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Obamacare: AMAC Says The ‘Silence is Deafening’ As We Await Its Fate

Money and Obama Care

Will Congress be able to implement a rational and effective means of putting an end to the inequities and inefficiencies? WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 24 – The “silence is deafening” as the Supreme Court gets ready to hand down a ruling that will almost... Read More

AMAC Connects – Off and Running!

An AMAC “student” receives hands-on instruction

by Gerry hafer – The AMAC Foundation’s “Connects – Technology for Seniors” program got off to a roaring start in March with two filled-to-capacity sessions focusing on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Under the skillful tutelage of... Read More

Proposed City Law Would Let Non-Citizens Vote, Reports AMAC


‘Immigrants who built America came here with a desire to participate in the democratic process, not to dismantle it’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 17 – Liberal politicians in New York City want to give immigrants who are not yet citizens the right to vote.  The... Read More

AMAC: The Issue of Executive Power Gets Court’s Attention

obama executive order

Liberal scholar chides the president for ‘burning the constitution’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 10 – President Obama’s “overreach” when it comes to his administration’s use of Executive Orders will come under scrutiny next week in the U.S. Court... Read More

Health Care Summit Focuses on the Needs of Seniors, says AMAC


‘We must present a united front to ensure the quality of life and dignity older Americans deserve’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 7 – Congressman David McKinley of West Virginia is keeping the focus on health care and the challenges faced by the nation’s... Read More

AMAC: Protesters Don’t Seem to Know What is in Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

freedom religion

‘The law does not give anyone or any organization the right to discriminate’ WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 3 – It’s safe for people to live in or travel to Indiana, no matter what their sexual preferences might be, despite media reports to the contrary. ... Read More

AMAC: Senate Passage of a Balanced-Budget Plan is a Giant Step in the Right Direction for the Country


‘Republican leadership is having a decidedly positive and responsible impact in the Senate’ WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 27 – The Senate’s balanced-budget plan, passed in the early hours of this morning, is designed to get America back on sound financial... Read More

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law as the 2016 Presidential Election Gets Underway, says AMAC

United States Supreme Court Building and American Flag

Deniers dismiss the need for tighter voting procedures that ‘limit’ their candidates’ chances WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 27 – Campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Election got underway this week when Senator Ted Cruz threw his hat in the ring, becoming the... Read More

The Lie Behind Social Security

social security cards

from – American Thinker – by Dan Weber Social Security is in trouble. We all know this, or should. But there is a cheat within the system, and it is time the cheat was brought into the full light of day. In short, Democrat lawmakers — and... Read More

Time to Protect Lady Liberty

statue of liberty

By – Diana Erbio It is time to recognize all that Lady Liberty has done for us. Too many Americans are not treating her like the mom who has protected her children selflessly all of their lives. Too many children of Liberty who have grown into... Read More

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