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AMAC Condemns Bill to Raise Social Security Taxes


WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 21 — Blasting  Congressional Democrats  for offering a bill to hike Social Security taxes and cut benefits,  Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, called the proposal “just more income... Read More

Letter for Congressional Record: A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America


March 18, 2015 The Honorable Tom Price 6th District, Georgia 207 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 The Honorable Chris Van Hollen 8th District, Maryland 134 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Dear Chairman Price and Ranking... Read More

A Budget that Works for Seniors: House GOP takes Bold Steps Forward to Guarantee Retirement Programs


By – Peter A. Finocchio On Tuesday, the House Budget Committee unveiled its proposal for the FY 2016 budget. Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) held a press conference to discuss what the new budget means for the American people. Chairman Price... Read More

NH-01 Town Hall Synopsis: Rep. Frank Guinta

Guinta TH 1

During the first official “District Work Week” of the 114th Congress, AMAC members in Manchester, New Hampshire had an opportunity to meet with their Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01) at the St. Anslem College Institute for Politics – a popular venue... Read More

CA-52 Town Hall Synopsis: Rep. Scott Peters

Peters TH 1

Written by:  AMAC Delegate Fred Yerrick Representative Scott Peters participated in an AMAC town hall meeting in late February at the Poway Public Library in Poway, California. More than 25 AMAC members gathered to talk about the issues facing America today... Read More

OH-14 Town Hall Synopsis: Representative Dave Joyce

Joyce TH 1

On March 11, a small group of AMAC members gathered in a picturesque log cabin in Stow, Ohio to meet with their Congressman, Dave Joyce for well over an hour. The intimate setting gave the 15 AMAC members in attendance a chance to converse plainly with the... Read More

AMAC Opposes Risky and Costly Obama EPA Plan


March 5, 2015 Ms. Vanessa Gallman Editorial Page Editor Lexington Herald-Leader Lexington, KY Dear Editor Gallman: As CEO of the growing 1.3 million member Association of Mature American Citizens (“AMAC”), I commend Senator McConnell for his March 3rd... Read More

AMAC ‘Lights a Fire’ in Congress to Deal with Social Security Issues

social security cards

‘On its current financial track, Social Security is not sustainable’ WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 6 – Lawmakers joined with the Association of Mature American Citizens this week at a Social Security Working Group meeting intended “to light a fire” in... Read More

AMAC Social Security Working Group

Flowers on US Capitol Grounds

AMAC’s Social Security Working Group takes center stage on Capitol Hill today, with members of Congress and policy experts coming together to discuss guaranteeing the future of Social Security. As a key player and chief advocate for seniors, AMAC has been... Read More

AMAC Holding Social Security Workshop at the Capitol!


You’re Invited to AMAC’s Social Security Working Group Join AMAC for a roundtable discussion to evaluate viable solutions to save and strengthen Social Security.     Experts: Jason Fichtner (Mercatus Center), Romina Boccia (The Heritage... Read More

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