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Social Security Trust Will Survive, AMAC Says

social security cards

‘There are ways to avert a crisis’ WASHINGTON, DC, July 25 – The recent report issued by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office declaring that the Social Security Trust will be “exhausted” by 2030 requires clarification, according to the...
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Food Stamps: USDA Wants To Give Recipients Free Movie Tickets Encourage Healthy Eating


from – The USDA wants to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on movie tickets, talking shopping carts, and other incentives to encourage people on food stamps to eat healthier. The United States Department of Agriculture is also hoping...
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Veterans’ Voices – Share Your VA Experience Here


Are you a veteran, or do you know one, who uses VA health care? How do you rate your experience with the VA? AMAC wants to know what your experiences have been. With so many recent alarming reports about the Veterans Affairs Health Care system being in utter...
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New Mexico Teen’s Invention Aims to Stop Hot Car Deaths

child car death

An Albuquerque teenager is doing her part to put an end to the spate of children being left in sweltering hot cars. Alissa Chavez, a high school senior, has a patent for a device she calls “The Hot Seat,” a pad that is placed inside a car seat or...
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Women-Owned Businesses Hit Hard By ObamaCare Tax


from – Forbes – by Carrie Lukas What’s the harm in hitting businesses with another tax and regulation?  Conservative economists lecture about costs rippling through, hitting consumers and employees as well as business’s bottom-lines.  But...
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Thank You, AMAC


I found the article by Andrew Mangione in the Spring 2014 AMAC Advantage magazine very informative, especially the mention of H.R. 3894 – Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act. However, when I checked on the status of the bill using the website...
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Annoying Politicians, Take 999,999


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Politicians can be very annoying. Hillary Clinton is no exception. The Boston Globe reports the latest from Clinton at a conference in Boston: Clinton, widely discussed as a presidential front-runner in 2016, repeatedly...
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Health Subcommittee Examines the Future of Medicare Advantage

Capitol Building

By – Caroline Rayburn On Thursday, July 24th, the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee examined an issue of direct importance to AMAC members.  The hearing, entitled, “The Future of Medicare Advantage Health Plans,” focused on the impact the...
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Energy Exports Promote Prosperity and Bolster National Security


from – – by Nicolas D. Loris - W‌ith the wealth of U.S. natural resources and the recent growth in domestic energy production, the United States is in a position to export more energy. Free trade is imperative to a free society...
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Obamacare by the Numbers

Obamacare Watchdog

from – Reason Foundation – by Peter Suderman - A state-by-state analysis of failed health care exchanges Oregon Of all the failures spawned by Obama­care, perhaps the most complete was the meltdown of Oregon’s health insurance exchange....
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Massive Obamacare Fraud is Just a Mouse Click Away


from – Human Events – by John Hayward Another vignette in the long, painful process of ObamaCare disintegration is delivered by the Washington Post, which reports that our super-genius centrally-planned mega-bureaucracy and its billion-dollar...
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