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Articles by Ed Farnan

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About The Author

Ed Farnan is a syndicated columnist appearing in many publications such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, New York Daily News and USA Today. He is a frequent contributor to Irish Central. Ed can be reached at

The Sequester – Once Again a Failure to Lead

by Ed Farnarn – Sequester. Since we are getting bombarded with the word, I decided to look it up to see what it means in the dictionary. In its noun form, it is a general cut to government spending. In the verb, it means to isolate or hide away. In this... Read More

Time for The Oscars to Have a “Best Of” Politicians Category

The Oscar ceremonies finally sealed the deal between Hollywood and Washington DC. In an unprecedented move, Michelle Obama appeared on the Oscar stage via big screen. Direct from the White house, she was there to announce who won best picture. To add even... Read More

President Obama Can Reform Immigration and Stimulate the Economy — Build a Border Fence

The Senate’s so called “gang of eight” had reached a bi partisan agreement on reforming our immigration system. But the key to this bi partisan support was to seal our borders first, before we implement any steps to legality for the millions of illegals... Read More

It’s Time for the GOP to Get a New Playbook & Use Its Powerful Young Bench

The GOP has been outmaneuvered in the message department when they try to convey what they stand for to the general public. It’s no secret that President Obama and his advisers have tapped in to the popular main stream media and skillfully used it to their... Read More

Spain Backing Away from Bankrupt Policies that the US is Rushing to Embrace

by Ed Farnan – Spain and many of its European neighbors are coming face to face with the realities of paying for a utopian nanny state, aka:  socialism. With 190 billion in staggering debt, Spain is being forced to make economic decisions that make... Read More

If Republicans Want to Take the High Ground – They Should Be Bold and Put Corporate Welfare On the Table

by Ed Farnan – Obama has maneuvered the narrative of the fiscal cliff talks as being a war between the rich and the middle class. Obama claims to be on the side of the middle class and the GOP, the party of the “rich.” The mainstream media of... Read More

America Voted to Expand the Nanny State – But Who is Paying the Nanny?

Tuesday night’s election results didn’t change the balance of power much in Washington. It is still headed in the direction of runaway spending and expanding entitlements with more and larger government services. Of course, this costs tremendous amounts... Read More

Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz Headed for Her Last Showdown?

by Ed Farnan – Democrat Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been a polarizing figure in congress since 2005. Known as a bomb thrower on the level of Howard Dean, her reputation for outrageous statements has been augmented by her lack of... Read More

Israel Will be Energy Independent, Can America Follow Their Example?

America has huge reserves of coal, natural gas and oil,  which can can gives us the ability to be totally energy independent without  importing anything from foreign sources…If the will was there to do so. There is not another country on this earth that... Read More

Is Obama White House Willing to Jeopardize National Security for Political Gain?

by Ed Farnan – Recent revelations that leaks of the most highly sensitive military intelligence operations emanated from the White House, have triggered FBI investigations. Additionally, last Friday Attorney General Eric Holder announced he... Read More

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