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Top 10 Bipartisan Jobs Bills Blocked by Senate Democrats


from – Speaker.Gov – by Matt Wolking Under thecontrol of Senate Democrats, “The Senate went three months this spring without voting on a single legislative amendment, the nitty-gritty kind of work usually at the heart of congressional...
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Rick Perry: “Our Citizens Are Under Assault”


from – Real Clear Politics GOV. RICK PERRY: I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor. We are too good a country for that to occur. That is why today I am using my...
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Fed Appeals Court Panel Says Most Obamacare Subsidies Illegal

Denied health care obamacare

from – CNBC – by Dan Mangan In a potentially crippling blow to Obamacare, a top federal appeals court Tuesday said that billions of dollars worth of government subsidies that helped nearly 5 million people buy insurance on are...
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Few Complaints


AMAC Member: Charles Heathco Location: Arkansas In general I cant complain other than the new way they are determining our eligibility re co-pays. They recently claimed a large sum that I had withdrawn from my Roth IRA as being an Annuity income. and had...
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Obamacare Increased 2014 Individual-Market Premiums By Average Of 49%

Negative Side Effects of Obamacare

from – American Thinker – by Rick Moran The Manhattan Institute has released the most detailed study to date about the costs of Obamacare for individual market consumers. The results, based on a county-by-county survey – 3137 counties in all...
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Lowe’s Workers Fix Vet’s Wheelchair (After VA Wouldn’t)

wheelcahir va

IT BROKE DOWN IN STORE, AND 3 EMPLOYEES STAYED LATE TO REPAIR from – Newser – by John Johnson A public thank-you by a Vietnam vet to three workers at Lowe’s is providing yet more ammo for critics of the VA. As he explains in a letter to...
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House Hearing to Address ObamaCare’s Eligibility and Verification System

capitol visitor center

By – Kathleen Spillane On Wednesday, July 16th, the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee held a hearing on the reliability of ObamaCare’s eligibility and verification system entitled, “Failure to Verify: Concerns Regarding PPACA’s...
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The Cost of Caregiving


When you decide to take care of an aging parent on your own, the decision often comes from both an emotional and a practical place. Of course you want to make the most of these years with mom or dad, and doing so can seemingly save you money in the long run....
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Plead the fifth!


Milton Friedman – Illegal Immigration And The American Welfare State


Milton Friedman said that you can have open borders or you can have the welfare state, but you cannot have both. Here’s a video where he says...
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