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The Great Society Declared War on Marriage: Obamacare Made It Worse

from – NCPA – by Devon M. Herrick President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty” in 1964 and followed up a year later with an avalanche of domestic social and antipoverty programs known collectively as the Great...
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Government Should Subsidize, Not Tax, Marriage


from – – by – Paul E. Peterson Key facts about one-parent families are amply documented elsewhere in this issue of Education Next, which is devoted to reflections on the Moynihan Report. In a rich, diverse set of essays,...
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A Neighborhood is Speechless When They See What a Group of Teens Did to Their Property

Image Credit: Youtube

from – IJReview – by Kara Pendleton A Colorado neighborhood woke up over the weekend to discover that sidewalks and driveways were completely cleared of snow at 53 properties. Image Credit: Youtube The teenage boys who committed the kindly deed...
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K-9 Who Served for Years Gets Hero’s Farewell as He Walks Into the Vet’s Office for the Last Time

Credit: Twitter / SimonNRicketts

from – IJReview – by Lawrence Bonk The unsung heroes of your community’s police force are its capable K-9 unit. These talented pooches can serve alongside a police force for upwards of a decade. As any pet owner knows, one of the hardest things...
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HUD Paid $37 Million a Month in Subsidies to Ineligible Households

  from – – by – Josh Hicks The Department of Housing and Urban Development granted subsidies for tens of thousands of public-housing tenants who were not eligible for the assistance, according to federal auditors. A...
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INSIGHT-US Shale Oil’s Crash Diet Likely to Bring Forward Output Dip


from – Reuters – by Anna Driver and Terry Wade Feb 23 (Reuters) – Shale oil producers are throttling back so quickly on drilling that U.S.crude output could fall sooner than expected, within months, executives say as they slash costs to cope...
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Small Business Owner Questions Why Justice Department Would Threaten His Livelihood

CheckCashersCOVER (1)

from – – by – Kelsey Harkness A third-generation veteran says the government is choking him from his livelihood, blocking his access to bank accounts and forcing him to pay exorbitant fees for basic financial...
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Golfer, 103, Becomes Oldest Person to Record Hole-in-One

from – Fox News   A 103-year-old Florida golfer has made history, becoming the oldest person to record a hole-in-one. Gus Andreone achieved his special feat on “Wacky Wednesday” at the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota. His friends watched in...
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Final Minute of the “Miracle on Ice”

miracle on ice

“Do you believe in miracles? YES!” Watch the final minute of the greatest sporting event in history on its 35th anniversary. USA! USA!...
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Promising Results for New Alzheimer’s Therapy

from – Scientists at Karolinska Institutet have evaluated a new Alzheimer’s therapy in which the patients receive an implant that stimulates the growth of a certain type of nerve cell. The results, which are published in the...
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