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AMAC Authors

Student Sues Princeton University & Administrators – Promotes Broader Questions


by DJ Wilson - The news is chockfull of controversial stories.  One is about a Princeton University student who attempted suicide on campus in February of 2012. The student, who overdosed on pills used to treat depression, is suing the school and seven...
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AMAC Dials in to RSC Conference Call

RSC Logo

Midterm elections and crucial budget decisions continue to dominate the dialogue on Capitol Hill.  AMAC participated in a conference call with the Republican Study Committee (RSC) on Thursday, April 10th, to discuss the budget that passed earlier in the day...
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The New Iron Triangle


By Robert B. Charles – Today, we face a strange, new “iron triangle,” one that our Founders may not have foreseen — but one that we must understand — and break by voting in November.  The carefully designed “checks and balances”...
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AMAC Call to Action Gets Results: CMS Shelves Regulatory Changes to Medicare Part D – For Now

Capitol Building

by Andrew Mangione -  CMS shelves regulatory changes to Medicare Part D – for now -  We asked and you responded.  Well over 1,400 AMAC members made calls to their Congressional representatives and Senators through this week requesting that Medicare Part...
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The ObamaCare Enrollment Myth


by Stephanie Vogel and Caroline Rayburn - President Barack Obama addressed a small crowd in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday to discuss an April Fools’ Day joke four years in the making: a self-proclaimed “victory” for ObamaCare.  According to...
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In the Huddle with Fran Tarkenton


This is the first edition of “In the Huddle with Fran Tarkenton,” a new weekly feature in our AMAC member newsletter. Fran is on the advisory board for AMAC and is an AMAC National Spokesperson. Each week, Fran will share stories, ideas, and news from...
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Beware of the Anti-Bully Bullies


by Diana Erbio – Traditionally bullying has been viewed as behavior that someone more powerful has engaged in to torment someone they perceive as less powerful. The reasons for bullying have been explored and analyzed for decades. Some experts have...
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Take a Word Snapshot Today for Tomorrow


by Diana Erbio – Thomas Mallon wrote these words about the “you” we write to in our diaries in his book, A Book of One’s Own: People and Their Diaries, Ticknor & Fields NY, 1984 Your “you” may be even less palpable than...
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WEBER: Obamacare Cuts Home Healthcare for Millions of Seniors

AMAC's Founder, Dan Weber

from The Washington Times – by Dan Weber - President Obama’s mendacious political promise, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” continues to cast a long and disturbing shadow of doubt and confusion over millions of Americans who...
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AMAC in Action – February 2014

capitol rally

by Andrew Mangione – This February, AMAC has continued to sharpen its focus and build on its strengths as the fastest growing seniors advocacy organization in the country.  With the support of AMAC’s ever-growing membership base, Washington is...
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