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Stopping Keystone Ensures More Railroad Tank-Car Spills

Workers inspect the scene after several CSX tanker cars carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire along the James River in Lynchburg, Va - Associated Press

Pipelines in the U.S. carry 25 times more oil than tank cars do, yet derailments are by far the biggest threat. from the Wall Street Journal – by Terry L Anderson - The Keystone XL Pipeline got another nail in its coffin Monday, in the form of a Senate...
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Federal Agency Loses Money Selling Government Reports – The Catch? They’re Already Free

government waste

from Heritage – A federal agency selling government reports that are otherwise free is the target of a new bill meant to curtail government waste. “With a money-losing profit model only the government could design, the National Technical Information...
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Recovering America’s Exceptionalism

statue liberty

by Dr. Ben Carson - In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French historian, came to America to study our nation. Europeans and others were fascinated with the success of the fledgling nation, then barely 50 years old and already competing on the world...
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Obama/Democrats Set A New Record!!! 92,594,000: Americans Not in Labor Force Hits All-Time Record


By Terence P. Jeffrey | A record 92,594,000 Americans were not in the labor force in April as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8 percent, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In...
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Gov. Rick Perry: Toyota Trades California For No-Tax, Low-Regulation Texas

rick perry toyota

from Investors Business Daily – Texas Gov. Rick Perry keeps coming back to California to lure companies to the income-tax-free Lone Star State. Apparently he’s succeeding. Toyota Motor Corp. will relocate “substantial parts” of its...
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Low Vitamin D May Cause Diabetes

vitamin d

from Villages News – by Gabe Mirkin - This month researchers showed that having low blood levels of hydroxy vitamin D (below 26 mcg/L or 65 nmol/L) increases risk for diabetes (J Nutr, 2014;144(5):734-42). Vitamin D is necessary for insulin to attach to...
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AMAC Partners with TurboTax to Help Members with Tax Planning and Filing!

Maximize your refund and celebrate independent tax filing with free and discounted options for AMAC members Click here for exclusive AMAC Turbotax services AMAC is proud to announce that we now offer free and discounted access to TurboTax tax filing...
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News Busted


Oil Trains Run Because Pipelines Don’t


California needs a reasonable balance of cheap, safe oil pipelines and flexible oil trains -  by Adrian Moore - Some politicians in California, and people like me who live near railroad tracks, are waking up to the fact that four times as much oil was...
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