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Punta Cana –A Spectacular Caribbean Escape


PUNTA CANA –A SPECTACULAR CARIBBEAN ESCAPE (Plus… 10 Must-Read Bonus Travel Tips!) By – D.J. Wilson A VACATIONER’S DREAM Now is a great time to plan your escape to Punta Cana, an inviting vacation paradise located in the Caribbean.  The beaches... Read More

AMAC: Will Secular Principles Trump Religious Rights?


‘A Supreme Court case on gay marriage rights and remarks of a presidential candidate raise the question’ WASHINGTON, DC, May 15 – The U.S. is still a religious country despite a new report that there’s been a nearly eight percent decline over... Read More

Retirement is Just a Dream For Many In The Workplace, says AMAC


‘Six workers out of ten believe they’ll never see a Social Security check’ WASHINGTON, DC, May 8 – America’s workers are too busy looking for jobs to think much about the prospects of retiring.  One of the longest, slowest and weakest... Read More

Christian Persecution on the Rise Around the World, says AMAC


‘Western countries, including the U.S., need to view the problem as a matter of foreign policy’ WASHINGTON, DC, May 1 – The persecution of Christians is not limited to the middle east.  A new report by the human rights group, China Aid, shows... Read More

Obamacare: AMAC Says The ‘Silence is Deafening’ As We Await Its Fate

Money and Obama Care

Will Congress be able to implement a rational and effective means of putting an end to the inequities and inefficiencies? WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 24 – The “silence is deafening” as the Supreme Court gets ready to hand down a ruling that will almost... Read More

AMAC Connects – Off and Running!

An AMAC “student” receives hands-on instruction

by Gerry hafer – The AMAC Foundation’s “Connects – Technology for Seniors” program got off to a roaring start in March with two filled-to-capacity sessions focusing on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Under the skillful tutelage of... Read More

Eureka Springs

By – D.J. Wilson Have you ever flipped through the pages of a travel magazine and wished you were someplace beautiful?  It’s time to stop dreaming about travel, and to start doing.  If you’re looking for a picture perfect place to go, surround... Read More

Proposed City Law Would Let Non-Citizens Vote, Reports AMAC


‘Immigrants who built America came here with a desire to participate in the democratic process, not to dismantle it’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 17 – Liberal politicians in New York City want to give immigrants who are not yet citizens the right to vote.  The... Read More

AMAC: The Issue of Executive Power Gets Court’s Attention

obama executive order

Liberal scholar chides the president for ‘burning the constitution’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 10 – President Obama’s “overreach” when it comes to his administration’s use of Executive Orders will come under scrutiny next week in the U.S. Court... Read More

Health Care Summit Focuses on the Needs of Seniors, says AMAC


‘We must present a united front to ensure the quality of life and dignity older Americans deserve’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 7 – Congressman David McKinley of West Virginia is keeping the focus on health care and the challenges faced by the nation’s... Read More

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