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Articles by Daniel C. Weber

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About The Author

Daniel C. Weber founded the Association of Mature American Citizens in the summer of 2007. Dan Weber sees AMAC as a way to unite citizens to defend our American way of life. To enrich the lives of AMAC’s members, Weber has assembled a package of benefits and discounts for Americans 50+ that they can get nowhere else.

Protecting Senior Citizens, Stop Runaway Entitlements

Let’s get America back to work – while taking care of our senior citizens! from – Townhall – by Dan Weber President Obama regularly touts a reduced unemployment rate. In his 2015 State of the Union, he boasted of a 5.6 percent... Read More

Pro-Life, Pro-American

from – The Hill – by Dan Weber Our nation’s moral fiber – the nation’s history of sacrifice for others, high standards of respect for human rights worldwide, generosity of spirit, and sense of personal accountability for our action –... Read More

Celebrate Life, Not Planned Parenthood

By – Dan Weber As the United States House and Senate try to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the most ardent promoters of human abortion and apparently (based on recent videos) the reselling of baby parts fresh from the womb, many Americans recoil in... Read More

Promoting Opportunity Through Informed Choice Act

AMAC recently supported the bill H.R. 1795, the “Promoting Opportunity through Informed Choice Act,” which was introduced by Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX). This piece of legislation seeks to modernize the disability program by providing disability... Read More

Promoting Opportunity for Social Security Applicants Act

AMAC is proud to support H.R. 2135, the “Promoting Opportunity for Social Security Applicants Act.” This legislation was introduced by Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) and sets forth an important employment service to individuals seeking to return to work.... Read More

Guiding Responsible and Improved Disability Decisions Act of 2015

AMAC recently supported the bill H.R. 1800, the “Guiding Responsible and Improved Disability Decisions Act of 2015.” This piece of legislation was introduced by Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) and seeks to update the medical-vocational regulatory... Read More

2016 Congressional Balanced Budget Resolution

At the end of April, AMAC conveyed its strong support for the policies set forth in the FY 2016 Congressional Balanced Budget Resolution. AMAC applauds both Chairman Price and Chairman Enzi for their correct identification of the financial and economic... Read More

Empowering Patients First Act

AMAC is pleased to indicate strong support for H.R. 3400, the “Empowering Patients First Act.” Introduced by Representative Tom Price (R-GA), this piece of legislation repeals the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” known more commonly as... Read More

Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015

In early April, H.R. 1105, the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015” was introduced by Representatives Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA). This bill seeks to protect small businesses and their hard-working families from the federal estate tax,... Read More

Seize the Moment, Strengthen Social Security

From – – by Dan Weber “Coincidence of interest” is a marvelous thing. Two people or two groups that may never agree, suddenly find themselves at an intersection, and concur that the way ahead lies in the same direction. That is... Read More

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