Manhattan Lefties Talk Palin

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Last week I attended a cocktail party on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s an unfortunate part of life every now and then for this prefer-a-basketball-game-and-soft-pretzel New Yorker. With that being said, any opportunity to mingle with members of New York City’s left-wing elite serves to provide both a wealth of amusement and—quite often—column-worthy entertainment.

This particular party happened to occur the same day it was revealed that Sarah Palin will be keynoting a tea party rally in Iowa on September 3. So, Palin came up quite a bit. What did some of Manhattan’s finest lefties have to say about her?

Here are the top five sentiments that were expressed throughout the two hours I lasted (special thanks to the veggies and dip for keeping me there long enough to overhear this fun):

5. SHE’S SCARY BECAUSE SHE’LL ACTUALLY DO WHAT SHE SAYS. That’s right, folks. They know she’s the real deal. They know that if she says it, she means it. And that scares the living daylights out of them.

4. SHE’S WAY TOO LIKABLE. They admittedly fell in love with Barack Obama’s charisma, and they know darn well that the only person in the GOP field who can match that—or, dare I say, surpass it—is Palin. P.S.—When someone brought up Mitt Romney, many found that awfully funny.

3. SHE’S NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK HER MIND. Palin’s fearlessness is what unnerves them the most. This group was all too excited for a “more subdued,” “less nervy” 2012 Republican alternative.

2. SHE’S “ANNOYINGLY REGULAR” AND PEOPLE LOVE IT. The fact that Palin would never fit in at their cocktail parties is a plus, and they know it.

1. SHE CAN WIN. “What do you think would’ve happened if Palin had been calling the shots in 2008?” I asked. One poor gentleman looked like he’d seen a ghost. “I think we could very well have had a President Palin,” he replied.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now of course they repeatedly retreated into their left-wing, media-fed talking points about how she’s “inexperienced,” how she’s “a quitter,” and how she’s “just not smart enough to be president.” But it was clear to me that they didn’t actually believe an ounce of it. Sure, they had to say those things. That’s their job—to echo left-wing talking points. But those talking points provided them with no comfort whatsoever.

It showed on their faces.

It showed in their voices.

And it showed in their panicked need to follow up so many of their statements with, “She could win. She could really win.” On that last point, I’d have to say I agree.


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  1. Celia says:

    Dear SarahThank you Sarah .This is the last time .I would like to say you are a nice,and very humble . Thank youYou knew my English not very well. But you didn’t cut-off my heart Anyway I can vote by cufarel . Because I can read newspaperI can say ,I can watch T.V to listen the news with my languagevery well . I can understand something about moralityhistory , and situations today in the world on the website with my language.I wish my English get well . But I grew-up in my country When I came to the U.S.A I can’t stay long time in the school . Because you know I need go to work for pay the bills. Anyway I’m so love the school I’m so sorry ! I wish and pray for you and for U.S.A The last my word I Love America I love American good byeBlessings

    • Alex says:

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  2. Kitty says:

    Sarah, My family and I psopurt you in all you choose to do. We don’t let the misleading media throw us off. We know you and your family are great with quality goals and values. We need you now more than ever in whatever capacity you decide to serve. You can expect the opposition to continue from all the sources that have been bombarding you. That is actually a good thing in that it shows that you are a threat and they want you out of the way so they can do their evil designs. My suggestion; let the opposition just roll off your feathers like water droplets off a ducks back and you should keep on going. You have the greater cause so keep going and we psopurt you. Let us know how we can help.

  3. Manoel says:

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  4. Charlie says:

    I don’t recall Obama or Biden being asked what nspepawers or magazines they read. Why? I think she didn’t want to throw out names because she envisioned being branded a reader of the Alaska Dispatch only possibly. Definetely not handled good by her though. The McCain camp had some weird muzzle on her as well.

  5. Priya says:

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  6. Edilton says:

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  7. Miguel says:

    Sarah,Three things,God has to come back to this cutrony,in schools,in goverment,and in the hearts of american people.We see what the lack of God has done to this cutrony,distroyed it.Its time to go back to basics.One,take the schools out of public hands,put in private hands.They have brain washed the children to beleive that the goverment will provide every thing.Two the goverment needs to be remved from the private industry of this cutrony,allow private industry ,invent and create jobs,stop regulation by the goverment.Third get goverment out of heath care stop regulation of medicine and development of cures.then stop the law suites go back to cutrony medicine allow people to have a choice of doctors allow people to make a doctor toe the line.If hes good he will have work if hes not he wont have work.The price will go down.Allow churches to play a role in helping the poor. Fourth,protect are elderly.protect our veterians,make sure these people are not taxed,and provided for than they paid there dues.Back to basics Sarah we need the common man back in charge,thats you,thats me.What can I do To help?I pray everyday for you and your family every day.God bless,jim

  8. Bill Taylor says:

    Having lived in Texas for most of my life I think I can tell you about Rick Perry. First he is a Democrat in hiding. Second he is the reason we have the highest insurance rates in the nation. Third He is part of the WORLD ORDER. Fourth he is all about big money and power. Fifth he wants to give illegals education paid for by the tax payers.

    Mainly he is for what puts money in Rick Perry’s pocket. Sounds a lot like a any politician.

    We need a leader who will tear hell out of DC and reduce the Federal Govt. to about 10% of what it is now. Of course he won’t be there for a second term but he would be loved forever.

  9. Josh says:

    I’d vote for Jedidiah Bila before I’d vote for Sarah Palin. JB, you’re too smart and accomplished to stand behind Sarah….

  10. Paul says:

    She is one of us and she has my vote too.

  11. Ginger says:

    Palin/Bachmann – thats the ticket – -trustworthy women, honest,outgoing,knowledgeable,believe in small government,conservative, family oriented, and they believe in the Tea Party that has our forefathers foundation !!!!! They DO NOT believe in Global warming!!!

  12. margaret says:

    Who has been the losers since 2008? The American people who are being played against each other. What a shame that this person who poses as our President has chosen to tear apart instead of mend and heal. He has used and abused the race issue. If I were black I would so disappointed that this is the first whiteblack person to sit in the White House and acts more as president of some other country unfriendly to us than the US.

  13. Shawn Curtner says:

    Thank you AMAC for pulling the National Anthem radio spots! I will become a member and support your organization.

  14. etexfisherman48 says:

    Ddut, ddut, ddut this just in: communist Trumpka AFL/CIO president announces they aren’t going to support Obama but instead are going to infiltrate the country with big bucks to unseat Republicans.
    Some tell him we are onto him and his pal Obama with this scheme. We know he is going to support a fellow communist and it is only because they fill assured Obama is going to win because of all the 45 million immigrants he brought over and the quick implementation of his “Dream Act” by fiat to vote for him plus the Latino vote, 25% liberals in America, the Mickey Mouse’s and dead people, which makes about 70 million votes before he walks out the door. That is not to mention the computer voting machines that are easily manipulated and leave no paper trail. Did I fail to mention the millions of dollars from rag heads all over the world that will once again send unaccountable donations less than $200 so it don’t have to be reported.
    Get Ready Folks cause the Republicans in charge now aren’t doing a thing to stop this but are a part of his building a New World Order. Think I am crazy, just watch and see!

  15. etexfisherman48 says:

    Get a load of this; wait until those liberals see a Perry/Palin ticket. That will blow their heads plumb off. Even Soros might give up the ghost along with his buddies David Rockefeller, Peter Paul, Henry Kissinger, Warren Buffet and Bernarke. Bill Ayers may even leave the country for fear of finally justice coming to his door.

  16. Shawn Curtner says:

    Your use of the National Anthem in sleazy radio ads is despicable. Shame on you. I call on AMAC to IMMEDIATELY pull your radio ad that uses an announcer speaking over the music. By this grossly flagrant misuse, you desecrate our sacred National Anthem! I am a conservative who served in the military and I oppose AARP. But unless and until you cancel those radio advertisements, you will NOT receive my support.

    • Genesis says:

      Palin’s a good looking woman, but I think looks alone aren’t ellray enough to qualify you as the leader of the free world. An a non-american, I’m glad that the republicans got beat, I have no real issue with McCain, but god forbid something should happen to him and Palin ends up the most powerful person on the planet!

  17. BillVilma says:

    I was a aarp member for 20 years but droped them 2 years ago when I seen their direction. Just did a 5 year deal with Amac. Until Sarah jumps in I’m for Backmann. Buuut the Republican estabishment will not support a woman for president. They are no different than the Democrats. When we vote the dems out, we need to vote out the estabishment too.

  18. Anna says:

    I hope she runs, but I hate the cruelty of the media concerning her and her family…We need some new blood running this country. The career “establishment” needs to be eliminated, and new faces with some common sense and term limits replacing them.

  19. Whiteboy says:

    I hope she runs! She did the right thing when she steped down in Alaska
    The left would not leave her alone and allow her to do her job. She had to spend all her time/money defending herself and family. The left has already dug-up all the dirt they can on her and will have to come up with new lies.

  20. Jim B says:

    Palin for Pres- a real leader!!

  21. Jim B says:

    Let’s get out of UN. Send all who have anything at all to do with it home!! Raze it and put up low rent housing! We’ll make much more that way!
    They were right when we stayed out of League of Nations. Without us it folded. With us it has become a world order organization.

  22. gloria F says:

    The American People has nervous breakdown when Bush was elected for a second time. Now they are having a second Breakdown – please Sarah Palin come people let’s elect someone who can bring us out of this unfortunate hysteria

  23. Lynn from Utah says:

    I really like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party with a balanced budget is the smartest way to save this country. I would like to see her back another Tea Party woman, Michelle Bauchman; since she has that same fire in her belly to fight for the rights of Americans and to stop the spending!

  24. ted gagliano says:

    A recent book tells how the left may well choose how to deal with Palin and/or Bachmann. Their ‘solution’ is scary & could actually happen. All should read this book, available on amazon as well as Barnes & Noble

  25. jim douglas says:

    Ask the people of Alaska what they think of the X governor, she couldn’t get elected again in that state if the ballot boxes were stuffed!!!!!

  26. Peter Andrew Copp says:

    I am not sure a woman can win the Presidency.

    I “like”: her a great deal and I am a Christian like her.

    Can a “born-again” (in the Biblical sense of the term) Christian win the Presidency?

    I doubt it?

    I wish it were possible.

    It IS curious why the left goes so strongly after Palin.

  27. MARION says:

    Never trust a man who will cheat on his wife (or wives !) like Newt Gingrich til he finally found a rich one who can
    allow them to run up a bill for 500,000 at Tiffany’s in New York! Besides, the downturn of the USA began when he authored the Nafta,
    Cafta, and all the other give-aways to other nations. Our imports became larger than out exports, and
    companies moved operations out of
    the country to cheaper labor, without
    any penalty. I love Sarah Palin, she
    tells it like it is! I’m also looking at
    Rick Perry, and if his dealings with
    China is what Texas’ prosperity it about, I don’t want him.

  28. Fr. John says:

    Palin’s unabashed enthusiasm for the racist, xenophobic state of Occupied Palestine… oh…umm, Israel, means that she would do NOTHING different than the last four presidents would do, when it comes to empire-building, embroiling ourselves in wars abroad, and not stopping the ‘international bankers’ here at home. Ron Paul knows the enemy, and his decades of EXPERIENCE in the House, FAR outrank him from La Palin, who can’t even keep her daughter from becoming a slut on nationwide tv.

    Sorry, Palin’s passe. And she’s obnoxious, precisely BECAUSE she’s a woman- and should stay home, if she’s such a “Bible-believer” for St. PauL CLEARLY noted how women are to behave, 20 centuries ago.

  29. Barbara says:

    This article and the author and the many comments so far are the saving grace of this country…Palin was, is and will be the answer in taking this country back from the shameful downward spiral of liberalism agendas left & right of the political spectrum. She has that steel backbone forged in her love of this country. We simply help her in any to hold our highest office in America.

  30. Lynn McCluskey says:

    bHo would piss his pants if he had to run against Sarah Palin!

    • Andrew says:

      Chris Christy is a Republican. He ememplifies three cmomon methodologies of modern politics:1. Appeal to fear or anger: Republicans for years have tried to portray Democrats as weak on National Defense and will make us vulnerable. Democrats have pointed to Republicans as wanting to kill Social Security and Medicare. Christie has found his enemy , teacher unions.Such unions are a very good target: they can be blamed for the problems in education today, they make more money than the average worker, they seem to oppose reform , and they have not been politically adept.2. He tells it like it is Being caustic about people others do not like is fine. Being a boorish oaf to people you identify with creates a motivated enemy. Right now it is working for him. Down the line?3. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid): The real world is complex and nuanced. Voters often do not understand complication and if a politician keeps it simple it can be very appealing. Christie is a master of this art.Christie would have several problems as a Presidential candidate. He would have to have a new enemy to appeal tofear or anger (Education and public unions are not a big national issue). His boorish behavior does not look Presidential. The key Republican plans to change Medicare and Social Security are not popular. The Tea Party types are losing public approval.

  31. Jim Strachan says:

    I am stay afraid that the media will still look at Sarah Palin as something that is not right with us aveage people.

  32. Kenneth Jackson says:

    I fell in love with Sarah Palin the night she was introduced by John McCain as his running mate in 2008. Still love her.

  33. Gary Roberts says:

    My intuition is that a Perry-Palin Ticket would be unbeatable at this time. I fully agree that eight years as VP would legitimize Sarah beyong the liberal media’s ability to undermine.

  34. David says:

    Bill , Sorry , I meant RICK SAYS @ Bill ….

  35. David says:

    Wow , Wish you were down here in Texas . Now that Rick Perry has jumped into the twister , I can’t wait to hear your accessment . I have relatives up north who are constantly emailing me about him wanting to know MORE ! This is getting interesting . By the way , Cocktail party’s down here , ( Houston Texas ) , usually include Bar-B-Que . So Come on down ! Seriously though , The only thing people in power fear is losing that power , the libs are shakin in there boots . Also , has anyone ever noticed that no matter where it’s tried , socialism , i.e. communism , fails !? Isn’t that the definition of insanity ? p.s. Bill , Where are you getting your info on Ron Paul , ( 911 ) , and don’t you think it’s about time we CLOSE THE DOORS !? We could use a little isolationism right about now since obama , ( notice small caps ) , and Hillary have messed things up so badly.

  36. Linda L Hill says:

    If you want Sarah Palin to run, let her know, if you want her to win, teach you children. It is the young voters that need to be convinced that she is the one.

  37. Gus H. says:

    She strikes me as 100% honest. For that alone, she gets my vote and support.

  38. Dave T. says:

    Isn’t it amazing! We look on Sarah Palin as our friend, and the liberals are scared to death of her. And their comments show their pretended “civility.” When do we ever hear Conservatives making such comments?

    Liberals are generally foolish. They’ve fallen for a lot of nonsense. If it’s disproved, they will have nothing to cling to—a fate worse than death for a lib. We are confident because we know we are right. Sarah Palin will flush their “brilliant” ideas right down the toilet, where they belong. (Hope they don’t cause too much environmental pollution!)

  39. JoeSem says:

    It goes without saying that the liberal media is going to demonize whomever the Rebublican Party nominates. So don’t let the media’s opinion affect your choice. When I decide who I’m going to vote for, it will be the candidate that comes closest to emulating the values and principles of Ronald Regan, our country’s greatest modern day President. In my mind right now that candidate is Michelle Bachmann. Newt would be close. If Sarah Palin gets in the race, she would be my choice. I would have to learn more about Rick Perry to form an opionion. Any of the announced candidates would make a good President and do a better job than BHO. His caddie would a better job than he’s doing. Let’s elect the candidate with the most fire in his or her belly, as it’s going to take a lot to turn this ship around; but, we can do it.

  40. The Big Logic says:

    As worthless as John McCain has been to the true conservative base, we do owe him one big favor. Thank you Senator for giving us Sarah.

  41. FRANK BIG MN says:


  42. Bob L. says:

    I don’t know what to make of Palin, at present she looks more like a diversion than a serious contender. Romney is no Conservative. Cain, I don’t trust because of his past chairmanship of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank and statements that the FED doesn’t need to be audited. Huntsman is a RINO. Ron Paul, I supported in 2008, but he has gone soft on illegal immigration. Newt is an establishment New World Order advocate. Rick Perry- – is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He has pushed for the NAFTA Superhighway through Texas and has all but sold Texas to Red China. That’s why Texas has been in the news as the most prosperous state in the country right now. He’s signed a deal selling Texas oil to China and allowed China to buy or build industrial plants inTexas. He is also an advocate for “immigration reform” (amnesty for illegals). To be honest, there are too many running for the GOP nod. The others, I don’t know much about or don’t seem to be serious contenders.
    In my opinion, the best candidate at this time is Michele Bachmann.

  43. WF NC says:

    Would like to see Palin and Perry in race now so debates like the one on 8/12 would include them.

  44. SouthernPatriot says:

    We like Sarah and much of what she says. There are other candidates which if they have proven conservative principles which may have equal or greater success in opposing Obama. Gov. Perry for president, Rubio VP, Romney Interior, Palin S of State, Cain ambass to UN

  45. Dennis Math says:

    As much as I like Mrs Palin I don’t believe she can beat Obama. Her “negatives” in polling among the wishy washy Independent voters are extremely high and a burdensome hurdle to overcome when one considers she already has the mainstream media as her most deadly foe.
    Also, as good as she is on stage and as much good as she had done for the country, she simply doesnt have the economic background that is so desperately needed to overcome the disaster that the Obama administration has wrought on this country.
    Though I wouldnt really like Romney at the head of a ticket I would like to see him as perhaps a VP candidate with a strong conservative with a proven track record of knowledge on international fiscal policy. Who that candidate would be I don’t know. I wish Paul Ryan would throw his hat in the ring. A Ryan-Romney ticket might work as well as a Ryan-Rubio ticket. There is only one person in politics that has presented ANY rational fiscal plan for the future recovery of our country and that is Paul Ryan. And with Romneys background as a successful businessman as well as the “savior of the Olympics”, a Ryan-Romney ticket might be a matchup made in heaven.
    Mrs Palin is serving her oountry quite well now. In the future, if God is with us and Obama is defeated, Mrs Palin may very well make a great Secretary of State and I know that she would be a superb candidate to head the Department of Energy.
    But as a Presidential Candidate, she just has too much to overcome and as a nation we cannot take any chances with her ability to overcome so many negatives, even if most of those negatives only exist in the machinations of the media.

  46. John K says:

    I did not vote for McCain, I voted for Palin and sadly had to include McCain on the ticket. He cost the Republicans the election, not Palin.

  47. Bobbie says:

    Sarah is absolutely the RIGHT person to “fix” this Country. She is absolutely fearless. I liked her the minute McCain introduced her. Her books are great! They never falter in the love she shows for this great country. She is the one that Obama fears the most! I hope and pray she runs!

  48. Hal Daniels says:

    I didn’t think Palin was going to run. I think my “heart light” just came back on. Theres hope after all for this country. I was prepared to back Michelle Bachmann for President but if Sarah’s running, she’ll get my vote. Any possibility of a ticket with Palin for President and Bachmann for Vice-President? If not Bachmann for VP, then how about Ron Paul for VP?

  49. Marshall Sage says:

    Sarah and conservative women like her scare liberals because they are strong women of principle who live their lives in harmony with their beliefs and faith. IMO Sarah or Michelle could be the American version of a Margaret Thatcher!

  50. Shirley Warren says:

    Sarah is a girl after my own heart!!
    You know where you stand with Sarah because she says it like it is.
    People either like this type of personality or they hate it. She would not let any grass grow under her feet. She is good, honest, tells it like it is…and people fear this type of person. I always have maintained if you want something done give it to a woman and Sarah is that person for President. She isn’t there to feather her own nest,.. she loves America and is there for the people and the USA. Other countries respect someone who shows they are in charge and will take charge of things that need to be done whether it is good or bad. Sarah will follow through.

  51. Cathy says:

    I also love Sarah Palin! She is truly a breath of fresh air. I’m curious what you all think about Rick Perry of TX being a very good candidate also?

  52. Wally Thornton says:

    She is a great American, and if she runs I will certainly vote for her…..As for winning, I don’t know. There are just too many people who feel put upon in this country. The other night
    at dinner in one of Kansas City’s good restaurants I heard a guy in the next booth going on about how they eat out at places like this two to three times per week, get great deals on such things as Helicopter rides, and for a few dollars more, flying lessons, etc, etc. Then the subject of tax breaks for the rich came up. This fellow then launched a discussion about how unfair this is to “regular guys like us.” With that kind of attitude from someone who is obviously pretty well off does not bode well for Conservatives in my opinion. As much as I hope Obama loses in 2012, there just too many people who still think he is the Messiah and will provide even more for them if only he has a chance to prove it….

  53. John P, Northern Cal says:

    When Sarah joined the last presidental race with McCain, I felt that somebody finally brought some balls to the campaign. Go Sarah!!! God Bless Sarah and the United. States of America.

  54. Tom Corbett says:

    …and the countdown begins. I can’t wait to see Sarah Palin in the White House. The MM and the left can say what they want but I love nothing more than clueing them in about what she did in Alaska as governor. Most of the left that I talk to aren’t aware of how forceful a leader she is. All they know is what the MM spoon-feeds them and as they start to understand the truth about Sarah – well it’s just fun to watch them get a little green around the gills!!

  55. KENNY M says:


  56. Thomas H. Seigo says:

    Anita, Holy Cow girl (no pun intended)! You appear to be well informed on the politics of BHO and I am eager to learn more! Please advise where I can tap into this wealth of information that you espouse….PLEASE!

  57. Sandy from Colorado says:

    I find it most interesting how the left is afraid of a strong, conservative woman. They applaud the strong, liberal woman, the whole “glass ceiling” thing. Liberals are scared of Mrs. Palin so they resort to Jr. High name calling. Says more about them than they would ever want to admit. They can have Hilary, Sonia, Janet & Nancy. We are very happy with Sarah, Michele Bachmann, Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Haley, …

  58. Thomas H. Seigo says:

    While I presently support Bachman’s bid (she was fantastic on FOX’s debate), I would dearly enjoy having Sarah Palin as my first choice. Imagine this: Palin for POTUS with Bachman as her VP! GOOD LORD, please let Palin run and please let her choose Bachman as her VP!!!!! Then everyone step aside and watch these great ladies work cohesively for the good of AMERICA!

  59. Chuck V. says:

    We have two uncommitted persons in Palin and Perry. It would be interesting is Palin would throw her “hat” in the campaign since Perry will Saturday. As one candidate said last night, during the debate, “the more the merrier(sic)”

  60. Jim W says:

    Palin is a neo-con taking advantage of the ignorance of the masses Tea Party fans who jumped on the bandwagon. She has demonstrated her willingness to compromise on fundamental principles of constitutional government. No one who can get the nomination of either major party will do what needs to be done. Ron Paul would – but the GOP will never allow him to receive the nomination. If it could keep the mike out of his hands, it would.

  61. Bob Davis says:

    I like most of what Sarah stands for. However, I’d rather opt for the candidate that has stood by his word in the public eye for more than 30 years, and who will keep us OUT of wars rather than running around the world LOOKING for our next one. There is only one candidate that will bring home the troops; set the nation and thus the economy on a positive path; GET RID of the IRS; audit and phase out the Federal Reserve; stop foreign aid to countries that hate us; deal properly with illegal aliens… I could go on, but if you don’t like it so far you won’t like more. That candidate is Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. He may not win a beauty contest, but he IS our best hope to win back our country.

  62. Ron W says:

    @Bill- Ron Paul has a lot of common sense views that are refreshing, However his foreign policy views – especially on Iran scare the h___ out of me. I believe the Mullahs and Persian barbarians would eat Ron Pauls lunch and spit it back in our face. Michele and Sarah know what is at stake and what it will take to defend our freedom.

  63. kellie says:

    It’s a good thing that Alaska only has one electoral vote as Sarah has lost her popularity here. When she bailed as governor she lost support. That’s too bad as she is very bright and I like her ideas but she did not show she will stick with the job. I would still vote for her, though. ANYONE AGAINST OBAMA.

  64. Chet Hale says:

    Just one other thing. She will fiercely defend her family and will not ever apologize for standing up for them regardless of what others think. She surely won’t travel around the globe apologizing to all the other countries for America’s stand on anything we believe in.

  65. Charles says:

    Palin would be an improvement from what we presently have as President. She is a very intelligent Lady. Go Sarah

  66. Charles Says says:

    Palin would be an improvement from what we presently have as President. He is a very intelligent Lady. Go Sarah

  67. Chet Hale says:

    Great article and insights! Of course she scares the hell out of the left. She will do what she says she will do…been doing it all of her life! She can not be swayed off of her core values yet she will listen to opposing ideas. She has the determination to win the right fights…she pulled her little children in little red wagons and then sleds in the winter when campaigning for mayor of Wassila, she will hunt moose, kill it, skin it, butcher it, for her family’s meat supply like most all Alaskans. That in itself scares the far left!

  68. Rick says:


    The only problem with Ron Paul is that he is a total isolationlist when it cones to forgen policy and he actually believes that 911 is our fault. He is also rather not a social conservative
    Yep he is a fiscial conservative and has some of the best ideas for our economy but the other stuff makes him a bad choice for president, in my opinion

  69. James Laubach says:

    I was just thinking about those lefties bashing Sarah and Ron. Do you realize those folks are very very dependent upon the “Red States” for every ounce of food and fuel they consume. Perhaps we should just cut it off and see if they will still blast us conservatives

  70. Bill says:

    Take a good look at what Ron Paul has been saying for many years and you’ll see why his supporters keep growing. That is if you’re not afraid of the truth. No show just substance.

  71. Scott Yaw says:

    I have also attended similar NY cocktail parties where similar discussions have taken place. As a hard-core conservatives, I find these elitist phonies entertaining….at least for the term of a party.

  72. Gerry Ashley says:

    It’s very simple: The LEFT/Liberals have ACCEPTED the Barack Obama ideology that we need to be apologetic to the rest of the world for America’s greatness.

    Think about that: We’re supposed to be ashamed for having built a country that has so much success in raising the standard of living, not only ourselves, but so much of the rest of the world.

    So it’s natural that they would reject (and try to demonize) anyone who is unabashedly proud of our country as is Sarah Palin. She’s the most PRO-AMERICAN politician I’ve seen since Ronald Reagan.

    As to her inexperience? Seriously? And Obama’s experience, by comparison is what… voting Present in the Senate?

    Spending American deeper in debt than any other president?

    Driving us to the point where our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our nation’s history? Yeah, I know… that’s not entirely his fault. But to the Obamanites, it’s somehow Bush’s fault.

    Yep, it’s no wonder the left wing gutter-trolls and social elite fear Sarah Palin. She’s a proud American who won’t bow to anyone. She’s a fiscally responsible conservative who might just be able to steer this ship back into the right direction. What left wing loonie WOULDN’T feat that?

  73. Eric Eaton says:

    That point of her having no experience always floors me. What experience did Mr. Obama have when he was elected (other than campaigning)? She has considerably more administrative experience than he.

  74. Carol Ann says:

    We Palin supporters KNOW she can WIN! It is just when she will enter the race formally, that we don’t know…

    She is just who America needs!!!!!! She has my vote for sure!

    2012 Palin for President..

  75. Anita says:

    Gerald G: I think you’re on the wrong website…This is AMAC, not Aarp. We don’t drink the fool=aide here! Sitting on our hands, hardly. Since your O has been in office we’re working hard to stop his wrecking ball & protect all of our assets. Read Agenda 21( good search) it. The new GREEN agenda…”When United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced his plan ‘to fundamentally transform the global economy based on low-carbon, clean energy resources,few realized he was calling for a new global tax to be designed without public scrutiny…. The UN’s one nation, one vote system has been used since its founding to render the U.S. impotent, regardless of the fact that we are its major financial donor. ….Banning the press and global tax opponents from its July 13-14 tax design meeting in Tokyo, Japan, for example, is anathema to a democratic process, but the UN is not a democracy. Rather, its “unelected” self appointed bureaucrats” use a collaborative decision-making process’ to reach ‘consensus’ with no debate or expressed opposition…This green agenda is the new Marxism that requires government ensured economic equity…. In the U.S., federal and state legislatures were bypassed when then-“President Clinton “signed an executive order to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development to implement Agenda 21. Federal grants continue to flow to local governments to carry out the UN’s green agenda across America.It’s estimate is at least $1.9 trillion annually for the next 40 years or $76 trillion” [By Cathie Adams, Eagle Forum International Issues Chairman]3. Democrats Bury ëCommunity Transformationí Plans in Health Care Bill. [11-6-09]: “In the bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act, community transformation plans would be carried out using federal money and be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC would distribute the money as well as coordinate the various state, local, and ‘community’ entities responsible for carrying out the plans.
    “…both state and local governments are eligible for the grants, & are’national networks of community-based organizations’…. The transformation plans must include ‘activities’ for all ages, beginning in public schools, which focus on eating healthy food, adequate amounts of physical activity….’Every time our friends on the other side start talking about community organizations, we usually think ACORN…” There’s a lot more to read, & it will give you a wake up call. If you agree join the fight,or maybe you just want to sit on your hands,& be run over by the Marxist trains.

  76. Papoose says:

    @Marty Blueroad! Vice President my foot, whomever YOU choose for pres. is a LOSER! PALIN for PRESIDENT!

  77. Gerald Gregory says:

    We had our chance and sat on our hands. Nothing has changed, just don’t mess with my assets, and we’ll go with obama. Certainly we have become a do nothing nation. RIGHT.

  78. Joy D. Brower says:

    There’s a number of people in the O4P (Organize4 Palin) organization here in SoCal that are flying to Iowa for that speech, as is Tammy Bruce (who announced on Laura Ingraham’s show this afternoon). Everyone just FEELS that Sept. 3 will be the first day of the 2012 campaign! All eyes on Iowa – you betcha!

  79. James Cooper says:

    You are very refreshing Jedi, Sean Hannity also understands that if we could get Sarah Palin in office, we would once again have a person willing to defend this country as commander and cheif. I could proudly salute the POTUS again!

  80. John norton says:

    After her interview with Sean tonight she has lit the fuse that will detonate when she announces O ye of little faith will see something none has seen before. Sarah Palin 2012 and beyond…

  81. Hiqutipie says:

    Boo-Yah Jedi…Maybe thats why Sarah has been so quiet. She’s letting Obama do all the work for her. Everyday that goes by Sarah looks better and better. Roll up your sleeves Jedi, its game time!!!

  82. apodoca says:

    Marty Blueroads, you’re a whingeing crybaby who’s scared of victory. Using the lame mantra that Palin needs VP experience is so bogus. Go see your doctor about a pacemaker so you can handle a Palin presidency.

  83. apodoca says:

    Thank you, Jedediah. This article caused a lot of chuckles and warmed the cockles of my heart.

    Hell, yeah, she can win. Sarah WILL win!

  84. denise55 says:


  85. Marty Blueroads says:

    I feel that at least one term as VP would give Gov. Palin the political seasoning and international exposure that she may need. In 2020 she’ll still be on the sunny side of sixty and will make one great President.

  86. jerseyflash says:

    I second it **Denise**Excellent article.
    Today I watched in horror, like all other sane Americans & Terrorists the Stock Market lose everything that it had gained over the past 7 months and Barry talk about the NEW turn-around that he has planned for this country. Take my advice-invest in INK & PAPER, because when Sarah say’s “I’M HERE-I’M CLEAR-GET USE TO IT” newspapers & mags will be selling out thru-out this planet.
    Palin 2012&2016 (Get use to saying LANDSLIDE) trust me-I’m good at this.

  87. Elaine says:

    Great article. Gives me encouragement that maybe we can get someone honest in office for a change. What bothers me are those that continue to condemn. Soro’s took over Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily Kos & is still pushing for Global One World Order just like Obama. I truly believe if we let Obama stay in office until 2012 it will be too late to save us. Putin calls us parasites trying to live off the world economy. Embarrasing.

  88. speppers69 says:

    Thank you for standing up for Sarah in that concrete jungle, Jedediah! WE appreciate it and I’m sure Sarah does, too! Now if maybe you could use a little of your influence over at The Daily Caller and get them to use a more flattering picture of Sarah over there…that would be AWESOME!! And if people haven’t read “Outnumbered” yet…they need to! It’s a great read!

  89. AJSteele says:

    If this article was a little more widespread (and it may get there) you would see vile, hate filled rants against Palin . It’s a knee jerk reaction to her name. Sarah Palin handles it all with a good jab at the right time as well as a calm fluff off when needed. McCain was right about one thing, she’s exactly what this country needs! (NOW!)

  90. Pinay 46 says:

    My family and I are patiently waiting for Gov. Sarah Palin to declare her candidacy for POTUS. She walks the talk , and she embodies leadership, integrity and compassion. The country needs you, Gov. Palin!

  91. Denise says:

    Excellent Article! Can’t wait to get your book now!

  92. NJ_Tom says:

    Can’t wait for Sarah to declare! As my favorite poster says, she’s ineluctable!

  93. Bcorp says:

    Reason why so many Americans love Palin is because they can identify with her, she speaks straight forward with no pretenses. She is us and we are her plain and simple. Her common sense approach is just what we need. And her “Game On”, and “Fight Like a Girl” and “You Betcha” will be all over the place very soon.

  94. Charlie from Charleston,S.C. says:

    Enjoyed your article, Jedediah. There’s nobody like Sarah. Sorry she and you were subjected to the upper crusties from the upper East Side; but I know it comes with the territory. Please tell them we look forward to sharing their wealth when their narcissistic idol begins his redistribution plan.

  95. Jon says:

    Kudos to you for having the chutzpa to publicly be so ‘Outnumbered’. We are sending at least 1 bus from Texas to the Iowa Tea Party event and hope this event makes the Libs knees knock harder than they already are!

  96. Anita says:

    Great to know there’s a breath of fresh & true air & in the big Apple. We’re glad you posted, the Liberal Zoo’s no point of view. Thanks!

  97. Carol Bishop says:

    Great insight! If figures they would be afraid of an honest, likeable person who speaks their mind and will do what they say they will. Something the left is not at all used to.

  98. Patti says:

    Yay, We all know the “left” are cowards. Wonderful article Jedediah & if Sarah decides to run ~ all hell will break loose, Yahoo, bring it on. PS: Kudos to you for going to the party in the first place, LOL, I would have been thrown out in about 5 minutes. 8)

  99. Archie Paul says:

    Beautiful article. I love the lady from Alaska and think she is the only person on the horizon that will be able to save this once great and proud nation. I have never understood the hate towards this fine lady but you have explained some of it.
    She has my vote and my money in 2012.

  100. Buster Locklear says:

    Thank you Ms. Jedediah,for your most wonderful on piece on Gov. Sarah Palin. this LADY won my vote in 2008, then MC cain cut the cord to the micophones that cost America the only chance to win the whitehouse.

  101. Chris in Ottumwa says:

    Awesome article and great to hear. I am looking forward to having a great president in 2012 and that will be Sarah Palin. She has what it takes to get America back to being America and not this near corpse it is now.

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