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The Cost of Caregiving


When you decide to take care of an aging parent on your own, the decision often comes from both an emotional and a practical place. Of course you want to make the most of these years with mom or dad, and doing so can seemingly save you money in the long run.... Read More

Retirement On The Road

retirement road rv

By Jane Kenny -  Many Americans who want to travel the country when they retire have decided to do it in an RV because it’s fun and affordable. And, the retirees who are full-time RVers (with no stationary home) are actually adding to their... Read More

Counterattacking the Sales Tax on Money


By – Mike Fuljenz Progress is continuing in the coin industry’s ongoing fight against unfair sales taxes.  Two more states – Nebraska and Oklahoma – recently enacted legislation exempting coins and precious metals from such taxation. According to... Read More

U.S. Military, Vets Often ID-Theft Targets


from – – by Mark Pribish Our brave military personnel may believe they are under attack by enemies never imagined, and that fear can continue even after their service to country ends. ID-theft complaints among active U.S. military... Read More

How Have AMAC Benefits Helped You Save Money?


As an AMAC member, you have exclusive  access to a broad array of discounts on products and services such as Homeowner’s Insurance, Dental Services, Travel, Car Rentals and Roadside Assistance. We would love to hear your story about  savings and... Read More

12 Tips to Cut Your Risk of ID Theft While on Vacation


by Mark Pribish - It is critical to take safeguards to protect yourself and your fellow travelers, including the personal information of your children. Just as pickpockets take full advantage during vacation season, identity-theft criminals are at it, too,... Read More

Your Vehicle and Identity Theft Could be Partners in Crime


from – – Mark Pribish  It is estimated that one-third of all motor-vehicle thefts could potentially translate into identity theft because the contents of the vehicle reveal personal information about the owner. According to the... Read More

The National Motto Muddle

e pluribus unum

‘In God We Trust’ vs. ‘E Pluribus Unum’ by Mike Fuljenz “E Pluribus Unum.” That three-word phrase appears on every regular U.S. coin and every piece of U.S. paper money now in circulation. That’s because it’s our national motto,... Read More

Medical ID Theft Rockets Up

Medical ID theft

from  the Arizona Republic – by Mark Pribish - Health-care organizations have become data-breach targets. Medical-related ID theft accounted for 44 percent of all data breaches in 2013 as reported by the Identity Theft Resource Center. That’s up... Read More

The New Realities of Winning a Good Job in 2014


by Michael R. Fuljenz -  To succeed and get the job you want, you need to set yourself apart – and ahead of – other job applicants.  With a high percentage of young college graduates joining you in the same job search, you need to seek that extra edge... Read More

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