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Minor Typing Errors Cost Medicare Millions in Overpayments


From – – by Sarah Chavey Medicare continues to eat up a growing share of the federal budget, but millions of dollars in spending on the program are due to waste and mismanagement. Case in point: in an audit period from July 1, 2009... Read More

Restoring Work Requirements: An Important Fix To America’s Food Stamp Crisis


From – – By – Nic Horton, Jonathan Ingram and Josh Archambault Over the last several years, even as the economy has started to improve, more and more Americans have become trapped in the food stamp program, now called the... Read More

The New “Chip” Cards – A Challenge for Small Businesses


October 1, 2015 is a critical date for many small businesses. That’s when the major credit card payment networks—VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover—will institute a liability shift that will have major implications for point-of-sale merchants. On that... Read More

The Planned Parenthood Abortion-Funding Fallacy


From – – By – Preston Cooper The string of undercover Planned Parenthood videos released over the last several weeks has reignited congressional attempts to defund the organization, long a target of pro-life activists.... Read More

Keep the Ex-Im Bank Dead


From – – by Patrick Holland The Export-Import Bank, which aids U.S. exporters by loaning funds to foreign buyers of U.S. goods, could be resurrected from the dead by the end of the week. Last month the bank’s charter expired... Read More

Medical ID Theft Costs Victims Big Money


From – – by Mark Pribish Medical ID theft costs victims big money, and resolving cases is complicated and time-consuming. Mark Pribish discusses the most important details from Ponemon Institute’s study. Roughly 2.3 million... Read More

Your Small Business is Always at Risk


Learn how you can protect it. Lawsuits against big brands flood our news; from someone suing McDonalds for serving scalding hot coffee that caused third degree burns to someone suing Red Bull for not being able to fly after drinking an energy drink. Although... Read More

Follow the Money: Export-Import Bank


From – – by Chris Walker “There are two types of businesses: successful ones that don’t need financial assistance from the government, and unsuccessful ones that don’t deserve it.” This line from Heritage Foundation President... Read More

Best Steps to Plan for Health Costs in Retirement


From – – by Peter Stahl There is great concern among pre-retirees regarding the scope and cost of their health care during their retirement years. Anxiety leads to action, so as we consider the convergence of health care and... Read More

Retirees, Should You Buy or Rent When Downsizing?


from – Kiplinger – Susan B. Garland You are empty nesters and you are thinking: Our five-bedroom family home sure seems a bit, well, large, not to mention a money drain. It’s time to move to a smaller place. But now you need to decide... Read More

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