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5 Mistakes People Make With Medicare Coverage


The annual Medicare open-enrollment period has begun, and there’s plenty of room for mistakes when choosing among hundreds of policies. Consumers could end up paying too much for a plan that doesn’t cover what they need, according to the National Council... Read More

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7

medicare advantage

The Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period ends December 7, and AMAC is here to help you with your Medicare questions.  Because plans make changes to their benefit packages every year, even people who are currently satisfied with their plan should review... Read More

Protecting Medicare Part D From Government Intervention


from – Forbes – by Doug Schoen It’s no secret that President Obama’s healthcare law continues to struggle despite the administration touting eight million sign-ups and 13 million people getting coverage during the first enrollment season. The... Read More

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period Approaches


from – The Wall Street Journal – by Anne Tergsen New Developments Affect Coverage Choices and Claims-Denial Appeals Got Medicare? Two recent developments may help you figure out what type of coverage to elect during this fall’s... Read More

Are the Cost of Your Prescription Drugs Out of Control?

prescription drug costs

by Diana Wisniewski – Many AMAC members call into the Medicare Department in a state of desperation over the increasing costs of their prescriptions.  In many cases the drugs have simply become unaffordable.  The cost of some drugs can be so high that... Read More

Delaying Part B with Current Coverage

medicare part b

Did you know… If you turn 65 and are still working, or are still covered under your spouse’s insurance through that employer or union, you may have the option of delaying your Medicare Part B saving yourself the Part B monthly premium?  If you are... Read More

Don’t Confuse Medicare With Obamacare

Rob Shepperson

Rob Shepperson from WSJ – by Jennifer Waters – Covered by Medicare? Don’t Give the New Health Insurance Marketplace Another Thought. October is an important medical-insurance sign-up month for millions of Americans, both under and over 65... Read More

AARP Branded Medicare Advantage Plans Do Not Rank Among the Best Scorers

Medicare Advantage plan

The Affordable Care Act (“ACA” aka “Obamacare”) will bring new opportunities and challenges to health care consumers. With more people receiving coverage on the individual market, they will need to find ways to select health plans that meet their... Read More

De-Mystifying Medicare Enrollment Periods

woman senior frustrated papers c8526950

by Diana Wisniewski – Are you aware of your options? Many Medicare Beneficiaries are not aware that they may have circumstances in which they can change their Medicare Advantage Plan and/or their Medicare Prescription Drug Plan outside of the Annual... Read More

5-Star Rated Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

AMAC Members save with Medicare Advantage

by Diana Wisniewski –  In an effort to improve the quality of care for Medicare Beneficiaries, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed a 5-star rating system for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans.  Plans with a... Read More

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