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We The People – Making AMAC Stronger!


To Dan Weber, Wondering how many people other than you and me have/had rejected outright all propaganda from AARP? When I approached age 50 years ago, I started getting inundated with mail. At first I was just offended that they were tracking me. I... Read More



AMAC Supports Small Business Saturday

Small biz saturday (2)

Shop Small This Saturday, November 29 - Join us in this opportunity to support and celebrate our neighborhood retailers and restaurants. Now in its fifth year, Small Business Saturday has become a critical day on the calendar for more than 28 million small... Read More

Thank You Veterans


AMAC honors the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve, our great nation. We thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in protecting our freedom. May God bless and protect... Read More

Voting is like Weeding ‒ We the People Need to Weed


by Diana Erbio – Voting is like weeding. We know weeds take over an untended garden. Too many in our Republic are neglecting our garden. We don’t vote. Benjamin Franklin was asked at the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 whether we had a... Read More

Pre-game Prayer Ban Defied in Tennessee


From: from – RedState – by Streiff For nearly eighty years the Oneida (Tennessee) High School football team had opened its games with a prayer. Naturally, such an act could not be allowed to stand. The comically misnamed American... Read More

The Real Reasons Why We Celebrate Labor Day


by Lisa Quast - Happy Labor Day, for those of you in the United States of America!  While having a day off of work to celebrate the end of summer is always a treat, you might be surprised at the real reasons we celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of... Read More

Spring 2014 AMAC Advantage Magazine Very Informative

capitol hill

By- Al J. Keller I found the article by Andrew Mangione in the Spring 2014 AMAC Advantage magazine very informative, especially the mention of H.R. 3894 – Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act. However, when I checked on the status of the bill using the... Read More

The History of Article V: Reclaiming Our Heritage

states convention article v

by Michael Farris - George Mason was a visionary of liberty. He was the chief force behind the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776—the document which provided the framework for the Bill of Rights fifteen years later. As a delegate to the Constitutional... Read More

Milton Friedman’s 7 Most Notable Quotes


Happy Birthday Milton Friedman - from The Daily Signal – by Rob Nikolewski – Harry Truman once complained he wanted to find a one-handed economist because he was tired of asking a direct question of those on his economic team, only to have them... Read More

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