‘Game Change’ Tries to Rewrite Palin and Fails

By Jedediah Bila

On Saturday night I watched HBO’s Game Change, a hilariously absurd left-wing driven manifestation of what I have come to call Palin-OCD. Many of the “facts” presented in the film have already been dismantled, and you might be wondering why I wasted a couple of hours of my life on something that was sure to be an obvious hit piece.

Quite simply, every now and then I like to remind myself of the depth of what we are battling. Beyond Barack Obama’s disastrous policies, we are facing a mainstream media and Hollywood elite devoted to distortion, most of whom think we are first-rate dummies.

Game Change is as much a reflection of what Hollywood thinks of Palin as it is of what Hollywood thinks of you and me. By the end of the film, HBO presents Palin as a foreign and domestic policy idiot who learns how to memorize the lines she is handed, deliver a convincing debate performance, and woo the right-wing electorate with her acting skills.

In HBO’s world, Palin fed us slogans with a side of charm and we bought the story. To them, we are essentially a bunch of simple-minded voters who flocked to a charming performer. Interesting assessment from a crowd who fell for “hope,” “change,” and “yes we can,” no?

Hey Hollywood, project much?

Game Change paints Palin as a forgetful, unable-to-handle-the-pressure, unstable small-town lady who was way out of her intellectual league on the 2008 campaign trail. To be blunt, she is portrayed as an idiot.

There is just one small problem. You would have to know absolutely nothing about Palin’s record to buy HBO’s characterization.

The woman who ushered in ACES, AGIA and ethics reform is an idiot? The woman who was President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors and chairman of both the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) and the U.S.’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) is an idiot? The woman who managed a $14 billion budget as the CEO of Alaska is an idiot? The woman who made ExxonMobil blink is an idiot?

See HBO, we didn’t support Palin in ’08 because she said “drill, baby, drill.” We supported her because she had a record in Alaska of doing just that.

Palin wasn’t our “hope” and “change” candidate. Her words were backed up by what we call a record.

Julianne Moore, who I consider to be a pretty good actress overall, didn’t capture Palin in the least. Let’s put aside the fact that she sounded like she had her back teeth clenched for most of the film (couldn’t HBO afford an accent coach?), because there’s something much more important that Moore missed.

Not once did I see Palin’s ability to connect with a crowd, her charisma, her spunk, or her folksiness. What I saw, for the most part, were dead eyes, detached expressions and mannerisms, and a robotic, pre-programmed delivery that couldn’t be further from the real deal. Moore bordered on sounding drunk when attempting to mimic Palin’s small-town charm.

That tells me one thing—Moore never checked her bias at the door. So instead of trying to really capture Sarah Palin, she mimicked the media-contrived caricature we all know to be false.

As a side note, I would love to know how HBO “researched” those scenes where only Todd and Sarah were present. I think it’s safe to say that Todd wasn’t a source for the film. I guess those scenes were just part of HBO’s—you know—creative license.

I have long argued that you don’t ignore mainstream media and Hollywood agenda-driven “analysis.” Ignoring it allows false narratives to solidify and eliminates the possibility of setting historical records straight.

Instead of ignoring it, enter their world, call out the falsehoods, and take on the deceit with truth. If we stand by silently, the Left will control the narrative, will rewrite history, and will present conservative figures and their supporters as everything from dummies to racists to heaven knows what.

HBO, when it comes to Palin, I did my research. It’s a shame you didn’t.

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  1. Grace says:

    All I can say is watch “The Undefeated” if you really want to know the real Sarah Palin. I have discovered over the years that the liberals try to put their principles, their morals, their desires, their name calling off on the conservatives.
    If they took a good look at themselves in the mirror they would discover that is who they are. Personally I know longer fall for their lies.

    Why! They can’t stand the light of Christ that is shinning into their darkness. They are liers and we know who the father of the lie is!

    Sarah is a true child of God and they cannot stand the light that shines forth from her. It convicts them and makes them squirm.

  2. Adam F. Kohler says:

    Jedediah is right! We need to ignore “Game Change” because it is not relevant at all.

  3. mlynn says:

    Couldn’t HBO or anybody fine a better actress to played Sarah’s role? Moore looked so fake, she took away all we see in Sarah. The way she talked, walked smiled even the way she closed or opened her mouth. Was something wrong with her mouth, she is so ugly as compare to the real Sarah Palin.

    • Harriet MacNamara says:

      If you were watching only to see if the actress looked like Sarah, you missed the whole point of the movie. It was an expose of the person who stole the entire Republican platform and warped it into a losing mess. A dumb, egotistical quitter who could not keep a job. Too bad the party did not look at her record. They would have seen she was a train wreck in the making.

  4. Muh says:

    I thin the author is wrong…the movie showed over and over that Palin was connecting with people. If you can’t see that then you’re not paying attention or your own bias is keeping you from seeing it. It showed she energized McCain’s campaign. They basically said several times that Obama’s a guy with no real experience and is more of a celebrity. It’s not like these were subtle things, they were right there.

    If anything, having Obama and Palin both in the election was more saying that it’s all about showmanship now and not actual experience.

  5. Chris Hamre says:

    I find it funny that the media and the left just want Sarah Palin to go away but then they will be quick to attack her and now make a piece of fiction about her. If you really want her to “go away”, maybe you should quit bashing her..

    • brian says:

      pointless conversation this, its a movie about the campaign that palin was in. It says she’s nuts, she’s nuts so I think its probably valid. Oh by the way watch some stuff that Palin said and you know what some of the other things in this movie don’t seem such a leap. She’s not fit to govern and thank god Mccain didnt win and we were one heart failure away from a crazy running the country.

  6. art rhetoric says:

    How were the ratings for this HBO movie? Was it a flop?
    Palin is a private citizen, had no scandals, yet is attacked and smeared these days while
    Hillery, on the 0bama staff, has enough baggage to load LaGuardia airport.

  7. Pete says:

    I’ll make this short & sweet, the reason the libs attack Sarah they way they do is, THEY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID OF HER, AND KNOW SHE WOULD GET THINGS DONE, when she got into office.

  8. section9 says:

    I am not surprised that liberal posters come on her defending Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace. They also attempt to impeach the credibility of those staffers who have vouched for Palin, including those not on her payroll anymore, like her former personal aide.

    This is complete fail, and the evidence is overwhelming as to why: Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace are being hired by no one, and I do mean no one, on the 2012 Republican National cycle, including Romney. Why?

    No one likes a traitor and a backstabber, nor does anyone admire someone who tries to throw his principal under the bus as an explanation for his own failings. As much as Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and Jeb Bush dislike Sarah Palin, they hate a weasel, and that’s who Schmidt and Wallace are. They will never, EVER be hired by a national campaign again because they betrayed a Republican to liberals. And lied about it for money. The evidence is too overwhelming that they took money from Democrats to cover their own incompetence.

    Charlie Black, who is a veteran GOP operative going back to Reagan and had served in the Reagan and Bush I White Houses, was told about Nicole Wallace’s claim that the McCain Campaign had considered dropping Palin in October, 2008. He responded that no such conversations took place, and if they had taken place, he would have known about them. Wallace had lied, of course, about these incidents surrounding Palin and other ones.

    For his part, Schmidt made up much of the internal dialogue about Palin because she wasn’t his choice. Lieberman was. But the Lieberman choice was so toxic to many delegates that three state delegations threatened a walkout. So McCain himself, remembering Palin, told his people to go back to her. The choice completely stole Obama’s thunder from the night before and pulled the rug out from Obama’s acceptance speech.

    Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace represent the Mitt Romney/Bushtard wing of the GOP that says, “I’ve got mine, “eff you””. That’s why they feared and despised Palin. They saw the threat she represented to their true patrons, Mittens and Bush. The idiot liberals who post here who know nothing about the internal workings of the GOP would be well advised to keep their mouths shut and their ears open.

    Learn something for once in your lives.

  9. norske says:

    dutch is a typical liberal saboteur who having no substance resorts to name calling (unsubstantiated in their application) with the intent to smear the messenger when he hates the truth.

  10. Dutch says:

    This article is absurdly stupid, poorly constructed, and willfully dishonest.

    • Ron says:

      Hey liberal idiot lemming – yes Dutch, I’m talking to you: Put up or shut up – prove what you say or shut-up and apologize.

      If you don’t, you’re a coward.

      • Ron says:

        Hey, Ron, yes I am a Ron too, you nailed it. Dutch IS a coward, like all name calling liberals. They have NO argument, nothing to back up ANYTHING they say, yet they find their way on to any post made by a Conservative and puke up their pablum and cry foul. This is just the way of cry baby liberals, who CANNOT FACE ANY FORM OF TRUTH!

  11. speppers69 says:

    Just because Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace said it is true….doesn’t make it true. There were apparently 25 UN-NAMED sources. If they were so truthful….then why hide? If you’re SOOOOOOOOO proud of your side….then why not come forward and back it up. Why? Because they would lose their jobs with the Rmoney and 0bama campaigns….that’s why. And because it isn’t the truth.

    • k_l_h_j says:

      or, conversely, look up all of the people who are listed “on record” on the SarahPac page who signed a letter claiming the movie is a falsehood. Each and EVERY one of them has received a $8000+ retainer to work for Palin if she should choose to run.

      Who to believe? People on Palin’s payroll or 2 of the most senior staffers who are financially doing very, very well, have long and proud careers in supporting the GOP by running successful campaigns and who had the most direct contact with Mrs. Palin to prepare her for public appearance who have gone on the record saying it is true, true, true.

      If you want to claim it’s all just sour grapes, better look at the reality of who was injured by things, who stands to lose from the truth & then revisit the meaning of “sour grapes”. I think that if logic prevails, the only person who could possibly be exhibiting sour grapes is the former Governor.

      • section9 says:

        Ok, so your call to authority is that people who are being paid by Sarah Palin MUST BE LYING while people who worked for Mitt Romney, like Nicole Wallace, MUST BE TELLING THE TRUTH.

        You realize that both Schmidt and Wallace got hefty retainer checks from HBO and the producers, don’t you?

        Now go back and try again.

        Jesus. Did they close Palingates?

      • Muh says:

        Section 9, it’s not that all of those people must be lying…but come on, don’t you think maybe people being paid by the person they’re defending might have a teensy better reason to lie? I don’t even want to say they are lying, but to deny that it looks funny is weird.

      • Colint says:

        Never heard of these retainers. Would all of the 9 people with her during the campaign lie for $8000. There is more than 1000 hours of video available on line showing Palin in various situations taken by independant news organizations. In none will you find Sarah behaving as depicted in this FAKE FANTASY movie. It seems that the film studio did not want to look at the reality available.

      • Muh says:

        Well, you don’t see my father act racist in public…because there’s things you don’t do in front of tv cameras, you know? Did you ever see Mel Gibson go on a crazy ranting tirade on camera, or did you ever see Lindsey Lohan do drugs? Did those never happen because you didn’t actually see it…until with Mel of course when stuff got released, but he didn’t act that way in front of news cameras.

  12. Richard Fasulo says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does”. My empathy to you Jedediah for having to endure even selecting HBO on your remote

  13. Robert Smith says:

    Didn’t watch it. Mostly because I don’t watch TV or go to the movies. Why spend money just to make myself mad. Anything that comes out of left wing Hollywood, turns me off. Where his Wally and a beaver, even Howdy Doody was better than what we get today. Everyone understood that Howdy Doody, was a wooden headed puppet,,, Oh did I just write a script for new TV show! Who do you think we can get to play Clara bell? We already know who the wooden headed puppet is. O M G and that doesn’t stand for oh my god! Obama Must Go!!!

  14. born in mombasa says:

    HBO the same folks who give us Bill Mahr ?

  15. Kyle Wright says:

    Thank you Jedediah for taking the time out of your already busy schedule to provide us your review. You have confirmed for me why I will not be waisting my time watching a slanted and opinionated opt ed turned movie.

    In this post-modern society, anyone who has values, morales, and holds to truth, is the immediate target of the media and left wing advocates, and will find themselves in the cross hairs of distortion and attack. Gov. Palin exhibited those character traits and stuck to her principles, which earned her the honor of being smeared, attacked, and humilated. Anyone who holds to truths, integrity, and values, has got to be a bit off their rocker. There are no real truths and values any more. It is up to the individual and what they want they determine for their lives. Not a demagog like Gov Palin setting her values and truths for America.

  16. Carl Jones says:

    Iam just sad to see all the move stars to go down that dark road with the Demrats and the so called mainstream media.They do not like the truth so all they can do is tell LIE’S i dont watch NBC.ABC.CBS.or CNN.and no wayPMSNBC. for any new’s.Thanks Jedediah Bila.

  17. k_l_h_j says:

    Are conservatives so desperate to defend their every action and lacking in humility to fail to see the irony of this writing?

    The movie game change is about the fact that people in politics are “handled” by a squadron of handlers who prep, push, research & design the trajectory of a campaign based on polling and presentation in media cycles. The movie does an expert job of showing the real way the political sausage is made. I live in DC, I know dozens of people who are senior staff on GOP & Dem campaigns. I frequently offer my house as a landing pad for interns while they are looking for a place to live in DC after their candidate makes it onto the federal stage. I maintain friendships / go to dinner parties, etc. with people from the interior political world of Federal politics and this is the best depiction of the spectrum from idealistic interns to hardened warrior senior advisers I’ve ever seen.

    The irony is that this article focuses on the idea of the “hollywood elite” and this machine designed to influence us through entertainment without giving an appropriate nod to the fact that politics is called “Hollywood for ugly people” for a reason. Both are a show, both are heavily, HEAVILY produced and both steer and cultivate the narrative they want while trying to downplay the aspects of the narrative that are a distraction or undermine the success of the campaign/project.

    What makes me sad about the past 6 years of politics is the strident desire to defend one’s own position with less and less regard for facts & less individual critical thinking. I watched game change because I wanted to see how well they captured the energy, stress and progress of a campaign. I think they got it sooooo right that I am creeped out by it. I also think that the depiction of John McCain being quite distant from Sarah Palin throughout the campaign is accurate by all accounts. They had little contact except when they were on stage together. I think that Nicole Wallace remains a fervent warrior for the Republican party despite having a difficult campaign with Palin & McCain. I know that in the past 4 years, with all of her book interviews she has maintained that she derived much from her experience on campaigns but that the books are fiction. A fiction she was inspired to write because she spent so much time thinking about what would happen if someone who is unstable, unpredictable & unwilling to allow their staff to do their jobs were to rise to the highest office in the land. This question didn’t turn her away from the GOP, it made her wonder about her role in who gets put forward in the future and her ethical responsibility to our nation and the world in how she influences that.

    Steve Schmidt is not out of the world of politics after all of this either. A lucky campaign will get a seasoned, and after the McCain/Palin campaign a more solidly ethical campaign manager in this cycle of possibly the next. The very idea that he should NOT question his choices, should NOT feel a moral obligation to the USA and the world in how he uses his influence and power in a campaign is utterly backwards among those who are dangerously adhering to party line instead of using their own powers of critical thinking to determine what to believe for themselves. This backward idea that allegiance at all costs is the only way to move forward politically is EXACTLY what was portrayed in the movie Game Change & is EXACTLY the point of the film – stridency fails where facts and teamwork succeed.

    • Liz says:

      If it was only about showing the campaign process and the people behind the scenes of campaigns and elections, why was Sarah Palin the focus? Why was Sarah Palin in it at all? Why wasn’t it about Barack Obama, the president? Sarah Palin holds no public office. Why did they feel they needed to make these statements using Sarah Palin as the target? Its because she’s dangerous to them, she shakes the status quo, she speaks truth. Conservatives have to defend their every action because every action is scrutinized and then spun to be something else.

    • section9 says:

      Steve Schmidt is a weasel who sold out his Principal, John McCain and his principal’s VP pick, Sarah Palin, for money from liberals, you fool.

      There isn’t a national campaign that will hire this clown again. Not only is he incompetent, but he has proven that he will kiss and tell for cash.

      Karl Rove and Jeb Bush despise Palin, but they wouldn’t hire Steve Schmidt if they were running against Hitler.

    • disappointed says:

      What an excellent, detailed and spot-on comment, k_l_h_j…thank you.

    • Lynda says:

      Is that you Nicole? I do not think that it is Schmidt I did not see the F-Bomb…maybe if there were not so many handles, we as the voters might get to vett and see the real person asking for our vote…I really feel governor Palin understands this…

      I guess my other question would … why do you really feel that anyone would hire either of these people only to later see their compaign trashed either in a book or movie …

      Oh, I have researched governor Palin…maybe you should and see who she really is….but like most libs it is easier to just believe the made up stuff….and yes I Stand With Governor Palin..

      • Juli C says:

        Brave I couldn’t have said it better. However I would add that if you watch The Undefeated you can see just how wrong this movie is and I am sure the aurthor has watched it as millions of others have too and we don’t believe HBO had any other intention than to give a negative oppinion of Sarah Palin. I too will stand with Governor Sarah Pain.

    • brian says:

      Great response one voice of reason at last!

    • Vinicius says:

      I loved as much as you’ll receive caerird out right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an shakiness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike.

  18. Mark says:

    Very well said Jedediah!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  19. Ana H says:

    Well said. Great Article! HBO(BHO)=fiction for Truth see The Undefeated(Palin)!

    • brian says:

      Great article how, the movie portrayed Palin as she was through that campaign. I’m sure the libel suits are coming then right if its untrue. Problem is so much of it was stuff she said on tv that’s recorded. Tell me about your foreign policy experience again.

    • Nilantha says:

      I precisely wihesd to appreciate you all over again. I do not know the things I would have tried without these techniques provided by you regarding this industry. It actually was a very terrifying issue in my circumstances, nevertheless considering this specialised avenue you managed that made me to jump with joy. Now i’m happy for this advice as well as believe you really know what a powerful job your are carrying out training people today through the use of a web site. Probably you have never encountered any of us.

  20. Raymond Garland says:

    Thanks for watching so we didn’t have to.

  21. Bryan - Austin, TX says:

    Matter to anyone that Steve Schmidt said the book was completely authentic in its quotes and depicition? Movie was a bit more dramatic, agreed, but you’d be hard pressed to say it was a work of fiction.

    • hrh says:

      Matter to you at all who Steve Schmidt is? Completely uncredible, incompetent, scapegoating coward who ran the worst campaign in modern American history. And a misogynist to boot trying to blame his colossal failure on the nearest skirt he can find.

      Matter to you that if the book was so completely authentic why was the coward Schmidt completely hidden under “deep background” cover when the book came out. And only know emerging when he stands to make big bucks from the film and media appearances surrounding the film?

      Matter to you?

    • Bob Seattle Wa says:

      Your not the sharpest knife in the drawer now are you??????

  22. Kenneth says:

    Great column, awful movie. Well said, Jedediah.

    • brian says:

      Great movie awful column, she is an idiot and demonstrated it pretty much through the whole campaign. Go listen to the Katie Couric interview for starters? You want this lady running our country?

      • Karl says:

        Sarah Palin was sent to Katie Couric by Couric’s friend Nicolle Wallace (the traitor). Couric spent two days, and edited them into an unfavorable interview. Couric is a leftist. Palin herself said, when asked by Couric about (roughly) what newspapers do you read, sensed the question was essentially “you live in Alaska and it’s so far away does any information (newspapers, magazines) get up there?”
        The leftist position of Couric is well known.
        Far be it from me to devour the Couric interview “for starters” and think it is a good and valid basis for understanding Palin.
        I had the advantage of seeing the movie pre-TV with a small studio audience. Therefore I heard reactions…most from liberals. It was amazing to me that, when SP noted (a well-publicized sound bite during the campaign) that there are some parts of Alaska from which you can actually see Russia, that a dozen or so ignorant people laughed derisively. And, for your information, Brian, as you may not know, that statement is a fact. I have seen Russia from Alaska on many occasions.
        I was also offended by the repeated f-bombs by “Schmidt.” What was that purpose…to show him as a gross lowlife? Bizarre, if that information and sponsorship came from Schmidt.
        The movie is simply a dishonest left wing hit piece.
        I would be happy with S Palin in the White House.

  23. Chris says:

    Great article!

    I guess HBO couln’t afford or maybe better wording is wouldn’t afford anyone with actual knowledge of the real Sarah to be involved!

  24. Michael says:

    Bravo, Jedediah.

  25. James Tyree says:

    It continues to amaze me, how the people that love this country, and the rule of law, are protrayed as idiots. I can’t but marvel at people who have made millions in this country and yet hate the freedoms that are offered. If you happen to be conservative the call is to ” shut up” but if you have this liberal mindset anything you might say is important and touted as the “truth”. Thanks for not allowing “lies” to go unchallenged. JT

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