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The National Motto Muddle

e pluribus unum

‘In God We Trust’ vs. ‘E Pluribus Unum’ by Mike Fuljenz “E Pluribus Unum.” That three-word phrase appears on every regular U.S. coin and every piece of U.S. paper money now in circulation. That’s because it’s our national motto,...
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House Ways and Means Hearing Summary: Ideas to Improve Medicare Oversight to Reduce Waste, Fraud and Abuse

capitol hill

By Caroline Rayburn and Desmond Fambrini On April 30, 2014, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health held a hearing entitled, “Ideas to Improve Medicare Oversight to Reduce Waste, Fraud and Abuse,” that highlighted the growing problem of abuses in...
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Prayer Reaffirmed at the Supreme Court: Town of Greece v. Galloway


Prayer “in Jesus name” does not violate the Constitution from Red State – by Matthew Clark - In a landmark decision yesterday, the Supreme Court reaffirmed that prayer before legislative meetings is constitutional. In debunking one of the greatest...
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Breaking Down Rick Santorum vs. Rand Paul


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News On last night’s Crossfire, Rick Santorum shared some thoughts about Rand Paul. CNN reports: Rick Santorum said Monday he doubts a Libertarian-leaning candidate, like Rand Paul, could be nominated to lead the...
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Gary Becker, Who Applied Economics to Social Study, Dies at 83

Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate and professor of economics and sociology at University of Chicago

Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate and professor of economics and sociology at University of Chicago from Bloomberg – by Laurence Arnold  - Gary Becker, the University of Chicago economist who won a Nobel Prize for applying economic methods to shed light...
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Jobs: The Best Way to Fight Poverty


from The Hill – by Charles Blahous and Keith Hall - Much of Washington’s ongoing economic policy debate focuses on reducing poverty, with many arguing to raise the minimum wage and expand government programs. But this focus ignores two simple...
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The Coming Two-Tier Health System


ObamaCare is already creating one class of care for the poor and middle class and another for the affluent from the WSJ – by Scott W. Atlas - With the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act’s website, the public experienced a painful reminder of the...
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Would You Let the IRS Do Your Taxes for You?


by Matthew Clark – from Red State – Why not let the IRS do our taxes for us? Liberal wunderkind Ezra Klein (formerly of the Washington Post and now of was pushing this new idea a few weeks ago. Well it wasn’t really new. He’s been...
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50-Plus Online Daters Beware: Older Singles More at Risk for Phishing Scams


by Diana Falzone – from Fox News –  There was a time when online dating carried a negative stigma. Over the years, however, using the Internet to find your future mate has become commonplace. One in ten Americans have used an online dating site...
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California Chrome Wins Kentucky Derby – Big Victory for the Little Guys


Louisville, Ky. - In a game dominated by millionaires and billionaires, this was a victory for the little guys. Owners Perry Martin and Steve Coburn bred an $8,000 mare to a $2,500 stallion to win the world’s most famous race with their one-horse...
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