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Time to Protect Lady Liberty

statue of liberty

By – Diana Erbio It is time to recognize all that Lady Liberty has done for us. Too many Americans are not treating her like the mom who has protected her children selflessly all of their lives. Too many children of Liberty who have grown into... Read More

Hillary Still Leading Potential GOP Candidates


I’ve been saying for a long time that no potential Hillary scandal, including remaining questions with respect to the Benghazi attack and her email controversy, will matter if people aren’t inspired by the alternative. She will be viewed as the lesser of... Read More

Voters Have Hillary Concerns


I just checked out some interesting polling via Rasmussen on the latest Hillary headlines. Some highlights: “Half (49%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe Clinton’s use of a private, non-government e-mail provider for issues at the highest levels of the U.S.... Read More

Walker is Right: Trafficker Firings Affected Soviets

Scott Walker

By – Robert Charles Make no mistake, Scott Walker is right about Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers, and the sobering impact this one decision – a domestic policy decision – had on the thinking of Soviet leaders. In short,... Read More

A More Conservative GOP?


I just spotted some interesting polling: Nearly half of Republicans want their party to move farther to the right, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. Democrats mostly want their party to stay the same. Forty-six percent of Americans who either identify... Read More

Gridlock Instead of Governing: Immigration Edition

obama executive order

‘Behind President Obama’s Plan to Sabotage Congress and Blame Republicans’ By Peter A. Finocchio and Caroline Rayburn Some had hoped that the election of a fully Republican Congress last November would ease the gridlock in Washington.... Read More

Obama Administration Attempts to Cut Bipartisan Veterans’ Choice Card Program


By – Peter A. Finocchio In the wake of the disturbing news of neglect and maltreatment at VA hospitals last year, Congress responded in part by passing the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014, legislation that enables veteran... Read More

Hey 2016 GOP Candidates, You Listening?


Here’s a brief bit of advice for potential 2016 GOP candidates, take it or leave it. Abortion, gay marriage, evolution, birth control, whether you think black and white cookies are unjust—you will potentially be asked about it all. So, here’s a crazy... Read More

It’s Getting Old, GOP


The GOP is maddening when it comes to an Obamacare alternative. My patience is worn thin. And it’s not about to get resolved any time soon. The Hill reports on a recent proposal from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and others: Even Hatch and... Read More

7 Huge Problems with the Obama Budget Plan


from – SBE Council – by Raymond J. Keating The federal budget has been a mess for a very long time. No news there. Unfortunately, the new budget proposed by President Obama only promises to make matters worse, and this after some very minor... Read More

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