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‘Ideological Weathermen’ Threaten Our Economic Future, says AMAC


‘They’ve succeeded in blocking the Keystone pipeline so far and have hampered affordable fossil fuel production’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 21 – While scientists caution that the Sun is cooling and a “mini ice age” is in the making, the...
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Amnesty and the Minimum Wage Make Strange Bedfellows

money Hayward As amnesty becomes Barack Obama’s latest Bright Shiny Political Object, let’s not forget the previous one: hiking the minimum wage.  The Obamanomics argument for  minimum wage hike is that wealth redistribution creates...
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Obamacare is About to Bankrupt a Whole Bunch of Small Businesses

cobra-compliance-business-closed H. Wolf The crushing costs of compliance with the regulatory burdens of Obamacare have already been well documented, especially as they pertain to small businesses. But as small businesses prepare their corporate tax returns next...
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Ten Arguments Against Obama’s Executive Action

obama executive order

by-Robert Charles Mr. Charles is a former assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, former counsel to a congressional oversight committee, a former litigator, and a teacher of government oversight at Harvard’s extension school. He is currently a...
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How Business-Friendly Is Your State? Check Out These Rankings

Screen-Shot-2014-11-14-at-11.32.42-AM-800x420 Allen The choice of where to locate a business depends upon several factors. One of the most important elements of a favorable business environment is good tax policy. Companies owe it to their investors, workers and customers to...
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Food Stamp Recipients, Advocates Sue Over Work Requirements

140911_FoodStampFraud-800x420 Most Americans agree that able-bodied adults should be required to do some type of work to receive welfare assistance. But two nonprofit groups and a handful of food stamp recipients in New Mexico are suing the state...
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Protect Your Home and Lifestyle with a Wireless, Digital Home Security System

protection 1

AMAC members enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that comes with working hard and having made smart investments along the way. A Protection 1 home security system helps AMAC members protect their families and property with professional security monitoring and...
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Swindoll Ministry Wins Obamacare Exemption

truthobamacare DALLAS (AP) — A Bible ministry headed by noted pastor and author Charles Swindoll is now among the religiously-affiliated groups that have won court approval to prevent fines from being imposed while they challenge the contraceptive mandate...
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Insider Information May Put the Future of Obamacare in Doubt, says AMAC

Money and Obama Care

‘Comments made by a so-called ‘architect’ of the law may be the law’s undoing’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 14 – The new Republican-controlled Congress is all set to focus on the undoing of Obamacare when it convenes on January 3. “Meanwhile,...
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Consequences Get Results


One of the great behavioral psychologists of the 20th century was BF Skinner. His observation was that our behavior, what we do, is a function of the consequences we face from those actions. When a behavior is likely to have a positive outcome, we do it more...
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