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The Lie behind Social Security

social security cards

from – American Thinker – by Dan Weber Social Security is in trouble. We all know this, or should. But there is a cheat within the system, and it is time the cheat was brought into the full light of day. In short, Democrat lawmakers — and... Read More

Time to Protect Lady Liberty

statue of liberty

By – Diana Erbio It is time to recognize all that Lady Liberty has done for us. Too many Americans are not treating her like the mom who has protected her children selflessly all of their lives. Too many children of Liberty who have grown into... Read More

AMAC: ‘Income Confiscation’ is Taking Away the Good Life From American Wage Earners


The liberal notion of ‘income inequality’ is a divisive political ploy WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 20 – It’s not “income inequality” that threatens the future economic growth of our country, it is “income confiscation” that saps our strength,... Read More

House Budget Resolution for FY2016 Strengthens Social Security and Medicare, says AMAC


‘It paves the way for a “more efficient, effective and accountable” government’ WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 18 – The House Budget Committee’s FY 2016 budget resolution, A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America, is a responsible step in the right... Read More

Ban The Flag Initiative At The University of California Is ‘Discouraging and Disheartening,’ says AMAC


It signals “a loss of love for our country” WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 13 – The recent incident at the University of California at Irvine in which the undergraduate legislative council passed a measure banning the American Flag on campus is a cause for... Read More

A Hobby to Stick Generations Together


By – Diana Erbio Stamp collecting is an old-fashioned hobby, but maybe some low-tech combined with high-tech is just the way to connect generations. Stamp collecting has a strong web presence these days, which would help engage youngsters. But the... Read More

Walker is Right: Trafficker Firings Affected Soviets

Scott Walker

By – Robert Charles Make no mistake, Scott Walker is right about Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers, and the sobering impact this one decision – a domestic policy decision – had on the thinking of Soviet leaders. In short,... Read More

A More Conservative GOP?


I just spotted some interesting polling: Nearly half of Republicans want their party to move farther to the right, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. Democrats mostly want their party to stay the same. Forty-six percent of Americans who either identify... Read More

President Kept One ‘Promise’—He Vetoed The Keystone Pipeline, says AMAC

keystone pipeline

‘Transporting crude oil via pipeline is far less hazardous than moving the stuff by rail’ WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 27 – After years of debate and study and an “all clear” from the State Department, a bill giving the go-ahead for construction of... Read More

‘Falling Unemployment’ Not a Cause for Celebration, says AMAC


’30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed’ WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 20 – The falling unemployment numbers should be cause for merriment but it’s hard to find enough people who are happily employed these days, at least... Read More

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