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An Open Letter to the President from Dan Weber

The Reign of Obama, the Great Divider, Continues –

From the moment you assumed power- you began to divide the people. Instead of uniting us- you chose to divide us.

When you ran for office you made many promises, which is not unusual for politicians, but soon it became evident that your promises were falsehoods.

You said you would work with the opposition party- but you insulted them, several times, in person, in public. Your tactic was to cut them out of any decision making, as you did with Obamacare.

You said you would have a transparent administration, where the people would know what was going on and that C-SPAN would film what used to be secret negotiations- instead you kept C-SPAN out and your minions held meetings behind closed, locked doors.

You accused the prior administration of being unpatriotic by increasing our National Debt- yet you knew your programs could not be paid for without borrowing- so you increased our debt, more than doubling that of the prior administration.

You said you would support our free market economy and promote the creation of new jobs. During the campaign you said you actually did create new jobs while you knew in your heart that 23 million Americans were out of work and the unemployment rate was just as high as when you started.

Instead of trying to unite all our economic forces and get the economy moving again- you choose to divide us by class, pitting the imaginary one percent against the rest of us, all for political gain.

You said there were too many abortions- that you would do everything you could to reduce the number of abortions, yet the first thing you did was to order the Federal government to pay for more abortions.

Shame on you Mr. President!

You spent the great power of the office you hold- on dividing us.

Instead of uniting us- you have tried to separate us: by class, by gender, by religion, and most sadly, even by race.

You and your Vice President have picked certain corporations and made them enemies of the people, calling them “cheaters” and “greedy” and mocking them, just to convince the voters that you really cared for them.

That may have helped in an election, but since you have won reelection there is no longer any need for that kind of rhetoric.

Surely you know that the true power of our country comes when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarreling mob.

After this tough campaign Americans are now aware that we have got to take serious actions to fix what is broken. The people know we have taxed and spent our great nation into horrible, unsustainable debt. Social Security and our medical care must be made financially solvent.

And so Mr. President, you can spend the next four years continuing to divide us – or you can begin to bring us together for the common good.

AMAC has grown to 500,000 members and we’ll soon be in the millions. We are willing to work with you during your next term to achieve that common good.

With God’s continued blessing- the United States of America will survive.

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  1. Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo says:

    We agree sir. I am a Progressive Professor and former architect building schools, churches and hospitals in Illinois. I voted for him with reservations in 2008, but not in 2012.

    I vote not by party but by what I think will be most helpful to our nation. I worked for JFK between Undergrad school and Grad school helping him to win, and a few years later for Nixon.
    I pray to God we survive this horror.

  2. Faith Maree says:

    Had Romney won, it is highly doubtful that he and his team would have been able to rescue the nation’s wounded economy from the purposeful destruction that Obama has intentionally inflicted upon it. Obama having done so in order to “fundamentally transform” our free enterprise system into a Socialist state.

    Had Romney won, the only possible way to have saved the nation and its economy would have been to make deep cuts in the welfare and entitlement programs—cuts that would have been branded “murderous, discriminatory and racist” at every turn by the Liberal mainstream media. And the ever-increasing drumbeat of these accusations over the next four years would have given license to thousands—perhaps millions—of malcontents (liberals) to take to the streets in “civil unrest” (aka anarchy). As such, Romney’s never-ending vilification in print and in the electronic media would have soon painted him—and his fellow Mormons—as the enemies of America, with all the resulting antagonism, stress, and persecution of the Church, both at home and abroad.

    As is, over the next four years, right-wing zealots – not Christian Conservatives— will likely become increasingly resistant, confrontational, and possibly violent in response to the creeping Socialism. Thus, “social unrest” may begin at the other end of the political spectrum, likely precipitating equally violent responses from the pro-Socialist masses.

  3. bob semp says:

    Make that 500,001 effective tonight.

  4. Jerry Courtney says:

    After reading all of the foregoing, I concur with most of what has been said and offered as solutions and loyalty to our America. For a number of years that I have followed our political system, I have reached many conclusions regarding not only what is right for us but also, numerous things that MUST be changed if we are going to survive as a Republic. If you know what an Oligarchy is, you will realize that this is really what our government is. We want to believe that each of us is important enough to refer to ourselves as a Democracy — this is living in a dream world. In a small way this is true but not in the true sense that we want it to be.
    The result of this shameful election is certainly the proverbial pill to swallow; however, as I have learned in years of selling and simply applying the practice of positive thinking to my every day of life, “this too will pass.” It does not mean it is/will be easy but then is the process of living easy? It can be as long as we take life’s adversitys in stride. Read the Acceptance Prayer. ( deal with what we can change, with what we can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.)
    Now, about some segments of.our political system. As a WW11 Navy Veteran, I became 21 while my heavy cruiser was off Okinawa. Hooray I became eligible to vote; I picked the loser but, I voted. Now approaching 90 within the next 50 days or so, I have never failed to vote — note, I was 21. The change for those to be able to vote at 18, became an amendment in 3 months because the people demanded it. Looking back into my life, at 18, I don’t think I was capable of knowing what and for whom to vote. My priorities were elsewhere, except for the fact that I knew we were to go to war, against my desires. Now after all these years and working at polling places, observing those who come to vote, I am of the strong opinion that we shoud revert to the age of 21 for voting. I know I’ve heard just about all the resoning against this opinion; yet, I stick to my guns! There is another,
    that I believe is more important than the age qualification. IT IS TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS! Often there is reference to “the founding fathers”, I believe I am correct is saying that their thinking was opposed to any one person being in a political role as a lifetime pursuit. Thus, the elimination of a third term for a president — F.D. Roosevelt. Case in point, the past election, how many of us were/are against the second term of the would be almighty? Power begets power and all the evils therein.
    I plead with you to take a stand on at least this last thought. Look at those in the Congress currently who have been there for 20,25, 30, or more years. If they were so smart why have we come to our unwelcome predicament?

  5. June says:

    I did post my comment a few minutes ago.

  6. June says:

    Re Dean’s comment to Mark Hebron’s –Dean says a ‘Sovereign God allowing a Civil War’—remember God gives everyone free will. I don’t believe God ‘allows anything’. God does give us the tools to deal w/unrest.

    Do appreciate the comments & very glad I switched from AARP.

    Peace to all.

  7. GAFatback says:

    PH said it best abut our future. But, the reason the Republicans lost thisc election is because too many of them thought that all politicians are liars and I’m not goping to vote. For every voter that did not vote was a vote for O’Bama.

  8. Leo Foster says:

    God bless you, We did not lose the election America Lost. I pray to God that America can survive this.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Lucy Santana says:

    Open letter to the President.
    That was an awesome letter. My thoughts exactly; and I am sure Lots of us.

  10. Allison says:

    I held out so much hope for this country until last Tuesday, but I now see the writing on the wall. We have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. America no longer has the blessings of God and we are now entering a time of chastisement.

    The United States of America: July 4th, 1776 – November 6th, 2012

  11. Gary says:

    What is the hold that Mr. Obama has over the business leaders of this country that gets them to side against the values of America for the Marxist values that BO holds so precious? I understand the blind wantings of the underachievers, the mindless welfare neediness, and the American value shattering rampage of the invaders of our American boarders. But for learned business owners to want our values to be change to the Marxist rantings of BO then is all lost for our American values? Surely there is some commonality of values left in the labor organizations that can see that they will be targeted by the Marxist government when it comes into being. Justice will certainly be blind until all are equal – that is all but the Marxist leaders.

    • Stan says:

      Gary, interesting comments, but they would be more powerful if you could cite the business leaders in question. Generalizing is done too much on this website, so I, for one, would appreciate specifics. Thanks.

      • Gary says:

        How about…

        Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of
        Jeffrey Brotman, Founder of Costco
        Richard Branson, Founder and chairman of Virgin Group
        Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
        Jon Corzine, Former CEO of Goldman Sachs, CEO and Chairman of MF Global, Former Governor of New Jersey and US Senator
        Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
        Nathaniel Fick, CEO of the Center for a New American Security, author of One Bullet Away, a New York Times best seller
        Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and CEO
        David Geffen, Founder of Asylum Records, Geffen Records, and DGC Records; cofounder of DreamWorks SKG
        Berry Gordy, Founder of the Motown record label
        Steven J. Green, former CEO and Chairman of Samsonite Corporation and United States Ambassador to Singapore

        I’m sure there are more.

      • Gary says:

        And there are more…

        Hugh Hefner, founder, publisher and CCO of Playboy
        Gary Hirshberg, Chairman, President, and CEO of Stonyfield Farm
        Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook
        James Lassiter
        Kevin Liles, Former executive Vice President of Warner Music Group
        Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment
        Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation
        Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!
        Mike Medavoy, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix Pictures
        Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment
        Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
        Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google
        Russell Simmons, Cofounder of Def Jam
        James Sinegal, Founder and former CEO of Costco
        George Soros, founder of Soros Fund Management
        Steve Westly, Venture Capitalist and Fmr. California State Controller

        There are more if you like…

  12. Les Siegel says:

    Why ask GOD to help us now when people make the same mistakes over and over. Every legal voter should get out and spread the true message to the ignorant voters who vote in the same politicians they complain about all the time. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

    • KR says:

      I honestly don’t mean to offend or anger you, but ‘God helps those who help themselves’ isn’t anywhere in the bible. There are many scriptures though that are similar to Proverbs 3:5 ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding’.

  13. Susan Satava says:

    I very much appreciate your proactive stance and making an effort to get Mr. Obama to see reason. I have only one problem: I do not believe that Mr. Obama wants to change a single thing; I think he’s quite pleased with himself over the degree of division he has created. He has ties to the Middle East that I believe he wishes very much to maintain, and he seems to be making a big show (to them) of how good a guy he is. I’ve surveyed his book about his father, and seen 2016; I think there’s a thick rope of truth to the suspicion that Obama is not fully American. At the very least, he has no desire to uphold a united America in the way that we desire.

    However, do try. I think there also should be a Special Prosecutor for Lybia. Thank you.

  14. Mark Heilbron says:

    You had better start if not allready to arm yourselves and learn how to use them. Civil war will be upon us in the very near future. Every great country or people had to go through a resurgence and the only way history shows is to eliminate through force the onse that brought it on. Look at every great civilization and tell me that it is not true. America is no different. We had one civil war and we will surely have another one because our politicians are gutless from both parties and in fact both parties are not separate they are one in the same.

    • Dean says:

      Completely agree with Mark Heilbron regarding 2nd American civil was. I do believe that our Sovereign God is still in control but He allowed it to occur almost 115 years ago and it very weel may happen again. Keep you powder dry.

    • Greg E says:

      Whoa. The founders exhausted all avenues before declaring independence so i believe you are premature in your declaration. There are things we can still do and the first is to replace boehner with someone more competent and who will fight for our cause. Personally i see that person as Michele Bachmann.
      I believe it would be wiser and more realistic to have a “revolution” within the Republican Party than to think you can take on the White House.

    • Roger says:

      You are right there will be another Civl War, and need to start at the White House.

  15. Ted Quick says:

    The left is delighted with the election results. The rest of us recognize a horribly depressing reality ahead; the inmates are running the asylum, a recipe for disaster. We are worse off today than yesterday, tomorrow will be worse than today and so it will go. The give-me-more-free-stuff crowd still reigns and as they take more and more from the producers America will be additionally weakened. What the left is blinded to is that they are targets along with the rest of us and their denial does not protect them from an equally perilous future.

    Some of that infamous 47% really are “on the dole”, (either due to handicaps or conscious choice) and only they, along with BO and his circle-of-power, are the winners in this year’s election. The rest of us will carry a growing burden as this out-of-control regime demands ever more from a diminishing working force.

    America, now Obama’s America, is heading towards a day of reckoning. While 50% of our country blithely congratulates itself for reelecting the most dangerous president our country has ever seen, they, like lemmings, are following him off the cliff, while the rest of us agonize over the inevitable truth.

    I pray for wisdom and a way out.

  16. peggy says:

    Like an Alcoholic, we have to hit the bottom before we can sober up & recover. We haven’t hit our bottom yet – hopefully we soon will.

    If you want to help a voice who will speak for us – subscribe to Glenn Beck is willing to risk his livelihood & life to spread the word. We have to support him. You can afford the $5 or$10 per month for the cause.

    And I agree – get out of AARP – spend your $$ on Glenn & his family & staff to lead us out.

  17. Robert DiNubila says:

    Obama was re-elected with the same deception he was elected with in 2008. He and his ilk are guilty of what they falsely accuse others of. Obama and the progressive DNC play it right out of Saul Ailinsky’s handbook.

  18. KR says:

    I can identify with and appreciate the wealth of emotions behind the open letter and the comments. However, to respond in kind inflames, rather than resolves the problems. The Old Testament (in Daniel) says that it is GOD who raises and removes ‘kings’. The New Testament says (in Matthew) that we are to love ALL our neighbors as we love ourselves. And (in 1 Timothy 2) to pray for ALL those in authority, regardless of who they are. There are no powers in this country or anywhere in this world that are greater than love and prayer.

    • RPH says:

      KR. Thank you for your comment. The day of the election I confess being very discouraged. The past 4 years have been extremely difficult financially for my family and my business. But, remembering and understanding that God is the one ultimately in control makes all the difference.

      I confess I have been extremely lax in faithfully praying for those in authority as God has called his children to do. I know better and have known this to be true most of my life (almost 60 years old). This election is, for me, a wake-up call to be a faithful servant of my gracious Lord and trust him and demonstrate my trust in Him by praying for those in authority… as well as for thosel who want them in office.

      Are they not also in great need of a great saviour? How dare I look upon them as if I am better. Yes, I believe that many in authority are in fact enemies of our God. But all of us, ALL OF US who call upon the name of the Lord were also enemies of the Lord at one time. (See Romans 1-2:4) In His great mercy he saved us. May our God be merciful to us and too our enemies and open their hearts to hear the awesome Good news of the hope of life eternal provided to us through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. This is what really matters.

      We love our country, as do those who live in other countries love theirs. But “our” countries are made up of flawed and weak people, of which I am one, in need not of a great country to save them and provide them with security but of a Great and merciful and gracious savior to secure their eternal salvation. And that he has done… if we will believe. If we will seek Him first, in all things… He will provide all we need. We must hold fast to this.. even in the midst of the storm.

      We are so quick to find fault with our leaders and with the “other half” of our country that has seemingly blindly followed these misguided leaders. But does the fault not really lie with us, who call ourselves followers of Christ? Is not the state of our nation in fact a reflection of our unfaithfullness to reach out in mercy, kindness, humility, love and forgiveness in the same way that our Lord reached out to us who have enjoyed his great mercy? Is it not in fact due to a failure on our part to pray for those, all those, in positions of authority… regularly and faithfully, in deep humility and with thankfulness? I fear this is the real truth. So often I have moaned and groaned and felt near hatred in my heart toward those in positions of power and authority. Yes, the choices they have made are deeply burdensome to us but our God is greater and they, those we all to often are ready to through into the flames of eternal judgement, are also in desperate need of a Savior, just as we who call ourselves christians were and are.

      Oh God, forgive us who have sinned by failing to pray for our leaders and have looked down our self-righteous nose upon those who we were once like… sinners in need of a savior. Blinded by the lusts of our flesh, the lust of our eyes and the pride of life… Oh God, in your great mercy you forgave us and do forgive us. Please, oh God, save those in positions of authority, that we may all live in peace and that they may receive life eternal. for YOUR Glory and for our good in the name of Jesus I pray. May it be so.

  19. Esie says:

    After a very depressing 2012 election — I was thankful to turn over the leaf of my Daily Calendar and read this quote:

    “Never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God”. Charles Colson.

    Please pray for this nation!

    Thank you!

  20. Hank says:

    If you can get a copy of “The Great Controversy” (try Amazon) it will
    give real insights into the future of America.

  21. Carolyn Lowe says:

    Tuesdays defeat of Romney, was a defeat of common sense, decency, logic, and economic principles. Any one with an ounce of these values knows that socialism and marxism will kill our country. Obama is a hoax, however, a very appealing one to the ‘takers’. In retrospect, why would anyone vote for a dignified man who says that thru hard work and ingenuity the American dream can be yours. Why not vote for the guy who says anyone with a dime more than you has stolen it from you and I’m going to take it from him and get “revenge”. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, not sharia, however, one of the Ten Commandments says ‘Do not covet your neighbors property”. Obama is not a Christian so he does not adhere to Christian principles.
    As a former small business owner, the onerous regulations will surely kill all business, thru skyrocketing energy prices, whether fuel for your trucks, or fuel to heat your factory – something planned by Obama and his people. The union bosses said on Wednesday that by 2016, there will be no ‘right to work” states. They may bite the hand that feeds them, there may not be any business to unionize!
    As a senior, SS should be reconfigured, as well as Medicare. As long as Democrats, and the media, demagog this issue, it will not be restructured, something badly needed. Eventually we will be Greece, nor worse.
    Our Founding Fathers were wise men, only allowing property owners to vote. If the ‘makers’ were the only voters, the ‘takers’ would have not taken over our country.
    As a grandparent, I look into the faces of my little grandchildren, and desperately want the American dream for them, I hope and prayer that 11-06-2012, does not go down in history as the day the USA died.

  22. DrJCA1 says:

    Throughout history great men have said that big government is not in the best interest of the people and that when the common man realizes that he can vote himself a largess of money, that society is doomed. since half of this nation is on some type of government social program, we are truly doomed.

  23. William Evans says:

    Mr. Obama is fixing to pull a Hugho Chavez on the America people.

    • George Colby says:

      Amen to that!

    • dottie says:

      Too many people in this country don’t know who chavz is. We have learned to be very compartmentalized. Our major tv networks don’t report any news that might broaden our understanding of what is happening in other parts of the world unless it benefits this administration. We all better pray for all of us.

  24. Joanb says:

    We’re screwed! This country has bigger problems then obama. His plan is right on track and his followers can’t get enough of him.

  25. margaret ross says:

    It looks like we will need to stay informed as to which country we will be overrun by,as soon our military will be unable to defend our shores.I’m confidant that “His Majesty Obama”will continue to ensure our vulnerability. I truely believe,that unless congress can somehow stop this maddness,we will all be learning a new language and new customs.

    • Mary says:

      I think along your lines. I’m not sure which country, but I do expect an influx of Muslims and the enforcement of Islam in our country and we will be forced to incorporate their sharia laws into ours and eventually, we will all be Muslim. Obama’s ring states: Allah, the one and true god, and on the inside of the ring it states: Mohammed the one and only true prophet of Mohammed. Did you notice that Obama did not wear his jewelry during Ramadam. When asked about that, he said they were in for repair. The Muslims don’t wear “bling” during Ramadam.

  26. dave says:

    I don’t think that the majority agree with him, rather that so many are to lazy to search out the truth and rely on the media for all their information (misinformation) and run with it. We all need to educate ourselfs, our children, and grandchildren. Know the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Manganelli says:

      Dave, I couldn’t agree with you more. In our society today people just don’t take the time to study the issues to determine how our country really operates. Too often, especially young people, believe the hype and comments they see in political adds instead of researching the topic and becoming knowledgeable on the issues. I saw a piece on Fox just recently where students standing on line to vote in South Boston couldn’t even answer the most basic questions about our government. Such things as the three branches of the federal government, how many members of Congress there are and who Tim Geithner is. Yes, they were all voting for Obama because they feared for their student aid, another fallacy. Sad, really sad.

    • Paul says:

      We live in George Orwell’s 1984

  27. Donna Harrison says:

    Someone who knows that I supported Romney for President , but who herself, didn’t vote, recently said to me, “Sorry, about your candidate not winning.” I said, “It’s not about whether MY candidate won or lost; I’m worried about the consequences for the country.”

  28. Claude Ziner says:

    In nature there is positive and negative energy. Able positive, Cane negative. Abraham/Issac positive, Ishmael negative.
    Judeo/Christian positive, Islam negative. Conservatism/Foundinf Fathers/ positive, Saul Alinsky/Barak Hussain Obama negative. American Socialism/Communism is following the negative. Obama’s sole purpose is to bring down our way of life
    and replace it with communism allocating resoueces from the top.

  29. Paul Wendland says:

    Don’t blame Obama. The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those made him their president,

    • Mary says:

      The “taker” citizens voted for Obama. The “maker” citizens will be providing for the ‘”takers”. The takers can’t think beyond their “freebies”. There will come a day when the “makers” can’t provide for the “takers”, and we all will go down into poverty. Socialism does not work and it’s been proven.

      Further, what is Obama, the Homeland Security, doing with an army of youths, 18 to 24, that have been trained and set with rifles and bullet proof humvee’s to “help in disasters in the United States”. I suspect it is like the Hitler Brown Shirts. So when civil war breaks out, or Marshall law, as Obama has already assigned himself and signed himself as the leader late at night behind closed doors to protect his “new America”. Get ready….

  30. Claude Ziner says:

    Obama has one purpose. That purpose is to follow Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing, and has been compared to Thomas Paine as being “one of the great American leaders of the nonsocialist left.”[4] He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s own words, from his 1946 “Reveille for Radicals”,[14] capture his perspective, his motivation, and his style of engagement:

    A People’s Organization is a conflict group, [and] this must be openly and fully recognized. Its sole reason in coming into being is to wage war against all evils which cause suffering and unhappiness. A People’s Organization is the banding together of large numbers of men and women to fight for those rights which insure a decent way of life. . . .

    A People’s Organization is dedicated to an eternal war. It is a war against poverty, misery, delinquency, disease, injustice, hopelessness, despair, and unhappiness. They are basically the same issues for which nations have gone to war in almost every generation. . . . War is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play. . . .

    A People’s Organization lives in a world of hard reality. It lives in the midst of smashing forces, dashing struggles, sweeping cross-currents, ripping passions, conflict, confusion, seeming chaos, the hot and the cold, the squalor and the drama, which people prosaically refer to as life and students describe as ‘society’.

    Alinsky/Obama is the scourage of our age that is in full swing and consuming our prescious soft underbelly resources K through university 16, with implandation of condition responses against Judeo/Christian values in the subconscious mind.

    Obama is following the Alinsky play book to the letter. This is the blindness that so many lazy thinkers follow. There will be more to come. Conservatives must marshall the minds of citizens young and old for the survival of The Republic.

    Remember what Ben Franklin said, “We have a Republic if We the People can keep it.” That means each and every generation must learn the lessons learned and best practices for freedom of enterprise for itself. That in and of itself is a sipley slope.

  31. mighty manfried says:

    2014 gives us a chance to take back the senate and keep the house. Dems will use the same scare tactics so be ready for them. Our only real chance is to gear up for a battle with votes to regain the senate and take full control of the house .To do this we must get the young people in the colleges and seniors in high school educated in american politics and away from liberal tactics of unfilled promises. Our seniors have to be educated in what is already available for their healthcare and survival. There is much more to address but we cannot get the job done without the vote. We already know the the dems are told to vote and vote often. The republicans should start today to make sure that the dems would have to have their people vote illegally in order to counter the massive republican vote. We must get more people to vote republican. We need to have young republican groups in every city and every college. We must hold seminars in every nursing home, retirement home and every walmart to inform the elderly. We must work hard at showing good honest people that getting this country back on stable footing is a must and give out information to help them in answering the tactics of the dems.

  32. Patrick Meadowdi says:

    I know you mean well for our USA but there is no working with someone of double speak while smiling. The only compromise is for us to give in, ignore the constitution and just praise Obama. This, I for one
    will not do.

  33. Sam Valentine says:

    I have never been as worried for the future of this country as I am since this election, the deceptive tactics of this president are beyond comprehension.His agenda seems to be to destroy a country he obviously hates.

    • Anthony Tampone says:

      What scares me more is that half the country believe in him and his ideas and follow him blindly and with conviction. I thought America was getting better educated but it seems that we are only getting indoctrinated.

      • Wolfen says:

        If you are truly interested in learning what is happening with our educational system, and why, check out Robin Eubanks’ articles at

  34. Toby says:

    Yes all your comments are well said. The first thing to do is to end the electoral college. I too have voted for Romney as have my family however we don’t count. Its so outdated.

    I received a small bouns for coming in to work during Hurricane Sandy of which 50% will fo to Obama, so I have done my FAIR SHARE…….

    • Stan says:

      Toby, you are right about the electoral college. Even though President Obama won the popular vote, just think of how many more Republican votes there would have been if they thought their votes would count. It’s pretty demoralizing living in a state overloaded with the opposing party’s voters. You simply stay home, knowing you are grossly outnumbered.

    • Upset in La. says:

      I agree and have felt this way ever since I studied civics in highschool! I have never felt like my vote mattered, though I have been faithful about my vote since I turned 18. Not as well educated with the workings of government as I feel I should be, but have alot of commom sense! LETS DO AWAY WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE….!!!

      On another note!
      I am now among the unemployed…at the age of 63 and having a very difficult time finding employment of any kind.
      I am not a ‘taker’. Have never been on unemployment until now after over 40 years in the workforce. Now I need my Social Security which I feel I have earned! And believe me, it is not enough to live off of….But without it I will be homeless. I am single and have 2 daughters under roof, one is disabled and has not been able to work since she was 22 years old. She is not a ‘taker’ either! My other daughter is a college graduate and working hard at a job not in her field of study because she cannot find work in her field and is now burdened with student loans. She is not a ‘taker’ either! She very much wants to give to the community! I hope by ‘taker’ you are referring to those who are illegally on SSI and Food Stamps and whatever other handout programs there are to take advantage of.
      Sincerely, I feel that Our children and grandchildren will never know the America that I grew up in and that really makes me sad…..

    • Donna says:

      In my opinion, the electoral college isn’t even the major problem. It’s the fact that there is so much voter fraud in our nation it has become impossible to have a fair election. I guess I really don’t believe that the majority of REAL USA citizens and business people are as stupid as the voting numbers represent. I mean, we’re not just talking about BO being re-elected; I’m concerned about ANYONE who can vote for a Vice President who acts and speaks like a complete ass. In what universe is that guy (or his boss) qualified for these offices? I also think in the next 4 years the USA will be overthrown — either by another nation, or hopefully by our own clear-thinking citizens who come to realize Civil Disobedience will be the only way to get this thing back on track. It’s going to be an interesting ride, that’s for sure. When are we REALLY going to rise up and mean it when we say “Enough!”??

  35. WagTheDog says:

    This letter to The Dear Leader is akin to Chamberlain begging Hitler to do the right thing. Everything we know about Obama, his background (what little we are privy to), his speeches (endless and either hollow or frightening), and his decisions (draconian), tell us that the LAST thing he has in mind is the survival, let alone the betterment, of the USA. He was put into power by evil international forces that intend to destroy our country, and he has been kept in power by ignorant and greedy American voters (and not a few non-citizen “voters”). The only way to save the USA is to throw out the whole, corrupt leadership and replace them with honest and decent citizens. We need to rebuild our whole government structure along the lines of Switzerland, which just happens to be how the USA started (states had the power, and the Federal government was tiny and weak). Voting doesn’t work anymore, as we have just found out. Any suggestions?

  36. Steve Scalopini says:

    The 99% Bull$hit that was all the rage two years ago should be countered by the 1% demanding that the federal government and the 99% respect American business for what it is, the lifeblood of America. If there was no business there would be, no America as we know it. Yes the real estate would be here, but there would be no one to employ people. People would have to provide for themselves or perish. Every business owner did build their business. For that reason alone Obama should have been fired. That statement alone makes him an enemy of America and any one that believes what Obama said, is also anti-business.

    So what I propose is businesses large and small close down for a week, without pay and let the chips fly. Close for a week every 3 months, a week every month or just ask their accountants what is best for them so they can survive and how they will not fall into the Obama tax hike plan.

    Instead of the government’s war on business hurting the business owners, let employees understand that the government is not the one that pays their paychecks.

    This most likely will not affect union jobs but the non union workers may see the how unfair it is for the government to target business and those that produce not just take.

  37. James says:

    I agree with everything the author said, but he ends up
    speaking to the choir, our foolish president will not listen to or even here such truth. We need to send a stronger message, I believe we should do something much stronger, something that will take courage, resolve, and sacrifice; like a nation wide sick out for perhaps two or three days. Then we will get everybody’s strong attention, even the media and the president. Yes, we may need to do this more than once.

  38. J.R. Wheeler, Jr. says:

    For the most part….GREAT Comments. It is a waist of time to try to change the minds of “Obama believers”! Obama’s best security is to keep Biden as VP….No one wants him to be President! Anyone may speculate as to my political leanings!

  39. Nancy says:

    Bless your heart, Paul Terry Stone. I had nothing to do with obama taking over the White House for another term either as I voted for Romney, but you and I will both suffer the long-term consequences foisted upon us by the so-called non-thinking majority. Those who have written that hand-outs are expected by those who do not want to work and by the illegals enticed into our country in order to get their vote are exactly right. The thinking, rational and common-sense voter had no chance against them. It was planned for some time to have groups that would support obama–many, but not all, welfare recipients, illegals, union members, black voters, very young voters, etc. The democratic machine was well-oiled and rolling right on track.

    God can still perform miracles. Perhaps He wanted some type of punishment for obama and this could not happen if he had been defeated and could skip away with his pension and other perks for who knows how many years. America has turned her back on God and His laws and now there is a president who condones and participates in this. Abortion and the death panel are murder, most politicians are liars and are looking out for number one, many have been caught in adultery and the list could go on. We had better invite God back and humble ourselves before Him. There are still enough Christians in this great country that He will listen.

    • Richard says:

      Nancy you are more correct than you know. I’m far from religious and perhaps therefore not really a “good man” in that conventional sense but was astonished while viewing the DNC National Convention, the part where the Mayor of LA, acting as Chairman, calls 3 times for voice vote to acknowledge God in their Party Platform and is 3 times shouted down NO by the delegates, finally just carrying the motion as ‘passed’ when it really was rejected. Reminded me of Pilate presiding over the kangaroo cout of Jesus while the mob, NOT the people, called for the terrorist Barabus to be liberated. Is history replaying ?

      • kris Littlefield says:

        Our forefathers were very wise men. They were very aware that power changed people. They were men of faith and values and I think that by speaking of the Law’s of Nature or Nature’s God or the creator that they were pointing out that man is not the final word. That there is another power or phenomena or law or universal entity or some greater intelligence that we have to answer to. All men are created equal. We are not the same by any stretch of the imagination, but we are all equal and all have the equal right to pursue life, liberty and happiness in our own way. Equal opportunity. No one person or group of people was more important than the rest. No one person or group has the right to dictate to others a set of rules. They were trying to establish a government that would guarantee the freedom of everybody. There is nothing in our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution that says that we have to worship God. They made sure that one of our freedoms was freedom of religion. But I think by taking God out of their platform they were showing their absolute arrogance, putting themselves above everything. Let’s face it. We all have our beliefs. Some of us share the same vision of God some of us don’t, but the bottom line is that we were created by something, call it what you will, but there is a higher power out there. I read a post by one of the people who were furious because they didn’t remove God from the platform. He said God didn’t belong in politics. I just want to say to that guy that universal wisdom and a moral compass belongs in every aspect of our lives, especially something as important as politics when someones actions affect millions.

    • Anthony Tampone says:

      Sadly, I fear that what our children are learning in public schools divorces them from God and the truth. I know our responsibility is to teach them at home but their peers and teachers have too much influence on them. Even righteous and holy teachers are not permitted to teach their views on creation or the Ten Commandments. This is not separation of Church and State, it is ELIMINATION of Church from State. It is the greater plan of the noisy minority of Americans to change our once great country into a European style country. I fear for our future.

  40. Edwin says:

    We need to pray for our leader(s). Pray that God would get his attention like he got Nebuchadnezzar’s. God gave Abimelech a dream that caused him to respect Abraham. King Hezekiah laid out an insulting letter against God in the temple and cried out to God against Ebil-Merodach, the Assyrian king who had sent the letter. That night an angel slaughtered 185,000 Assyrians. The king went home and was murdered by two of his sons. Evil leaders will not prevail if God’s own will pray earnestly. O God, in the name of Y’shua of Nazareth, bring Holy Ghost revival and heal our nation, for without You all is lost! Put Your fear upon the tyrants who are enslaving us; show them how fragile and fleeting their lives are. We bless them and pray for their repentance and salvation (Mt. 5).

  41. art says:

    Dear Dan, As they say opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one and you are welcome to yours.

    • mauna says:

      Art. that’s not how it goes. What Daniel C Weber has stated here is more than an opinion, it is the truth and anyone who lives in America knows it unless they are deaf, dumb,
      and blind…instead of making obscene comments, I would like you take every sentence, line by line and dispute it…

      • Trina says:

        Mauna, I love your response, but it is a waste of time to reply to people like Art. He is not even worth the 30 seconds it takes to try to communicate with him. (I don’t even know why he is on this website, except to try to aggravate intelligent people.) Just pity him and ignore :-)

      • Greg E says:

        Art won’t respond to you because Art can’t respond to you – except with an insult – and that’s exactly what Liberals due when confronted with facts and the truth.

  42. Stephen says:

    This person who currently occupies OUR WHITE HOUSE is a fraud, who hates the United States of America. His promise to “fundamentally change” our country has already begun. Think about all the unilateral decisions and changes he has already made that bypassed the United States Congress, ignored our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. He has had the full support and influence of the ultra liberal media, and he has enjoyed the funding of his “career” by billionaire socialists, radical communists, the muslim brotherhood, not only in America, but around the world as well. Our #1 enemy is running our country! I came here 55 years ago as a LEGAL immigrant, earned the right for the privilege of living in this country by serving in the United States Air Force, have worked hard every day of my life, never taking one penny in welfare. I am extremely saddened to see the deterioration of this wonderful country. I too fear for my children and grandchildren, and what this man is preparing for them. How I wish we could bring back the strong, happy, proud, and God-fearing America that I was fortunate enough to have experienced in my lifetime. We have gone from a country of ambitious, hard-working citizens, to an environment of entitlement and dependency. We have certainly redefined the meaning of the word ILLEGAL It now defines a segment of our population who are given preferential treatment and benefits, as a reward for breaking our laws; while American citizens have to jump through hoops to get needed assistance. Liberalism has flipped this country over on its head. And this administration nurtures this sorry situation! Be prepared. Your Rights and your Freedoms are about to be taken away from you, starting with your Right to Bear Arms. The first step in a socialist-communist takeover.

  43. Valerie Donnelly says:

    I found the comments from Silver Lady Wyoming. She does make an excellent point when she notes that most of the country is actually center-right, but the large population areas on both coasts have the lions’ shaer of votes. Imaging how frustrating it is for someone like me, who lives in New York (Staten Island, to be accurate-we’re quite different from “the city”), and is a dyed in the wool conservative to know that my vote does not count! New York, with its large cities populated primarily by either limousine liberals who look down their plasticized noses at the working people, or those who have their hand out for everything they can, as long as it’s “free”. As one illegal, non-English speaking person said to my local paper-via a translator, of course-“I love America. I can come to the hospital and they take care of me for free.” As a nurse, this makes my blood boil. More than half of my paycheck goes to fund a bloated federal, state, and city bureaucracy. because conservatives are outnumbered by leeches, we are voiceless. God help America before it becomes the Socialist utopia that the Anointed One is working to achieve.

  44. Silver Lady Wyoming says:

    Why does no one pay attention to the Red/Blue colored map of our Country? The largest geographical section is as Red as it can be. That area was overwhelmingly Romney (59-69%). We are under the thumb of the “takers & Gimmes” who live on the coasts & big cities. Those of us who live in the self sufficient, responsible, hardworking part of America (most of it!) know that we don’t want the Federal government running our lives. We know who built our businesses, farms & ranches, etc . It was NOT the government. We all pay our share of taxes for the infrastructure & have served on City Councils, County Commissions, School Boards, Planning & Zoning Boards, etc to make sure we have a say in how those taxes are spent. But, without business owners, homeowners, ranchers, etc we would have nothing. The Federal government should protect our rights, not usurp them.

    • Greg E says:

      Look at the national election map by COUNTY. That’s the future. Republicans need to have a continuous ground game (like Obama) BETWEEN elections to continue to educate and recruit in the BLUE COUNTIES. Just my opinion.

      • Carlotta says:

        Greg E you are so right. I’ve been trying to figure out what Senators will be up for election in 2014. We have to take the Dem seats and keep the Republican seats. We lost ground in the House too. We have to correct that. Some extremely good public servants got eliminated. I’m so sad for our country what the takers are doing.

  45. liam says:

    Dear Mr. Weber:

    Yes, with God’s blessing, the United States will continue to survive. The key there, is, “With God’s blessing.” I personally believe the United States no longer has God’s blessing. We have turned out backs on Him, kicked him out of our schools, out of our public buildings, our public prayers, and assaultied His churches The number of our rejections of Him are myriad, and just as He did with the ancient Israelites, He has lifted His protective shield from the United States, and not until we turn back to Him, will he restore that shield.

  46. David says:

    Thank you for an excellent letter.

    I recommend that we who believe and support conservatism must now show those people and businesses that supported Obama and his LIBERAL followers that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! I have removed all so-called friends and relatives that supported or voted for Obama from my email and Facebook “friends” I refuse to communicate with them as we have nothing in common. I am also boycotting ALL businesses that supported Obama and refuse to buy products or services adverted on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS or in AARP publications. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!! I request that all good American businesses that supported Romney, openly and publicly declare their support of Conservatives and that we support them by patronizing their businesses. This is the ONLY way we will finally get to the brains of these mentally damaged people!

    • Renaus says:

      I’ve done the same. My hard earned money only goes to those that I know are conservatives.

    • Sara Eads says:

      I agree with this gentleman’s proposal and am attempting to follow his recommendations. I have learned that one’s pocketbook is the final decision maker.

    • Gigi says:

      Is there a way to get some kind of list of these conservative companies? Sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m sure that there are many who don’t know who is and who isn’t, like me, for instance. In fact, the only ones I know of are Papa Johns and Chick Fil A. Any others out there?

      • Carlotta says:

        A list of conservative companies is a great idea. Especially as we approach Christmas. I don’t shop at any store which doesn’t display the reason for the season prominently and proudly. Jimmy John’s is also a conservative establishment.

    • jhm47 says:

      I always try to take the postage-paid envelopes that come with AARP advertizing/propaganda and return them to them empty. This takes away a few cents of postage from them, and also helps our beleaguered postal service.

  47. Linda says:

    Your article was so well-stated. It reflects our feelings and thoughts about the path that has been chosen. I truly hope that we can unite and find our way back to honesty, transparency, and the ideals that our nation was founded on. I think the Romney/Ryan ticket reflected that. My first grandson was born Nov. 7th and I hope that we can find our way back for him and the future generations; so they can know the America I grew up in.

  48. Marcia I. says:

    Yes, I fully agree with Dan Weber our founder. Our President Barock H. Obama had been planning for ever so long and most likely since he was very young and being trained by his Grandparents and Mother to believe in Socialism and not Capitalism. His training by those that hate our great country to turn our freedom around so that the Government has full control of what we as American have, and worked very hard for is taken back as in the Communist and Socialist run Countries. Just look at some Countries in Europe, and Canada. If you are in need of any medical care or surgery that must be done immediately, you are given an appointment for a nine (9) to sixteen (16 ) wait. This is fact from people I’ve met in my everyday life. Our taxes will be going up as of 1/1/13, Seniors will get a cost of living increase, however, our costs for Plan B will be going up as I have already been notified for both my husband and myself. All other medical costs i.e., Pharmaceuticals have also notified us, Plan D. So the increase is not really an increase, thanks to AARP, that sided with our President. Just take a look all around and see the split as well. One more item to mention, as far as your banking and savings for those that are lucky enough to have saved, all records are to be given to the IRS for the Government to scruitinize, and low and behold, TAX you on every check that is written, and any savings you might still be holding on to. So if you have any, start spending or stick it in your mattress. This are just a few of the many changes that will take place.

    Bytheway, to the person that mentioned Barock’s Birth Certificate, it had passed quietly thru the social vine, and it does state “KENYA” as his birth place with both his father and mother’s name. This young man was stream-lined from his Party for whatever reason there was for him become President and change this Country. They apparently didn’t like the fact that the people of the United States were doing well and we were growing stronger each and every year and many business’s were started by the Middle class. It is the Middle and so called Rich that provide jobs for all. The Government is the one trying to keep all down, they tell all that they will provide for whatever is needed. I’m still waiting for my stimulus check, might have gotten lost on the way from the White House. Found a good sale on whole Lobsters and great Steaks.

    God Bless this wonderful Country and pray that we don’t become a Socialized one.

  49. Brady says:

    The takers now outnumber the makers and it will only get worse unless this is reversed!

    • PaulE says:

      This election proved we are already past the tipping point. People who are happy to be on the receiving end of handouts very rarely become productive citizens over time. All the do is ask for more free stuff.

  50. Lee Medlin says:

    Well, as I see things, there are 4 years left with the person who poses to be our president, at the present rate of destruction to our foundation our present way of life has about 18 months. Being a senior citizen and a Navy veteran of 20 years there are times that I have been afraid. I have had conversations over the last 4 years about topics that in my wildest dreams never thought I would ever need to discuss, even when Bill Clinton was elected. Now we have UN observers who were at our polls, Black Panthers intimidating voters, a push to register ineligible voter; (felons,illegals), a president who is, and supports the Islam way of Sharia, who turned his back on our diplomat, who enacted executive privilege to aid Holder in a deadly cover-up, there are flash mobs, free cell phone, no requirement to work on welfare, a political party who spits in the face of God, our Military, and anyone who has made a contribution to our great nation. WE THE PEOPLE must do any and everything possible up to and including taking up arms, people that is the cold hard reality, there is no other option, the deck is stacked against us. I never ever thought that I would even utter such a thing in this country but if something is not done our grand children will hear of our former greatness in whispered silence. MY prayer is this Dear God, if it be your will forgive me my sins and pleas make me fast and accurate.

  51. rich benn says:

    i agree with all the above comments. a do nothing, four year marxist gets re-elected by a bunch of brainwashed idiots.
    congratulations to all you obuma and fellow democraps. now just sit back. collect your free checks and live to see what
    develops. thanks a lot.

  52. Aletha says:

    So many people have the very same feelings about this so called election that it is hard to believe that he was again given the opportunity to take us down even more. If the people who are my name would humble themselves and pray I would heal their land . Where are in that? Have we gotten on our knees and done that? As the history of this world has been recorded we are going in the same directions all the other great civlations gone. We are rotting from within. We have no respect for life or the things God has said we should, so why should He even care. Every good thing starts at home and we need to clean house.those of us who will work as long as we can will eventually die and then who will take care of the hanger ons???????????

  53. Marilyn says:

    Thank you Dan, a well meaning letter that unfortunately will fall on deaf ears. I’m sad and very disappointed that a decent and good man, Mitt Romney lost to an obviously under-estimated campaign. Unfortunately, I see things a lot differenlyt today. America had turned the corner on election day 11/6/2012. The Pied Piper enticing millions with his music will continue to do so for a long time to come !

  54. Nancy Pavlik says:

    This is a wonderful letter but this President couldn’t care less what we think. Thanks to the unions and entitlements he is untouchable.

  55. John Schneider says:

    Many of us are depressed and despondent. Let that pass. We can not give up. think of all the hardships our forefathers endured to give us what we have today. they did not give up. neither can we. Carry on the good fight so that others can enjoy what we have had. ifs

    • Rosanne says:

      Dear Mr. Weber,
      Your letter is well stated and I have passed it on, but I am depressed over the election as well as many others and have been deeply spiritually all my life. I believed in my heart that the American voters would do the right thing for our nation and vote for the candidate who could lead us from this darkness. But they didn’t, or so it seems. We still wait for an explanation of why our service personnel’s votes didn’t count; they were robbed of their unalienable right. Also, what about the voter fraud that was uncovered with early voting procedures; one that should not be allowed anywhere. What is that about? There are many unanswered questions with regard to voting and the union pressure…Chicago style politics per usual. But who really cares now? Are they afraid of racial backlash? Enough is enough!

      Further, the entire Benghazi fiasco should be the key to impeachment of this president and the resignation of Clinton and head of the State Department. Four lives were lost, how is that reconcilable? The other presidential impeachments pale in the light of this tragedy. Yes, there is reason to be disgusted and angry. And sometimes that is not a bad thing, as long as we doing something creative with the feelings and forge ahead with resolve to band together and stand firm for American rights as declared by our forefathers. However, no matter how our spirits may desire this how do we do it? Where do we go? All the branches of the fedreral government are controlled by this regime and the 35 czars while being financed by a number of sources who pull the strings on important decisions and control the major media resources as well. They know the players are incompetent and have sold their souls for power and gold.

      I have experienced the power of the Tea Party and have led a group myself, but this present condition seems unsurmountable…and this is from a person of faith. The Cuban and Poles had deep faith as well, but their countries were battered by dictators the same way. So many fled and many stayed to face the torturous deprivation of freedom. God gave the choice to the people, and they made it…no matter how the voting went…we are stuck with a Communist leader and the worst is yet to come. Let’s just start with the taxation of every banking transaction come January 1…and that is only the beginning. And the boy/man will continue to be a celebrity, traveling away from our White House and from interrogations that are uncomfortable, spending our hard earned money on luxuries, and defying the Congress and the real hope of the American people. Those who voted for the empty chair or suit, whichever is preferred…will learn too late the result of their deed. God help America!

  56. Miriam says:

    I so agree with what you’ve said. Thank you for taking a stand for ALL of America. I agree, electoral votes should be ELIMINATED! It’s a joke. Popular vote is the truth, not some lie from a cheating program such as the Electoral voting system. GET rid of it!

  57. Glen says:

    Mr Obama will not change in this second term. He has deceived us from the beginning. He wants to destroy the US economy so that a new utopian gulag can be built from the ashes. Here’s what will be happening along the way: Obamacare will be fully implemented, turning over the care of our bodies to mindless bureaucats and death panels. Our National Debt will continue to increase from 16 trillion to ????? We will continue to grow unsustainable entitlement programs. Obama could nominate from 1 to 3 U.S. Supreme Court justices. He will continue to support the climate hoax and use it to stop oil, gas and coal production. He intends on wiping out the coal industry. He will continue implementation of EPA rules for destroying American business and jobs. The takeover of American industries will continue; GM is just the beginning. We face massive increases in taxes on the middle class. Downsizing the military will continue. We’ve already seen the possibility of our subscribing to the UN Treaty on Gun Control, thereby superseding the Second Amendment. We could also see us subscribing to the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea. Our illegal alien problem will continue to grow. Obama will continue to ignore our ally Isreal. Obama’s failed middle east policy could result in War! Be on guard, Obama and his comrades might even try to slip some Sharia Law into the American legal system. There’s more, but I’ll stop now. Obama has deceived us, but he didn’t really lie. After all, he did promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

  58. Patti says:

    Well said. It was a sad time for America that O was re elected. I think that we should have a 6 term presidency. This way the President works for 6 years straight. That is all he is working now anyway. The first 2 two years he works, the 2nd 2 years he campaigns and then the last 4 years he works. So why bother to go thru all of this crazy nonsense anymore.

    • Susan says:

      It is really doubtful that Pres. Obama will do work as we know it during his 2nd term of office. He hardly
      worked during his 1st term. He tends to deligate all of the actual work to his subordinates, as he delegated
      the work on Obamacare to Nancy Pelosi, and she delegated the work to her staff. This is why 2000+
      pages of that HR bill is such a mess. Even the Supreme Court did not seem to thoroughly understand it !!
      I worked all of my life (21 to 68), brokerage, banking VP, and finally my own business. Obama’s way of “work”
      is not the way I was taught to work by my working parents and the men/women who helped me to become a successful business person. Oh, I forgot, someone who worked successfully and made a decent wage (not a fortune) is just a greedy person without regard for others in the eyes of our current President . . . .

  59. Virginia Kelly Jacobz says:

    IN this age of electronic communication I believe the electoral college should be done away with and all future presidents should be elected by popular vote. Many people I spoke with said they were not going g to vote because the percentages in the EC were already decided. Mr “I am God” O was elected by those on welfare and the illegallz who were not allowed to be filtered out because of some silly rule about the election being too close- makes you happy we have a Supreme Court whose loyalties lies with those of us who work to support the freeloaders. I am going to copy this letter and send it to my elected reps in Congress and ask them to lay down their political banner and do what is right for the taxpayers. Mr IAGO wasn’t my president in 2008 and he isn’t now. The denizens in heaven are crying for America.

  60. SaraJane Curry says:

    Dan, you have written a message that is heart felt by all of us! Thank!
    IF Christians had stood up as they did for Chick-fil.Lay ( sp ) , we might have won. I guess fighting for food was more important than fighting for God and our country! WE MUST stand up and fight. God is in control and He will lead, but we must support His lead! Satan has got to go and it is up to us as God’s people! thanks and let’s get started!!!!!! Prayer changes things!!!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! LOLOVE

  61. Deanna says:

    How in the world did our Constitutional process get compromised? We have a Congress that does not & will not support the will of the people & uphold our freedoms; a Supreme Court that does not up hold our rights & freedoms & makes laws of their own if they don’t like the ones Congress makes (a faux Congress); a President with the supreme power to deny all laws & singularly appoint czars and have the executive power to override everyone & do as he pleases. That kind of power is what dictators have. This has got to stop. The Court should be accountable for illegal & unconstitutional decisions and should not have lifetime appointments. The President should not have the ability to order so many subversive executive decisions. Congress terms should be very limited & they too should be accountable for all their votes & actions (or inactions). Even the elections system is compromised. The Liberals are rigging ballots, allowing illegals to vote, & isolating our Service men & women overseas. Computerized machines & early ballots make it so easy for them to accomplish this. The Washington group of all 3 should be held accountable for all their excess non-work expenditures. Obamas exceeded beyond imagination! They blame Bush for doing that, but most all his trips were to his ranch in Crawford, not exhorbitant swank vacations all over the world! In Crawford he still worked at being President while there. Lastly, we now have a population of freeloaders with no self-respect & want the Government to provide everything for them. Well, they got what they wanted. I can’t wait to hear them start bellyaching when they start feeling the pain of everything being taken away from them. Too bad that the rest of us have to suffer because of them! Who up there in Washington is going to do something about this catastrophe? The Republican Party continually puts up Liberal candidates despite our opinions on who we want to run. The last 2 elections proves that! Shame on the gutless conservatives who refused to vote to oust the Muslim, non-American, Socialist dictator!!!

  62. G T G says:

    I am also saddened by the eclection results. But, I am convinced that it is because many who voted for these same people are clueless. It may not be thier fault. They may be children who still live with mommy and daddy, and with mommy and daddy paying for their education, the roof over their heads, and food, how would they know how the world works? Isn’t evering supposed to be free? And keep in mind the biased media who decide what news they think we should know and what news they don’t want us to know. This is propaganda, usually found in communist countries such as Cuba. Remember, there will be more elections in the future and more deceitful news coverage to come as long as there is lack of honesty and ethics in the news media. If we love our country, then we must expose any biased news agency, let others know to beware, and switch our news sources to those that are honest and professional.

  63. Mary Casey says:

    We cannot fall victim to this liberal machine that is rapidly ravaging this country. I believe a large part of the answer is through educating our youth. I believe we need a national organization which will have a single-minded purpose of educating our youth about every-day economics and the constitution. Kids continually graduate without any basic financial skills whatsoever. Is it any wonder they fall prey to the liberal profs they meet in college??? Statistics now indicate that less than 10% of parents teach their kids about financial matters; many of the parents do not have basic financial skills, so we’re into the second generation of this mega-problem. There are at least two programs that I know of – Junior Achievement and Dave Ramsey’s youth materials that could start to address this problem. But we need financially minded adults who are willing to go into the classrooms across this country and consistently teach this material. What better organization than this one to head up this effort. I am willing to teach in my area and intend to make inquiries this coming week. Will you join me in this effort??

  64. Carla and William says:

    I must say that it is comforting to read the comments here, and to read the open letter by Mr. Weber. Why comforting? Because we have felt so ‘alone’ out here! To know that people, like ourselves, are just as fed up as we are by this ‘so-called president’ and the fact that somehow he was re-elected, is a comfort. Working hard, all of our lives thus far, and watching our taxes go up, our insurances go up, our medical costs go up, our utilities go up, gasoline go up, and wondering how we can continue the lifestyle that we are comfortable with in our retirement is just frightening. This ‘man’ has not only divided this country, he has divided friends and divided families. The left are bitter and mean people. They have no problem accusing us conservatives of being racist, intollerant, and old fuddy-duddies. Obama once made a statement about people living in the rural areas of America as being ‘bitter clingers.’ Well, my husband and I are proud to say we are ‘bitter clingers’ since that statement. YES! we cling to our Bible. YES! we cling to our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. YES! we are conservative in our moral beliefs and our family values. We hold all these things close to our hearts. This ‘president’ is an enemy to us, and like others have stated here, he is NOT our president. A man who hates this country and everything about it, and who wants (and is!) to fundamentally change it, is NOT one who represents us and who represents this great country. I fear for our grandchildren, and the country they will inherit. I fear for my husband and I, and what is to become of us as we lose our health and become victims of the ‘death panel.’ I fear for America and what will become of her. I have lived for 61 years and felt blessed every single day to be an American. Now, in these dark times of Obama rule, I am absolutely afraid to turn on the news. I am feeling sickened and sad. But thank you all who are here to remind me that I am not ‘alone’ in my feelings, and in my love for this country. God bless.

  65. jason valerius says:

    “With God’s continued blessing- the United States of America will survive.”

    Then the United States of America will not survive. The American people had a clear a choice as ever this election. America chose revenge over love of country, selfishness over common interest, and decline over renewal. As decent a man who has run for President in my lifetime was rejected in favor a man who has repeatedly and consistently demonstrated his unworthiness.

    Why should God bless such a people?

  66. Les Larson says:

    I am very confused as who is this half white half black guy;He spent over a million dollars hidding his back ground; is Baroc Obama Muslim or Christian or both; He was born somewhere in this world;His long form birth certificat has his father from Kenya but at the time of his birth that country wasn’t names Kenya yet!! he went to school in Indonesea witch required him to give up his US citizen ship if he was a US citizen. He flew back and forth to other countrys with other than a US passport. He went to college in the US with forgien aid so he could get into some of the top colleges in the US. He sold a book about dreams of his father that Reverend Write wrote and now am told that this wasn’t his father at all as his real father was some Davis guy he never knew; He is using someone else’s social security number as his own; he never registered for the draft as it just seems if he is going to be my president I should have the right to know. “WHO IS THIS GUY”!!!????????? The President just got re-elected by dividing us buy race, buy gender, the rich and poor, the insured and the uninsured, leagle and illeagle imagration, union and nonunion, over paid and underpaid and all the rich white captilists are bad for the country.

  67. Teri Curtis says:

    I hear all that you are saying and I too fear for our country. We are now the minority and our country will never recover from this. As we speak the man running this charade is preparing for his 3rd term…and there will be no more elections. The Justices will retire and their spots will be filled with more of the same….I cry for my country and wonder where I will go.

  68. James M says:

    Carol G Brown has expressed some of the same fears I have. Does this country no longer have God’s blessings? The last two Republican candidates seemed muddled in their campaigns, not clearly stating what needed to be said to offer an appealing alternative to the current administration. I was puzzled by the poor statement of concrete issues in both campaigns. Mitt said he had plans, but never clearly stated what they were?? So did he actually have good plans, or did he not really have any plans at all? The campaign just seemed to muddle through. In the debates, same problem. O Bama left some huge openings that Mitt did not seem to recognize and respond to. One example>O Bama declared he was all for the enterprise system, innovation,etc and creating jobs. But he made a speech just 2 weeks prior in which he stated in words paraphrased here: ” So, you think YOU built up your business? You are wrong, YOUR GOVERNMENT (his emphasis) built your business!” That should have been wrapped round his neck during that debate. Why not? Was Mitt muddled? Confounded? That is my fear.

  69. Marlene brazington says:

    Now that he’s been re-elected his ‘flexibility’ will be unleashed on us – full bore. Every Anti-American goal he’s been plotting and building up to will soon come to fruition and our beloved United States of America will will cease to exist, as we have known it. He and his moose have been planning on the destruction of this country they’ve admitted to hating but could only really implement their plans in a second term. They believe they are now omnipotent. Since he swears he’s American-born, it’s now time to impeach him and exile him to some Communist country where he and his family can feel at home.

  70. Ted Quick says:

    The inmates have taken over the asylum. Nearly every American is worse off today than they were yesterday, tomorrow will be worse than today and so it will go. The give-me-more-free-stuff crowd is still in control. The slackers will take more from the producers weakening America even more. What those on the left, who are still producing, don’t understand is that they are going to be weakened as well because they are targets along with the rest of us. While they may be blind and in denial about the financial disaster screaming towards us, their futures are as perilous as ours.

    There is some number of that infamous 47% who really are “on the dole”, (either because of physical or psychological handicaps or they’ve simply decided to live off of the rest of us) who, along with BO and his circle-of-power, are the only winners in this year’s election. Any of us who are still paying even a small part of our own way, (including those on the left), are going to be carrying a growing burden as this out-of-control regime demands evermore from a contracting working public.

    In their book, The Miracle of Freedom, 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World, by Chris and Ted Stewart (a highly recommended read by the way) they pointed out that only approximately 4.5% of the 100-110 billion people who have ever lived on this earth have lived in what we think of as a free society. And 50% of our fellow Americans just voted to destroy that freedom.

    It is inarguable that we became the most successful country to ever have existed because of the freedom bestowed upon is by our Constitution. That freedom gave us the opportunity to create, market and sell products and services that the public found desirable; that’s the free-market system or (that most detestable of all words to the left), capitalism. Capitalism created America, the America that we’ve come to love and respect. Our freedom to pursue our dreams, as long as they were not detrimental to others, is without question the energy that fueled our engine and built our once great nation.

    One can argue, and the left does endlessly, that the wealthy have taken unfair advantage of the downtrodden, but there is not another country in the world whose poor are as wealthy as our poorest. In fact, many of our poorest are better off than all but the wealthiest from most other nations. So the left’s argument falls on deaf ears because the truth is so wonderfully obvious to anyone who actually “thinks” instead of simply feeling. It is so much easier to be a victim than it is to stare reality in the face and make changes. The left can’t understand (or doesn’t care) that life is not fair and that it never will be. All their policies do is to make life even more unfair to those of us who are actually making the effort.

    So America, the new America which is being sculpted by this reelected administration, is heading towards doomsday. How much more can be tolerated: 60% more national debt than 4 years ago; Obamacare costs have begun with catastrophic increases around the corner; a fictitious 8% unemployment number; a fiscal cliff hitting us January 1st, a president who ignores the judiciary and Congress by issuing unconstitutional executive orders and who (based upon the evidence I’ve seen) was responsible for the murder of four innocents in Benghazi. All this, while 50% of our country blithely congratulates itself for reelecting the most dangerous president our country has ever seen; a party so blinded by its ideology that it’s incapable of seeing the sickening truth that lies ahead.

    I pray for wisdom and a way out.

  71. Helena says:

    I am so depressed that “The Messiah” was reelected and right at the moment feel like I’m through with politics. It seems like no matter who runs on the GOP ticket doesn’t have a chance of winning. The country is too progressive and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. They are being taught in our schools to be loony liberals teaching our children that we the USA are to blame for all the wrong in this world. How sad. I’ m just going to live my life the best I can before Obama decides when I should die . This might not go over too well with some people but I will never consider that man MY president.

    • Jean says:

      I know what you mean. I’ve also felt really down after the election. I think it’s more mourning for our country and the fact that so many support obama who clearly cares nothing about America.

    • Maria Fundora says:

      Helen, your remarks are my remarks and how I feel exactly. But I don’t think the country is too progressive–it is just a country that is beginning to look like a bunch of free takers–all they want to do is depend on the government for EVERYTHING! and do nothing in return for receiving benefits that some hard worker worked for and paid out of their money. obama is a liar, so far to the left he can’t see straight–and all that he said is talking out of both sides of his mouth and were lies. And many of the people believed it. And this idiot in our White House will never be MY president either–he is going to ruin this country. Welcome to Cuba-America–its coming–slowly but surely. Little by little we will have the government ruling our lives completely.

      • Wayne Ollick says:

        You women are truly insightful and are echoing the sentiments of all of us that still think with our left brains (ration). The better than 50% that pushed Obama over the top, are the offspring of the Baby Boomers who raised their children permissively, letting them do what they want and teaching them nothing! Now they are all still dependent on Mommy and Daddy and M. and D. can’t figure out why they won’t go look for a job. All they are doing is replacing M. and D. with the federal government, oblivious to the Pandora’s Box they have opened! I recommend the book, “The Overviewer”, that tracks the 65 year journey of the Baby Boomers to their present state of ignorance. It also shows how to get rid of this ‘Nanny State’ and get Americans back to their hardworking, self-reliant selves.

    • Artie O. says:

      Young lady God will help us I’m sure. With the details of Benghazi unfolding and the CIA director resigning under the guise of an extra marital affair, Hillary Clinton resigning under suspicious conditions saying she dropped the ball, and both unavailable for hearings next week you will see things you never thought possible.
      I predict Obama will be impeached over this when all the facts come out. He denied 13 requests for increased security in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 that’s fact #1. He had time to react to the actual act of the embassy being attacked fact #2. He had military resources ready to react to the attack and told them to stand down fact #3. Now Petraeus and Clinton are resigning and unavailable for testimony? Something stinks here. The hammer will fall. “We The People” want the answers! Some one will be held accountable for these 4 americans lost while pleading for help. Can you imagine 2 navy seals killing 80 of the enemy? Just 3 more navy seals against the 200 reported attackers may have save the day and made Obama look like a hero himself ! All he had to do was say GO……….

      GOD BLESS……….

    • Carol says:

      Do a study in the books of Daniel and Revelation. All of this must happen. God has not forgotten His own nor will He ever. ……even so ye also, when ye see all these things, know ye that he is nigh, even at the doors. Matt. 24:33
      Soon children….very soon.

  72. R Henry says:

    It would be nice if there was a law that if a candidate clearly lies about his or her opponent or misrepresents their proposed policies with more lies, he or she could be held liable. The campaign the president ran was as dishonest as any could be. I refer to the president as a lying sack of sh#^. He and his campaign committee are as low as people can be.

    Having said this, I think it would be wise for the Republican House to do everything in their power to negotiate a way around this fiscal cliff. If we go over the edge, between the main stream media and the dumocrats the blame is going to go straight to the Republicans. If this happens we could lose the House in the 2014 election giving this marxist creep a dumacrat majority in both houses for his last two years in office. Yikes ! Is that scary or what??? He could do whatever he pleases and we could kiss America good-bye.

    • Helena says:

      I think it’s already been kissed goodbye R Henry.

    • PaulE says:

      Obama’s idea of compromise is for the Republicans to completely capitulate to his position. If the Republicans were to do that, then why have a Republican Party? BTW, Obama doesn’t care if we go over the fiscal cliff. He wants more tax money collected, so he can blow it on more of his social engineering nonsense.

    • Bill Mielniczuk says:

      I really don’t consider him the president. He is someone who has hijacked the office. He has no honor.

  73. Paul Wendland says:


    This quote came from the Czech Republic. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools what made him their prince.The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  74. Bill Douglas says:

    Remember this so called president is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This country is doomed. Our only saving grace is control of the House. But after hearing that moron Boehner speak, I am not sure if we do have control of the House.

    When Obama promises all of the freebies to the 50% that don’t pay taxes and allow them to vote when they have no skin in the game, what do you expect? If you don’t pay taxes you shouldn’t be able to vote!

    And lastly we have allowed the Communist/Teacher unions to be the baby sitter and to educate our kids, while the parents sit in bars, or in front of the TV, oblivious to what the hell is going on. So why would it surprise you as to how they vote.

    I feel sorry for the USA…

    Bill D

  75. L Gauger says:

    “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” “By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down.” “Mockers stir up a city, but wise men turn away anger.” “If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked.” “An angry man stirs up dissension, and a hot-tempered one commits many sins.” “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.” “The righteous detest the dishonest; the wicked detest the upright.” and most importantly, “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” All these quotes were taken from Proverbs 27 and 29.

    • Kay Mulligan says:

      Thank you so much for the Scripture references. This is what will take us through our trials. Scripture has survived the test of time. It is written on our heart and soul . God is greater than any of our trials. We do not have to reduce ourselves to imitating those who would vote for revenge. We can continue to trust and love our Good God and look for his guidance.. God bless all the people who think of others and serve God. Kay

    • Martha says:

      You are absolutely right. We need to pray earnestly for those in authority, and we need to use the spiritual weapons since we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, etc. It is easy to blame humans, but the real problem is in the spirit realm. Christians have been given authority over the enemy, and need to learn how to use it effectively.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Yes the Bible does say that certain things must happen before he comes back and recreates this world into what it should be. All the signs around us sure do indicate we are in the end times. May God have mercy on all his children who believe and those who refuse to believe, who divide, distroy, hate, and curse God will be gone. God’s word is the ultimate truth, the beginning and the end.

  76. george says:

    Obama is an all and out racist. His genetic makeup is about 7% black an the rest split between white and arabic.

    He is more Muslem than Christian. The Kenyans celebrated his victory? He has false SS number and fake birth certtificate. All his records are locked. He selects more blacks than latinos/whites based on percentage of population to serve under him. He is very insecure and egotisical.

    His beer summit early on and Travon coments before the facts came out, illustrate his racial bias.

    He takes credit and does as may photo ops as possible as a means of covering his inability to lead.

    He is a pathological lier whose only claim to success centers on executive orders and secret meetings.

    His winning is no surprise………….four years of bashing Bush and campaigning , showboating

    at every turn, and pushing entitlements at our expense ( buying votes) made him a celebraty far from presidental.

    The captain of a sinking ship………..with no idea as to how to plug the hole.

    For those voted fo him……….God bless your children!

  77. Carolyn Elmer says:

    Along with a time limit on campaigns, I would like to see a limit set on the amount of DOLLARS a politician can spend. It seems to be the one who has the most money wins.

    • PaulE says:

      As long as people will vote for whomever gives them the most free stuff, it doesn’t matter if you limit campaign spending or time campaigning. The outcome will be the same. When the value system of the people voting deteriorates to looking for the most free handouts, no one advocating sound fiscal policy and long-term commitments to traditional American values will stand a chance.

  78. Max says:

    Hang in there America. Only four more years of deception, demonization, division and decline.

    • Maria Fundora says:

      Max–you won’t recognize this country in for more years of deception, demonization, division and decline. But we will look like Greece and Cuba. And God help us if any of the Supreme Court Justices retire. God help us.

    • W.Lindsey says:

      We think and hope only 4 more years, but I believe he will try to change the system to stay in office beyond the 4. He has already signed enough executive orders to take control of just about everything in the country so there is nothing to stop him from doing this. As already noted in many places, he is following the same senario as Hitler did in Germany. Time will tell. I hope I am wrong but there is too many reasons to believe this is where we are headed.

    • PaulE says:

      So after Obama guts our economy and our military and appoints one or two far left liberals to the Supreme Court, do you think you’ll still recognize the country anymore?

    • Judy says:

      Max, You are correct. If we can just hang on for four more years, maybe the country will wake up and vote a real American in. If not, we are doomed.

  79. Lillian Pompilio says:

    We the people have to put more pressure on the Rep House members to hold the line and repeal Obamacare and take the help of the Tea Party Activists instead of criticizing them. Inundate them with letters and tweets, also. Hear our Roarsthathat we will not accept their defeatest attitude. God Bless America. Together we Stand, Divided we Fall!

  80. joanie says:

    As a Constitutional Conservatie…my conscience is clear ! We have demonstrated true compassion for those in need, those whose lost jobs and our Military who have given way beyond with their lives and limbs. Bless them all. We tried and we will never give up !

  81. DaveP326 says:

    With a lower turnout than 2008, it’s plain that millions of conservatives did NOT vote. Maybe they thought Romney wasn’t conservative “enough”, or maybe because they didn’t trust him,or maybe because he is a Mormon. (It’s funny. Mormons work in the Vegas casino money room BECAUSE they are knowm for their honesty). At any rate they didn’t get out and vote, either FOR him, or AGAINST Obama. The result was Obama won. I would like to thank each and every conservative who stayed home. YOU lost this election. Now live with it.

  82. Miss Cha Cha says:

    Nice letter! Too bad your organization promoted Newt Gingrich in the Primary. He was instrumental in promoting Mitt Romney’s association with Bain. Shame on you for endorsing such a scoundrel!

  83. Richard says:

    I doubt the President will ever read this letter. It will be intercepted by his assistance who continue to protect him from the truth.

    • PaulE says:

      I think Axelrod will ensure Obama sees it. They’ll both sit around having a good laugh about it before throwing in the nearest garbage can. Obama is a socialist ideologue. Moderation of any of his positions in not in evidence from any of his time in either the Senate or Chicago state government.

  84. BARRIELYNN says:


  85. Joe O'Donnell says:

    Thank you, Mr. Weber, you’re right on. Thank you, Mr. Nolan, for your super comments. You too are right on. But the sad fact is that Americans have elected, by the slimmest of margins in the popular vote, Mr. Obama for a second term. There are lots of us, almost a majority, who can speak out and attempt to hold him and the Congress to their own promises, which often seem to fade the day after being elected. This is our country,m and he is our elected leader, but that does not stop the will of the people. Prayer sure can help, too, each of us in his/her own faith tradition. Thank you.

  86. ernie d says:

    It is a real shame that this was not published before the election by the republican party or some other entity and put on
    television for all to read instead of the other garbage and alienating 4 times a day phone calls.

  87. Rich E says:

    I was pessimistic during the entire campaign, not only because of the “close” polls constantly broadcast, but by the fact that the demographic of the US has changed dramatically in the last 20 yrs. With open borders, growing the welfare and entitlement rolls (excludes earned Soc. Sec, pensions or disabilities) and an education system that has indoctrinated the last 2 generations of youth into the left and soft socialism, this was the plan of the radical left. They have worked on this agenda for decades, at least since the 60’s by rotting out our school systems, forcing diversity, quotas, race baiting and running up massive debt. Obama and his gang absolutely divided every identifiable group from being American to being “disenfranchised” , thus making him the mesiah to protect them from the evil majority, whatever each group perceived. The simple fact that young women were more concerned about the bogus “birth control and abortion” controversy rather than the overall economy, jobs, energy, war, imports, terrorism…..proves my point of a useless education system. The real war on women is that which Obama will expand in no jobs, reduced income, forced health insurance fees, inflation, and rights constriction, whether 1st, 2nd amendment or others. These dumbed down “youth” voted for a president based on “pop culture” values rather than national growth, security and individual freedoms. I will adjust my charity, concerns and interests away from all topics related to the young adult, education needs and vote against all spending increases in those areas. Also I will not donate to any left wing controlled charities and avoid buying, purchasing or contracting with latino businesses or contractors whenever possible. I will encourage my collegues, friends to do the same. The Latino population is a fraud, since they profess to be strong family and mostly catholic, they voted for a muslim loving, radical marxist to run this country that they ran to for “individual” freedom and opportunity, to only select the worst possible choice. They are hypocrits with their “hard working, looking for freedom, making a better life” ranting that was used to justify their running the US borders. Their gang members, drug running and murderous actions, flag burning makes them a threat to our safety in our homes and jobs or on the streets. It will take many years to fix this nation if it survives the bizarre, crippling policies of this liar in chief. I listened to his rhetoric……….then watched his actions…….completely opposite…….and it is not by mistake. His intent and agenda is to devolve the US from it’s lofty position of world power and economic dynamo to a lacky Euro/socialist entity. He is the Nero of our time.

  88. Merv Medina says:

    As a federal government employee, I am provided with a a yearly review of my performance with a six month review in between. This is so that I can prove what and how much my performance is worth to my employer. I do believe that “We The People”…., should be provided with a yearly report of our politicians performance, with a break down of the basic job requirements and adding the promises they made during their campaigning as “Goals” reached, so that we now how much “bang for the buck”, we receive of the politicians we’ve elected to run and manage our country. The report should also include a break down of expenditures cost of each individual politician, with an explanation / reason of each. indicating the external residual cost caused, example, the bodyguards, gas and maintenance cost of vehicle, plains, and helicopter.

    I do believe that a written report rather than hearing the verbal spin provided by any politician regardless of party affiliation would serve us, “The People”, with a better tool for decision making. I know that the reports may also be spun, but we would have it in writing as evidence for any future possible spin.

    Happy Birthday to all Marines out there…..

    • Miss Cha Cha says:

      Semper Fi

    • HJ Lamb says:

      It would be nice, but don’t hold your breath! I pulled a “few” jarheads out of Pleiku a number of years ago! They were always happy to see our C-118 that took them into Saigon where they boarded the freedom bird back to the world. Although not a true Marine, was in AF, I wish you a Semper Fi on behalf of those Marines I carried who gave their all and from a few WW II and Korean Marines who I am proud to have called my friends. Now, if our national leadership can put aside their bias, act like a true leader and bring the nation together. One can only hope!

      • Faith says:

        Thank you MARINES! It was your undying heroism that saved several lives when a US GUNSHIP was
        shot down in enemy territory in VietNam…without you, the crew would not have survived, or worse yet, be
        put in war prison. Thanks again. SEMPER FI by the way…YOU MARINES SAVED an AIR FORCE CREW.

  89. Bill in NY says:

    I have never been more disgusted with–and ashamed of this country, than after this past election. We re-elect this ILLIGITIMATE CRIMINAL, who has absolutely no concern for the Constitution and its laws. The majority of this American public is brain-dead on arrival, 100% MIS-EDUCATED by the media and a government-run educational system based on athiestic precepts. America has NOT had a real leader since Reagan.
    Looks like rev. Wright got his wish fullfilled for God to DAMN America…because this is what has happened right before our own eyes.

  90. John Coleman says:

    Like THEY { whoever they are} ? Said; ” Be careful who { what } you Vote for ! ”

    YOU MAY JUST GET IT ! & whatever he Is for ?

  91. Betty Constant says:

    God bless Michael and all of the other posts. My adult daughter volunteers for an after school care program in an impovershied neighborhood. The children are average 3rd. graders. Two days before the election a “mock” election was done with the children being the voters. 97% voted for OB. Sounds like Germany in the 20’s preparing their “brown shirts”. God Bless America.

  92. Ellis says:


    • IRENE MARSHALL says:

      I absolutely agree. Obama is a Muslim and wants to take America in that direction. Heard on the radio this morning that Egypt wants sharia law for their country. It’s “a-coming” folks.

    • Faith says:

      Will women have to be subserviant to their husbands and wear bourkas…?

  93. Peter Olsson says:


    The charismatic obfuscator-in-chief, trots on stage.

    Cockily strutting to the lectern, his chin juts skyward.

    The teleprompter guides words crafted so officiously.

    A charming smarmy grin is his wordless preamble.

    His purported empathy defines pure political power.

    The baritone voice tries to claim America’s heartbeat.

    Borrowed intonation resembles Martin, Billy and John.

    He foists faux nobility upon scared collective souls.

    “Hope and Change” are mantras finding false forms.

    Acorns and green science pose socialistic disguises.

    The emperor and czars have dazzling dress clothes.

    Ingenious artist at straw-man crafting and creating.

    His utopian words are intoxicants sheep can embrace.

    But, so defensive, when his judgment is questioned.

    Obama would best be mindful of Eden’s shadow side;

    Aptly symbolized by thirty inflated pieces of silver.

    An inevitable need and danger, for Jesus to find Judas.

    Sadly, Barack Jr. confuses cogent critics with enemies.

    He goes on global trips to apologize for our prosperity.

    Subconsciously loathing Wall Street’s “fat cats”, to be

    brought down for savaging dreams from his father;

    A Barack who hated colonial capitalism with a fury,

    He cheated and lied, as he drank himself to death.

    To honor a memory, Barack Jr. feels he must be God

  94. Les Stere says:

    Yes God is punishing America and during his second term Obama will destroy the economy and thus the United States of America. What have the Muslim’s been trying to do for years, destroy our economy, because that is the only way to bring down America. When he accomplishes this he will go from here to become the president/king of a United Arab State coalition. This will surround Israel but they will make a treaty with Israel for 3.5 years, etc. I said that if Romney was elected then I was wrong, but he wasn’t and it just confirms my beliefs.

  95. Maureen says:

    I’ll try again. I said Americans need to learn either for the first time or be reminded that this country was founded by people fleeing the oppression of the governments in their homelands. Our founders sought to make sure that in this new land the people speak and the government llistens. The government works for us, not the other way round. They established the Conctitution which assures our freedoms. Voting is the way we make our voices heard. When we fail to use this privilege the opposition wins. Thus, the current situation.

  96. Maureen says:

    What’s wrong with the comment I just sent?

  97. Chuck Funkey says:

    The problem is, that honor and integrety have disapeared from our culture, lies and deciet are now accepted and the voters are so absorbed with thier dailey lives they have no clue as to what is happening until after it happens. They allow a media with an agenda to shape thier thoughts. I am angry that the Republican party was so quick to abandon George Bush instead of defending him. I do not argue that he did not make mistakes, we all do, but to ignore the fact that the problems started when his warnings were ignored and Cris Dodd and Barney Frank created the housing and mortgage crisis, which was only possibile because Bill Clintton championed the concept that everyone is entitled to a house regardless of whether or not they can pay for it. Today we have expanded that theory to include cell phiones, new cars, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, bank loans, etc. etc.. I am not a big fan of the Republican Party, but they are the only group that has a chance to win that supports conservative principals, the rule of law, and the Constitution. Our children have been “dumbed down” in the public school system so they have no idea how our country became the greatest nation in the world. They will pay the price and it will be our fault for letting them be misled.
    One more thing, isn’t it ironic that Bill Clinton was not doing so good until he moved to the center and was forced to follow “The contract with America”when the Republicans, after 40 years, finally controlled the House. Isnt it also ironic that George Buschs economy started to plummet after the Democrats regained control of the House and Senate in 2006, wake up America pray for divine guidance or start studying the Koran and learn to speak Chinese.

  98. Robert Nolan says:

    It’s not a surprise to see these comments posted here; I hear them everyday from people who are shocked and afraid of what will happen in the next four years. I’m not sure there’s much to add to the statements above but I wanted to ask a few questions instead. Is there a way to limit the amount of time spent on campaigning? Why do we need a year or more to hear the same thing over and over again? Does someone really change their political views while running for office? What did learn that would be considered “new” from any candidate in the last 90 days of the election for any office?
    Why not limit the time to 90 to 120 days for campaigning? We could save millions in costs incurred for secret service protection and fuel on Air Force One, etc etc.
    Why not say that if a member of the House or Senate wants to run for President than they are free to do so, just not with pay. They could return to work, full time with pay just not while their out running around the country looking for a new job.
    We could have two debates a month for the last three months before Election Day – did anyone learn anything new in the debates of 2012 other than the obvious slant to the left?
    I truly think that if Paul Ryan had taken off the mike and walked out of the discussion with laughing Joe the results would have been much different.
    As the saying goes; I think Gov. Christie would have eaten the Presidents lunch in any of the debates, maybe next time we’ll have an unbiased moderator, if one can be found.

    • Miss Cha Cha says:

      WOW Robert. YOU I would vote for! Amen and amen

    • HJ Lamb says:

      Actually, all that needs to be done, is have each party select their leader, post their platform and have two debates, one for presidential candidate(s) and one for VP. Media should not be allowed to do anything but report facts. Debate moderators should be selected from other than the media and only be allowed to moderate by asking or redirecting questions on an equitable time frame, such as presentations during the SCOTUS arguments and timed where if a person tries to comment or inject while it is someone’s turn they then lose their turn. If any outbreaks involve such childish antics as deep sighing or laughing, they lose their turn on the question. No room for such antics in an adult discussion. Total campaigning would be limited to 60 days with a budget of 10 million dollars.

    • Janet says:

      Robert Nolan has some great, commonsense (does anyone remember that word any more?) ideas! It’s such a waste of money, time, and patience to hear, as he says, the same things said over and over. Debates that focus on plans to solve problems would be refreshing – you could draw contrasts between your ideas/plans and what the other candidate has done/or plans to do, so the voters could make their own minds about how valid and workable each person’s ideas/plans/actions are. Wouldn’t that be a novel approach?

  99. Maureen says:

    Americans need to either learn for the first time or be reminded that this country was formed by people fleeing government oppression in their homelands. Our founders sought to assure that would not happen in the new land. The Constitution was created to assure that the people speak, the government listens…not the other way around. Voting is our only way to be heard. When we choose to not make our voices heard, others who oppose us will. Thus, our current situatioon.

  100. Janie says:

    Thank you Dan. Words of a true Patriot.

  101. Willliam Schwarz says:

    Well said Dan! Thank you for your honesty and representing us accurately.

  102. Carol G. Brown says:

    Would it be OK if I copied and pasted this letter and sent it to Obama as well? I find it truthful and absolutely to the point. The only thing I am not sure of is that God is actually continuing to bless our country. It feels more like HE is punishing us by allowing a man like Obama to be our president. Thank you for a true letter.

  103. John C Mayes says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ told the Pharisees when they accused Jesus of casting out devils by the power of Beezelbub that a house divided against itself cannot stand. That is what is happening to our nation today thanks to Obama and the democrats. God Help Us!!!

  104. Paul Terry Stone says:

    The only thing that I know regarding this is whatever the long term consequences of this administration are, I had nothing to do with it and intend to vote in future elections.

  105. Nancy says:

    There is still the misconception out there of “what can I do” which leads to too many people just not doing anything such as voting. There is a perception that there is too much fraud so why bother.
    The only effective people get out there and do their civic duty which is what the Obama campaign clearly understands. Hanging with JZ and playing basketball and talking “cool” while pandering to the ignorance of our young voters is what the Obama team was able to do.
    We ALL need to understand that if we do nothing we deserve nothing. This country is on a rapid course to Greece and if we all sit back and just ignore it or give up, we deserve Greece.
    Americans…stand up and take control rather than ignore or give up.
    Our schools are teaching that big government will take care of them…pay for their tuition, birth control. They are helping to raise your children to be dependent rather than independent; so contrary to what we grew up being taught. This is that fundamental change we were promised. We have to fight for change….realize how effective the NAACP is by fighting and pushing back. We can effect change as long as we don’t roll over and just give up. But you actually have to pay attention and be the squeeky wheel!

  106. Ted Quick says:

    Mr. Weber is exactly right:

    The inmates have taken over the asylum. Nearly every American is worse off today than they were yesterday, tomorrow will be worse than today and so it will go. The give-me-more-free-stuff crowd is still in control. The slackers will take more from the producers weakening America even more. What those producers on the left don’t understand is that they are going to be weakened as well because they will be targeted along with the rest of us. While they may be blind and in denial about the financial disaster screaming towards us, their futures are as perilous as ours.

    There is some number of that infamous 47% who really are “on the dole”, (either because of physical or psychological handicaps or they’ve simply decided to live off of the rest of us) who, along with BO and his circle-of-power, are the only winners in this year’s election. Any of us who are still paying even a small part of our own way, (including those on the left), are going to be carrying a growing burden as this out-of-control regime demands evermore from a contracting working public.

    In their book, The Miracle of Freedom, 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World, by Chris and Ted Stewart (a highly recommended read by the way) they pointed out that only approximately 4.5% of the 100-110 billion people who have ever lived on this earth have lived in what we think of as a free society. And 50% of our fellow Americans just voted to destroy that freedom.

    It is inarguable that we became the most successful country to ever have existed because of the freedom bestowed upon is by our Constitution. That freedom gave us the opportunity to create, market and sell products and services that the public found desirable; that’s the free-market system or (that most detestable of all words to the left), capitalism. Capitalism created America, the America that we’ve come to love and respect. Our freedom to pursue our dreams, as long as they were not detrimental to others, is without question the energy that fueled our engine and built our once great nation.

    One can argue, and the left does endlessly, that the wealthy have taken unfair advantage of the downtrodden, but there is not another country in the world whose poor are as wealthy as our poorest. In fact, many of our poorest are better off than all but the wealthiest from most other nations. So the left’s argument falls on deaf ears because the truth is so wonderfully obvious to anyone who actually “thinks” instead of simply feeling. It is so much easier to be a victim than it is to stare reality in the face and make changes. The left can’t understand (or doesn’t care) that life is not fair and that it never will be. All they’re accomplishing is to make life even more unfair to those of us who are actually making the effort.

    So America, the new America which is being sculpted by this reelected administration, is heading towards doomsday. How much more can be tolerated: 60% more national debt than 4 years ago; Obamacare costs have begun with catastrophic increases around the corner; a fictitious 8% unemployment number; a fiscal cliff hitting us January 1st, a president who ignores the judiciary and Congress by issuing unconstitutional executive orders and who (based upon the evidence I’ve seen) was responsible for the murder of four innocents in Benghazi. All this, while 50% of our country blithely congratulates itself for reelecting the most dangerous president our country has ever seen; a party so blinded by its ideology that it’s incapable of seeing the sickening truth that lies ahead.

    I pray for wisdom and a way out.

  107. Huffer says:

    Listening to the tone of the comments I feel most are not fully aware of our situation in this world. There is a force behind all of this that people do not want to admit to…Lucifer! From one generation to the next, Lucifer is the common denominator. How else could so many evil ideas and so much lust for power be kept alive without people abandoning God and His precepts?
    Through lies and redirection of thought, even the elect are fooled. To resist this evil we have to stick like Super glue to what God has revealed to us without faltering because of fear of abandonment by others we thought were friends or family!
    Are we being tested? You bet!
    The questions of the actions of our politician’s do not even relate to their hidden agendas! They don’t care what a righteous person thinks or says. They are on a mission, concealed from the majority of the people. One World Government and total domination of us all is the goal! This is the exact goal of Lucifer! From the dawn of this world he has been at work every second of the day and night trying to mislead anyone who will compromise their belief in ONE almighty Creator Jehovah. Every downfall of man is because he allows it by compromising his beliefs!
    Look in a mirror if you want to see the culprit. Hold others to a low standard and they will deliver every time!.

    • Lois says:

      I so agree. We must view this as an attack by Satan on the believers. We have been warned in the Bible of the dangers of turning our back on God. Many civilizations have been destroyed when they became so evil God could no longer allow them to survive. Are there enough righteous left in the US to save this once great country. I do not know but will put my trust in God, not in man.

    • Rich E says:

      That’s okay Huffer……we can ascribe various religious factors, but I can only use what I see or know in the argument of failure and the downward spiral causing the bad choices by voters. I can only view the indoctrination of youth in schools, the rapid growth of handout, welfare programs. The backround, mentoring and philosophy of a person like Obama as anti American, anti west, anti individual rights for the collective. Whether god intervenes, requires more citizens to accept religious principles…….is beyond any mesure I can make. Whlle the secularistsand anti christian muslims attack Christians, that is unacceptable, yet while these are in power, they get away with it. Nobody can tell a muslim sympathizer in office to also respect and allow Christians to have freedom. We cannot wait or guess what god’s intervention or judgement will be, since today’s voter is void of contemplating a creator and all that we see as a divine creation. Those of us with intelligence can marvel at our surroundings, its complexity and suitability to sustain us. Those that think a billion years of shear randomness made all this work is idiocy. Besides the fact we barely know what exists beyond our small solar system. But in these times we need to apply “earthy”, material facts to fight back this incursion of repression through dependence by the marxist hacks that have infiltrated our schools, government and culture.

      • Stan says:

        Rich, there are many parts of the Bible which give insights into how God works with nations and rulers. His means of operation are not always clear to us, but here’s a rule of thumb that I’ve found to be true: if the desired results defy all logic and rational thinking (a failed president’s reelection, for example), then be assured that the Triune God is working according to His will.

  108. Roger Sessler says:

    I believe that God is and always will be on the side of those that believe in him. We must also understand that many on the left although misinformed and having political stances because of merely something that they have always been are also his children. What is most disturbing to me are the number of young people who have no beliefs or have fallen away from any connection with being a Christian and the gifts that are offered to them. It may be God’s plan to allow things in this country to go very bad before the pendulum of time swings back to the right. When people out of desperation discover theat God is still here and waiting. One of the things that many young people and others say when surprised by something is a texted message of OMG when they have no idea of who God really is.

  109. Louise says:

    I am choosing where I spend my money carefully. When I checked the list of donors to the Democrat party I discovered that Costco was a big contributor. I just got my new card from Sams and am cancelling Costco. We need to spend our money wisely and purchase from small businesses in our own area to keep them working. We are in for a bumpy ride for the next four years.

  110. Eileen G. Dillinger says:

    I will try again. I have prayed for both Obama and Michelle for sometime, as he professess to be a Christian, however, I have difficulty believing the sincerity of that claim, as a follower of Christ would never promote issues which are against biblical teachings. We as Christians have allowed our beliefs to be mocked and compromised by this man.
    God says in the bible what is it to us, if he has made some people for the purpose of evil to bring about his punishment on nations. I believe Obama is God’s method of punishing American for murdering millions of unborn babies, same sex marriage, etc. etc. Also, I do not believe this man is an American Citizens, because there are several discrepancies in that so-called birth certificate.
    Also, God says he will bless the nation that stands by Israel and punish those who do not. I have news for Iran, Syria, China and Russia, etc. you will not destroy Israel, God will destroy you. Israel and the jews are God’s chosen people and he says this nation will not be destroyed and he will protect Israel agaist all foes.
    It is my prayer, that enough of us Christians will unite in continued, daily prayer for this nation that God will stop his punishment and once again bless the nation. We need to pray for not only our nation but for Israel, as well.
    May God, truly, once again, Bless The United States of America.

  111. PaulE says:

    Very good letter. However, you will find that Obama has NO INTEREST in moderating his approach towards advancing the progressive (politically correct term for socialism these days) agenda he has for this country. So while your intention is well intentioned, I would not expect to see anything come from it.

    A majority of the voters have decided that “free stuff” and unlimited handouts from the government are more important than fiscal responsibility and putting our country back on sound footing overall. We have passed the tipping point where a majority of the electorate considers “who can give me more free stuff” to be more important than any rational argument against our current course towards becoming Greece. It’s now time to prepare for the coming unwanted changes that will occur under a second Obama term and the coming economic collapse of our economy within the next 5 to 7 years.

    • David says:

      We do not need to compromise our principles but the tough love party may need to soften its message and rhetoric and emphasize the ideals that we all have in common. Most people want to help those who cannot help themselves, want to reduce government waste, reduce abortions, and illegal immigration to name a few. We must do a better PR job and change the image that Conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobes. And as far as I can tell the only way to deal with a country that thinks that fair taxation means the rich pay more, is the Fair Tax.

  112. 2sad says:

    Nov 6 was a very sad day for America. We shouldn’t be surprised however, that America is now under judgement. We have taken God out of our schools, out of our government, out of our lives, we’ve killed our babies, we’ve ignored the very principles our country was founded upon, we’ve defied Him by relying on our own power, we’ve denied His very existence at every crossroads..why shouldn’t He now show His sovreignity by unleashing His anger? Our children are being brainwashed at every opportunity, taught that homosexuality is okay, that killing babies is okay, that the Bible should ONLY be used as a history book and not considered the inspired Word of God. It’s all very sad. If you have not seen ‘2016’ I would recommend viewing it before it is taken off the shelves and out of the bookstores – Daneesh D’Souza does a remarkable job of showing the possible motivation behind Obama’s socialist agenda. I would also recommend the DVD Isaiah 9:10 – an astonishing parallel between the destruction of Israel and what’s happening today in America. I also stand on 2Chron7:14 – God is the only hope we have in revival and restoration of this great county. God Bless America!!

  113. Bob Schmokel says:

    We should take heart at Dan’s letter and with this:

    The populace has not changed significantly from the 2010 drubbing Dems received.

    In 2012, most but not all, minorities voted their revenge by reelecting a “rock star” minority president.

    In 2014, we will see the same as 2010 because of:
    No rock star in the running,
    Tax increases in 2013 and 2014 across the board,
    Obamacare taxes also kick into gear in 2014,
    Rampant inflation as Federal Reserve “play money” starts entering the economic stream.
    Obama will simply continue with his inepness.

    Take heart: 2014 is another election cycle coming sooner than we think. Yes, we will need to broaden our base and make a few changes to our consulting forces and our ground game to successfully improve Ameirca’s vitality and we will do this if we did what the Dems did…START NOW.

  114. Great Grandma says:


  115. Cherie says:

    I read in the conservative Judical Watch that he won with only 30% of the eligible voters. People are so disillusioned & think their votes don’t count….What if all the eligible voters had gone to the polls-where would we be now. Voting is a priviledge and all elligible Americans should participate.

    We are in a state where instead of “Ask not what your counrty can do for you, but what you can do for your country, (JFK speech) it is now “Ask not what I can do for my country, but what my country can do for me.” Patriotism is selfless but today’s world view is selfish.

    There is a rude awaking heading for America. God help us.

  116. V.P.Wilson says:

    Mr.Obama instructed his followers to”Vote for revenge”NICE.This old fart and beautiful wife of 51 years have downloaded the electoral college vote map,and taped it to the refrigerator door.We will now select our travel locations from the RED areas of our country,and will only purchase gift items for CHRISTmas and spend our dollars with companies located in Red states.It’s a start;as we come up with new thoughts,maybe a blog at AMAC would be a good reference for other ideas.Let them eat cake.”He who laughs last,laughs hardest”

    • Stan says:

      Just remember, V.P., that your boycott of blue states will hurt the businesses and citizens in those states who voted for Mr. Romney.

      • Trap says:

        you are correct Michael, and thanks for your post.

        I am not black but share your strained relations with some relatives that IMO just don’t get it. as you said they refuse to admit obama’s or for that matter any lib/dems mistakes etc as it seems they see nothing but the betterment of their cause, whatever that is to them.

        God Bless America

      • orfinark says:

        Stan,talking out of both sides of your mouth,Reread your post from 10:16.!!!

        • Stan says:

          Not exactly. People and businesses who live in blue states can’t realistically pull out and move. People who work for the liberal press and other media can more easily look for another job if they disagree with their employers’ ideology. That is not talking out of both sides of my mouth.

      • Lois says:

        There are consequences for behaviour an sometimes the innocent suffer.

    • Rich E says:

      I like that idea Wilson. Also add my previous conviction to no longer support a failed education system and avoid helping the hypocritical latino advance that professes love of family and the catholic church. Theycannot possibly vote for Obama and believe their own hype. Their purpose is to gain as many benefits as possible and breed as many children within the US to reclaim the AZTLAN and LARAZA, mexican land claims. Latinos are no better or harder workers than US citizens… was a myth pushed to allow them to populate. Of course they took the jobs others didnt want, if they didnt have to do it. They accepted lower wage and jobs, just to be able to ACCESS the better benefits, and free schools, medical care so their kids would gain future controls. Mexicans in particular have been waging a silent war against the US since the 1840’s and the Mexican/American war. We have instilled a ridiculous guilt factor over the American population concerning the mexicans, blacks (most here now do not have slave ancestors), the indians and every battle, conflict since the begining of time…..even when there was no US. they teach garbage in public schools and create generations of little socialist activists, kind of like Hitler’s Youth program………..government loyalists.

    • Cathy Drust says:

      V.P. Wilson, I like your idea of just buying stuff from the red states and heck with the blue, but I live in a blue state and want to keep products moving in my home state. We do have a Republican governor and house and senate, but we just can’t seem to vote for a Republican President. Thanks to the great state of Michigan…we are trying, so many some day it will happen.

  117. Stan says:

    Lots of great comments! However, if anyone making them subscribes to or buys the New York Times or any liberal newspaper or magazine, or if you watch NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or any other of the liberal media, then YOU are part of the problem.

  118. Butch says:

    As much as I would like to be optimistic after this election, I can’t. What we are witnessing now is the demise of the America that we knew and loved. Obama said he would change it and that is what he’s doing. One step at a time. It is his plan to make the U.S. just another third world country and to make it’s citizens slaves to the government. I hope all the ignorant people that voted for him come to understand just what they have done.

  119. Robert Marron says:

    Great story…the only flaw is at the end of the story, Obozo does not belieive in God, and he sure as hell does not beleive in the United States of America, all 57 states.

  120. Cathy Drust says:

    I feel the same as my fellow Republican Americans do. We were dealt a bad hand after this election count. I’m not even sure the whole complete election was not rigged. I heard of some voting places had their machines rigged to vote for Obama. So, we were probably doomed right from the start. We can only hope and pray that we can make a difference in 2014 and take over the Senate and then put a Republican in office for 2016. Who knows, maybe by then the rest of the nation, if it isn’t too late, will see the true Obama and what he has done to us and will be voting for a Republican this time around. I would hate to have to lower ourselves to the campaign style of the Liberals, but it might have to come to that to get our person in. We must keep the faith and continue to believe in our principles and in God the Almighty. I believe he has a plan for this wonderful country and the ones that believe in him will be rewarded at the end, which some think is coming soon. God Bless this Country and what is left of it.

    • Joseph C Moore (USN Ret) says:

      Some counties have listed votes as exceeding the number of registered voters. There was massive voter fraud, in my estimation.

    • Cathy Vandervort says:

      I totally agree Cathy! I feel the same way…….I know that he bribed the poor with easy “hand-outs” and that got him a tremendous amount of votes, plus the black vote, but I just don’t feel that there are that many stupid people in this world! I feel that the election was rigged totally! I hope that one of our young Republican Senators will do something in that direction & that they keep pressing on with the Bin Laden situation about letting out top secrets to the terrorists causing the Navy Seal Team 6’s deaths & the Benghazi shameful debacle! We need to get this President & his VP impeached & soon!

  121. PAUL KNOWLES says:

    The “Takers” now outnumber the “Makers”. The Makers are those who build companies and pay taxes and the Takers are those who want something Free from the government – handouts, benefits, entitlements or whatever you wish to call them. Republicans have a hard sell – they want to offer you an opportunity for a Job. While the Democrats offer free stuff – handouts. the choice is easy for millions of people – they want the free stuff. And the so-called Free Stuff is not Free – it has to be taken from others – the Makers. I suspect the next 4 years will be a lot worst than the past 4 years as business people start laying off workers due to Obama’s policies. Our one and only hope is the Republican House of Representatives. If they can’t stop the Democrats – then we are doomed.

  122. Elmie A. Shahab says:

    God is not abandoning us. We are abandoning God as a nation and as individuals. We created the social, political, cultural, economic and religious problems we have now. We can solve them with our great faith in God. He will carry us through when we, the believers, unite in our works and prayers to make this country of USA under His control once again.

    God bless America! We are behind you, Mr. Dan Weber.

    • Larry says:

      Agree with you.

    • Peter Ivanchich says:

      The extreme stupidity of the population is amazing! This is verified not only in the way people vote, but also by the garbage that passes for art and entertainment. Political ads that try to smear the opponents character, and incite class warfare should be taken by voters as a black mark against the candidate that would place such ads, as that demonstrates a lack of ethics.

  123. PAUL KNOWLES says:

    Obama can only serve 2 terms per the XXII Constitutional
    Admendment — prevents serving more than 2 terms. It was Ratified on Feb. 27, 1951.

  124. Eileen G. Dillinger says:

    I already wrote a rather lengthy article and cannot understand why it did not get posted.

  125. Wayne Peterkin says:

    Sadly, while I agree with Mr. Weber’s comments, I believe that Obama’s actions have been very intentional. We elected a man as president who does not believe in our Constitution (he has said so), who was raised in a Marxist environment, and who does not have the best interests of our nation at heart (his policies). Based on everything I have read about his past, his own comments before his election in 2008, and the radical left-wing cadre he has selected to run his shadow government largely independent of Congress, he has proven to be a silver-tongued snake-oil salesman bent more on damaging this nation than helping to rebuild the economy. His policies are hurting everyone in this nation, rich or poor, and will continue to do so. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…”. He with the help of the media has conned enough voters into thinking he is on their side to win elections while he is “fundamentally transforming” this nation to his tyrannical, socialist philosophy. Nobody but the ruling elite will ultimately benefit. He is a cunning and dangerous man. My current argument is that we will not be able to turn things around until the voters are forced to reap what they have sown. I suggest the Republicans very clearly and vocally disclaim any responsibility for the result, but they will support what the voters appeared to want. Let the “progressives” wreak their damage with little restraint until the voters say “enough” loudly and clearly. If there are any pieces to pick up later, we will try to restore the nation. If the voters do not wake up, the nation is lost.

  126. John & Audrey says:

    We feel Mr. Weber said it all. Our great Nation that so many have given so much for is sliding into ruin like so many that let self serving fool’s take over.. Only God can save us now.. I find it difficult to believe so many REAL American’s could have put that ‘person’ back for another 4 years to to complete the devestation he has started in the last 4 years… Mr Weber was so right when he said that we have to unite as a Nation to servive..
    I have cancelled my mmber ship of many years to AARP & have been a member of Amac for a year now. AARP isn’t inerested in the older opulation as much as they are the polotical one……Please don;t change your values……

  127. Chuck says:

    First you have ro realize that he is not an American. Therefore he has no roots and no reason to preserve this country. His father taught him about socialism. His church allowed him to attend even though he is a homosexual and then Rev. Wright set him up with a woman who was close friends with Jessie Jackson and his daughter. Make him a Community (dis) Organizer and you do have the Perfect Storm. Brought to you here, I believe, by God as a punnishment for allowing this country to drift so far away from Him.

    We need to stop the killing of almost 4000 babies EVERY DAY (55 million since 1972).
    We need to bury homosexual activism and pray that these people find God
    We need to get God BACK into the lives of the families in this country by allowing Him back into schools.
    We need to pray to Jesus Christ to heal this country from the leadership down and finally\
    We need to start electing Godly men…not muslims or mormons or some other anti-christian religious belief.

  128. LeeAnn Buelow says:

    I’m concerned that as a nation, we crossed a line from which there is no turning back. The population with outstretched hands will continue to grow and they won’t vote for someone wanting to restrict or revise the hand-out programs so where does it end? On a spiritual note, I mentioned to my daughters that I feel a new level of evil has been unleashed on the world. The Christians didn’t show up at the polls, the church, in general, was absent despite the fact that our religious freedoms are under assault. We’ve got a would-be king in the White House and mainstream media determined to protect the socialist agenda at all cost. Only through courage and united voices, might the tide be turned. The idea of sitting quietly on the sidelines is really not an option. Thank you, AMAC, for standing for us. Please consider forming a “dream team” brain trust and keep us informed; I’d love to be involved. Thanks for listening…

  129. Bill says:

    If you work with Obama AMAC will be no better than AARP!

    • Trap says:

      I agree Bill, seems to me anyone saying they/you can work with obama thinks you might be able to work
      things out with the devil. not going to happen, he lies, cheats, steals etc etc etc, he knows it and will not change and anyone who thinks obama/devil can be trusted is IMO mistaken

      God Bless America

  130. Mary says:

    I could not watch any news for a while the night of the election and after. I knew with no phone calls through the night that we had lost our country’s sole. Me, me me is what I heard from others through the campaign. It was only what affected them directly and not what was good for the whole country. People would not listen and even stated Pres Obama had to clean up what Pres Bush had done in the last 8 years and he needed more time. They couldn’t see what he was doing – the debt, the unemployment the Obama care that will affect everything in their lives. Again, my faith is carrying me through. I am telling everyone too about Amac but Aarp is really working it. I pray for everyone. .

    • SailorSam says:

      Years ago I joined AARP only to find that I did not agree with its political stance. I tried to resign and was told I COULD NOT RESIGN!! (The ideat that I can not resign from a for-profit organization is weird.) I let my membership expire.

      My current college class requires that I access AARP for one lesson, if I refuse, I will lose 5 pts. I have refused. I may not get an “A” but I will stand on principal. (I have returned to school in order to volunteer at a VA hospital.)

      God bless the USA.

      • Rich E says:

        Wow……couldnt quit aarp? I let it expire…..when I joined amac…….and aarp sends more and more mail to renew, and all their other promotions……….not very green of them. I absolutely did not like aarp’s lefty slant to everything, real annoying. they offered some info on health and travel, but their constant praise for left wing hollywood celebs and interviews was really annoying. They never allowed another view on topics, and blatantly put negative slants on conservative ideas or proposals. Any college “requiring” membership in aarp should be exposed…….school, professor…….to the news, to the congress member, if you have one that is conservative, complain to every board regulating the college……post to bulletins, all internet……make it a campaign to end that kind of repression.

  131. Gene says:

    “One nation, under God, indivisible??? Better scratch that last word and make it divisible. I don’t see any hope for this country getting back together again in the near future. As someone posted earlier, the newer generations are being taught from kindergarten up to toe the liberal line and believe everything the liberal-progressives want them to believe. Witness what happened in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. Get the children at an early age and you will soon have a mass of mindless followers. We can only hope a true leader will come along, but I truly doubt it..

  132. Dave Wilder says:

    Ronald Reagan once advised us to never compromise our principles. And while I felt we were dealt a serious blow on Tuesday.I have no intention of giving up what I believe in.As William Lloyd Garrison once noted:I will be as harsh as truth, and uncompromising as
    justice… I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I
    will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard.

    • grania says:

      “Ronald Reagan advised us to never compromise our principles.”

      Living that truth is what made Reagan a great man. I blame Boehner even more than I blame Obama for the economic free-fall we’re going to encounter. Why? The principle, for which he had plenty of support at the time, was to not raise the national debt. He caved and sold us all out, for what? A few golf games with Obama.

      What further sickens me is that it looks like there’s a whole lot of fraud out there. Why aren’t the ‘pubs trying to do something about the bogus votes and the misssing Republican votes that could turn enough states? I can’t help but suspect that too many of the elite in the Republican Party are more interested in keeping power than they are in saving the nation. I’m disgusted.

    • Cathy Vandervort says:

      I am with you there Dave! I am trying to encourage my friends that are so depressed by the election to do the same! We can’t give up…got to keep pushing on….support those that are pushing for impeachment for Benghazi & the terribly sad deaths of our 4 American men that did not have to die…We will prevail!

  133. Judy Ness says:

    Obama is a habitual Chicago liar. He won’t change. Knowing that, we have to be very watchful of everything he says and does. Don’t give up, America. If we all keep fighting together, and sincerely pray for God’s help, it will come. Hang in there. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  134. Lori DiOrio says:

    There is no “compromise” with these people. It’s either their way or the highway. Always. And if there is some semblance of compromise it is usually a setup such as the sequestration fiasco. Republicans in Congress have absolutely no backbone. I already hear whispers of them caving and it makes me crazy. I say, no compromise. I’m saying don’t give them any ideas because they just steal them and call them their own, giving us no credit. Let them fall on their own swords. They have zero knowledge about how to fix this dire situation we find ourselves in.

  135. Michael Hoyes says:

    I suppose I’m one of the zero percent, or perhaps the three percent…you see I happen to be black. However, both for this election and the previous I voted AGAINST Obama. Why? It is a matter of choice. I did not chose to be black any more than I chose to be a male. However, I did chose Jesus, and I did chose to serve for 34 years in our nation’s USAF, flying airplanes and leading other men and women, to include during combat operations. There is no way I could look past infanticide. The many falsehoods proliferated via the main stream media is where the “enemy” resides. As I conversed with family members prior to and somewhat post the election, they remark with great knowledge that “Bush was stupid because he made speaking mistakes,” yet they fail to acknowledge or even are aware of the many verbal mistakes Obama made (corpsman jumps to mind). They (and other Obama voters) totally (and of course incorrectly) understand that “Republicans blocked all the goodness that Obama tried to do.” Failing to recall that it has only been since 2010 that Republicans held the House…for some reason or other they have memory lapse concerning “we have to pass the bill (Obamacare) before we know what’s in it,” brilliantly articulated by Pelosi. None of you could possibly be more upset about the election results than I…since I will be viewed by people who don’t know me as other than the zero percent or the three percent that I mentioned at first. I began praying every night at 9PM several years ago for our nation, and I still hold to 2Chron7:14…but I must say that my faith in my fellow Americans is waning, and certainly my relationship with relatives is strained. I would ask those of you posting to not “generalize” with your remarks…that is exactly the division that Obama craves.

    • Roger Sessler says:

      God bless you Michael and thank you for the many years of service to our nation

    • maryrose kolyer says:

      Mr Hoyes; thank you for your post. I too tried to explain why I voted for Mr. Romney. But every word I said fell on deff ears. I am so afraid for this wonderful country of ours and whats going to happen to it and the people that live here.I pray to God to protect it.We cannot let This one man change America. We had a weapon to fight him with, but it was taken away from us November 6th.Thank you again and God bless you.

      • Melvyn Norona says:

        Thanks Michael for a beautiful note. I am also a bit different. I came from Cuba 50 years ago. And I see the nation I joined slowly eroding below me. I now feel I am back to where I started long ago. As far as I am concerned, you are on my team!

    • Cherie says:

      You are a great Patriot. I think you for your post-well said. I also know that they may have won this small battle, but God is still in control.

    • Joy Goubeaud says:

      Michael, I was touched by your post. I admire you for your love of Jesus & your clear vision. What pressure must be on you & the other 3% of black people who dare to have an individual opinion. I am sure that you are offering the love of Jesus to your family & friends even though you have differing views. Thank you for your service to our country & you willingness to speak the truth even though it puts you in a tough spot with others. I agree with you that we are to take the high road & not personally deride the other side but continue to pray for all Americans & to seek God’s mercy for our country. Blessings to you & the others who have the courage to be individuals of conscience.

    • Loren Anderson says:

      Michael, Thank you for your eloquent explanation and your commitment. I am proud to know there are still “Americans” that feel this way regardless of color, religion, status, ethnicity, or whatever other class we may be put in. Thank you also for your service to this country.

  136. Linda Carrillo says:

    I too join the ranks as a prayer warrior for our country and our leaders. That is our only hope! I was so disillusioned after the election that I could not listen to any political news and as of yet, still don’t. I will again soon because I care about our country but it is so painful now. I never thought the people who really loved this country, who I really believe is a majority, or did believe, would reelect the President after seeing his record of the first term. How can they be so blinded. I must agree with the one who used the illustration of the frog in cold water. Our youth are brainwashed from the time they begin school by our own public school system, that we pay for, the colleges, TV, radio, movies, music, our very own society. Our very culture is endangering our very principles and moral fiber. We were once a favored country as we honored God. God and His principles continue to be removed by this great country and so does our favor with God as a country. We must join in prayer and repent for our country and ask for healing for our very divided country that our very own President helped to promote. God help us all.

  137. coachpan says:

    When will America learn that there is NO reaching out to someone like Barrack Hussein Obama. Remember , he did say that he would “fundamentally ” change our country. Did you think he was kidding . Do you honestly think that you can trust an habitual liar .
    He certainly divided this country . He got he black vote , yet has done nothing more to help them but give out “free” phones. Not jobs !
    He got the female vote by giving out “free” condoms!
    He got the Latino vote ( legal or not) by promising easier entry to the welfare system!
    He won over unions with taxpayers money!
    He even won over religious groups by ???? (Not sure , loss of religious freedom ?)
    He gave so much despair to individuals that they did not even vote . Sad soles !

    Where those that leave us?

    • Cherie says:

      He spent all his energy trying to be everything to everyone (winning votes anyway he could). Now he will have to come through. Once Hillary leaves office I am sure we will get her “tell all” book, which will expose him (even though many of us have already discerned that fact). God help America. This has been a wakeup call (even though I never voted from him in the first place) and eventually others will realize this is a nightmare.

    • Trap says:

      as for the Christian vote I am not really sure what that is anymore. I feel that many folks believe they are Christians and other feel the same way because they go to church on Sunday or at least some Sundays.

      other then that they lead and enjoy their lives however and vote the however way.

      I have been told more then once by folks that would tell you they are frm Catholics or Christians that helping the person living on the street is much more important then stopping abortion. IMO people find a way to vote how they want even if it seems they are votign against themselves.

      also IMO there were millions of voters that voted for themselves, i.e. latinos, blacks, unions etc vs the betterment
      of the United Stated of America. way to divided.

      God Bless America

  138. Patrick Brady says:

    At first I was in disbelief about this election…shocked. Then I was in a deep funk, very depressed, worrying greatly about the future of our country, my children and grandchildren, and myself. Slowly coming out of that funk, I know we have to press on to restore our country as a whole, not as pieces on a chessboard to moved around so one may gain power. The next four years will be difficult. I believe we will move closer to Greece, unemployment will increase, the deficit will get larger, and America will lose more of what little respect it has left in the world.

    Thank you for your eloquent letter and summary.

    • Dennis Galligher says:

      Thanks for your comments, I felt the exact same way……Romney worked his butt off I’m so sorry for the Romney / Ryan families. I’m still in a funk and the dems are angry people right now

  139. Ron Anderson Plymouth, MN says:

    I have read the comments of various writers and I must say that Betty DeLong, has summed up the situation quite well with the wisdom of our Lord through His Word.
    The situation culminating in Obama’s re-election demonstrates that the new generation has, with the exception of those who voted for Romney, accepted socialism as the means by which happiness for all will be achieved. Unfortunately over the last few decades, educational institutions, in particular universities, have indoctrinated youth with reconstructed history that depicts the USA as having less than an ideal system of government and a negative influence in the world in general. Obama did say he will transform America, a transformation that began years ago, and he only serves as a catalyist. So the majority of voters will, with time, “reap what they sow”, and that will be a culture that continues to expect government to meet their needs until it no longer can.
    Since economies are well ingrained in Globalism, and the Global government don’t appear to be resolving their respectaive financial crisises, because they don’t know how to, and the USA is apparently rapidly becoming part of the GFC (i.e Global Financial Crisis). The situation is prophetic from a Scriptural outlook, and provides Bible believing Christians the hope of the end of history as we currently understand it and a new beginning. God is always good and His plans for humanity will prevail. God Bless American and let us bless God.

  140. Don Butler says:

    Dan, as much as I would like to think that people understand the problem and are, in your words, “aware that we have got to take serious actions to fix what is broken”; fully half the population obviously does not believe that. Otherwise they would not have elected a man who has said absolutely nothing constructive about how we go about solving those problems. He has not been serious about our fiscal fiasco and it seems the American people don’t care. And they won’t care until this house of cards comes crashing down around us; and then, I’m afraid, a good portion of them will take to the streets and demand what they are “entitled” to. To paraphrase Tocqueville, this republic will endure until the political class realizes they can bribe the people with their own money. That time has come and is now embedded in the system itself. Alas.

  141. RC says:

    God is calling us to unite “IN HIS NAME”. There is power in numbers.
    Our father’s God! to thee, Author of Liberty, to thee we sing; Soon may our land be bright, With holy freedom’s right, Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King.

  142. Donnalee says:

    If this posts twice sorry, I have a question? Is it possible for Obama to make a executive order to give him another term? He certainly trumps are constitution at will.

  143. C. Rollo says:

    One other person we need to pray for is Rep. John Boehner, who has his work cut out for him — leading the House Republicans to find compromise and yet stay true to what Conservatives believe is essential to distinguish us from the rest of the nation. The media certainly won’t give him much, if any, credit to garner support for anything he and his fellow
    Republicans try to do to help get us out of this mess.

    Also, we need to pray for the Republican Party to find better ways of communicating values that show all Americans of every background that remaining economically Capitalist as well as keeping our Judeo-Christian values is in THEIR BEST INTERESTS as well. Not a small task. One that takes careful thought and openness to creative thinking and COURAGE.

  144. Donnalee says:

    Dear Butch. That is a frightening thought. Can OB make a executive order to extend his term. Like a dictatorship. It seems he is overwriting the constitution as he pleases.

  145. Eileen G. Dillinger says:

    I,also am greatly disappointed in the American people for not being able to see through this man called Obama. Sorry, but I also still question his citizenship, as well as his motives in being the President of these United States. I have to remind myself God is still in control and the scriptures tell us he has made some men for evil purposes and I believe Obama is one of them. To me, it is very clear where he is taking this country and that he is without a doubt a Socialist who is purshing his agenda as fast as he can. Remember Russia told us sometime ago, they would destroy us from within. It is sad to me that many intelligent people cannot see this. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter, by the hand-outs not realizing these will eventually come to an end. I believe Christian people have stood by too long and allowed this man to implement programs which are in direct conflict with Biblical teachings and God will not stand by without punishing our Nation for these actions. Also we are told to stand by Israel and God will bless those who do and curse and destroy those who do not. Iran, Russia, China and all their hordes are not going to destroy Israel, as God will intervene since he has told us in his word Israel is here to stay. I have been praying for Obama and Michelle for sometime, but am finding it hard to do so, now. I am asking God each day for the right attitude in prayer for this Nation and the Leader we have, but certainly many of us did not want.
    I pray God will not remove his hand from these United States, but will hear the pleas for another opportunity to change this nation back to it’s founding principlies and heal our land.
    May God have mercy upon us.

  146. Donnalee says:

    Dear Marge, This is a great forum for .conservative. thinkers. I thank your family for the service to our country. We now have 30 Republican Governors. I know our Country will improve with these leaders. I just gringe that OB will try to take credit for it, like he did with Ohio. We know why Ohio is turning around. It certainly was not GM or as i call it “Government Motors”.

  147. Ralph J Margolin says:

    Unfortunately whoever voted for Obama had to be stupid or black. I don’t mean this in a racist way, but to say that over 97% of blacks voted for him and we knew this going in. It’s mostly the dumb catholics that do not practice their faith that made this happen 2x. I am giving up the fight because I had hope that Obama’s record would do him in. Instead the nitwits voted him in again. Sorry for the name-calling, but those who voted for him deserve these names.

    • Marcia Cahoon says:

      Unfortunately, the people who voted for him have been blinded to the truth of what is going on. There are a lot of black people who claim to be Christians and probably so but if they really don’t live the faith, they can never realize they are duped because they do not correlate the things that are happening in these last days to God’s Holy Word. As far as the Catholic faith, they are guilty of the same. The Bible, as you probably already know, is our handbook for life.

    • Joe L says:

      Agree with the disappointing Catholic and Jewish vote (though improved from 2008). Hard to imagine that in these last 4 years with all the anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish actions of the Obama administration 50% of Catholics and 70% of Jews maintained their allegiance. I’m a practicing Catholic, but the majority of Catholics are CINOs, Catholics In Name Only, and I’m afraid they are so detached that it will take ads on Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars to get to them since it won’t be in a church.

    • Elizabeth Clark says:

      I am so sad at the outcome of this election, however maybe God is trying to tell us something, I believe in our country, and I believe in God

      • Donnalee says:

        This is the 3rd time i tried to get this question posted. Hope it shows up. Can Obama make a law or executive order to extend the term limits of a president? Thank you.

        • PAUL KNOWLES says:

          No, there is a Constitutional Admendment that he can only serve 8 years. Admendment is XXII and was Ratified Feb. 27, 1951. This came up because FDR served more than 2 terms and it was looked upon in dis-favor.

        • Jacob says:

          Not without a Constitutional Amendment which is a rather lengthy process requiring ratification by 2/3 of the States.

          If he tried to do this through Executive Order there would be an uproar like we’ve never heard. Personally I believe there is enough cause for Articles of Impeachment of Obama. Particularly with the recent Benghazi affair coming for more and daylight. Unfortunately, then we’d have Biden to deal with.

        • Marcia Cahoon says:

          If our constitution and the Senate and Congress remain in tact, “No.” If Obama is allowed to bypass the Senate and Congress as he has and change the constitution with executive orders, “Yes.”

        • Marcia Cahoon says:

          If the Constituion remains in tact and the Senate/Congress remain as lawmakers, “No.” If Obama continues to bypass the lawmakers and writes Executive Orders to put this in place then, “Yes.”

        • Captain Kirk says:

          The answer to your question, Donnalee, is no. The Constitution has been amended to only allow two terms to an individual to be President, regardless of whether they are consecutive or not. In order for our “dear leader” to have another term, the constitution would have to be amended to allow it. That means a 2/3rds majority of ‘Ayes” in the House of Representatives, the Sentae, and also in the fifty states. Regardless of the efficacy of Chicago-style politics, which we now understand better, that’s too tall an order to occur. I think.

      • Lois says:

        I no longer believe in my country. I put my faith in God. Man cannot succeed with having God in control and the country lost Him when they threw him out in the 60’s. It started out as a slow decline but we jumped off the cliff the last four years.

  148. Don Harris says:

    Last week as I was reading my guide book on understanding the old Testament.
    I was reading the explanation book of HABAKKUK.

    The book of Habakkuk deals with the problem of evil on an international scale.
    Habakkuk looks at Judean society in his day. Wickedness is widespread.
    The prophet cries to God and questions his ways. Why doesn’t the Lord
    correct the situation? When God informs Habakkuk that he will send the
    Chaldeans (Babylonians) as his instrument to bring judgment upon the
    wicked Judeans, the prophet is deeply distressed How can the Lord send
    the ruthless Chaldeans to punish his own people, who though guilty, are
    more just than their oppressors? (1:13) God assures Habakkuk that the
    wicked will be destroyed. He controls the outcome of history. He exercises
    his universal rule over all nations. He is preparing the final victory. Those
    who are just, if they put their trust in God, and if they are patient for his
    plan to unfold, will survive(2:4). Habakkuk sings God’s praises (ch.3),even
    though he doesn’t fully understand his ways.

    It looks like history is repeating it’s self, sending us the Illinois politicians

  149. Marshall Dillan says:

    Amen, Amen, I say to you, a very inspiring letter. We conservatives must not let down our guards. The leftist liberals think they have us pegged somewhere in the corner of the room, but that’s a false assumption on their part. They thought they had destroyed us in 2008, but we proved them wrong in 2010 with the GOP taking House majority. Sometimes in life, the path we must take to achieve our goal is not a straight one, with detours along the way. Let’s all continue the fight and I urge all to join Twitter and voice your opinion.

  150. Butch Smith says:

    If not for my trust in the Lord to protect me, I would probably be afraid to post the comment which i am posting. Since I don’t know how soon it will be before we will start being arrested for speaking against Comrad Obama. (and trust in the fact that it will happen and sooner than you think).I keep seeing you refer to 2016 as if we will be through with this then. 2016 will be only the beginning! OBAMA HAS NO INTENTIONS OF STEPPING DOWN THEN OR EVER!! Regretably the sheeple of this once great nation have installed a known and proven Muslim Marxist dictactor and he will now remain in power for as long as he chooses. I’ve said all along that if the Republicans cpuldn’t beat Obama while he has the worse record as President in histore then we will never be able to beat ANYONE. If you think Obama cares about the fiscal cliff or our economy or our freedoms you are wrong. The quicker this nation and it’s economy crashes and burns the better he likes it. Just that much sooner that he takes total control.I am praying for him and our nation, but it is hard for me to do so. At 68 years old i can remember when this was a great and GODly nation. My heart breaks because I know my children and their children will never enjoy the nation that I once enjoyed. GOD bless America and GOD bless all of you. Trust in GOD. He is our only hope now and he is much greater than Obama

    • Marcia Cahoon says:

      Amen to that. I am 69 and have 1 more year to take care of any medical needs before I am disallowed. Our only trust is in our Lord. Thank you for your comments.

    • Donnalee says:

      Butch, I have posted this question twice. I don’t see it so I will ask you. Can Obama do a executive order to extend his term another 4 years? He seems to override the constitution @ will.

  151. Marcia Cahoon says:

    Excellent letter. What the citizens of the United States of America do not realize, is that Obama is lining things up for our country to become the United States of Obama.

    Writing his own laws without processing through our Congress/Senate, etc.such as abortion, gun control, Obamacare to euthanize seniors by not providing medical care. The fact he was endorsed by all the dictators of the world and he is turning his back along with the rest of our government to Israel. God said Israel is the apple of his eye, whenever we do anything to hurt Israel, it is like sticking our finger in his eye.

    I know God is in charge and nothing happens without His allowing it. As long as we who love God through Jesus Christ and we have life and breath, we can make a difference through prayer. I believe this has been allowed to wake America up to bring America back to God and His principles. It will not be easy but He never promised it would be. We need to keep the faith and trust our heavenly Father to provide all our needs and to pray, also, for our enemies so they one day will come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

    God bless everyone who needs encouragement and prayer and will make a stand for our Lord.

    • Dave Langdon says:

      I am glad we have Dan and AMAC and God in our crner and we need to cripple the AARP Union. God Bless You All

      • Pat Corona says:

        Let every senior Republican, nay, every senior who cares about his country join and let’s put AARP out of business!! I have never been a member, but most of my friends have at one time or another. Let’s stop AARP.

        • sally says:

          I am with you Pat. We let our AARP expire the moment we saw their representative try and scare the seniors and it was posted on utube. This site is refreshing as it approaches conservatism without all the vile comments on other sites. I found most of the comments well written and thought out. Too bad our country can’t hash things out in this manner.

        • Dee says:

          Pat, there is another organization for seniors, and I forgot the name, something American ???…google it folks…I’m a senior, as in age, not in school! lol…anyway…I was a long time member of aarp, until I saw the president of aarp give a speech, which was racist…which I just found out that racism was coined by communist, so please don’t use that word any more!…

  152. Marge says:

    Thank you all for your comments, I was beginning to think I was the only one whose heart was broken on Nov 6th. It is good to know there are folks out there who care about this country that my dad , uncles and husband fought for. Please God Bless the USA.

  153. Donnalee says:

    Spot on Dan, I have been virtually sick since the election. I now am going to concentrate on the mid term elections. Two years will be here in the blink of an eye. We need to concentrate on taking back the Senate. Old Harry has to go.The next two years will be explosive. After the smoke clears i see a possible impeachment with the cover up, is Petraeus taking the fall for OB? Why is Hillary out of the country for the hearings next week? Convenient right? I know i may be pipe dreaming, however if this goes where i think it will then not only OB but Biden to, perhaps our speaker is next in line. Wishful thinking. Huh? you never know.

  154. Dina Smith says:

    We all know he won’t “begin to bring us together for the common good.” So telling him we want to work with him during his next term to “achieve this common good” is pure folly. His idea of common good is no where on the radar screen of what we consider common good. Nice letter up to that point, but we need to hold the line!

  155. judith m olson says:

    the disappointment with this 2012 election is nearly unfathomable….even as recently as yesterday, eventhough all of his speeches that followed his re-election, indicated he was willing to work with congress on outstanding issues, he is not willing to move and work with john boehner on the issue of taxing those making 250k at a higher level than he taxes those making under that amount. where is his willingness to work across the aisle? i am hopeful that in two years, when the re-election of those in the senate come due, that we can see another surge by the teaparty people, in getting those like harry reid and many others replaced with ones who will work with those in the house. i am 72 years old and am not that concerned for myself, but my children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of this administration’s actions.

  156. James Marsh says:

    Obama was re-elected by a small majority of dependent Democrats and brain dead Democrats that cannot see what is going on before their very eyes. Let’s hope for the best.

  157. R. E. Curtis says:

    All of the comments are spot on and I agree with all of them. Dan’s letter (comments) should have been one of Romney’s closing statements in one of the debates. Although I am not sure it would have made any difference. It is hard for me to even begin to understand what is in the minds of those that voted for him and it is very apparent they have never seen the movie 2016 or for that matter taken an interest in anything that has taken place the past four years.

  158. Betty DeLong says:

    Mr. Weber, you are correct in all you say. I’m struggling every day to come to grips with “the new norm”!! I’m reading Matthew 6 verses 25-34 frequently just to reassure myself that God is all powerful and that NOTHING happens that he is not totally aware of in this life. I said going in that IF this election turned and Mr. Obama was not reelected it would purely be by God’s grace and mercy because we certainly have done nothing in many years that deserved any better than what we have!!! What is devastating to me is that I just could not believe that we “were no longer a Christian Nation” as Mr. Obama repeatedly has said. I foolishly thought that Christians would see and understand history in terms of Christian persecution and the loss of religious freedoms. I, like so many other commenters on this website, have said am devastated to believe that evil has once again triumped. I will continue to struggle knowing that in the long run this and the earthly trials and tribulations facing the world is transient and ultimately I need to keep my eyes focused on God knowing that Obamacare will probably just help me to join Him sooner than later.
    I pray for the generations to come BUT they are like the frogs in the water…..they were thrown in the water when it was cold years ago and it has been warming up for years since then……before they know it the water is boiling and they will be cooked!!!! It won’t be from Global Warming, Mr. Gore…………….It’s political warming!!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to continue to speak out (for a short while longer) as I try to come to grips with the destruction of the United States of America. The name itself implied that we were once United and not divided as Mr. Obama has done!!!

  159. Rebecca Snider says:

    Great letter but he’ll NEVER read it and if he does he’ll just nod his bobble head and laugh. HE DOESN’T CARE about the Americans (dems or repubs) and only thinks about himself. As far as him doing anything ? He doesn’t have the backbone or intelligence to be a President. HE is a PUPPET and Soros is the puppeteer. We need to go to the source.

    Shame on him? He has no shame. He just mouths the words that he’s told to mouth. It’s like they say … cut off the HEAD of the serpent and the serpent will die. Soros is the head of this vile and vicious serpent. Someone needs to disable Soros or our COUNTRY is doomed. The serpent must be beheaded. Obumble is merely a ripple in that serpent and maybe even ONLY the tip of the tail.

  160. L Thomas says:

    You wasted your time, he is a communist dictator. They will work on crushing everyone who doesn’t comply with what they want.

  161. Ken d. Stephrns says:

    A people who value their privleges more than their principles will soon lose both. DD Eisenhower

  162. David Kline says:

    Most politicians lie to get elected. Many continue to lie in order to maintain their positions. Obama is no different from many others although he may very well be one of the biggest liars in Washington. As for those who voted for him, I can’t believe there are that many ignorant people in the world, let alone in the U.S. His reelection is part of God’s plan and regardless of sentiments, we need to accept the situation and make the best of it. Even worse, voters left the Senate pretty much the same as before. This nation is going to crash and burn, not because of who’s in the White House but because of the elite statists behind the scenes pulling the strings. It’s best to be prepared because the end is getting closer as prophesied in the Bible. God Bless America and all the true believers who dwell therein as well as those in the rest of the world.

  163. Eddie Pollard says:

    nice letter and to the point but unfortunately president obama will never read it. he and his administration have an agenda and i am not convinced it is for the good of this country. i didn’t vote for him but i will continue to pray for him and our divided country.

  164. Bob Dibble says:

    Right on Dan. We know that the best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior. As a community organizer, our President’s primary skill- set was to unite people, but not all the people. To succeed as a community organizer, you have to give your group an outside enemy to rally against. Since that was what he knew how to do, that is what he spent his time doing as the “leader” of the free-world. The domestic enemy should have been waste, fraud, duplication, divisiveness, poverty, crime, etc.-not the productive, successful, hard working, generous, and self-sacrificing American people who have always been the drivers of economic growth, success and prosperity. From his recent, post- election comments it would appear that he is preparing to do more, perhaps much more of the same, as we should expect.

    On a brighter note, congratulations on the incredible growth of AMAC over the past few years. You and your staff are to be lauded for your hard word in service to the elderly, with an eye toward improving the future of our great country.

    • Dan says:

      Bob, your comment is absolutely spot-on. It explains exactly why our country missed a chance to have a really strong leader but instead chose the “community organizer”.

  165. Helen C Seaman says:

    i must live a very boring life. i actually read the entire Obamacare bill. I immediately emailed our President, our Representative, and our Senators to beg them to trash this incredible waste of time and recreate healthcare from scratch. while i was at it, i should have asked them all to cut out of our great Constitution all ammendments except for the Bill of Rights! if we consider that “All Men are created equal” to mean as i believe it does today “All People are created equal” then we need nothing added to our Constitution!

    when i heard people actually supporting the Obamacare bill, i would ask them if they had read even portions of the bill. i received not even one “yes” response! if people do not even question what the “servants of the People” are cramming down their throats, they do not deserve to be voting members of this Republic! it is an educated and informed populace that will be able to discern between truth and lies.

    I think our Representative had a good idea also that if the Federal budget cannot be balanced and debt repayed, our Public Servants should forfeit their pay.

    enough ranting for this morning. Great open Letter to the President, by the way!

  166. Richard Litten says:

    Prayer is fast becoming a luxury that we will no longer is be afforded. Religious freedom, one of our most cherished rights, is eroding before our eyes under this administration. We are not permitted to pray in many situations any more. Atheists and secular humanists with a faulty understanding of the relevant constitutional amendments are prevailing left and right. A climate of death envelops us. Abortion is runs rampantt, and now may even be fully funded by taxpayers. It is not just the policies, but the attitude. If we continue to turn away from God, we are lost. If we fail to protect the most innocent and defenseless amongst us, we are doomed. This organization is badly needed. Thank you for your efforts, Mr. Weber!

  167. P. Candreva says:

    I am a teacher and I have seen a horrible change in the attitudes of the students I teach. While students used to work and try to achieve, today students would rather argue for their grade than put in any real effort. While students used to respect the faculty, today students believe they are on the same playing field and they are demanding of the faculty.

    If these attitudes have shifted in just the last 15 years, then why is anyone surprised that the average American voter has not done his/her research. Just a small bit of research into Obama’s history has shown that his political views are one of socialism. He believes strongly that the government needs to be bigger in order to “take care” of the people. These are the philosophies of his mentors. You add to this the religious leaders he has surrounded himself with that have said such egregious things as “Damn America” and “All whites are going to hell” and you realize you have an extreme radical on our hands. Not to mention, the open microphone conversation with Medveded when Obama has said “In my next term I’ll have more flexibility”. MORE??!!!?? This man needs to be stopped before our corporate, democratic republic turns into a socialist state. Obama has already shown his true colors and any amount of rhetoric that he gives now is nothing but hot air. God, save our wonderful nation and may the people stand against his bullying and policy making.

  168. Josef H Buerger says:

    Voting to improve our situation in the U.S. didn’t work. The government is BROKEN and needs to be TOTALLY replaced.

  169. Scott Carey says:

    This is a great article,but I don’t think the President is going to read it. Saying that we have a responsability to pray for the man. I don’t like him, and have asked the Lord to give me a heart to pray for him. If we are going to turn this nation around we aren’t going to do it by whining about what happened with the election. We need to be a light on the hill. This nation will only change when the hearts of men are changed.

    • Diane Carlin says:

      I agree Scott. This president is so egotistical he thinks he is above the rest of us, so I seriously doubt he will read this article. I keep praying that God will somehow step in. I am ashamed to say I genuinely hate this man for what he has done to this country and our people. I beg God every day to help me get over these feelings and keep us in HIS ALMIGHTY HAND and not Obama’s. As more and more comes out about Benganzi, I become more and more cynical; that too I need God’s help with.

      I do believe there are enough of us that realize the power of God, not matter what faith, race or gender we are.

      God Bless you.

    • C. Rollo says:

      One of the hard things to remember is that in the midst of evil, suffering and chaos (which is where we are headed) is that GOD is STRONGER than those “in power” and we do need to pray, pray, pray IN FAITH that God will re-direct our country and our president. My fear is that what I used to think as “political rhetoric” is truth – he is a socialist and not a man with a heart for any of our founding principles but with an agenda to turn us into a failing socialist economy.

      And another thing, if we are facing a terrible economic crisis by the first of the year, WHY IS HE LEAVING THE COUNTRY!! And convening MEETINGS NEXT WEEK — WHY NOT NOW!! Why isn’t he staying here, at home, to work out a compromise with the Congress? This says so much about the man’s thinking… As I learned long ago, if you want to know what people really believe, don’t listen, WATCH WHAT THEY DO… Leaving town while Rome burns! Not a good sign. Let’s pray God changes his itinerary.

  170. nancy n, bautista says:

    this time around,we, the people,cannot afford to be meek and accept the status quo. We must be more vocal and demand answers anytime anything is ignored that concerns us. we must demand that the president follow the tenets of our Constitution and not act like a despot or king and make ridiculous decrees and form committees of czars of his choice to do his bidding. We must insist the Benghazi debacle be fully investigated and the president himself appear and be questioned by a committee not beholden to any political party, wholly and completely independent. the president must realize even HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW!! iF he refuses to accept the responsibilities of his office, THEN WE AS THE PEOPLE OF OUR SOVEREIGN USA,CAN DEMAND THAT HE BE IMPEACHED!!! WATERGATE under Nixon did not involve dead Americans, Benghazi did.we must not be afraid to contact our representatives in Washington when they fail to do their job. We don’t even have a federal budget?! . Mr. Obama must follow the rules., He’s only one of three branches that make decisions. The other two, the Supreme Court and Congress must be respected by him. Democrat or Repulblican, let our leaders know if they don’t do their job, they will be kicked out!! Obama must realize he got reelected by default, 57 per cent did not vote for him, therefore he has no mandate. And he has to support Israel and not ignore its leaders. God’s warning–I will bless those that bless Israel, I will curse those that curse Israel. If he is a Christian as he claims, he’d better read his Bible..

  171. Lowanda Young says:

    One of my children thinks that Obamacare is the best thing that could happen. I don’t think she understands that I’m in the highest category for the rationing of health care & that I won’t be cared for like a 20 yr old. Our doctors will be quitting right & left. If they don’t quit, they will be cash only. Living on social security only, I won’t be able to afford doctors. There will be a board that does not include medical professionals that will decide who gets care & who doesn’t!I had a hard enough time just finding a doctor that would accept Medicare when we moved back to Texas last January. I can’t imagine having to pay cash for medical treatment. I guess this is my greatest concer at this time, but there are many more reasons to fear for our wonderful nation! If you haven’t seen 2016: Obama’s America, please make it a point to see it. It will scare you but I believe this man could (almost) be called the antichrist.. Please pray for America that we will make it through the next 4 years & still have the United States of America!!

    • Diane Carlin says:


      I told my husband that eithe he or I or my daughter’s in-laws will surely die from something that could have been “fixed” because of our reduction in medical benefits. I find this so hard to take since we have worked our whole lives and contributed to both SS and Medicare. As I said above to Scott, we must continue to pray.

    • george says:

      It’s the now generation……………what’s in it for me? God help them if they do not die young.

  172. Brenda Kahmeyer says:

    I know that the economy, lack of jobs, more lay-offs in the future, healthcare…are all important factors to not only seniors but all Americans…but my biggest fear today is the downsizing & lack of funding for our military. What took place in Libya is one of the biggest atrocities since the Vietnam War. Nothing…NOTHING is being done and no one is honorable enough in our so-called “government” to accept the blame for not making the call to save American lives. This gives the terrorists a big boost to carry on. I don’t trust this government to keep us safe and I fear for the American heroes who are leaving their families & their jobs to protect us with hands tied behind their backs! When George Bush was in office we had a daily count of the men & women losing their lives in Iraq & Afghanistan but since Mr. Obama took office we hear nothing. It’s like they don’t count. Out of sight out of mind!! I just joined AMAC and as long as they continue to stand behind this Country & it’s greatness, our veterans and active duty service people and the lives of our children…I’m spreading the word as fast as I can to everyone I know.

  173. Robert Barr says:

    I agree with Betty Frey 100%. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  174. Betty Frey says:

    I believe Mr. Weber certainly hit on some valid points. And although I would like to believe this next four years will be better; I am convinced it can only get increasingly worse. I saw just a blurb last night of Obama’s acceptance speech, spouting the same rhetoric about reaching across the aisle and working with Congress. We know that is not true, because if it were he would have done that his first four years and clearly he did not. I am more than disappointed in those who voted for him, and especially of those who didn’t bother to vote, of which there were apparently a large number. I pray for this country, while we’re still allowed to pray, and ask God to not let our country go to ruins. I pray that those who were mesmerized into believing this man cared about this country, will wake up and see the truth. How such devastation has befallen us in only four short years is a mystery; it will be more than a challenge to believe we are not headed on the exact same course in the next 48 months, with even worse results. 2016 cannot get here soon enough.

    • Diane Carlin says:

      With all my sorrow over his re-election, I continue to believe in the power of God and prayer as been stated so eloguenty in all these opinions.

      God Bless all of you and God Bless America

    • Nancy O'Hara says:

      Sorry, Betty, but this didn’t happen in just the last four years. It’s been going on for nearly a century, and I’m sadly disappointed and disillusioned to know that my fellow Americans know so little of history that they can still support programs and actions that are created/used to sabotage the most beneficial, magnanimous system ever devised by man. We certainly have problems, but we were also given the means of correcting them if only we are wise enough to see beyond the political rhetoric and diagnose the morality of the solutions we attempt.

      Sorry for the run-on sentence, but I had to get it all out and didn’t find a very good breaking point. God help us all!

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