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Massachusetts Veteran Frustrated With Wait Times


AMAC Member: Lawrence Aubin Location: Massachusetts Was registered years ago as an Agent Orange exposure victim having served in Vietnam and attached to Special Forces A teams doing radio relay ops. Was classified a group 6. I recently went to the VA to see...
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Salmon: On Border Crisis, Let’s Not Take A Knee


from – Breitbart – by Representative Matt Salmon (AZ-05) As a Member of Congress from a state on our southern border, I see firsthand the realities of illegal immigration. In fact, much of the recent public outcry originated from busloads of...
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Seniors Use Roommate-Finding Agencies to Cut Costs

Carolyn Allen, left, a 69-year-old widow who has suffered two strokes, makes her way to the living room with roommate Marcia Rosenfeld, who owns the apartment Allen lives in New York.
Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP

from – The Associated Press Carolyn Allen, left, a 69-year-old widow who has suffered two strokes, makes her way to the living room with roommate Marcia Rosenfeld, who owns the apartment Allen lives in New York.Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP NEW YORK...
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AMAC Members Go “All-In” for Medicare Home Healthcare


  AMAC’s members have resoundingly responded to the call to action in support of the SAVE Medicare Home Healthcare bill.  This legislation would restore ObamaCare-compulsory cuts to home healthcare, which is vitally important treatment for older,...
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House Versus Senate – By The Numbers


from – By the time you read this, the graphic above may need to be updated. That’s because the House continues to address the priorities of the American people. Below are four bills the House passed this week and what they mean for...
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A Different Point of View: Why is Detroit Bankrupt?


Submitted by AMAC Member Dale R. Kollman – I am a former graduate of Pontiac Senior High School. The 1946 UAW strike forced the loss of any funds that I and my parents had saved to fund my college education. (I was working at the Backenstose Book Store...
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Learning Quarterback from Other Quarterbacks


As a quarterback in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, I had to continually improve, get smarter, and get better to help my team win. As I did that, one of the first and most important lessons was that I did not know everything. I had to...
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The Hidden Healthcare Story – ACA’s Impact on Seniors

seniors obamacare

by Margo Corbett – Trickling out ever so slowly and quietly new rules and regulations are devastating Medicare patients. No fan fare. Barely a bit of news coverage. No need for “death panels”, many of these changes are causing great...
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Life is What We Make It


By – Diana Erbio We all have moments when we feel helpless. Sometimes we allow these moments to mount into years. That is unfortunate, because giving ourselves permission to wallow in such a state only compounds the bleakness. A while back I read a...
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Obama Creates the Stamp Act for Healthcare

obama executive order

from – – John Ransom Obamacare is what we have always said it was. It’s not just bad policy; it’s now proven to be poor law too. Time to repeal it, and replace it with alternative free-market solutions. Only in Washington, DC...
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