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How to Construct a Fair Price Comparison of Gold vs. Stocks and Inflation

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

On November 21, 2014, when the gold price was down in the dumps, USA Today published an article titled, “Gold’s cheap, but look before you leap.”  In that article, the popular national newspaper used 1980 as their starting point for comparing gold’s... Read More

3 Types of Insurance Every Small Business Needs


Give your business the freedom to offer advice without the threat of a looming lawsuit. Building a small business takes time, effort, determination and money. And although the risk of being sued and losing your business seems distant, it’s a real risk... Read More

Saving Money by Refinancing Your Car


Yes, it is possible to save money with an auto refinance loan but many people are just not aware of how easy it is to accomplish.  Over the last few years the statistics show that consumers are choosing car refinancing because on average the savings amount... Read More

Hobby Protection With Teeth


“Cooperation” has been a foreign word lately in the halls of Congress and the corridors of the White House.  Confrontation, not compromise, has been the dominant theme in dealings between the two political parties that together are supposed to serve the... Read More

15 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of ID Theft


from – – by Mark Pribish Whether you are a consumer or a small-business owner planning for a great 2015, help yourself by taking charge of your cybersecurity and personal privacy to reduce your risk of becoming an ID-theft... Read More

Gold Experts See Gold at $2,000 – in 2015 or Later

gold sale

  by – Mike Fuljenz Scotiabank’s recent mining conference featured a panel of gold experts with their views for 2015. The predicted prices were all over the map, but most specialists admitted they had no real way of knowing. In fact, host Andy... Read More

Know Someone With a Small Business?

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white ba

After the Holiday rush, this is the time of the year owners of small businesses take a look at the overall profits their businesses earned. It is also a good time to evaluate their expenses to see if there are ways to save money. Brad Winnings from AMAC Small... Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Retirement Home for You

hometown america

This could be your last home purchase, so make sure it fits your lifestyle and accommodates any health concerns. from – – by Teresa Mears Once their children grow older and leave home, many people start looking for a new house. This... Read More

10 Things You Should Know About Your Parent’s Finances

Senior woman counting money

 by Marlo Sollitto – What would happen if you had to suddenly take over management of a parent’s money and finances? If a parent becomes incapacitated, someone has to take over paying bills and managing their money. It happens to many caregivers.... Read More

Personal Finance: Understanding the Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages


by-David Lazarus Retirement is an increasingly scary prospect. Some experts say a couple will require at least $2 million to live comfortably. Some say you should have at least 10 times your annual salary socked away. My wife and I have been aggressive savers... Read More

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