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Articles by Daniel C. Weber

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About The Author

Daniel C. Weber founded the Association of Mature American Citizens in the summer of 2007. Dan Weber sees AMAC as a way to unite citizens to defend our American way of life. To enrich the lives of AMAC’s members, Weber has assembled a package of benefits and discounts for Americans 50+ that they can get nowhere else.

Making Energy Less Affordable for Seniors

‘Obama’s attack on coal raises the cost of staying warm’ By – Dan Weber If the Obama White House had a secret plan to emasculate America by making the country more dependent on foreign oil and federal bureaucracy, and if the... Read More

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Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, the NSA scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the VA hospitals scandal, the Stimulus Package, Solyndra, illegal immigration, ObamaCare, unimaginable National Debt, and, well, you get the idea… AMAC... Read More

AMAC Response to ObamaCare Mandate Exemption

by Dan Weber - Late last night, facing mounting pressure from a frustrated and concerned American public – and criticism from a cadre of endangered red-state and purple-state Democrats facing tough 2014 elections – the White House announced yet another,... Read More

GOP ‘Liberal vs Conservative’ Virginia Campaign Strategy May be the Way to Retake Congress in 2014

‘Democrats running for office will do anything to avoid the ‘liberal’ moniker’ WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 1 – A promising GOP strategy is getting a try out in the hotly contested gubernatorial election campaign in Virginia.  It’s based on the simple... Read More

Seniors Going Back To Work to Salvage Their Retirement Nest Eggs, Says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 25 – Seniors who went back to work after retirement used to do it to keep busy, but the Obama Recession and the uncertainties of the Affordable Care Act have made it an economic necessity for more and more older Americans, according to... Read More

AMAC: There’s a ‘Foul Odor’ Coming From the Deal To End the Shutdown and Raise the Debt Ceiling

‘This was no confrontation between them and the Republicans; it was a showdown between them and the people of this country.’ - WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 18 – “There’s a foul odor emanating from the nation’s capital that should have Americans wrinkling... Read More

Americans Cut Personal Spending, Why Can’t Congress Cut Federal Spending, Asks AMAC

Debate over raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure -   WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 11 – The average American household has drastically cut personal spending, according to a new Gallup research report.  “So, why can’t the Democrats in... Read More

AMAC: Obamacare Proponents Prove the Old Adage That Life Isn’t Fair

They blatantly took a stand against even the semblance of compassion for the constituents they represent - WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 4 – “Life isn’t fair and President Obama and the Senate Democrats who gave us Obamacare pressed the point this week.  They... Read More

AMAC, the Conservative Alternative for Seniors, Reaches 900,000 Member Milestone

 ‘Finally there was a place for older Americans who care about what happens to the country’ - WASHINGTON, DC, Sept 30 – “The rapid growth of the Association of Mature Americans is consistent with the latest Gallup poll that measures the pride the... Read More

President Obama Would Shut Down the Government, But He Won’t Negotiate Obamacare Compromise, Says AMAC

He knows the law is flawed, so why doesn’t he ask for help in fixing it -  WASHINGTON, Sep 27 – The president is ready to shut down the government rather than compromise on Obamacare, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature... Read More

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