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Long-Term Care for Seniors is an Emerging Issue, says AMAC

Nursing Home Visit

‘Older middle-class Americans who can’t afford help are the most vulnerable’ WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 24 – Long-term care is poised to become an important issue in the U.S. as the nation’s population grows older, according to Dan Weber, president...
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#BilaRants — Take 1


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Let my rant begin. 1. Your sexy Halloween costume doesn’t offend me. Nor does the one you bought for your kid that looks like a cigarette. I’m not offended. I’m not outraged. And if you are, you might need therapy....
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What the Giants Got Right About Leadership


What do you do when there’s something important that needs to be done, and you need to get someone to do it? In a successful organization, you find someone who has the ability to do the job, and you let them do it. It sounds simple. A business has to do a...
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AMAC Member Meetings: Connecting You to Congress

AMAC members meet individually with Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) following the conclusion of a town hall meeting in Eden Prairie.

AMAC Town Hall Spotlight, OK-01 By AMAC Vice President of Government Relations, Andy Mangione Rep. Bridenstine (OK-01) addresses more than 80 AMAC members in Tulsa, OK, earlier this month. There are over 4,300 AMAC members residing in Oklahoma’s 1st...
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Obamacare Open Enrollment – What You Need to Know

Money and Obama Care

by-Brian Gay As the second open enrollment period rolls around, here are a list of things you need to know to about the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment: Important Dates Open enrollment begins 11/15/2014 and ends 02/15/2015. If you want your coverage...
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Voting is like Weeding ‒ We the People Need to Weed


by Diana Erbio – Voting is like weeding. We know weeds take over an untended garden. Too many in our Republic are neglecting our garden. We don’t vote. Benjamin Franklin was asked at the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 whether we had a...
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Get Your Office Depot Store Discount Card!

OD_StoreExteriorC8116cc (2)

AMAC’s newest member benefit provides you with substantial savings at Office Depot.  Your new in-store card is automatically attached to savings of up to 80% every day on items like copy paper, K-Cups, envelopes, labels and so much more! So, how do...
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Productive Habits for Business


No matter who we are, or what we do, we all develop habits. Sometimes they are good habits. Sometimes they are bad habits. They grow out of the things that we do—not just the things that we claim we value or that we say we do, but the things that we...
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Senate Race 2014 – Voter’s Guide


As Americans across the country prepare to head to the voting booth on November 4th, it is important to know which candidates are willing to take a strong stand on the issues of importance to mature Americans and seniors. To help AMAC members navigate the...
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What Election? Network News Gives Up On Covering Midterms


from – Hot Air – by Noah Rothman It is probably safe to assume that you have been following the midterm elections closely. You decided to click on this link, which would indicate that you have at least a passing interest in the coming national...
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