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How Alzheimer’s Impacts Men and Women Differently


by – Jeff Anderson An overwhelming majority of those suffering from age-related disorders are women, and chief among the disorders, is Alzheimer’s disease. The numbers show that women in memory care facilities vastly outnumber men, and what’s...
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Economic Fact of The Day: Texas Has Added One Million Jobs Since 2007 vs. Only 24,900 Jobs in California


from – American Enterprise Institute – by Mark J. Perry The chart above displays the changes in payroll employment since December 2007 (the start of the Great Recession and when employment levels nationally and in most states peaked) through May...
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Out-of-Sync Society

View from above of people looking up

By – Robert B. Charles Is it my imagination, or is our society resetting itself to default on “instant misunderstanding,” deciding that being “out of sync” with each other is fine?  Are we becoming content to take the low road, thinking blame...
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V.A. Employee: They Had Us Stop Work on V.A. Applications So We Could Work on Obamacare


from – Liberty Unyielding – Jeff Dunetz A Veterans Affairs whistleblower from Atlanta testified before Congress yesterday about widespread destruction of applications and retaliation against whistleblowers. His testimony will not negate the...
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9 Government Programs Your Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted On

Government Waste

from – The Daily Signal – Michael Sargent If someone approached you on the street and asked for a dollar to promote mohair exports—or to perfect a weight-sensing skateboard—would you give it to him? Probably not. Yet these are enterprises you...
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Border Patrol Agent: Federal Government “Aiding, Abetting And Facilitating” Illegal Aliens


from – Real Clear Politics – by Ian Schwartz JOHN BERMAN, CNN: Hector, I want to bring you in here. These busses ended up in this town after these immigrants were flown to California from your state in Texas. Where we are told the situation is...
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Nina Easton: Disability Has Become A Form Of Permanent Welfare


from – Real Clear Politics – by Ian Schwartz NINA EASTON: To pick up on Charles’ point, there were studies that did show that extending unemployment benefits would actually add a percent to unemployment rate and that’s possibly been...
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Search Engines, Social Media Giants Offer Tools to Protect Your Privacy


Search engines and social media giants, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn, offer tools to protect your privacy. from – – by Mark Pribish If you don’t care about your personal information being taken, used and...
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Retirement On The Road

retirement road rv

By Jane Kenny -  Many Americans who want to travel the country when they retire have decided to do it in an RV because it’s fun and affordable. And, the retirees who are full-time RVers (with no stationary home) are actually adding to their...
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Conservative Groups Take the IRS to Court


from – The Hill – by Bernie Becker Legal experts say grassroots conservative groups shouldn’t expect too much out of a pair of IRS hearings in federal district court this week. Two conservative organizations – Judicial Watch and True the Vote...
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