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Articles by Diana Erbio

About The Author

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer who lives on Long Island. She has written about parenting issues, travel, museum exhibits, and a wide array of topics as a regular contributor to Long Island Parent magazine and Crinkles, an educational magazine for children. She has been published in a variety of national and local publications and her Opinion pieces have appeared in Newsday, Dan’s Papers and The Daily Caller. Recently Diana has written a children’s short story, Moon Circles, which provides a mini science lesson to readers as they follow two youngsters on a winter’s day beach outing with their mom.

Life is What We Make It

By – Diana Erbio We all have moments when we feel helpless. Sometimes we allow these moments to mount into years. That is unfortunate, because giving ourselves permission to wallow in such a state only compounds the bleakness. A while back I read a... Read More

Can’t We Agree to Agree When We Agree?

By – Diana Erbio Can’t we agree to agree on the things we do agree on? That statement sounds like common sense, but as the old saying goes “Common sense is not so common.” How do we know if we agree with others? Do we even know what we believe in... Read More

Positions Available at Mommy INC.

by Diana Erbio - Mommy INC. is an important division of The Family Corporation. We have a wide variety of positions available here, at Mommy INC. Let me tell you about some of these opportunities. There is an opening in Accounts Payable. Duties there... Read More

The Coolness Factor

by Diana Erbio  - Too many of us fear being labeled uncool. We want others to think we are in-touch with the current trends, newest fads, hippest attitudes and most popular YouTube videos. This may be unique to our generation of parents and... Read More

Beware of the Anti-Bully Bullies

by Diana Erbio – Traditionally bullying has been viewed as behavior that someone more powerful has engaged in to torment someone they perceive as less powerful. The reasons for bullying have been explored and analyzed for decades. Some experts have... Read More

Take a Word Snapshot Today for Tomorrow

by Diana Erbio – Thomas Mallon wrote these words about the “you” we write to in our diaries in his book, A Book of One’s Own: People and Their Diaries, Ticknor & Fields NY, 1984 Your “you” may be even less palpable than... Read More

On Ends Justifying Means

by Diana Erbio - Today, all too often bad behavior is being justified with an “ends justifies the means” mentality. I fear the “ends” reached following that attitude will not be good. Do we still value the sentiment of “It’s not whether you win or... Read More

Recapturing the American Can-Do Spirit

by Diana Erbio – At one time or another, most of us feel helpless. We can blame circumstance and tell ourselves that we alone cannot correct the course directed towards disaster. It may seem that excusing ourselves from reality is the easiest option.... Read More

Gratitude from a Soldier’s Daughter

by Diana Erbio – My father fought in the Korean War long before I was a glimmer in either parent’s eye. He was eighteen years old and had not yet met my mother when he decided to put his young life on the line for his country. My father not only... Read More

Can We Still Recognize Evil?

by Diana Erbio – It has been with us throughout the ages. Although a master of disguises, we can see it easily if we allow ourselves to. It likes to be ignored, because that is an opportunity for it to gain strength. Edmund Burke, an eighteenth century... Read More

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