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Articles by Andrew Mangione

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About The Author

Andrew J. Mangione Jr. is the Vice President, Government Relations, for AMAC and serves as the lead legislative and government contact in Washington, DC. He is also responsible for national grassroots outreach and developing strategic relationships.

Interview with AMAC’s Andy Mangione: More Time in Nursing Homes and Fewer Jobs for Women

from-miller’s money weekly That title wouldn’t make for much of a campaign slogan, and yet, it’s the natural outcome of one particular politician’s promise. Most of the notes I receive about the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare, are... Read More

AMAC Members Send Congress Over 20,000 E-mails in Support of Home Healthcare

By Andrew Mangione AMAC members from across the country flooded the United States Congress with over 20,000 e-mail appeals urging them to support H.R. 5110, the SAVE Medicare Home Healthcare Act. The bill will repeal the ObamaCare-inspired cuts to vital home... Read More

Adding Insult to Injury: CMS Proposes Additional Cuts to Medicare Home Healthcare

By – Andrew Mangione The hits just keep on coming. AMAC has learned that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed yet another reduction in funding for Medicare home healthcare services. The proposed $58 million cut would reduce... Read More

President Obama’s Pathetic VA Press Conference

by Andrew Mangione President Barack Obama spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, May 21, regarding the lack of accountability, long wait times for care and falsifying records scandals that are plaguing the Veterans Administration. True to form, and as is... Read More

Action Packed Week for AMAC in Washington

by Andrew Mangione Coming off an action-packed week in Washington, D.C., AMAC has a number of positive items to report to our 1.2 million members across the country. First, AMAC continues to conduct face-to-face meetings with members of Congress and their... Read More

Hearing to Address Medicare Payment Reform

by Andrew Mangione AMAC looks forward to the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee’s upcoming hearing entitled, “Keeping the Promise: Site of Service Medicare Payment Reforms.”  The hearing, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 21, is part... Read More

One Marine’s Tears

AMAC Town Hall with Congressman Trent Franks by Andrew Mangione – One of the things I love most about my responsibilities as our association’s governmental representative is the opportunity to fly around this great land and meet AMAC members at their... Read More

AMAC Call to Action Gets Results: CMS Shelves Regulatory Changes to Medicare Part D – For Now

by Andrew Mangione –  CMS shelves regulatory changes to Medicare Part D – for now –  We asked and you responded.  Well over 1,400 AMAC members made calls to their Congressional representatives and Senators through this week requesting that... Read More

Victory for Medicare Part D

by Andrew Mangione – AMAC was one of many stakeholders that successfully fought to protect the Medicare Part D prescription drug program and to uphold choice for the 39 million mature Americans and seniors participating in this important health care... Read More

Curtail Frivolous Lawsuits Filed Against Health Care Providers in Kentucky SB 119

While AMAC remains highly engaged with action being taken at the Federal level, AMAC also monitors important legislative movements at the State level.  Today, AMAC is pleased to draw attention to a sensible bill that was passed by the Kentucky State... Read More

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