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Arkansas Mom Exposes Common Core For The Nightmare It Is

from – Western Journalism – by Tom Hinchey

Karen Lamoreaux addressed the Arkansas Board of Education in December 2013 to discuss the negative effects of Common Core on the local students. Mrs. Lamoreaux said that she represented more than 1,100 parents, educators, and taxpayers of Arkansas “who have very serious reservations about the Common Core initiative.” The mother of three children accused the board of falling for the same empty sales pitch that Common Core would be a “set of rigorous, college-ready internationally bench-marked standards that prepare our kids to compete in a global economy.”

Mrs. Lamoreaux instructed the members of the school board to participate in a Common Core math problem by getting their pencils out.

Are you smarter than a Common Core fourth grader? Let’s find out. The problem is: Mr. Yamato’s class has 18 students. If the class counts around by a number and ends with 90, what number did they count by?

After restating the math problem again, Mrs. Lamoreaux asked if anybody on the board knew the answer. One board member answered “five” by dividing 18 into 90. Mrs. Lamoreaux confirmed:

You know why? Because that’s what makes sense, right? That’s the way we were taught to do it in the fourth grade level.

Then she held up a Common Core math lesson that teaches students to solve this problem in a different way.


This, however, is what the Common Core Standards expect our fourth graders to do. If they solve it in those two steps they get it marked wrong. They are expected to draw 18 circles with 90 hashmarks solving this problem in exactly 108 steps. Board members, this is not rigorous. This is not college ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in a global economy.

Mrs. Lamoreaux went on to say that students who were in the upper eightieth percentile or greater in the previous year are now getting C’s, D’s, and F’s on their report cards. With passion in her voice, Mrs. Lamoreaux told the board that she and other parents will fight to change this curriculum that is “dumbing down our kids.”

I encourage you to listen to us when we send you our emails despite the comments that were made by our chairperson here today. Our concerns are not based on hysteria or propaganda. They are based on fact and we are prepared to present those facts. Can you see the trembling in my voice?

She concluded her time:

This is not working. And it’s not what they told you it would be. We will save the privacy concerns and the testing concerns for our legislature. But when it comes to standards, that’s your ball court. And we need you to help us with this because this program is dumbing our children down. Thank you.

In February, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his plan to create a 16-person Common Core review committee that will take another look at the state standards. Many parents like Karen Lamoreaux are pleased with that decision.


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You have heard of the Midas touch. The government has
a variation on this. Everything the government touches
turns to s–t.

Is anyone listening to these parents and educators? I previously wrote many letters to our Michigan governor, state board of education, senator, representative, local paper, and anyone else whom I thought might help to get Common Core out of our Michigan curriculum I got only one reply and still don’t know if anything is being done. Do you have any information on Michigan’s current status on Common Core? I am a grandmother worried about her grandsons and great-grandsons.

Under Common Core, “curriculum” will not be under local control because CCC testing drives the curriculum. Passing the tests, whether for homeschool, private school or public school student, becomes the control mechanism which drives the curriculum. “Higher Standards” is a selling soundbite and smokescreen for control. If “standards” are so important to these socialists, why do they not insist that all children be reading at grade level by first grade? Because they actually desire lower standards to dumb down the citizenry so they are more easily controlled.

The state of WV had a vote in the legislative session to take Common Core out of the state. The bill was voted down due to the possible loss of Federal money. Now we know what runs the beast!

I taught graduate level applied mathematics and advanced undergraduate economics. Common Core (CC) is one more nail in the coffin of education in this country; one more force accelerating our race to the bottom. CC follows Goals 2000 and similar bureaucratic approaches to education, all dreamt up by bureaucrats after the creation of the Department of Education. The bureaucrats lied to parents at every step of the way to our failed system. Today’s schools don’t care if students get the right answer in solving a math problem, they just want them to follow the circuitous route that is taught to find an answer. American history is no longer taught in many schools, but where it is taught it is twisted. And the list goes on, covering every area. Education is no different than any other area that the government intrudes into. And one part of any government solution is to… Read more »
Some talk about thinking logically or what we called having “horse sense”. I’m here to say that most of our “leaders” missed that part of their education. In addition, politicians listen to others (as they should) hear what sounds like a good idea and enact a law that, unfortunately, requires bureaucrats with all kinds of little pet goals to implement. The big failing at this point is that those politicians have no t mechanism in place to follow-up and see how it’s working out and, apparently, none do it on their own initiative. I think of Pelosi with Jon Stewart. He asked her what went wrong with the then disasterous start-up of “her” health care plan. She stated she had no idea! He was stunned and made a humerous remark about finding the person in congress who might know. She laughed and said it wasn’t “her responsibility”. And that attitude… Read more »

We don’t have any leaders. All we have are individuals who just want to get re-elected!

Candidate Jeb Bush is a big proponent of “Common Core” – so will Jeb “walk it back” or become a non-candidate?

I pretty much agree with you all about “our awful state” of affairs with our educational system and every other system in America. Been voting for over 50 years, sending money to conservatives and their organizations, doing all I can to educate those around me, but I am realistic about what is happening and what will be the final chapter of our once free nation. I have children and lots of grandchildren. It will be bad, very bad. I am not worried or afraid. It has all been prophesied and it’s what is supposed to happen. We must stand in holy places and be prepared for what is to come. The Lord has promised He will come quickly lest the whole earth destroys itself. And you can see we are on that path to destruction. Satan has great power and rages in the hearts of men. He is enjoying his… Read more »
I have read almost all of the postings previous to this one and agree with each one that opines Common Core, by whatever name it may go by must go. But, almost all the talk of standards and math and teaching misses the point. In my opinion, and I won’t elaborate upon it here, but I will admonish all parents to read everything available about Common Core and understand it, Common Core is a plan to steal your kids. Parents, you will be replaced by a screen and the government. And, teachers, if you aren’t already, you will at best become monitors of classroom discipline. You won’t even be allowed to answer a student’s question. Your teaching materials will instruct you that the student must always be referred to the screen for answers. Parents you may have already noticed your child does not (has been told not to) ask you… Read more »

Good, good. I like that emphasis on civil disobediance against central planning and the suggestion that big brother will be represented by a big screen that knows all and directs all human action. What better way to describe the coming world order?

In 1905 a group of 100 people met in New York. The Intercollegiate Socialist Society was formed. The purpose was to introduce Socialism. By 1921 they had themselves set up on over 60 universities and 12 college campuses. They later became known as the League for Industrial Democracy. John Dewey was a part of this group. He became the most influential man in American education. He was a socialist. If you want to know what happened to our education read “None Dare Call it Treason” by John A Stormer, written in 1964. It explains a lot. You can also find information on the Intercollegiate Socialist Society on line and it will give you the names of other organizations that have come out of it. You can also look up John Dewey. Another person of interest is Dr. Harold Rugg. Rugg rewrote the textbooks. This has been happening for a long… Read more »

Kris, it would be great if everyone read Stormer’s book. Being out of print makes it difficult, though. Great suggestion. Should enough interest develop, maybe there could be a reprint.
As Skytrooper suggests and Stormer’s title indicates, history is written by the “winner.” If treason prosper, the story is told from that avenue.
Some might believe Stormer’s book outdated. It is not. Nor is the evidence as gathered by McCarthy, as noted by the Communists, self professed, within the Obama Administration since his election.

“Treason can never prospereth, for if it does, NONE dare call it treason.”

Even this extract from the Common Core Standards web site explains their intentions:

While the standards set grade-specific goals, they do not define how the standards should be taught or which materials should be used to support students. States and districts recognize that there will need to be a range of supports in place to ensure that all students, including those with special needs and English language learners, can master the standards. It is up to the states to define the full range of supports appropriate for these students.


I work in education. My heart goes out in my work everyday. I care so much about the students I work with. I want them to learn all that they can and become the best they can be! I also desire to teach logical reasoning and common sense and try to model that through my decent and proper character-traits. I see and experience first-hand, everyday the affects of what pride, blind-stubbornness, manipulation, coercion, agenda-pushing and greed do to some people who get their hands into the tax-payer-government-funded money pot. Yes, this all affects our feelings and emotions…and why wouldn’t it when we have been taught and KNOW right from wrong? I’ve taken some of the trial Common Core Math testing and passed it, but I also saw that CC creates more problems than it is worth! There actually does need to be something within a perimeter called a “Standard” and… Read more »

Gog Bless you sir, for we absolutely need many more of your thought. Common core is but another get rich scheme that most likely will devalue our education of our youth. Those who think this way can be only be uniformed. Our great Nation was built on ingenuity of personal hard work and common sense and strong values, instilled by a strong family bond ,whose only family hope is that there child will do so much better. Those who aspire to do better need to open there minds, and use there God given brilliance when applied by keeping them engaged in curiosity. Look at the past of the industrial revolution,once again it is what made this country great. It is so sad that this government is Hell bent on destroying this great nation.

“He’ll bent on destroying this great nation.” Another way to state “…fundamentally change this country” Now where have we heard that statement before?

Bill and Melinda Gates began funding the James B. Hunt Institute, a Washington D.C. based lobbying group, that brought about the Common Core national education standards, with following involvement of the National Governors Assn. and the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (both D.C. based trade organizations who worked with Achieve Inc., a contractor, based in D.C. as well. Common Core is not a state-led initiative. The fact that participating states were bribed with “Race to the Top” money by the Obama Administration, as well as the fact that the Standards are copyrighted (cannot be modified) should be enough cause to decline to participate, as should the incentive offered by “No Child Left Behind” exemptions. Further, the NSA style data collection on all aspects of a students’ private information should make it beyond acceptance. To claim that these are just standards and have no interferance with curricula is nebulous, since… Read more »

Common Core is evil but even more evil is the “Data Mining” that Common Core allows. No proponents of CC want to discuss this and what they will do with the information about your child and your family

I am a 65-year-old whose SAT math score in the 1960s was 736 of 800. I was also one of the last classes who learned “the old math” before NYC schools introduced the first of what would become a series of “the new math” experiments. You remember “the new math”. It was responsible for generations of kids who had to remove their shoes to count above 10, and the phrase, “Why Johnny Can’t Add”. Common Core seems to be just another in the series of educational failures. Despite its claim to teach children an understanding of how things work with numbers, I see more and more children who are more and more confused about how to process mathematical ideas. The saddest thing to me was when I showed my confused and tearful teen-aged granddaughter how to quickly solve her algebra problems. She grasped the old math concepts the first time… Read more »

That was me in the early 70s! I never did learn algebra. My Junior High algebra teacher really should not have passed me, but she gave me a D. Perhaps that was because I always had the right answers to the equations; I just couldn’t prove that I arrived at the answers her way. Three years later I won an award for being a high-scorer on a standardized math test – you know, the kind of tests where all they care about is the right answers!

That’s the idiocy of the thing. Being “right” isn’t the point, it’s deriving the answer in the “proper” and “politically correct” way, even in math. It’s not about “showing your work” to “prove” you got the right answer, but showing it so “prove” that you followed only the approved thought process, or to quote Orwell, to show that you thought only “Party-approved thoughts.”

I do not understand how people misunderstand Common Core Standards unless they have a hidden agenda.
Misinformation is further spread by articles such as
“Arkansas Mom Exposes Common Core For The Nightmare It Is”.

Further, I do not understand why AMAC republished this article without explanation.

Common Core Standards is simply that – standards. The methods used to achieve those standards are not specified.
We may also need specific instructions explaining how to teach and how to test students.

Perhaps the best solution to this problem is another set of standards – Teaching and Testing Methods to Achieve Common Core Standards.

Finally, the Nightmare described in this article is not Common Core Standards.

ALL who believe this “common core education” need to go to the local schools and check out the facts. Children (even at the high school level) have dropping grades from what they had before and think school is a joke or why bother when they passed a test with an A the first time and the ones that failed get to retake the test as many times as needed to get the same A. They are not allowed to ask a question about anything unless they are lucky enough to have 1 teacher who refuses to comply with the government mandate. Students are loosing scholarship opportunities because of this form of education, the ACT and SAT (where they are still lucky enough to be required to take them) scores as well as GPA are dropping. I urge you to study the history (if you are still allowed to find it)… Read more »

Yes, I remember it well. That was Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. Evil man.

It is outrageous that the national teacher’s union and gained such control over our educational system. They have, like all unions, decayed the quality of the very thing they are supposed to be experts in.

Those using the word “Standards” may be the problem. If you had further looked into the real complete common core program, you better understand. Those pushing common core hide their real needs & wants behind the THOUGHT of wanting “Higher Standards”, Who wouldn’t want higher Standards, it’s what comes with that call for Standards, people have woken up to.. As for AMAC putting this on their forum, I THINK IT IS FANTASIC ! and for that Mom and what she exposed, I’m thankful As for an agenda, you need to look some where else !

“Standards” are one thing; command and control, which is what this is ultimately about, another.

There have been educational standards around since there has been education. We don’t need a change in standards. What we need is to hire teachers who are able to teach to the standards that already exist and not be just a chair filler. One of the jobs I have had for the last 20 years, has been supervising individuals who are working toward getting a state credential which will allow them to teach in the state where they reside. I can not tell you how many times, in the past 20 years, I have been in a situation where the student teacher is significantly better than the classroom teacher. So, I say again, we do not need different standards. What we need are teachers who know how to maintain acceptable behavior standards, who know how to teach academic subjects and teachers who do not need the teacher’s union taking the… Read more »

you are nuts common core is a stupid method and needs to be banned and AMAC published the article to show people the truth! when did you last speak to a teacher? or never!

we the people,who are the real government.this is all part of ovomits/satans agenda21{new world order}with pre-k and common sore/core which ovomit and mayor diblasio pushed for so they can indoctrainate young kids into becoming good little goose stepping brown shirts{to control at a young age}add that ovomit/satan is allowing illegal{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists saturating our country,by coming into our borders unoppessed.so ovomit/satan can have is private illegal army to vote him in again illegally.and to destroy our country with illegals.add that ovomit has muslums in key positons in his treasonous adminstration.he even allowed janet naplaiton to put a muslum terrorists in our homeland security,his name is elibearry and when rep lois gohmert questioned janet on it,she would not answer any questions.also there are muslum terrorists training camps in dearborn michigan maine upstate ny near hancock,and in dallas texas were the 4 lying muslum terrorists lied about being lawyers,to… Read more »

Missed those days where they taught punctuation, grammar, capitalization and readability even before Common Core was implemented, eh Mr. Cosenza?

Remember “stream of consciousness” writing style? Mr. Cosenza was on a roll with his thoughts and got them down in print to be shared with those who appreciate his thoughts on Common Core.

The answer, inconvenient though it may be, is for parents to homeschool. It is far, far better for the children. One does not need an education degree to teach one’s children.

I taught all five of my children through high school. One is assoc. prof. at university, one is an RN, one is a Navy officer, one a homemaker, and one attending university. The best thing is that they know how to think independently and they are moral, upright adults.

Yes, it usually takes one parent to stay home. But your children are only young once. Mess up the first time and it’s too late.

Encourage parents to homeschool.

I’m with Grandma. Wish it were that simple. It’s my understanding that home schooled (hs) students now have to take Federalized tests as do public school (ps) children. If you don’t follow the Federal DOE “guidelines” (CC curriculum) your kids will not do well on the SATs compared to ps kids.

Since the early twentieth century our nation has been traveling an ever narrowing path, with many of the fragile bridges we have crossed on our journey having collapsed behind us. How did we get where we are today? Let us ponder these quotations of Vladimir Iliych Lenin (1870-1924), who was the founder of the Soviet Communist Party: “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” “The goal of socialism is communism.” “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” “Our schoolteacher should be raised to a standard he has never achieved, and cannot achieve, in bourgeois society. This is a truism and requires no proof.” “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” “We must hate, hatred is the basis of… Read more »
But I thought Marxism/Leninism crumbled along with the Berlin wall. Surely no one today would want revive it. That would be like the old Mummy movies where the high priest prepares a concoction of tanna leaves. Heavens to Betsy, I wonder if tail gunner Joe might have been right. What kind of person, comfortable since birth, would want to bring about the hell that was the old Soviet Union in his or her own country? Would these people be willing to live their entire lives as a lie, pledging allegiance all the way, in order to collapse their own country? Some thoughts are so enormous in their implications that the American people, starting in the fifties, simply refused to entertain them. Bear in mind that these refuseniks were raised in ‘traditional America’ . Now insider that we are all stewing in a broth of tacitly accepted socialist ideals. Children are… Read more »

Described this way, DA: in my town, Walmart has had to widen its entry doors at least three times in order to continue accommodating the wide-load shoppers who need access to the yummies.

Skytropper sure put the correct perspective on the situation as it pertains to the direction this nation has been heading. It likely will only get worse before it gets any better, if it ever gets better at all.
That doesn’t mean to quit trying to change our direction toward distruction. It means knowledgable folk need to try harder.

Putin has started the seventh & final wave of communist aggression. The pull back after RRegan was wave 6 by there own time line, they must be successful on this forward move. That is why Obama told Putin he could talkr do more after the election. Radical Islam is the new revolutionary class. They tried it in the 60s with blak Americans, but enough was done to temporarily interrupt the revolutionaries. Some of those same people are creating caos now to reboot. BHO was taught by these very revolutionaries, since his father and mother were destructive to his personal development. He ‘s pretty scrod up and we are in real trouble. I hope I’m very wrong.


I’m juster turning 65 in May. I attended school in the fifty’s and early sixties. We have two daughters one born in 1979, the other 1981. We gave up on public schools before they were in pre-schools. Both of them attended conservative Lutheran Parochial schools K-8. Both attended private secondary institutions and went on to private universities. The oldest, Loyola U. Chicago. a Dean’s list student, and the younger, Concordia University, Wisconsin, deans list, too. Oldest was making six figures by age 32 with an ad agency in Chicago, and the other is an elementary teacher in a private school near Charlotte, N.C. My wife recently retired as a nationally certified emergency Dept. RN after 35 years. I’m still a Lutheran Pastor after 36 years, conservative type. I Prayed with my kids on my knees from age 3 until 14. They never missed Sunday School,or midweek catechism classes. we now… Read more »