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Funny Animals and Mirrors


Watch all of these animals struggle with... Read More

A Hobby to Stick Generations Together


By – Diana Erbio Stamp collecting is an old-fashioned hobby, but maybe some low-tech combined with high-tech is just the way to connect generations. Stamp collecting has a strong web presence these days, which would help engage youngsters. But the... Read More

Golfer, 103, Becomes Oldest Person to Record Hole-in-One


from – Fox News A 103-year-old Florida golfer has made history, becoming the oldest person to record a hole-in-one. Gus Andreone achieved his special feat on “Wacky Wednesday” at the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota. His friends watched in... Read More

Have You Ever Wondered What the Most Popular Places Are in Your State? This Map Shows You.


from – IJR Review – by Chris Enloe Reddit contributor “Midwester” recently took the time to compile the most interesting places in the U.S. He created a map, showcasing the most popular attraction in each of the 50 states. The map is... Read More

Hokey Pokey – Just For Fun

23 Of the Most Interesting Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014!


Each year, the Oxford English Dictionary(OED) is updated to reflect changes in technology and language. These updates occur in March, June, September and December. While the Oxford Dictionaries have added words like “perf,” “binge-watch,” and... Read More

O Holy Night


Very Cool Video!


from – – by – Glenn Beck The band OK Go is known for creating some insanely creative music videos. They’ve mastered the “single take”, where the entire video is one continuous shot. And the band has used synchronized... Read More

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