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New Test for High School Students Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, says AMAC


‘Those who would pervert the past for political gain cannot be allowed to succeed.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 28 – Liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history, according to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and...
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‘Sister Wives’ Guests Ask Judge to Strike Down Bigamy Laws


From – – By – Matt Volz A Montana man is asking a federal judge to strike down the state’s bigamy laws so he can marry a second wife. Nathan Collier, his legal wife Victoria and his common-law wife Christine filed a...
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DC Bureaucrats Upend Franchise Businesses


From – – by Diana Furchgott-Roth Under a National Labor Relations Board decision released on Thursday, the Board has dramatically expanded the numbers of “joint employers” in America. Now, employees of franchised business...
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Tax Code Puts American Dream for Seniors at Risk


From – State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson You work hard all your life, take care of your family, pay your taxes, and save for a rainy day and to secure your retirement and provide for your golden years. You believe you have achieved...
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Memories of My Father


Earlier this week I received a letter that stirred my soul. It was a message from a man I had never met, but he shared the story of how he met my father, Dallas Tarkenton, and how that meeting had affected his life. My father was a Methodist minister, and in...
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AMAC Across the Country: Town Hall with Rep. Doug Collins

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) addresses a large group of AMAC members on August, 26, 2015 in Gainesville, GA.

Over 60 AMAC members turned out for an exclusive town hall meeting with their Congressman, Doug Collins (R-GA), in Gainesville, Georgia earlier this week. Similar to other AMAC town halls that have taken place across the country this month, Rep. Collins began...
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AMAC Across the Country: Town Hall with Rep. Garret Graves

AMAC Delegate Dick Juneau welcomes AMAC members to the meeting and introduces Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA).

Earlier this week, 50 AMAC members gathered in the Bluebonnet Public Library in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to hear from freshman Congressman, Garret Graves (R-LA). Elected to the House of Representatives in late 2014, Rep. Graves filled the seat previously held...
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More Trouble for Hillary


As Joe Biden considers a presidential run, more bad news for Hillary emerges. The Hill reports: Over half of Americans think Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lacks honesty and trustworthiness, a new poll says. The Quinnipiac sampling released...
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AMAC across the Country: Town Hall with Rep. Dave Joyce

Congressman Dave Joyce (R-OH) sits down with AMAC members for a conversation about important issues facing America.

Congressman Dave Joyce (R-OH) sits down with AMAC members for a conversation about important issues facing America. On Tuesday, August 25, Congressman David Joyce (OH-14) joined active AMAC members in Solon, Ohio for what was the second AMAC town hall of 2015...
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Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules Have Cost Cafeteria Worker Jobs


From – – by Elizabeth Harrington Hundreds of school districts in the country have made layoffs and reduced hours for cafeteria workers due to First Lady Michelle Obama’s lunch rules, a new survey has found. Participation in the...
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