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Spring Into Dallas


The Big D is the place to be in late spring. Temperatures are warm, but the steamy days of summer are still a month away and Major League Baseball is in full swing. You could start your Dallas trip by catching a Texas Rangers game in Arlington. Not a baseball... Read More

National Cherry Blossom Festival


By – D.J. Wilson Much of the U.S. is recuperating from dynamic winter weather, including our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  Now that spring is here, the season begs us to turn our attention to nature.  We watch for signs of the new season,... Read More

Vegas Spring Vacation


Spring is the perfect time to visit Las Vegas. It’s warm, but not too hot. You can play golf, dine outside and even spend time by the pool. In the last two weeks of March, college basketball tournaments are in full swing and the excitement at the hotel... Read More

Picture Perfect Miami


by DJ Wilson – Tropical weather and beaches generally come to mind when picturing Miami.  That’s rightfully so because the average year-round temperature is 77˚F.  The sun soaked Atlantic Coast city sits on a broad plain between the Florida... Read More

Visit Florence – Hub of History, Beauty, Culture


By – D.J. Wilson Nestled in the Italian region of Tuscany is the beloved capital city of Florence, a city cushioned by striking landscape views. Its early role as a medieval European trade city brought initial wealth and fame to Florence.  There is... Read More

Valentine’s Saturday Getaway!


Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year so it’s the perfect opportunity to make it really special with a romantic night at a hotel or bed & breakfast.  Some hotels even offer Valentine’s Day packages and include amenities like candle lite dining... Read More

Need a Winter Break? Why Not Washington D.C. for President’s Day?   

DC-Moonrise_73828132 washington

In 1971, President Richard Nixon combined the holidays commemorating Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays into one and ever since we’ve honored all past presidents on the third Monday of February. Special festivities including parades, events and galas... Read More

Introducing Barbados


The Luxury Destination You’ve Been Waiting For! Resplendent with 280 brand-new rooms and suites, 11 specialty restaurants-including Sandals Resorts first Indian restaurant-the re-imagined Sandals Barbados, set along Dover Beach, will surely be the talk of... Read More

Cruising Amsterdam – An Intimate Way to Meet the City


By –  D J Wilson Amsterdam, capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is considered one of the greatest small cities in the world.  From its famous canals and historical sites to world-class museums and restaurants, it’s a place offering... Read More

Super Week in Phoenix


Enjoy the Super Bowl experience without going to the game. Head to Phoenix for a super fun week. Super Bowl XLIX will be played February 1st at the University of Phoenix Stadium and Super Bowl week is January 26 – February 1st.  Even if you don’t have... Read More

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