Americans wanted the 2nd Amendment under their Christmas Tree

by Ed Farnan – Gun sales broke records throughout America this Christmas season. Is it just the holiday spirit of giving that spurred these sales? Or is it Americans realization that gun ownership is the last line of defense in self protection?

Either way, the FBI has been flooded with record breaking numbers of requests for background checks from gun dealers. Gun dealers are required to send these forms in to the FBI when customers purchase a firearm. In some states citizens are not allowed to walk out of the store with a new weapon at time of sale, there is a several day waiting period.

Many existing firearm owners and new owners are expressing concern that the government may start to clamp down on gun ownership rights by attacking the 2nd Amendment to the constitution, which guarantees their right to own and bear firearms.

Coincidentally the current volume of gun sales broke the previous record set in 2008, the first year of the Obama administration. President Obama and Attorney General Eric holder have both expressed opinions that firearm sales are too lax and need to have heavier regulation.

Interestingly, the unfolding gun running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” may have had a secret motive behind it to show a need for stricter controls. A Congressional investigation is ratcheting up to determine just who authorized the scheme and why. But as a result of Fast and Furious, Mexico, via Arizona, was flooded with dangerous weapons which fell into the hands of criminals and drug cartels. These illegal firearms have been responsible for thousands of deaths.

But if the intent of F & F was to tighten gun sales, it looks as if it has backfired. Americans are now buying more weapons, possibly as the result of Fast and Furious. The statistics behind the new gun purchasers in the United States show an interesting cross section of who these purchasers are.

Women seem to be purchasing guns in greater numbers, either for self protection or sport purposes. It bears out the trend that women are breaking stereotypes in yet another area that was once a domain of men; gun ownership. This could stem from a variety of cultural reasons, including that women are living alone and want self protection. Women are also enjoying outdoor firearm sports in growing numbers, such as target shooting and hunting.

Other new gun owners seem to be young professionals and young families seeking the security of having a firearm in their home for self protection. Instead of putting their faith in 911 as their last line defense of home and family, this new wave of gun owners is putting their faith in 9mm/.380 and .45 instead.

The National Rifle Association, the world’s largest gun advocacy organization, estimates there are 80 million gun owners in the United States…and the number is growing. This is a disturbing trend to those on the left who would like to see gun laws modeled after many European countries, severely curtailing gun ownership. Of course you must judge this thinking with the same desire of the left who want to model our economic system after Europe. How’s that working out for you?

America is not Europe, as evidenced by immigration of an overwhelming number of people over the years moving from Europe to the freedoms that America offers. One of those freedoms is the right to bear arms. But along with that right comes the responsibility of practicing safe gun ownership AND keeping an eye on a government that wants to take your rights away.



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  1. blaine e melville says:

    yes and oddlly enough as in the virginia tech shooting the police are really only able to show up after na incident. A “firefight” to use hollywood terms lasts mere seconds the clean up yrs. And all of the crime fighting money millions is only usable in most cases after the fact.Or in the fast&furious situation set in motion by an overzealous group of “bright” agent?? boy is that an OXYMORONNN

  2. blaine e melville says:

    propably be a good idea to snapp up any odd gun prts and reloading equipment if you can. some times an odd junk area in a surplus store will yield odd magazines ect for variuos weapons . this potus is from Chicago high crime low gun ownership & I’m certain the 2nd amendment is soon to be tramped by his jackbooted thughs a la Holder and the “peaceloving OWS” types all they need are brown shirts now

  3. Jerry says:

    Hey Steven O, I see you’ve resorted to name calling. So, aside from your obvious rectal cranial inversion, this following article is just one reason why people are arming up

    “Police Trained Nationwide That Informed Americans Are Domestic Terrorists”

    Law enforcement across the country are being educated that informed Americans who know their rights are dangerous and that cops are their enemy.

    Police Trained Nationwide That Informed Americans Are Domestic Terrorists.

    Paul Joseph Watson, Kurt Nimmo & Alex Jones
    Prison Planet.com
    Friday, March 13, 2009

    A secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center lists Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag and equates them with radical race hate groups and terrorists. This is merely the latest example in an alarming trend which confirms that law enforcement across the country is being trained that American citizens are a dangerous enemy.

    A copy of the MIAC report was sent to us by two Missouri police officers who were concerned by its content.

    Perhaps due to the outlandish and shocking nature of the document, some people are still having difficulty believing it is real. Unfortunately, we have confirmed that it’s 100 per cent genuine. We spoke with Capt Hull at the Missouri State Highway Patrol who told us that the MIAC Strategic Report is a part “normal operation for officers” to receive these periodic reports for “safety purposes and to track trends or changes”. Hull added that the report was for the purposes of training their officers.

    Anyone still in doubt as to the veracity of the document can call the MIAC toll free at 866-362-6422 and confirm it for themselves.

    We also spoke to Lt. John Hotz who, along with Capt Hull, declined to appear on The Alex Jones Show to talk about the document, but had no qualms about admitting that it was genuine and had been handed out to Missouri police officers.

  4. Gordon Martines says:

    To my fellow bloggers;
    You can have Your RPG’s, your LAWS rockets and your Tanks, it will eventually all boil down to a strategic, tactical Rifleman that will emerge the victor. Never underestimate the power of a true core value Constitutionalist and Oath Keeper. Keep your Gun, keep your Faith and they can keep the change…just an old veteran cop reflecting, Gordon Martines

  5. Genuinely when someone doesn’t know after that its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it takes place.

  6. Chet says:

    During or just prior to WWII when Japan was comtemplating attacking the United States homeland, a Japanese General is quoted as saying “If we (Japan) set foot upon American soil there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    Armed American citizenry is a deterant to foreign invasion and any homegrown attempted take over by radical extremists. A free America is far from the minds of those who want to disarm American citizens. This is a crucial issue especially now when Obama is trying to undermine America’s military might.

  7. Jobeth says:

    Thanks for cnotirubitng. It’s helped me understand the issues.

  8. Black Jack/N.J. says:

    Ed, this was a well written article for many reasons: American’s are fed up with constant government lies and the inability to control their own members’ activities (politicians and tenured employees). money laundering, political ‘bullying’ and their intent to turn us into a model ‘Europe’ where gun control allows criminals free reign over honest people, especially seniors, often resulting in severe injuries and death! What does our Attorney General and the BATFE do? They break all laws and promote gun sales to known straw purchasers against the will of the licensed gun dealers just to ‘frame’ the honest gun industry and those of us who wish to purchase these various weapons to protect ourselves from criminals and our own government officials! Join the NRA if you’re not already a member and encourage other gun owners to do the same, as the NRA is the largest ‘Civil Rights’ organization, (gun right lobby) founded in 1871 and protector of our 2nd Amendment Rights! There are other organizations out there like the 2nd Amendment Society and many state organizations you can also become an active member, remember, fighting Congress and your State legislatures doesn’t get done by some unknown person magically! Here in the ‘Socialist State of New Jersey’ where the 2nd Amendment wasn’t even incorporated into our State Constitution when our Constitution was revised in 1946 at the Constitutional Convention, I joined a new gun lobby organization called the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society. It’s (our) purpose is to promote the ‘Right to Carry’ and eliminate the many draconian gun laws we still have here! Doesn’t the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment guarantee us the right to own and bear arms, even outside our homes? No wonder our population in the State is decreasing, people moving West and South, people fled the Communist Bloc, now they’re fleeing the most politically corrupt State in the Union!
    Keep up the great work and keep us informed on this very important and critical issue facing US all! I love all the readers comments, looks like an informed and intellectual group! Black Jack from Washington Township (Sewell) N.J.

    • Jerry says:

      Caution, this may be too risky to deal with… But I have a question which I believe is the key to the whole damn problem… If I may:

      Can somebody in congress (or anyone) please explain to me how they, Congress, or the Federal Government have any direct legislative authority or jurisdiction over the people of the 50 several states. (Please don’t tell me about Interstate Commerce, that’s a different issue)

      According to everything I have read, they (Congress) only have limited Federal Legislative Jurisdiction within the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia and over Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Territories, then how can they impose any legislation (such as Obama care) or any mandate upon the People of these united states of America?

      You may research this for yourself by looking up: http://www.constitution.org/juris/fjur/fj0-0000.htm, INTERDEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF JURISDICTION OVER FEDERAL AREAS WITHIN THE STATES, Submitted to the Attorney General and transmitted to the President June 1957, Reprinted by Constitutional Research Associates P.O. Box 550, So. Holland, Illinois 06473.

      Be very careful, this kind of talk will label you a terrorist according to their latest batch of legislation! (thank you John McCain)

      Let’s ask all of our Representatives and Senators this question and see what they say. I’ll be willing to guess most of them won’t know the lawful answer and the rest will just tap dance!

  9. Steven O says:

    If the US is indeed “safer” than other countries as many of you insist, then why reports like this:

    “In 2003, there were 30,136 firearm-related deaths in the United States; 16,907 (56%) suicides, 11,920 (40%) homicides (including 347 deaths due to legal intervention/war), and 962 (3%) undetermined/unintentional firearm deaths.

    CDC/National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, WISQARS Injury Mortality Reports 1999-2003

    The rate of death from firearms in the United States is eight times higher than that in its economic counterparts in other parts of the world.
    Kellermann AL and Waeckerle JF. Preventing Firearm Injuries. Ann Emerg Med July 1998; 32:77-79.

    The overall firearm-related death rate among U.S. children younger than 15 years of age is nearly 12 times higher than among children in 25 other industrialized countries combined.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 1997;46:101-105”

    • mariano says:

      I guess you haven’t been following the riots in England and Greece;although for different reasons the innocent citizens there had no way to protect themselves other than baseball bats and golf clubs……thats safer????

    • The OLD Warhorse says:

      What you do NOT include in your “statistics” is the number of “Gang Related” shootings. In any urban area, if you remove those shootings from the total stats, it completely changes the impression, but that is NOT what you were trying to do, is it?
      Two things you should always keep in mind when talking about gun ownership:
      1. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
      2. IF you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them.

      Folks, the recent case of the 18 year old widowed mom, defending her and her baby by shooting a woodbe attacker armed with a big knife, is the only thing you need to know. She was even on the phone for 19 minutes with the 911 operator while the attackers were trying to break in. Ninteen minutes, that’s 19 folks, yup, 19 minutes waiting for the police to show up and “protect” her from harm. Can you imagine how long that must have seemed to her?

      • Glyne47 says:

        Remember you have roughly 3 seconds to make a few decissions once an attacker has chosen you !!!!!!!!, because you don’t chose your attacker. First decission kill or be killed and if you choose kill shoot to kill if you are a good shot, if you are not a good shot, shoot until the gun is out of amo. the intruder did not choose you to do good things to you, you were chose to have him to do the most harm he possibly can to you, your family or property or possibly all of the above if he is not stopped.

    • Renee says:

      Ignore Steve the TROLL! Don’t egg IT on. IT may not even be human.

      • Steven O says:

        It does not matter what I say, what data I post up, or how civil the attempt at rational debate is. The typical rabid conservative foaming at the mouth pit bull response is to merely hurl insults or slap me with the label “troll.” That is quite childish.

        If you do not agree then post I some statistics to support your view. I will read them since I am a rational person. And, when did ever say I was in favor of taking away gun ownership or self-defense rights? I never once said I advocated that. I am merely trying to get people thinking about the need for better gun safety and better background checks.

        And you attempt at insults accomplishes nothing. As I have posted before, I am not so vain as to only post my comments for those who ALREADY agree with me to read. That would accomplish nothing. And, Amac itself has made the claim of being NON-PARTISAN in its propaganda blurbs. I intend to hold them to their word if they are an organization with any integrity at all.

    • Ron says:

      This is for Steve O
      Though your statistics maybe true, you need to be fair and balanced about it. The crime rate is twice as high in non-gun totting countries, such as Australia and Europe, where citizens don’t have the right to a gun. Only the honest people turned in their guns….not the scums planning their evil deeds.
      Regarding your stats…accidents do happen, improper use of guns cause accidents and unfortunately sometimes death. BUT it’s not the gun’s fault! Maybe you site how many deaths are related to car accidents. Is it the car’s fault?
      I personally belong to the NRA and have a concealed weapons permit….but don’t have a gun. In time I plan on getting one, but what catapulted me to action was OBAMA. I feel more threatened by our own government and losing our liberties. I never thought about getting a gun, until this administration made it clear to tighten up gun laws. It’s my way of saying, “Count me in…I’m all for the RIGHT to bare arms”.

      • Steven O says:

        Seriously, what kind of weapon to you think would be a match to stand up against a government militia?

        Oh, I get it. At least you could go down fighting.

        And what exactly is the threat?

        Seriously? More democracy? Worse case being that we might end up similar to Canada? Canada has a fraction of our debt burden too so that might not be all bad.

        Please realize that we still have a very strong two party system in this country, so I think your fears are largely unfounded.

  10. pete says:

    ..an interesting thing has happened to my country over my lifetime. At one time, the US government stood for all that is right and good and was a force for stability and prosperity. Now it has become a threat to the safety and security middle class tax payer and voter.. I have come to the conclusion that I must be prepared to defend myself, my family and my property.

  11. Mike says:

    I bought my second last gun when Obummer won, and my last gun just a couple weeks ago. I am scared to death what Obummer will try. The point is like the old WW 2 song, “Praise the Load and pass the ammunition” I will never give up my guns and will go down shooting if necessary. I love America, not that Hitler like creep we have in the White House. So bring it on BAMSTER!

  12. Sodbuster says:

    Move to Nev, we open carry here, No problems with crime here. Now, I’m not talking about Vegas. That’s a different
    story. Cops in vegas and Henderson will kill you for just being in the area. Be very careful when driving in these two
    cities. I’m 85 and just as big as any goon out there because we can carry. Join the NRA and protect the 2nd
    ammendment, it’s well worth it. Obummass would already be after your guns if it wasn’t for the NRA. Forget about
    Steven O, He doesn’t have brains one, he needs to read about history that many of us have been through. He needs
    to read about the dictators that had gun control as job number one. But the way–buy more ammo.

    • Renegade says:

      Sodbuster, you are absolutely right in everything you said about gun ownership. Pres. Nobama’s goal is to make this country a socialist country, like Europe. Funny thing is, that the countries in Europe realize that Socialism and Keynesian economics just doesn’t work and they are moving away from both. To add insult to injury, Congress and the Senate have passed what I called the “Battlefield USA” act which opens the way for all our civil rights to be taken away at our so-called President’s discretion. It allows our government to arrest citizens for any cause that it deems “sufficient” and hold us without trial, for as long as they think it is necessary. Welcome to NAZI Germany II. I’m stock-piling precious medals to protect my future, mostly lead.

  13. Glenn Shannon says:

    I think the biggest threat is not gun control but the control of ammunition as the 2nd amendment really doesn’t address that. Without ammunition guns would be worthless so watch out for the government to go in that direction.

  14. Nicka says:

    I have been doing a lot of research on Obama and his cohorts . His promise to fundamentally change the United States involves over burdening the welfare system and spending into bankruptcy and thereby collapsing the government. The Constitution will be gone and so no more 2nd Amendment and our Civil Rights.

    • Steven O says:

      Just like the Bush Cheney wars? Iraq is expected to cost $3 trillion by the time we are finished paying for it.

      Want to talk about bankruptcy? It has been estimated that nearly 50% of the US debt came from wars and defense spending and the two Bushes together were responsible for 40-50% of that figure.

      Now, how much did our oil wars cost in comparison to helping provide healthcare for our own citizens? It seems to me like we should care for our own first and then when that has been accomplished care for others. If we try to continue as the world’s policeman we will bankrupt out country for sure. And there are dozens of regimes that are far worse than the former one in Iraq in terms of human rights violations and we are not yet at war with them. Face it. We wanted to continue to control the oil supply.

      And Bush was the one who constantly spewed forth the term “New World Order…”…That should be enough to get any “conspiracy” addict paranoid to say the least…

      • johnboy says:

        no oil no hospitals//unless they run on solar[ on a cloudy day]??no plastics no ambulance etc…..got it?

      • Mitch says:

        You are a dye-in-the-wool idiot. I’m not here with my tax dollars to give them to ideologues and deadbeats like yourself who won’t learn from the last 3 years. Good grief….

      • Nicka says:

        Obama has spent more in three years than all the other presidents from Washington to Bush. The war cost is small compared to the social programs.

      • Pam says:

        Steven O

        GET OVER IT! As if we have no clue and have blinders on, such as you!

      • Steven O says:

        Sorry, but you, Bush, Cheney, the CIA, and even the Democrats all had blinders on when it comes to the Iraq war. Face it. $1 trillion spent so far. $3 trillion estimated by the time we pay for it.

        And for what? Trumped up charges, flawed intelligence, and a foregone conclusion before the war even started. There were even high level resignations over this in the CIA. And as I hope you aware, exposes and books written by insiders who were in the know.

        If this is how you want to bankrupt our country in the future then go ahead and support more of the same, keep your blinders on, and refuse to learn from the past!

  15. Mike J. says:

    We can discuss why/how/when all we want about the 2nd Amendment ,having and using guns,etc.
    Here’s the real deal:
    When other countries wanted to invade the USA, citizens with guns was a major factor in why they chose NOT to invade us.
    The terrorist today know they can’t hurt us unless its with a cowardly IED , or planes or mass destruction devices. They know they can’t go one-on-one with us.If we had no guns, they would use guns. Period.
    Citizens with a CCW permit are NOT a danger to the police or their community. The news is filled each evening with thugs , using guns, and not one have a CCW permit. Actually, most dont even have a “registered” gun or one that can be traced b/c the serial numbers have been removed.
    In a CCW permit course, you are taught where you can and can not carry a concealed weapon. Do you think a thug obeys these laws? If I’m not allowed to carry inside a “X” place, I wonder if the thugs check their guns in also ? Why is this comment important? Because this: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
    And I know you’ve heard this one before, but I stand on it firmly:They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead finger.
    The 2nd Amendment is not debatable. Period.

  16. tommyboy says:

    Steven will change his mind as soon as he gets mugged and or robbed. They always do.

  17. al masters says:

    as gun owners we need to support our NRA as much as we can. it is just about the only lobby that speaks for the 2nd amendment. anyone owning a firearm needs to seriously consider becomiong a member of the NRA. i am not an employee/officer/agent or anyone connected to the NRA other than as an NRA member.(just as i hope you are)

    • keith says:

      01/08/2012 at 1:16 pm

      Although the NRA gets the most press for gun owners fight to keep & bear arms, I also give a huge amount of credit to ; GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA (gunowners.org), JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP (jfpo.org), SECOND AMMENDMENT FOUNDATION (saf.org). Here in Ohio our equally excellent site is BUCKEYEFIREARMS (buckeyefirearms.org), always the first site my computer screen sees every morning! All these organizations support gunowners in many law suits and expend tons of money and grassroots time. They, and many others that I have not mentioned, deserve our highest graditude

      Sorry, I posted this under steven o’s ignorant rant by mistake.

  18. Arnold says:

    Eric Holder is a racist and needs to be taken down as head of department of justice — if fast and furious is not the perfect reason he will never be removed — remember these days as they may be the last

  19. Gerry says:

    In reference to Frank907 –

    Thank you for your service, sir. I, too, am a veteran and I consider my oath to have been an oath for life. Are you a member of Oath Keepers, sir, If not, I suggest you google Oath keepers and join. Also, please consider becoming a member of the Constitution Party. We back the Constitution 100%, fully defend the 2nd Amendment, believe in life as being from the moment of conception until death, closed borders, no amnesty for illegal aliens, and limited government, just to mention a few things. Our platform can be seen on our national web site. You can google that also.

    Again, thank you for your loyalty, and God Bless you and all the rest of our veterans oput there.


    • Steven O says:

      Interesting that you would support the Constitution Party. Not trying to start an agrument, but they got my votes also in the last general election solely on their opposition to the Iraq war. They were the only option available that was opposed to both the killings from abortions and the killings in the Iraq war. A pro-life vote has more than one issue in my book.

      • keith says:

        Although the NRA gets the most press for gun owners fight to keep & bear arms, I also give a huge amount of credit to ; GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA (gunowners.org), JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP (jfpo.org), SECOND AMMENDMENT FOUNDATION (saf.org). Here in Ohio our equally excellent site is BUCKEYEFIREARMS (buckeyefirearms.org), always the first site my computer screen sees every morning! All these organizations support gunowners in many law suits and expend tons of money and grassroots time. They, and many others that I have not mentioned, deserve our highest graditude.

  20. Jayroy says:

    Point of fact the FBI is a GO- NO GO clearing house for firearm sales. By law they CAN NOT keep records of who buys what.
    These records are kept by the selling dealer for insprction of tha ATFE not the FBI. The numbers reported are tanted
    because the 49 states that have some kind of carry system use tge same FBI system to do background on permit applicates. Also those of us with carry permits the selling Dealer DOES NOT call the FBI when a weapon is purchased.
    The only state without somekind of Carry system is Illinois (Obama ville). Also D.C does not have a permit system and D.C. does not have a FFL dealer to sell weapons.
    Guess where the highest crime is Chicago Illinois and D.C.
    Major crime has gone down every year since the clinton Assualt weapon ban expired.
    Go Figure more Guns in private hands less crime.

    • Jim says:

      DC does have a permit system but it requires one to jump through hoops. See the Washington Times archives’ Emily Gets Her Gun by Emily Miller. There’s one guy authorized to ‘import’ your weapon after it’s purchased elsewhere (no gun dealers in DC) and he considers it a part time job. The whole process is very expensive.

  21. Fataboo says:

    It is so encouraging, and such a delight to belong to a group of level headed people. It would help if we all copied and pasted this article to all our second amendment friends, and encourage them to join AMAC.

  22. Gordon Martines says:

    To my fellow bloggers;
    It is always better to have and not need than to need and no have. Keep your gun, keep your faith, and they can keep the change.
    Just an old veteran cop reflecting,
    Gordon Martines, Las Vegas, NV

  23. Woody says:

    Responsible gun ownership is something the criminals (aka anti gun peeps) will never understand.
    I could never understand why people would NOT want to own a gun for protection purposes…it just makes sense!

    If Obama and his goons do not want guns to be legal, then why does his body guards all have firearms?
    I mean, c’mon Mr.Pres…there’s no need for firearms now is there?
    It just shows how controlling he wants to be, and how much of a protection owning a gun is.
    Granted there are those that should never own a firearm and I have no problem having a back ground check and a medical check done, but don’t just come out and say we cannot have firearms…that is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment, in which the Constitution says that none of these Amendments are to be infringed upon…now who is breaking the law of the land Mr. Pres??

    Invest in Precious Metals….buy more LEAD!!

  24. james scott says:


  25. Propwash says:

    I’d like to see AMAC and GOA (Gun Owners of America) in mutual support.

    • Doug Nicholson says:

      Great idea, Prop. Hey, AMAC, how about a new AMAC benefit such as a membership discount at an online firearms retailer like cheaperthandirt.com ?

  26. Paul says:

    Your statement about low crime in Europe where there is gun control is not true. America is not more dangerous than Europe. Crime has gone down in every jurisdiction where concealed carry rules. You better check your statistics source again. Don’t you remember just a few short months ago, what happened when riots broke out in Britain? People and property were destroyed. Even the unarmed police could not control the rioting. People bought up all the baseball bats to defend themselves, family and property. If you really research this, you will find that crime is high in Britain. Innocent British subjects, victims of violent rapes and assault are chastised by judges during the trial that they did not try hard enough to understand the perpetrator, that they instigated the attack. That they were in the wrong for being where they were. How about the criminal? He gets a slap on the wrist and is sent back on the streets.

    Disarm the law abiding citizen and you create the climate for crime. Look at Chicago where strict gun control is the law (in violation of the 2nd Amendment and the Heller case, in my opinion). 14 innocent shooting victims by criminals in ONE DAY. It is a dangerous city. It is just an example of high rates of gun violence where guns are controlled. The pattern is the same in every place the disarms the law abiding citizen. I hope you are never a victim. I suggest you take a self-protection gun course with an open mind, and then buy a 12ga. shotgun with a 20 inch barrel, or a Colt .45 pistol to help keep you safe.

    • Gunter Mossberg says:

      Great idea Paul, I just received a Maverick88 12ga. pump for christmas. Short barrel, extended tube (8+1) with a 6 rnd side-sadle and tube-mounted light. Awesome HD weapon. Even with 3 boxes of shells, still under $300.

  27. michael presley says:


  28. Edward Cox says:

    F&F was a set up. In due time the legitimate gun owners would have been blamed for sale of guns to cartels. The media would have gone wild. Strict new gun laws would have ensued. Without a doubt the Democratic Party has morphed into a modern day version of the NAZI Party.

    • Gunter Mossberg says:

      You need to read HOME INVASION, by William Johnstone. It’s about a small town called Home, TX. It’s fiction, but not by much. Might even be history to our grandkids, if Obozo has his way.

  29. Speedypete says:

    I fear for this country and our loss of investiigative journalism in favor of the TV (or newspaper) stardom form of journalism. I read mostly Internet articles from the UK because I want the truth. But my wife says stop it. I can receit the number of cons released from California prisons before serving out but a short term. I can tell you about the RPG and C4 found on desert in Arizona. (It didn’t come from a shaddy deal at the corner gun store and I don’t think it came from a corrupt attorney general and president but who knows.) I can tell you about the 14 shootings in one day in gun banned Chicago, the shootings in Philly and the ones in the burroughs of New York. But what I fear the most? The Tennessee pre-med college student in New York that made a MISTAKE and did not know that guns in New York city only belong to the politicians, the rich and the Wall Street execs. The DHS invading a Sociall Security office in Leesburg, FL and terrorizing honest, former taxpaying, law abiding CITIZENS. Or the random roadblocks that they feel is necessary on the Interstates? Gun sales will continue to climb so you could say this president has had some success in stimulating a small sector of the economy.

  30. Terry Knows Best for Terry says:

    @ 2nd Ammendment Patriot

    Thank you for the kind sentiments. I did come out of it OK … but I will never forget it. I have a CCW now and I have the utmost respect for fire arms. I don’t hunt… and I don’t want to be hunted. It is just that simple. I just don’t want to be a sitting duck if someone decides to draw my number again…. and I pray to God they don’t.

    I’ll check out Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s DVD’s…. thanks for the heads up.

  31. JAMES says:

    Nobody has mentioned our attorney general, In regard to “Fast and Furious” he has denied knowing about it. If he didn’t he’s incompetent and if he did he comitted perjury. In either case he should be fired.

  32. WOLFGANG BILL says:


  33. Terry Knows Best for Terry says:

    Steven O … you have obviously never listened as an intruder was bludgeoning your doors down and suddenly stood face-to-face with an armed and VERY LARGE person meaning you and your family NOTHING but harm! And then waited and waited and waited for the police to show up…. long after he had been shot and escaped.


    You live by YOUR guesswork philosophy and I will live in the real world that I KNOW TO BE TRUE. I wasn’t a gun lover then… only had one little one. I AM a gun advocate now and surrounded by many high powered protectors. I was scared half out of my wits for a long time after that incident.

    You talk a good game… a game one doesn’t choose…. a game you have obviously never been forced to play.

    What does this have to do with seniors? Are you kidding me. We are the most vulnerable among society. We are slow, with poor eye sight and frail. We are the ones that they pray on.

    Please do not offer comments based on good intent and ignorance. Please do not tell me that you would feel safer with fewer guns in America. It only takes one in the wrong hands pointed at you to change your mind…. trust me!

    • 2nd Ammendment Patriot says:

      Glad you came out of that situation Terry. I am married, have a daughter and recently acquired my CCW permit. I am attending NRA pistol courses at the local armory because with rights, come responsibilities. Another important line from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s DVD’s. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND every American watch that 5 DVD set. It will be an eye opener and make you stop and think about becoming a responsibly armed citizen. Dave is the real deal and speaks from experience and we should heed what he says.

      • glenbo says:

        Patriot, you might consider going to Front Sight in Pahrump, Nevada. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best instruction in gun handling you’ll ever find. I went the first time for their 4-day defensive handgun course in October, 2010. I’m now a life member, so is my girlfriend, and we’re both going in April with several other couples who are friends of ours. I’ll be 61 in a month, and somewhat disabled, but Heaven help the moron who tries to hurt anyone around me. I know how good I am with any of my guns, and it’s better than any criminal.

    • Jim says:

      Terry, my recent experience was somewhat different. A drunk was pounding on my door at 3:00 am, claiming I had his car keys. I called the cops who showed up in a reasonable amount of time (yup, they had powdered sugar from their donuts on their shirts) who asked if I’d like to press charges. I told them we’ve all been young, stupid, and drunk once or twice, give him a good talking to, and send him away.

      The young punk was back 5 minutes later, more belligerent than ever and I was angry. Pulled out my extendable baton and did some work on his knees and shoulder — enough to keep him out of circulation for quite a while. Had he been armed, he’d have been on the receiving end of a .45 but in this case, only a little skeletal rearrangement was required.

      • Steven O says:

        And you no doubt would be in prison for manslaughter. Great. If you want to throw your life away like that, go ahead. We still live in a free country.

      • Steven O says:

        Oops, I made a mistake, and I retract my preceeding comment. My apologies. I missed the words “had he been armed..”. I will slow down and read with more care in the future.

        I agree he has a right to defend himself against an armed attacker.

        However, his pride over dismembering a mere drunk leads me to suspect he might be the kind of person to shoot first and ask questions later…that led me to go off half cocked…

  34. Doug B. says:

    More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens reduces crime. Look at States with CCW permits. Their crimes rates go down.

  35. June says:

    Actually, crime is often lower in nations where the people are allowed to bear arms. Switzerland has an incredibly low crime rate. Our problem is that law-abiding citizens are required to register their guns and non-law-abiding people do not. Thus the non-law-abiding people commit the crimes. Tighter laws only play into the hands of those who want to take away our rights. There was a reason the Founders protected gun ownership and it wasn’t b/c of hunters – it was b/c the Brits wanted to take the guns of the Americans.

    Remember, the one of the very first moves of a dictator is to outlaw guns: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc. Then people have no way to defend themselves. One of the Japanese generals in WWII did not want to invade CA because “all those Americans have guns in their homes.” Well, no kidding. This in a society that raised men to commit suicide.

    People judge others based on personal behavior. People who are afraid of guns, assume that guns are dangerous and thus, we need more laws curtailing gun ownership. Those who learn to respect guns and learn how to use them have no problem with gun ownership and do not want to curtail ownership.

  36. John A. says:

    Steve O sounds like an ad poster for the brady and bloomburg liberals

    • WA Conservative says:

      In my opinion, the more Steve O argues this issue the more he displays his ignorance. It’s likely that a few criminals and potential criminals pass background checks and/or even have permits BUT not the majority. Their guns have been stolen or purchased illegally.
      It’s been proven over and over that gun ownership – both handguns and long guns – by private citizens is a crime deterent and effective self defense tool.
      During his medical school rotations in emergency rooms, my son observed and treated many home invaders and muggers who were shot by intended victims.
      On the other hand, he saw almost no non criminal gunshot victims who had been shot by a legal gunowner other than a few accidentals. But there are a lot of car accident victims and power tool injuries. Should private car and power tool ownership be outlawed? And then there are motorcycles. Come to think of it, motor vehicles are often used in violent crimes. How far should these nanny laws go?
      By the way, few innocent gunshot victims arrive at the emergency rooms. They mostly go straight to the morgue.
      One last comment: It behooves anyone who buys a gun for self defense to take an extensive defensive handgun course. This should include instruction in when to shoot, when not to shoot and the legal ramifications the shooter will be face after shooting someone.

  37. Mike T says:

    I f the availability of firearms were the deciding factor for gun violence then Switzerland would be the most dangerous country to live in

    • Steven O says:

      Are we talking about rifles or “Saturday night specials”?
      Don’t forget, in Switzerland, the citizens are the Army.

      I don’t think those who advocate tighter gun controls on handguns and assault rifles are ever going to be able to take away hunting rifles from Americans. The NRA would never let that happen.

      And, as far as “defense” of our way of life goes, we have the official military for that. And, absent a machine gun, what defense is a shotgun going to be against a real Army with RPG’s? And, it only encourages the formation of radical fringe group “militias” that might harass the peace through acts of terrorism or civil war against the established order of peaceful our democratic government.

      And, I don’t think there is any real evidence that handguns reduce gun violence through self-defense. In many cases, the weapon cannot be drawn or fired in time or the shot misses or worse still the gun is taken away and used against the victim. Would it not be better to have fewer handguns so that criminals would be further impeded in their access to concealed weapons?

      And these are not just so-called “liberal” suggestions. Don’t forget about our esteemed conservative leader Mr. Brady who advocated tigher gun control laws.

      • karen zoanelli says:

        Brady advocated to keep guns out of the hands of criminals: look at the district of columbia, where President Reagan was shot: the tightest gun control in the whole US, and has the most illegal – unregistered – guns in the hand of the most criminals.
        and, please do NOT forget – the present administration sold American guns to the cartel – don’t tell me holder said he didn’t know – he invented it.

        what the present administration wants is to TAKE AWAY THE GUNS FROM AMERICANS its okay in the hand of their precious minorities who use them every day.

        fringe groups?? yep, the one I just mentioned.

        you will find abuse in every corner of the world. people drive drunk and kill othes – will you ban cars?????

      • Bernard D. says:

        Steven, your remarks miss the point of the 2nd amendment entirely for the right of gun ownership is totally guaranteed by the Constitution. The forefathers expressly designed it as such but it was not to p[otect from ‘foreign’ invasion, it was to ensure our government did not become so corrupt they would be able to imprison, or surpress the people of the nation.

        I care not if one wants a handgun, a rifle or shotgun, or even a fully automatic weapon for that matter. It is what they wish to do with that weapon which is to be controlled, not the right of gun ownership. Capital punishment has proven to be a strong deterrent to capital crimes. Sadly our very liberal and misguided society somehow believes everyone is a good and decent person so they should have rights that exceed those of the victims. An end to that I say.

      • Frank907 says:

        The supreme court of the United States has ruled that police have no duty to protect you or any one else. This stems from a suit filed by a woman who called 911 and was raped and beaten nearly to death. The perp vanished before officers arrived ninety minutes after her call for help. Their only responsibility is to attempt to apprehend violaters and deliver them to the judicial system.

        The U.S. military is limited to actions outside of the U.S. except in very unudual circumstances and has no duty to protect you.

        The Swiss have handguns, rifles, light and heavy machine guns, grenades, grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles etc. and lots of ammunition and they are all kept at home. The mortars, vehicles and armor are kept at locations central to deployment points. The officers and NCO’s have maps, radios and command and control assets below the Brigade level. They can arm up and deploy in a matter of hours. They have regualr drills to practice scenario responses.

        I have 20 years plus in uniform and have been in combat. I will protect myself, my family and my neighbors when it is necessary to do so. I have armed my children and grandchildren and they all are competent with weapons. I pray that they never have to use them but I live in a real world that is full of very nasty people.

        Your ignorance is apalling! You do as you wish, that is your right. It is also my right to act in self defense.

        By the way, the second amendment is not about hunting nor is it about self defense alone. It is about having the means to fight a tyranical government that has gone astray. Do a little reading about the constitutional convention that created the Bill of Rights. It was in response to the Constitution not being ratified by the States because of concerns of a too powerful federal government. Once idividual rights were included, the constitution was ratifed.

        Speaking of the Constitution, there are over 22 million veterans in the USA. We all swore to defend the Contitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I would not presume to speak for my veteran brothers and sisters, but I took that oath as a lifetime commitment. There is no expiration date. I suspect I have a lot of company with the same view.

      • jib jab says:

        Steve O, Ol’ Boy. Take some wisdom from a true American Nam Veteran.

        Your just a liberal agitator shooting from the ankle, the high point of your lack of experience, common sense and intelligence. If you could understand and see what picture your view point paints you’d be embarrassed beyond belief, unbelievable.

      • Eric Rhodus Age 65 says:

        Steven O. Sir, I would suggest you get your head and mind out of the liberal tabloids and propaganda rags. Mr. Brady was never considered a “conservative” leader!
        As for you first statement, would you please define for me what constitutes a “Saturday Night Special” in your mind. I own a German Walther PPK which was declared by the brainless idiots who pass the SNS law, to be a SNS because it less than 1 ounce too light! So, it is manufactured here in the U.S. under license from Walther. The current price on this SNS is approximately $900!
        Your second statement is partially correct. Every male of a certain age is required to spend a period of time in the Swiss Army, being trained and gaining valuable experience. Once they have served their active duty time, they are given their fully automatic military weapon, a specific number of rounds of ammo and a are required to keep all there gear (their kit) in their home and be ready to leave at a moments notice, if needed. This continues to about age 40, I think, when they are released from National Service, but, are allowed to keep weapons and kit. Plus, they will inherit the weapons of their forefathers.

        And, as for the NRA protecting us from hunting gun seizure, that is no guarantee! The NRA operations on donations. How much have YOU donated to the NRA. Are you even a member? I am and have been, since the 1970’s. I am now a Benefactor Member! I have proudly given freely to the NRA for years, as the best hope of fighting gun control. But, they can’t do it alone. We all have to hound our representatives and be ever vigilant for the Anti-Gun confiscation schemes of the left.

        Oh, and your comments about what good are small guns against a military insurgency, Talk to Mr. Cadahfy (sic) and read why Japan decided against a mainland evasion of America in 1941!

      • John C says:

        Steven O, You need to wake up and join the real world. Every house hold in this country should have a gun. When we have guns in our homes, the rate of home break-ins goes down drastically. Also you need to check out the accuracy of your information. The cities and country s that allow and promote ownership of guns have far less crime and violence then places that don’t.

      • Jim says:

        Steve, Fla State University’s professor of criminology, Gary Kleck, did a study about 20 years ago about the effects of gun ownership. He was originally a big gun control advocate. He found that at least 1.2 million crimes per year were thwarted by private citizens with a gun. That’s a conservative figure since many of these incidents aren’t reported. It’s estimated that only one out of every three to five are reported.

      • Gunter Mossberg says:

        The citizens are the army here too, you ignoramous, just look around you, and look at the gov’t. Who will protect you if you can’t/won’t? Ans: Your armed neighbor who you tried so desperately to disarm. WHY will he do it, for the likes of you, because it’s the right thing to do, whether you think so now, or not.

  38. Karen S. says:

    Steven: Retired people have interests that far extend getting “end of life counseling” from our government. We’re still alive, and well capable of handling firearms for protection and recreation. We’re not ready to roll over and play dead and become helpless victims. The high rate of gun violence is committed by the lawless, not senior citizens.

    • Suzanne G. says:

      Well said Karen, thank you!

    • Steven O says:

      What you missed in my comment is the well-established concept that not every citizen is armed and that the likelihood of death or injury from gun violence would in all likelihood decrease if we had better controls on gun permits.
      Just look at the recent rash of college campus shooting rampages committed by mental patients who had no obstruction in getting several guns.

      Countries with tighter gun controls should serve as an example for us to learn from. If the old adage that “if guns are outlawed only criminals will own guns” is indeed valid in terms of preventing gun violence then why is the statistic for gun violence for countries with tighter gun controls so much lower?

      Face the music. The US is one of the most dangerous and violent places on the planet due to gun violence and liberal gun laws.
      And this whole blog posting is just one more example of why Amac will never get its hands on my hard earned money. Another rabbit trail to rant about that has nothing to do with seniors. More distraction and time and energy that could be better spent on real senior issues instead of getting people all spun up about issues already and best handled by the NRA and other organizations.

      • Phillip says:

        Responding to your last paragraph: So stop posting on here and go away.

      • Eric Rhodus Age 65 says:

        Steven, you are one of the evil things about the net and blogs. A frigging “Troller” looking for a place with people that you know nothing about, spewing your liberal crap while pounding you undersized willie in hopes of a the only fulfillment you will ever find in life!

        As the other gentleman said, if you are not a member, GET LOST!

      • Jim says:

        Steven, your arguments point out the fallacy of your reasoning. Those campus rampages went on because they were in a ‘no gun zone,’ so only the lawbreaker had possession of a firearm. Had there been law abiding citizens with their own weapons, the carnage would have been stopped — cold.

        In an incident in the past few months, widely under reported, a teacher retrieved his weapon from his vehicle after some nut had taken a classroom hostage and popped him. The kids were traumatized but at least they weren’t dead!

        You’re a troll and this is the second time I’ve responded to you with facts, something liberals can’t deal with. I won’t respond again and suggest others refrain as well. Liberal trolls thrive on attention and disappear once they no longer receive it.

      • David says:

        Perhaps Steven would be better served by moving to one of his safe haven coumtries. But no, he continues to livein this country. This country, whose guns were freely sent to Great Britian and others at the start of WW II to keep their butts safe because they didn’t believe ingun ownership. Seems that people like Steven would be better served by studing history than trying to rewrite history.

      • Steven O says:

        Eric, do you seriously think I am so “vain” as to have the need to post my comments only for those who already agree with me to read? Get a life! What would that ever accomplish?

        And, I thought our country was based upon free speech.

        And, Amac itself and no single member made the “mistake” of inserting the words “NON-PARTISAN” into one of its propaganda blubs. Since AARP is already upholding that promise with its policies, my intent is to see that Amac also upholds up its OWN words. If Amac denies that it ever said this then it has no integrity as an organization as far as I am concerned.

      • Linda says:

        Steven O…Please just do yourself and us a favor and leave,since there’s a very good chance you will be shot walking down the street somewhere(you know by some crazed maniac that didn’t get a thorough background check before purchasing a gun) OH MY GOSH..I am so tired of whining people that cannot be satisfied no matter what ! There are options for people that do not like the way things are going in their world..MOVE !

  39. Steven O says:

    And, this has WHAT exactly to do with retired people?

    The US has some of the most liberal gun ownership laws in the world together with the highest rate of gun violence in the world. That should tell you something.

    • 2nd Ammendment Patriot says:

      Yes, it is because of criminals being able to get guns that we have such violence. Every American, that does NOT have a criminal record SHOULD carry concealed PERIOD. If anyone doubts this, just watch Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s DVD series “The Bulletproof Mind”. Believe me, here in PA if anyone is stupid enough to go into a store and rob it is making a serious mistake. Yes, cities like Philly, etc. where the dregs of society live have high crime rats. However, in this rural part of PA, anyone with a brain will NOT break into anyone’s house because there is a high % that the owner is “locked and loaded”. Remember, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

    • jib jab says:

      Steve O, Boy

      Your just a liberal agitator shooting from the ankle, the high point of your lack of experience, common sense and intelligence. If you could understand and see what picture your view point paints you’d be embarrassed beyond belief, unbelievable.

    • jib jab says:

      Steven O, Your a fool, and a prime example of the liberal socialist left arrogant sub-mentality mob.

    • Jerry says:

      In reply to: “The US has some of the most liberal gun ownership laws in the world together with the highest rate of gun violence in the world. That should tell you something.”

      It does… it tells you that we don’t wait for the chalk line to be drawn around our bodies, we shoot criminals! You see, it has been proven, that the police are under no obligation to protect you.

      When woman have a concealed carry law in their state, the rape rate goes very close to ZERO!

      Protecting yourself and your family is a Natural Right, that can never be taken by Government; because it was never granted by Government.

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