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"We the People" is the voice of AMAC's members. This is your webpage, your opportunity to share personal stories, fun jokes, tributes, inspirational quotes, and helpful information for your fellow AMAC members. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please send all correspondence to Kindly put "We the People" in the subject line.

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Save SSDI Now

From – AMAC Member Terry... Read More

Between 2013 and 2014 My Stand-Alone Policy Premium Increased by $200 Per Month

From – AMAC Member Debra S. Between 2013 and 2014 my stand-alone policy premium increased by $200 per month up to the current $850.00 per month. The carrier, Assurant, just advised me that they will no longer be writing medical policies next year and I... Read More

It’s a Choice Between My Mortgage or Insurance

From – AMAC Member Gail M. Because of ObamaCare, my employer decided to cancel our Aetna insurance and replace it with an MEC policy. It gives you $100 a day for a hospital stay for 7 days, $200 a day for ICU for 7 days. DOES NOT COVER doctor visits,... Read More

50% INCREASE in Cost!

From – AMAC Member Robert A. My wife and I own a small 10 employee business for 30 years and in October 2014 we needed to renew our Group Health Plan. We shopped for months in advance and NOTHING in Obamacare or the broken SHOP marketplace was... Read More

High Policy Cost

From – AMAC Member Frank R. Before I had to buy an Obamacare compliant policy I was paying $538 a month for a no deductible, no co-pay policy which covered all my medical needs. I am in good health and although this policy didn’t cover all... Read More

The First Year They Got My Wife’s Birth Date Wrong

From – AMAC Member Martin B. Two years ago we took on Obama care through the Colorado Marketplace. The first year they got my wifes birthdate wrong and no one noticed so they kept kicking back our bills. That took 6 months to correct. Then next year we... Read More

Premium Doubled!

From – AMAC Member William H. My wife worked for the university of Illinois for close to 40 years an er had good insurance along with Medicare. Now we have United Health care which is a mix with Medicare with deductibles for about everything. Now we... Read More

The Obamacare Insurance Company Would Not Let Us Cancel!

From – AMAC Member Michelle D I reluctantly attempted to secure a policy for my husband and myself during the first round of sign ups. This policy was possibly for one month only and I told them that right off the bat. It was necessary because of the... Read More

In the Last 2 Years Our Cost Has Risen 70 %

From – AMAC Member Donald G. We have Medicare Blue PPO which we receive from my former employer, as I’m retired. We pay 25 % and past employer pays 75 %. In the last 2 years our cost has risen 70 % with no additional coverage. One example of... Read More

I Have COPD and Doctors Will No Longer Treat Me For it

From – AMAC Member Bonnie M. I began working for the largest telcom industry in 1969. When HMO’s became popular, my company offered an insurance plan called Custom Care which was free of a monthly charge and had set co-pays for services. In 2013,... Read More

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