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Becoming the Scrambler

When I played quarterback in the National Football League, they called me the scrambler. I didn’t play the same way that other quarterbacks played, who stayed in the pocket to throw. I would run around, side to side, backwards, forwards, and every which...
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Ban The Flag Initiative At The University of California Is ‘Discouraging and Disheartening,’ says AMAC

It signals “a loss of love for our country” WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 13 – The recent incident at the University of California at Irvine in which the undergraduate legislative council passed a measure banning the American Flag on campus is a cause for...
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A Toddler is Snatched in Broad Daylight…That’s When Big Brother & Sister Spring Into Action.


from – IJReview – by Justin Charters As two siblings played at a local park with their baby brother, the last thing they could have expected was an abduction. The kids had been momentarily left alone by their babysitter in what the family thought...
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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Postmenopausal Women: Does it Help or Harm Your Heart? New evidence published today in the Cochrane Library shows that hormone replacement therapy does not protect post-menopausal women against cardiovascular disease, and may even cause an increased risk of stroke. HRT, now more...
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Vegas Spring Vacation

Spring is the perfect time to visit Las Vegas. It’s warm, but not too hot. You can play golf, dine outside and even spend time by the pool. In the last two weeks of March, college basketball tournaments are in full swing and the excitement at the hotel...
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Voters Have Hillary Concerns


I just checked out some interesting polling via Rasmussen on the latest Hillary headlines. Some highlights: “Half (49%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe Clinton’s use of a private, non-government e-mail provider for issues at the highest levels of the U.S....
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Arkansas Mom Exposes Common Core For The Nightmare It Is


from – Western Journalism – by Tom Hinchey Karen Lamoreaux addressed the Arkansas Board of Education in December 2013 to discuss the negative effects of Common Core on the local students. Mrs. Lamoreaux said that she represented more than 1,100...
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AMAC Foundation Partners with Florida Senior Medicare Patrol on Medicare Fraud


As part of its 2015 seminar series on topics of interest to seniors, the AMAC Foundation is collaborating with Florida’s Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) to present a community outreach event designed to help “Stop Fraud in its Tracks.” The seminar is held...
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“Clean Power” Rule Could Cause Electricity Shortage


As President Obama looks to implement strict rules on carbon emissions, coal-powered electrical generation is on the chopping block. For those worried about climate change, coal is a convenient target. Unfortunately, a plan by the Environmental Protection...
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AMAC Opposes Risky and Costly Obama EPA Plan


March 5, 2015 Ms. Vanessa Gallman Editorial Page Editor Lexington Herald-Leader Lexington, KY Dear Editor Gallman: As CEO of the growing 1.3 million member Association of Mature American Citizens (“AMAC”), I commend Senator McConnell for his March 3rd...
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