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Articles by Debbie Wilson

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About The Author

D. J. Wilson resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband and three children. After attending St. Joseph’s College on Long Island, NY, she is a 1986 graduate of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. D.J. earned a language degree from L’Université de Nancy II in France, where she took part in an international studies abroad program. D.J.’s early career began as an administrative specialist for a prominent translation company in Manhattan, New York, and later for a prestigious CPA Firm on the Main Line in Pennsylvania. The positions were thoroughly pleasing as she enjoyed greeting and assisting important business clients on a daily basis. Leaving her position to raise a family enabled D.J. to volunteer at school when her children were younger. D.J. currently finds pleasure in hobbies such as cooking, baking, photography, and writing. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and two Maltese. Prior to writing articles for AMAC, D.J. owned and operated a Professional Organizing Service which enabled her to gain extensive insight and understanding into the minds of hoarders. Now freelance writing from home, D.J. enjoys writing on a variety of topics such as travel, finance, politics, human interests, decorating and home organization.

3 International Destinations with Fall WOW POWER!

by – D.J. Wilson “We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” – (1915-2009) John Hope Franklin, Historian and... Read More

Three Great Ways to Embrace the Autumnal Equinox

By – D.J. Wilson Maximize the season’s beauty!  Watch autumn’s blaze of colors come alive in the northeast. Trading warm summer breezes for autumn’s crisp temperatures and new fallen leaves brings on the harsh reality that winter is on its... Read More

Finding Rich Entertainment in PA Dutch Country

By – D.J. Wilson History of Amish Journey to America The journey of Amish to America began with the Charming Nancy, the first ship to set sail carrying 21 Amish families to America.  This 1737 voyage carried passengers to America from Rotterdam by way... Read More

Exploring Panama City in Style

by – D.J. Wilson Panama City, Panama has it all; sophistication, beauty and history.  A sweeping city skyline welcomes visitors to this pacific coastal metropolis.  The city is comprised of high-rise buildings set amidst stretches of tropical... Read More

What Peanuts & Cracker Jacks Have in Common – Baseball!

by – D.J. Wilson “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is a favorite tune of sports fans throughout America.  The chorus is traditionally sung during the middle of the seventh inning of a major league baseball game.  Fans cheerfully sing-a-long and often... Read More

Travel Attractions for the Budget Minded

by D.J. Wilson - A State-by-State Mini-Guide – Part I “Travel’s greatest purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”  These are the insightful words of William Hazlitt.  The English writer lived from 1778 to 1830 and spent his lifetime... Read More

Student Sues Princeton University & Administrators – Promotes Broader Questions

by DJ Wilson - The news is chockfull of controversial stories.  One is about a Princeton University student who attempted suicide on campus in February of 2012. The student, who overdosed on pills used to treat depression, is suing the school and seven... Read More

The Great All-American Vacation

by D.J. Wilson - Searching for a superior all-American vacation? Take a river cruise! River ships provide a picture perfect way to explore the interior of our beautiful country.  Sail along scenic channels and beneath beautiful bridges.  By day, get an... Read More

Girl Scout Cookies Controversy – To Sell or Not To Sell? You Decide!

by – D.J. Wilson -  It was Juliette Gordon Low’s vision to empower young girls to grow courageous and strong and to develop their full potential.  For that reason, she founded Girl Scouts in 1912.  Today, membership has grown to 3.2 million, 2.3... Read More

The Buzz On Religious Films

 by D.J Wilson - There’s been a lot of buzz about the large number of Biblical movies about to be released in 2014.  Will religious groups across America rise up to support such films?  Faithful churchgoers are being urged to attend these productions in... Read More

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