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GAO: Feds Spent $3.7 Billion On Obamacare But Aren’t Sure Where It Went


from The Daily Caller – by Sarah Hurtubise The Obama administration hasn’t kept track of the $3.7 billion it spent last year on Obamacare and other federal health programs’ implementation, according to a federal audit. The Centers for Medicare and... Read More

Small Business Workers & Families at Risk Under ObamaCare, House Taking Action


from – – by Katie Boyd Families across the nation lost the health plans they liked and could afford under the president’s health care law last year, and now small business employees are bracing for the next wave of cancellation... Read More

Unemployed by ObamaCare


from – The Wall Street Journal Most of the political class seems to have decided that ObamaCare is working well enough, the opposition is fading, and the subsidies and regulation are settling in as the latest wing of the entitlement state. This flight... Read More

Obamacare Chief Ordered Official To Delete Emails


from – The Daily Caller – by Sarah Hurtubise Obamacare head Marilyn Tavenner told a top press official to delete an e-mail related to during the botched launch, according to documents released Friday. House Republicans are seeking... Read More

Medicare Cuts End Personal Touch of ‘Mom and Pop’ Business Serving Seniors


Robert and Susan Blair stand outside Riverside Home Health Care, the business they started in Grants Pass, Ore. (Photo: Courtesy of Michael Blair) from – The Daily Signal – by Melissa Quinn For Robert and Susan Blair, it was time for an exit... Read More

If You Like Your Obamacare Plan, It’ll Cost You


‘Consumers could be hit with major price increases, without even knowing it, if they don’t switch their health care plans.’ from – National Journal – by Sam Baker If you like your Obamacare plan, you can keep it—but you might end... Read More

Women-Owned Businesses Hit Hard By ObamaCare Tax


from – Forbes – by Carrie Lukas What’s the harm in hitting businesses with another tax and regulation?  Conservative economists lecture about costs rippling through, hitting consumers and employees as well as business’s bottom-lines.  But... Read More

Obamacare by the Numbers

Obamacare Watchdog

from – Reason Foundation – by Peter Suderman - A state-by-state analysis of failed health care exchanges Oregon Of all the failures spawned by Obama­care, perhaps the most complete was the meltdown of Oregon’s health insurance exchange.... Read More

Massive Obamacare Fraud is Just a Mouse Click Away


from – Human Events – by John Hayward Another vignette in the long, painful process of ObamaCare disintegration is delivered by the Washington Post, which reports that our super-genius centrally-planned mega-bureaucracy and its billion-dollar... Read More

In 2012, Obamacare’s Architect Agreed With ‘Right-Wing’ Strategy To ‘Gut’ Obamacare


from – Forbes – by Avik Roy Earlier this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia—the second highest court in the land—ruled that Obamacare’s subsidies for individually-purchased insurance could only flow through... Read More

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