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Little-Known Dodd-Frank Rule Change May Hurt Start-Ups

capitol visitor center

from – The Hill – by Christoper Scott McCannell The conversation around implementation and rulemaking of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform legislation, which became law in 2010, has been focused on issues such as margin requirements for derivatives,...
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Regulators Left Out $2 BILLION In Dodd-Frank Costs


from – The Daily Caller – by Rachel Stoltzfoos Regulators underestimated the cost of Dodd-Frank regulations by up to $2 billion, new research shows. The financial regulation overhaul, including 400 new rules, has cost nearly $40 billion and 64...
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Boomers’ Secrets of a Successful Retirement

by – Maryalene LaPonsie It’s been four years since the oldest members of the baby boomer generation turned 65 and approximately 8,000 boomers a day will hit this milestone in the next 14 years. In late 2014, Ameriprise Financial surveyed 1,000...
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AMAC Social Security Working Group

Flowers on US Capitol Grounds

AMAC’s Social Security Working Group takes center stage on Capitol Hill today, with members of Congress and policy experts coming together to discuss guaranteeing the future of Social Security. As a key player and chief advocate for seniors, AMAC has been...
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Picture Perfect Miami

  by DJ Wilson – Tropical weather and beaches generally come to mind when picturing Miami.  That’s rightfully so because the average year-round temperature is 77˚F.  The sun soaked Atlantic Coast city sits on a broad plain between the Florida...
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A More Conservative GOP?


I just spotted some interesting polling: Nearly half of Republicans want their party to move farther to the right, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. Democrats mostly want their party to stay the same. Forty-six percent of Americans who either identify...
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AMAC Holding Social Security Workshop at the Capitol!


You’re Invited to AMAC’s Social Security Working Group Join AMAC for a roundtable discussion to evaluate viable solutions to save and strengthen Social Security.     Experts: Jason Fichtner (Mercatus Center), Romina Boccia (The Heritage...
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How Much Does Illegal Immigration Cost You?

from – Executive Summary Unlawful immigration and amnesty for current unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers. Government provides four types of benefits and services that are relevant to this issue: Direct...
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Powerful Pro-Life TV Ads…From Pampers


from – WASHINGTON – The popular culture and the ad world haven’t forgotten how precious life is – not entirely anyway. While Madison Avenue is paying close attention to the effectiveness of ads debuting on the Super Bowl, it’s also...
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Gridlock Instead of Governing: Immigration Edition

‘Behind President Obama’s Plan to Sabotage Congress and Blame Republicans’ By Peter A. Finocchio and Caroline Rayburn Some had hoped that the election of a fully Republican Congress last November would ease the gridlock in Washington....
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