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The Danger of Choosing a Symbol to be President


What is bad for America may not be bad to Obama -   By – Thomas Sowell People are arguing about what the United States got out of the deal that swapped five top-level terrorist leaders for one American soldier who was, at best, absent from his post...
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House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Receives an Update on the VA in Recent Hearing


By – Kathleen Spillane On Monday, June 23rd, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing entitled, “Evaluating the Capacity of the VA to Care for Veteran Patients.”  The purpose of this hearing was to conduct a check-up on the VA...
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As The Day Ends


by Ellen Bailey - As the day ends and the sun goes down And the sun sheds its last rays of light I think to myself as I look around, “Have I spent my day living right?” As the day ends and the sun goes down I thank the Lord for this day I have...
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How Will You Vote in the Midterm Elections?


On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, the U.S. Midterm Election will be held for all 435 members of the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 members of the United States Senate. Which issue will most affect how you...
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Three Historic American Forts

forts sumter

by D.J. Wilson - Fortifications, or “forts”, are strongholds which serve to defend territories and protect troops and supplies during times of warfare. Reinforced to strengthen against attacks, many are surrounded by thick walls, deep ditches and moats,...
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AMAC: Boehner Lawsuit Would ‘Expose Deficiencies’ of Government


Association Chief Dan Weber says it will ‘represent a triumph of spirit for future generations’ By – John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, June 26 – House Speaker John Boehner’s proposed lawsuit against President Obama, charging him with exceeding his...
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Concierge Medicine: An Alternative to Insurance


By – C.J. Miles, MBAHCM, MSA Research Analyst, AMAC Foundation Concierge medicine, an alternative to traditional medical practices, is an umbrella term for medical practices with a direct financial relationship with patients. These practices are known...
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When the Past Meets the Present


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Today I got a few texts from a girl I used to hang out with in college. She wasn’t a best friend or anything, but I remember many lunches in the square, plenty of crazy talks in the gazebo late at night, and lots of...
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Legal Immigration & Entrepreneurship


Google, Yahoo, and eBay. Colgate, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble. What all these companies have in common, from today’s high tech leaders to iconic American brands, is that they were all founded in the United States by immigrants. And there are...
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That the Laws Be Faithfully Executed…


MEMO To:                House Colleagues From:          Speaker Boehner Re:               “[T]hat the Laws Be Faithfully Executed. . .” Date:           June 25, 2014 For years Americans have watched with concern as President...
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