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It’s Not Just the Economy Devastating Working-class Families


from – – by W. Bradford Wilcox The first step required to confront a problem is to get out of denial, and realize that you have a problem. Thanks to the work of scholars like Sara McLanahan, Isabel Sawhill, June Carbone, Naomi Cahn,... Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Retirement Home for You

hometown america

This could be your last home purchase, so make sure it fits your lifestyle and accommodates any health concerns. from – – by Teresa Mears Once their children grow older and leave home, many people start looking for a new house. This... Read More

10 Things You Should Know About Your Parent’s Finances

Senior woman counting money

from – – by Marlo Sollitto What would happen if you had to suddenly take over management of a parent’s money and finances? If a parent becomes incapacitated, someone has to take over paying bills and managing their money. It... Read More

Personal Finance: Understanding the Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages


by-David Lazarus Retirement is an increasingly scary prospect. Some experts say a couple will require at least $2 million to live comfortably. Some say you should have at least 10 times your annual salary socked away. My wife and I have been aggressive savers... Read More

How To Evaluate A Charity

PreferredCharity P. Barrett The annual list of the largest U.S. charities is a roster of the country’s biggest as calculated by Forbes. However, what is done with that largesse can be quite another matter. Biggest does not necessarily mean the... Read More

Is Global Demand for Gold Falling…or Rising?


Once again, the mainstream press got the story wrong, or at least incomplete. On November 14th, the day gold rose $40, The Wall Street Journal said demand is falling: “Global Demand for Gold Falls: A 37% Tumble in China acted as a Drag in Third Quarter.”... Read More

Do Retirees Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

1410287497000-78783452 Brooks Health care costs are a big concern for people going into retirement, but the costs of long-term care can still be a shock. Here are a few facts: • 70% of people over 65 will need some form of long-term care at some... Read More

7 Surprise Retirement Expenses


from – – Tom Sightings What’s the scariest thing about retirement? The things we don’t know. There are bound to be some surprises in retirement. But here are seven retirement unknowns that you can prepare for in... Read More

ACA Open Enrollment Creates Greater Risk of ID theft


from – – by Mark Pribish On Saturday, the Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges will begin a three-month open-enrollment period for 2015. The flurry of information that will be sent and received to enroll provides criminals... Read More

Slash Your Heating Costs This Winter


from – – by Patricia Schaefer Use these low and no-cost ways to lower your heating bill, regardless of your heat source. Read on if you’d like to save 20 or even 40% on your heating bills this winter. How would you... Read More

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