Lessons Learned from Dating Liberals

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

I have never been a liberal. In fact, my parents and I often joke that I popped out of the womb as a Reagan conservative. As a result, I don’t have a fascinating liberal-turned-conservative convert story to share with you. I also can’t tell you what it’s like to be inside the head of a lefty. But … I can tell you what it’s like to date one.

Now before you say “Are you crazy?” or “How could you possibly?”—hear me out. I grew up in New York City, attended Columbia University, worked in academia, and have an absolute and undeniable magnetism toward artists and musicians. In other words, my dating pool has consistently been saturated by lefties. And although it may surprise you, I’m really glad it has. The lessons have been absolutely priceless.

And so I bring you my “Lessons Learned from Dating Liberals”:

  •  You may think you’re arguing about who used the last clean fork or why his clothes are still on the bathroom floor, but you are mistaken. What you’re really doing is judging him. That’s right, you self-assured, confident, just-stating-your-opinion right-winger. Everything you say is a judgment. And yes, that includes your comment that his dinner could use a little more salt.
  •   No matter what happens, it’s your job to take responsibility for it. Doesn’t matter that you didn’t do it. Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t your fault. Not important that you were sitting by quietly while he had a fairly alarming tantrum. STILL YOUR FAULT. And when you “own up,” don’t try any of that simple “I’m sorry” stuff. You must display profound internal suffering at all times.
  • Your opinions don’t count. Well, that’s not entirely true. They count when you agree with him. When you don’t, you’re wrong. And not just wrong, but mean. And hurtful. And—you guessed it—judgmental.
  • He’s not short. (He’s vertically-challenged.) He’s not a nerd. (He’s an intellectual.) He’s not broke. (He’s temporarily fiscally deficient.) And if you Brooklyn girls happen to talk about how much you like your Guinea tees (as this Italian often does), you’re a horrible, horrible person. In other words, you’ve entered the PC-only zone. Proceed with caution or you will have one offended lefty on your hands.
  • If you want to stay on his good side, be extremely generous with money—everyone’s money but his, that is. Also, volunteer to pay for just about everything (bonus: you get to master the liberal “break traditional gentlemanly norms” dating rule). And always hate on the rich (because he insists it will make you feel better about your paycheck—and his).
  • You’re only allowed to be as successful as he is. So stop working so hard! I mean, you’re clearly just trying to make him feel inadequate. (And yes, he will self-identify as a feminist while demeaning your ambition.) P.S.—If you sit on the couch laughing and enjoying a bag of Doritos while he condescends, experience has taught me that you will spend your night listening to a lot of screeching.
  • You must always be tolerant of his feelings, likes and dislikes, and temporary physical and emotional states. That means you must coddle him (but don’t call it that because it will make him feel weak) and de-prioritize your every need and emotion (but don’t say that either, or he’ll remind you how selfish you are). Also, never respond to a curse word with a curse word. His curse is warranted. Yours is just cruel.
  • Perhaps most importantly, never turn on Fox News (or you shall face his stomping feet). Also, clear your bookshelves of anything that says “capitalism,” “Sean Hannity,” and “global warming myth” (or his screeching will return). Of course, be prepared for a nice late-night dinner after you’re fully censored, during which he will reference the importance of diversity, healthy debate, and open-mindedness.

So, there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into life with a lefty. Oh, and I almost forgot—never smile too much! Clearly, you’re only doing it to belittle his perpetual depression.

And yes, when in the midst of one of his many tantrums, revenge really is as simple as putting on an American flag t-shirt.

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  1. Freethinker says:

    hmmmm….it actually sounds like JB dated folk with issues that are outside of their political ideologies. she simply dated guys who were not good fits for her, and she should have been able to see that early on ;)

  2. Frank Johnson says:

    You slept with this guy? Did you fight over who wears the top and who wears the bottoms of the PJ’s? Did you go to him for decorating and fashion tips too? Extremely disappointed in you little girl. Start hanging around shooting ranges, airports, fishing piers, rugby fields and you will find a man. A real, jeans, loafers, sweat shirt, pick up driving, butt slapping “hey how you doin sweetheart” kind of guy. Cmon Jed, you want kids someday dont cha?

  3. Blaine says:

    Oh my, Jedediah! You nailed it! So funny and true that it’s painful. Liberalism is an illness.

  4. Matt says:

    Sounds alot like a narcissist, which all liberals are. But I’ve known my share of narcissistic conservatives too. None-the-less, they are weak and unworthy of any quality relationships in their lives. Any man given to tantrums who concerns himself more with his image than with real accomplishments is no man at all.

  5. Bob says:

    awesome! some generic, broad-brush statements without even a single anecdote to back them up. at least your book provides a few stories, even though they only prove idiots exist in all political stripes. sounds more like you mostly date jerks, liberal or otherwise.

  6. Lucy says:

    My daughter’s roommate commented about how quiet she always is. “You’re so judgmental.” After thinking a moment, my daughter answered, “It’s true, I do make judgments. At least I know when I’m doing it!.” Her roommate became very quiet.

  7. Larry Korn says:

    Many years ago I printed a Tee shirt with tbe LOGO “LIBERALS AREN’T”. I got a lot of comments for that one.

  8. Dan H says:

    I dated a Lib once, I was an Employment Consultant and She was my Applicant. I first found out She was a Women’s Libber, but She was attending the Univ Of Chicago on Daddy paying Her Tuition, Her Apartment, Her car, She was only using my Services to see what was out there, but really did not want a job until She completed her degree in Liberal Arts.

  9. Faye P says:

    We all make mistakes, but you hung around longer than I would, after the first temper tantrum because I did not agree with him He sounds l
    Abusive, manipulative and immature to the extreme. Makes you question your snaity and intelligence to be around people like that. If you meet another one, no matter how charming he may appear RUN fast!!!

  10. sarah palin says:

    sometimes i get my hubby todd to dress up like bill maher and finger bang bang me until his finger stinks! LOL Great article keep up the great work you are an AMAZING WRITER GIRL GO GIRL GO!!!!!!

  11. Emilia Kette says:

    A great Brazilian Conservative lady who lives in the DC area (she’s married to Olavo de Carvalho, the best Brazilian Conservative ever!) sent this to me. I love it! When I finished reading I thought of a line from my favorite movie: Groundhog Day. When Rita describes her ideal man, Phill looks at her puzzled and asks if it was a man she was talking about! Bingo!

  12. rodney burke says:

    Hilarious! Liberalism is a mental disorder and I think this article points that out conclusively. The liberal is very close minded and one sided in their thinking! I think everyone should be exposed to how a diseased liberal conducts their life! I find the attitude annoying to say the least.

  13. Leland says:

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

  14. Carmen says:

    Too funny!!! I am also drawn to many liberals having grown up in NY City and graduated from Columbia too. I just don’t understand why these elitists repress their intelligence and exalt their emotions.

  15. Michael says:

    Wow! My ex-wife was a liberal in conservative clothing (probably to get her $2mil divorce). Love your wit!

  16. Raywin says:

    Tried once to reason with a liberal.Frustration sets in when his counter argument jumped all over without any focus. It always was who did this and who did that (without evidence) so it was right for him. Finally, gave up and not waste my time and energy to debate liberals.

  17. Judy Donovan says:

    Loved your article. Are you sure you weren’t describing men in general. My husband is a conservative and you nailed it almost 100% on attitude. I have a hard time fighting depression as I only do 2 things wrong– everything I say and everything I do!

  18. Don Fisk says:

    Superb observations! You hit the nail on the head. Oops, sorry, too violent for liberals. Keep it up!

  19. Ken Francisco says:

    So well put, Jedediah :)

  20. keeks says:

    Sounds a lot like my ex-husband.

  21. Mike_Rundle says:

    I am a staunch coservative but this is not a political issue at all. Ms JB who is so very clever in so many ways is like SO MANY otherwise bright clever educated women..simply STUPID (not poor choices, bad judgment or other terms…STUPID) in affairs of the heart. I put it down to low self worth and find their poor choices deserved. I cannot reconcile women in abusive relationships`deserve“ to be in them but c`mon girls WAKE UP!

  22. Mike says:

    What a great article about dating a liberal. I laughed and recalled my experiences.

    I will be reading all you write from now on.

    I encountered some similar situations (some worse and some I cannot publish as they exhibit similar traits in the bedroom) when dating the occasional liberal woman for the 6 yrs between my divorce and finding the love of my life!

    If she wasn’t so perfect and I was about 30 yrs younger, I’d contact you.

    The LOML popped out before you but also a Reagan idol. She and I are so closely aligned politically, mentally, and emotionally that it is scarey.

    Thanks for the laugh and helping me to love her more.

    PS: Before Dad died he told me about RR being the sports broadcaster for the Drake area (where Dad went) and that they watered at the same bar. Some interesting stories.

  23. joe says:


  24. Roger says:

    Last month I hit 34 years with a Lefty wife. It has been a challenge. She too, said she was voting to cancel out my vote. But lately Obummer has changed her way of thinking. She voted Conservative in the last local election, and our marriage and relationship has improved considerably. So there is “hope” (sic)

  25. The Dean says:

    Dr. Lyle Rositer MD has written a very good book about why liberals think they way they do. It’s called THE LIBERAL MIND. He is a very serious professional who studies mental health and disorders, and yes, he is serious when he says that liberal thinking is an irrational disorder, and I basically agree with him. Another good study is M. Scott Peck’s PEOPLE OF THE LIE. It was his study of evil in individuals, how to recognize and hopefully how to treat it. Put briefly, an evil person is someone who fails to face their own guilt and sin, so they are always blaming others, which libs do habitually. So it’s not just stupid, at its core it’s evil. Just watch this President. Has he ever once admitted he was wrong about anything, or responsible for anything that failed? That behavior has been typical of others like Stalin, Hitler and so on. “If we say we have no sin we lie, and the truth is not in us (deception and irrational thinking sets in).” (I John 1:8). The opposite is the next verse, “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (I John 1:9). This could explain why libs are also usually angry at Christians and the Christian religion. Convict on.

  26. Shirley Snow says:

    Nothing like a liberal daughter-in-law. Nobody knew anything but her. Sweet to your face and stab you in the back.

  27. Lloyd says:

    I have a brother who is an attorney. He walks so softly you can never tell where his head is. Almost an occupational necessity since he has a large client base from both sides of the tracks. He occasionally has family affairs to which some of his more liberal, ivy league associates have no problem inviting themselves. I also have a grandson who is a long haul trucker and a self proclaimed redneck. His idea of fun is tuning all his great uncle’s liberal guests to full Shriek. Then occasionally add a totally outlandish statement just to keep the noise level above 79db. My brother and I set at a distance and sip our beers. Great entertainment. .

  28. karen says:

    That also sounds just like the Male Shovenist Pig I married. Even though he claimed to be conservative. Demanding, and totally selfish!

  29. Fred says:

    Arnold and Maria, together forever.
    Oh…. wait…..

  30. Mimi says:

    Oh yes, this is all too true–and also unavoidable in my life. Once had a boyfriend who traveled in the Reagan conservative circle (the whole political scene) who acted like the guy in this article. 20 years later he revealed he has now become a liberal–talk about coming out of the closet!

  31. Allen says:

    Funny and entertaining for a ‘thorough conservative’ like myself but I find it a bit too formula oriented. It seems crafted to incite and titillate in order to attract attention. I am getting a bit tired of ‘conservative’ organizations just using my convictions to motivate me to buy or give rather than make a real difference. I hope that does not happen to AMAC.

  32. William Bolton says:

    Narcissist is the word for the liberal since my brother was one and ripped off our dear old mother in her old age. Of course he was entitled to her money and she was just old anyway so what did she need money for, to eat?

  33. Jeremy says:

    Ironically it was a lefty liberal girl I’ve flirted with off and on over the last decade that posted this on my wall. She took the first few tips seriously and thought I might be able to learn something from them about why I keep hurting her feelings!

  34. Danny Lewis says:

    You put up with way too much from some parasite that you have no legal responsibility for (married). By allowing it to happen you let the idiot control your life. Makes you look weak. Sincerely

  35. Brent says:

    Just too funny and so true. When ever I find I’ve made the mistake of dating a liberal woman and it’s time to breakup, I just put out my Mark Levin and Sarah Palin books on the coffee table. Works everytime!!

  36. JohndeFresno says:

    Great article! Unless I missed it, add:
    If he/she has the upper hand, there is no quarter.
    If you have the upper hand, then you are mean spirited and brutish – clearly showing your hard hearted conservatism – unless you compromise!

  37. Frank says:

    I married a liberal. I managed to offset a lot of silliness with simple fact that repeatedly proved correct, but she never got over rationalizing to justify an unrealistic position. I think it must have been something they put in the water at liberal universities.

  38. Bill says:

    You missed “Why do you always have to be right? Sometimes you need to let others win.”

  39. Liam says:

    I don’t know. Although I agree with everything stated in this column about lefties, it sounds to me more like “a live-in” relationship than a simple daiting relationship. I didn’t think conservatives did that.

  40. You Will says:

    Wow bitter much?

  41. ken kirby says:

    Sending this to one of my fav Columia grads Jedidiah. She’ll ove it as I did. Also posting it to all my other friends & rels exept those who wil tell me never to speak to them again. They’re so open to discourse (Ha, Ha!)

  42. Tony Favero says:

    Bella Bila!

    As a liberal for 2/3 of my life, until I started to think and not just react, I can tell you that Ms. Bila is right, right on!!!
    These days I get letters to the editor published all around the country bashing not liberals personally, but their stupid insipid ideas and thinking. There is a diabolical streak in me, but I write from an informed stance and can always defend myself. For as you can fully understand, liberals are very good at coming back at you as Bila clearly articulates. But the satisfying part is that I enjoy that push back and respond accordingly in a polite but factual basis….which really starts them screeching….sound familiar? Good work Ms. Bila…..keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Bill Parrott says:

    When I was growing up my mama would not let me say two things when I talked about people. I could not call anyone ugly or stupid. I have learned in my 70 years there are ugly people in this world and those who make decisions based on emotions (feels good, looks good, etc. 60’s answers to things) rather than the facts or what is happening are just plain stupid. That seems to be the manifesto of Liberals.

  44. TerryS says:

    Perhaps you can tell me why so many women purposely pursue dating pools that produce stress, are composed of men who neither like or respect them and, overall, guarantee an unhappy life? I’ve long past the point of finding this problem … humorous.

  45. SharonM says:

    One can only hope your influence will help the narcissistic lefties. On a good note, there are conservative artists and musicians out there.

  46. Pdoty says:

    P.S. for Bob who only dates Colombian women: I lived in Colombia for three years and I understand that guys date and marry them because they are 99.9% poor and they’ll do anything to grab a “rich” American sugar daddy. Bob is self-deluded into thinking these women are after him rather than the lifestyle he can provide them. Sorry, Bob.

  47. Pdoty says:

    Anne W hit it on the head. Life is too short to spend it in the company of liberals. Although I’m a family oriented guy, I made a conscious decision a few years back to not associate with liberals regardless of who they are. It lost me a couple friends and even a few family members, but my life is MUCH richer and less frustrating because of it. The key is hanging out with like-minded people.

  48. JACK L says:


  49. Brad says:

    Thank you for clearing that up. I always thought the issues were due to the Mars vs Venus thing, but now I understand it’s because my wife is a liberal.

  50. Bill A says:

    Funny. I grew up on a dairy farm in WI. I always imagined dairy cattle as liberals. They seemed to be looking for a government program to bail them out if they did not produce.

  51. Anne W says:

    Same can be said for having a liberal friend. Takes way too much energy. Her opinion is always correct while mine is always wrong. Can barely stand to get together every year or two and then just to see a movie. Life is too short for the stress and emotion involved.

  52. Laura Randall says:

    Comments are as entertaining as the article. Thanks everyone! Seems many of us suffer from liberal relatives. Trouble makers, that’s what they are.

  53. Dan S says:

    In reality, you didn’t date a Lefty, you just dated someone who is VERRRY immature and psychologically stunted. Leftyism is byproduct of of these mental deficiencies not the cause of it.

  54. Giff J says:

    I have a few lefties in my family-To have a relationship with them is simple–just agree to the tacit understanding that He/She has the right to say and do anything without consequence or rebuttal. When you do throw in your 2 cents worth you are mean and very closed minded–That’s the rule book for a relationship with a liberal.

  55. Henry says:

    Sounds all too familiar..although I was married to a Liberal for a long time, along with religious prejudice…..appeasing due to my daughters….and finally an awakening…’it will never get better or there wont ever be a comprimise in this union’….amazing how their brains work(my way or the highway) I chose the Highway, gathered up my sanity and Liberty….hmm…guess thats what makes the world go around …as they say…just makes it difficult when they’re ‘in charge’….as we’re experiencing with this current administration…I believe in the adage..”the Truth will set you Free”….all they have to do is research the underlying current of the Left’s agenda and then try to apply it to Our Consitution and Bill of Rights to see the conflict…….if they are so dismayed why dont they move to a country that promotes Socialism….I keep repeating to anyone with the Leftist agenda I meet in a rational tone…”My Da fought in WWII to defeat the NAZI(National Socialism)..wake up and start reading Political HIstory for Gods sake before you want to flush US all down the sewer!”

  56. Jack says:

    Great article !!! Don’t despair, there are many artists and musicians who are conservative plus single…. I for one.. lol..

  57. Bob says:

    Liberal or conservative????…I will not date either. American women are spolied, self-centered, undereducated (educated in the public school) and uninformed about the world in which we live. I hate to generalize, but I must. I only date the beautiful women of Colombia. No Gringos for me. Have a great day!

  58. Luisa says:

    Loved it! Made me laugh. Marriage is hard enough without all the “sympathy” pains you have to throw out there to pacify a liberal. It must be exhausting for them to be so right all of the time – we’re so lucky to not have to bear that burden.

  59. The Last Jump says:

    “Clothes on the batroom floor”? “Late night dinners”? Sounds like a lot more than dating, doesn’t it. Whatever! Keep your friends close but your enemies closer! Thanks for the insight though it was all very predictable. Saves me the impossible task of attempting to find out first hand what we both already know!

  60. Kevin Hentges says:

    I loved Jedediah’s article, she is so right on. Liberals are dismantling this country and if we don’t take a stand we will lose what our forefathers worked so very hard for. The mentality of this country shows why we have a president like we have. Maybe this is was a wakeup call to America! I’m sharing this with a lot of people.

  61. Linda says:

    I naively believed love conquered all, and married a charming, educated, liberal professor who claimed to share my beliefs. He had some deep rage issues that manifested only in the rabid righteousness of his political position, and not so much as a set of principles but as a justification for some horrifying abusive behavior. I doubt the liberal perspective caused his viciousness, but I found it instructive that this vicious man embraced the extreme liberal position.
    My current husband is a deep, intelligent, THINKING Christian man full of honesty and kindness. He’s conservative in his convictions, actions, spending, speech, and respect for others. Coincidence? I think not.

  62. bob says:

    Is this schism we have rising to the level of civil-war? And like the first civil war it is spiritually rooted. The liberal belief system replaces faith in God with Government. So, isn’t the right answer to bring us together to help them see their false ideology?

  63. Jerry Hosier says:

    Great article!!! I can relate to everything JB writes about without having to date a “leftist”. Thank god there’s not many in my circle of friends.

  64. Paul says:

    I did worse … I married a Liberal woman. Same results. Election time and she would say she was going out to cancel my vote. I stayed in hell for 13 years for my daughters sake. Probably should have stayed longer. Now she is a liberal too. Funny though, she is engaged to a conservative. Good luck with that for him … what a nice guy. lol

  65. Herb Henry says:

    Jedediah (btw, I like the name), as a conservative Republican male, I’m afraid I have to admit that I would also probably take offense, and feel judged. I’m not proud of that, but you are describing Men, not just liberals. Date a conservative man, you’ll see that what I’m saying is true.

  66. Lorrie says:

    Loved your column and its humor. As Michael Savage says, liberalism is a mental disorder. I have two liberal friends who have asked me not to send any political emails, which is okay. It’s more fun to discuss issues with like-minded people.

  67. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE IT !!! BUT… I’ve dated (was married to) a conservative and they were STILL like this. EVERY SINGLE POINT… Are you sure it’s not just a MALE issue?

    I still LOVE IT !! I am now widowed from my second wonderful darling and thoughtful conservative husband… but he STILL had several of those traits.

    Becca from GA

    • JakeTobias says:

      To Rebecca: I was liberal when young, and now am Libertarian. Maybe that’s not enough of a change. But I’m telling you, if there’s one thing worse than disagreeing with a woman about something, it’s trying to agree with them.

      What’s more, I have two sisters. One liberal, one conservative. Though both are pro-choice. And the liberal one did not vote for Obama either time. Her vote for MacCain was the saddest day of her life. But my liberal sister usually does not get angry about things. She mopes. The conservative one gets angry. And by the way; you’re wrong! And Jedeiah; you’re wrong too! (just kidding. no, really)

      And all my female cousins voted for Obama, but their husbands voted for Mitt. Same with the nephews and their wives. And in my opinion, Mitt Romney lost in part, because his first name is Mitt. You can not beat an Obama with a Mitt. Or even a Barry. You need a Rock, or a Brick. So Newt better stay out of it next time. So ladies, tell your husbands, please. Even if you have to throw a hissy-fit to convince them. Moping doesn’t work.

  68. Jabulani says:

    Why would such a pretty, nice Jewish girl like yourself have such masochistic, self-punishing tendencies that you would put up with such beyond the first date?
    Your mother must be inconsolable over her daughter who keeps going back for the same old mistreatment but doesn’t have a husband yet.

  69. Oathkeeper says:

    Married a liberal lady, and with me came my fellow police officer & military vets friends. She has stated several times how nice we all are – surprised actually that cops and military (all of us conservatives and most Oathkeepers) are human! Well, her whole ideological base has been challenged by direct contact with us and she is much more open and moderate than she was (although her mother’s tongue drips with venomous hatred towards “f*****g conservatives” every chance she gets – must be her NYC roots!) Point is, they CAN change, just pick one worth the effort!

  70. Jacqueline says:

    Gently acerbic ~ witty, intelligent, and right on target! Laughed and nodded affirmation the entire read! And here’s the codicil: it applies to liberal family members and friends in general. I’ve been excoriated and even dismissed by liberal friends for expressing my opinions. And it always turns out it’s a real honor!

  71. Dano says:

    You gotta get out more, maybe attend a few Tea Parties. Put a little balance in your life.

  72. Lillian says:

    Wow, way too high-maintenance! I’m

  73. Garygzr says:

    This is a beautiful, intelligent lady who knows how to spot BS when it presents. Given your locale and NY government schools, you should let the world know how you were able to resist the brainwashing and indoctrination that is supposed to guarantee production of yet another liberal.

  74. Joe says:

    I was widowed for many years and dated a doctor for a while. She enjoyed my company for several months until she found out I was a Republican, then she couldn’t get away fast enough. I have an advanced degree and professional certificates but know that education doesn’t mean intelligence.

  75. d. grem says:

    to understand more read righteous indignation by andrew breitbart and the secret knowledge by david mamet. then leave your liberal friends to wallow in their sorrow after you tell them off and give them the two books i have mentioned and the one touted here. enjoy

  76. David Millikan says:

    I knew liberal’s were whiny babies but, man! How did you survive all that self-righteousness of a liberal?
    I feel for you. Personally, I let the woman know right up front that I am not a liberal and don’t believe in fascism, socialism, or extremist left terrorist.

  77. George P. Farringer says:

    We need liberals. They make the rest of us look smart.

  78. Mary says:

    Sounds like a freeloader not necessarily a liberal. I have dated a few free loading gun loving conservatives and pretty much the same list. Jerks that think you don’t
    matter come in all political color. It would be nice if we could just ask “who did you vote for?” and all your relationship problems would go away. Not the case, sure wish it was though.

  79. david says:

    loved your story hit home with two men I know sons in laws. at first sight i thought you were speaking of left handed persons Im a southpaw and thought you were speaking of myself.but realized you were talking liberal but still saw flaws in myself toward my wife and daughters.thanks for the truth and it does hurt sometimes.yikes

  80. coco says:

    Cara Jedediah,

    Please, find yourself a conservative or, at the very least, a moderate. There are many creative, intellectual conservatives beyond the NY horizon. Why endure the agita.

  81. Andy says:

    LOL! There was actually an idiot defending liberals in the sack? LMAO! Great column, I love seeing truth in other’s experiences!

  82. Robin Grace says:

    Good article. Don’t judge me, while I judge you..syndrome is indicative of Liberal thinking LOL. This is also could be categorized an abusive relationship. Quite the little dictators lol.

  83. Ing says:

    Sounds like Jedediah has been dating boys instead of men.

    Is it really this bad, ladies, that dudes now act this way?

    I don’t think my dad, God rest his soul, said 200 words total in his whole life. So when he did you paid attention.

  84. karen says:

    Lipstick, You do not know from where you speak if you think liberals are lousy in the sack. It is so stupid to generalize.

  85. Fred M. says:

    I know many ladies who are liberal, but could never consider them longterm; the cultural divide is just too wide.

  86. Lyle R. Rolfe says:

    You are a journalist and you must be very open minded about everything, so dating one of these people (or maybe a couple of them) is necessary if you expect to write about them some day. As a reporter, I was given stories I did not like doing, but it’s part of the job. Think about the laughs you got from those dates and the column you got out of it. You could have received a worse assignment but I can’t think of one right now. And think about how much you now appreciate someone from the right, right? See, every cloud has a silver lining.

  87. Jimfact says:

    You missed two. Leftists hate competition. If they lose at anything the test was faulty. Then there is a guilt trip associated with any result besides a tie. Somewhat related, nothing is black or white, everything is shades of gray. No right or wrong. They don’t have great taste in music so much as they listen to everything because they can’t bring themselves to critisize any one song ;)

  88. Sara McKeefer says:

    Been there, did that, ONCE and only once! (Shudder!!)

  89. Lipstick says:

    Liberal men are lousy in the sack, too. Selfish!

  90. Dennis Stephens says:

    Great stuff…sounds like Thanksgiving with Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley…

  91. Bill Kysela says:

    This is also true of my liberal relatives – in addition they have all blocked me from their e-mail too! Liberals are the most narrow-minded people in the world, without a doubt!
    This includeds all the “crazy-coot professors” in our highest universities!! Their “way” is always the ONLY “way”!! THEY always know best how to govern the masses!!!

  92. Single says:

    I am an artist, musician and a Reagan conservative. I stopped dating mentally ill women (liberals, progressives) a long time ago! I’d rather be alone than have to put up with stupidity… My Band;

  93. clint says:

    Why did you insist on using the masculine pronouns he and his through this. Article doesn’t sound like a man. Maybe a more nuetral approach would be more accurate.

  94. WaltEly says:

    So what you’re saying is they are TOTAL hypocrites! Do as I say, not as I do. Gee, sure sounds a lot like Odumbo.

  95. Carmella says:

    I’d never date a conservative. I lean more to the left on certain issues and to the right on others. However, I’m more liberal. I wonder why you would even date a lefty! I have no interest in conservatives. Interesting column though.

  96. Grizz says:

    I have two brothers both married to Liberal ladies, long marriages now but hard to deal with. Both ladies are OBUMA lovers. You cant change their minds about the”SOB” no matter what he has done to our country.

  97. Bill Malicia says:

    Great column, care to sample a Libertarian?

  98. irishcoins says:

    You must have gone out with a green snake recently. It will pass.

  99. Bill Daugherty says:

    Interesting . . this article, and most of the responses, suggests that there may be more an issue of ‘jean pool’ than ‘dating pool’. (‘Who’s wearin’ the pants?’ kinda thing) Maybe even ‘gene pool’. Back to the pants thiing, if you’re wondering about clothes left on the bathroom floor and other extended hygiene issues, don’t you have to wonder who the conservative is in this conjugation?
    Jedediah, do you have a nickname?

  100. Dennis says:

    From the Male point of view, I have been an independent with a conservative bent most of my life. I have not dated for a long time, but I did date liberals when I was younger. The liberal women I dated wanted women’s rights, which related to total submission of any manly traits and a firm belief in Marxist Doctrine. Don’t open the door, to do so implies the women either has a broken arm or is weak. Treat her as an equal, except when it will interfere with her concept of women’s superiority to men, who are all cut in the caveman image. The more touchy feely a man is, as long as you are not touching her, is an attribute. It is good to cry over spilt milk, because it shows your sensativity. It also shows your lack of common sense and inability to face up to the trials of life, which we all must face. These women are still around and utilize the double standard routinely if you fail to agree with their absurdities. My daughter is a conservative, thank God, and I know the trials and tribulations a conservative woman must face. But, she is able and strong enough not to cry over spilt milk and can face the idiocy of the liberal agenda.

  101. Terry from Boca says:

    Great piece, but you actually dated a lefty? Geeeeez, I feel like I don’t even know you anymore. :)

  102. Craig says:

    JB – your article describes my exact experience dating and living with a liberal lady. Why do we do this to ourselves? I probably looked past the liberal views because she was gorgeous, smart and funny – but unfortunately that all falls to the wayside once the liberal leanings emerge every chance they get.

  103. Glenn P says:

    I’d date you and I pay

  104. Mike D says:

    Aaack!! Ms JB kudos to you for putting up with a categorical liberal.

    One question, was the glassy eyed stare there when he waxed eloquent about the benefits of freedom, openness, and investing in common good?

    Would love to buy you a Scotch sometime…but I’m just not a brooding artist….

  105. Joey Tree-stix says:

    There are cultures in which common political views are the principal basis for marriage, and they have a very low incidence of divorce. Makes sense to me!

  106. Carey says:


    I don’t care how diminished your dating pool was… are you crazy girl, and are you sure, they were truly men? (I mean, given the places you live, work and where you went to school, its possible it was Chaz B.) Well thanks, after reading this column, this conservative male needs a shower… feel like I got some wuss on me!!!!

  107. MICHAEL says:

    I am convinced that a person must have some type of mental deficiency or disease to be a liberal

  108. Lou Holena says:

    I love JB, but even I know they are only called ‘Guinea tees’ in Brooklyn – the proper white-trash term is ‘wife-beater’.

  109. Stanley Yanis says:

    Oh man, this is really funny!!!

  110. Michael says:

    Ms. Jedediah, I would love to take you to dinner sometime and discuss conservatism, politics, or just whatever you would be interested in.. I am not a muscian or artist per se. but maybe, just maybe you might expand your “pool” size and meet different people. (not that you haven’t already) ;-> Iron sharpeneth iron.

    God bless and keep you, very much enjoy your articles.

  111. JL says:

    You know, you don’t have to date liberals. There are plenty of good looking conservative guys out there… like me for instance (hint, hint). ;)

  112. Valerie says:

    Same goes for having a liberal sister, nieces and nephews. That’s one of the reasons we rarely speak and I haven’t seen them in years. Life’s too short.

  113. Nicholas Fitzgerald says:

    For the record, this works in reverse as well. Living in SoCal I’ve had the same dating pool problems. In fact, I had to marry an immigrant, (Pilipina), in order to find a suitably like minded woman. We’ve had our bad days just like anyone else, but I shutter to think of how these 21 years would have been if she were a liberal.

  114. Bill says:

    I might note that these observations don’t apply only to opposing forces dating. Your book probably points out what it’s like being in daily contact with a “lefty” (they aren’t truly liberals). Such as co-workers, employees (if you are management), classmates, etc..
    It’s a good thing we conservatives aren’t as “sensitive” as those statists.

  115. Skip says:

    Thanks. My week ended on a high which is hard to do with whats going on in our country.

  116. Rotro says:

    Sounds like my ex-wives (both of them)! And I thought it was just me–that’s what they said anyway!

  117. Larry says:

    Same goes for having a liberal sibling living in the same house.

  118. Mary Jo says:

    I could alter the title a bit ’cause in my case it could also say “Lessons Learned From Having Liberal Sister-in-laws. Liberals are undoubtedly all cut from the same mold. Always right (and if that’s not tongue in cheek I don’t know what is…). Always defensive. Always (and I do mean ALWAYS!) on the alert for any untoward statement regarding any dang thing that could even possibly be misconstrued as attacking the poor and unrequited people of this nation. Sadly, the same goes for liberal nephews… needless to say, if you are in their shoes “IT” doesn’t stink. Ever.

  119. Chris Foley says:


  120. talkradio55 says:

    I hope this wasn’t a habit. Dating a liberal sounds like something you need therapy for afterwards.

  121. bettered says:

    Mary Matalin and James Carville married. Goes to show U never know. U will find someone U can admire, which means ur Dad will approve. Conservs like good music and good art too, but we discriminate.

  122. Shelley says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks for the laughs and for reinforcing my decision to never date one of those.

  123. Josh says:

    I can see all of that being true. My question is how long did you stay in that relationship. At some point it had to overshadow any positive feelings you had. I’ve dated liberals but going in have made it clear that certain things were not going to be discussed if we were going to get along. None of those relationships lasted very long.

  124. Chip Hosek says:

    JB, Wonderful article. I feel the same way about liberal women. There’s not a chance in hell that one steps through my door.. Life’s way too short. Give me a conservative right wing gun carrying liberal hating woman anytime..

  125. Sarah says:

    Glad to see I’m not alone!

  126. Mike says:

    This is hilarious.

  127. Linda says:

    Great column! Sharing!!

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