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GOP Takes Senate and Prepares a New Path Forward


By – Caroline Rayburn Tuesday night proved to be a historic night for the Grand Old Party, as Republicans soared to victory – expanding their majority in the House of Representatives and gaining control of the U.S. Senate. Republicans scored big in...
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Why You Must Vote!


From AMAC’s President, Dan Weber YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MOST STATES IN THIS ELECTION! Seven states are so close that the control of the senate is in balance. Many governors are running for re-election and the control of state legislations hangs on...
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Senate Mid-term Elections Shaping Up to Be a ‘Nail-Biter,’ says AMAC

mid term elections

‘Despite polls that show a majority of Americans are unhappy with Democratic policies’ WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 31 – The mid-term Senate elections – once considered a sure thing for Republican incumbents and contenders – are shaping up to be a...
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What the Giants Got Right About Leadership


What do you do when there’s something important that needs to be done, and you need to get someone to do it? In a successful organization, you find someone who has the ability to do the job, and you let them do it. It sounds simple. A business has to do a...
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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7

medicare advantage

The Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period ends December 7, and AMAC is here to help you with your Medicare questions.  Because plans make changes to their benefit packages every year, even people who are currently satisfied with their plan should review...
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AMAC Member Meetings: Connecting You to Congress

AMAC members meet individually with Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) following the conclusion of a town hall meeting in Eden Prairie.

AMAC Town Hall Spotlight, OK-01 By AMAC Vice President of Government Relations, Andy Mangione Rep. Bridenstine (OK-01) addresses more than 80 AMAC members in Tulsa, OK, earlier this month. There are over 4,300 AMAC members residing in Oklahoma’s 1st...
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Obamacare Open Enrollment – What You Need to Know if You are Under 65

Money and Obama Care

by-Brian Gay As the second open enrollment period rolls around, here are a list of things you need to know to about the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment: Important Dates Open enrollment begins 11/15/2014 and ends 02/15/2015. If you want your coverage...
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ID Thieves Love the Holidays – Businesses and Consumers Beware

id theft holiday

from AZ Central – by Mark Pribish If you want to help ensure a happy holiday season — whether you own a business or are a consumer — it’s time to boost your Identity Theft Aptitude because identity-theft criminals are especially active from...
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Alan Greenspan Says Inflation, Interest Rates and Gold Will Rise within Five Years


By Mike Fuljenz – My friend Gary Alexander interviewed former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference followed by a panel with Greenspan and others.  In his closing question during the first one-on-one...
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