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AMAC's Founder, Dan Weber

BOHEMIA, NY, Apr 29, 2011 – The Association of Mature American Citizens says it is focused on a new cause—the double taxation of senior citizens.  Dan Weber, AMAC’s president, says it is “appalling” that many seniors on social security must pay income tax on their benefits and is calling on Congress to address the issue promptly.

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“The government is taxing their taxes, and that is just plain unfair” Weber notes in a new campaign calling on all seniors to join AMAC in its “demand that tax reformers on the Hill take a closer look at this particular, peculiar inequity in the law that decidedly targets older Americans.”

He gives as an example a person with a combined income of $38,000, (assuming $24,000 in Social Security income) would have half of his or her Social Security taxed. That person would fall into the 15% tax bracket resulting in $1,800 in extra tax on their Social Security income. In fact, when total combined income exceeds $44,000, 85% of the individual’s Social Security gets taxed, typically resulting in an extra tax of $3,000 or more. [See Social Security publication 915 to figure your combined income].

“These folks accumulated Social Security benefits in the first place by paying taxes and now the taxes they paid are being taxed.

AMAC has designated its Web site,, as the rallying point for its new cause and is asking “seniors and their families to visit and express their opinions and tell their own stories on this and other issues affecting them.”

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  1. slackker says:

    Here is the bill to fix this below. It has been introduced.

  2. Tired of Being Screwed says:

    My husband has been on SS “Disability” starting at age 51 for the last 10 years making an average of $900 per month. I work and make over $32,000.00. Because we are married FILING JOINTLY, my income counts as his income!

    Let’s flip this idea… income counts as his income in double taxing his SSD, why isn’t my SS paid in used to establish his monthly SSD income at a higher amount?

    MY EARNINGS are UNDER MY SS# and should not be calculated as relative to his benefits. This double taxing on SS benefits is STEALING!! MY income tax return, earned under MY SS# is not my husband’s earnings! They say “file Married Separately”, well let’s see….I would pay a higher tax percentage to start off and my husband would not even file because he only has SSD to claim so HIS Standard Deduction and Exemption Allowance is unavailable to use. The IRS even went so far to tell me if we divorced on paper and lived together, my income would still count because it is “household income” that is used to calculate. So the roommate we had for two years (not related) would be included too?! Not likely!

    WHERE and WHO can we write our complaints and send in?? If we all did it, at the least, it would annoy and irritate the system! Might even make a difference!! We may not be able to picket and protest as being done now in cities but the letters would have to be processed!

  3. Arn says:

    When did congress change the law on double taxation. When was it past and who voted for it?

    • sedwin says:

      This became law under the Reagan-Greenspan Tax Law of 1983. It was part of the “Supply Side” economic plan where the rich stopped paying their fair share and the poor picked up more of the slack. Of course even this amount didn’t make up the whole amount the rich no longer stopped paying which is why we have been a society of debt and deficit since Reagan (with the exception of the Clinton years when Clinton made the rich pay their fair share for those few years). Supply-side economics is nothing but a pyramid scheme for the wealthy. If we made the rich pay their share and we removed the ceiling of roughly $200,000 on social security taxable income, we could immediately remove these illegal double taxes.

  4. Ted says:

    Just wait until our fellow conservatives move us to the (un)FAIR Tax. It sounded great about 25 years ago, but my “59 1/2 Birthday” is less than two weeks away and I am scared to death that I’ll be paying tax AGAIN on the same money, this time when I spend it in retirement. Unless there is a phased-out refundable tax credit for retired persons (phased-out fully when those never subject to Federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes reach retirement), it should not be endorsed by this organization. I hate to say it, but I may have to talk the Republican talk and vote the Democrat vote if that’s what it will take to spend, tax-free, my already-taxed Roth IRA and non-retirement savings!!!

  5. Lou Wilson says:

    My problem is that your income is taxed before Social Security is taken out. Then the Social Security is taxed as income when you get it back. This is dual taxation. Social Security itself is not a tax, but the income used to pay it should not be taxed at the front end, if we’re also paying tax on it in the back end.

  6. Nancy says:

    It is simple….my income was taxed when I was working and now because I worked my behind off for 32 years and get my retirement benefits I am having to pay taxes on 85% of my Social Security. I am not even working now, but get a monthly retirement benefit and because of this monthly retirement benefit I have to be taxed on my Social Security that I already paid taxes on when I was working. This burns me up. I was shocked to find out I would have to pay 1500 dollars this year in taxes. I am just furious. The government has money to send and spend in other countries, but they tax the senior citizens here in the USA. The government has money to bail out all these huge cooperations that didn’t handle their money correctly etc. but they tax the senior citizens. This will really drive you crazy if you think about it enough. I saw a news program on tv years ago on government spending. You would not believe what stupid things our tax money supports each and every year….grants, programs etc. I mean really stupid stuff that don’t amount to anything. I was so mad after watching that program, I wished I had never even turned it on. I know someone that taught school for 32 years and they received grants etc. to try out new programs that didn’t amount to a pile of beans. The teachers hated them because they were useless and added more and more paper work for them to do instead of teach….but they got thousands and thousands of dollars to do these programs….the money was used to bring in people to do this or the other and buy stupid materials to use to test etc. (as if our children aren’t tested enough)….this is just one example of what our tax money that they take from senior citizens is used for. I am so mad right now…I have to go and rest a bit to calm down.

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