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An Open Letter to the President from Dan Weber

The Reign of Obama, the Great Divider, Continues -

From the moment you assumed power- you began to divide the people. Instead of uniting us- you chose to divide us.

When you ran for office you made many promises, which is not unusual for politicians, but soon it became evident that your promises were falsehoods.

You said you would work with the opposition party- but you insulted them, several times, in person, in public. Your tactic was to cut them out of any decision making, as you did with Obamacare.

You said you would have a transparent administration, where the people would know what was going on and that C-SPAN would film what used to be secret negotiations- instead you kept C-SPAN out and your minions held meetings behind closed, locked doors.

You accused the prior administration of being unpatriotic by increasing our National Debt- yet you knew your programs could not be paid for without borrowing- so you increased our debt, more than doubling that of the prior administration.

You said you would support our free market economy and promote the creation of new jobs. During the campaign you said you actually did create new jobs while you knew in your heart that 23 million Americans were out of work and the unemployment rate was just as high as when you started.

Instead of trying to unite all our economic forces and get the economy moving again- you choose to divide us by class, pitting the imaginary one percent against the rest of us, all for political gain.

You said there were too many abortions- that you would do everything you could to reduce the number of abortions, yet the first thing you did was to order the Federal government to pay for more abortions.

Shame on you Mr. President!

You spent the great power of the office you hold- on dividing us.

Instead of uniting us- you have tried to separate us: by class, by gender, by religion, and most sadly, even by race.

You and your Vice President have picked certain corporations and made them enemies of the people, calling them “cheaters” and “greedy” and mocking them, just to convince the voters that you really cared for them.

That may have helped in an election, but since you have won reelection there is no longer any need for that kind of rhetoric.

Surely you know that the true power of our country comes when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarreling mob.

After this tough campaign Americans are now aware that we have got to take serious actions to fix what is broken. The people know we have taxed and spent our great nation into horrible, unsustainable debt. Social Security and our medical care must be made financially solvent.

And so Mr. President, you can spend the next four years continuing to divide us – or you can begin to bring us together for the common good.

AMAC has grown to 500,000 members and we’ll soon be in the millions. We are willing to work with you during your next term to achieve that common good.

With God’s continued blessing- the United States of America will survive.

About The Author

Daniel C. Weber founded the Association of Mature American Citizens in the summer of 2007. Dan Weber sees AMAC as a way to unite citizens to defend our American way of life. To enrich the lives of AMAC’s members, Weber has assembled a package of benefits and discounts for Americans 50+ that they can get nowhere else.

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Comments (309)

  1. Wayne Peterkin says:

    Sadly, while I agree with Mr. Weber’s comments, I believe that Obama’s actions have been very intentional. We elected a man as president who does not believe in our Constitution (he has said so), who was raised in a Marxist environment, and who does not have the best interests of our nation at heart (his policies). Based on everything I have read about his past, his own comments before his election in 2008, and the radical left-wing cadre he has selected to run his shadow government largely independent of Congress, he has proven to be a silver-tongued snake-oil salesman bent more on damaging this nation than helping to rebuild the economy. His policies are hurting everyone in this nation, rich or poor, and will continue to do so. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…”. He with the help of the media has conned enough voters into thinking he is on their side to win elections while he is “fundamentally transforming” this nation to his tyrannical, socialist philosophy. Nobody but the ruling elite will ultimately benefit. He is a cunning and dangerous man. My current argument is that we will not be able to turn things around until the voters are forced to reap what they have sown. I suggest the Republicans very clearly and vocally disclaim any responsibility for the result, but they will support what the voters appeared to want. Let the “progressives” wreak their damage with little restraint until the voters say “enough” loudly and clearly. If there are any pieces to pick up later, we will try to restore the nation. If the voters do not wake up, the nation is lost.

  2. John & Audrey says:

    We feel Mr. Weber said it all. Our great Nation that so many have given so much for is sliding into ruin like so many that let self serving fool’s take over.. Only God can save us now.. I find it difficult to believe so many REAL American’s could have put that ‘person’ back for another 4 years to to complete the devestation he has started in the last 4 years… Mr Weber was so right when he said that we have to unite as a Nation to servive..
    I have cancelled my mmber ship of many years to AARP & have been a member of Amac for a year now. AARP isn’t inerested in the older opulation as much as they are the polotical one……Please don;t change your values……

  3. Chuck says:

    First you have ro realize that he is not an American. Therefore he has no roots and no reason to preserve this country. His father taught him about socialism. His church allowed him to attend even though he is a homosexual and then Rev. Wright set him up with a woman who was close friends with Jessie Jackson and his daughter. Make him a Community (dis) Organizer and you do have the Perfect Storm. Brought to you here, I believe, by God as a punnishment for allowing this country to drift so far away from Him.

    We need to stop the killing of almost 4000 babies EVERY DAY (55 million since 1972).
    We need to bury homosexual activism and pray that these people find God
    We need to get God BACK into the lives of the families in this country by allowing Him back into schools.
    We need to pray to Jesus Christ to heal this country from the leadership down and finally\
    We need to start electing Godly men…not muslims or mormons or some other anti-christian religious belief.

  4. LeeAnn Buelow says:

    I’m concerned that as a nation, we crossed a line from which there is no turning back. The population with outstretched hands will continue to grow and they won’t vote for someone wanting to restrict or revise the hand-out programs so where does it end? On a spiritual note, I mentioned to my daughters that I feel a new level of evil has been unleashed on the world. The Christians didn’t show up at the polls, the church, in general, was absent despite the fact that our religious freedoms are under assault. We’ve got a would-be king in the White House and mainstream media determined to protect the socialist agenda at all cost. Only through courage and united voices, might the tide be turned. The idea of sitting quietly on the sidelines is really not an option. Thank you, AMAC, for standing for us. Please consider forming a “dream team” brain trust and keep us informed; I’d love to be involved. Thanks for listening…

  5. Bill says:

    If you work with Obama AMAC will be no better than AARP!

    • Trap says:

      I agree Bill, seems to me anyone saying they/you can work with obama thinks you might be able to work
      things out with the devil. not going to happen, he lies, cheats, steals etc etc etc, he knows it and will not change and anyone who thinks obama/devil can be trusted is IMO mistaken

      God Bless America

  6. Mary says:

    I could not watch any news for a while the night of the election and after. I knew with no phone calls through the night that we had lost our country’s sole. Me, me me is what I heard from others through the campaign. It was only what affected them directly and not what was good for the whole country. People would not listen and even stated Pres Obama had to clean up what Pres Bush had done in the last 8 years and he needed more time. They couldn’t see what he was doing – the debt, the unemployment the Obama care that will affect everything in their lives. Again, my faith is carrying me through. I am telling everyone too about Amac but Aarp is really working it. I pray for everyone. .

    • SailorSam says:

      Years ago I joined AARP only to find that I did not agree with its political stance. I tried to resign and was told I COULD NOT RESIGN!! (The ideat that I can not resign from a for-profit organization is weird.) I let my membership expire.

      My current college class requires that I access AARP for one lesson, if I refuse, I will lose 5 pts. I have refused. I may not get an “A” but I will stand on principal. (I have returned to school in order to volunteer at a VA hospital.)

      God bless the USA.

      • Rich E says:

        Wow……couldnt quit aarp? I let it expire…..when I joined amac…….and aarp sends more and more mail to renew, and all their other promotions……….not very green of them. I absolutely did not like aarp’s lefty slant to everything, real annoying. they offered some info on health and travel, but their constant praise for left wing hollywood celebs and interviews was really annoying. They never allowed another view on topics, and blatantly put negative slants on conservative ideas or proposals. Any college “requiring” membership in aarp should be exposed…….school, professor…….to the news, to the congress member, if you have one that is conservative, complain to every board regulating the college……post to bulletins, all internet……make it a campaign to end that kind of repression.

  7. Gene says:

    “One nation, under God, indivisible??? Better scratch that last word and make it divisible. I don’t see any hope for this country getting back together again in the near future. As someone posted earlier, the newer generations are being taught from kindergarten up to toe the liberal line and believe everything the liberal-progressives want them to believe. Witness what happened in Germany in the 30′s and 40′s. Get the children at an early age and you will soon have a mass of mindless followers. We can only hope a true leader will come along, but I truly doubt it..

  8. Dave Wilder says:

    Ronald Reagan once advised us to never compromise our principles. And while I felt we were dealt a serious blow on Tuesday.I have no intention of giving up what I believe in.As William Lloyd Garrison once noted:I will be as harsh as truth, and uncompromising as
    justice… I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I
    will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard.

    • grania says:

      “Ronald Reagan advised us to never compromise our principles.”

      Living that truth is what made Reagan a great man. I blame Boehner even more than I blame Obama for the economic free-fall we’re going to encounter. Why? The principle, for which he had plenty of support at the time, was to not raise the national debt. He caved and sold us all out, for what? A few golf games with Obama.

      What further sickens me is that it looks like there’s a whole lot of fraud out there. Why aren’t the ‘pubs trying to do something about the bogus votes and the misssing Republican votes that could turn enough states? I can’t help but suspect that too many of the elite in the Republican Party are more interested in keeping power than they are in saving the nation. I’m disgusted.

    • Cathy Vandervort says:

      I am with you there Dave! I am trying to encourage my friends that are so depressed by the election to do the same! We can’t give up…got to keep pushing on….support those that are pushing for impeachment for Benghazi & the terribly sad deaths of our 4 American men that did not have to die…We will prevail!

  9. Judy Ness says:

    Obama is a habitual Chicago liar. He won’t change. Knowing that, we have to be very watchful of everything he says and does. Don’t give up, America. If we all keep fighting together, and sincerely pray for God’s help, it will come. Hang in there. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  10. Lori DiOrio says:

    There is no “compromise” with these people. It’s either their way or the highway. Always. And if there is some semblance of compromise it is usually a setup such as the sequestration fiasco. Republicans in Congress have absolutely no backbone. I already hear whispers of them caving and it makes me crazy. I say, no compromise. I’m saying don’t give them any ideas because they just steal them and call them their own, giving us no credit. Let them fall on their own swords. They have zero knowledge about how to fix this dire situation we find ourselves in.

  11. Michael Hoyes says:

    I suppose I’m one of the zero percent, or perhaps the three percent…you see I happen to be black. However, both for this election and the previous I voted AGAINST Obama. Why? It is a matter of choice. I did not chose to be black any more than I chose to be a male. However, I did chose Jesus, and I did chose to serve for 34 years in our nation’s USAF, flying airplanes and leading other men and women, to include during combat operations. There is no way I could look past infanticide. The many falsehoods proliferated via the main stream media is where the “enemy” resides. As I conversed with family members prior to and somewhat post the election, they remark with great knowledge that “Bush was stupid because he made speaking mistakes,” yet they fail to acknowledge or even are aware of the many verbal mistakes Obama made (corpsman jumps to mind). They (and other Obama voters) totally (and of course incorrectly) understand that “Republicans blocked all the goodness that Obama tried to do.” Failing to recall that it has only been since 2010 that Republicans held the House…for some reason or other they have memory lapse concerning “we have to pass the bill (Obamacare) before we know what’s in it,” brilliantly articulated by Pelosi. None of you could possibly be more upset about the election results than I…since I will be viewed by people who don’t know me as other than the zero percent or the three percent that I mentioned at first. I began praying every night at 9PM several years ago for our nation, and I still hold to 2Chron7:14…but I must say that my faith in my fellow Americans is waning, and certainly my relationship with relatives is strained. I would ask those of you posting to not “generalize” with your remarks…that is exactly the division that Obama craves.

    • Roger Sessler says:

      God bless you Michael and thank you for the many years of service to our nation

    • maryrose kolyer says:

      Mr Hoyes; thank you for your post. I too tried to explain why I voted for Mr. Romney. But every word I said fell on deff ears. I am so afraid for this wonderful country of ours and whats going to happen to it and the people that live here.I pray to God to protect it.We cannot let This one man change America. We had a weapon to fight him with, but it was taken away from us November 6th.Thank you again and God bless you.

      • Melvyn Norona says:

        Thanks Michael for a beautiful note. I am also a bit different. I came from Cuba 50 years ago. And I see the nation I joined slowly eroding below me. I now feel I am back to where I started long ago. As far as I am concerned, you are on my team!

    • Cherie says:

      You are a great Patriot. I think you for your post-well said. I also know that they may have won this small battle, but God is still in control.

    • Joy Goubeaud says:

      Michael, I was touched by your post. I admire you for your love of Jesus & your clear vision. What pressure must be on you & the other 3% of black people who dare to have an individual opinion. I am sure that you are offering the love of Jesus to your family & friends even though you have differing views. Thank you for your service to our country & you willingness to speak the truth even though it puts you in a tough spot with others. I agree with you that we are to take the high road & not personally deride the other side but continue to pray for all Americans & to seek God’s mercy for our country. Blessings to you & the others who have the courage to be individuals of conscience.

    • Loren Anderson says:

      Michael, Thank you for your eloquent explanation and your commitment. I am proud to know there are still “Americans” that feel this way regardless of color, religion, status, ethnicity, or whatever other class we may be put in. Thank you also for your service to this country.

  12. Linda Carrillo says:

    I too join the ranks as a prayer warrior for our country and our leaders. That is our only hope! I was so disillusioned after the election that I could not listen to any political news and as of yet, still don’t. I will again soon because I care about our country but it is so painful now. I never thought the people who really loved this country, who I really believe is a majority, or did believe, would reelect the President after seeing his record of the first term. How can they be so blinded. I must agree with the one who used the illustration of the frog in cold water. Our youth are brainwashed from the time they begin school by our own public school system, that we pay for, the colleges, TV, radio, movies, music, our very own society. Our very culture is endangering our very principles and moral fiber. We were once a favored country as we honored God. God and His principles continue to be removed by this great country and so does our favor with God as a country. We must join in prayer and repent for our country and ask for healing for our very divided country that our very own President helped to promote. God help us all.

  13. coachpan says:

    When will America learn that there is NO reaching out to someone like Barrack Hussein Obama. Remember , he did say that he would “fundamentally ” change our country. Did you think he was kidding . Do you honestly think that you can trust an habitual liar .
    He certainly divided this country . He got he black vote , yet has done nothing more to help them but give out “free” phones. Not jobs !
    He got the female vote by giving out “free” condoms!
    He got the Latino vote ( legal or not) by promising easier entry to the welfare system!
    He won over unions with taxpayers money!
    He even won over religious groups by ???? (Not sure , loss of religious freedom ?)
    He gave so much despair to individuals that they did not even vote . Sad soles !

    Where those that leave us?

    • Cherie says:

      He spent all his energy trying to be everything to everyone (winning votes anyway he could). Now he will have to come through. Once Hillary leaves office I am sure we will get her “tell all” book, which will expose him (even though many of us have already discerned that fact). God help America. This has been a wakeup call (even though I never voted from him in the first place) and eventually others will realize this is a nightmare.

    • Trap says:

      as for the Christian vote I am not really sure what that is anymore. I feel that many folks believe they are Christians and other feel the same way because they go to church on Sunday or at least some Sundays.

      other then that they lead and enjoy their lives however and vote the however way.

      I have been told more then once by folks that would tell you they are frm Catholics or Christians that helping the person living on the street is much more important then stopping abortion. IMO people find a way to vote how they want even if it seems they are votign against themselves.

      also IMO there were millions of voters that voted for themselves, i.e. latinos, blacks, unions etc vs the betterment
      of the United Stated of America. way to divided.

      God Bless America

  14. Patrick Brady says:

    At first I was in disbelief about this election…shocked. Then I was in a deep funk, very depressed, worrying greatly about the future of our country, my children and grandchildren, and myself. Slowly coming out of that funk, I know we have to press on to restore our country as a whole, not as pieces on a chessboard to moved around so one may gain power. The next four years will be difficult. I believe we will move closer to Greece, unemployment will increase, the deficit will get larger, and America will lose more of what little respect it has left in the world.

    Thank you for your eloquent letter and summary.

    • Dennis Galligher says:

      Thanks for your comments, I felt the exact same way……Romney worked his butt off I’m so sorry for the Romney / Ryan families. I’m still in a funk and the dems are angry people right now

  15. Ron Anderson Plymouth, MN says:

    I have read the comments of various writers and I must say that Betty DeLong, has summed up the situation quite well with the wisdom of our Lord through His Word.
    The situation culminating in Obama’s re-election demonstrates that the new generation has, with the exception of those who voted for Romney, accepted socialism as the means by which happiness for all will be achieved. Unfortunately over the last few decades, educational institutions, in particular universities, have indoctrinated youth with reconstructed history that depicts the USA as having less than an ideal system of government and a negative influence in the world in general. Obama did say he will transform America, a transformation that began years ago, and he only serves as a catalyist. So the majority of voters will, with time, “reap what they sow”, and that will be a culture that continues to expect government to meet their needs until it no longer can.
    Since economies are well ingrained in Globalism, and the Global government don’t appear to be resolving their respectaive financial crisises, because they don’t know how to, and the USA is apparently rapidly becoming part of the GFC (i.e Global Financial Crisis). The situation is prophetic from a Scriptural outlook, and provides Bible believing Christians the hope of the end of history as we currently understand it and a new beginning. God is always good and His plans for humanity will prevail. God Bless American and let us bless God.

  16. Don Butler says:

    Dan, as much as I would like to think that people understand the problem and are, in your words, “aware that we have got to take serious actions to fix what is broken”; fully half the population obviously does not believe that. Otherwise they would not have elected a man who has said absolutely nothing constructive about how we go about solving those problems. He has not been serious about our fiscal fiasco and it seems the American people don’t care. And they won’t care until this house of cards comes crashing down around us; and then, I’m afraid, a good portion of them will take to the streets and demand what they are “entitled” to. To paraphrase Tocqueville, this republic will endure until the political class realizes they can bribe the people with their own money. That time has come and is now embedded in the system itself. Alas.

  17. RC says:

    God is calling us to unite “IN HIS NAME”. There is power in numbers.
    Our father’s God! to thee, Author of Liberty, to thee we sing; Soon may our land be bright, With holy freedom’s right, Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King.

  18. Donnalee says:

    If this posts twice sorry, I have a question? Is it possible for Obama to make a executive order to give him another term? He certainly trumps are constitution at will.

  19. C. Rollo says:

    One other person we need to pray for is Rep. John Boehner, who has his work cut out for him — leading the House Republicans to find compromise and yet stay true to what Conservatives believe is essential to distinguish us from the rest of the nation. The media certainly won’t give him much, if any, credit to garner support for anything he and his fellow
    Republicans try to do to help get us out of this mess.

    Also, we need to pray for the Republican Party to find better ways of communicating values that show all Americans of every background that remaining economically Capitalist as well as keeping our Judeo-Christian values is in THEIR BEST INTERESTS as well. Not a small task. One that takes careful thought and openness to creative thinking and COURAGE.

  20. Donnalee says:

    Dear Butch. That is a frightening thought. Can OB make a executive order to extend his term. Like a dictatorship. It seems he is overwriting the constitution as he pleases.

  21. Eileen G. Dillinger says:

    I,also am greatly disappointed in the American people for not being able to see through this man called Obama. Sorry, but I also still question his citizenship, as well as his motives in being the President of these United States. I have to remind myself God is still in control and the scriptures tell us he has made some men for evil purposes and I believe Obama is one of them. To me, it is very clear where he is taking this country and that he is without a doubt a Socialist who is purshing his agenda as fast as he can. Remember Russia told us sometime ago, they would destroy us from within. It is sad to me that many intelligent people cannot see this. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter, by the hand-outs not realizing these will eventually come to an end. I believe Christian people have stood by too long and allowed this man to implement programs which are in direct conflict with Biblical teachings and God will not stand by without punishing our Nation for these actions. Also we are told to stand by Israel and God will bless those who do and curse and destroy those who do not. Iran, Russia, China and all their hordes are not going to destroy Israel, as God will intervene since he has told us in his word Israel is here to stay. I have been praying for Obama and Michelle for sometime, but am finding it hard to do so, now. I am asking God each day for the right attitude in prayer for this Nation and the Leader we have, but certainly many of us did not want.
    I pray God will not remove his hand from these United States, but will hear the pleas for another opportunity to change this nation back to it’s founding principlies and heal our land.
    May God have mercy upon us.

  22. Donnalee says:

    Dear Marge, This is a great forum for .conservative. thinkers. I thank your family for the service to our country. We now have 30 Republican Governors. I know our Country will improve with these leaders. I just gringe that OB will try to take credit for it, like he did with Ohio. We know why Ohio is turning around. It certainly was not GM or as i call it “Government Motors”.

  23. Ralph J Margolin says:

    Unfortunately whoever voted for Obama had to be stupid or black. I don’t mean this in a racist way, but to say that over 97% of blacks voted for him and we knew this going in. It’s mostly the dumb catholics that do not practice their faith that made this happen 2x. I am giving up the fight because I had hope that Obama’s record would do him in. Instead the nitwits voted him in again. Sorry for the name-calling, but those who voted for him deserve these names.

    • Marcia Cahoon says:

      Unfortunately, the people who voted for him have been blinded to the truth of what is going on. There are a lot of black people who claim to be Christians and probably so but if they really don’t live the faith, they can never realize they are duped because they do not correlate the things that are happening in these last days to God’s Holy Word. As far as the Catholic faith, they are guilty of the same. The Bible, as you probably already know, is our handbook for life.

    • Joe L says:

      Agree with the disappointing Catholic and Jewish vote (though improved from 2008). Hard to imagine that in these last 4 years with all the anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish actions of the Obama administration 50% of Catholics and 70% of Jews maintained their allegiance. I’m a practicing Catholic, but the majority of Catholics are CINOs, Catholics In Name Only, and I’m afraid they are so detached that it will take ads on Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars to get to them since it won’t be in a church.

    • Elizabeth Clark says:

      I am so sad at the outcome of this election, however maybe God is trying to tell us something, I believe in our country, and I believe in God

      • Donnalee says:

        This is the 3rd time i tried to get this question posted. Hope it shows up. Can Obama make a law or executive order to extend the term limits of a president? Thank you.

        • PAUL KNOWLES says:

          No, there is a Constitutional Admendment that he can only serve 8 years. Admendment is XXII and was Ratified Feb. 27, 1951. This came up because FDR served more than 2 terms and it was looked upon in dis-favor.

        • Jacob says:

          Not without a Constitutional Amendment which is a rather lengthy process requiring ratification by 2/3 of the States.

          If he tried to do this through Executive Order there would be an uproar like we’ve never heard. Personally I believe there is enough cause for Articles of Impeachment of Obama. Particularly with the recent Benghazi affair coming for more and daylight. Unfortunately, then we’d have Biden to deal with.

        • Marcia Cahoon says:

          If our constitution and the Senate and Congress remain in tact, “No.” If Obama is allowed to bypass the Senate and Congress as he has and change the constitution with executive orders, “Yes.”

        • Marcia Cahoon says:

          If the Constituion remains in tact and the Senate/Congress remain as lawmakers, “No.” If Obama continues to bypass the lawmakers and writes Executive Orders to put this in place then, “Yes.”

        • Captain Kirk says:

          The answer to your question, Donnalee, is no. The Constitution has been amended to only allow two terms to an individual to be President, regardless of whether they are consecutive or not. In order for our “dear leader” to have another term, the constitution would have to be amended to allow it. That means a 2/3rds majority of ‘Ayes” in the House of Representatives, the Sentae, and also in the fifty states. Regardless of the efficacy of Chicago-style politics, which we now understand better, that’s too tall an order to occur. I think.

      • Lois says:

        I no longer believe in my country. I put my faith in God. Man cannot succeed with having God in control and the country lost Him when they threw him out in the 60′s. It started out as a slow decline but we jumped off the cliff the last four years.

  24. Don Harris says:

    Last week as I was reading my guide book on understanding the old Testament.
    I was reading the explanation book of HABAKKUK.

    The book of Habakkuk deals with the problem of evil on an international scale.
    Habakkuk looks at Judean society in his day. Wickedness is widespread.
    The prophet cries to God and questions his ways. Why doesn’t the Lord
    correct the situation? When God informs Habakkuk that he will send the
    Chaldeans (Babylonians) as his instrument to bring judgment upon the
    wicked Judeans, the prophet is deeply distressed How can the Lord send
    the ruthless Chaldeans to punish his own people, who though guilty, are
    more just than their oppressors? (1:13) God assures Habakkuk that the
    wicked will be destroyed. He controls the outcome of history. He exercises
    his universal rule over all nations. He is preparing the final victory. Those
    who are just, if they put their trust in God, and if they are patient for his
    plan to unfold, will survive(2:4). Habakkuk sings God’s praises (ch.3),even
    though he doesn’t fully understand his ways.

    It looks like history is repeating it’s self, sending us the Illinois politicians

  25. Marshall Dillan says:

    Amen, Amen, I say to you, a very inspiring letter. We conservatives must not let down our guards. The leftist liberals think they have us pegged somewhere in the corner of the room, but that’s a false assumption on their part. They thought they had destroyed us in 2008, but we proved them wrong in 2010 with the GOP taking House majority. Sometimes in life, the path we must take to achieve our goal is not a straight one, with detours along the way. Let’s all continue the fight and I urge all to join Twitter and voice your opinion.

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