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Obamacare Watchdog

Millions of Americans Fined for Not Having Obamacare, While Millions in Obamacare Subsidies Go to People Who Don’t Even Exist!

what will your obamacare fines be

The IRS has reported that it fined 7.5 million Americans who didn’t have health insurance in 2014, yet millions of dollars in Obamacare subsidies are being paid out to people scamming the system! The Treasury Department reported last week the number of... Read More

AMAC Members Share Their ObamaCare Experiences


Thank You for Sharing Your ObamaCare Experiences With Us! Last week we asked you to tell us how ObamaCare has impacted you so that we may bring the proof to Washington and challenge the mainstream media to tell the truth. We thank you sharing you personal... Read More

Hawaii’s Obamacare Exchange is Going Under

Money and Obama Care

From – – by Jake Diary At some point, we have to ask ourselves, “Is there an Obamacare exchange that isn’t an utter failure?” The latest news regarding the Hawaii Health Connector, Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange, might be the... Read More

Oregon’s Failed ObamaCare Exchange is a Warning for Other States

Money and Obama Care

from – Galen Institute – by Grace-Marie Turner Governors in 37 states are weighing their options should the Supreme Court conclude the IRS acted illegally in allowing their citizens to receive tax subsidies for health insurance through the federal... Read More

Obamacare Is Really Expensive for Small Businesses. Surprise!

Lousy news for growing the economy, creating jobs, and overall increasing prosperity. from – – by J.D. Tuccille “Complying with the health care law is costing small businesses thousands of dollars that they didn’t have to... Read More

An Off-Ramp From ObamaCare

from – The Wall Street Journal – by John Kline, Paul Ryan and Fred Upton If the Supreme Court follows the law, there will be an opening for a sane health-care alternative. Here it is. On Wednesday the Supreme Court will take on yet another... Read More

The Great Society Declared War on Marriage: Obamacare Made It Worse

from – NCPA – by Devon M. Herrick President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty” in 1964 and followed up a year later with an avalanche of domestic social and antipoverty programs known collectively as the Great... Read More

Congress Is About to Impose Another Unfunded Mandate on Doctors

from – The Daily Signal – by John Grimsley & John O’Shea, M.D. Doctors in their day-to-day practice already face a mound of federal regulations. Now, starting Oct. 1, doctors will face a new unfunded mandate as they will be required to... Read More

One Year After the ACA, Healthcare That Is Less Affordable and Accessible Zoel Zinberg Last month the White House proudly announced that after completing the first year of Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation the number of uninsured Americans is at historic lows-11.3% in the second quarter of 2014,... Read More

Rates Have Soared

From – J Comer Our rates for a family of 4 used to be $843/qtr 2 years ago. Now they have soared to 2343/qtr for the same amount of people. During those last 2 years, 1 appendectomy and 1 hernia surgery 2 different family members. Please take a moment... Read More

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