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Audit: 6.5 Million on Social Security Are Over 112 Years Old

social security cards

from – Newsmax – by Drew MacKenzie An audit of the Social Security Administration shows some 6.5 million people on the agency’s rolls are 112 or older, raising the ire of Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson. The SSA’s...
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Drink This, Sleep 90 More Minutes A Night

Cherry Juice

from – No, it’s not whiskey. New research from Louisiana State University finds that drinking tart cherry juice twice a day can help you sleep nearly 90 more minutes a night. Researchers had seven older adults with insomnia drink eight...
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Americans Reveal What They See As the Biggest Problem Facing the Country & Number One Says It All

from – IJReview – by Joseph Perticone A new poll released by Gallup shows what Americans view as the biggest problems facing the country. So, what do we as a nation feel is the number one problem? Government. While there are many obstacles...
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Principal in Hot Seat for Reciting Bible. A Letter From His Boss Shows Why He’s Not Backing Down

from – IJReview – by Victoria Taft The Freedom From Religion Foundation received a recording of the principal of White Oak High School, Dan Boll, reading a Bible verse over the school’s PA system and immediately went into action. The group...
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Funny Animals and Mirrors


Watch all of these animals struggle with...
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Sen. Vitter: Why Are We Letting Iranians Study Nuclear Engineering in US?

from – Newsmax – by Joel Himelfarb Sen. David Vitter is calling for the State Department’s inspector general to investigate whether the Obama administration has violated its own economic sanctions on Iran by permitting Iranian students to...
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Central Banks Bought 17% More Gold in 2014 than 2013 – 2nd Best Increase Ever

By – Mike Fuljenz In 2014, the world’s central banks bought 477.2 metric tons (15,342,000 Troy ounces) of gold, 17% more than they bought in 2013 and the second-highest annual increase in the last 50 years. In a report released in mid-February, the...
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NH-01 Town Hall Synopsis: Rep. Frank Guinta

Guinta TH 1

During the first official “District Work Week” of the 114th Congress, AMAC members in Manchester, New Hampshire had an opportunity to meet with their Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01) at the St. Anslem College Institute for Politics – a popular venue...
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CA-52 Town Hall Synopsis: Rep. Scott Peters

Peters TH 1

Written by:  AMAC Delegate Fred Yerrick Representative Scott Peters participated in an AMAC town hall meeting in late February at the Poway Public Library in Poway, California. More than 25 AMAC members gathered to talk about the issues facing America today...
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OH-14 Town Hall Synopsis: Representative Dave Joyce

Joyce TH 1

On March 11, a small group of AMAC members gathered in a picturesque log cabin in Stow, Ohio to meet with their Congressman, Dave Joyce for well over an hour. The intimate setting gave the 15 AMAC members in attendance a chance to converse plainly with the...
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