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Gold Experts See Gold at $2,000 – in 2015 or Later

gold sale

  by – Mike Fuljenz Scotiabank’s recent mining conference featured a panel of gold experts with their views for 2015. The predicted prices were all over the map, but most specialists admitted they had no real way of knowing. In fact, host Andy...
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Federal Regulators say “Bah, Humbug!” to Christmas Lights

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from – – by – Ernest Istook Christmas lights have become so affordable that even the humblest of homes often are lit like the Star of Bethlehem. Federal bureaucrats are working to end this. They claim it will make us...
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Politics 2015 – It’s All About 2016


Washington (CNN) — Votes won’t be cast until 2016, but the next White House occupant will have an extremely busy 2015. A flurry of official entrances into the race could come this spring — with all eyes on Hillary Clinton on the Democratic...
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My 2016 Candidate Checklist


The 2016 chatter is in full force. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Tea Party vs. establishment, libertarian vs. conservative—the debate is already heated. I’m ready for those interested in a run to show us what they have in terms of policy,...
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AMAC: New Technology Instantly Turns Cop’s Gun Into a Stun Gun


Standard issue weapons are turned into blunt force devices WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 2 – A new device that quickly turns a police officer’s lethal pistol into a stun gun has been developed by Alternative Ballistics LP of San Diego, the Association of Mature...
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7 Ridiculous Projects the Government Spent Your Tax Dollars on This Year


from – The Daily Signal – by Kelsey Harris As you recover from Christmas spending these last couple days of 2014, don’t forget to account for the millions of dollars in gifts you bought the federal government all year long. Yes, thanks to...
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The Wisdom of Peace Through Strength


from – – by Dr. Ben Carson It was extremely encouraging to see the United States and Sony eventually stand up to the cyberbullying of the North Koreans by allowing the movie “The Interview” to be released despite threats...
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A Year of Anniversaries

Picture of Americans 5-27-14

from – – by Thomas Sowell 2014 has been a year of anniversaries. It was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War — a war which many at the time saw as madness, and predicted that it would be the harbinger of...
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Budget Victory for Veterans


from – Baltimore Sun – by Garry J. Augustine The omnibus appropriations bill approved by Congress and signed last month by the president finally closed the book on federal budgeting for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, more than two months late...
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Plant Goodness

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