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New Test for High School Students Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, says AMAC


‘Those who would pervert the past for political gain cannot be allowed to succeed.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 28 – Liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history, according to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and...
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The EPA Created a Disaster in Colorado: Who Will Hold the Agency to Account?


From – – By – Andrew Collins The Hypocrisy of “Sovereign Immunity” “Exxon had its Valdez, BP had its Deepwater Horizon and now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has its Animas River disaster with which...
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Throw a Life Preserver into the Sea of Liberty Ideas


By Diana Erbio People have short attention spans. To even get a brief hearing, one must first break free from the crashing waves of chatter. A loud, clear voice might grab the attention of someone willing to throw a life preserver. If a life preserver comes,...
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3 Things Most Realtors and Property Managers Don’t Know (that Can Cost Them a Lot of Money)


As a real estate agent or property manager, you have your share of details to keep up with. You need to be aware of the ever-changing regulations in your industry, as well as industry trends. Then, you have to keep track of multiple property listings,...
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This Obamacare Co-Op Was Supposed to Make Money. Instead, It Lost Over $15 Million.


From – – By – Melissa Quinn A Nevada health insurance provider that received more than $65 million in taxpayer-funded loans from the federal government announced last week that it is discontinuing operations at the end of...
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Focus on Anchor Babies Misses Broader Immigration Problems


From – – By – Diana Furchtgott-Roth The United States and Canada are the only two industrialized countries that confer automatic citizenship on babies born within the countries’ borders, even if their parents are not...
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Are You a Dissatisfied Voter?


Wow, this is terrible. Via The Hill: More than seven in 10 U.S. voters, 71 percent, are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. A plurality of Americans, 41 percent, reported being...
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‘Sister Wives’ Guests Ask Judge to Strike Down Bigamy Laws


From – – By – Matt Volz A Montana man is asking a federal judge to strike down the state’s bigamy laws so he can marry a second wife. Nathan Collier, his legal wife Victoria and his common-law wife Christine filed a...
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DC Bureaucrats Upend Franchise Businesses


From – – by Diana Furchgott-Roth Under a National Labor Relations Board decision released on Thursday, the Board has dramatically expanded the numbers of “joint employers” in America. Now, employees of franchised business...
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Tax Code Puts American Dream for Seniors at Risk


From – State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson You work hard all your life, take care of your family, pay your taxes, and save for a rainy day and to secure your retirement and provide for your golden years. You believe you have achieved...
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Memories of My Father


Earlier this week I received a letter that stirred my soul. It was a message from a man I had never met, but he shared the story of how he met my father, Dallas Tarkenton, and how that meeting had affected his life. My father was a Methodist minister, and in...
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