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How do you know when it is time to “hang up the car keys”?

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3 years 10 months ago
the interesting thing is that the foraefthers supported payroll taxes for health care AND Republicans like New Gingrich and many others supported an individual mandate in 1993.so what happened? Virginia has always had the same option that Massachusetts had and has not done anything to make health care more affordable and available.Va could have done with health insurance the same thing they did with auto insurance and did not.why not?I have a cynical answer. The Republicans in Va are no more interested in health care than the national Republicans.And Virginia could opt out of MedicAid all together and get rid of those Federal mandates . so the Republicans in general as well as the Va Republicans have accepted the worst of both worlds.They’re opposed to it at the Federal level but they wont’ get out of MedicAid at the state level even though it’s a major budget issue.Seems to me… Read more »
4 years 8 days ago

Under obamacare, you and I can see the same doctor.

3 years 11 months ago

Meaning the same vet?

Gary Fanning
4 years 9 days ago

“I don’t need a box of dog biscuits this bad!”

4 years 9 days ago

Once knew a man who was almost blind who’d come to visit with his wife. He brought her only to let him know when to stop..or go..or move left or right as she did not drive. He would leave her in the car when he visited. Yikes.

4 years 9 days ago

Don’t run over the fire hydrant, just park next to it, sheese!!

4 years 9 days ago

“What? ObamaCare covers pets also?”

3 years 10 months ago

ObamaCare covers pets first…..

Charles Gaul
4 years 10 days ago

“Here comes the air bag!”

J Fisher
4 years 10 days ago

I wish someone would consider doing a research of exactly “HOW” many accidents occur due to drivers over the age 60, then how many over the age of 50. I’ll bet all you who give the elderly a bad time about their driving will be quite surprised.
Anyone with the time and ability willing to dig into this??

4 years 10 days ago

ohhh look!!! Alpo,buy one get 3 free. NOW STOP!!!!!

4 years 10 days ago

Oh No! And we aren’t out of the driveway yet!

Mr. Beel says;
4 years 11 days ago

Good grief, Mom! We are on a runway!

4 years 11 days ago

The most, (by far ) and the worst (by far ) car accidents are caused by young men.
How about making fun of them for a while ? How about suggesting that THEY have their eyes or heads examined first ?

4 years 10 days ago

I totally agree, Winifred, the elderly are made fun of in this country & always accused of being bad drivers. It seems the media go out of their way to publicize an accident involving a senior, when most of the accidents are by young people on their cellphones. Everyone talks about taking away seniors cars & drivers license, but where are all the volunteers when that senior needs to go to the doctor or grocery store? Then those same people are too busy to be bothered. Quit disrespecting seniors, without them, you wouldn’t be here, and if you are not volunteering to drive a senior when they need to go somewhere, quit complaining about them being on the road.

Mike Noone
4 years 11 days ago

That’s a train up ahead. For F—–‘s sake stop.

John Kwaczala
4 years 11 days ago

Love the dog……….

4 years 11 days ago

Umm…I thought that was her seeing-eye dog.

4 years 11 days ago

Her eye sight was so bad she thought it was her husband riding with her!!

4 years 11 days ago

I hope she sees that gas truck broke down up there. She thinks the shoulder is a lane just made for her.

4 years 11 days ago

Did you look in the heath care bill ? I remember reading about it. Now pull over.

4 years 11 days ago

Hang on Buck;;;;we’re doing the speed limit today, 40mph wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years 11 days ago

No dawgs in the car, and when I can’t crawl in the car thats when I will hang up the keys, that is until I can figure out another way to get into my truck, in other words I’m driving until I die.

4 years 10 days ago

That’s swell for you Ray. How about a little consideration for the others that you might take with you when you do it from behind the wheel?