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No Social Security for Nazi War Criminals: A Bipartisan No-Brainer

social security cards

By – Peter A. Finocchio Social Security reform can be a very heated topic in Washington and is often referred to as “the third rail of American politics.” Sometimes, however, common sense does prevail in the nation’s Capital. There are some...
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A White House Connection in the IRS Scandal?

irs Clark The IRS scandal just took a turn for the worse, exposing what may be further political abuse by the Obama Administration. It has recently come to light that the Obama Administration’s Treasury Department is in possession...
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We All Need Mentors


Mentors play such an important role in our lives. I know that my mentors made a huge impact on me, in both football and business. And even now, at 74 years old, when I’ve started more than 20 companies on my own, I still have people I go to for insight and...
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EPA’s New Power Grab Includes Rain Water, says AMAC


‘The agency seeks to expand the definition of the waterways it regulates to include puddles’ WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 5 – “Government has grown more aggressive as it seeks to trample on our rights with regulations that are so intrusive they are...
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OPEC is Wrong to Think it Can Outlast U.S. on Oil Prices

MW-CY579_opec07_20141107014443_MG Mullaney Technology is cheaper and West doesn’t use oil to fund a welfare state Give Saudi Arabia credit: Whoever sets oil-production policy for the desert kingdom has guts. Unfortunately, the sheiks have made what’s likely to...
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AMAC Hosts 2015 Delegate Conference


On January 18-20, 2015, AMAC is hosting its inaugural Delegate Conference at the majestic Waterfront Inn, the Villages, Florida. The event will include a series of educational seminars, training sessions, and networking forums to better equip our Delegates...
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Older Americans Say: Stay Positive, Seal the Southern Border

DanPictureTLC20062-768x1024 Weber Much has been said already about the president’s executive action on immigration. But here is a cautionary note. The new Congress must stay positive, not go negative at once. AMAC represents more than a million older...
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8 Brain-Training Games for Memory

8-brain-training-games-for-memory Mark Huntsman We live in a world where it’s perfectly normal to have a laptop on your desk, a tablet in your bag and a smart phone in your pocket. When you’re in the mood to play a game, you can — all you have to do is open an app...
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Alzheimer’s Care and Medicare: What You Need to Know

alzheimers-care-medicare-what-you-need-to-know Alissa Sauer Medicare covers “medically necessary” costs, but that term can be confusing when it comes to long-term care for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Does custodial care fall under a “medically necessary” expense?...
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