRS Official Was Pretty Happy About Obama Publicly Singling Out Conservative “Secret Donor” Groups


from- – by Katie Pavlich An email recently released by the House Oversight Committee shows IRS official Sarah Ingram was pretty excited about President Obama publicly speaking out against conservative groups with “secret...
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Dinesh D’Souza’s America: The Restoration of America Begins July 2nd

Rev War - Washington 08

Two years ago, Dinesh D’Souza and Gerald Molen shocked Hollywood and the mainstream media when they brought 2016: Obama’s America to theaters. However, they quickly realized that they needed to do more than explore the motivations behind President...
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Senate Hearing Addresses the Problem of SSA’s Reduction in Face-to-Face Services

Supreme Court Health Care

By – Kathleen Spillane AMAC is dedicated to restoring Social Security and to saving the system from the large deficit and subsequent administrative inadequacies that are negatively impacting communities and citizens across the country. On Wednesday,...
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U.S. Military, Vets Often ID-Theft Targets


from – – by Mark Pribish Our brave military personnel may believe they are under attack by enemies never imagined, and that fear can continue even after their service to country ends. ID-theft complaints among active U.S. military...
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Hospital Readmissions Program Accuracy and Accountability Act – S. 2501

capitol building

AMAC is pleased to support a bipartisan, budget-neutral piece of legislation that aims to mitigate one of the consequences of ObamaCare.  S. 2501, the “Hospital Readmissions Program Accuracy and Accountability Act,” was introduced last week by Senators...
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