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The Gruberization of a Nation


by Diana Erbio – Numerous videos surfaced recently of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber exposing the foundation of the fundamental transformation of the healthcare system that was built into the Affordable Care Act. Most of the media, if they covered the... Read More

“Are You Smart Enough to be President of the United States?”


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News I can’t stop laughing right now. Why? Because I just watched a clip of MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt interviewing Governor Rick Perry. She actually asked him, “And are you smart enough to be President of the United... Read More

OPEC is Wrong to Think it Can Outlast U.S. on Oil Prices

MW-CY579_opec07_20141107014443_MG Mullaney Technology is cheaper and West doesn’t use oil to fund a welfare state Give Saudi Arabia credit: Whoever sets oil-production policy for the desert kingdom has guts. Unfortunately, the sheiks have made what’s likely to... Read More

Bila Thanksgivings


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Oh, Thanksgiving. The memories. Never a dull moment. My top 5 over the years… 5) The year my friend and her boyfriend got into a giant fight and I ate my turkey in her bedroom closet with her Chihuahua, sitting on the... Read More

Ten Arguments Against Obama’s Executive Action

obama executive order

by-Robert Charles Mr. Charles is a former assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, former counsel to a congressional oversight committee, a former litigator, and a teacher of government oversight at Harvard’s extension school. He is currently a... Read More

The Midterms Are Over—Now What?


Now that Republicans have celebrated a strong midterm election victory, many are asking, “What’s next?” What should they be doing? Where should the focus be? How do they turn a 2014 midterm victory into a 2016 presidential victory? I have some... Read More

Welcome Back to America, Mr. President


 from American Thinker – by – Robert Charles So, the Republicans win big across the United States – regaining control of the U.S. Senate, adding seats in the U.S. House, capturing new governorships, preserving old ones, and winning countless... Read More

Thanks for the Confirmation, Gruber


By Jedediah Bila Jonathan Gruber’s remarks should have your blood boiling no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. A reminder of what the Obamacare technical consultant said: “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not... Read More

Go Get Him, Girl


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart’s Conversation My friend is crazy about a dude she’s never even kissed. I mean head-over-heels, order-three-coffees-at-his-coffeehouse-even-though-you-hate-coffee crazy. She gets that weird light in her eyes when she... Read More

Now We Can Get Congress Going

capitol building

Reform the tax code, redefine ‘full time’ as working 40 hours a week, move on the Keystone XL pipeline—there are plenty of tasks ahead. from WSJ – by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Americans have entrusted Republicans with control of both the House... Read More

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