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AMAC Delegate Speaks at Home Healthcare Rally


AMAC Delegate Fred Yerrick spoke at a rally to save home home healthcare in San Diego on Thursday, July 10. The rally’s special guest speaker was GOP Congressional candidate Carl Demaio. Home healthcare providers and friends and family members of...
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Their Water Kept Disappearing So They Set Up Cameras… And They Were Pleasantly Surprised


People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rain water barrel was almost empty every day.  They set up a couple of cameras and look what they caught on film.   Is the bear drinking all the water? Nope! Well, this is adorable… And...
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Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative


by David Leonhardt – from the New York Times - There was a time not so long ago when the young seemed destined to be liberal forever. Americans in their teens and 20s were to the left of their elders on social issues. They worried more about poverty....
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HHS Releases 1,296 Pages of Regulations Ahead of Holiday Weekend


from – Washington Examiner – by Philip Klein As Americans scrambled ahead of the July Fourth holiday weekend on Thursday afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services released 1,296 pages of new regulations dealing with payment rates to...
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Democratic House Candidate’s Wife’s OBGYN Practice Doesn’t Accept Medicaid


Eric Holder’s wife practices at same Medicaid-shunning clinic from – The Washington Free Beacon – by Elizabeth Harrington The OBGYN practice of Marilyn Jerome, the wife of Democratic congressional candidate John Foust, does not accept...
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Administration Takes Heat For New Border Crisis, Says AMAC

border crisis

‘We welcome immigrants who respect our laws and who come in through the front door’ By – John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, July 11 – New polling shows that the administration is taking heat for the illegal immigration crisis caused by the...
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We Can’t Do It Alone


The most important thing in life is the value of relationships. Whether you’re talking about business, football, or family, or anything else for that matter, it’s relationships, relationships, relationships. Without great relationships, nothing gets...
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AMAC delivers over 50,000 petitions against Obamacare to Washington

Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, the NSA scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the VA hospitals scandal, the Stimulus Package, Solyndra, illegal immigration, ObamaCare, unimaginable National Debt, and, well, you get the idea… AMAC...
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A Personal Story of Optimism

optimism bright future

By – Congressman Randy Forbes One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from people today is, “Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of America?” I normally answer that I choose to be optimistic, and here is the reason...
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Dog Led Trooper To Owner’s Burning Property, Reminds Us Why We Love Our 4-Legged Pals


A video that was uploaded to YouTube a year ago, featuring a Lassie-worthy feat of canine heroics, has resurfaced on the Internet via Reddit this week. The compilation features the dashboard camera footage of Buddy the German shepherd leading a patrol car to...
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