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Thank You, Jack, and All Our Veterans


Jack was the funniest guy I had ever met. He was one of my grandfather’s friends, a seventy-something Brooklyn guy who could make you laugh at the drop of a hat and cook a mean marinara sauce in no time at all. He had fought in World War II. His wife said... Read More

Value Free Speech Now


By – Diana Erbio Remember the danger that Dr. Ben Carson spoke of at the Prayer breakfast in Washington DC a few years ago?  Dr. Carson warned, “We’ve reached a point where people are actually afraid to talk about what they want to say, because... Read More

Love and Strangers


“Who would you fall in love with if you couldn’t see?” I looked up at the elderly gentleman who asked me that question last night and said, “I’m actually not sure.” “Think about it,” he said. “You might be surprised.” I was at an old... Read More

Obamacare Approval on the Rise?


I’ve been saying for some time now that criticizing Obamacare without offering a solid alternative helps no one. Check out some recent polling via The Hill: Support for ObamaCare has climbed to its highest level in more than two years, according to a new... Read More

The Iran ‘Agreement’ Charade


from – The Patriot Post – by Thomas Sowell By abandoning virtually all its demands for serious restrictions on Iran’s nuclear bomb program, the Obama administration has apparently achieved the semblance of a preliminary introduction to the... Read More

Unnatural Marriage is Wrong


By Brother Juniper – The union of two people of the same sex is not natural. It is against nature and for those of us who believe in a Supreme Being, it is morally wrong. There is no judgement in those statements- just the quality of pure truth. The... Read More

Unprepared Politicians, Take 999, Martin O’Malley Edition


I wish I had the ego of some of these politicians considering a run for the presidency. Really, it’s stunning. Let’s take Martin O’Malley, for example. Via Mediaite: When asked by George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning to name the biggest national... Read More

Nothing to See Here, Move Along!


Oh, Hillary. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Via USA Today: Former secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to “wipe her server clean” and permanently delete all e-mails from the personal server, according to the head of a House committee... Read More

The Lie Behind Social Security

social security cards

from – American Thinker – by Dan Weber Social Security is in trouble. We all know this, or should. But there is a cheat within the system, and it is time the cheat was brought into the full light of day. In short, Democrat lawmakers — and... Read More

Time to Protect Lady Liberty

statue of liberty

By – Diana Erbio It is time to recognize all that Lady Liberty has done for us. Too many Americans are not treating her like the mom who has protected her children selflessly all of their lives. Too many children of Liberty who have grown into... Read More

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