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‘Con-feminists’ are the New Force in American Politics, says AMAC


‘Conservative feminists have true grit and passion on the issues’ WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 12 – “Liberals talk a good game when it comes to the defense of women’s rights as long as the woman is pro-choice, but Conservatives embrace the role of... Read More

The Gruberization of a Nation


by Diana Erbio – Numerous videos surfaced recently of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber exposing the foundation of the fundamental transformation of the healthcare system that was built into the Affordable Care Act. Most of the media, if they covered the... Read More

Is Global Demand for Gold Falling…or Rising?


Once again, the mainstream press got the story wrong, or at least incomplete. On November 14th, the day gold rose $40, The Wall Street Journal said demand is falling: “Global Demand for Gold Falls: A 37% Tumble in China acted as a Drag in Third Quarter.”... Read More

EPA’s New Power Grab Includes Rain Water, says AMAC


‘The agency seeks to expand the definition of the waterways it regulates to include puddles’ WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 5 – “Government has grown more aggressive as it seeks to trample on our rights with regulations that are so intrusive they are... Read More

Older Americans Say: Stay Positive, Seal the Southern Border

DanPictureTLC20062-768x1024 Weber Much has been said already about the president’s executive action on immigration. But here is a cautionary note. The new Congress must stay positive, not go negative at once. AMAC represents more than a million older... Read More

AMAC: Top Obamacare Supporter Says Law Was ‘A Mistake’


‘Popularity of the law continues to decline and there’s more bad news on the horizon’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 28 – “If it weren’t for bad news Obamacare wouldn’t make much news at all,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association... Read More

Everybody Loves a Parade


by D.J. Wilson – Our modern day Thanksgiving holiday embraces cultural traditions.  Parades are a customary part of day, taking place in small towns and major cities across the country.  Department stores often sponsored holiday parades to draw... Read More

‘Ideological Weathermen’ Threaten Our Economic Future, says AMAC


‘They’ve succeeded in blocking the Keystone pipeline so far and have hampered affordable fossil fuel production’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 21 – While scientists caution that the Sun is cooling and a “mini ice age” is in the making, the... Read More

Ten Arguments Against Obama’s Executive Action

obama executive order

by-Robert Charles Mr. Charles is a former assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, former counsel to a congressional oversight committee, a former litigator, and a teacher of government oversight at Harvard’s extension school. He is currently a... Read More

Six Spectacular Reasons to Visit Hawaii


by DJ Wilson – KAUAI is a special island, full of natural mystery and enchanting beauty. Sometimes called the “Garden Isle”, this paradise offers diverse pleasures such as glistening waterfalls and rivers and dramatic lava caves and state parks. The... Read More

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