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Having Learned Nothing From ’08, the Feds Double Down On Housing


from – – by – Jeffrey Dorfman The housing market meltdown that began in 2007 and helped trigger the recent recession was completely avoidable. The conditions that created the slow-growth rush into housing did not arise... Read More

ID Thieves Love the Holidays – Businesses and Consumers Beware

id theft holiday

from AZ Central – by Mark Pribish If you want to help ensure a happy holiday season — whether you own a business or are a consumer — it’s time to boost your Identity Theft Aptitude because identity-theft criminals are especially active from... Read More

Alan Greenspan Says Inflation, Interest Rates and Gold Will Rise within Five Years


By Mike Fuljenz – My friend Gary Alexander interviewed former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference followed by a panel with Greenspan and others.  In his closing question during the first one-on-one... Read More

Obama Added Over $1 Trillion in Red Ink in Fiscal 2014


By – Mike Fuljenz The federal government’s fiscal year ended last week, on September 30.  The accounting is dismal.  Even though 2014 has been a booming year in the economy, with rapidly rising (+8.5%) tax collections, the total federal debt... Read More

Asian Gold Demand Continues to Rise


By – Mike Fuljenz The rising U.S. dollar has dampened the gold price and created negative sentiment in the U.S., but gold has not fallen much in most other currencies, and demand continues to rise in most Asian gold markets: In China, the Shanghai Gold... Read More

Who Will Inherit Your Debt When You Die?


from – – by Gerri Detweiler Most of us would love to be able to leave a nice inheritance to our spouse, kids, grandkids or other loved ones. However, many baby boomers who have seen their net worth dip below zero in recent years will... Read More

2014′s Best and Worst Places to Retire


from – – by Richie Bernardo After decades in the workforce, it seems only natural for retirees to expect financial security in their Golden Years. But gone are the days when Americans looked forward to a worry-free retirement. Many... Read More

How to Prepare for Retirement on a Low Income


 by Emily Brandon Saving for retirement is especially difficult when you are earning a small salary. However, there are a variety of ways you can begin building a nest egg, even if you are receiving small paychecks. Here are some strategies to invest for... Read More

10 Dumb Deals We All Fall For

money scam

Did you get a great bargain last week? Hate to tell you, but if it fell into one of these 10 categories, it was probably a dumb deal. from – Money Talks News – by Marylene LaPonsie As a smart shopper, you probably spend lots of time searching for... Read More

Did “ Interest Rate Fears Trample Gold ” Last Week?


By – Mike Fuljenz Last week’s Wall Street Journal featured a post-mortem on gold’s decline with the headline, “Interest-Rate Fears Trample Gold.” The two loaded words in the middle of that headline (Fears Trample) was somewhat inaccurate. The... Read More

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