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The Travel is Hard

veterans medical

AMAC Member: John Bennett Location: Michigan I have two VA clinics, both are 45 miles from home and I have had no problems with the clinic. However, for anything major, I am a 5 hour round trip from home. That in itself is a problem as I am 71 yrs old and...
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Grateful for VA in Florida


AMAC Member: Dale Milne Location: Florida I for one am very glad the Bill Young VA Healthcare System, Bay Pines, Florida is there. Yes I have had a few bad experiences with the hospital and some of it’s doctors over the years, but I have also had the...
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Fair Treatment in Arkansas


AMAC Member: Robert Anderson Location: Arkansas I go to the VA in Little Rock Ark. I have never had a bad experience at this facility. Everyone has been great!! I have no complaints since I have been going there. I have always been treated...
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Happy in Minnesota


AMAC Member: Robert Larsen Location: Minnesota I have been getting my healthcare from the St. Cloud VA for the past 3½ years. I have never had better healthcare anywhere. They corrected a problem with my esophagus two years ago. It was originally diagnosed...
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Quality Care in Idaho


AMAC Member: Boyd Poe Location: Idaho I am a Vietnam Veteran who is listed by the VA at an 80% disability rating. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and caring by those at the Boise VAMC. I realize that while in some parts of the country this...
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Good VA Experience in New Hampshire


AMAC Member: Robert Gilbert Location: New Hampshire I go to the VA hospital in Manchester NH and have never had a problem getting an appointment. I’ve had appointments with my doctor, urology, audiology, pharmacy, and blood pressure nurse. They all...
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The U.S. Can Export Putin To His Knees


from – Real Clear Markets – by Diana Furchtgott-Roth Writing in Sunday’s Washington Post, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said, “We need U.S. natural gas to shore up our energy supplies so that we cannot be blackmailed by Moscow....
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Positive Experience in San Diego

veterans medical

AMAC Member: Jay Berman Location: California I use the VA system in San Diego. I hear horrible stories about terrible service but that’s not what I have experienced here in San Diego. I had back surgery last year – lumbar fusion. They did an...
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Hillary Isn’t ‘Unbeatable’, But…


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Marco Rubio is right: “Hillary Clinton is not unbeatable.” However, that doesn’t mean it would be easy to beat her. And Republicans shouldn’t assume that it would be. In 2012, many Republicans...
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