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Dan Weber introduces AMAC to former Governor Mike Huckabee

Dan Weber introduces AMAC to former Governor and TV host Mike Huckabee

Dan Weber introduces AMAC to former Governor and TV host Mike Huckabee

November 16th – Central Florida

Dan Weber, President of AMAC, got a chance to meet Mike Huckabee and explain the conservative views and objectives of AMAC during his recent visit to The Villages in Florida.

The former Governor and now host of the popular TV talk show “Huckabee” on Fox cable was in Florida promoting his new book, “A Simple Christmas”.  As a presidential candidate running in the last Republican primary, Huckabee managed to finish first in 8 primaries before being overcome by his better-known rivals.  He remains a potential candidate for the 2012 elections.  Mostly conservative in his views, AMAC’s president Dan Weber said, ” Mr. Huckabee represents many of the same values our members support, and he should have a positive impact in the next Presidential campaign.”

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