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AMAC: Aging Workforce Good for Employers and the Economy


‘Older employees more focused on the satisfaction of a job well done.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 30 – America’s aging workforce is a good thing for employers and the economy, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American...
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AMAC Supports Bill to Eliminate Double-Taxation of Social Security Benefits


‘We encourage Congress to support this legislation and protect the benefits our seniors have earned.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 29 – Legislation introduced yesterday in the House of Representatives would stop the practice of double-taxation of Social...
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Saving Money by Refinancing Your Car


Yes, it is possible to save money with an auto refinance loan but many people are just not aware of how easy it is to accomplish.  Over the last few years the statistics show that consumers are choosing car refinancing because on average the savings amount...
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There are 6 Things Different About this Picture! Can You Find Them???


There are 6 things different about this picture! Can you find them??? Answers revealed next week. Enjoy your super bowl weekend!...
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Need a Winter Break? Why Not Washington D.C. for President’s Day?   

DC-Moonrise_73828132 washington

In 1971, President Richard Nixon combined the holidays commemorating Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays into one and ever since we’ve honored all past presidents on the third Monday of February. Special festivities including parades, events and galas...
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Are You Giving Your Body Its Best Shot at a Long, Healthy Life?


by Judi Sheppard Missett – Think of your health like a savings account. Are you saving for a rainy day? There’s so much we can do right now to contribute to our future wellbeing and longevity. Ask yourself these questions to get on track for a...
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How to Construct a Fair Price Comparison of Gold vs. Stocks and Inflation

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

On November 21, 2014, when the gold price was down in the dumps, USA Today published an article titled, “Gold’s cheap, but look before you leap.”  In that article, the popular national newspaper used 1980 as their starting point for comparing gold’s...
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Super Teams Are Built On Trust


The Super Bowl is coming up fast this Sunday, and it is always a reminder of how important it is to have a great team—not just talented players, but a real team. I had the good fortune to play in three Super Bowls during my career (and we had a chance to go...
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Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015

capitol hill

This week, Congressman Keith Rothfus reintroduced the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015” – a bill that AMAC strongly supported in the 113th Congress. AMAC is pleased to endorse this legislation yet again and to work to restore...
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Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act

capitol building

AMAC is proud to stand with Congressman Massie with the introduction of the “Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act.” This bill rightly eliminates the unfair income tax on Social Security benefits and ensures that older Americans, who have paid into Social...
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11 Things Said by GOP White House Hopefuls at the Iowa Freedom Summit

Untitled-1 Mclntyre Some of the likeliest Republican candidates for president tried out their messages in front of a mostly friendly crowd at today’s Iowa Freedom Summit. The speakers offered plenty of rhetorical red meat to an audience...
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