Controversial Statements About Older Americans

AMAC salutes older Americans as the steely backbone of this great nation. It is older Americans’ hard work and sacrifice that has given America its exceptional status in the world as a land of hope and freedom. Older people are one of America’s greatest assets and this is why AMAC condemns the vitriol spewed forth by Michigan State University professor William Penn. Please tell us what you think of the Professor’s “lesson”.

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  1. GC says:

    If schools teach diversity, then this man’s class would be called How to Become a Victim or more distinctly How to Become a Loser; since hopefully other classes at the university are designed to help students become prosperous winners. He, I’m sure, is a welcomed member of the American Marxist Party. As the professional loser that he obviously is himself, he is probably an poster child for the party. Then again many in Hollywood would be in competition.

  2. Brenda says:

    The most disgraceful thing about this is using the classroom as his forum. Why isn’t he actually teaching his class the subject he was hired to teach? Hopefully he will not be allowed to return to the classroom there or anywhere. How disgusting.

  3. Moshe A says:

    This man confirms what it says in Romans 1 about a person having a depraved mind. If this man had his way he would probably terminate the elderly. But, what if this was his mom or dad? Liberals are always silent when it comes to matters “close to home” as they say. Would he condemn his mom and dad as rapists?

    His argument is a blanket statement that does not include other factors. “they don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country.” What, pray tell, are the illegals doing when they avoid paying taxes and send their money back home to Mexico? What about the “capitalist” drug dealers who also avoing paying any taxes? Drug dealing is capitalism isn’t it? you have a product; you find sales people; you use your profits to build your enterprise?

    Isn’t it fair to say that these two groups are raping the country? When are people going to say “enough is enough?United we stand-Divided we fall.

  4. Sheila Wenck says:

    One thing that has always amazed me about this wonderful, exceptional country is that in spite of the myriad of differences we always have come together in times of trouble. It scares me that one narcissistic demagogue has split us to the point that folks who emulate him spew the type of hatred based on ignorance whenever they can. Thank God for all the folks that have responded to this “teachers” crap. I remember hearing about another narcisstic demagogue who managed to create enough hatred in Germany to wipe out millions of human beings using the same tactics: split the people by spewing filth and then wipe out the ones who don’t believe the way “I” do. By the way, Do any of you guys remember hearing “We don’t leave anyone behind” To my knowledge not only Marines, but every God loving American lives by that creed. So what’s the deal with Benghazi? Sheila

  5. norm says:

    The fact that our University system is paying this man, I won’t even call him a teacher – what is he teaching – absolutely nothing to equip young people to make it in society! This is a travesty! Isn’t there a recourse to have someone like this removed! What is the class suppose to be teaching?

  6. Jen says:

    This man should not be allowed to teach! My father served in the air force, volunteered to teach in college free!
    My husband severed during Vietnam, just what did this so called college professor ever do for this country?
    I was amazed that students just didn’t get up an walk out!
    The left wants to deminize older people they want to cut off the one source of true wisdom that elderly people pass on to the youth. What a left wing communist bigot of the elderly and republicns!

  7. Charlie says:

    The man talks like a real progressive . Certainly the whole class should of walked out of the room he was spewing his BS.

  8. Anna deBlanc says:

    This professor, and I use the term loosely, is a piece of excrement. In 1970, I had a WWII history teacher who made the comment he was going to talk about WWIII because Nixon had bombed an area during Viet Nam. I walked out of his class after telling him I was there to learn history of WWII not his views of current events and he was wasting my time and money. I still passed the class, with a C. How we will fight the changes that have grown over the years I do not know, but we must start now and continue to fight. He probably would have flunked anyone who did that same thing to him.
    Public schools do not teach about the founding fathers most of the time because they were slave owner!! The truth about our country is not being taught and because of that, Obama was elected.

  9. Jay Kaufman says:

    This person (not a male American) dose not know what this country was built on. As a veteran ( wounded) in Nam and a tax payer for 48 of my 60 years on the land called The United States of America. Because I’m white l don’t qualify for any aid. I live on a small disability as I have RA and a broken back with steel rods and two artificial hips, I have almost worked myself to death. I do whatever I can to help my kids and grandkids so I keep working one way or the other. This guy ? man can go to a real warm place with lots of pitchforks.

  10. Lloyd says:

    Why is it that all the liberal proponents of the “Brave New World” never see themselves as part of it? They are somehow immune, riding above the unlearned and unwashed in the glorious position of being the “overseers” of the workers paradise. Where those who want to work, do, and those who don’t want to share equally in the bounty of the worker’s efforts. They, of course, have every right to our accolades and worship because they are so much more intelligent than the rest of us. If we lack the cajones to stand up and shout, “The Emperor has no clothes!” then perhaps they are right. We are stupid.

  11. Coralyn says:

    One wonders why the idiot feels he has to put his stupidity on display so the i-phone might capture and broadcast his deficiency? Hmmmmm?

  12. M. A. Saeger says:

    How sad that this professor is so full of hate. His words are insulting, disgusting and hurtful; should not be allowed in a classroom. I’m sure there are students in the class who have elderly grandparents whom they love dearly.

    I won’t be around, but it would be interesting to see how this “man” handles the aging process.

    I’ve learned that quite often a day laborer or janitor has more intelligence and common sense, and definitely more courtesy, than many professors. God bless this nasty man anyway.

    “If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants.” –The REAL William Penn, a gentleman and a scholar.

  13. Jack Clark says:

    MSU said Penn’s classes have been reassigned to alternate instructors.

    The university released a statement on September 5 about the video:

    “Michigan State University is committed to creating a learning environment that is characterized by mutual respect and civility where diverse ideas can be explored.

    On Sept. 3, university leaders were made aware of several statements made by Professor William Penn in a classroom. Once MSU was made aware of the situation the Office of the Provost immediately began a review.

    The dean of the College of Arts and Letters and a representative from the provost’s office met with Penn, who acknowledged that some of his comments were inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive and may have negatively affected the learning environment.

    Penn’s teaching duties have been reassigned to others. Students’ education will continue as scheduled with alternate instructors.”

    –Kent Cassella, MSU spokesman

    This is really good news. Narcissist closed minded Marxists like Penn need to be purged from America’s institutions of higher learning and tossed out along with political correctness. Only then can real learning take place. Replacing reasoned and critical thought with politically correct Marxist propaganda is a clear and present danger to the future of the free Republic.
    Jack Clark

    • Martha says:

      I am relieved to read that this made it to the administration and something was done about it. My daughter, junior, at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL, has a tremendous Poli Sci instructor who keeps all personal opinions to herself. I would call IC a liberal school and my daughter is very conservative. She feels encouraged to voice her conservative, Christian opinions without fear of reproach, and is often thanked by others for being forthright. IC is not supported by tax dollars. There are good options to what is offered in public universities, a very sad statement on public education.

  14. Bill says:

    “I’m coming after you” . . . “Don’t want to pay taxes” . . . Lots of us pay more taxes than this clown makes in a year and plenty of us would be glad to “explain” that those are fighting words. Funny how this bully (of captive college students less than half his age) is so smart, yet fails to think that likely everyone in his class has an iPhone ready to tape his stupidity. Professors are just above it all in their oun minds. This guy would probably be on welfare if he had to get a real private sector job and would last about 2 minutes in combat. And the attacks on Mitt Romney’s wife Ann are so evil that I can’t type what I feel about this scum bag’s disrespect for women – this guy’s a pig in the least and likely much worse in fact.

  15. Linda says:

    I do hope that someone shows this clip to his parents……I’m sure they would be “proud” after all the years they put in raising this selfish fool, probably paying for his college education, and making sure he had the best of everything in his life. But then the old saying…….”there is something wrong with you if you are 20 and not a liberal. But there is something seriously wrong with you if you a 50 and not a conservative”. These kids will learn the hard way!

  16. David says:

    And not one student either disagreed with him or had the courage to challenge him. I wonder how this “professor” would react if challenged off campus? He can extort the students with their grades on campus, in class. Let’s go have a little off campus talk with this guy and see how stupid he really is. Better yet, let’s have a little off campus talk with his superiors and discuss his continued employment with them. Then let’s have a little off campus talk with the benefactors of the school and see if they and their big money agree with the socialist garbage teachers like this are spreading. Is the classroom really a platform for indoctrination of the professor’s personal political opinion? Is this what he is paid to do?

  17. Debra says:

    I am sorry to report but teachers such as this have been around forever and as long as we are polite and tolerate them they will continue to walk all over us. Remember the 60s and the anti-war group and the liberal educators. The same for the 30’s and 40’s and the socialists. When we don’t learn from history we repeat it.

  18. Debbie says:

    This is wrong. So is this why my nephew’s colege tuition is so high… So we can pay idoits like this bozo. In my opinion, the instructor is racist and a very poor role model for young adults. Does not belong in a classroom.

    • GRITSMama says:

      A good starting place is to realize that these are not the institutes that we went to. The best way to make an impact is to never leave or give monies to any of these liberal bastions that seek to destroy our country! I don’t care how much fun your old frat parties were! Think and research, to bequeath to ONLY the schools that DO NOT accept any government funding in any form! Those my fellow patriots are our only hope for the future of our republic!

  19. Dianne says:

    Where did all the teachers go that desire their students to learn history, what this grat country was founded on instead of furthering the teachers liberal beliefs.? What is sad is that the student believes what is being said instead of checking it out himself. I think teachers should be fired for not teaching truth or at least offering both sides of political issues with no bias and not influencing the student in any way.

  20. Paul says:

    Interesting if a pastor said these very things in his church it might be subject to a federal investigation or it might be call hate speech and the church will lose it 501 c3 status. But a “government” funded school can condemn the “right” and support the “left” and that is consider okay and even MORE part of our education system. This professor is proof that our universities have become the “great gates of hell” according to Martin Luther (of the reformation). Speaking of closet racist, I have a strange feeling the professor is one himself he just has reversed the hate! Speak on Balaam’s ass you’re doing a great job educating our young people.

  21. Dutchuncle says:

    What this clown isn’t saying is that Obama has MORE money in offshore account then Romney,,,and, has more money coming in Un Taxed also. This was found last year and media said Nothing. Add to this,,,What class is this idiot teaching, and why is he allowed… by the students that PAID for this farce…to inject HIS private thoughts and Prejudices …are they Paying for that TOO or do they get a discount for his drivel?

  22. Bob says:

    As a graduate of MSU in the early 50’s, I am absolutely ashamed people like this are allowed to teach young people. I served my country in Korea, and Vietnam and if I still had the airplane I flew I would be happy to take him out over the ocean and let him eject. He is one of the reasons our country is in such a mess.

  23. Judy Ward says:

    Ugh! Personal beliefs of any kind do not belong in a secular classroom setting. He says he will not tolerate racism in his classroom and he will be coming after anyone who expresses it there. Then, in his apparent stroke of genius, he himself applies racism by denigrating “old white people”. What if he had said “old black people”? OMG. Everyone would be in such an uproar and so much more would have been made about this in every venue. Every young woman (and young man with a mother, grandmother, girlfriend in his life) in that classroom was probably made very uncomfortable after his rant on Ann Romney. Tirades such as this bigot of a “professor” exhibited should never be allowed. The response from MSU was abysmal. Send him home for a few months with pay (he makes $146,510 per year) is NOT sending an appropriate message. Recoup some of those taxpayer funds by making him work for the university in house keeping, the dorm cafeterias, etc….you know, real jobs. Maybe the university can’t fire him because of tenure rules (once again the teachers’ unions keep another substandard instructor around to continue to mess up young people’s lives and brains), but they could sure do MUCH more to address this issue. I live in Michigan, pay the taxes that pay for the operation of that university and that toad’s salary. You can bet I am going to find out exactly to whom I should write/call to get the maximum bang from my complaints and then I will share it with all of my e-mail contacts so that they, too, may contact those sources and forward the information on to all of their contacts to do the same and so on and son. I want to totally bombard that school with citizens complaining.

  24. Drano says:

    This is the typical self hating white liberal or demento-crat or progressive – whatever he likes to be called. One of the most mentally unbalanced types of college educated elitists on the planet who rails against whites but could scarcely find anything in his daily life that can not be traced back to the efforts and accomplishments of white people. And that includes the country he lives in and the Constitution he is protected by as he spews his hateful derogatory insanity to anyone who is forced by circumstance to endure.

  25. Judy Ward says:

    I live in Michigan so, in addition to being offended and outraged by this bigot’s ranting, I get to pay state taxes for it! His treatment of Ann Romney was beyond insulting to all women. What point was he trying to make? Had I been a female student in that class that tirade alone would have made me very uncomfortable. Whomever mentioned Hillsdale College as a great conservative school is 100% right, that school is a stand out among all colleges as a whole. Hopefully this “instructor” is not tenured, but if he is, teachers’ unions being what they are, nothing will happen to him. Sending him home with pay for the rest of the semester is punishment?! If they can’t legally not pay him, then they should put him to work helping university staffers clean dorms, cook/clean the cafeterias, etc. I’m sure there are any number of jobs (real ones) he could do for at the university for his over-inflated salary. Well, again, I live in Michigan so I am going to immediately contact Michigan State University and express my hard working taxpayer of their salaries disapproval of the “instructor” and his “punishment”.

  26. Joe says:

    This guys attitudes and opinions are learned. In other words he himself was taught this stuff either or in combination from his family, environment and the education he received. Unfortunately this means that there are a lot more of his type out there in our educational systems influencing our children and young adults.

  27. Ed in naperville says:

    This guy is a communist and j**off.

    • Don says:

      Some Statistics starting to show that the voters of obama were…….

      1. Blacks and other ethnic groups that were promised “free things” The obama buy a vote plan.
      2. Seniors that were easily “scared” by the obama lies about their Earned benefits going to be taken away.
      3. College students who heard the above drival and believed it.
      (socialism is a pretty concept – if all worked and all had not a selfish bone in their body – Jesus only.
      4. College Professors who never worked a real job in their lives, high school to professor. Kum By ah
      5. Fraud voters. Generally illegal IMMIGRANTS, Not undocumented, Not ALIEN species “ILLEGAL”

  28. James says:

    MSU has no faculty listing for Professor William Penn. The student who recorded the video was not identified. The dribble and trash this man spoke is not from an educated person. He must have earned his education from the backside of a cracker jack box.
    MSU is back peddling as quickly distancing themselves from him. Below is a link I found that would explain much better than I am able to do.

  29. Terry says:

    That “professor” fell into the typical conversation choices of those who cannot actually defend their stance. He fell back onto nothing but ridiculing the Romneys because there was no wrong doings on their part that he could reveal about them. This is because they are good and intelligent people who have always contributed to the society they live in. He was right about only one thing. Ann Romney would never have chosen to marry an empty head like he is. That man is a joke of a so-called teacher.

  30. ross allen says:

    The only thing he is close to being right about would be the fact that if he represents the standard of quality for a college professor I would have no funds available for anyone’s tuition. He is a prime example of the unfortunate problem we now have throughout our educational system. The weeding out needs to begin.

  31. D. W. says:

    Our university’s are full of idiot’s just like this guy. No wonder the rest of the world is surpassing our american students. Don’t waste your money on collage in America.

    • L.J. says:

      Well, it’s obvious you skipped it, you can’t even spell it.

      • TIMedWork says:

        L.J…. seriously? spelling classes in college? Ever hear of typos? Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe? Though we might also consider that ‘collage’ is, perhaps, this professor’s major area of expertise.
        The fact is, a friend of mine, a PhD, Harvard psychologist, cannot spell to save his life. But he makes his points intelligently, and with substance.
        However, as you have demonstrated to us, when your argument lacks substance, you proceed to impress yourself with how witty you are, by going after the packaging, avoiding mention or refutation of the content that prodded you to react. Apparently you have as much to offer as this ignoramus in front of a room full of kids, whose parents obviously paid too much tuition for what they are getting. Ask yourself, how much more successful they will be if they believe that everyone who came before them is worthless and evil. What nonsense. His diatribe of personal disillusionment is nothing to be billed though tuition, as the internet is filled with the like for free. And I think, of no greater value; certainly not any less.

        BTW, studies have shown that transpositional typos are common among people with higher IQs. Those people who focus more on what they are saying, than on how sparklingly accurately they spelled it. Which begs the question, “Had D.W. spoken to us verbally and not in writing, what then would your retort have been?” A bit for your file on useless info: Prior to Noah Webster and his dictionary, there was no officially correct spelling of any word. So all that we have as a guide is one man’s opinion, to which everyone else simply agreed for the sake of simplicity. As history has shewn us, these things do not change the meaning or the message. But they may certainly distract the easily ‘distracted’ among us.

        • Don says:

          Well said.

          Thats why obama voters are normally the

          Damn Dumb Desparate Democrats.
          Lies and double talk to them is always better than true facts

    • KR says:

      Go to colleges like Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mi. A true institution of higher learning.

    • Leslie says:

      I sadly have to agree, colleges now teach opinions. Higher learning can be accomplished inso many other ways and less expensive. This terrifies me, In order to provide for your family you should have a trade. We are clearly lacking as a nation of intelligence & skills.
      Somehow these professors believe they are smarter than anyone, if ever someone disagrees with their word, you are labeled ignorant or racist. Its a poison that he spewing to young minds. I’m so very disappointed.

  32. deborah haas says:

    who does he thinks pays his salary? look at the txs we old folks and mitt romney pat and are still paying.he is ignorant. I cannot wait until he gets old and he is looking pretty rough himself. he should be fired and not allowed to draw unemployment. of course he was meaning to be offensive.

  33. LUTHER says:

    I think the majority of criticism should be directed at the schools and colleges that allow these kinds of people to pretend to teach. This man should not be teaching, but he cannot be expected to leave, unless he is forced.

  34. steve says:

    everyone who commented on this should be writing MSU about this Nazi

    • Bobbi says:

      First, this is a Creative Writing class. What do his Hate Comments have to do with how to write creatively?
      Second, does anyone know a website or phone # that we could overwhelm the school with complaints about this “teacher” ?
      Third, this just reaffirms why we sacrificed ever having new cars, cable tv or expensive vacations in order to send our children to private schools [ K-Grad School ] that were in keeping with our value system . Don’t kid yourselves. There are plenty of him to go around ALL over the country. I had several teachers like him in public high school & university back in the 70’s.I decided back then to never pay hard earned $ to have my children taught ignorance, bigotry, slander or be bullied or ridiculed in the classroom.

  35. william g holland says:

    let’s make it short and sweet: typical academic a– hole. this is why we spend outrageous tuition for a college education – so our children can “learn” from idiots like this bozo!

  36. David Burke says:

    The day will come when ALL these idiots will get theirs. I would like to be there to kick him in the balls.

  37. Dianne says:

    How very sad to carry a title as a professor and be so immature, a bully and self serving. It is downright disgusting, He takes the “it’s all about me” generation to a whole new level of selfishness. Imagine a professor who treated homosexuals with such disregard and downright hateful comments. He would be front page news describing his hate and bigotry . The professor would no longer be employed. We all have the freedom of our beliefs, but such bullying and disrespect is not necessary and any school instructor such as this professor, should be fired. Americans are acting immature, disrespectful and display no responsibility for hateful and childish behavior. Let’s grow up!

  38. Don Ric says:

    i’m tired of reading and hearing about these left wing mental cases. i don’t recall hearing much from them when Bush was in office. it seems since the divider / liar in chief was elected and then stole the 2012 elections, these roaches are coming out of the woodwork. like i said i’m tired of these anti american zealots. the time has come for them to be put down. we put down dogs, and sick dogs deserve to live more than leftists. i mean put down as in the ground.

  39. George Fox says:

    This guy is unfortunately quite typical, and we allowed it to happen over several decades. The soured, free-speech hippies of the sixties went back to school, got their PH.Ds,, became department heads with tenure, and now control hiring and firing. That’s why over 90% of college professors are liberal and many are wild-eyed lefties like this prof. We should have been watching the college campuses more closely and taking definitive action. It’s not too late. We still must! God help us

  40. Carol says:

    50 years ago I lived in Calif. during the hippie period….Back then it was free love and DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER
    30…..Now those same people are golden agers and we hear no more of that ridiculous rhetoric….(Now they are the old white people he is talking about!! ) .I suspect that if we age this guy 30 years from now, he will change his tune also.
    Unfortunately, he is going to influence a lot of susceptible younger people who believe everything they are told in college.

    • Rachel Hollins says:

      A high percentage of these kids think that because this guy is a professor he must know what he’s talking about; and he even alludes to that point. What he is is a self-centered bigot. The old people he is talking about paid/worked their way through college. There were no student loans to default on and you paid before you had the opportunity to learn. That is why we don’t want to pay for kids to learn the misinformation being taught today. They should pay/work their way through college just like we did.

  41. Cheryl Jackson says:

    If this is what you call a professor at MSU, I am glad that I did not attend college! The kind of propaganda he is spouting in his classroom is totally uncalled for! How does he figure the “old people” in this great country “raped and pillaged” this country? Maybe he should go to another country and try to be a professor! I think that he would find out that other countries would not put up with his teaching or indoctrination! If he has been removed, he should not be getting paid and he should have to pay his salary back to the University!I am in Michigan and I resent that he is in the same state that I am in!If my children and grandchildren talked about former generations the way that he does, I think that I would disown them altogether! My children and grandchildren were raised to respect others no matter what they may think of them in private! I think that he should be tossed out on his ear and remember his own words as he ages, because he will not age gracefully. I guess the old saying is very true: You can’t fix stupid”!!!!!

  42. Eileen says:

    Unfortunately this is par for the course in higher education. My experience was more Socialist opinions and beliefs but ultimately they voted Democrat. Students are forced to play the game in order to get passing grades. After complaining about one professor at the end of the semester on the feedback form in a class that 6 students dropped because of his references to religion; the feedback I got was that it was necessary to promote critical thinking. Having worked in Higher Ed for 11 years I can tell you it is hard to bite your tongue during an election year as you are overwhelmingly outnumbered. Because there is a socialist/liberal majority consensus, Republicans or Conservatives have a stressful time denying the urge to contribute to anything political but it is open season on Republicans. There are unfounded lies spread about candidates and incumbents as if they were fact. Not to mention the disgusting jokes. It oftentimes creates a hostile work environment. On occasion I would politely let folks know I did not share their opinion and that would lead to total ostracization.

  43. dan bonner jr says:

    What a STUNNING disgrace. He should be FIRED yesterday for trying to intimidate students into thinking “his way only “. He is one angry person who evidently thinks people who worked hard and made something out of themselves are bad. Is he a representative of MSU ??? Is he a representative of College Professors ??? Scary.

  44. Lynn says:

    How is it that this man is allowed to be unattended when teaching? How is it that this man is even allowed to teach at all? How is it that America allows this person to use an American classroom as his soapbox? How is it that charges were not brought up on him for attempting to brain wash young persons- who’s frontal lobes are not fully developed? How is it that America has not demanded this man be terminated from his job? Why is every crack pot in the country teaching in our schools and colleges?

  45. dick says:

    Some one please remove the young bastard from the class room to make room for an instructor who has more than half a brain……

  46. Lynn says:

    How does this person still even have a job? Why is this person being left unattended with kids who’s frontal lobes are not fully developed yet? Why is America allowing this to happen in our classrooms? Using a captive-(and they are captive)- group to further a political agenda is brainwashing. These young ones do not have a chance in hell of maintaining freedom for themselves or their own children.

  47. Burton Pauly says:

    I think that this fellow is a good example of the leftist types that have ruined many governments all over the world.

    The folks that send their children to these type of classes should reconsider that part of their edu. The so-called

    professor is a hack, and should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail. I didn’t spend a span of 20

    years in the armed services to assure these idiots a right to skew the facts. I am one of the old folks, and we have

    sacrificed a lot over the years.

  48. Raymond Paskauskas says:

    The lecturing professor at MSU was very intolerant of Republicans and white people. He disseminated the usual leftist lies about voter ID and denigrated my state, South Carolina. I guess he prefers voter fraud. I would be outraged as a student to hear his propaganda after paying college tuition to sit in his classroom. He should be disciplined or terminated for his hateful views.

    In my college years, I had to listen to similar nonsense from one Californian professor, Owen Seiver, at California State University Northridge around 1978-1980. He was to teach environmental sanitation, but he departed into a discussion about Ronald Reagan being a mediocre “B” actor to undermine Reagan’s political stature. The professor then commented about how we would all be driving Volkswagens if Nazi Germany had not been defeated in WWII! I guess he would not have minded us all driving a Volga or Lada if Reagan had not defeated the Soviet Empire!

  49. Joseph Marciona says:

    Some one should ask this shit head Willy Penn, what exactly is he doing to improve the situation that the old people he identifies as the distroyers of our society, that will stop this distruction and show improvement by the time he reaches this vague old age number. – THIS JERK SHOULD BE FIRED NOW THAT HE HAS BEEN DISCOVERED.

  50. Ross Flavel says:

    Not all school bullies stalk the playground. Some, perhaps former victims themselves, later in life do so in front of the class. Shame on all those who misuse the trust we place in them to teach our kids the things they are qualified to teach.
    What a disgrace “higher education” so often is to the very hand that feeds them! I wonder if this guy has been in “school” all his life. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach! Then there’re
    those who just can’t teach or do – like this guy!

  51. Mary Van Dyke says:

    This guy may be a professor but he is totally ignorant of American history. He should not be allowed to make such comments in the classroom. I wonder what will happen whe He gets old.

  52. Balance Seeker says:

    As an alumni of MSU I am appalled with the comments coming from this Professor Penn. His tainted views of our society have no place in an education of higher learning – let alone one supported in part by the taxpayers of Michigan. My view – – – send Penn packing without a paycheck and see if how he makes it in the real world.

  53. Gordon says:

    Opinions are like um… mouths. Everyone’s got one. How it’s used can be the difference between sowing life, health, love and peace or sowing discord, hate, curses and death. Choose life! Also, I will defend his *_right_* to any opinion he wants, even in voicing any opinion he wants. But I draw the line when he spews hate and bigotry pointed at children’s minds. Yes, college students are children of their all their ancestors. Hopefully the targets of this self-hating garbage will realize how well loved they are by their parents and see this junk for the poison it is.

  54. Jeff Crouse says:

    Find this sob, take his tenure and never give a dime to his school. If I was an ugly unkept looser I guess I’d have a chip in my shoulder as well. But for God’s sake keep him away from our kids.

  55. Jerry D says:

    I wonder if this moron grew up in Detroit? He could show his students a shining example of what happens to a great city when it is run for forty years with the socialist crap he is spewing.

  56. Randy says:

    Is he “teaching”, or just spewing his personal garbage trying to enlist more overspending, socialist wannabe’s that want to ruin this country completely? Stick to teaching from textbooks and leave your personal politics at home.

  57. Ron Alford says:

    He is exactly right. It was his good ole boy liberal Democrat buddies who raped and destroyed our country. He just got the name wrong because he is confused.

  58. Joe says:

    “Professing to be wise, they became fools”. Some bigger fools than others. He needs to learn what God thinks of foolish teachers. for history’s sake he should change his name. Maybe to Sean Penn, but not William.

  59. Carol says:

    I wonder how his parents feel about his remarks!!! They raised this ‘man/child’ but I don’t blame them for his evolution into the ‘bastard’ he obviously is. The crying shame is the way he presents ideas to young impressionable students that laugh but wish they hadn’t (because they all have parents and grandparents who at least a portion of this audience must at least like) and react like he has some mysterious control over their actions and thoughts. And by the way, why suggest that old people won’t pay for their tuition but not mention that also they won’t pay for those individuals who work harder to support themselves and try to save to go to college. Why not suggest that old people should just continue to pay for a whole age group until they can stop clinging to parents purse strings and get out on their own and under their own steam? this is a loser putting thoughts into young minds that will result in a generation of losers. Wake up students!!!! Turn this loser and others like him away. the whole class should have gotten up and left the room. Without an audience he has no authenticity. The deans can be informed and these people banned from even seeking employment on campuses. You pay their salary and why sit there and waste your money.

  60. Hilary says:

    They pay this man for such hateful dribble? I have been paying taxes for the last 60 years and continue to do so. My generation was taught the value of working with ethics and dignity. This ‘teacher’ (I dislike using that word for him, as I come from a family of teachers and am one myself) isn’t even acquainted with ethics and dignity! I fear for the future of our country with the likes of him in education!

  61. David L. D. says:

    If I heard correctly, this unseemly College Professor, in a Creative Writing class, told his students (among other things) that the old people of our Country “raped” it, or, with some sort of irrational conclusions, ruined the USA. How could this pinhead forget that the “old people” he is ridiculing are the ones that saved this country from the dictatorial menaces of Germany and Japan? Would he have preferred to now be serving in a required Nazi uniform, or contemplating how best he sacrifice his life to a Japanese Emperor, rather than having his cushy, tenured, well paid position at a Major University in the greatest Country in the world?
    I am one of the “Older People” he was referring to, served in the Korean War, was discharged honorably and worked my way through College with a BS in English/Journalism. I have worked hard in two law enforcement career opportunities, paid my taxes, raised three beautiful, drug free, law abiding wonderful children, all making positive contributions to our society. Entitlements, hand-outs, “what’s in it for me” etc., etc., were never a part of our conversations. I wonder if this liberal SOB understands anything at all about a real job and hard work? Sometimes that formula can lead to larger opportunities….and possible wealth and prosperity and the ability to provide jobs for others….like Mitt Romney.

  62. Walt says:

    I can not believe that the University has allowed this professor to continue, He is not teaching he is ranting about his political agenda to turn all of our liberties to the government and to create a socialist country. He does offend me and be should be fired.

    • Angela M. Rosati says:

      Yes, he should be fired, but he’s the socialist and he really doesn’t work! He shows up at college and spits out all his hate and filth to young ears who think he’s brilliant!!! He should have grown up during the depression, the way we did. He needs a little physical, hard work, as our fathers did, and the way we learned, to give him some intelligence and good character. I’ll bet he salutes our flag the way obama (lower case deliberate) did: hands on his crotch!!! Filthy s.o.b.s, all of them!!!!

  63. Jim says:

    As the government continues to control the purse strings of our higher education facilities they will control what is said and taught to our young people. When these people leave school they have no education, what they have is a left wing outlook.

  64. Ed Ufnal says:

    It is extremely unfortunate that there are professors and teachers like this one at every level of our educational system as education is such a high prior to all parents and children alike. An individual that would take advantage of their position of authority in a classroom setting where students defer to the instructor as the authority figure is a scumbag to say the least. In many cases these students are being told that the values their parents are teaching them are wrong. The students either take the instructor at his word, creating a conflict in the family, or keep their mouth shut for fear of reprisal when it comes to getting a grade for the class. It’s unfortunate that the unions representing these individuals have been successful in implementing rules that make getting rid of these people virtually impossible. Yet our tax dollars are paying for much of this indoctrination. In the private sector, if an individual made comments such as these to a group of employees where the owner might be in conflict with the argument, that individual would be severely reprimanded if not fired. The public needs to get vocal and start demanding the removal of these types of individuals even if it takes drastic means such as boycotting or removing kids from certain classes or schools. If these types of individuals personally believe what they are saying, they have the right to verbalize it, but not in an environment where they are control of young minds.

  65. Allen Swope says:

    This so called college professor has no concept of what is real and what isn’t. It turns my stomach to realize that the future of this great country is being brainwashed by leftist liberals who believe that the government should provide everything and people don’t have to do anything but sit back hold their hand out.and be rewarded for doing nothing. This nation is going to hell in a hand basket.

    • Angela M. Rosati says:

      When the Occupy Wall Street was in full swing, my son’s professor said he would give extra credit to any student who attended. How low our educational system has fallen. God help our children. Thank God, my son didn’t attend and lost respect for the professor…I think he was the only one.

  66. Ron Shogren says:

    This person is, very sadly, what epitomizes today’s college agenda. This is not an isolated incident. Colleges and universities have become huge government parasites, so they teach along those lines. Facts are thrown to the wind. This is just another example of liberalism and socialism going wild in our country. I do not call this person a man because he is not. He is a parasite on the country and needs to be removed and eliminated in any way necessary to stop his ridiculous message.

  67. Jack Rode says:

    The only reason he is a college professor is because he could not hold a job at an establishment that would be required to turn a profit or perform a VALUABLE service to the world. The students need to shun this idiot and find an instructor that will teach them something other than communist BS.

  68. Tom Wasden, Sr. says:

    Teachers and Professors at ALL levels in the Education System are SUPPOSED to keep POLITICS and RELIGION out of the Classroom presentations! It is absolutely PROHIBITED for a Teacher/Professor to spew forth his own Political or Religious Preferences from the podium! This is called INDOCTRINATION and he should be FIRED for it! The point being it is NOT FREE SPEECH due to the fact that ALL students in attendance are NOT given the chance or opportunity to rebut the presented information! The man is taking advantage of a REQUIRED or CAPTIVE audience!
    Where does ANY of that tirade fit into an English presentation! FIRE HIM PERMANENTLY!

  69. Melanie says:

    Teachers are supposed to teach facts. This “professor” is pontificating. He should remember that one day HE will be one of those older people he condemns for “raping” this country. I did not hear anything come out of his mouth that had anything to do with teaching. Why does he still have a job at this university?

  70. Chuck Andreas says:

    Typical Left Wing College Professor who doesn’t have his facts straight and sadly his biased opinion and lack of common sense is being passed on to the Students. Most of the College Professor’s I’ve come in contact with
    are egotistical asses who think their God’s gift to the world and they can do no wrong. They will not take constructive criticism from anyone because they know it all. In plain words another blubbering idiot who should be terminated for improper teaching practices. I’d also bet that he’s Anti-Gun! This Silver Haired Old Geezer
    would love to take him behind the barn and attempt to knock some sense into him.

  71. Linda Jenkin Costanzo says:

    First of all, don’t bash all teachers for what this guy did. That’s like bashing all parents, doctors, veterinarians for the lousy work of one. As a Spanish teacher (of 30 years ) in Buffalo N.Y. public schools, my high school students donated clothing to Wounded Warriors that they purchased on sale in K-Mart stores where they worked. I’m talking inner city kids. Next, I had them write letters to the Buffalo VA Hospital on Veterans Day. I took every opportunity to share with them what our armed forces are doing for us. My students helped raise money for Underarmour shirts that our government was too cheap to buy for troops in Iraq when it was 135 degrees. My point? The college instructor in this segment is poison to the minds of our youths. My biggest point? Do your homework, readers. Who hired him? Find the name of the president and add this to your message board along with an address. Insist that the instructor be released immediately. (You better hope he doesn’t have tenure-it’ll be worse.) Simple as that. You saw what happened to Paterno and Sandusky at Penn State when people decided to take action. With a united effort, we can have this cleared up also. And God Bless America.

  72. Bruce Schulte says:

    This guy is just another pseudo intellectual. The only people that listen to him are the ones that have to take his class to get their diploma’s. He doesn’t stop to think that he’s part of the same dying white class. The difference is that he’s a “useful idiot” for the leftist agenda and that if they seize control he too will be relegated to rubbish bin of irrelevance. Education is changing in our culture. Online education is in the process of deflating the big business of “State Education” in our grand country. I’ll bet he doesn’t see that one coming. So someday our students won’t be subjugated to sitting through these types of rants. So long detractors, barnacles and leaches.

  73. Bob M. says:

    Proffesors,media types,and politicians have never produced anything to earn what they get.They don`t get up everyday,and go out and produce one thing.They don`t have to compete to sell their goods ,and services to any body.Yet these are the people who what to dictate our way of life.The old saying “those who can do.Those who can`t teach.”applies in this instance.I wonder if he even knows his fearless leader B.O. has money in the Caymens.It`s the policies of our government that is why the rich are hideing their money.I am self employed.I have to get up everyday and drum up enough work to make a living.I compete with large companies that have resources I don`t have,.Yet I do alright.I tell my Liberal friends that I am a firm believer in redistributon of wealth.It`s called providing a service a rich person will pay me to do.The proffesor in this video has never done anything but go to school,and then teach school.His whole life has been in a classroom.He is a complete idiot.I would be the first to tell it to him in his face.

  74. Joseph Langone says:

    I Believe That every one has a right to his own Opinion Even a Idiot. But the problem here is that This Idiot Happens to be shaping the minds of our young. He may be a lot more educated then I am but as for common sense He has zilch. It is a shame but it seems that the majority of our professors are Left wing Nut jobs. What they should be teaching is facts and not their opinion.

    • eric eaton says:

      You are quite correct. Unfortunately, many (if not most) of these professors are educated (indoctrinated) way beyond their intelligence.

  75. Neal Gilchrist says:

    It is a shame that such idiocy should be passed on. Young people (of which I was one once!) are so easily duped into believing “stuff” like this. We should more interested in protecting our children from this sort of “bull stuff” than what they eat for lunch at school. You can’t fix stupid!

  76. Jackie Barker says:

    This man is disgusting! Why is he allowed to teach! This is why our country is where it is, cause our youth is being brainwashed daily! The way he speaks about the Romneys is sickening! Could you imagine someone making those remarks about Moochell Obama or vapid Jill Biden? They would be crucified!

    He needs to be fired and arrested!

  77. Joe Horton says:

    Notice that people didn’t laugh at his attempts at jokes? In a lecture hall environment, that speaks volumes. No one liked the guy.

    My diagnosis here is simple: he’s an asshole and has been all his life. He’s bought into victimhood in a big way and his failures–which is what this is all about–are your and my faults, not his.

    Take a look at the movie, Ship of Fools. Jose Ferrar plays a young, robust Nazi who has things to say about how older people should be treated. It’s a chilling scene, especially in light of history.


  78. DebO says:

    I had a professor like him at FSU in the 80s. I fired him by filing a complaint with the Dean and working with the registrar’s office to get switched into another class so I didn’t have to lose tuition money on his class. I made a ruckus but, was happier in the end. I hit it hard and early. I knew on the 1st day of class when he said “I am going to tear down your value system and rebuild it.” He and I were going to lock horns. Not pretty. My family and I worked my way through college with minimal loans and grants (didn’t qualify being working middle class). I hope this helps students and their parents stand up to get their money’s worth. If you will stand up for a 25 cent difference at the grocery store, stand up for getting your money’s worth at college (these classes are hundreds of dollars). File those complaints. We try to keep the peace too much.

  79. Edward says:

    I worked delivering Newspapers on a bike in High School and saved my money to go to college. No loans, grants, Obama money. Graduated with a degree from college. You do not need the Gov’t as a crutch. Hard work and study does pay off. Get into the blue collar work and you will make more money than you ever dreamed off. There are construction companies begging for help to fix large machines etc. land graders. These people are making $30,000. just to start and have worked their way up to $45,000 and higher. Carpenters , plumbers are needed. The opportunity is there. Grab a hold of the brass ring. Times are tough today for a college graduate to find a job. Change your direction to fit you. I did not come from a rich family. My Mother and Father back in the 1930’s made $12.50 ea. for take home pay. But they stuck it out and came out better. Earning a living does not come from the Gov’t. It is hard work and keeping your nose to the grind stone. Come on America get going. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Amen and God Bless!

  80. Barbpiv says:

    The way things are at most Colleges & Universities is disgusting. If my kids were still in college I’d make sure they went to a GOOD conservative school….and there are still a few around.. This Idiot has no business teaching ,PERIOD !!!!

  81. af mccarley says:

    fire the dude make him pay back last years salary.He too’ will get old.He has associated all old people
    with the republican party, does democrats not get old?

  82. Lynne says:

    The sad thing here is that it is much too common. Maybe not these words but this sentiment.

    My middle son graduated in 1996 from Brown University and the class spokesperson said similar things, including how her parents generation had ruined the world for this graduating class and that the students calling was to fix the mess. I admire the thought of making the world a better place, but to accuse parents who paid for their education, while they were sitting there was appalling. I assume this speech had been approved as appropriate by whoever organized the graduation ceremonies.

    We had already heard very disturbing philosophies while he was attending. We had not been aware, before he went, that Brown was this liberal. And, to be honest, at that time, we did not realize the divide was becoming so great.

    Sadly, I believe that too many schools of higher learning are teaching our young people to be disrespectful and are not teaching them to be thinking adults.

  83. Steven Morgan says:

    This is disgraceful. Unfortunately it has become the norm in our classrooms. I encourage all to listen to Prager university and with their children.
    This wrongful attack on America must stop.

  84. Mike Bergsma says:

    I do not think he is typical but he is common enough. I have young friends who are students at our local college who face difficulties when professors find out that they are Republicans.

    By the way, what is with insulting Ann Romney? She is quite pretty and classy.

  85. Leslie Thigpen says:

    Every parent who is actually paying for their child to go to this university should DEMAND a refund.

  86. Kevin Rhinehart says:

    I am more appalled that no one stood up to this POS! I would’ve been expelled, but he’d have needed a dentist when I finished with him.

    • Brenda says:

      each time I hear these folks talk about hiding money off shore I want to ask them where they hide theirs. The elites IMHO are all for pointing fingers but if we could see what they are hiding I bet it would be all the same.

      This is a ‘I am better than you” game and “you must follow the rules” but we do not have too. ie: congress is no longer required to sign up for Obama Care, I expect the professors at these high priced propaganda mills (collages) have Cadillac health care plans that are also exempt from the provisions of Obama Care. I shake my head at the folks that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to allow these people to fill our kids heads with this junk.

      what happened to working hard, being honest, being a good person and helping those that need it and allowing the ones that can but won’t wallow in their one stuff?

  87. Goobs says:

    Wow! MSU blows! This is teaching? Shouldn’t he be talking about Shakespeare or something? He’s all pissed off because he’s probably outfitted with a hideous, disinterested wife due to the fact that he’s a boring blow-hard that people probably avoid eye contact with at barbecues. Eek!! Such a stereotype this guy is.

  88. JoNell Pistana says:

    I believe Mitt and Ann Romney would be far better for our Country than what we have in there now. They are beautiful People, both inside and out.

  89. David says:

    What I see is he is removed from his class room, suspended in other words, BUT with pay? What kind of punishment is this? He is given a vacation, with pay to stay home? Thats exactly what is wrong with our country now, is all the PC that abounds in every aspect of all the higher educated idiots, the tenured that can not be gotten out of the system, the congress members that can do most anything, and gets a slap on the wrist, but continue to draw their salaries, and even if they are removed from office, either voluntarily, or removed, they continue to receive full salary, as retirement pay. All members of congress should be on Social Security, just like the rest of us, and no retirement just because they served one or two terms in office. Federal judge serves one day and will get full paid for the rest of his or her life!!! Whats wrong with this picture? How long does a member of the military have to serve to get a pitance for retirement? How long does the average citizen have to work, and pay into SS in order to receive some little stipend for the rest of their life? Think about this people!!

  90. Lynette says:

    I just Googled this professor Penn and according to a reliable article Penn was relieved from his classroom instruction of two classes this fall and he will be on a paid leave of absence. The administrative board will probably allow him to return next spring. What is sad our federal tax dollars and Michigan residents tax paying dollars pay for his over bloated salary of a hundred and fifty thousand a year , all so he can spew his vitriol socialistic values and hatred of fellow Americans of a certain age group and political affiliation. What is unfortunate this vile instructor is fully tenured at the university and will probably be back next semester, unfortunately it will take an act of God to get him out, that’s if we are so lucky.

    Our learning institutions have become nothing more than single minded liberal progressive socialist indoctrination venues, forget about learning anything of value. They are working overtime to indoctrinate our primary and high school students they even have started to institute progressive programs in kindergarten too…..heaven help this country. By the way I wonder if this over paid professor who’s also an award winning Progressive novelist whom probably receives hefty royalties because his book is used for college curriculum , I just wonder how much he gives back to society, charities ….I just bet you he shelters those incomes in creative ways.

  91. Coe Case says:

    Sometimes there is no explanation for idiocy! This country is great for ONE reason: WE have kept it this way until such stupidity of the electroate is threatening us! “Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

  92. Phyllis says:

    He’s another nut job in State Universities who doesn’t need to be there. I read where he can’t teach for the rest of the semester. In my opinion, he shouldn’t be allowed to teach in any University. As far as his false statements about older people, he needs to remember, one day he will be old, unless liberal twits he supports doesn’t pass a law that when people reach seventy, they will be euthanized. There is a reason parents are homeschooling their children and sending them to conservative Colleges.

  93. Solange says:

    He is on leave, paid leave? He should be terminated for not doing his job, intimidating students, and sharing his irresponsible opinions as fact. Apparently he isn’t qualified to teach the topic he was hired to teach. His pension should also not be available to him, since all the resources in the country have been used up by old people.

    Kudos to the student who was smart enough to record the proof of how lame and dangerous this idiot is. I believe there should be video camera in every single school classroom in the United States. At any given moment administrators should be permitted to see and hear what is occurring in a public school classroom. I stopped substitute teaching in my own town because of the things I saw going on in the classrooms wasting (and stealing) my tax dollars.

    Fire him permanently. He can’t be trusted.

  94. Annemarie Ford says:

    Deplorable. He’s prejudiced against Republicans, and shouldn’t be permitted use his class as his political podium. Prejudice is always wrong, whether it’s against a majority or minority group. We’ve fought too long for equality to put up with this sort of ranting by someone obviously bigoted — providing his comments weren’t taken out of context, of course.

  95. Peter says:

    He works at a public university supported by anyone who pays taxes in MI and he whines. Typical! He’s a poster child for the left-wingers who talk a good talk about tolerance but almost always turn out to be as sinful and guilty of spewing hate than anyone on the right. May God have mercy on his soul and aging body!

    • Morris says:

      NO MERCY for the professor who feels and has no pity or mercy upon the young impressionable people whose minds he is raping! Permanently fire his radical left-wing butt, taking away all his credentials, tenure, retirement, etc., thoroughly discrediting and black-balling him while making him a prime example for other liberals who would think to pull this kind of deplorable stunt on kids, forever forbidding him to set foot on any school campus. When America was truly great (populated by the people who have aged and are now old), he would have simply been dragged outside and hanged.

  96. Richard Lindsay says:

    Wendy……his brain, small as it may be, had been engaged for some time. IT IS the way he and others like him are. As a democrat he, hillary, nancy, harry and b hussein obama all think that they should tell us how to live so they can live better. and on the blacks or any low income american……..IF you give a man free cell phone and soon, free internet along with a check, section 8 housing and a six pack THEY will be a democrat for the rest of their miserable lives.
    CUT OFF THE FREE STUFF and enforce our current laws and WE AS A COUNTRY may survive.

  97. Disillusioned says:

    THIS is a college professor?? We’re in deep S%*@ my friends!!!!

  98. Lynette says:

    Unbelievable, no wonder us older dying, dried up Conservative American “No bodies” are leery of our hard earned tax dollars being wasted on tuition for the under privileged and higher learning institution “somebodies” only for us to be insulted to the core by some maniacal socialistic ranting lunatic of an instructor and I am using that term loosely. All I can say someone must have forgotten to take their prozac that morning for he looks to be on a manic high!

    What an introduction to young impressionable new students who will be fearful to oppose his over the top poisonous liberal ideologies for fear of failing the class. Tell me how that intimidating oration supports creative independent writing? I thought his oration was juvenile at best and thought there must be a catch….that maybe it was a thought provoking joke but obviously this pompous instructor truly believes his vile spiel. Hope they pull his tenure for his over the top soapbox display. If he is a part time instructor he needs to be canned immediately for the state university is under no obligation to maintain his employment.

  99. J Fabini says:

    How does this guy keep his job?

  100. Joann Rauback Drayton says:

    This guy is appalling in every possible, but I think he is much too typical of the educational elite. Notice when someone had an expression he did not like, he immediately threatened the person by labeling the student a “racist.” His rant contained not one rational argument for a “cause.” Rather, it consisted entirely of name calling. I believe this is now called “hate speech.”

  101. Htownrn says:

    What the hell is an English Prof talking about politics or political affiliations..? He’s just an obnoxious ass that’s thinks he’s knows everything and spouts his ignorant opinions to naive college students who he can intimidate..!!

  102. Kevin O'Brien says:

    If you’d like to RESPECTFULLY let Dean Wurst know how you feel about this you can email her at Do not be disrespectful, angry, or a moron. That’s what the professor, William Penn, was/is.

  103. Val says:

    What bothers me is how the students sheepishly laugh and are likely intimidated by him. OHHHHHHHH what I would give at times like this to be a student in his class and take him to the woodshed. I would continually have to debrief my daughters who would come home from college with similar type of garbage that their instructors would spew out.

  104. Sharron Miskell says:

    His comments are offensive to me and show extremely prejudice. I think the government should say he has to shut his mouth because he offended me. It works for everyone else.

  105. Gail Yates says:

    He sounds like he is from AARP super liberal just wants to make money from us older folks.

  106. Linda says:

    Where do they come from. Sad.

  107. Shiela says:

    Typical college professor..he is not alone. Pretty scary who is shaping our young people’s impressionable minds. I read where he was suspended for one semester.. really? For that long huh? Well that will teach him! He’s a educated idiot. Oh by the way…might want to check out your local middle and high schools also. You will find more of the same right there.

  108. Alice says:

    They might have removed him for the semester……what do you want to bet that he’s still getting paid?

  109. Ruth Bobbitt says:

    Unbelievable that a professor hired to teach our students is imposing his political values on them instead of doing what he was hired to do.. We the people pay his salary, then I feel he should be fired ASAP. What an idiot !!!

  110. ccnova67 says:

    Unfortunately this is the pile of human waste that has been hired at colleges and universities through out the US – they are free to spit this garbage out to young impressionable students who are ostracized if the disagree. The administrations stand behind this garbage, too. Maybe defunding them by removing our $$$s would helpget their attention.

  111. Bonnie McKee says:

    If you take these people out of the class room and put them on the street, they can’t find their way home!!!! I lived in a beautiful place with a State University there…..never finished college, but, knew alot of the Professors, because they were neighbors, or, their children went to school with my children….I loved many of them “as good people/friends” but, if you take away their books, they go all stupid!!!!! Sorry, but, it is absolute true!!!! It takes the “grey hairs” to get the job done, because, we have walked the miles for us to know, instinctively, what is right and what is wrong!! It’s called good old common sense…..we all learned it from our folks… know, the ones who taught us to come home when the street lights came on, taught us good work ethics, took us to church, and when all else failed….showed us what the inside of the wood shed looked like!!!! NOW, THOSE WERE GREAT PEOPLE!!!!! This guy, hasn’t learned to come in out of the rain, YET!!!!

  112. Michael Hull says:

    Permanent loss of his teaching certificate is the only punishment I will accept. PERIOD!

  113. Doug says:

    Asshole lib wants to use my money for his causes

  114. Tracy McPherson says:

    How did he ever become a professor in the first place, and who paid his tuition? I want to know how he feels about “Old People” In 30 years. He is living , breathing toxin.

  115. Momazilla says:

    He is back and on a rant about Republicans as well. Why is he still “Teaching”?

  116. kristie godwin says:

    I think he should be shipped off somewhere he can do no harm. Like Siberia.

  117. frank m. manzi says:

    He will grow old some day! He may need to talk to his Grandfather! The Republican Party was founded by the Anti Slavery Movement!

  118. Wendy says:

    He was formally removed from the classroom and put on leave. Thank goodness. This kind of atmosphere should not be tolerated… his comments were inappropriate for the English course he was supposed to be teaching. Hopefully this will teach him not to open his mouth before he engages his brain next time.

    • William Rusty Amann says:

      Nope, Idiots like him NEVER learn. He already knows everything, just ask him!

    • Barbara Lockyer says:

      I would drop his class faster than he can say Obama!

    • Betty says:

      This piece of work, should have been terminated, not PUT ON LEAVE..
      Do they think a leave of absence will teach him something??
      English Teacher????? that’s laughable-he’s a joke, a disgusting, ugly joke!!!!.
      he’s supposed to be teaching, That was a repulsive performance.

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