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‘Ideological Weathermen’ Threaten Our Economic Future, says AMAC


‘They’ve succeeded in blocking the Keystone pipeline so far and have hampered affordable fossil fuel production’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 21 – While scientists caution that the Sun is cooling and a “mini ice age” is in the making, the... Read More

Ten Arguments Against Obama’s Executive Action

obama executive order

by-Robert Charles Mr. Charles is a former assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, former counsel to a congressional oversight committee, a former litigator, and a teacher of government oversight at Harvard’s extension school. He is currently a... Read More

Six Spectacular Reasons to Visit Hawaii


by DJ Wilson – KAUAI is a special island, full of natural mystery and enchanting beauty. Sometimes called the “Garden Isle”, this paradise offers diverse pleasures such as glistening waterfalls and rivers and dramatic lava caves and state parks. The... Read More

Insider Information May Put the Future of Obamacare in Doubt, says AMAC

Money and Obama Care

‘Comments made by a so-called ‘architect’ of the law may be the law’s undoing’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 14 – The new Republican-controlled Congress is all set to focus on the undoing of Obamacare when it convenes on January 3. “Meanwhile,... Read More

Consequences Get Results


One of the great behavioral psychologists of the 20th century was BF Skinner. His observation was that our behavior, what we do, is a function of the consequences we face from those actions. When a behavior is likely to have a positive outcome, we do it more... Read More

Seniors Played a Big Role in the GOP Congressional Sweep, says AMAC


‘We need to use that political clout to compel focus on issues of importance to voters of all ages.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 7 – America’s older voters played a significant role in this week’s GOP sweep of the mid-term Congressional elections,... Read More



by Diana Erbio – I HOPE our president will recognize the CHANGE  the American people voted for. Now that the House and the Senate have Republican majorities, hopefully the government will go back to how the U.S. Constitution declares it should be... Read More

Why You Must Vote!


From AMAC’s President, Dan Weber YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MOST STATES IN THIS ELECTION! Seven states are so close that the control of the senate is in balance. Many governors are running for re-election and the control of state legislations hangs on... Read More

Senate Mid-term Elections Shaping Up to Be a ‘Nail-Biter,’ says AMAC

mid term elections

‘Despite polls that show a majority of Americans are unhappy with Democratic policies’ WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 31 – The mid-term Senate elections – once considered a sure thing for Republican incumbents and contenders – are shaping up to be a... Read More

Voting is like Weeding ‒ We the People Need to Weed


by Diana Erbio – Voting is like weeding. We know weeds take over an untended garden. Too many in our Republic are neglecting our garden. We don’t vote. Benjamin Franklin was asked at the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 whether we had a... Read More

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