AMAC Was Founded to be Your Alternative to AARP

Looking for an alternative to AARP?  You’ve come to the right place.  The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a conservative, nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 years of age and older.  We believe in the traditional values of Faith – Family – Freedom that have made the United States of America the greatest of nations.  We believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not empty words, but the fulfillment of the American dream.

AMAC will endeavor to be your advocate to promote commonsense government and to let you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket – not the government’s.

Our new organization continues to grow.  If you’re tired of the other senior organization’s liberal way of thinking, please join AMAC today.  If you like what we are trying to do to protect our way of life, refer your family, friends, and neighbors.  The more people who join AMAC, the more positive impact we can have, and the more discount products and services we’ll be able to negotiate for you.  Remember, there is strength in numbers.

AMAC can be found on Facebook under the name “Association of Mature American Citizens, AMAC”.

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  1. Janet says:

    Good to know there is an alternative to AARP. I refuse to sign up with them…

  2. Kenneth W. Griffith says:

    I do not wish to be associated with AARP but my stubborn attitude has coat me $ and kept me from some discounts that I wanted——–I think this group will get as powerful as AARP without supporting programs I feel are not in the best interest of our wonderful country.

  3. Ron says:

    Ken seems threatened by the his perception that the world doesn’t revolves around him.

  4. Shawn Frick says:

    I’m an American and live in the United States. With the administration we are in now there have been major set-backs, this is a great country; but there are other great places in the world as well.

  5. Ken says:

    Since you are FREE to live in any Country you think in your mind is the Best and Choose to live in one you think is not the Best YOU are without a doubt an IDIOT .

  6. siobhan says:

    not sure my message was posted , so ill say it again. Do Americans consider the states to be the greatest country on earth ?


    • Eric Earle says:

      You go first, which country do you consider the greatest and why?

    • Diane says:

      No. The United States of America is not the greatest country on earth. We are a country still younger than most, and we are not perfect. We could use much more humility and compassion for other countries, to foster and encourage understanding and peace for all nations. We need to look at our own shortcomings, and stop judging others so harshly. I feel shame for those in our country who think that we are always righteous, always good. We are not. We, and any other nation or country can always improve in all ways. We are all people, and deserve equal respect. Mutual admiration for things that work, a desire to change the things that don’t, empathy and compassion for those less fortunate; these are the qualities that make a people great. We (the world) are all just people. We are NOT entitled to anything…we must strive to be better in all ways, always.

      • Ray says:

        1st off if you live here and take what this country offers then you have no reason to Judge Americans. This country has helped more Countries in Times of war and folks like yourself have no Idea, of our fathers sons and daughters that have given life and limb to ungrateful so called countries better then us. Wake up and realize America gets spit on by those we have bailed out on there request and people like you judge us.

  7. revchar says:

    Remember a quote from the most evil leader, Hitler said, “if I can control the media, I can control the world” just like how the man in our White House is illegally there. Both his parents are required to be natural born USA citizens and the media and Democrats know the USA Law. I would never join AARP, I will become a member of AMAC only! God Bless us all. Char

    • Michael J. Eastman says:

      That’s not true about both parents required to have been born in the U.S.! The person running for president MUST have been born in the U.S., or if born abroad, at least ONE parent must be an American citizen, such as the case of Ted Cruz. His father was born in Cuba. Cruz himself was born in Canada, but his mother, and possibly his father too by then, was an American citizen.

      • Ken Gaynor says:

        Michael J. Eastman…. right you are! I don’t know why there has ever been a ‘birther’ question about Cruz unless it was started by someone afraid of his success.

      • JAMIE HOUSTON says:

        Thank you for doing the research. I am as conservative as they come, but we have to be truthful. As they say, the truth will set us free. COL JAMIE HOUSTON, FT JACKSON, SC

        • Cat says:

          Col sir Thank you for your service to our country and your men. God Bless. ‘:-) salute

        • Diana says:

          Sir COL Houston, thank you for serving our
          country. My son Jonathan is a E/O Cadet in JROTC, he is a senior in HS. He is leading to go to college then serving our country and become an officer in the military. God bless.

      • longshorts says:

        Really? What part of the U.S. Code do you quote from? Are there any provisions in the Constitution or its Amendments that say that a “natural born citizen” only has to have ONE parent that was a natural born citizen to confer the natural born status to their children? I would like to see your proof. That way I will understand this mess.

      • siobhan says:

        just curious, but do all Americans really believe they are\have the greatest nation on earth and lead the world???? as indicated by the two” smilies “advertising at the top of this forum..

  8. Darrell Laubhan says:

    Doh! I was domain name shopping at and went to type in the domain name: BLOGURL and guess who already had it? You did! haha j/k. I was about to shop for this domain name but noticed it was taken so I decided I’d come check it out. Awesome blog!

    Conservative News

  9. Marvin Von Renchler says:

    Its clear that we should have a NO PARTY SYSTEM and we dont need left wing or right wings. We will always be divided. Our goverment will always be at odds and stalling, each party spending 80% of its time simply stonewalling each other. That said AARP has a definite agenda. They backed OBUMMERCARE. Anyone who voted for that fool should reflect on their decision. Obummer deliberately sets people up to become dependent on the government–then who are they going to vote for? Will they bite the hand that feeds them? Wake up people. He has bought the low income, program dependent, and alien votes for Dems of the future. DOnt think he wont be getting something for all that at the price of a world he leaves to his own children. Seriously—can you tie your shoes? If you have that much brainpower, you should know what a horrible position in which we are now. No more world leader. We spend zillions for other countries oil at ridiculous prices. Go out as soon as you are through with this and count American cars in the parking lot or going up the street. See any? We make other countries rich while letting 50% of our own citizens stay at or below poverty level. Obummer opens our borders and piles illegals into our weak system. YOU AND I PAY FOR THEM. AARP supports him. I wont have anything to do with AARP. You cant argue against what Ive said. The proof is all there in front of your own faces.

    To those shills who are in this forum simply to back AARP (How long have you worked for them?) It shows. Drop it and get real. You can google my name—I dont work for or support anyone for any agenda. I will support FAIRNESS. I wont support anything that has any connection to our racist, America hating President and AARP certainly does. Google my name. I dont work for anyone but myself.

    • Cap says:

      You tell people to Google your name, but Google is a far leftist organization that supports Zerocare, and all things that enable the invasion of privacy. Possibly you could use a company that does not advocate and practice so strongly the gathering of any and all personal information for use by the left (and anyone else who pays for it) in the future.

      • CEL says:

        I support health care. However Obamacare does not come free. The government is Trillions of dollars in debt so who do you think is going to pay for it. As far as your privacy…. Obamacare has hired a committee of people with no qualifacations concerning medical issues to decide what medical procedures Your doctor can and can not prescribe for you. You can not ask the doctor questions about your husband’s health with out his permission but some stranger is going to know everything about your health. I hope it works for you. I personal am outraged.

      • Al Mostthere says:

        Not very many options (if any) or alternatives to Google. If you worry about privacy there is duckduckgo (add the www and the dot com yourself). There is also Bing. The problem is, Bing is owned by Microsoft which I would call far from conservative. DuckDuckGo is in fact a great search tool if you value your privacy but if you look at some of their search results or their news search hits, like google, you see a lot of skewed results.

    • Michael J. Eastman says:


  10. Auplayer says:

    Basically in order to get Washington’s attention, We need to adopt out with the old and in with the new. thanks Mr. Cain for reminding me. This is my first step in “out with the old and in with the new”. I am going to be the old that reverts to the new and truly our only hope is at the polls. If your politician(whether you like him or not), if he says he has seniority as his only claim to fame, then he needs to go.

  11. Nanja Turtle says:

    What do you call a country that caters to minorities and vilifies the majority? Whatever you call it, you DON’T call it democratic. I’ve gotten so I actually count the pictures of minorities and compare to the number of pictures of majority folk in AARP’s awful rag. Enlightening! Also check out the radical lib characters they portray on their cover. They treat White folks as if they, too, are a minority. Nasty! The 2010 Census said White folks are 76% of the US population, but to mention that, is “racist”? You can be proud to be anything but White! BS. Majority rule is democracy and anything less is racist and biased and detrimental to democracy. Propaganda belongs in Pravda, not in our media and not at AARP. AARP despises White heritage and traditional American values. They send me notices, and I mark them, “Refused” and return them to the PO. Got to try something better, not so nasty. Hope AMAC will be good.

    • Matt Clere says:

      Actually we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy. You are correct a democracy is where majority rules but that is not us, Thank Goodness. I love the way our founders sought God for guidance in creating the founding documents and laws for our country. But sadly they are being ignored and deliberately shredded to make way for this administrations socialist agenda. Red, Yellow, Black or White I am simply proud STILL to be an AMERICAN.

  12. U says:

    The only thing I use AARP for is roadside assistance auto club. I tried a few years ago, to get it through AMAC and their rates were about 3 or 4 times higher than AARP auto club. At first I signed up but then when they charged over 100 bucks and aarp only charged 50 or so, …… sorry, I don’t have that kind of money to waste., especially when I don’t hardly ever even use the club, This year I used only one of the 5 you get, to come charge my battery in the freeze. And I especially do NOT like the way AARP doesn’t even ask if you want another year, they just charge your card anyway! They don’t send a bill, nothing, just take the money from your account!

    I haven’t checked in a couple years with AMAC, to see how much their auto road side service if now, but if they can’t be competitive with AARP on the only benefit I use, then I don’t need them. What else are they good for anyway? AARP and AMAC both?

  13. Steve says:

    Just got my aarp invitation upon turning 50. I’m joining AMAC. Not interested in anything that aarp has to offer due to a conflict of interest in what is natural to human nature. We are a compassionate society and will “teach a man to fish” however that man needs to want to “fish” and not just take all the other people’s fish they worked to get. AMAC here I come.

    • bob says:

      But if you teach a man to fish, he will sit in his boat all day drinking beer!

      • Deb says:

        Best comment I’ve read so far! Researching AMAC before making a decision to switch from AARP. Have to say, I’m not impressed with what I’ve read in the ‘comments’. Looking for an intellectual, well researched argument defending AMAC vs. AARP. I’ll keep reading.

        • Clay says:

          I joined AARP when I turned 50. When I turned 51 I canceled my member ship because I could not support the politics they were backing. I am now 60 and I still have not joined AMAC. Just never tried to research how it would help me.

  14. G.S. says:

    I saw a comment or two in favor of ObummerCare- they said they liked it. A friend of mine also likes his ObummerCare, but then again, he’s unemployed, just months away from retirement, needed something to bridge him to Medicare, gets a healthy subsidy from the Indian Tribe he belongs to, etc. Subsidies, subsidies, subsidies- that’s what makes ObummerCare so attractive to some folks. The problem is that most of these people don’t realize that the rest of us are paying for those subsidies and that insurance is just that: “insurance”, which doesn’t pay for everything, Those out of pocket max deductibles carry a price tag too. After all is said and done, ObummerCare isn’t so attractive after all…..

  15. Stan says:

    I would love to join. BUT I have reservations. That being said. There are many functions that aarp is into and I mention
    AMAC and they have never heard of it? So whats the deal? arrp is all over the TV and the radio in camp grounds, We have Unitedhealthcare as our supplement. I didn’t see that plan. I like that plan. I think you use a health savings plan. You see, I want to be with you. But AMAC has no Clout, No exposure. Not a lot of people know about it! I am a conservative and proud of it. You need to get more exposure for AMAC and more insurance supplements, maybe you need a new CEO?
    You got to do better getting the word out about AMAC. Not just yet, but soon.

    • Roy says:


      I bet a lot of the people that George Washington was trying to recruit into his new army to fight the British probably said some very similar things.

    • L.K. says:

      AARP has been around a long time with no competition so naturally all the retirees joined. With the large volume of retirees, they have more bargaining power, and they have so much money, they even have hired personnel who appear on TV to talk about their programs. Those of us who have joined AMAC have done so, because our conservative values are not in line with AARP’s liberal agendas. Why not stay with United Health Care, and become a member of AMAC (its only $16./hr) to stand up as a proud conservative. This way you can have your cake and eat it too. Clout comes in numbers.

  16. Greg D. says:

    AARP=Leftist Liberal Views. AMAC= Still Investigating.

    • Don H says:

      Just received an AARP membership in today’s mail, a few days ahead of my 50th. Googled AARP and as I suspected, it leans left and that answer came as no surprise. I did get a postage paid return envelope for the membership, but everything from them just went into the shredder and signed up for AMAC.

  17. Earl Mazzulla says:

    I like OBAMA CARE…..

    • Brady Tygeson says:

      To Earl Mazzulla
      You also suffer from a low IQ

      • Frankie says:

        To Earl,
        I’m sure you don’t have a job and you want everything gave to you. WAKE UP IDIOT !!

        • The Bojwon says:

          You’re “sure” Ear doesn’t have a job, based on what? It’s those who favor ObamaCare who expect to get stuff for nothing. I’ve noticed that Liberals always start the name-calling and ignore facts.

          If Obama was the enemy, with ALL the word implies, WHAT would he do differently than what he’s doing?

          The enemy IS in our midst!
          So Says,
          The BOJWON

  18. bill coulter says:

    Any notion that AARP is not a liberal organization is hysterical. Have been a member for years and hold my nose every renewal period. Admit to wanting the tiny discounts involved on my cell service and United. However, the lefty bias in articles and editorials is rampant. It is okay to be biased, but denying that it exists is less than honest. Would love to see a mass exodus to a viable alternative. It will take time. I will join.

    • Caroline says:

      You just made my mind up for me. If Conservatives don’t like it, for me, it’s a ringing endorsement for AARP. Thanks for helping me with my decision.

      • TRM199 says:

        You should be old enough to remember the Soviet Union. That was Progressive government.
        Remember that when you need care and are on a 6 month waiting list or they tell you the surgery isnt worth the expence at your age. Too late then. Wise UP !!!

      • Chuck says:

        The ringing is a wake up call. So wake up!!!!!!

      • Rob says:

        lol Caroline you’re the reason the country is going to hell think of a better reason than hate to make your decisions

      • The Bojwon says:

        Obviously, you don’t evaluate the facts before making a decision, as you will base your decision to support AARP entirely on a Conservative using AMAC. That’s intelligent! (NOT!)

    • Roy says:


      It is hard for me to understand how you could place your “tiny discounts” in front of the glaring fact that AARP long ago quit representing “middle America” and started championing the cause of the Liberal minority.

    • Steve Hammond says:

      AARP has kissed obama’s a$$ on obamacare. That alone should shoot their credibility to tatters. obamacare is a fatally flawed healthcare system built almost entirely ON LIES.

  19. Dave says:

    FYI, I had been a member of AARP for 5 years and will be switching to AMAC. I already dropped AARP and Hartford Insurance will continue to cover me at the same rate as when I was with AARP. You do not have to be a member of AARP to get their insurance.

    • Todd says:

      Dave, I am an insurance agent who is authorized to sell the AARP plan through The Hartford and The Hartford actually has two auto products… one that you refer to as the AARP endorsed plan and another that is written without the AARP discount.

      I suspect that if they check and find your AARP membership is no longer in force, you’ll be asked to renew your membership or be moved to the other program (without the AARP discount).

      That being said, the discount for being a member of AARP is small. Therefore, if The Hartford is the carrier that fits you best, pricing isn’t THAT much more on their regular plan. Secondly, as I sell for many different carriers, I often find coverage and pricing that is comparable or that beats the AARP endorsed plan through The Hartford. If someone solely purchases the plan endorsed by the AARP, without checking other carriers and plans as well, may be leaving money on the table.

  20. Edrd says:

    Just got tablet&on line. Been reading comments. Entertaining! Typical librreal/progressivee/coolade drinking BS & some good old constitutional/liberty loving common sense. Add ….informed & based in truth.

  21. Herb baker says:

    What does AMAC offer it’s members. I see thousands of comments. however, but what is it?

    • Steve Hammond says:

      Go do some research on your own. Don’t expect to be spoonfed. That is what the left in this country expect, be better than them

  22. bill marino says:

    I looked into AMAC since I could never join AARP.
    I remember when my father was alive, AARP kept sending him renewal notices and my father, suffering from a bit of dementia, would pay the bil 3-4 times per year. My wife called and complained and accused them of preying on the elderly. They never refunded the payments.
    Now, with all the liberal support they give Obama’s disaster “Obama Care”, I think most senior citizens should vote with their feet and leave.
    AMAC is for me. Support the Constitution and the American Way.

  23. Bill says:

    Each election cycle brings out many propositions on the ballot.
    It has been my experience that each proposition that is aimed at raising taxes, or changing things that will hurt Seniors, I found AARP to be on the Proponent side! Clearly, Senior’s interest is not on their agenda.

    I first heard of AMAC on the radio on shows of personalities I respect. I will Join.

  24. Disgruntled Veteran says:

    It was based on the AARP / Liberal Koolaid peddlers on this blog that got me to sign up with Amac.
    As it keeps growing in size so will the membership benefits as companies vie for customers.

    God Bless Amac and keep up the good work!

  25. William H Freeburn Jr says:

    What does AMAC offer that AARP does, and what does AMAC offer that AARP does not?

    • Ron Sutcliffe says:

      Hello from Texas!! USA

      Got my renewal from AARP today wanting $63 for my 5year membership for my wife and me.
      Problem is they (AARP) won’t even pay the postage for Renewal after me being a member for 27 years.
      So Sorry about that and AARP Too!

      Going to the competition for sure today, for sure in Texas USA. That is AMAC For Sure

      Bye AARP and Over and Out from Texas.

      Ron in Texas on March 3, 2014 @ 3p.m. Going over to the other one for sure today.
      BYE! AARP!!!!! Hi to AMAC Today!

      • James Sullivan says:

        Ted, I don’t know how AMAC is working out for you but once I signed up on line I printed out my membership that day and I have been receiving all the benefits from that program for 2 years now. No bad news on this end. No postage to pay here either.

  26. ted barber says:

    I have been a AMAC member,314855 . My member ship was due to expire on 9/6/2013 . I sent AMAC a check on 8/8/2013 for $59.95 for a 5 year membership . My bank statement shows that they cashed the check on 8/22/2013 . I never received confermation for my new membership renewal . I have written to them but they do not respond . Yesterday I received a notice that my membership expired ! I don’tlike an orgination taking advantage an not giving me something that I paid for .Amac says that they are better than AARP . I never had a problem like this with AARP . Like the old saying, “Actions speak better than words “.

    • Bernice says:

      Ted…..did you get a response from amac…..I want to join but seeing negative comments
      Make me queasy. If they made or not made amends that would help my decision making

      • James says:

        Careful who you listen too. Left wing people will post on consevative websites to get us scared of AMAC. AMAC is just as good if not better than AARP. Love it………

        • Sonny G. says:

          Jim, What you stated is 100% true, Liberal Progressive trolls do this all the time on many websites, AARP is not for the Retired people, it is a Communist organization that kisses Obama’s ass.

    • Mary says:

      Am going to follow this comment as I too have an interest in lefty aarp alternative.

    • John Drake says:

      Your grammar, spelling, and train of thought indicate that you would be better served by AARP. Furthermore, I suspect that you are a Koolaid drinking liberal plant.

      • Diana says:

        John, Your grammar is fine and so is your spelling, but people who make snap decisions about a person on spelling and grammar is arrogant and foolish. I think spelling and grammar are important but I would never judge someone on that. I know a lot of people who speak and spell great who are arrogant jerks and I know people who cannot spell and their grammar may not be perfect but they are wonderful people. I am glad that God will judge us and not you.

        • Sandra Kilmartin says:

          Diana, the reality is, if a person cannot master a simple elementary level of the language that he presumably grew up speaking, how can he be capable of higher level thinking? We have spell check on computers, dictionaries are still in print, and there are plenty of people with sufficient intelligence who are more than willing to help those who are unsure of their spelling or grammar, but who aspire to be correct. Yes, it IS important!

          • Julie says:

            Right on Sandra

          • Delores Gehrke says:

            Wow! I’m speechless! Sandra, Judge not lest ye also be judged! Do you think that just because a person cannot express themselves in written form that makes them less than? We are all equal before God and deserve to be heard. Read and understand what people have to say, don’t check their grammar! Poor grammar doesn’t mean less intelligent. I know many wise people with poor grammar skills. Look past it to the person.

            • Diane says:

              Delores, thank you. We are all equal, no matter who’s God we believe in. It is our over inflated pride and righteous indignation that will bring down this nation. We are all just people. I know a man who’s spelling is not the best, but he is a very, very successful self-made businessman. Although I think language, grammar and spelling are all important, they are not an indication of our value as human beings.

  27. Al Be says:

    Without doing my due diligence I joined AARP for 5 years about a year ago. Now I wish I hadn’t but doubt I can get a refund if I were to cancel. Guess I’ll just keep snipping the little Harbor Freight ‘freebie’ coupons out of the newsletter so I can feel like I’m getting something besides screwed.

    • John V says:

      Al,You can get a pro rated refund of your dues. My father did it a couple years ago. Perhaps with the competition getting tougher they may have changed their policy but its worth a try.

  28. michael hodge says:

    Please furnish forms or other information for membership.

  29. Pastor Bruce says:

    Let’s see … AMAC or AARP. There are so many who argue for each one, and those for AARP are noticeably in an agitated state of mind as are most liberals.

    Hey! I know! Why don’t I make a choice that is best for me, and then everyone who doesn’t like it can just keep quiet since it doesn’t involve them!!??

    AARP, please cancel my membership.
    AMAC, please accept my new membership.

  30. Lee says:

    AARP is a for-profit retirement company. Why do you think they have so many offerings?

    • Bill says:

      AARP is an insurance company. When Obamacare was still being put together, they reached out to the White House and told them they would support it and would convince their membership to do so. Why? Because they will sell an additional $500 million dollars in insurance to it’s members. Don’t be fooled, AARP is nothing but a insurance company that claims to be in support of seniors and their interests. They knew Obamacare would cut $700 million from Medicare, but supported it anyway because of their profit outlook. I don’t mind anyone being in business and making a profit, but feel AARP misleads their members by not being totally truthful about the fact they own the insurance company that sells policies to their members.

  31. Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

    I never joined AARP because I recognize what these people stand for.

    And it is NOT my values they represent.

    I’m joining AMAC right now.

    Thanks for being a viable alternative.

  32. dmenk says:

    I read your literature – then hurried to join AARP. No thanks. If you don’t like our way of life move away.

    • John Glueck says:

      dmenk: please go to Russia to see where AARP values ends…. may it never be!

      • Glennn says:

        John if your brains were tnt you would not have enough to blow your nose! the world does not rotate around any one group or side. there are two sides to consider and in order to make and informed desision you make sure that you understand both sides, you cannot make an informed desision reading only one side.

        • John Drake says:

          Glenn. Why is it that liberals like you can’t seem to punctuate or spell? A sampling: “desision”, “tnt”, “and informed decision”. Probably because you were educated in government run schools, just like government supported AARP. I’ll stick with the intelligent ones at AMAC.

          • Diana says:

            John, Twice you have criticized people for spelling and grammar and assume they are liberals. reed mi lips whu r u 2 juge? I m glad God is juging me n not u.

    • Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

      You sir, ma’am are noting more than a shill.

      And yes, I’ll be signing up…. Just because I can’t stomach you leftists.

    • Chuck says:

      So you are gullible?

  33. Brenda says:

    I would love to switch from AARP to AMAC, but I have tried to find out what insurance companies AMAC deals with, and whether or not I can get comparable Home insurance through AMAC. I live in a mobil home that is in the 100 year flood plain, and must keep flood insurace. I get this insurance very cheaply through the AARP Hartford insurance plan at this time. I also have my auto and marine insurance through them. I hate helping to back the AARPS liberal policies, but I can’t afford to let my insurances go unhjless I can find something comparable. Can any one give me any information about this? I would be forever grateful if I can find an alternitive to AARP!!!

    • Richard says:

      The thing is, AARP is not liberal, they are reality based. I suspect that you are simply sponsored by some Koch anti-government, libertarian group who spews BS to the rest of us for their own aggrandizement. I once had a boss who said “The truth will out.” I pray to God that it outs you guys very soon.

      • allen clark says:

        What a jerk!!!!! AARP sold out its members when they backed Obama care so they could sell supplemental insurance. They did not care what we wanted, they only cared about the bottom line and that is not an organization I choose to participate in. I ripped up my AARP and now looking for somebody I can trust.

        • Molly B McFee says:

          Amen to this and I did the same. I had a lifetime membership for 20 years and when AMAC came along, I said goodbye. I cannot support any organization who funds other organizations with whom I have serious differences. Yes, AARP does back ObamaCare as well as other Socialists entities. Now that we have an alternative, there is no need for anyone to think they must support them.

        • Pam Jones says:

          AMEN to you Allen. Unfortunately there are some commenters on here who only listen to the biased media! Instead of getting the whole picture and then making the choice best for them! AARP is a disgrace after backing Obamacare, we will have nothing to do with them. Their ethics are in their pocket book and not in my best interest. My husband and I were members till they did that. Now we are looking seriously at AMAC.

          • Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

            These comments are coming primarily from shills, government paid posted to spread their propaganda.

            Do a little research and you’ll find out I’m correct.

            Like it or not, this is 1939 all over again, and I will not support them in any way.

            • Glennn says:

              Dr. Kennible Lecter all of the shooling in the world will never make you smart or wise, it sounds like you sir starting to beleve the propaganda that you have been spuing out of your limitd amount of brain cells.

              • John Drake says:

                Glenn, if you were a student in my English class, I’d have you perched on a stool in front of my desk with a large dunce cap glued to your hollow head.

                • Diana says:

                  John, I pegged you correctly. My brother was a English major and like you feels superior to all people who are not grammar perfect. You are arrogant and of course better than anyone else. So we will let you believe you are smarter than us. I will take a illiterate nice person over a grammar perfect blow hard like you and if my grammar is not perfect good, it will irritate you or should I spell U. you bloviate well.

            • Dr M. J. Hanibel Lector says:

              Dear Kennible Lecter. Sounds just like a horror movie title, hmmmmm. However even if you happen to be a real liberal doctor. You sound just like every other intellectual on the internet. No common sense. No life experience. Lived on campus your whole life and never held a real job. Therefore a frontal lobotomy would improve your ability think.

        • John Glueck says:

          Thanks Allen… AARP is a political disgrace…

        • PatriceHall says:

          I don’t know why AARP would back ACA so they could sell supplemental insurance. I have had supplemental insurance through them for years. And as far as the comment about the vaunted $700 billion (which used to be $500 billion – grew like Romney’s nose) that was supposedly “taken” from Medicare, that is a crock and if you research it somewhere other than Fox you will find it dramatically strengthened Medicare, gave us a lot of preventive care, and lengthened its life for some period of years.

          This organization is backed in part by Newt Gingrich and Shaun Hannity so I am just going to sit back and watch you guys end up supporting the privatization of Social Security and the Paul Ryan $8000 voucher that will replace Medicare. Problem is you will take those of us who really listen and know what is happening down with you.

          • Disgruntled Veteran says:

            Again a Liberal with FOX News Lies.. supprised you didn’t say AMAC members are prejudice because the President and his wife are partially African/African American.

            The koolaid is thick on that side of the fence and Liberals refuse to see where Obama’s policies are leading this once great nation.
            Fact: He violates the constitution with Presidental orders and appointments
            Fact: the ACA was passed with little or no chance for the GOP to review what was actually written into it. New taxes that will come back to patients wallets (ie medical device Tax). Exemptions for politicians and special groups, etc..
            Fact: Eric Holder has violated multiple laws and overstepped authority yet remains in office.
            Fact: The Obama administration has done everything in it’s power to attack 2nd Amendment rights without actually trying to change the 2nd Amendment (Signing the UN Arms treaty, Shutting down the last operating Lead smelter to stop lead for ammo, backing states with new crazy strict gun control laws, etc..)
            Fact: The Cash for Clunkers hurt US small businesses like used car dealers, used car parts, junk yards. Less than 5% of the money spent went to US manufacturers (their own fault). The truly needy population with gas guzzling, smoke belching vehicles could not afford or qualify for new cars so only the middle class and up profitted from the deal.
            Fact: The Bank Bailout was a huge farce that had gaping legal loop holes that had the Fed wasting millions of dollars trying to chase down and close, but found themselves days behind the banking industry who pocketed huge bonuses and lavish gifts at tax payers expense.

            We won’t even go into Benghazi, Fast n Furious, IRS etc….

            Problem is most conservatives believe in “Live and let live” and have been quiet too long while Liberals believe in “Live the way I think you should or I will make your life living hell” have rallied and voted.

            Until conservatives as a whole believe in the fact that every vote counts this country will sadly continue to slide into the deep cesspool of socialism and debt.

            US Army (Ret.)

            • James says:

              WELL SAID!!!!!!!!

            • Lance says:

              Dear Kevin,
              Thank you first for your service and secondly for the level headed response. We must stick together and once again stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We still have the right to redress undue grievous laws in our constitution!

            • tiredMT says:

              Very wel!l said and thank you for your service to our country and protecting us

            • notmypres says:

              Best comment all day. Truthful. I didn’t have to watch Fox news to see what they did with these programs. Their lies and results speak for themselves.I will not support AARP who supports a healthcare law that that was pushed through without knowing what’s in the law. Also the fact is Obama said he would not raise our taxes, so now we have the IRS involved and forcing us to pay a penalty for not taking the insurance. I know more people than not ,that actually liked the insurance they had and than it was dropped due to the regulations, or companies decided they were not going to provide it anymore .
              Now these same people are going to be forced to pay double or triple what they previously paid. They pushed it through purposely knowing this so as to work towards a one payor system.

          • Nother vet says:

            Patrice…..My question is, If you think AARP is so great, Why is your Liberal ass over here??

          • The Bojwon says:

            Obama is a strong horse when weakening America, and a weak horse when strengthening America. I couldn’t list here all he’s done that has hurt America. It really does reach a point when we must conclude that it isn’t stupidity, it isn’t ineptitude; it isn’t partisan – It’s something else that causes America to come out on the short side of every Obama decision.

            So I’ll ask you;
            If Obama was the enemy, with ALL the word implies, WHAT would he do differently than what he’s done, or is doing? ……. The enemy is in our midst!
            So says,
            The BOJWON

          • akane says:

            Sean Hannity

      • Ronald says:

        We are an anti Socialist America group who believes that Americans do not need the Government to interfere with our lives. We believe in self sufficiency not dependency as you so love to cling to. You are the kind of person who needs the Government to guide you as obviously you lack the intelligent self fortitude to stand up an be a man!!!

      • Molly B McFee says:

        Richard, perhaps you do not understand Socialism. The truth has outed AMAC. That is why it is growing exponentially.

      • Renellin says:

        You are wrong. AARP is liberal and they have not acted in the best interests of seniors. So far they’re just a huge organization that has clout because of what they offer seniors. If your union/club is not working on your behalf, why join? I haven’t joined anything yet, will read on to see what these outfits have to offer. There is nothing about liberalism that is reality based.

      • Ethel Baumann says:

        then why do they donate to democrats and not republicans?

      • Al says:

        Richard, you don’t have a clue. Take it from someone working for AARP, they are in bed with Obama and Obamacare, they are ripping off senior citizens by bombarding them with confusing literature and constant renewal. The AARP not liberal is a joke. They are out to make money like the rest of them.

      • Lee says:

        AARP is a for profit retirement company. Why do you think they have so many offerings?

      • Jack says:

        Is AARP paying their employees to work O/T to comment on this great company. They must really be scared!

      • Sandra Kilmartin says:

        You really should balance your information from all sides. I am NOT a leftist, never have been, but continue to get email from the left all of the time. In 98 percent of the mailings I get, they denigrade the Koch brothers. If the Koch brothers are spending as much as the twisted left say that they are, they’d have to be in control of the entire world’s financial resources. And isn’t it interesting that they NEVER mention the contributions and involvement in numerous socialist/communist groups supported by the evil George Soros? You need to wake the heck up, Richard, and do it fast. Supporting these socialist/facist/marxist/communist types will offer you absolutely no protection when the proverbial brown matter hits the fan, and it’s coming.

      • Chuck says:

        When we don’t have guns, only the government, will have them. Roll over George Washington.I bet you think George Soros is a good man. HAHAHAHAHHA

    • Aircop says:

      AARP supported Obama care bacause they made tons of money off of it and that was when the majority of AARP members didn’t agree with it. That should tell you how liberal they are. Plus, I have a high-school friend who is a top research analyst with AARP–all of her friends/co-workers and herself are as liberal as Jane Fonda. And, totally ignorant to what’s really going on in politics. Did you all see that the AFL-CIO, unions, and even Bill Clinton are saying how bad the Obama Care is and that it has to be changed? Yep. YOU WERE Wrong all ALONG AND the conservatives were right. If AARP supported it for their members, what does that tell you about the lack of intelligence of the people who “work for you”?

    • Stephen Williamson says:

      You might try USAA, if you’re a veteran. They used to restrict their coverage to the officer community, but have come to realize that the enlisted community are by an large responsible adults too. Check it out, I really don’t know if they have any restrictions on who they will cover and Convsumer Reports rates them very highly. Later, Steve

      • Disgruntled Veteran says:

        Yep.. if you are a veteran and not using USAA you are squandering one of your best benefits.. a benefit you can pass onto your family for free!

      • Im-a-vet says:

        Stephen you are definitely correct about USAA. It is now available to all service men and women, and their family members. I joined two years ago, and have been treated very well by them. they offer atuo, personal, and home coverages at rates that other companies cannot touch.

        • LifeRyder says:

          I have to disagree with statements on making use of USAA. As retired veteran, after 19y6m28d, the price quotes for coverage offered through USAA are more then not beaten. It may be due to my geographical location, but they are not competitive, nor less costly.

      • Abra'Ham says:

        A USAA member since 1976 with both auto and homeowner’s insurance. The USAA bank makes membership a “one stop shop” for active military or retired veterans (IMHO).

    • John V says:

      Brenda, The AARP and AMAC have similar benefits to offer. However it is only in very rare instances that being a member of either of these groups will save you much more money on insurance then you can usually be able to negotiate as an older established person. I am almost 50 and have joined AMAC for political reasons as much as anything else.Unlike the other side of the isle I believe in more choices, more voices more options is better for America.I find it quite interesting that there are so many post from people who have no interest in AMAC , but only seem interested in ranting about the right. Richard ? If you don’t think that the AARP is liberal then you are either misinformed or uninformed sir.

    • David says:

      Check with a local State Farm agent. I don’t know if they sell flood insurance, but I’ve yet to find a company that is cheaper with the same product as them. I’ve been insured with them since 1977 and every time someone tells me another insurance company is cheaper I check and find SF is still cheaper. I’ve had a few claims, including damage from a tornado that did extensive damage to my house, and they are fair in paying also.
      They also give discounts for multiple policy holders, so if you have more than type of insurance with them they discount your total premium.

    • DON says:

      Take advantage of A A R P as they rake advantage of you. If the insurance is good, do it. Nothing in the constitution prevents you from being a member of each. Are you so poor in your life that $15 is too much of a price to join AMAC

    • DON says:

      Take advantage of A A R P as they rake advantage of you. If the insurance is good, do it. Nothing in the constitution prevents you from being a member of each. Are you so poor in your life that $15 is too much of a price to join AMAC

  34. Fred Tuceker says:

    How do you join AMAC.

    Thank You.

  35. Lberty Roll says:

    There is an alternative to AARP and it is calle the AMAC. I suggest everyone join that instead.

    As for United Healthcare .. my husband’s major 500 complany placed us on it right before Obamacare was passed. It was so bad that everyone begged to go back to some of our local healthcare providers.

  36. Linda Robertson says:

    I was about to restart my AARP when my son told me to check you guys out first. You have whet my appetite for more information. Not the slinging mud part, just the different things offered to compare. I am not sure of all that I read on comments but I will find out for myself. Any pamphlets or anything with information form AMAC. I have used my AARP card for discounts and such…..

  37. Les Hedger says:

    AARP stands to make lots of money under Obamacare, which is why they through Senior Citizens under the bus and supported Obamacare. Yes, they did donate money to Obama’s campaign.

    • Jim Brunner says:

      How will AARP benefit from Obamacare? At the present time health insurance for Americans is charged 28% administrative costs by the private sector, rating us #1 in healthcare costs. We receive healthcare that is rated #37 compared with the rest of the industrialized world. Obamacare would bring administrative costs down to the 7% charged by the VA, which provides better, faster and less costly healthcare. I can’t see how we would be better off keeping things as they are now…….which in reality should be a national scandal!

      • Bill says:

        Do you realize that 750,000 veterans are still backlogged by the VA? I fully expect that you will be “back logged” under the Obama plan.

      • Ken says:

        The AARP benefited to the tune of $2.8 BILLION by supporting Obamacare. Follow this link to the article in Forbes Magazine that explains it:

      • scott says:

        VA are you kidding. One of our employees is stuck with V/A health care and I can’t imagine anyone who would say it is horrible let alone good-it is beyond horrible.

        You will pay more and you will receive less under the new socialist plans.

      • Garry says:

        You have not talked to all the vets that I know. None of them have anything good to say about VA medical care. And if you think obamacare will reduce costs, you have a big surprise awaiting you.

        • Lee says:

          I have VA insurance. I have NO complaints. I get everything I need. I may have to wait a couple of weeks for a regular/non critical appt. But I can go to the VA medical center if I am sick and be seen immediately. I have had several surgeries with no problems. I just don’t understand all the complaints I hear.

      • Chris S. says:

        The current administrations Affordable Care Act would have us believe that the cost of medical care is out of reach for far too many people due to the free market model. This same administration would have us believe that a new government bureaucracy with mandatory annual budgetary increases, providing the previous budget has been fully utilized, will do a better, less costly job than the insurance and medical industry alone. Remember, figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.

      • David Harper says:

        Better, faster and less costly? The only thing worse than VA coverage, is having no coverage at all.

      • Disgruntled Veteran says:

        I am a vet.. and I also worked at a large VA Medical Center.. If you truly believe “..7% charged by the VA, which provides better, faster and less costly healthcare…” you are on some good drugs.

        VA attempts to provide great care to those who NEED it, and the vets who financially cannot go to other doctors get great care. Most of the staff have their hearts in the right place… VA does not pay staff like civilian hospitals and government buracracy gets in the way of doing things the best for the patient.
        Me I went with BCBS health insurance and go to the civilian hospital across the street.

      • LifeRyder says:

        If anyone wants to see what ‘Socialist Medical Care’ looks like, one needs to look no further VA hospital. They are run and funded by the Federal Government.
        DO NOT misinterpret my statement. There are caring medical professionals within the VA……BUT the Federal Government causes the problems within the system. It took three(3) months to secure an appointment to see my ‘assigned PCP’ and another two(2) to schedule the required procedures.

        • Jim Martin says:

          With the VA it took me about 4 months to get a cataract removed. Normal, non-VA time period is about 2 1/2 weeks from what I have heard. Understaffed, overcrowded, underfunded, not state-of-the-art. I opted for medicare, even though I am covered by the VA because the nearest VA hospital is 63 miles away. I converted from medicare to Advantage Plan through AARP. 1 1/2 years ago they cancelled me and said they weren’t going to do Plan C anymore (I guess I was not profitable enough with the US going into OsamaCare). Now that I’m with Humana, AARP is sending me mail wanting me to join their Advantage Plan. Say what?!?! AARP is definitely commie, leftist. Upcoming elections will be easy choice form me: If you are an elected official and voted for ObamaosamaCare I will NOT be voting for you.

  38. chuck whitson says:

    i was a member of AARP for about 10 years befor i wised up to the fact the only people benefitting was AARP execs. please forward any info you have available to 2600 Sherman Ave. #76, Panama City, Fl. 32405

  39. Virginia says:

    I dropped my AARP membership about three years ago mostly because of the money, but joined again this year. The membership fee just kept going up, but they could afford to have these lavish parties at expensive places and they never did much (that I could see) for the members, even though they insisted they did.
    I am so glad that we have an alternative to AARP.

  40. Ken says:

    AARP (Anti-American Recruiting Program) donated over ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the Barack Hussein campaign, YOUR MONEY, in the support of “Obama Care”. Now that it is in effect, thanks to a Supreme Court Justice, who was “approached” by one of “his” Czars, AARP will reap close to a BILLION DOLLARS, with “THEIR” insurance “offers”. DROP YOUR MEMBERSHIP LIKE A HOT POTATOE and when you get these “prepaid” reply cards in magazines, in the mail, etc., write a “nice” note on it and send it back to them, provided it’s “PREPAID”.
    Let’s make them spend more of that BILLION they’re getting from YOU.

    • DeanC says:

      What is your source? Like Regan said, “Trust but verify.” I trust you but would like to verify your information.

    • Gene says:

      I joined AMAC because of the alternative to AARP crap but found out not many benefits or membership, yet.
      I looked into Auto and Home insurance but Home insurance not available to Florida residents. Lots of us old farts in Florida will also stay with AARP so not to lose our low insurance rates with Hartford.
      If something is new or I am wrong, let me know.

      • Roger88805 says:

        Gene contact HArtford direct. They will give you the same rates.

      • Bill says:

        Gene, if u think yout hartford insurance rates are low, you havent done your research, sorry to tell you

        • Tanya says:

          I just went to AAA and got my insurance from Hartford “bundled” with another plan – saved over $1,200 and I was advised that I was not insured for many items that should have been covered!

          Do your own research – since then I have recommended many friends to check it out – you have nothing to lose but money in your pocket!

        • AZ Digger says:

          Try Costco Insurance. My car and home have been instured with them for about twelve years. No problems with either. Very good rates.

      • huntsvol says:

        Great. Pay for your AARP membership, then pay for the Hartford insurance, who has to give a kickback to AARP. This assists AARP in selling you out to even more greedy PAC’s and lobbyists. You stay poor, AARP and its executives get MEGA-rich. Note: Shop around. there are better insurance deals out there.

      • Diana says:

        Look at Liberty Mutual, Hartford got too pricy and started looking around; saved over 500.00/year,

      • Wade says:

        Gene, you do not have to be a member of AARP to buy their insurance. I am on Medicare Complete with United Health Care who writes the coverage for AARP and I dropped my AARP membership a year ago. As many of you have said these programs are very profitable and they want your business.

    • Jim Brunner says:

      Ken: What Obamacare boils down to is: For far less, you will be receiving far better, far faster, healthcare for much less. In the private sector, you are charged an outrageous 28% administrative charge. Obamacare wull have the same administrative charge that the VA enjoys…….7%. Obamacare is a win-win-win for all, but the private sector insurance companies.

      • Ken says:

        You keep drinking that koolaid, Jim.
        You could not possibly have it more wrong.

        With Obamacare we will get much more expensive healthcare and it will be a great deal slower. Insurance rates are already going up because of Obamacare. The death panels have already started.

      • Garry says:

        Jim, Canada has a version of obamacare, and they come to the U.S. for health procedures. There is a reason for that. In Canada, you can be on your deathbed, and you will be put on a lengthy waiting list. I agree….keep drinking that koolaid.

      • Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

        And who do you think you’re paying. bonehead?!

        Jesus, you people are thick.

  41. DAVE says:


  42. Judy P. says:

    This is how I got AARP to remove me from their mailing list. I used it once when they contacted me at 37, and twice when I hit 50 last year. I wrote on their membership form: “I have no desire to be part of an organization whose sole purpose is to suck money out of the government.” I guess they realized they’d be wasting their money sending me junk.

    • overton says:

      You are nieve. They just lost your record

      • rugger says:

        Typical leftie. Can’t spell and probably illiterate.

        • Jim Brunner says:

          Rugger…..I’m afraid you’ll have to look a lot closer to home to find people who can’t spell…….LMAO. Teapublicans have the well deserved reputation for that one.

          • Garry says:

            “Well deserved” should be hyphonated teach. For that matter, that whole sentence is a lost cause.

          • Sandra Kilmartin says:

            Jim, the truth is that poor spelling, grammar, and the lack of critical thinking skills are apparent in all political parties. Why? Because it has been required of everyone to attend the liberal controlled dumbed down so called ‘educational’ school system. Fortunately,I was able to rise above that, as have others. Apparently you were not, as you seem not to be able to apply good critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills, or you wouldn’t be a leftist.

  43. Anne says:

    I just found AMAC and I was curious to see what the association is about. I was very interested in the label of nonpartisan (not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group). I was looking for an association or group that could provide me information and facts about resources for seniors and retirees. I don’t belong to AARP, I am just an American who is looking for useful information. Based on this page and on your comments I am very disappointed. This association sounds like a group of angry, conservative, republicans ranting about liberals, government, and President Obama. If you would like to build your association you should tone down the rhetoric. It is not attractive and doesn’t sound nonpartisan.

    • Linda says:

      Thanks, I think I’ll join this group

    • Steve says:

      Thank you for your comments Anne. I will now join this association based on your comments!!!

      • Molly B McFee says:

        I just signed myself as well as my husband up for AMAC. A big thank you for all the information I gleaned here. I have been knowing about this almost from it’s inception. I am a huge procrastinator. Thanks again.

    • Bob Elkins says:

      Anne, I feel sorry for anyone that drinks the AARP/Left leaning coolaid. It’s not Rightwing ranting you hear, its just
      folks tired of being lied to by a government that has grown to large for any Americans good. RINO Republicans as well as Yellow Dog Democrats in congress are only interested in getting re-elected, organizations like AARP spend millions of dollars each election cycle to back people that not fit to be dog catcher let alone hold a congressional office. My advise would be to do a little research and find out where AARP membership fees and dues really end up.

    • Sue B says:

      thanks Anne, your libtard reply was EXACTLY what i was hoping to see, i will now promote, share and have everyone i know consider AMAC!!

    • kolin says:

      thanks Anne I will be joining AMAC today based on your opinion. Conservatives have every right to be angry at what this present administration and the liberal media has done to our nation. The facts and history prove that their agenda and lifestyle is very destrutive. It’s love of man and country that drives the heart of the conservative. All that come to an knowledge of this fact will thank us later. Thanks AMAC for being there for us.

    • Chrisron13 says:

      Anne, I dropped AARP one year after joining due to their liberal leaning and will now be joining AMAC thanks to your recommendation to thinking (Conservative) Americans. Thank you.

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Anne, I think I will join AMAC also!

    • Eric says:

      Perfect, I have at last thanks to you Anne, decided to join AMAC,,,forget AARP…your comments have convinced me now completely that liberals have absolutely no idea whats going on in this country,,,,,,love it

    • Lynda says:

      Anne, I totally agree with your statements. Too radical and over the edge. Bravo for you.

    • cary says:

      anne, i think your a liberal pretending to be non partisan. that is old b.s.

    • Tim says:

      So you’re basing your opinion of this organization simply on random comments of political cheerleaders? People who have nothing to do with the organization except that they might have joined? Come on, that’s like denouncing Muslims because of comments from radical jihadists. You should think before you post opinions like that. The actual article states that AMAC is a conservative and non biased organization. If that’s not for you, then you should move on. Personally, I think I’ll check into it further. Sounds interesting to me.

    • Mike says:

      Sounds good to me also. Geez, Anne, they should get you as a salesperson.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for your comments Anne!!! Based on your comments I just joined AMAC!!

    • Ed says:

      Thanks Anne, your comments only make one want to be a part of something that you are not.
      You are right about people being mad as hell at what is happening in this country today. I would dare to bet that you even voted for the present political parasite. I’m hoping you get what you voted for!

    • Donna says:

      Anne, I just read your comment made on 12/30/2012, interesting. In October 2013 prior to the Pesidential election I wrote to AARP because they were paying for advertisements endorsing Mr. Obama. They wrote me back saying they did not endorse any particular candidate. Before I wrote to them I verified with four different individuals that I was hearing their endorsement correctly and I was. I am looking for a group that is passionate and partisian about the future of our most grand country and will definately be joining the AMAC. I am glad to have received information from them.

    • Victor says:

      Anne, thanks. Perfect for me, I just joined. AMAC should give you a free membership for all the good you did for them today!

    • Michael L says:

      Thanks Anne, I am going to join RIGHT now. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid

    • Marie says:

      Anne, I was on line looking for an alternative to AARP since they are not only profiting from Obamacare but they promoted it to the seniors.
      Based on your comment, you have convinced me that this is the organization I wish to join.

    • James Bradford says:

      Thanks Ann, I just signed up too.

    • Garry says:

      You convinced me Anne, I’m joining…

    • Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

      Shillie McShillerson…! I was wondering what you went.

      What you fail to understand is that liberals are very rapidly becoming the single most hated group on the planet.

      You people are by far worse than AlQaeda and the Taliban combined.

      And this is coming from someone who did 4 combat tours.

    • Molly says:

      I agree, Anne. Just came here looking for information, and found nothing but hate-spewing about the government and democrats in particular — including the plays on the president’s name to make him sound un-American. Oh, and don’t forget the “socialism” accusations all over the place. I’m not pro-AARP or even pro-Obama. But I sure am anti-hatemongering, which is all I see on this page. Where is the information about what this organization can do for us? How about starting there, instead of throwing mud at the other organization? If you really do have something to offer seniors, it’s hard to hear through all of this negative, ignorant rhetoric, but I’m all ears to hear positive, helpful information.

      • Tom says:

        You really need to educate yourself on the issues Molly. There is so much hate in the media as well as out rite lies. For myself I do my home work and make my own decisions. I refuse to allow any institution to make my decisions or be responsible for them.

    • Tom says:

      Anne, unfortunately its not rhetoric. However I do agree people need to tone it down. I will be joining. AMAC has never denied being a conservative organization as AARP has always denied being a liberal organization. That speaks volumes to me. Have a great day.

    • David Harper says:

      Anne, I believe that based on your comments that you are on the unbiased side of the fence, that you may have fallen off on the left side!

  44. Brenda NJ says:

    I resent the government labelling medicare as an entitlement. It definitely is not an entitlement. I have been
    paying and continue to pay for Medicare and do not feel like I’m taking charity. I am a proud American, still
    full-time employed and still paying for Medicare. I’m grateful that I do not need charity and am resentful of
    the government’s implication that I’m enrolled in an entitlement program.
    I did speak to many people about this issue who are also aware of the wrongful tag the government put
    on seniors and are angry about this issue as well. As long as the government feels they are giving us
    something, the more they feel they have the right to cut benefits and continue to downsize Medicare.
    It is not fair since we all paid for it.
    So much for our freedom being taken away little by little.

    • Expatmom says:

      Brenda–How can you not know that it is the conservatives that label you a “taker” & want to take away your Medicare?? It is the GOP that claim Medicare & Social Security are entitlements. Republicans want to remove all safety nets for Americans to benefit their rich, corporate masters!!!

      • Kathie says:

        I’m sorry, but I must be missing something here…. My interpretation of “entitlement ” is that I am ENTITLED to it! Entitled because I paid into it!! People are confusing this with other “programs” such as welfare, food stamps, etc…., confused because they believe they are entitled to free benefits because they voted for the right ( I mean “left) guy. Medicare and Social Security are, in fact, true entitlements.

      • Feed Up says:

        Expatmom,-I would like to know which conservative mentioned anything about taking away medicare . Name one please if you can. The problem is when the government is in charge of anything, medicare, Medicaid, the post office, Amtrak and unfortunately our military, it ends up broke. No money, in financial trouble. Name anything that the government has put their hands on that is healthy and not needing some kind of bailout. Now if you think corporations are horrible why don’t you start up a business with YOUR money, employee people, treat them the way YOU think they need to be treated. Probably with huge pay raises, the best health care, more vacation then you could imagine, do you want me to go on? Let’s see how far you would get to keep your business open. I would also expect you would like to make a profit on top of all that. Good luck. If you take the gamble to start your own business you have every right to make money. That’s why people start companies in the first place, not because they’re doing it out of the goodness of they’re hearts. I would also bet someone in your family works for a corporation. It’s funny how liberals trash corporations because of all the money they make but look at the liberals that do that, politicians, famous people, etc., and their sitting on a bigger pile of money then most people, how hypocritical. I’m sorry Amac because of my rant but I’ve just had it with people and their feelings of entitlement. Yes I said entitlement, the government could care less about you or me, they want us to be dependent on them so they can get stronger. The sooner you realize this the better it will be for you and this country.

      • Garry says:

        Expat, Republicans are the only ones trying to keep Medicare and Social Security solvent. The dems are too busy trying to pull off the biggest scam in the history of this country, obamacare, that if inacted, will tax you into oblivion. Overstated that…obama is the biggest scam, obamacare has to take second place.

        • Molly B McFee says:

          Heard just today…….if ObamaCare is fully implemented, those of us over 60 will be paying $400 to $600 for insurance. Just how many seniors, across America, does anyone believe can sustain that? I dare say not 5%. Too many did not prepare for their future believing Medicare would sustain them. Have any of you heard about Obama’s Death Panels? Read about it. Instead of watching the Reality Shows, we best be researching what the future holds if we must be held captive under Obama’s Reign. The only way we can fight anything we do not agree with is to understand it and ban together to fight against it.

      • Sandra Kilmartin says:

        Medicare and Social Security ARE entitlements in the sense that we have paid into them and are entitled to the benefits thereof, just as if you had paid into a retirement account with your employer or a savings account at your bank. They are NOT entitlements, as in free handouts, such as welfare,food stamps, medicaid, etc. I have difficulty believing that there are so many people who are so limited in their abilities to think cannot come to that conclusion. It’s very similar to saying that Blue is Blue. Are there not many, many different hues that are all considered BLUE? The same is true with word definitions. One word can have multiple meanings. Thank you to the leftists for dumbing down our educational system so that people must have these simplicities pointed out.

    • Elizabeth Thompson says:

      You know what makes me angry? Seniors who think more of themselves than their children and grandchildren. Our future is NOT as important as the future of young Americans. I hate the attitude of those who decry, ” I paid into it, I’m just getting what I am owed!” We are not “owed” a damn thing in this life, we get what we give. There is NO HONOR in bankrupting the treasury for our own comfort, and to hell with future generations. The baby boomer generation is the most selfish generation this country has ever spawned. I like to call it the “I got mine generation.”

      • Kay S says:

        ET you are WAY off base! I put my children and grandchildren first in everything I do but I draw the line in supporting people who are fit to but don’t work as Obamacare will support. I recently read a statement written by Jim Toedtman, Editor, that said, “The 21 million 25- to 30-year-olds must enroll, even though they may consider health insurance unnecessary, because their enrollment will help finance the system.” That statement is what’s wrong with our country today. Don’t you get tired of supporting so many other able-body people? I know I do. Those of us who are working are paying the way not only for those who can’t work (which I don’t mind so much) but also for those who just simply don’t work (which I mind very much). We’re taxed to support people who do not work, and now the healthiest age group who shouldn’t be forced to buy unnecessary health insurance are being made to so that healthcare can be provided to people who need it but don’t/won’t work. It’s hard enough at that age to get on your feet with a start in life just paying your own way, let alone bearing an unfair involuntary burden. At this rate the government is going to run out of other peoples’ money to pay for its give-aways.

      • TDP Not Dead Yet says:

        Elizabeth – You are the only person on this site that has made any sense and has had any consideration for other members of “Our Country”. The Baby Boom Generation has been the most influential generation in American history in the last century – their influence being selfishness, greed and being self-absorbed. They had children to make themselves “feel” better about the individualistic childhood, teen and twenty-something lives they lived. And they taught their children what? to be a greedy and selfish as they are. Was it not the Boomers that coined “those that die with the most toys win?” Our country would not have to depend on our government for resources as much if the mind-set of those that came before the “boomers” – one where charity/non-profit organizations actually helped people rather than paid their executives seven-figure salaries. And yet, they continue to live life in their 60’s and 70’s like they were 30 and 40. NO 60 is NOT the new 40! It is time that Baby Boomers GIVE MORE than they have TAKEN over the span of their lives. If any of them were to look back over the years they lived, added up all of the money they have spent friviously on cars, clothes, trips, boats, junk, junk and more junk, maybe just MAYBE they would realize that they SPENT their retirement money – they did not SAVE it! We are a CONSUMER society now because of the mess they got us in. Even when thinking of future generations, they lable them as “their” children and grandchildren… HOW ABOUT thinking about a country that has nothing to do with them EXCEPT dealing with the mess that they have left behind. RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE is not their motto it is those that came after them. THANK GOD for a future of children and young people who, if not too scared to talk to others, will at least help others survive, if only give them a sandwich or a dollar . . rather than using it to buy a $5 cup of coffee. Good Luck in retirement. I don’t recommend you JOIN ANY “non-profit, non-partisan lobby organization” and rather SAVE those nickles, and use the internet to find & negotiate your own deals from groups that “truly” have your best interest at heart.

        • Sandra Kilmartin says:

          tdp, I am a member of the baby boomer generaton. I’ve worked hard all of my life, often two or three jobs at a time. I have paid for my own education, child care for my children when their father walked out, and assumed responsibility for my own self and my children. There was no ‘village’ to help transport my children to places they needed to be, no ‘village’ to help pay for their school fees, prom expenses, the broken window that the baseball went through, or their college educations. I did that, and I did it without the help of government or that stupid ‘village’ nonsense. And I forfeited and sacrificed a lot. We did not have cable television, my kids did not have cars or cell phones, They did not have designer clothes or waste money on junk video games. We did not take vacations or travel. We lived in a very modest home and managed money wisely. I have never paid five dollars for a cup of coffee, but who are you to tell anyone that they can’t spend their money that THEY EARNED for what they wish? I’m sure you do. Our parents taught us to not be wasteful and to never throw away anything that has any use left in it. As a result, I now have children who are intelligent, capable, and self supporting instead of the deadbeats who sit on their lazy duffs expecting the hard working bunch to give them free stuff. Thank God for a future of children and young people who are brainwashed into thinking that socialism/communism is the way to go? That the government will take care of you from cradle to grave? Sorry, but Americans are CITIZENS, not SUBJECTS, and many of these younger generations are too stupid to understand history and prevent it from repeating. And yes, that means YOU.

          • Rich says:

            Thank you Sandra! My wife and I sacrificed to pay for 12 yrs of private schooling for 2 kids. No way was I sending them to public school where there are no winners or losers; only equal outcomes! Been living in the first home we bought 25 yrs ago and don’t own a car with less than 150,000 miles on it. One of them will turn 300,000 this year. Like you, I could go on and on. I don’t look down on anyone with more money than us, and I wouldn’t think of telling them how and where to spend it! As you said, THEY EARNED IT! Besides that, it’s people spending money that drives the economy. The reason this has been the slowest economic recovery in history is because people aren’t spending money! It’s as simple as that. It’s Econ 101! You buy what I’m selling, I’ve got money to buy what you’re selling. Government incentives to hire people?! What a joke. Why would I hire more people if no one is buying what I’m producing already? As for us greedy baby boomers, the 80’s and 90’s saw record charitable contributions. (That comes from the IRS.)

      • Michael L says:

        We paid into it…It is our money….Do your homework!! When Social Security was enacted, years ago, they actually used the words “LockBox” they, the Government, said “We will put your money in here and consider it locked up…no politician can ever get into the box…it is your money” Where are you coming up with we are not owed a damn thing??? It was designed for us to pay into and then take out of when we retired. WAKE UP

        • Tom says:

          I agree with you. FDR is credited with starting Social Security so that seniors would have income in their old age. Congress began to dig into the fund to pay for other programs (Medicaid, etc) which still drains the SS Fund. Now Social Security funds pay for all the welfare programs. The funds that employees paid into the fund was matched by the employer at a certain percentage. Now the liberal/democratic government calls all the programs “entitlements” and that part is wrong.

      • Sandra Kilmartin says:

        Yes, Elizabeth, we get what we give. We GAVE to Social Security and Medicare, so we GET the benefits. We GAVE to our children and they have had way more than most of us ever had. And you sadly and sorely fail to realize that it is not the seniors of today’s America that are bankrupting our treasury, but the slimy political machine that most of the YOUNGER people voted for. We seniors remember the greatest generation…the WWII generation who knew what rules of engagement during wartime should be, those who know what forfeit and sacrifice are, those who have true conservative and patriotic values and hold this country dear, those who KNOW the threat of communism, socialism, fascism, and marxism and the dangers therein. Perhaps you should ask yourself why you are so angry. Is it because you think you won’t get ‘what you are owed’? Look at these people who are not part of the baby boomer generation. THEY are the ones in charge, THEY are the ones who think they know more than the rest of us, THEY are the ones who push legalizing drugs, same sex ‘marriage’, and every other sort of immoral debauchery that has weakened our social fabric. I must say that there are decent members of our younger generations, but they are so outnumbered by the contemporaries who buy into that hopey-changey thing Obama is touting. THAT, my dear, is the ruination of this country, not the seniors who have worked hard, forfeited, sacrificed, and supported our nation and it’s Constitution!

  45. Karen Anderson says:

    I tell my kids all the time that I refuse to get AARP because they try to shove it down your throat. I also tell them it is OLD PEOPLE MAFIA.

  46. Brian N. says:

    Mr. Obama promises one thing, then uses his influence and power to prevail with his own agenda. This is a lot like what Germany got back in the 1930’s. It didn’t work out so well for Germany. I don’t think it’s going to work out too well for us either. However, once he goes after guns and conservative talk, then you know that something sinister is right around the corner. These left wing militants do not have America’s best interest in mind, rather they fantasize about it’s demise. All the draft dodging, dope smoking hippies from the 1960’s are now running the country. That demonstrates why the values from our previous generations have deteriorated into garbage. They’re called Liberals, and they’re the same type of people that turned our Patriots over to the Red Coats during the revolution. Those Patriots were their family, friends, and neighbors. So citizens beware and keep your powder dry.

    A U.S. Marine

  47. Darrell Wilson says:

    You should say thanks to the AARP for their help in raiding medicare and promoting high insurance premiums. AARP is a liberal union organization.

  48. Mike Rutledge says:

    AARP has nothing to offer except support the liberals. You can get the same discounts they offer anywhere for the asking and all they want is your money [(DUES) Union Dues]. They are no more than another union using your money for something you don’t want it used on….like Obama Care.

  49. Douglas Elliott says:

    Does AMAC recognize PUP advantage plan?

    PUP= Physicians United Plan.

  50. Scott K.Harnden says:

    Driving through Indiana, on the radio was Mark Levin, said that AMAC was the way to go. I am 58 and do not want AARP.

  51. John says:

    I’ve felt for a long time that AARP was nothing more or less than another “aperatchik” of the Liberal Party of America…..Sorry I misspelled that last word. It should have been spelled “Amerika”.

  52. Margaret says:

    I have been a member of AARP for over 20yrs. but I was so disgusted with the direction they were heading during this election year and had hoped that after a couple of comments to them they would take a different direction, but since they did not I now know I will no longer be a member of their organization.

    After reading all of the above comments I know I was not alone.

  53. Willy says:

    No more AARP for me either. They have done absolutely nothing for me. And for the naysayers,..isn’t alternative options the American way? I remember other countries that punished those who dared to “think.”

  54. John Kral says:

    Very excited to hear about this!

  55. Gregory Krabbe says:

    I am sick to death of watching AARP operatives treating Seniors like a Piñata when they aren’t looking and striving only to get liberals elected, all under the guise of compassion for the elderly, what a crock!

  56. Gregory Krabbe says:

    YES Arney! While only 49 years myself I can still fear the Burdensome affection AARP has waiting in the wings for me!
    Some people need to grow up and understand that AMAC is the genuine advocate! I was an Advocate/Investigator for the District Attorney in Ventura CA, as a Elder Abuse Prevention officer, speaking at various events over my entire career there. It was a great experience to be able to work with and help the most decent and valued segment of society, and it infuriates me when opportunists try to disparage or undermine the candidates, or organizations like AMAC who simply want to provide thoughtful and objective services to our honored Seniors! Gregory Krabbe Chicago

  57. Gregory Krabbe says:

    I don’t care if you “Do” post my email address! and you can put my phone number in there as well, it’s 336-471-8090 or 773-798-3949. Having worked as an Elder Abuse Prevention advocate in the criminal justice system, I deeply resent AARP and I highly reccommend AMAC! AARP is not interested in helping Seniors, they are a pawn of large insurance companies that financially support them. They are a lobbyist for the DNC, praying on the most vulnerable folks among us, and always diving into their savings for some government hand out that purports to aid seniors, when in fact it does nothing of the kind! Since 2010, AMAC has outclassed AARP all the way around and I say that as a professional, objective elder care advocate! I cringe every time I hear the name AARP! Please post this, because that organization is nothing but a political front for left leaning parasites who feed on the donations of the Elderly, who are on a fixed income and are just trying to survive!

  58. Ed says:

    Another giant step towards ripping this nation apart.
    Disagree with someone? — Don’t work with them, oppose them!

  59. Joe who says:

    Conservative bull. Just because it is not your view but what good for the people you hurt the people.

  60. Arney says:

    AARP’s only interest is that of an insurance broker. Political view & drive is based around this fact.

    After a few years of membership, I requested cancellation for my wife and myself and immediately joined AMAC.

    While we do not currently use any of the membership benefits, I want to support the conservative viewpoint and traditional views of the true American spirit of independence and self reliance without government intervention.

  61. Thomas Flores says:

    I want to drop AARP and move to AMAC. only problem is that my Insurance …Secure Horizon does not recognize AMAC and all medical actions are used through AARP. I do not agree with AARP on their policies but the Medical benefits I have as a Retired senior citizen are well fitted for my health at this time. I’m worried if I change, I will lose my good doctors and medican I am now comfortabe with. Can you send me a booklet explaning your benifits.

  62. Pete Fessler says:

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between AMAC and Generation America ? I know that both were started as the conservative alternative to AARP, but I would like to know a little more. Can anyone help please?

    • Darla Reynolds says:

      AMAC is the one that most of the people I know are going to.AARP is just to liberal for alot of people.Mark Levin supports this group.

  63. Jimmie Rhoads says:

    Please send info, cost, etc. of your program. jr

    • Pete Fessler says:

      Can someone please explain to me the difference between AMAC and Generation America ? I know that both were started as the conservative alternative to AARP, but I would like to know a little more. Can anyone help please?

  64. Jamie says:

    Batmanners Posted on Well, well I googled my onnlie username (using the same one since 2000) and found this Interesting how Batman + Ann Landers gave you this. I don’t know what I put together to come up with this, but it stuck and it’s something NOBODY ever has, so I don’t have to be JohnTheMan231 on one site and JohnTheDude294 on another For a second I thought this entire article was about me

  65. Ralph Allen Jr. says:

    Please send me info about AMAC.

    Thank you

    Ralph Allen Jr.

  66. Nancy Gee says:

    Please send information about your services and philosophy to above email. Thank you

  67. paula melrose says:

    I sent you my check for 1 years subscription to AMAC, HAVE YOU RECEIVED IT? THANKS

  68. colorado senior says:

    Please send me information at above email address about AMAC. Quit AARP because they are no longer conservative, but far left!!!

  69. Anna,Duvall l says:

    Please send me info about your plan.

  70. David S Spears says:

    I would like to have info on AMAC i have been with AARP for over thirty yrs. I never dreamed they would stab
    retired veterans and seniors in the back
    David S Spears

  71. PABLO R. FELICIANO says:


  72. Victor Fernandes says:

    I dont like AARP because the part they play in the Obama Care because they would benefit from that law.Now after i read your comments about to save SS is raising the retirement age from 62 to 65 and full retirement to 69 .What i didnt hear from your comments was that both the SS and Medicare are in the situation they are because both systems were drained by the politicians to pay for wars and their pet projects .So for me you are not an alternative for hidding the truth about the demise of both SS and Medicare.

    • DeanC says:

      Uncle sam is paying back the Social Security money he borrowed (and paid interest on) at the rate of about $5 billion per month. Google ‘Social Security Holdings’ and check for June, July and August of 2012 to verify.

      Like Regan said, “Trust but Verify!” Don’t just believe/trust what your hear, VERIFY!

      • Betty M says:

        I haven’t looked at the site yet. But I have a question — where is Uncle Sam borrowing to pay that much back???

        • AmaDen says:

          Great point, Betty M. !

        • DeanC says:

          He is borowing it from us — 2/3 of the “National Debt” is domestic and 1/3 is international. The largest 2 international creditors are China and Japan (both about $1.1 Trillion). Currently, China is the largest creditor but Japan may soon be our largest foreign creditor.

          The largest domestic creditor is the Social Security Trust Fund (about $2.7 Trillion)..

          Please VERIFY by Googling “US Treasury Department Table OSF-1″,” Social Security Trust Fund Holdings” and “US Treasury Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities.”

          • chris says:

            We can, well, the Gov’t can do two things to stop spiralling debt:Stop buying junk from china, it costs like it’s qulaity and does not work out of the box, and also may harm you, particularly, if, by design, it can. This will necessitate re-starting manufacturing at home and jobs for citizens.
            2; end ALL road projects. Then review exceptional cases – sparingly! And speaking to the unfortunate Anne-ster, I don’t spend a nickel if I don’t absolutely under pain of death have to, but based on your recommendation, I am seriously considering joining this hysterical group of HATERS. Thanks, anne!

  73. Gloria E. Rios says:

    I am an AARP member and have the Medicare Supplement Plan (United Healthcare Insurance Co.)
    Income only SS Retirement. Medicare monthly payment $99.90, Suplement Plan $195.60= $295.50 cost of Medicare, no matter I am retired. This mean in order for me to be cover when I visit Drs. is $295.00. I start working when I was 18 yrs., until I became 62 years when I receive a letter for the SS telling me that I have to retired. I went to SS and the determined that they already approve Disability for me until I get to 65 years. When that happens I receive a letter that I will be receiving SS Retirement instead of Disabylity. I was paying Medicare all my life, why they charge me $99.50 to pay Medicare when I was working I never use the coverage because I was receiving Health coverage from the Company that I was working. I thought that was mandatory to pay Medicare in order for us to receive the coverage when we retired, without charge because I already pay for it.

    Would you send me a panphlet of information about your services and Medicare coverage.
    Do you use United Healhcare Insurance Company as a sponsor for Medicare different plans? I do not like to deal with them .

  74. wiley b. says:

    i received my dues statement today.i didn’t throw it into the trash,but wrote on it that i don’t wish to renew my membership because i don’t share their liberal views.please take me off the mailing list.

    • Hannah says:

      Jackie May 11, 2010 I would love to watch the video you reference in Teach those old dabdsoarhs of your a new trick , but I don’t see a link to it. Am I completely blind?

  75. DR. JACK B. GILLELSPIE says:


  76. Bill Rodgers says:

    I am happy to see this, and heard about you on Sean Hannity’s show. But where’s the beef? There is not a subscription cost readily shown that I can find, and I don’t see what the advantages over AARP are. I don’t like AARP’s support of Obamacare and their heavy hand in liberal politics. I don’t think they are necessarily pro-seniors, so I need to know what are the differences?
    Thanks, and I will probably sign on as a member just to have a conservative company offering typical things we need anyway.

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    My brother recommended I might like this web site. He used to be totally right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t believe simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  78. James A Bolyard says:

    I have AARP now. Never been really happy with them. Our car Insurance co. is raising our rates all the time. At present we both have good drivers, but that dose not seem to help our rates, Could you send information car and renters insurance.
    Thank you,

  79. FRANK MICHAEL says:

    I would like information sent to my email. I am looking for an alternative to AARP, but want to be informed before I join.

    My AARP Membership has just expired.

    • Doug Elliott says:

      I was a member of AARP, but did not renew because they are a very liberal organization.
      I have not joined AMAC yet, but i intend to.

  80. Arlene Cullinan Doyle says:

    I would like information sent to my email. I am looking for an alternative to AARP, but want to be informed before I join.

    • chfields says:

      I see alot of people asking for info, there is a phone number at the top of the site..Need more info? Call Us: 1-888-AMAC-006. I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions…..

      • Mandira says:

        Why does it have to be personal? Why not not just bcc N-many at a time We aptreciape your application but we don’t think you will be a better fit elsewhere . Efficient with the key acknowledgement that an engineer needs unless of course you feel specificity of skill-lack will make a difference in a impressionable engineer’s life.BTW, typo on your signup page Once you purchase you first study .

  81. DeanC says:

    What is AMAC’s solution to Social Security and Medicare running out of money?

  82. Joel says:

    Any organization that tries to tell people how and why they should vote is a piece of gov paid B.S. usedto belong then 0bama and his 0bamacare came along…..never again AARP…..would like more information…

  83. Rhen says:

    First time visiting this website…and I will read it thru and thru…a comment…after reading the comments, I don’t see one of them answered by the AMAC organization and this would benefit others who have the same questions or are visiting you for the first time. SO my question, are you for real?

  84. Rosemary Murray says:

    I would like to join. How do I go about this.

  85. Robert Price says:

    I’ve recently became eligable for Medi care, and started receiving Social security. I don’t know much about either. I once joined AARP, but dropped them after they became real pests.

  86. Larry says:

    AARP is soley about their medi-gap insurance, why they back Obammycare

  87. Harry Smale says:

    I am not interested in “benefits” or “resouorces” as our traveling days are over, and with lost pension penefits I planned for, I lost by my employer sponsored pension because it was “not properly funded”. I also had to stop working at 58 years of age, due to health problems. Bottom line is we do not have any magazine subscriptions, but do have our PC as we have 2 sons living too far away to visit regularly, so we keep in touch using emails.

    We are Republicans, very conservative, and can’t wait until Obama is removed from the White House.

    If you have an email list which you use to inform folks like us about very important issues, we would very much like to be placed on that list.

    Harry Smale

  88. Shirley T. Belcher says:

    I’ve had enough of AARP and it’s liberal actions! Now I want a conservative strong organization and I believe AMAC to be this . How do I enroll?

  89. jerry and barbara orzechowski says:

    please either send or e-mail my email so i am able to contact you for more information .

  90. Ferd says:

    All of these questions….how come none of you look the information up right here? Most of your questions can be answered by clicking things on. Ever done that before?

  91. Tamara says:

    I’m interested in this group as well as Generation America. Does anyone know how these compare? If an AMAC rep sees my post, perhaps clarify? Thank you in advance.

  92. Ernie Medlin says:

    Curious about this group.
    Certainly want nothing to do with AARP
    could we get some hard copy data
    at 7634 Columbia Rd.

    St.Matthews,SC 29135


  93. ladybard says:

    AARP lost me with it’s touchy feely ‘soft sells’ on euthanasia. I’m so outta there!

  94. Vernon L. Pryor says:

    Please send me imformation on joining.

  95. Rachel Pelone says:

    I have no opinion about this orginaziation. I just know I will never have anything to do with AARP. Can you believe all they have done to hurt seniors and still try to convince us they are for us when we all know they are in the bed with at least one organization, SEIU, I hate . They are the ones draining the country.
    Also I hope you get involved in stopping the government employes using our money for their crazy parties and Conventions.

  96. Bob Nagle says:

    AMAC – What is the basis of your organization and is there a site in each state… Thanks forbyour response..

    • Steve says:

      Mr. Nagle,

      I read through much of the AMAC web site and feel I have a fairly good understanding of what AMAC is about, or what the organizations “basis” is. (?)

      May I be so bold so as to recommend you read through the site and get some answers?


      Steve T.

    • Rick Quill says:

      I just “moused” over the “About Us” tab at the top of this page and it displayed a link to AMAC’s key issues. I clicked on it and agree wholeheartedly with their position on all the issues. I would strongly recommend you go to the same link and view for yourself their stances on the different issues. All I know is the moment I get something from AARP it immediately goes into the trash. AMAC definitely sounds more like an organization that is in line with my values and beliefs.

  97. Howard Sparks says:

    Please send information.

    109 Deer Place Road
    Spruce Pine, NC 28777

  98. Dave Hutchison says:

    Sorry won’t join this either, just no real info here to base a descision on at this time nor is there enough info on Face Book as well.

  99. APROUNKE says:


  100. Norman Garner says:

    I would like to know more about AMAC…… I was sucked in by AARP and will be hard to convince that another organization is any better… I would have to be convinced that it is not corrupted.

  101. Martha says:

    I would like to know more about your company also. The United Health Care works with AARP. I have a policy with them and have wondered a lot if there were other companies that did the same thing as AARP. I also agree that I am a little upset with some of the things AARP does.

  102. Stan says:

    I’m disgusted with AARP. AARP did not adequately fight the transfer of l/2 trillion dollars from the Medicare Trust Fund into Obama Care. Nor did it fight Means-Testing of Medicare. After the government takes l/2 trillion out of Medicare, they now come to prudent seniors to tell us that our premiums are means-tested and will go UP, and our benefits may well go DOWN due to Medicare’s financial plight. Please let me know what AMAC’s stand is on means-testing of Medicare premiums and benefits. I’m against means-testing. Afterall, do you know any Senator or Congressman or federal employee whose post-retirement health benefits are means-tested? I DONT!

  103. Ajumank says:

    I saw this last year and thought it was a llttie eerie then but I can totally see it. Every generation is getting more disconnected than the previous one and we truly are a quick fix society-if it’s broke don’t waste time and effort on it just replace it with a new one.

  104. Walter Ramsey says:

    I have become disgusted with the evolution of AARP into a cheerleader for the hyperliberal agenda of the progressives in our federal government.
    Please send more information on your organization to my email address listed above.

  105. Dennis Sauer says:

    Please do not be like aarp and bombard me with information about life, car,and disability insurance and Medicare
    Advantage plans.

  106. Warren B Wright says:

    If your are serious about being an alternative to AARP, how many have joined your group since you started advertise.

  107. Roger Thompson says:

    I desperately want an alternative to AARP. However your website doesn’t have much in the way of links of information, How long have you been here?

  108. Jean Carter says:

    Please send information to my email.

  109. Jerry Pottiert says:

    Looks interesting.

    Can you send us more info please?

    Gerald J.Pottier Jr.
    5374 West Desert Mountain Trail
    Bisbee, Arizona 95603

  110. Roxana says:

    […] […] Florida has a large number of Medicare Advantage plans ablvaaile.a0 One reason could be the large population of seniors that retire to the state.a0 The first thing to consider if you are looking for a Medicare Advantage plan in Florida is that the plans are NOT state specific.a0 The are in fact county specific.a0 Check here to look up Medicare Advantage plans by state for 2012.a0 Chances are you will find a company in South Florida that is not at all ablvaaile in the Northern part of the state.a0 One exception to this is United Healthcare.a0 They offer a plan that is identical across the state.a0 This is probably because of the size of the company.a0 They also offer a large network across the state.Source: […]Source: […]Source:

    • john russino says:

      Dear AMAC
      If your are serious about being an alternative to AARP you must make available all the information about your
      company that a consumer like myself can read up on. That is to say I would like to sit down and read all about
      your benefits and what the advantageous over aarp is available to me.
      I can tell you I believe as a conservative we are on the same page, but I would still like to sit down read in
      black and white all the information made available to me for my visible consumption.
      Not on the computer I don’t always have access to one with four grandchildren.
      thank you for your time,for now you can contact me through my email

  111. Juega says:

    Wow. What a bunch of idiots.AARP does not pidvroe/sell insurance. They sell (with insurance companies) Medicare supplemental policies, also called Medigap policies. Medicare has 4 parts (A, B, C, and D). Everyone gets A, that’s your major medical, hospital, surgical plan. You have to enroll in B, its your more traditional coverage (exams, visits, tests, etc). C and D are complicated and cover HMO and Scrpts, we won’t get into them here.Anyway, B is pretty darned good, and in order to avoid adverse selection seniors who don’t enroll and don’t comparable coverage get penalized if they don’t sign up. But B isn’t perfect, it has some holes for specialty items and doesn’t really extend hospital stays past the A coverage level. So Medigap policies can be bought to fill in the holes. They vary in coverage and premiums from basic to gold standard. they are private in nature but have to meet certain guidelines to prevent seniors from getting screwed with worthless policies. These plans will continue to exist under any of the 3 proposed reform bills. Canada is perfect example here, they have basic coverage for all but you can, and many do, but supplemental policies to fill in the holes that are specific to them (if I’m a diabetic, for example, I’ll want coverage the pidvroes a health coach to monitor my diet for example). The AARP has some really smart people who understand this and realize that health care reform is, at its heart, a cost sharing fix. You have to bring everyone into the system or the system is crushed under the weight of adverse selection. That’s why they support reform. The lie about them being pro-obama is hilarious, the AARP is 90% white elderly, very Republican. Healthcare reform transcends this line though.

    • Disgruntled Veteran says:

      oops.. sorry I just sprayed coffee on my screen (wiping screen)

      I love the AARP lovers comparing AARP and the ACA to Canadian and VA health care.. both are socialized heath care.
      Both are good for those that cannot afford better.. but those who can afford better do not like or use them.
      I have close friends in Canada, day to day health care is ok, emergency major medical is another story. Hope you can live until you reach the top of the waiting list. Both are financially abused by way too many folks.

      Unless you have lived with and used socialized medicine, stop comparing what is to us as great news. It’s not.

      All the socialized medicine programs I know are now experiencing financial problems and requiring more and more cost share from the members, above and beyond the REQUIRED monthly premiums. Plus waiting lists for complex procedures. Those who can afford it come to the USA for those procedures.

  112. Rosianny says:

    Hey there! I just needed to thank you since you sarehd these thoughts and feelings with your site. After reading through this blog, Im interested in your ideas on those latest world-wide natural disasters. I’d like to hear them

  113. Yousuf says:

    Your excellent critale has been of great value to me. I have learned a lot about this topic and appreciate the information. I am hoping to get more information from you in the near future.

  114. B. P. says:

    I haven’t read all of the posts here, but have read enough to know that I am in the good company of other patriotic and conservative American seniors. Folks, I have just returned to Texas after living in Canada for 6 months. If you want to see liberalism/socialism at its finest, go to Canada…and stay for a few months. Until you need healthcare, everything seems fine. A closer look at their government-run healthcare system will tell you that this socialistic approach to healthcare is not, I repeat NOT something we want here in the USA. I experienced their healthcare system personally, and I want to tell you a little about it. Americans working on the Oil Sands project in Canada, who have needed a doctor in Canada will attest to this. Unless you are paying cash, you will not get in to see a doctor for MONTHS. Canadians will tell you that its great to have “free” healthcare, but if you can’t get in to see a doctor, what good is it? Apparently so many doctors left their practices or moved abroad to practice after Canada enacted their free healthcare system, which also restricted physicians income, that its hard to find doctors now. But dentists…that’s a different story. I’m not sure how it works, but somehow dentists in Canada are sort of immune to the restrictions that the doctors face. If you look in a phone book, you’ll find WAY more dentists than doctors. Also the employees at labs there could care less. They don’t have to care. They get paid whether they do their jobs or not. Humm, sounds like a government bureaucracy, right? Right. Ok, here’s an example of what I am talking about. I know you guys probably won’t believe this, but I saw a report on TV back in August or September. A little girl had died because she had two broken legs and did not get in to see a doctor for 2 weeks. I’ve searched and can’t find the story online, but it was on the evening news on CBC Canada. I could not believe my ears. I didn’t think I had heard it right, surely not. But the story was back on the news again, and sadly, it was true. I don’t know why she wasn’t taken to an emergency room. But I have no experience with Canadian emergency rooms in a government-run healthcare system, so I don’t know that story. My story is as follows: A tiny bump appeared on my face in October. I needed to see a dermatologist because I was concerned about melanoma. I checked our International Insurance web site for dermatologists. Our insurance company covers us all over the world and is always able to find a physician when we’ve need one on an international assignment. They listed NO dermatologists in the city I was in. So I started searching online. For a city of over a million in population, it seemed that there weren’t many to choose from. I picked one and called. I was told I could get an appointment in about 7 months. What?? I explained that I was from the US and would be paying cash, “Oh, we can see you in 3 weeks” was the reply, and I booked the appointment. I used the “cash” tactic because a Canadian woman I’d met in the dentist’s office previously had told me that if I could offer cash to the doctors, they would see me quickly. People, we can NOT allow ObamaCare to come to be forced upon us. Once it is enacted, we will not be able to revert back to a sensible healthcare system with access to many qualified doctors. I can think of nothing more frightening than being ill and not being able to get help. Accidents and illness are not something we plan for. They just happen. Sometimes they’re minor and sometimes major. How can one be expected to wait months to receive healthcare when he or she is very ill? We can not afford to simply accept this. Our generation is huge in number, if we pull together before its too late, we can stop this socialistic liberal machine that threatens our very right to even exist. God bless the USA! Grey power!
    BTW, if I can find that story about the little girl, I will post a link here.

    • Louie MacLellan says:


      I am a Canadian 54 years of age. I would like to offer some comments on the this post.
      During my lifetime in Canada I have had 2 shoulder operations and 2 stomach operations.
      The scheduling of the operations were subject to the availability at the hospital and the amount of pain I was in.

      My last operation I traveled to Toronto for a hernia operation, that cost me $1,800 because I CHOSE to have the
      operation at a hospital outside of my province( Nova Scotia). While I was at that hospital I met Americans who had come to Toronto to have their hernia operation. They paid $ 4,000 and told me that in their states (NY, OHIO, MCH, MASS, PENN ) they would have paid 8 thousand or more. I found it very interesting that Americans had chosen to come to Canada to have their operations.

      Maybe BP did have some unfortunate wait time and access to doctor. I can only say that in my city our population is only 350,000 and there are dermatologists listed in the phone book.

      BP is right our medicare is free because our collective taxes pay for the services. The fact that we do not pay a fee
      for hospital care, operations, checkups, birth of a child is something we just accept as being a Canadian.

      thank you

  115. Boyd Rogers says:

    There seems to be a lot of discussion as to whether obama is a socialist. I bleive he is a socialist as well as a muslim. Every action he takes seems to lean that direction. It seems him and a few others are hell bent on leading this country down the road of failed socialist programs of european countries. What is their end purpose for ramming an unwanted take over of our health care system. Why did a bill that was never read so importiant to get passed immediately, behind closed doors and in the middle of the night.
    It is a falicy that their were people in the United States without healt care, anyperson could go to any health care provider and get medical attention. My question is this, I am 61 and for the first time in my life I am without healthcare, I am self employed and my health insurance was costing me a little over $600 a month, As soon as obama care kicked in my rate went to over $950, I could no longer afford to pay. I am not a rocket scientist but that is not cheaper. The so called benefits don’t start till 2014. Next question, if they repeal this communist program, does the insurance industry have to return all the money they collected to pay for this communist plan.
    I have know for years that aarp was an organization that didn’t promote my values. I am a sportsman and aarp supports gun control, thats all I needed to know about them. I have joined AMAC and have told others about the alternative to aarp.
    By the way I purposely misspelled obama’s name, he doen’t get any respect from me, he should have been impeached 2 years ago, better yet never been elected.

  116. jj says:

    Buyer beware! I attempted to join back in December, but never received any information either by email, or by postal mail telling me that I was now a member. The $16.00 yearly fee was taken out of my account, but not interaction from AMAC at all. I called the help desk twice and talked to two very nice people, but still no response. I have now asked paypal to get involved to resolve the issue. I hope that AMAC isn’t as poor at providing the services they offer as they are a getting people signed up. I really don’t want to sign up with AARP but am greatly disappointed with the service thus far. You can’t be taking people’s money an not providing any interaction with them. Better get your act together or you will fail miserably as a alternative to AARP. Sorry for being harsh, but this is NOT a good customer relations practice.

    • EYoung says:

      JJ, per your post of 02/02/2012
      Have your issues been adequately addressed? I’m fed up with the liberal attitude of AARP, and am looking for a good, REPUTABLE Seniors organization, but they must respond in a timely manner, and operate with INTEGRITY~!, and that includes responses to queries~!
      Thanks for any responses

  117. Jim H says:

    Sorry, my last post should have read “costs and accessibility ISSUES…”

  118. Jim H says:

    AARP has tried to MAKE me take their membership, sent me cards, enrolled me “free” without my permission, etc. AARP can take a hike. I am a Life Member of the NRA and AARP has taken endless anti-Second Amendment positions. I know they support ObamaCare and according to Steve O. from previous posts, it’s not being called socialist by those of his political persuasion (he calls himself a “moderate”, which means liberal). However it maintains a Big-Brother-esque REQUIREMENT for insurance purchase and gives limited choices of “private plans” that meet government guidelines. Having worked with government contracts for decades I can promise you that the GUIDELINES are where the devil resides in this. Look, we could greatly lower the costs and accessibility of health care by allowing citizens to purchase insurance across state lines, as Ron Paul has suggested. This injects serious competition into the whole argument and takes government out of the equation. If you don’t cover something, customers go elsewhere. If you charge too much, customers go elsewhere. Eventually the laws of supply and demand bring better insurance at lower costs than any REQUIRED government plan. Glad to see AMAC is available

  119. Cynthia D says:

    I have read all the comments posted and was most impressed with the comments by Steve O. So much so, that my husband and I have decided to go with AMAC. Thanks Steve!

  120. David Burns says:

    Where have you people been for the last 25 years?? I quit the AARP about 20 years ago for several (and mostly obvious) reasons. I recently heard about the AMAC and am investigating it. You all seem to be “me” oriented — You judge based on your personal needs or wants. Just because you say something is so does not make it so. Alll of you should try looking for the Truth. Your wanting it to be so or thinking it is or believing it is does not make it so…

  121. Andy says:

    Guess what? Medicare is funded by the “payroll tax cut” that was recently extended for 2 months. The only tax cut I’ve seen the democratic party support. I guess the president wants to position himself as being in favor of tax cuts. It really does not make sense to cut the only funding source for Medicare when the system is going broke and then claim the republicans want to take your Medicare.

    • Toni P. says:

      I googled “Alternative to AARP” and your sight came up along with another site. ASA;. I am glad we have other
      options besides AARP

  122. Leila Crist says:

    AARP does not reflect the politics and values of most of it’s members! We are conservative! Most older people have become moreso as they age. I used to be a liberal Democrat in JFK’s era! The Democrats’ politics are not the same as they were back then. They are Socialists today and only God knows what they will become in the days and years ahead – Communists? Just saying…

    • Steve O says:

      What on earth is “socialist” about Obamacare? It is based almost entirely on the PRIVATE insurance industry.

      You might as well say that the loud rants on this so-called “conservative” site about cuts to Medicare are “socialist” since Medicare and NOT Obamacare is the real SOCIALIST system.

      That’s right, I’ll say it again. The GOP just does not get it yet. Medicare IS a SOCIALIST system.

      • Paul says:

        Steve, socialist or not, medicare is optional, Osamacare ISN’T. Guess why some might consider it to be socialist. Obviously, a person of your intellect wouldn’t understand.

      • Joel V says:

        You’re right – Medicare IS a socialist system. Also, it’s way out of control, can’t sustain itself in its current form because it’s inefficiently run (see Social Security, USPS, etc.), so it’s costs will continue to escalate. Sounds like YOU just don’t get it.

      • NavySubVetDave says:

        ObamaCare is government controlled. It’s set up so that whatever private insurance there is, will be put out of business because the government will do it cheaper to the customer, but more expensive to the taxpayer. I don’t know if that’s socialism, tyranny or what but it sure isn’t free market capitalism! Yes Medicare is socialist too and needs to be amended and eventually eliminated. So, i’ll give you a B for being partly right.

        • Worker Bee says:

          All this discussion about Obamacare misses the point. Obamacare only treats the SYMPTOM of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. The ROOT CAUSE of the problem is everybody who can make a dime off of ANYTHING related to healthcare has filled their pockets long before the supply item or service EVER gets to the patient. The medical supply manufacturers and distributors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, ambulance services, insurance companies, doctors, researchers, universities – you name it – have all taken their healthy chunk before it ever gets to the patient. Healthcare is BIG BUSINESS and not one of those nit-wits who are supposed to be running our country has even addressed the fact that hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers, and doctors make WAY TOO MUCH money for goods and services every single person in this country will need at some point in their life. Do you think over $1000 to sit in an emergency room for 6 hours in pain before anyone even looks at you is okay? How about $180 to see your doctor for 10 minutes? I’m 58 and private health insurance for my husband and I runs $1200 per month with a $20,000 deductible (meaning the insurance pays NOTHING until we’ve paid that $20,000) EVERY YEAR … our mortgage is HALF of our health insurance … does ANYONE OUT THERE THINK THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG with the COST of healthcare and healthcare insurance? In addition, those of us who work and pay taxes are having to foot the bill for everyone who doesn’t work or pay taxes because the outrageously mismanaged Medicare and Medicaid systems have been rife with fraud and incompetence for DECADES. Frankly, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the government is in charge of is ALWAYS a mess because nothing the government is ever in charge of is run as if SOMEONE (or MANY SOMEONES) is(are) actually held accountable for their QUALITY OF WORK and subject to the CONSEQUENCES of their unsatisfactory and/or criminal performance. As long as they can continue to suck more and more money out of the American taxpayers and hide their waste and incompetence, they do not have to be accountable. If they worked half as hard at DOING their job and (here’s a new concept: serving the people of the United States) as they do preserving their own hides, our country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. Washington as forgotten they are SERVANTS and WE THE PEOPLE need to REMIND them that this country is BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Is there another Ronald Reagan out there somewhere? We sure need HEROS instead of ZEROS in our government.

      • Dennertime says:

        How ’bout some manners on this site. Such rudeness is inexcusable. I guess the “O” stands for “Omniscient.” Of course ObamaCare is not socialist—–initially. But the end result IS. Five or ten years down the road is when the competition goes away because the insurance companies can’t just raise taxes when the money runs out.

      • racerx says:

        You democrap sheep all sound the same Baa, Baaa, Baaa!!

  123. aron seibel says:

    How do I resign from aarp nd sign up amac?

  124. mike g says:

    Steve O sems to be angry at the way politics are being conducted.I wonder where his righteous indignation was for eight years as the news media attacked George Bush nightly , always going back to how he was not the elected President , but in some way ,stole both elections???
    It’s that Emotional logic bull again…Get the people worked up over something they have no clue of…

    I’m on Medicare and it now costs me 96.50 per for A and B and another 250 per for real coverage and the same for my wife…Isn’t medicare wonderful???
    And I have to listen to some politician tell me how something I paid into for 54 years is an entitlement..
    We know where the largest entitlement goes I will gladly join AMAC

    • Steve O says:

      Perhaps you are the one that needs a clue.

      At least at age 65 you are able to BUY insurance. Any policy at all is a REAL blessing.

      First of all, if you have not shopped for a stand alone (not supplemental) private insurance policy then you will not know how much it costs. My co-worker who was laid off from GE with me two years ago for example had to pay $1400 a month for a COBRA policy to continue his employer plan for up to 18 months for his wife and himself. And, he was only 40 years old and in good health. My COBRA policy was nearly $900 a month. His mortgage was only $800 a month and my mortgage was only $600 a month. And that is for brand new 3 bedroom homes in Florida.

      Now, you have also failed to address the pre-existing condition problems. How are seniors going to be able to buy any policy at all with a private company with a meager $600 a month “voucher” from the proposed GOP plan if YOUNG healthy people who CAN buy a policy and not be denied or dropped can only do it for twice that amount? Well? I am listening? And then we have the dropped coverage problem. What are seniors going to do who get sick and are then dropped by their wonderful private insurance provider?

      And, not to pop your bubble, but I am most certainly NOT liberal. I am a conservative MODERATE who cares about other people besides myself. Are Canada or Germany socialist nations? I think not and I see a lot of capitalism at work there. As a modern industrialized nation, the USA could learn a lot from other nations that are doing far better for healthcare for their citizens. And so-called Omamacare is only a step in that direction. It is STILL based upon the private insurance industry.

      Since you think your situation is unfair since you have paid your whole life into the system and still need a private supplemental policy,what would be fair? More money spent on you from Medicare? That is the REAL socialist position since Medicare is a socialist system.

      And what about ME too who has also paid about $250K into the Medicare system? If the GOP and Tea Party get their whiny ways then I will probably have my Medicare cancelled entirely and then be denied a private policy by the insurance industry that will not take me on due to a couple of very mild extremely low cost “pre-existing conditions.”

      Many others here have posted that I am a “lost cause” and that they refuse to “feel sorry” for me. Well, then, what about the millions of others just like me? I think they are all over at AARP where they belong since AARP boasts about 40 million members and Amac can only claim $100,000.

      • Michael F. says:

        Based upon the number of posts by Steve O, I think he needs to go for a walk and get some fresh air. He spends way too much time on the internet.

      • NavySubVetDave says:

        Hey Michael F.:
        He ‘works’ for GE who doesn’t pay any taxes, makes the environmentally unfriendly curly cue light bulbs, doesn’t pay any taxes with a chairman that also moonlights as a (failed) jobs czar for Bozo Obama. He can spend all day didling on his computer–no worries…

  125. John E says:

    Have just been reading through these comments and it seems clear that Steve O is a liberal idealogue and he should be invited to move over the the AARP site where he can preach to the choir.

  126. James says:

    WOW I just finished reading all the posts thus far, I was with AARP, I have checked the insurance rates and laughed when they sent back a quote twice what I pay now and I have never had an accident, I hate the fact they do not want me to own a gun but I own 6, I fought to protect this country from all enemies and I continue to protect this country today, I consider AARP my enemy and have not been a member for over 5 years. I could care less about car rental discouts or room discounts, insurance you shove at me with every mailing I received, fight for my rights is all I ask, nothing more. I just joined AMAC for 5 years.

  127. Jim G says:

    Steve O, who seems to have lot to say in favor of Obamacare, has a living sister with a large debt on her hands thanks to the old, admittedly imperfect, system. Under obamacare, she would have a much smaller bill, but, alas would no longer be alive to pay it, as the expensive treatment would no longer be available, since those private policies will soon go the way of private college loans.

    • Steve O says:

      You missed my point entirely. A private policy that denies coverage, drops coverage, or commits breach of contract is not better than no private policy at all.

      And then we have the pre existing condition problem. My current health status is excellent. But since I have a genetic condition that caused a few benign tumors, I can currenty not buy a private policy at any cost or any deductible due to these pre existing conditions. They go back at least 10 years on health history and I had a few weeks of inhaler use for mild asthma 7 years ago. Because of my denials, I can not be insured against bankruptcy for things like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. And we are taking about policies with a $10K annual deductible. My annual health cost for physicals, dental, and prescription drugs runs less than $1K. My BMI, blood sugar, and cholesterol are all excellent. Yet I was denied by every company I applied at. Soon the insurance industry definition of a pre-existing condition will become “your father had colon condition…” That is the staple and mainstay of Obamacare that I have bought into. I want the right to be insured, to pay my own way, and at a reasonable and sane cost due to a large pool of policy holders.

  128. woman says:

    It is the Democratic party that is pushing to make cuts in Social Security and Medicare, Steve. I’m on CREDO’s mailing list and they are asking people to write their DEMOCRATIC Congressman/women to tell them not to make cuts.

    If Congress had not “borrowed” the money from the Social Security fund, we would not be in trouble today.

    If the government didn’t drag it’s feet going after those who perpetrate Medicare fraud (and there are many), it could be that Medicare wouldn’t have its problems either.

    You sound like an obama employee.

    • Steve O says:

      No I am not an Obama employee. I am a happy AARP member who WAS a 30 year Republican who is thoroughly disgusted with the politics today over this health insurance crisis. And I don’t think any Democrats are pushing to privatize Medicare. That is all GOP hogwash as far as I know. The Democrats are caving in to some cost cutting demands to the dismay of many progressives and have offered up some funding and cost controls for Medicare. And if you want to get concerned about cuts and cost controls then just wait until the GOP gets it way and privatizes Medicare. If they overturn the pre-existing condition healthcare reforms seniors who have health problems will be destroyed in the process. It is a matter of the lesser of two evils. Cuts to some payouts and more out of pockets for Medicare, or privatization of Medicare and BOTH its associated cuts to benefit payouts together with denyal of coverage or unaffordable policy rates for seniors wth pre-existing conditions.

  129. Bill J says:

    Cancelled everything AARP after the latest ad campaign, now joining up here. AARP represents the most extreme left wing of the Democrat party, and they are abusing their membership by doing so. A senior citizen’s organization should represent all seniors, by being neutral. I don’t think AMAC sounds neutral, but at least I know that’s what they stand for. AARP is not for me, and I’ve started telling other conservativ seniors the same thing. Get out of AARP.

    • Steve O says:

      Maybe they are not “abusing” their members. Maybe their membership wants to stand up for their hard earned benefits and fight back when it comes to GOP plans to cut social security and medicare. Do you REALLY want a private medicare plan? Do you REALLY think you will be able to afford it with a $600 a month voucher? (A laid off co worker currently pays $1400 a month for a COBRA policy and he is only in his 40’s) Do you really think that many seniors who get sick will not be denied coverage or have their plans dropped after they get sick? Only Medicare has the track record for the lowest rate increases and lowest overhead cost for the last 20 years running. It is not an extreme left wing “liberal” concept to want to collect on the benefits one has worked a lifetime to earn. Now, if you want an “extreme” advocate then by all means go with Amac. In 20 years when you can not afford your priviatized healthcare policy at least you might have learned a lesson and will know who to blame.

      • Greg says:

        I don’t want anything even remotely resembling Obamacare socialized medicine. A co-worker of mine left for Canada this week to say his goodbyes to his dying father—-cancer. He’s over fifty so Canadian medicine (socialized) will not offer a surgical solution. That’s where we’re headed with our “leader” at the helm.

      • Steve O says:

        Just how is Obamacare “socialized medicine”? It is based on the private insurance industry with most people paying their own way. It is the furthest thing from socialized medicine that one could imagine.

        And I’ve got news for you. Medicare is socialized medicine and it works! It has lower overhead rates and low policy cost – the lowest in the industry. There are many advantages to having one set of administrators instead of hundreds. It keeps overhead down and under control.

        And I’ve got news for you. If you are worried about “death panels” and cancer treatments, just wait until the private industry gets its hands in the pot.

        My sister had a 1 million dollar policy. She got cancer. Because the doctor said she was “terminal”, the insurance company denied her the coverage AND the treatment. She went ahead with the treatment anyway and wound up with a $350K bill. She had a miracle and was cured. The insurance company still refused to pay because they did not authorize or “approve” the treatment. She went bankrupt, had her credit rating destroyed, and nearly wound up homeless. She got a lawyer and sued the insurance company for breech of contract. She won in court but only after paying thousands of dollars in lawyers fees. And her credit is still destroyed.

        If this what you want in your old age, then by all means go with a private insurance policy instread of Medicare since you think “socialized’ medicine is so “evil”.

      • HOH says:

        Perhaps you should take a look at the history of flood insurance to get an idea of where obama care will take
        health care in this country. The only flood insurance available in this county today is govenment flood insurance and it looses a ton of taxpayer money every year. I want to add that I do not believe social security and medicare started out as a ponzi scheme but there is no other accurate way to describe what it has become. In one of your previous posts you take exception to giving oldsters expensive treatment to extent their miserable lives for only a few months. Problem is, son, who gets to make the decision of who should or should not get treatment and what should be paid for said treatment? Would that be the “death panels”?

      • Steve O says:

        I don’t get your point about government “death panels.” The private insurance industry has had them for years. The whole concept of policy payouts is based upon “death panels” and “limits” to coverage. You only get covered up to the limits you are insured for and that is only IF and only IF the insurance company “pre-approves” the treatments. So your point on being afraid of government “death panels” is lost to me. Yes there has to be a limit. We can not afford to have infinite payouts with no limits. There has to be some sense of reason. My sister’s case is very very VERY different. She had a $1 million dollar PRIVATE policy and her treatment cost $350K. Do the math!!!!!!!! She was WAY below her policy limits and the PRIVATE insurance company still refused to pay out. If she was not below her limits and the company refused to pay up I would not be posting here. If we let the GOP privatize Medicare we WILL go straight to having the “death panels” you so fear.

        And, social security is NOT a “ponzi scheme”. It is expected to be fully solvent for at least one or two more generations. The problem is they keep stealing money from the trust fund to pay for the deficit that they are so afraid to raise taxes to eliminate. We have a $1 trillion plus debt so far for the Bush wars alone and it is expected to grow to $3 trillion by the time we are done. They steal from my retirement entitlements to pay for crap like that. And, yes I am ENTITLED to collect. I have worked and paid into the system over 40 years so far.

    • Steve O says:

      I don’t get your point about government “death panels.” The private insurance industry has had them for years. The whole concept of policy payouts is based upon “death panels” and “limits” to coverage. You only get covered up to the limits you are insured for and that is only IF and only IF the insurance company “pre-approves” the treatments. So your point on being afraid of government “death panels” is lost to me. Yes there has to be a limit. We can not afford to have infinite payouts with no limits. There has to be some sense of reason. My sister’s case is very very VERY different. She had a $1 million dollar PRIVATE policy and her treatment cost $350K. Do the math!!!!!!!! She was WAY below her policy limits and the PRIVATE insurance company still refused to pay out. If she was not below her limits and the company refused to pay up I would not be posting here. If we let the GOP privatize Medicare we WILL go straight to having the “death panels” you so fear.

      And, social security is NOT a “ponzi scheme”. It is expected to be fully solvent for at least one or two more generations. The problem is they keep stealing money from the trust fund to pay for the deficit that they are so afraid to raise taxes to eliminate. We have a $1 trillion plus debt so far for the Bush wars alone and it is expected to grow to $3 trillion by the time we are done. They steal from my retirement entitlements to pay for crap like that. And, yes I am ENTITLED to collect. I have worked and paid into the system over 40 years so far.

  130. Rich D. says:

    Today I decided it was time to look for an alternative to AARP. As a conservative, I’ve become tired of AARP’s liberal views on so many topics, not to mention their constant flow of advertising emails.
    I decided a few years ago to switch to The Hartford Insurance Group for my automobile insurance. AARP was pushing this insurance provider as one who accommodated the needs of seniors. Well, the rates started off very reasonable but have increased every year since, and that’s with no accidents or tickets. I now pay much more, at only 53 y/o than I was paying before I switched. So now I need to switch again. Shortly after I switched car insurance, I checked into insurance on my home. I received a very reasonable quote so decided to switch. A couple months later they send me a letter saying I have to replace the roof on my barn (which didn’t leak) and fix some siding on the back of a shed, all within 10 days or they’d cancel my policy! I ended up going back to my original insurance provider.
    It seems to me AARP is NOT advocating what’s best for seniors, but rather what’s best for their pocketbook and the liberal agenda. My membership with AARP runs out in a few months and I will not be renewing. I’m definitely considering AMAC.

    • Steve O says:

      I hate to pop your bubble, but at first blush it seems to me Amac is into the same marketing crap. I mean, if you are unhappy with your insurance company why blame AARP? They are two different organizations. I do not get my insurance through AARP because I found a better deal outside of AARP. However, I still find all the info on health and doctors and medical care and retirement lifestyle and pending changes to our hard earned benefits highly useful. It is well worth the $16. And frankly, a true senior adovcate association should be non partisan. AARP is much less partisan than Amac – in my opinion. But if you want partisan bias and all its associated cuts to senior benefits, then by all means support Amac. Then when you have problems with your private health insurance denying coverage or claims in your old age you can repost and blame Amac. LOL

  131. Steve O says:

    Gary says no cuts? What about the Republican plans to privatize medicare then? They are proposing a small voucher that willl not be nearly enough to cover current expenses for medical insurance. And, what about seniors with a preexisting condition then? If the current reforms are overturned what happens to them when Medicare is privatized? Do they just get denial of coverage or coverage “offered” at rates so insanely high they would be impossible to afford? And, Social Security IS solvent for at least the next 30-40 years. It is not a Ponzi Scheme. The problem is they need to stop borrowing from our hard earned entitlements. And the reform we need is cost control related. We need to stop offering thing like “experimental” cancer therapies to 85 year old terminal cancer patients at a costs of $350K just to prolong their agony for another 3 months of low quaity “life’.

  132. Gary says:

    Steve O.,

    There is more that you need to know.

    More than likely, for those between 45 and 55, the retirement age will simply be extended and proportional for that 10 years. Since you are close to 55, it may only extend your retirement age for SSN to a few months.

    We can either fix this or watch it go under. The demographics on this issue are staggering. I haven’t heard ANYONE propose cuts, simply increase the retirement age/s. With the extention of life expectancy and the baby boom coming of (retirement) age, we have no choice. Unless you think Greece it the model we should be following.

    The lying and misinformation on this issue has got to stop. Our country’s survival is at stake.

  133. Steve O says:

    I will consider Amac to be a advocate only when they stand up and fight the current cuts to Social Security and Medicare that are being pushed by the Republican Party. I have worked a lifetime to claim my benefits and will be on a restricted income when I retire. I have a preexisting genetic condition that will prevent me from affording my own insurance too. At least AARP is active in the fight to prevent these cuts unlike Amac who will toe the party line even it it means people like me stand to lose big time in the process. And it is very unfair to say that people who are above age 55 will lose nothing and people under age 55 will take the hit for them. I am currently 53.

    • HOH says:

      Do you mean the cuts to medicare that obama care will make?

      • Steve O says:

        “Obamacare” is based largely upon private insurance for non seniors and cost control for Medicare. Do you seriously think that the private insurance industry will not impose cost controls on seniors when Medicare is eliminated and they have to pay for their own policies with a $600 a month voucher? And how will that not destroy the private industry? Lets say a person starts paying a company at age 65 with a $600 a month “voucher”. How much is the policy going to cost for that company to make their profit? And, how much is that private company going to take in and for how many years until that senior dies? And how much will they pay out? The numbers simply don’t work. And it will result in hatchet men in the private industry hacking benefits in a manner far worse than the cost controls Obama has proposed. Remember, the average senior has earned about $250K for the Medicare system during their working lifetime. If they buy a private policy with the GOP $600 a month “voucher” how many years will it take that private insurance company to break even? The numbers don’t work. And remember, the average senior will collect about $350K in Medicare benefits as things stand now. And remember, the overhead costs for Medicare are a fraction of that of the private insurance industry. So either way it ends up, cost controls WILL happen. Face reality.

  134. Alaska Bill says:

    I don’t like what AARP stands for. My wife & I have members in order to get the low cost automobile insurance. Does AMAC offer this advantage? If so, we would gladly dump AARP membership.

  135. dianeplantation says:

    I am looking for a serious organization that will be my advocate, as a senior citizen. I don’t care a hoot about an organization arranging travel or other commercial enterprises. I think an organization that is also into developing plans for life nsurance, health insurance, or a pharmacy benefit cannot act in my best interests – if the main purpose of the organization is to be my advocate on issues and providing me with information. So if this organization is into providing a travel service, secondary health care plan, pharmacy benefits, and life insurance, this is not for me. That is why I quit AARP. I would like a forum for discussion, information, and an organization that will advocate for me and other conservative seniors. So which are you?

  136. Carolynr says:

    I have been an AARP member for years but didn’t renew 2 yrs. ago. I don’t get anything from the membership except a 10% discount on hotel rooms which aren’t honored on weekends when most people travel & a magazine I seldom read. I get at least one piece of mail per week trying to sell me life insurance & at least one trying to get me to renew my AARP membership. AARP sold us out over & over so I will never renew. Membership has continued to increase in price. AMAC sounds like a better plan. I would rather they spent all that postage money & money spent on salaries & paper etc. on something more useful to members.

  137. Linnie says:

    How is it that there is only ONE negative comment about AMAC in this entire comments section? Are you screening out those who disagree and just happened to miss one? Let’s be fair here and present both sides.

  138. Mitch says:

    I agree with Mr John. I do not want to join AARP so I looked for alternatives. How do we know that this is a good alternative when the first date seen is March 5 2010

  139. Mr John says:

    URGENT AMAC webmaster!…You are doing the website, company and cause harm by not displaying these responses “most recent at top”…the website gives the impression of being outdated and not maintained!…why should anyone have to scroll to the bottom of the page to read recent, exciting and positive responses?…this is common sense front page stuff.

  140. Holly G says:

    How come I never see ads about AMAC. I want my family and friends to switch. But they assume they can’t do any better then the other. You know at one point Amiga made a really good computer but they never advertised. It was all by word of mouth. They no longer exist. :(

    • Pat says:

      While I haven’t seen one video Ad, I have heard many Radio commercials for AMAC on Christian and Conservative Talk stations. Knowing those who are most likely to join AMAC are most likely Conservative, they seem to be focusing their advertising budget where it will get the most results for the money Spent. Television ad’s or much more expensive than Radio Ads. I hope they read your comment and at least have a video TEAM working on Video’s that can be at least put on Youtube, and eventually I am sure they will run TV ad’s, showing the difference between AARP and AMAC, and Proving what AMAC can do, and what they have done. If your family and friends are Conservative or Christian there is a good chance they will hear their radio Ad’s. If they are liberal I can’t imagine them joining. I must agree with you though
      They do need to begin with Video Ad’s to increase their range to reach some who don’t listen to the radio.

  141. Miles says:

    My husband and I were members of AARP for years, but an article in Bloomberg Magazine highlighted two actual cases of where seniors could get car insurance and health insurance coverage for considerably less than they were charged by AARP. Turns out the insurance companies give AARP a kick-back, and they receive approximately 70% of their operating funds this way. When they supported Obamacare, which really hurts the seniors, we cancelled our membership and sent them a blistering letter. They have been opposed to the Medicare Advantage plans since their inception because they don’t sell them and are competition. One of the men featured in the Bloomberg article went down to Washington and tried to visit their “beautiful building.” He was refused by the guard even though he was a member. AARP started out for seniors, but they have been taken over by the liberals. They no longer represent us.

  142. relichunter says:

    i always send the s/a empty envelopes back to aarp,just my little way of helping them spend thier money.

    • Don L says:

      I do the same thing,

    • Izaya says:

      KandeeMann2001 on April 29, 2009 i’m confused. why do polepe keep comparing the Sorento to the CR-V and the RAV-4? both of these are compact utes, and a more reasonable comparison would be the Kia Sportage. i’d think the Sorento better compares to the Pilot and the Highlander. seeing a Sorento parked next to a CR-V makes the comparison even more confusing. LoL. the Sorento is the BIG truck. nearly as big as the Acura MDX in size. so CR-V and RAV-4? maybe it’s the price range i guess. but hey that’s just my humble opinion.

  143. Bookcase Plans says:

    Your blog has provided me with useful tips in the past and I come back here often to check for updates. All the best.

  144. Elizabeth Ann Lewis says:

    Do not trust AARP, so would not sign up for any of their offers. Very interested in joining AMAC and learning of the benefits of being a member.

  145. -danz- says:

    Darrell, I too return the self-addressed stamped envelope from AARP. However I first stuff it as full as I can with pages from my NRA magazine….

  146. Darrell Fletcher says:

    Having read most of the mail, I too have recieved countless mail from aarp. However, I dont throw them in the trash. I use the sase envelope to mail it back. I call it Postal bailout.

  147. Texas 2Stepper says:

    I finally noticed that AARP was promoting OBAMACARE. It took me awhile, but here I am now with AMAC. I’ll be watching y”all. Don’t even THINK about going LIBERAL on us. We need someone who REALLY cares about seniors.

  148. Ernie White says:

    AARP is more of scareing of the seniors then helping them. They are very Liberal indee. When I heard about AMAC I read up on it & joined right after that. I am still getting mailings from aarp but it go’s stright into the trash can…

  149. Mark Bowman says:

    Thousands of boomers and seniors rely on the good advice they find on to improve the quality of their lives. We have become their go-to resource for valuable information. Did you know we also offer the best products for seniors?

    As a result of repeated requests, we have become a major supply source of products for senior citizens that are ideally suited to improving their quality of life. We supply carefully selected and thoughtfully produced items to make their everyday living easier. Our volume based merchandise is offered exclusively to groups and organizations.

    Our products can be custom-branded with your organization’s logo or graphics.

    Please contact us to discuss our Cooperative Buying Club. We service any size corporation, with a special service extended to our smaller client organizations.

    Please let us know if you are looking for an item you may not see on our website. We offer tens of thousands of unique and innovative items for seniors – not all displayed on our site. Please contact us with any suggestions you may have

    Warm Regards
    Mark Bowman

  150. Lawrence says:

    We joined AMAC to support them as an alternative to AARP. Let’s face it; AARP is nothing more than a marketing machine for dubious insurance companies (United Health is terrible!) masquerading as an advocacy organization (they sold us out by supporting the recent health care “reform” law).

    AMAC is just starting out, so it is important to support it. As it grows I have no doubt they will be able to offer roadside assistance (that alone will put a huge dent in AARP) and discounts on insurance coverage that actually has value.

    Regardless of roadside assistance and discounts, the real value of an advocacy organization that will actually *advocate* rather than sell out cannot be underestimated. The more that join, the more clout AMAC will have.

  151. George W. Vance says:

    I am happy that someone has the conviction to give us an alturnative to AARP. The deception they have pulled on us members is horrible. I cancelled aarp.

  152. Gene Miller says:

    Sorry Sofi, you need to educate yourself on Islam. Quote “When ye encounter infidels strike off their heads and make a great slaughter among them and of the rest put on the fetters(chains)” from the Koran 47:4. In other words slaughter non-believers into submission to Islam. Jesus Christ said “Come, follow me”
    Mohammand says ‘Convert to Islam or die’. That, to me is a terriorist threat. Building a mosque at ground zero is as symbolic to the Islamics as was the Marines raising the American flag on Iowa Jima during WWII was to the USA. The message, battle won, war continues!

  153. John Higgins says:

    Sofi, I can understand your feelings but I think you missed the point. Most of us agree they have a right to build the Mosque- but is it the right thing to do? Wouln’t it be more compassionate for the mosque to be built where people would not be so upset? I saw a press release that said AMAC had reached out to the Muslim community by sending a letter to over 400 mosques asking the Imams to sign an accord on Religious Freedom. It said AMAC would publish the results when completed. That does not sound like they are bigots to me.

  154. Gayle Miller says:

    Where do I join? I canceled my AARP membership a number of years ago!

  155. Mary K. says:

    I will be 54 this year. When I do plan to retire, I know that it will not be with AARP. I took care of my 90 y.o. mother for one year (dementia & renal cancer), and it was a nightmare dealing with them. Their costs were outrageous! I’m in Illinois, so can I still join AMAC? I noticed that there was no listing for my state, and we could really use an alternative.

  156. Ray F. says:

    How do you quite AARP? I tried to navigate their website and found nothing. Called them. Nothing. I want OUT!

  157. Sofi says:

    I am 59 and a conservative American. I didn’t want to join AARP after the health care fiasco and was looking forward to joining a conservative alternative. But, now that AMAC has taken an active stance against the Cordoba House, I will not be joining. You have proven to be a bigoted organization who doesn’t deserve the patronage of decent Americans. Yes, I believe the people against the mosque are bigots in denial who think all Muslims are terrorist supporters. You can’t say you’re not a bigot, then portray the mosque as a monument to 9/11 terrorism. That kind of comment smears all Muslims, even the families of Muslims who were murdered on 9/11. Bigots care about their own selfish interests and only care about the Bill of Rights when violations of it affects them. I won’t associate with your kind of riff raff who are making it acceptable to marginalize the rights of Muslim Americans. I’m a good and true American who doesn’t punish all people with guilt by association for the acts of a few. May God have mercy on your souls because spewing venom toward our neighbors is not what Jesus would do.

    • Pat says:

      I am also a Conservative christian and I have many Muslims as friends of mine. having read your comment, I can understand your sentiment, especially since I have so many muslim friends. I helped them with rent, and utility bills etc. While I do love them, I don’t agree with their Religion, although they are free to worship as they see fit, and I have never made any bad comments about their religion. They are my friends. However Many are against not the building of a Mosque, but the building of a Mosque so close to the 9-11 site, as it could be considered a shrine to 9/11 I quote a Devout Muslim “Also opposed (to the Ground Zero mosque) is Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, a devout Muslim and director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism in Washington.

      Schwartz notes that the spiritual leader of the Cordoba Initiative, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, describes himself as a Sufi — a Muslim focused on Islamic mysticism and spiritual wisdom. But “building a 15-story Islamic center at ground zero isn’t something a Sufi would do,’’ according to Schwartz, also a practitioner of Sufism. “Sufism is supposed to be based on sensitivity toward others,’’ yet Cordoba House comes across as “grossly insensitive.’’ He rejects Rauf’s stance that a highly visible Muslim presence at ground zero is the way to make a statement opposing what happened on 9/11. Better, in his view, is the approach of many Muslims “who hate terrorism and who have gone privately to the site and recited prayers for the dead silently and unperceived by others.’’ — Jeff Jacoby

      In your post based on your feelings that you feel others who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque you have called me, other Christians, and Even other Muslim’s BIGOT’s. You will have to pray about this yourself and see it’s at all possible that some of those who oppose the location of the Mosque might have a legitimate reason for opposing it
      and are not opposed to Muslim’s. I assure you I am not, and I know for sure Devout Muslim’s who are opposed to it or also not bigot’s

      To me this argument is as ludicrous as the argument that anyone who opposes President Obama is obviously Racist. I also have friends who are “Black” and I am Extremely Happy America has come so far from it’s Racist past that we have elected a Black man to the Highest position in the land.
      That being said. I wish it had been a conservative black man, and not a liberal one. I don’t oppose President Obama for the color of his skin, I oppose what he stands for.

      • Dik says:

        Hi Sunshine,Individual health inunrasce is must for following reasons:1. Whether you have any financial dependents or not, you are responsible for your own health care expenditures. And cost of medical treatments are rising every day.2. Now days it is very common for people to switch jobs, so when you switch you are medically un insured till you join new job. It also changes the type of cover offered by every employer and may not suit your needs.3. Also medicliam offered by your employer usually doesn’t cater for critical illnesses, which is also important now days.So it is important for every earning individual to have individual health inunrasce. Regarding denial rate, if you take precautions then there won’t be any denial for a valid claim.I do have critical illness care and surgi care policy from HDFC Standard life and I am satisfied with it.If you need further explanation, you may contact me or any financial planner.Regards,Pranav

  158. George Michaud says:

    After being manipulated by AARP for so long, this new AMAC is wonderful breath of fresh air and the competition is good. Seniors are now given a choice instead of being controlled by just one organization to represent us in Washington and around the USA. Keep up the good work AMAC.

  159. Marcia R says:

    AARP has had its bluff on older Americans long enough. My father told me years ago that it was a liberal lobby that took your money but never asked for your opinion and therefore followed its own agenda. It has proved this theory many times over. I’m ready for this Conservative alternative! I’m joining TODAY !

  160. Ruth B, Concerned Patriot says:

    I was a member of AARP for too many years but was disgusted when I read their articles praising Obamacare for senior citizens. I have done enough research on the subject to know they lie. Someone told me about AMAC; I found your page on the Internet, and am mailing in my subscription today.

  161. William says:

    I cancelled my AARP membership because they supported Obmacare. As of 07/19/2010 I signed up for AMAC, I ready to see how it goes now with this group, looking to be on the right track.

  162. Rollo says:

    I predict that within a year, perhaps less the government will propose the confiscation of IRA and 401k accounts to “Save the Nation from financial meltdown” and insure retirement for all. They of course will protect and exempt politicians and government workers who have cadillac plans insured by the taxpayer. What is AMAC doing to prepare for this fight?

  163. Jack C. says:

    I cancelled my AARP membership when Obama was still campaigning for President. It was easy to see that AARP was in bed with Obama, and was also easy to see that AARP was only interested in padding thier own pockets. I still recieve AARP junk mail wanting me to renew membership with them, but as with all junk mail, it goes straight to FILE 13. I’m really sorry for the years that I did contribute to that sorry Liberal Left Wing joke of an organization. They have no concern for the elderly, and have continually thrown them under the bus in thier quest to support the Obama Regime, and fill thier pockets. They have fooled some of the people some of the time, but won’t continue to fool all of the people all of the time. Their memberships continue to drop, and as more, and more people get more informed about what they are really about, thier memberships will decline even more.

  164. RUBY sANCE says:

    would like to know if you have car Ins . &house ins.?I have it with AARP. THey may cancle it since I have not paid my dues.

  165. Jack T says:

    I just joined AMAC about 2 minutes ago. I am a former member of AARP but tore up my card when they supported Obamacare. They have done a few other things not to my liking. I hope you will continue to be a conservative organization with a sincere appreciation for the constitution, the bill of rights and our founding fathers. If not, I can also tear up this card.

  166. Fred H. says:

    I was an AARP member for 10 years but cancelled them because of their left leanings.I am mailing my check today and look forward to reading a true viewpoint on the issues.Why haven’t I seen info on your Organization?A friend e-mailed your information.Have forwarded your info to 15 of my senior friends.Good luck and God bless America

  167. Dave Quigley says:

    I hope you continue to expose President Obama’s radical assault on America. We the people are fed up. Please let America know the real AARP so we can be informed before we send our money in.

  168. J g says:

    First AARP management was only concerned with selling insurance. When they finally (after publicity, see Andy Rooney on google) got free of the insurance angle, libs took over. AARP management has an agenda entirely divorced from their membership! Government grants and other funds now keep them awash in cash! They don’t even care about membership dues; they only need the numbers to keep their “clout.”

  169. Mike says:

    About 15 years ago started receiving AARP junk mail. Even then, I knew of their left wing socialist leanings. For about 5 years, I’d write return to sender, and I’d write on back of envelope what I thought of their left wing ideals, and to cease sending me mail. Someone finally read the message. In the last 10 years, get a letter about once a year pushing what is their main business, aside from throwing money at democrats, selling insurance. So, I am now joining an organization that is conservative. Remain conservative, you’ll prevail. Have a couple Republican friends to yank away from aarp.

  170. Candace Ellett says:

    I don’t see a clear/ obvious link about insurance. Where do I get information?


  171. FRANK DIAS says:

    life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  172. Ty Browning says:

    You really think these guys are different .. they support Al Gore’s “Global Warming” theory — check out “Money Tab” then “heating your home” .. “Typically, 45 percent of your utility bill goes for heating an cooling. What’s more, in the United States, heating and cooling systems together emit 150 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, adding to global climate change. They also generate about 12 percent of the nitrogen oxides, the chief ingredients of acid rain”.

    This theory is at the forefront of the “cap and trade” bills that are floating around Washington right now and if they are passed the entire country will be hurt even more as far as energy costs going through the roof. As a Senior Citizen I pray often that it’s never passed.

    I was going to join them back in December of 09, but the above quote stopped me. Wolf in sheep’s clothing comes to mind.

    I wrote and got the following response from Dan Weber himself:

    Subject: Re: Why I won’t join
    To: “Ty Browning”
    Date: Monday, November 30, 2009, 4:05 PM
    Hello Ty,
    Sorry it took me so long for me to reply. My staff wanted me to answer your email personally.
    Neither I nor AMAC buys into any of the AL Gore message on Global Warming. We are strongly against Cap and Trade and other foolish efforts to punish American production or to attempt to control the weather.
    Please let me know where that quote was taken from and I will have it removed immediately.
    Dan Weber, President

    I replied and showed him where it was written. Came down to the fact that his son wrote it and it has never been removed, Dan lied to me. Leads me to believe Dan is just a figure head and his boy is running the show. If they buy the Al Gore stuff what else do they buy into that we don’t know about. I guess we could ask Dan after he whips his boy “with a wet noodle”. Just like ERRP (sorry I mean ARRP) AMAC just wants our money and its President is a liar. “The devil is in the details.”

    Tyrone Browning

  173. Leon Kulka says:

    I just found out about AMAC while listening to Hue Hewitt. I dumped my membership to AARP last year because of their overwhelming promotion of “Dictator Obama’s” socialist political agenda. Not only am I joining your organization today, but I plan on becoming a very vocal proponent of AMAC. If we all “pass the word” to friends and family, we stand a good chance of derailing AARP which is nothing more than a insurance agency with a vailed socialist agenda – My friends, we will regain control of our country !!
    God Bless America !

  174. Dick Robson says:

    My wife and I have been on & off members of AARP but, NEVER AGAIN! Pres, Obama’s most recent and most ineffective oil spill speech (6/15/10) is the tipping point. Being conservative and a teaparty member is a start, however, more must be done. To continue our efforts to preserve and enhance freedom & liberty, we’re joining AMAC. Let’s work together to ensure the great future that lies ahead for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

  175. John O. says:

    Dropped AARP many years ago. To really have a competing organization, need to have more “member features” on the web. I would suggest starting with a Member Forum, where many senior topics can be addressed by both members and staff. Bottom line is that it has to be more than political to survive. Previous competing organizations that folded are proof. Best of luck and hope AMAC survives and grows.

  176. No more AARP says:

    My wife and I, as well as my parents were members of AARP for several years until I learned of their Liberal Stand. I cannot believe the push for Obamacare.
    Amac looks like the place for me and my family. They have the same conservative views that we do and will be glad to be a part of it!!!
    Thank you AMAC!

  177. m.h.Morrison says:

    I did not like the way aarp sat down with the very people who did not want to hear us. let alone work for or take us seniors as a group to be reconned with. I feel AARP has become a insurance broker and will sleep with whomever to help them.

  178. Jerry Lowery says:

    Is AMAC a not-for-profit organization

  179. mario castaneda says:

    a breath of fresh air!

  180. R Hatfield says:

    Lets get membership over 100,000 to attract more members and more member benefits. Its time to take the country back and not be apart of AARP, with all their liberal bias.

  181. jackie roose says:

    I refuse to renew with AARP because of their liberal stans. I want to join Amac in our fight to get our Country back.

  182. jackie roose says:

    I have been a member of AARP since 1986. I did not renew, They guarantee acceptance for their Life Insurance. Not true. Their list of prior conditions have increased. I want to join Amac. A friend sent me this.

  183. MARK R. KEMENY says:

    Looking for work. Bad economic situation.

  184. JOSEPH R says:

    Finally a conservative alternative to AARP. I will sleep good tonight knowing i have joined all of you in our fight against the destruction of our country and way of life in America.
    Thank you AMAC from another new member and i will be forwarding all your info to everyone i know, god bless

  185. Michael B. says:

    Been hoping for a conservative alternative to AARP for a long time, having received their junk mail for over 10 years. Thank you AMAC, from a new member. We need you out there not just advocating for seniors, but helping us get back to the nation’s founding principles, which is the only way to return America to its former greatness.

  186. Clarence says:

    It’s every person’s responsibility to keep up with the direction the groups we support are going in. The events of the last several years have caused many more of us to wake up to what these groups or organizations say and do. The bigger a group is the power and leverage it can use to help it’s members. It’s our job as members to keep the leadship on a short leash or reign. This true of political parties, or state goverments, city goverments or your local HOA. Did you realize our biggest membership group is represented by a Voter Registration Card. Sure I would like some discounts, however if we can work together and straighten out our federal and state goverments. We wil all enjoy more money and less taxes.

  187. Reid says:

    To all who are applauding AARP for the wonderful work they’ve done for seniors, do you honestly think they did it alone? It’s funny, when I canceled my membership, the only thing they said (besides my refund) was they were sorry I didn’t support the health bill. I said nothing about not supporting it!

  188. Ken says:

    How’s AMAC different than other conservative senior groups like or

  189. john kilarski says:

    I am 68 years old. I have resisted joining AARP because there was something about them that I did not trust. After hearing about AMAC on concervative radio and am now comfortable about joining a group with strong conservative values. Thank you

  190. OLWRECKDIVER says:

    My late wife used to work for Grand Circle Travel
    which was owned by the lady who founded AARP and NRTA(National Retired Teachers Association) – BOTH ORGANIZATIONS WERE FOUNDED SOLELY TO CHANNEL PEOPLE INTO HER TRAVEL COMPANY! And now, of course, to their insurance company. So there’s the truth – and we all thought they were representing us!

  191. Walter David Edwards says:

    I just joined AMAC online. I’ve also notified AARP that I will not be renewing my membership because of their support of the Obama agenda.

  192. UgottaB says:

    To Jessica March 25th, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Actually it was the sheeples like you that got this illegal alien voted into office.

  193. PJ C. says:

    Today is the first time I heard of AMAC. I just read about it in Google. Sounds as though this organization is for the citizens(American) of this country. I hope so. We need more (lots more) of this type. I will be canceling my AARP membership as soon as I send my message to you. I have to say, I feel about AARP as I do about the Democratic Party; to quote President Ronald Reagan “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me”. That was in the last major election.

  194. Bob M says:

    I resigned from AARP a few years ago, and demanded my unearned membership fee returned. Got it in just three weeks.

  195. Michael Reagan says:

    As a former AARP member, I am a proud new member of AMAC and look forward to being an AMAC Ambassador for the Colorado Market!

  196. forex robot says:

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

    • Samuel says:

      kai Posted on Hey Chris, Being outside the feelnig of flow is a great way to describe it. Checking in with your flow is a great way to know when it’s time to take a break.Thanks for stopping by.

  197. Dale R. Whiting says:

    AARP is an insurance agency who uses senior issues to advance their business under the “non profit” umbrella. How do they get by with that status? We seniors need to seek out an experienced professional insurance or financial advisor for our insurance wants and needs.

  198. Bonnie says:

    I am all for what you are doing but if you want to be a serious replacement for AARP you need to offer insurance and some of the other things they offer. I tried to find you on Facebook and you weren’t there. You need to get a Facebook page. I am 46, so I hope by the time I’m 50 you have this up and running because I will never join AARP.

  199. Hollie says:

    I believe I sent money for membership, however have received nothing. Would like some info on your group. Thanks

  200. ROB BRICKLER says:


  201. DONALD MILLS says:


  202. Virginia says:

    it is about …. time seniors had a consevative voice. Years ago A “friend” gave me a membership to AARP and I never renewed it. This country is in big trouble with a need to turn things around fast or our future generations will forever be paying for our inaction. Lets make sure our forefathers did not work in vain.

  203. ken jones says:

    aarp was so bent on this health care program lets all tell ten people and have them tell ten people to cancel their aarp !!!!

  204. Sam Goldman says:

    I have become so very disappointed in what has become of our country. It is no longer the country that asked us to fight for it, or defend it. We have joined because as we age we need org’s that we can align ourselves with that promote and help us to protect the values that we have lived by, and raised children by, not org’s that no longer respect our lifes or those of the future.

  205. James Banks says:

    My Wife and I were going to join AARP until we were enlightened how AARP was in the Governments pocket and short changing the senior citizens it was suppose to be helping. We heard about AMAC on Conservative radio and we are now joining. Thanks for being an alternative.

    • Nilo says:

      Muriness1 on November 20, 2008 KIA does make good cars, I own a KIA (2004 Kia Optima) and its very reliable, saves gas and NEVER LEFT ME STRANDED. KIA does not have Toyotas reoatutipn BUT KIA has come a LONG way from what they used to be. and TOYOTA and HONDA started off just like KIA did.

  206. Judy Sheppard says:

    Mom and I are going to join today. I am cancelling my AARP membership today also. I am so glad AARP finally has competition.

  207. Margo Maples says:

    Looking for Insurance that is afordable

  208. gail k lightfoot says:

    The most important thing you can do for everyone is provide a voice for less gov’t and more self reliance and repsonsibility by individuals.As long as AARP and the like push for and get more gov’t programs, the less each individual is permitted to do for themselves. We need to stop now!

  209. Esther says:

    Please send me info on how I can join – I am dropping aarp

  210. Richard Stevens says:

    I quite AARP several months ago, because of their support of the Universal Health Care Bill.

  211. Frank Garcia says:

    I’m so sick of what AARP did and hearing about AMAC, I decided to cancel my AARP membership for my wife and I and Joined AMAC today. I’ll be telling all our friends to join too.

  212. Max B. says:

    Good for AMAC! We sincerely trust that this new organization will grow to be the true voice of us seniors. Glad to have heard about it on Mike Gallagher’s radio program. We’re canceling our AARP membership. This is great news!

  213. Ronnieb says:

    p.s. I cannot say AMAC is that alternative yet. This is my first exposure to the site and I’ve not yet perused the entire site. I just hope it is, as I hope, a good conservative alternative to AARP.

  214. Ronnieb says:

    I want an alternative to the liberal AARP. I’m 54 and cannot support the destructive mindset liberalism brings to any subject. I discovered long ago that liberals have high sounding moral speeches that always include spending (read “giving away”) other peoples’s money. They sob story their way into office. Then they buy their political support with public tax money and dig in like a tick with more giveaways to those who will work to keep them in office. They make me sick. They destroy everything they touch. Our churches once held them in check with time-tested, proven… PROVEN, abiding truth. Social “scientists” and “educators” (brainwasher) have corrupted the minds of the last two generations and now we are here in this mess. We must return to God’s truth. Go to church and empower it with your love and support. Traditional churches’ high sounding moral speeches actually worked for our country once and will work again. Local control will “grassroots” us out the mess we’re in one person at a time, right? Right. Its the ONLY hope we have. Meantime, we need an alternative to AARP.

  215. Stew Waller says:

    Getting ready to turn 50 and was disgusted by AARP’s backing of the blatantly un-American health care bill. I agree with AMAC’s stated principles, but will be carefully watching that they don’t go by the wayside as did those of AARP.

  216. Alida says:

    Unfortunately in Capitalism money talks and for the pass decades the American population has been too blind to care. I have to agree with Jess AARP has given the population 50+ way more than they can ever pay for with their year dues of $16 regardless of their current political position. Although I do not completely agree with AARP stands on political issues, I also feel it is sad this “Great” country has come to this relying on organizations to represent their values and beliefs. Organizations need money and will choose it over people any time, but don’t compliant while you sit on your comfy couch watching CNN or Days of our lives. The founding Fathers went to war, they demanded change and got it, they sure did not wait for their representatives in England to Stop the taxes they stop it themselves. Not Amac nor AARP would do anything for you if your Government for decades has mask itself as a democracy yet forces itself upon you!

  217. Adriana says:

    Many seniors feel betrayed by AARP’s support of HCR. Everyone was an entitlement to their own opinion and have the right to express and validate their thoughts. However, AMAC’s mission and goals are no more genuine. They are capitalizing on your anger towards AARP. Asking for membership dues and you are throwing your money away to a company at of anger and revenge towards AARP. My suggestion save your money and time and contact your congressman and do something about it yourself rather than rely on an organization whose primary purpose is your money.

  218. B. O. says:


  219. Jessica says:

    Also to Perry….. Your sheep-ism scares me … think for yourself…. dont just follow what some other person says on blog sites. this is what is wrong with our country. SHEEP BAHHHHH BAHHH

  220. Jessica says:

    this compnay doesnt offer you anything. not to mention that AARP at least offers political backing and they have had a substanical contribution to older americans. Such as, assisting in the impementaion of medicare, social security, job placement. They also offer free tax help, driver programs, many resources for financial and emotional assistance… Now i also DO NOT agree with their current political backings, but when push comes to shove, they have helped older people through MILESTONEs that this BS AMAC wishes they could take credit for. i understand people not wanting to support AARPs support of the HCR but…dont be ignorant, and please dont forget all they have done for you. AMAC is taking as much advantage of you as you think aarp is. they have created themselves in a time of need to scoop up the leftovers aarp has lost.

  221. Mick popowcer says:

    I am 63 but never joined AARP because I didn’t like their political stance on gun control. While I’m sure I hurt myself financially by not joining a seniors group, I tend to put my money where my mouth is. I hope your organization turns out to be a viable alternative.

  222. Carl W says:

    I am so glad to hear of this great alternative to the AARP which has been liberal for decades. I was a member of AARP for ONE year and didn’t like their lack of values or common sense. It is disgusting that America’s largest Seniors organization is selling us out to socialism. I hope AMAC will take a lot of members from that other group.

  223. Rob says:

    I had the pleasure of cutting up my AARP card and dues request and sent it back with “NO, YOU SUPPORT THE SOCIALIST’S OBAMACARE!” For some reason they sent it to me two times so I got to send it back twice.

  224. Larry S says:

    I dropped AARP as soon as I heard they supported the Healtcare Bill. I am glad I found AMAC.

  225. Roberta R says:

    To “Perry” I wouldn’t be concerned about what someone wrote here supposedly quoting Hillary Clinton. Anyone can write anything here and it is the opinion of that person and does not have anything to to with AMAC. I am not a member but I was able to make a comment too. Give this organization a chance.

  226. Roberta R says:

    The AARP started pestering me when I turned 50 but I never joined. I knew that they were a liberal group. The last notice I received a few years ago, I sent back and told them that I had no intention of joining and for them to take my name off their mailing list. I am now 72 and happy to see an alternative for seniors. I heard an interview on the radio of the founder of AMAC, but we were traveling in the car and I don’t know what show it was or what station, but I was very happy to hear about it and wrote down the information. Best Wishes

  227. Anna P says:

    I cancelled my membership to AARP, an association which I joined for senior information. AARP breached my trust and it appears the trust of others when it began representing its membership without the benefit of polling its members. It was presumptuous in that regard and continued to ignore the feedback it was obviously receiving from its membership. Kudo’s to those who also broke away from such a herd-mentality group and hopefully the new group with honor and respect the independent thinking of its mature membership.

  228. J. Chamberlain says:

    I am a former Democrat in *Crook County IL itself. I stopped voting “D” because of all the crooks and corruption. Now, I vote Conservative and tore up the fake AARP promo card they sent me and sent it back to them. I will gladly join this group of common sense Americans. Whatever happens in the future CAN be fought and overturned by committed, decent Americans. Fight the future Everyone. Conservative values/lifestyles cost our country far Less than the reckless, hedonistic, Godless “D’s” UNITE!! :@)

  229. Doris M Earnhardt says:

    was takingwas takingI am so glad seniors have a alternative to aarp.My late husband and I were members a long time ago.We did not like the direction aarp was taking but there wasn’t any other organization for seniors at that time. As long as you keep the members interests at heart I believe you will grow! DOWN WITH OBAMACARE AND HIS MINIONS!!!!

  230. J.Accardi says:

    I will not join AARP, considering their lack of caring for retired persons. I need to find out if you all carry Health Insurance plans and dental plans?

  231. Janet Lombardo says:

    My father, who had been a lifetime member of AARP fell ill in Dec 2008. I was handling his affairs while he was in the hospital and recieved a annual renewal bill from AARP for him. Thinking it needed to be paid, I paid it. When I got his bank statement a month later, I found AARP had been paid in Dec before he fell ill. My father passed away in Mar 2009, a month shy of 89. I contacted AARP to cancel his memebership and request a refund. The response I was given by them was it is there policy never to give refunds. Well, AARP will never get one dime from my husband or I. I hope everyone sees them as the self interest group that they are and that AARP does nothing to ensure the best interest of their membership. I hope everyone leaves AARP and joins AMAC today..

    • Eve Dolan says:

      Please send me the information necessary to join your organization along with the benefits and plans you have for seniors. Thank you.

  232. Robert Carr says:

    I have a RV and go to a lot of RV parks do you have discount

    Are club is about 25 RV

  233. Perry says:

    I was really looking forward to getting away from the liberals & liars at AARP, But, Now I’m concerned about AMAC. One of your member responses indicates that it was a statement from Hillary Rhodam Clinton wich in itself is not completely unbeliveable. But, There is no way she would publicize “Obama is a communist, or is it Nazi, or maybe a fascist, whatever, GO AMAC!” She woulb fired so fast it would make all our heads swim. So, now I question AMAC’s honesty. Sorry

  234. grbailey says:

    I was a long time member of aarp but never again.they are as bad as obama,if not worse.I am now a member of AMACI would love to see aarp collapse,along withthe commie non president

  235. Joseph says:

    If you continue to support Obama, you should not complain when his policy starts to affect you negatively. My family has voted democratic since FDR but I changed my mind in 2008. I hope others can change with the times. This is not the party of Kennedy, Humphrey. Don’t be a knee-jerk democrat. If I can do it, so can you.

  236. j paul says:

    I heard about you on the Mike Gallagher show. Any AARP stuff I receiveI return unopened. Do you receive ANY money from the government? Do you have any information on how to lower income taxes–mine went from 10% to 20% since my husband passed away; no one has been able to explain to me why–or how to stop it! Down with ObamaCare.

  237. Al and Floss C. says:

    We’ve been with AARP for some time. I put up with a lot of their boloney. But their backing this Obama healthcare is the end. They’re no better than Obama, and he is the worst ever.

  238. Rex says:

    Any interested person who hasn’t watched AARP suckering in older folks with their liberal baloney is just playing too much golf, and NOT paying attention. Down with AARP!! And the CHANGE Obama is attempting!!!

  239. Ken L. says:

    I belonged to AARP for about 2 years and that was way back about 20 years ago, I dropped them when my 2 years were up, I could tell way back then they were liberal by the stories. AMAC looks like a good choice but I really don’t need any services, just someone to speak for us real retired persons.

  240. Ken E. says:

    I am so happy to see some one with guts to challenge the trend of our economy with a new alternate. Its about time we stop talking and start doing something about our problems. We are in a civil war and we need to choose sides and be active!

  241. Virginia says:

    I am from the healthcare industry, and I’ve watched AARP operate. I’ve known for years that it had strong socialist/liberal leanings, but there was nothing else available for a conservative, like myself.

    I am excited to know that there is now a conservative organization that embraces my values. Kuddos to you all! Keep the ball rolling!

  242. Fred J Harris Sr. says:

    I am joining AMAC and dropping my membership to AARP today. Thanks for being there for us!! Down with OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!

  243. B Whittle says:

    I am joining AMAC and dropping my membership to AARP today. Thanks for being there for us!! Down with OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!

  244. melanie radojkovic says:


  245. George McElvy says:

    AARP is a joke and a rip off. I was a member for 15 years until I started reading between the lines. They are one of the biggest, if not the biggest liberal organizations in the US and have suckered in many elderly folks to keep them going. No more “AARP” and their Socialized Medicine for me.

  246. Henry R. Alcott says:

    I WAS a member of AARP for many years until they showed their true colors by pushing Obama care. My wife and I will give you a try. Good luck to your gallant efforts to bring this country back to something recognizable rather than something “circling the drain” on it’s way down!

  247. Ronald Christensen says:

    I have refused to join AARP because then receive grants for the Federal Government. The last one I remember was 80 million dollars. Do you accept ANY government money?

  248. Dale Krause says:

    My wife got a letter from AARP last week. I sent it back, telling them to NEVER bother us again, as they are not interested in seniors, but in getting their greedy hands on seniors’ money! I’m glad there is an alternative to those rat-bastards at AARP. You AMAC folks must fill on the void with HONEST, caring service; do this, and we ALL benefit! Good luck.

  249. Mark Leventhal says:

    When you resign from AARP be sure and request your refund. They will send you a check for the prorated dues.

  250. Hillary Rhodam- Clinton says:

    Obama is a communist, or is it Nazi, or maybe a fascist, whatever, GO AMAC!

  251. Marsha Carter says:

    I read the several comments and want to puke! Do you have term life? Who can I call for information about Medicare Advantage? AARP is screwing the seniors. What about our country? What about your children and your grandchildren? No wonder our countrymen are full of greed and self-interest; their parents are. This organization, just like AARP, is based on age and that alone makes it a self-interest group, devisive in nature from the get-go. Stop grabbing for you and start caring for the young, the next generation of this country.

  252. grbailey says:

    I was a long time member of aarp,but never again.They fell in with the worst people in the world the commie,obama.I have joined AMAC.I hope we can bring aarp down.

  253. Daren Hastings says:

    Never joined AARP…but now that I’m 55, I’m glad that AMAC is there. But I’ll be watching you, too!

  254. George T. says:

    I was a member of the AARP for over 20 years. I quit after they started to screw the seniors by pushing the Obama insurance bill.
    The AARP is not for seniors…it is for themselves with them selling insurance. I also send thier junk mail back to them.

  255. William N. says:

    Who can I call in my area about about getting Medicare Advantage information in the Greenville / Spartanburg, SC area. I think AARP thinks more about there holdings in the insurance companies then the members. I mailed there information back to them and called for yours today. I also heard abour AMAC on the Mike Galagher Show on talk Radio in Spartanburg, SC area.

  256. Dave says:

    I have never joined AARP because of their liberal leanings. I felt they would be using my money to push policies like Obama’s dollar-bankrupting health care. I gladly am joining AMAC! (P.S. Fellow seniors, check out for info on protecting your money from Obama…!)

  257. william tresca says:

    I am dropping our membership to AARP .

  258. Ken says:

    Does AMAC offer term life insurance for ages 55 & older? And is there guaranteed acceptance? I was thining about becoming a member with AARP until I heard about AMAC on the Mike Galagher Show on talk Radio in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

  259. Betty Cleveland says:

    How can I join?

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