AMAC vs. AARP – Battling for the Hearts and Minds of Seniors

fightsIf you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, here’s why you should.

During the first debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times, clearly tying them together.

Further proof that they were working in concert can be found in recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives. As the emails show, AARP threw their tremendous power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it.

In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats.

Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much.

AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better. As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the Nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

AMAC Fights for You!


AMAC, the leading Conservative Alternative to AARP
Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC, delivers remarks with the House GOP Doctors Caucus the day the Supreme Court decided to uphold ObamaCare. Standing with Dan are (from left to right) Representatives, Paul Broun (GA-10th), John Fleming (LA-4th), Phil Gingrey GA-11th), Joe Heck (NV-3rd), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25th), and Tim Murphy (PA-18th).

As AMAC continues to grow and build a presence in DC, we’re able to stand up to the tremendous lobbying power of AARP on behalf of concerned conservative Americans like you.

A senator told us, “You have got to grow AMAC!” When we asked him why, he said, “You don’t understand, when AARP comes to our committees they say they represent older Americans. We know at times they really don’t, but because of their numbers we have got to listen to them. When AMAC has one million members we can tell them they are not the only one we will listen to.”

AMAC can do something AARP will not do – we’ll fight against the horror of big government “solutions” like Obamacare with common sense solutions. Now, more than ever, we need your help!

If you want to belong to an organization that will speak out for the conservative values you believe in,

For a limited time, a 5-year membership is available for less than $1 a month, and you’ll have access to exclusive AMAC benefits – such as the members-only auto and home insurance program, the AMAC Roadside Assistance Program, travel, and much more!


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  1. Karen Karad says:

    AMAC is truly representitive of the voice of American Retirees.

  2. dan moffett says:

    This long list of COMMENTS in the discussion should be placed on a separate webpage. They should be divided inro categories also.

    • Jerry Gill says:

      I agree with Don, the comments below, both for and against AMAC are over a year old and completely irrelevant to the discussion of the merits of AMAC vs AARP today. AMAC has demonstrated it’s ability to provide seniors with outstanding products and services competitively priced with AARP services, while representing the conservative causes and viewpoints of most seniors. Hopefully all future posted comments will be based on the advantages or disadvantages of the products and services of the two organizations rather than political bickering which serves no purpose other than to inflame the passions of commenters and draw out “trolls” who thrive on and encourage animosity. Seniors face tough obstacles and we should be working on them together, we shouldn’t divide ourselves into camps and fight against one another.

      • KATHY B says:

        I just joined Amac .I am so sick of the way big government has become the last several years.I am sick of the lies and the liars.I use to be a registered liberal voter,,but thank God ,,I realized I am more than just a vote.I and millions of others are a Voice,,,and our voices need to be and can be heard by joining AMAC!!!!! I am grateful to have a CHOICE other than the liberally run AARP!!! I am now a member of a better choice! Thank you Amac ! God Bless you and God Bless America again!

        • Forbodden says:

          I agree with about AARP, but Amac is in bed with ranking Republicans in DC and most states especially Texas and Florida who are nothing more thanpawns of BIG business. Conservative huge corporations that are recipients of favors from Amac supported mega rich people who could care less about seniors or the near poverty levels most Americans currently try to survive. Like their Amac supported Conservative Republican friends reducing the funding of Medicare that helps with the funding of wars that use volumes of products the rich military conservative corporations (G. Bush and Cheney close friends) that are majority owned by ultra rich Republicans. I am sick that 1% of rich Conservatives own 95% of our nation’s wealth. They refuse to pay their fair share, ship good paying jobs overseas, buying elected officials, funding groups that attempt to disallow low income Americans to share in the nation’s wealth that used to be a part of the American Dream by stifling wages and in addition refusing the same people from voting by rearranging voter areas to favor the conservative Republicans. We no longer live in a Democracy, but rather an Oligarchy. The rich own everything and they need to be stopped before no one in this Country would be able to affordably live. Amac does not support any middle class citizens. Like their greedy friends they just want to be a part the 1% that are the for the wealthy becoming richer. AARP is no different!!

    • Pam says:

      Just received your information in our mail. We have never belonged to AARP because we picked up years ago they are not for the best interest of seniors. You hopefully will not go down the same path. However, giving away trinkets for joining is not a very good idea. Use the money spent on the trinkets fighting for our country and sustaining our rights. You’d be surprised how quickly it will mount up. Be different than AARP! Let us join because we believe in what you say you are doing! We plan to join and will give you a chance. Don’t prove us wrong!

  3. Gary says:

    AARP support of Obamacare is enough reason to cancel my AARP membership. Obamacare is turning into a monster with cancellation of thousands of current individual policies, disruption of many group plans deemed “Cadillac” plans by Obamacare, and a website that is atrocious. The unions complained, so they are now exempt. Millions of American citizens complain, and they are ignored. As citizens of this great country, we should be able to make our own decisions and own choices about what kind of health plan to get. Obamacare needs to be replaced by another “better way” initiative to help those unable to buy health insurance without imposing fees, policy change, policy cancellations, and more on the vast majority of U.S. citizens that have chosen their own form of health care coverage.

    • Howard says:

      Obama made claims he would not increase entitlements but all the subsidies of Obamacare are entitlements.
      US citizens, very very few illegals, pay into Social Security and Medicare.
      Social Security and Medicare ARE NOT entitlements since their direct funding comes from F.I.C.A. payments.
      Obamacare subsidies are not from direct payments by the users nor is Medicaid, Food Stamps, S.S.I., Section 8 housing and other WELFARE entitlements.

      Obama is a fraud and the most stupidest and racist president ever in the USA.

  4. Joe Dea says:

    Their PLOY is to tell you that ” since everything is NOT perfect ” YOU need to “TEAR IT ALL DOWN AND START AGAIN” …. BUT …. they don’t tell you that their way to start all over again is to destroy everything that is GOOD AND DECENT and replace it with their brand of ” CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION” !!!
    THINK NAZI’s and COMMIES anywhere in the world that they have taken over !!!! GOOD NIGHT ;-(

    • democratsaint says:

      so you rant and rave about how he is a plant but offer no proof that it was who is playing the magic tricks.sorry but show a link to where he is wrong,prove it. the fact is it tauts Conservative principles which IS getting rid of ss and medicare.don’t say your taut but than run and hide when the truth comes which point do your conservetive principle overtake the needs of the elderly?conservetive principle like deficits,doubling the debt?2 unpaid wars?where those your conservetive principle,how about the nsa that was under bush,.another conservetive principle?how about id card to vote which hurts the elderly?another great conservetive principle i see. you know the conservetive principle where mitch said he job was to make obama a 1 term president NOT to create jobs,NOT to cut the deficit,none of that was HIS job his job was to make him a 1 term president, the best way of course is to sink the YOUR conservetive principle must bee to put as many people out of work to make obama look bad.IT who would trust people like you to do a damn sorry but the right had 20 years to fix health care their way.THEY DID NOT
      they offer nothing,no solution no is a solution remove the cap on taxes on ss,why do you pay less taxes after you make more is another solution eliminate ALL deductions like reagan did.isn’t that ‘fair’

  5. John Baxter says:

    AMAC’s backers want to abolish Medicare and Social Security. They won’t say it directly, because they are a propaganda mill, but if you follow the money, you will understand that. Don’t be foolish and do your own background check.

  6. Roger says:

    Thank You, Left Wing Wackos. I turn 62 in a few days and came to this site to check out if I should sign up with AARP or AMAC. After the Left’s Bla Bla Bla I will send my money to AMAC.
    Thank You, for helping me decide.

    • JOHN PORTER says:


      • Rae says:

        what do AMAC offer that’s any different than AARP all of them seem to have an agenda of getting money for themselves. I have used the AARP card to get discounts and what they give I can get it from cutting out coupons. So I am asking what can they do theat is so different than
        AARP? Can antyone tell; me.

  7. xboeing says:

    Why all the venom directed against AMAC? I mean if all they are is gnat of an organization then why worry about it? The libs have either the shortest memory ever or they are deniers of the truth. Do any of you even remember when BO ripped 16 billion from Medicare and then do you remember when the AARP snooze paper came out in a panic and ask us all to write our congress person because Medicare was going broke! Major DUH moment here.

    I can’t fathom AARP motivation unless they just wanted to sell us more insurance we will all need if this turd is not defunded.

    • De Schultz says:

      If obamacare is so great why did the unions get a waiver?

      If Obamacare is so great how come the Obama’s and Congress have exempted themselves? If they shove it down our throat then it should be good enough for them

      Obama is out to destroy our country and he is will on his way!! He needs to be impeached now!!

      • Jack Fitz says:

        I agree with you 100%

      • democratsaint says:

        and the rights solution for health care IS..crickets
        1994 heritage foundation came up with a MANDATE omg
        aca is of course designed after,ROMNEY CARE omg he was the 2012 republican candidate
        the taxes to pay for were buy MCCAIN.wrap it up and put a bow on it and the right hates it.
        fact if you call it the aca and describe it,even republicans love it.if you say obamacare they hate it.tells you a lot.
        bush LIED to get us in wars no outcry of impeachment by right,he started the nsa spying,quiet,he broke us laws with torture,silence.reagan armed and trained osama sold wmd to saddam.can hear a pin drop.omg obama created a health care program that was ruled constitutional.impeach him.

      • Pooh says:

        Impeaching BO would give us our VP, yes? Talk about a rock and a hard place!

        • Louise A Carasone says:

          I know everyone thinks that the VP is an idiot. I say give him a chance. He can’t be much worse than what we have. just saying!!

    • JOHN HANEBURY says:

      I would just like to make a correction ——— BO did not rip 16 billion out of Medicare. He did however rip 700 BILLION from Medicare.

  8. Jerry says:

    Can’t wait to find out who dreamed up this new organization, just guessing it’s gets a lot of funding from the far right, probably fade out after they fail to end Obamacare. Never ceases to amaze me how so many people can be convinced to rally against their own best interests. I love my children and Obamacare is the greatest hope for their future, I am a Teamster with great benefits but I am the last of a dying breed until Unions can be revived. To all the haters out there, copy this post for the future, Obama will be recognized as one of our greatest Presidents, Obamacare will eventually morph into a type of single-payer plan, the GOP will get one more election cycle in power before the Democrats take both Houses of Congress in 2016 and you and your children will use and love Obamacare in the future and tell everybody that you voted for it.

    • wes says:

      WOW…….This guy most have drank a gallon of koolaid. I my self am a teamster ( local 305) . obamacare is going to be a deathnail to the 40 hour workweek. If you think I am wrong just look at what companies are going to do to be able to get out of paying.
      But why do you think the administration put on hold the mandate for companies untill 2015……..2014 election maybe?

    • Sue says:

      If Obamacare is so great, then why are the Teamsters you are so proud of trying to back out? Now that the unions have had a chance to ‘read’ the legislation and have found out how it will gut your Cadillac health plan they want no part of it! Even the IRS workers now don’t want any part of this health plan! Get real! Obamacare is already bankrupting this country and will continue to do so if it is allowed to continue. The 40 hour and 32 hour work week is dead or dying…So employers can avoid paying for health insurance under Obamacare…If you are lucky enough to get a part-time job, you may be fired before your ‘training period’ ends so employer does not have to pay benefits…This is already happening in my state since passage of Obamacare. I’m on Medicare and have already seen premiums and copays go up and services go down. Medicare insurers (supplement plans) have warned that this trend will continue after 2014. Your ‘greatest President’ ignores the constitution and legislates by executive order because ‘congress is too slow’. Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote…not a resounding endorsement for bipartisanship for such a wide-reaching act. Obama has eclipsed Jimmy Carter as the WORST president this country has ever had! I could go on about the plethora of overreaching acts perpetrated by this president and members of his administration, but if you’d pay any attention to anything but the lamestream media – you’d have a clue already….

    • cheryl says:

      Jerry, I really am dumbfounded to hear you say that OB will be recognized as one the greatest presidents. So sorry to hear that you are one of people that really believe his crap of lies. Don’t you realize that he is a puppet for that rich billionaire that hates the USA & the only reason he was put in office was to bring our great country down. I do realize that some of the stuff on the internet that has been said about OB is probably not true, but not all of it are lies. Open your eyes before its too late. Who do you think is going to pay for Obamacare? Certainly not the career unemployed. About him being a natural born citizen, why did he not produce a birth certificate in the very beginning if he has nothing to hide. He only produced one after 4 yrs in office at the cost of how much of our money, no doubt. Take a look at the birth certificate he did produce ( I really mean “PRODUCE”). The hsp where is was supposed to be born was not the name that it is now, but the certificate says the name of the hsp as it is now. I have a friend who is a very intelligent person, she is a republican but she also thinks that OB is just the greatest. When he takes all of our freedoms away & destroys our country I am going to be tbhe first to tell her “we tried to warn you” as I am saying that to you now. Yes, he will be remembered, he will be remembered for destroying this country. Will you be happy then. People should really care more about our country than about which party they belong to (if that is what you are doing). Our country is more important than any political party. Oh, & while I am at it, how many vacation do you get to take a year & to exotic places. f none like me that is because Obama & his family, his dog & his girls friends are taking them for you. So unless you don’t want or need to take a vacation at least once a yr I guess you are happy with OB spending that money when our country is going broke & we have homeless & starving people in the USA. Don’t forget about our religious going away but he still lets his muslim friends close down streets in N.Y. to have prayer sessions. I hope I have given you can think about & gets thru to you.

    • Jeffrey Johnson says:

      Jerry, If Obamacare is so great how come the obama’s and Congress have exempted themselves?

    • bob says:

      you do know the teamster leadership is against obamacare-fact

    • bob says:

      u r a very weak minded person. u have always been a follower, not a leader

    • m guth says:

      If obamacare is so great why did the unions get a waiver

    • John says:

      The first time you have a family member who needs medical care urgently but cannot get it because care is rationed, you will finally understand why obamacare is not the answer. Governement cannot sustain the financial burden which is why care will be rationed. Unfortunatly for the blind who cannot rationlize reality it will be to late. I fear for the elderly who are no longer working. Their medical care will be reduced to nothing because a panel is making the decision for them to receive medical treatment not a Doctor.

    • Dreama says:

      I see you posted in 7/13, guess you see how misled you were! This is a disaster, DISASTER and will be dismantled very soon!

    • Tim says:

      Keep dreaming . It must be really “great” with all the waivers and all.

  9. mytorpor says:

    AMAC must be doing some serious harm to AARP or all these Obamabots would not be here spewing their hatred! I have discovered that the left uses the exact same technique every time they try to shut down someone or something that threatens their power…1) name calling and profanity 2) accuse the opposition of being greedy and only in it for the power, money etc. 3) claim THEY tried or supported it and had horrible things happen to them 4) start all over again with the name calling and try to find a way to slip the race card into it!

    • Bill says:

      At the risk of sounding like one of the “Obamabots” you describe, why does this article say our healthcare system is the best in the world? The people who wrote this, the people who have a problem with Obamacare, and right wing conservatives don’t seem to understand how the world works. The system has been broken, the system still is broken, and Obamacare is also broken – but at least they’re trying to do something new.

      For someone who makes minimum wage today, you have to spend ~20 hours working to see a GP for 15 minutes. If that is a system that “works,” then I don’t think I understand the basis of that system. That is a result of a combination of greed and inefficiency, and, incidentally, it happens to stack the system against both minotities (who tend to be poor for a number of reasons), and a growing demographic – poor white people who continue to slave under corporate overlords who refuse to pay the same people who do all the work that keeps them rich. (Yet, they still demand tax breaks for their businesses – they can’t keep growing and expanding if they have to lose some of the billions of dollars of profit they make). See the problem here? Your mindset is flawed – and while plenty of “Obamabots” will cuss and swear, say you’re greedy and lay the race card – you have Glenn Beck shouting insanity in the corner every single day.


      • cheryl says:

        Bill, nothing in this world is perfect but the USA probably has one of the best in the world. If you don’t like it then go to another country & see what you can get. Maybe you think that Glenn Beck is shouting insanity because he is telling the truth to what is really going on in this country. If you are looking to the media for the truth forget it. There are lots of American doing very noble things here & in our military but those are never mention in the media. They only dig up stuff to depress us & make OB look good.

        • Richard says:

          Odd you should mention the military Cheryl, because they’ve had government run healthcare for over 100 years. Works pretty well too, by all accounts. And all those members of Congress? Do you think they’d ever even think of giving up their taxpayer paid platinum-plated healthcare? Not a chance. The Republican members just don’t want you to have anything remotely similar to it. Our healthcare system is in shambles. A sudden healthcare issue is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country. And close to one million Americans declare bankruptcy every year because of it. If that’s what you call one of the best healthcare systems in the world, then you are sadly deluded.

  10. Dennmc says:

    To Cap’n Ron.. and too many others.. Despite your characterization of the ACA as being an “bipartisan” legislation, the fact that not a single Republican voted for it makes it clearly NOT “Bipartisan” at all. Just wondering how you came up with the idea that it was “bipartisan”? I also wonder just why you and others are so against another senior’s group being involved and only considering it as being a “hate” group or an “Republican” group?? Is there not room for more than one Organization to be representative of “Seniors” or are you people more interested in an totalitarian state where one one voice can speak? Statements like yours and other’s similar commentary speak loud and clear for your intolerance, your totalitarian philosophy, and your hate for others not like you or with differing viewpoints than yours. The Seniors of this Country deserve better than this. By your insinuation of limiting organizational or group access to only a single entity such as the AARP, and the defining an competitor as being backed by any hate group, you have also defined yourself as an advocate of hate and in opposition to the Freedom of choice that a great many Soldiers and other people have given their lives to defend.

  11. Gene Jarvi says:

    Just another branch of the Republican Party. Now they will present their distortion of facts to the older generation, of which I am one of. They are displaying their twisted versions of all issues to everyone. It’s all bullshit . They want the White House in 2016 and will twist, distort, and exaggerate any issue that Obama is involved with. They are so obvious in what they are doing. They are making asses of themselves. They will eventually bullshit their way out of existence.

    • Tim says:

      And so your evidence of such claims is……
      Sounds like a direct quote of the MSNBC propaganda
      Please provide some evidence if you are going to make such claims about AMAC
      I am sure you are an intelligent person, let’s try to show it in the political debate or you just sound wacky
      There are many people (actually by far a majority in the country) who are against Obamacare and clearly that is why the 2010 election went the way it did. — the tea party movement for smaller govt was sparked by it and extremely successful — the fact is that democrats are now running from Obamacare and even unions are against it– wow!
      It is true that AARP went extremely political on obamacare even though their members were overwhelmingly against it — why should we continue to support an organization that takes action against what we support?
      AMAC is clearly a solid alternative now that AARP has been taken over by statist ideologues
      Thank you Dan Weber and the folks who stood up to start an alternative — now that is a great American tradition

  12. El Duke says:

    Mark J, you are doing exactly what you protest. You are pointing your finger at those that do not believe as you do and mocking them. Notice, when you point your finger at others that there are 3 more pointed back at you. It is very childish to attack an individual as you have and even insult someone by calling their mother a beast of the field. You are very typical of the average liberal. You shout “Nay, Nay. That is intolerant!!”, yet you are the most intolerant of all.

  13. Mark J says:

    Wow. So this is the state of discourse in America. “You belive this, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not!” “Yes you are!”


    Truth is, both of these groups represent certain idiologies. Pick the one that fits your beliefs, and stop calling those who chose otherwise names. You look like idiots.

    Just make sure who it is that backs the org you are thinking of joining. If they fit your beliefs, great. If not, THEN DON’T JOIN! Just don’t attack those that do.

    Man, this childish “We’re always right and your always wrong. Your an idiot. And your mother was a wildebeast.” BS is really tiresome and absolutely not helpful.

  14. BOB REDMOND says:


  15. Bruce Bacon says:

    Another right wing hate group. Yawn.

    • may britton says:

      how do i get a packet to look at and decide –i am no longer with aarp either after i found out they was for obamacare
      would like to have a packet please

    • T. Vaughan says:

      Thanks for the comment “pork belly”….helped me make up my mind…..sending in my membership to AMAC tomorrow!!

    • Randall R. Kniess says:

      Do tell where the hate is in this advertisement? I do believe it was a leftist phrase, “Question government!”, that was so loudly touted by those of my generation. OK, some of us have followed that advice and have found our government to be acting against the provisions of the Bill of Rights. The greed in that group’s leadership is to line their pockets with profits by being what the left says they are against. Corporate capitalism. We who refuse to accept this arrangement, oppose it collectively. That’s not right-wing hate, that’s Americans and the American way. The only hate that many of us Americans see here, is the sappy, trollish drivel emanating from a boorish troll named after a piece of swine flesh. Namely you and your equally destructive useful idiots.

    • Fred Parker says:

      Clones like you on the LEFT are ALL about Hate, so that would make you an expert.

    • melanie says:

      Libs do more “hating” and name calling than any convervative. Look in the mirror, hypocrite!

  16. Tina R says:

    Part of the problem of solidifying any one group is what I see here. Stop name calling and putting each other down and stick to finding solutions.

    • Bobby Prince says:

      Please take me off your mailing list. I do not want to hear about your propaganda and lies!

    • RM Fisher says:

      I’m sorry, but if you believe OBAMA…. I’ll stick with AARP. And, since when are advocates for us seniors engaging in petty slander? You discredit yourself in so doing.

      You should be working together if you are truly out to help and support the Elderly.
      Never mind AMAC vs AARP. That will not stand.

  17. Steve T says:

    When I turned 50 I received my AARP packet in the mail and joined. It didn’t take me long to see AARP as a sales organization only posing to represent seniors, so when it was time to renew I passed and properly recycled the paper. When Obama Care came into the political frame and I saw the AARP support for this legislation I knew my non-renewal was justified. So when I received my packet to rejoin AARP I took the time to cut the information provided into pieces and mailed it back to them in the envelope they provided. Gee, I hope they recycle paper too.

    • Grandma J says:

      AARP also received my packet in the mail the other day; cards they sent with my name spelled wrong all nicely cut in small pieces, registration form with big x’s drawn through the blanks, told them to take my name off their mailing list and I had made a circle with “Obamacare” written in it with a slash mark through it. All sent back to them in the postage paid envelope. How convenient!! Maybe they will get my message!!

      • Terrylee Dembowski says:

        Gramma…. don’t get off their mailing list… keep sending them literature you want them to have in their postpaid envelopes… if everyone who has disdain for l this bunch of phoney-balonies did this to their garbage then perhaps we could cut into their budgets… Just saying!!

        • Loren says:

          I love to send stuff back in the prepaid envelops. It keeps postal workers employed and stiffs the companies.

          • Bradley Martin says:

            If you send junk in prepay-ed envelopes the company mailed to can get credit for it and not have to pay to receive it so you are only adding to the Post Office loses.

      • KB says:

        Great idea! I’m sick of their spam mailings!

    • Terrylee Dembowski says:

      I make a game out of harassing the AARP…. everytime I receive their garbage in the mail.. I stuff it with my choice of ads and send it back to them… they receive my ads and pay for it too !!! So juvenile for a 65 yr. old. but what the hell it’s fun

    • Sue says:

      Good for you! I did the same thing!!

  18. Jim says:

    Personally, I am tired of people griping and griping. I am ready for people talking action and not leave aarp but real action. Turning Washington to being afraid of the people instead of the people being afraid of Washington. I am a veteran and proud of it but I am increasingly becoming ashamed of my country of what we the people have allowed to take place. I remember in 1956 Russian Premiere Kruskesf made the statement they would take over the U S with out firing a shot. Think about it folks, they are almost there and we just sit around griping. We have nothing else to loose if we just continue sitting around the U S as we have known it for all our lives will be GONE. I’d love to see a million or two of us old geezers march on Washington D C, we might even be able to pick up some young geezers along the way.

    • Barb Mason says:

      It would be nice to see that many people March in Washington DC. I truly would be proud to stand and march along with them .

    • Loren says:

      I too served my country, have LOD VA pension. My medicare just shot up 88% on my SS and it will go even higher in the future. I will probably end up paying my own disability.

    • Bill Lavent says:

      Amen Jim. I’ve been saying the same thing. My memory is fresh enough to remember stories of what happened to some of my relatives who vanished from Poland after the second world war. My grandmother ended up up in Siberia and was never heard from again. I too am a veteran and recognize what’s going on in our government. Inch by inch, step by step we are slowly being turned into a socialist government. As the story goes, put a frog into a pan of lukewarm water and gradually turn up the heat, he will boiled before he knows it.

  19. Ray says:

    A lot of dialogue to be certain. Not sure I’d “join” either group here. But the best argument that I’ve ever seen against joining the AARP is the comments left here by it’s supporters.

    • jta says:

      By the attack comments it looks as if the left is vehemently opposed to someone exposing more holes in the Kool-Aid Kid’s (read Obama) pet senior group AARP.
      Rule 1 for liberals. If you can’t defend your position use derogatory comments, insults, perverted inuindos and any means available to demean your opponents. Avoid the truth at all costs.

  20. Whew! says:

    This is great. AMAC sounds like a great place for all the crazy right wingers over-50s, a nice comfortable place where they can all talk their conspiracy theories and worship their guns and hate all kinds of people unlike themselves. Bravo. Gets them out of AARP and contained in their own play place. Truly a win/win for both the AARP and AMAC.

    • Momus says:

      Really? You can give up your rights quietly but please do not expect others to roll over and let the .GOV rub their bellies in content.. Smiles on this crazy hump day..

    • Patriot says:

      Serously? Do you ever listen to yourself? You are exactly what you hate in others! No wonder liberalism is on the verge of extinction, unless you ask a liberal, then they think 99% of Americans are with them. Oh well, just let these liberals live in their delusional world having their strings pulled by their puppetmasters!

      • Rafael Salas says:

        Liberalism is dying? Really? Obama won the last two elections by a large number of electoral votes. The Senate is full of Liberals. The GOP might be able to elect a Congressman in Utah or Alabama but the GOP as a National party could not elect a dog catcher. When you have 55% of women, 71% of Latinoes, 73% of Asians and 95% of blacks voting against you, you’re doomed. I was a Republican admitedly a RINO but I did support McCain but due to the tea party our whole family voted for Obama.

        • AKMark says:

          So you admitting that you are part of the problem!

        • Capn Ron says:

          Rafael pretty much hit the nail on the head. George Will, a staunch Republican, said it best when he stated the Republican Party defines itself by what they are against. A right wing hate group is exactly what it is. Last year I saw a Latino interviewed on the news. He stated that he wants the same family values the Republicans want; however, he stated, “They just don’t want us.” Republicans are going down in 2014 because they cannot eliminate their hatred for so many groups that are not like themselves. Since the very founding of our country America has changed and is still changing and it will continue to change and evolve. Those that cannot accept this will be left behind.

          If you would really like to know where our problems began I suggest you read “Who Stole the American Dream” by Hedrick Smith. Many of America’s ‘old geezers’ grew up in a household where unions made a difference in people’s lives. This all changed with Lewis Powell’s Memo to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce in 1971. I prefer to call it his ‘Corporate Domination Manifesto’. Most of you reading this have never even heard of it. It is what changed political economics in America and had a huge impact of the Republican Party during the Carter Presidency. Just this morning while watching a morning news show it was pointed out that since 1978 working pay has gone up 5% (based on inflation) while corporate executive pay has risen 875%. Republican policy creates poverty. Sure, some people’s lives are better off, but there is a hidden cost that many are unable to understand. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re not smart enough or simple refuse to become educated outside of a rosy painted picture that only exists in their minds.

          Healthcare cost is another problem in America and I hear many people whine about the ACA when, in fact, they know nothing about it. It is change so they hate it, but cannot tell you anything about it except for idiotic conclusion from hate conversations. I am a veteran and very proud to be one. The U.S. military has a preventative maintenance program that is second to none. Proper maintenance will prevent 80% of your problems. This was drilled into us. The same thing applies to the human body. The ACA was a bipartisan bill that seeks to do just that, prevent problems. If you haven’t read the ACA you might wish to educate yourself so you don’t make a fool of yourself. And by the way, America does not have the best healthcare in the world. Those are baseless assumptions people make, but cannot back it with facts. The fact is the ACA has already begun to drive the cost of healthcare in American and some is a result of new ideas that were never thought of before such doctor’s beginning healthcare pools. (It is essentially healthcare insurance without an insurance company.) I also know a person that administers insurance payments for small business and she states it is absolutely costing the employers and employees less money.

          One final aspect of what is wrong with health insurance in America is the discount system. Corporate America is 10% of the people controlling 90% of the money. A hospital can charge $1000 for a procedure, but when the insurance company gets the bill it is $200. Healthcare would not be the problem it is if the hospital would charge me the same discounted price. You know they will not lose money on it so American insurance companies have those who cannot get insurance by the balls. These are the types of practices hurting many Americans that the ACA seeks to resolve.

          • Drifter says:

            Way to go Capn Ron – you just let all the air out of the righty windbags posting here. I wouldn’t be surprised if former Republican Rep Army was behind the formation of AMAC. Did anyone notice that the gents pictured in the photo op didn’t reveal their political affiliation like they usually do? I bet donuts to dollars you could put a big fat “R” in front of every name in that picture. The GOP needs to get out of women’s crotches and operating rooms and do something for the good of this country that counts – they are pure obstructionists and will do and say anything that will lather up idiotic, uninformed voters to support anything they say – Pathetic!!!!!!!!

        • Pat K. says:

          So Rafael, you knew what was right and voted against it. Not at all smart.

        • mytorpor says:

          Rafael, Obama received 9 million fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008 and Romney managed to get 1.3 million fewer votes than McCain! The margin between them in many states was less than 50,000, far smaller than the margins between Obama and McCain. For example, in 2008 Obama won New Hampshire by 10%, in 2012 he won by 4%. If both parties continue to alienate voters in those numbers…in 2016 Republicans win by a mile!

          As for your idea that Conservatives leaving AARP and going to AMAC is a win/win for both companies, I can promise you that AARP doesn’t think it is a win! I receive letters every month BEGGING me to come back!

          BTW, neither McCain nor Romney lost because of the populations you refer to…we have always had about the same % of that vote. They lost because they didn’t get their conservative base to the polls. If the GOP gets some sense knocked into their heads and runs a true conservative, we will be at the polling places by the bus load.

        • cheryl says:

          Rafael, If it was not for the electrorial vote OB would not have won. That is such a farce we need to get rid of. It does not seem to reflect what the majority of the population wants. One of the statistics I saw going by how many states OB won against Rommney OB would have lost. After the election I saw on internet & so true, Obama won, America loses.

      • Randall R. Kniess says:


    • Jim says:

      Too bad having an IQ over 10 is not required for posting here. Beings like you are the reason I will never join AARP.

    • KC Vendetta says:

      Until idiots like you grow up and get at least a high school
      education this nation is doomed to a path of self destruction! “Whew” …you try to make an argument without an ounce of intelligence. I’ll be glad when summer vacation is over!

    • TLiebling says:

      There you are! We wondered where you went after you escaped from your padded room at the hospital. Stay were you are. The nice men in white coats will be there soon to take you back to the funny farm, where you will be given nice little pills that will make you feel much better.

    • Al Fracker says:

      Wow, a red herring, generalization, jump to conclusion and ad hominy grit attack in two short sentences. Liberal Logic 101

    • Fred Parker says:

      Whew! – We’re all glad that you’ll stay with the clueless clones at AARP where you truly belong.

    • cheryl says:

      Whew, I guess you are one of the crazies from the left. Since you mentioned guns. Gun control is not about gun control its about “PEOPLE CONTROL”, you fool. You don’t believe it, look back in history & take a look at Hilter & take note of the resemblance between OB & Hitler.

  21. michael pollard says:

    AMAC is a Extreme Far Right Group set up to take medical benefits and their homes from the elderly , , and give more money to lobbyists and rich politicians…. Just like Jim and Tammy Baker…

    • G Grant says:


      Lets stick with the facts…. Did you read the article that was posted in the Wall Street Journal…It’s still on-line and it states that you and me and everyone else that is a member of AARP is in full support of Obama Care. I don’t know about you but already my cost of insurance with AARP has gone up 30% and it’s is projected to go up again. The source of the above article is a valid source………..

    • Patriot says:

      Oh, lets see, the IRS targets conservative groups through litigation and audits, effectively oppressing an opposing voice, AG Holder attacks a Conservative news agency, lies about, breaking the law, obama administration covers up Benghazi, obama is trying to dismantle the Constotution, one Amendment at a time, the scandals keep mounting and you think we should trust AARP, a well known supporter of obama? Talk about left wing delusional exyremism!

  22. mary says:

    Now I admit I live in a very small rural town….but I have NEVER heard of this group. I pay attention to the news reports about Medicare.,,,,As I am on it. However….I also know that the things Medicare approves…is only because they recieve money for their endorsement.

    Where can I find out more about this group??? I didn’t renew my membership in AARP simply because I consider them “BIG BUSINESS” that is not looking out for my interests. At this point in my life…I don’t trust our government either.

  23. Larry Talbott says:

    amac is just a scam to confuse old people with a shell game. gopers realized they shot themselves in the foot when they tried to victimize seniors. This is just an attempt to split seniors so that they lose political power. Gotta hand it to gopers they think up creative ways to be evil.

    • Rich says:

      Where was AARP when Obama chopped 716 Billion from medicare. They should have been in Washington with picket signs. This cut will affect every senior.

      • tames says:

        He chopped 716 billion by condensing wasteful duplication of programs and reductions to prescription cost agreement to the drug companies and set national hospital cost for same type of treatments, i.e.: one hospital would charge $500 and another would charge$1200. get your facts strait Tea baggers.

      • Drifter says:

        Where do you clowns get this 716 billion dollar figure from??? Obama didn’t cut it from medicare recipients, he pared it out of payments to hospitals, doctors, medical parts groups, research groups, all of whom agreed to the cuts as necessary. Your clown prince, Lyin Ryan is the jerk who wanted to cut that amount out of medicare – look it up – it is a fact but then you guys don’t understand what facts are – you froth at the mouth whenever a FAUX puppet or GOP idiot opens their mouths!

        • J R Moses says:

          Drifter………..with good health and a little luck, you too will live to become a senior. If we continue down the road to socialized medicine, and it looks like we will, you will probably be one of the most vocal about the injustices to seniors when you find that you cannot get the care you deserve. As a present senior watching the number of Dr.’s declining to accept medicare growing daily, I feel pretty sure this is bound to be true……….so enjoy your young life to the fullest……….because if you do grow old………..good luck.

        • cheryl says:

          Oh God, another OB lover.

    • Barbara Ford says:

      Let us (seniors) not forget. This is a right wing group who has nothing for the seniors who have worked very hard in our younger years; and they now want us to come and give up our rights?

      • Moaab says:

        What does your beloved left-wing AARP have for you? They betrayed all seniors with their support of Obamacare. When Obamacare goes full force next year, seniors over 70 will not get care, only “end of life” counseling. The left has only been out for your money for years. They raise our taxes, began taxing social security payments, and now want to take our retirement accounts. Are you blind??? The right is trying to get rid of Obamacare, lower our taxes and not take over our retirement accounts.

        Do you not follow the news? The left-wingers are trying to take away our rights to: 1) freedom of speech, 2) freedom of religion, 3) right to bear arms, and 4) right to privacy. They are trying to take away our rights, not the right. Try thinking for yourself and quit believing everything everyone else tells you.

      • Fred Parker says:

        Hey Barbara, Øbama brought you compassion and socialism. So all you have to do is ask his puppet master George Soros to assist you when the hand picked Øbama death panels deny you the procedure that your doctor says you need. Just tell him you voted for that lovable community organizer, Barry Øbama.

    • Jeff G says:

      I guess you aren’t refuting anything written in the WSJ article.

    • Fred Parker says:

      Hey Larry, you need to get yourself a life. And while you’re at it, – get yourself a brain. It won’t cost you much, they’ll fit you with the smallest size imaginable.

  24. Bill Tierney says:

    You criticize AARP for “working in concert” with the President. It appears that you are also “working in concert”, but with the ultra right wing of the Republican Party.

    • DEE says:

      Your comment makes absolutely no sense. If you agree with AARP then stay with them. Don’t get upset if another does not agree with their Liberal agenda and decides to leave and has a better alternative. Why should liberals be the only one with a choice??????????? Liberals are going to see a lot of push back–Conservative and Americans are sick of their agenda. Thank you AMAC for being available. I will be switching my Mom to you very soon!

      • Erin says:

        I too am leery of AARP. Just because someone favors an alternative choice does not mean that they are “right wing conspiracy theorists” It has always been my understanding that America is a free republic and all citizens are entitled to their opinions and beliefs. Must we all call names and belittle one another? You work for your cause and I’ll work for mine. We’re all Americans.

        • Sue says:

          I agree with Erin. We are Americans that can chose for ourselves, but, I know nothing of AMAC except what I read on this post. I need to research them and not blindly agree with them. I am not a member of AARP but I do have auto insurance and life insurance that AARP sponsored. I can easily change the auto ins. but not the life ins. The life insurance is with Hartford. Does this mean that Hartford Insurance Company agrees with AARP.

    • TLiebling says:

      But down the bottle, Bill. All that Kool-Aid you have drunk has killed a good many brain cells needed to think clearly.

  25. Susanne O'Dell says:

    I have been a member of AMAC for several months. My AARP card runs out in 2014 and when it does I will not be renewing it. AARP is looking out for itself, not its members. So there is no room in their organization for me.

  26. Ken says:

    Just remember AARP is 100% against gun owner ship, and believes no one should own a gun for self defense
    They believe in gun confiscation, and the police will always be there on time, DO NOT JOIN AARP as they have a personal agenda to help disarm the American people, go to there web sight and read the fine print.

  27. Kevin says:

    I have to wonder how many of you on here bitching and moaning about AMAC are either AARP members or lobbyist for AARP. Your probably the same ones who think we should give illegals medical care and if we do not want to we are not compassionate Christians. I am so tired of that line and some ministers trying to use their pulpit to bully people to think the way they think we should think. Last I read , I still have a choice in that, not a member of the clergy. Let e tell you I ge4t something from AARP about every other week trying to get me to take their membership or buy their insurance. You may say I am on the right and you could not be more incorrect. I am a conservative who just happens to feel that it is up to us as Americans to make intelligent choices. Obama and his cronies and AARP just do not fit in that picture for me.

    • Charlie "U" says:

      I believe AARP (United Health) have sold us down the river, all over money, not because they believe they are really helping, but because Obammy care will continue to legistrate on their behalf. $$$$

      My wife I are in our mid 60’s and have tried to get AFFORDABLE health insurance from private, state and several insurers. We need the health AFFORDABLE health insurance. Everyone we tried had policies over $250/each. We currently have “United Health Care” thru AARP, out of necessity, and it’s only $275/month for both of us.. We do not agree with AARP’s positions nor their motives. As soon as Amac or another source with similar policies to Amac, we will change faster than a heartbeat.

      Now,throw in the IRS as the “ENFORCER”, and who do you think will benefit from the Obammy care? Sure as HELL not us.

    • DEE says:

      Kevin, you are so correct. AARP and other Liberal cronies are paid to sit at home and stalk blogs, websites like this one and make negative comments. I know this first hand.

      • Christine Crowline says:

        I felt AARP move away from what really good for older Americans when it went into the medical insurance business then the car insurance business and it soon became a business and not an organization that represented older Americans. I have felt for some time that we need to all come together and represent what we need.

        That fact was never driven home so strongly as in was in our last election when we were lumped together with people who are on Welfare. It seems that even our elected officials don’t realize that Social Security is not a handout – that is my money.

        Mark my words, by the time our children generation dies out, many many fact about the disposal of our elderly because we consume too many resources, will be accepted as part of the hard choices the government had to make in order to balance our budgets.

        The only way to really protect ourselves is to run for government offices so that we are at the table when the decisions are made.

        • Jim says:

          WOW! Well said, here is an aging geezer who was raised Democrat, became self employed and turned republican got screwed by the republicans and turned Constitutionalist. There is a provision in our Constitution that provide the Citizens a way to rid what Washington D C has turned into. The Second Amendment was put in place to give Citizens a way to make Washington afraid of us and this aging geezer is ready to stand up with like minded aging geezers and turn this country around taking back our rights, all of them. I am a veteran and thought I was fighting for this nation during Viet Nam only to find out it was all political, I am now ready to fight for my country because of the tyrannical politicians making a travesty of our Constitution.

          From what I have seen of AARP they are in the back pockets of the liberal progressive democrats and Obama has followed what he projects in his books. He believes in Marxism and has throughout his life looked for people with the same outlook for friends. This country was built on FREEDOM, RELIGION, SPEECH, GUNS, PRIVACY, NOT TO INCRIMANATE YOURSELF, you can read the Bill of Rights for the rest I’m not going to do it all for you.

          Don’t forget the words of Benjamin Franklin (paraphrased) people who would give up liberty for security does not deserve either!

          • Patty says:

            Democrats and Republicans – two side to the same political coin – working toward larger government and more control over the population. The Republicans will steal all our money and the Democrats will give us Syphilis – that’s what my Grandparents used to say anyway. Now, I guess it’d be, the Republicans will steal all our money to starve and medicate us to death while the Democrats will give us AIDS and ‘end of life’ counseling.

          • Pat K. says:

            I agree and I think we are going to have to stand strong(even if we are old geezers) and take matters into our own hands. If we don’t our children and grandchildren are going to inherit this mess.

  28. Reasonable says:

    AMAC sounds like tha lobbyist organization for the Tea Party/Republican obstructionists. “Obamacare” would have been different and better if the Repubicans and Tea Partiers had cooperated more fully in its design. We are all paying for medical care for indigents and illegal aliens and those who just won’t pay their bills. We decided in the 70’s that hospitals and emergency rooms couldn’t ask patients for their citizenship status because those questions and their answers might delay the delivery of medical treatment. Since “Obamacare” is based on insurance coverage, the process is sped up and, in fact, it specifically forbids benefits for undocumented aliens. I think that we need to make some provision for their treatment (we wouldn’t want to crawl over their bodies at the entrances to emergency rooms) but “Obamacare” is probably not the right place for that. A portion of my income tax funds indigent medical care (The Hill-Burton Act) and part of my property tax funds indigent medical care in our local hospitals and clinics.

    These people are intending to punish – kick around – folks who are already down. I think they are a disgrace.

    • Jo says:

      Agree with you completely. Clearly a far right group!

      • Brenda says:

        That’s a good thing Far left have their AARP let the far right have theirs Fair is fair.

      • Zeke says:

        AMAC should wear the label of “far right group” like a badge of honor. For, if not for them far left groups would have all older Americans’ money and business since there would be no choice for assistance. People need to wise-up; the right wing of society is what is keeping our country from falling into anarchy and tyranny at an even faster rate.

        • Jim says:

          Yes, if the Republicans and Tea Partiers had stayed quiet and not voiced opposition to ObamaCare it would have been worse. Lets see, a LA Congressman, got paid for his vote just to get it passed along with a deal with NE reps for the rest of the nation to cover any future increase in Medicare cost to get their votes and this was with a Democratic controlled HOUSE AND SENATE. Yep, Obamma Care is great!

    • LauraR says:

      DUH…do you even READ the news? The conservative side HAD NO SAY in Obamacare. They were EXCLUDED from meetings and had NO input. I’m sure you’ve conveniently forgotten that! AARP is a ‘lobbyist organization’ and if you don’t know that your head is in the sand..only THEY are lobbying for all things progressive and for a socialist view. You are a COMPLETE moron if you really believe your last line: “These people are intending to punsh—kick around—folks who are already down.” THAT IS TOTAL PROPAGANDA and you have bought into it. The Tea Party NOR conservatives in general want to punish ANYONE. Rather we want to give them the kind of help that really enables them to become independent, rather than simple creating a slave class dependent on a government handout/check. Turn that money into job training and job creation…People like YOU are the disgrace in this country, vilifying sincere, patriotic Americans who only want to see a return to the Constitutional Republic we grew up with, rather than a totalitarian state that ‘pretends’ to take care of you, cradle to grave, but is robbing us of our freedoms and turning us into serfs.

    • Gene says:

      Are you kidding me…how blinded you left wingers are. The Republicans wanted to be a part of the debate but the lefty loons as ALWAYS didn’t want common sense to prevail…ans so we got a statement from Pelosi, there’s a winner, that we had to pass the bill to see what was in it. Well we have and as usual Obumma and crew LIED…Repeal repeal

      • Jim Krasnansky says:

        I just wonder who really read ACA when it was presented one hour before the vote. We need more Senators like Feinstein. *coff coff*

        The Senate is composed of @$$#0!&$, R & D. Stop voting for Republicans and Democrats.

        • Neal P. Murphy says:

          Allow me to clarify for you, Jim. Our government and republic are infested with communists, fascists and anarchists who will not rest until they have destroyed our republic and all it stands for. Democrats are the left wing of those enemies of our republic; republicans are their right wing. They’ve swung the pendulum so far to the left that it’s bouncing off the upper (totalitarian) end of the totalitarian/libertarian spectrum. We centrist patriots have nothing in common with any political party and should never vote for any of them.

    • DMcG says:

      Obama didn’t seek or want “cooperation” on Obamacare. It was a take-it-or-leave-us proposition. They wouldn’t even change it to get Dem votes, they just bought the necessary Dem Congressmen and Senators with money and pork. Neither Obama nor Pelosi knew what they were passing. Obama made all sorts of wonderful promises (you can keep your policy, your costs will go down, blah blah blah), none of which were faintly true.

      And AARP supported all of it, while standing to make hundreds on millions of dollars on its own insurance as a result of the bill.

      AARP is truly for itself. AMAC is a conservative organization, as am I, as are the vast majority of seniors. The Tea Party is not “right wing,” except by the definition of the fanatics and socialists in charge of this government. What we support is basic American freedom, independence, and self-determination. These were virtues as recently as the previous Administration but are suddenly “radical right wing ideas.” What a joke.

  29. Max says:

    Question for all of the people on here touting “obamacare” explain to me just why, why if it is such a great plan that politicians have excluded themselves and there staffs from using it. If it is the law of the land that we all have to use it or get fined for not having insurance why is it that politicians are exempt. Why is it that costs for all of the services attached or connected to “obamacare” rise and we have to pay for those costs, but politicians are exempt. and why, just why did it have to pass in the first place so we could, according to Pelosi, find out what’s in it. obamacare never should have passed, obamacare never should have been voted into law until all of the facts about it were known, including and especially all of the costs, and politicians should never have been exempt! obamacare is an abomination and so are all of the idiots that voted for and supported it!

    • Jo says:

      It’s frustrating because no one seem incline or able to stand up to the President. I read overwhelming that the people are dissatisfied but nothing is changing. Why is that?

      • DEE says:

        Jo–the Congress has every bit of power to abolish the IRS. Why aren’t they doing it?

        • DMcG says:

          Because there is no single “they” with that power. Congress would be happy to help, but the Senate is in Obama’s pocket and without them Obama pretty much has free reign. All you ticket-splitters out there need to keep in mind the necessity of owning the House, the Senate and the White House in order to effect real change after Oduma is gone.

    • Onita says:

      There has to be a better solution for healthcare than Obamacare. And I would never support a 1 payer system. Personally…I believe that when I reach 65…I should be able to choose whatever insurance I want…and get a credit for my Medicare dollars to apply to my Healthcare plan of choice. I also do not believe that healthcare is a RIGHT – and I do not feel responsible for those who cannot pay. Let communities decide if they want to help them pay for their healthcare or hospitalization – get the friggin’ Fed’s out of it…

      • Salazar says:

        Onita, what make you think you can chose your health care now? Whoever you are working for give you his choice of which insurance companies, you can chose from. Then that will tell which doctor you can chose from. Then all the specialists doctors may take your insurance, and most of those doctors are two months out for an appointment.
        All of us are paying for people who can not pay now, who do you think pays for those people in the ER now, big shock lady we all pay for it now, none of it is free. You got yours, the rest go to h–l. Are you a christian? Where your compassion,

        • alma says:

          Salazar, I am wondering If anyone has ever taken notice, That when we had our jobs here and there were plenty of works for people, Just how much lower those social rolls really were, and notice too, we had little to no problems with health care, we have bc/bs/ plus Etna to name only a couple, when they decided to create this Hugh I.E. so called trade agreements, and starting cutting the union into bits and pieces, it has all gathered up speed all down hill since that time. we all knew back then it was all hog wash, but we listened, and gave them the benefit of a doubt, now we are living the hog wash and the bs and all we continue to get from Government and congress are more and more secrets and blatant lies even, total misrepresentations , now they are talking about truly shutting the mouths of Media what ever the source, I truly believe everything is about to change and Insurance is the very least of our worries. they have straight up and down the middle lost their minds , they have no business mentalities nor do I believe they have any real and sincere concerns for any American. whether they be rich or poor. the fact that we were once the country to be at the people who stood up against all odds have for all intents and purposes been conquered from within.
          We Need a good through house cleaning and all the traitors needs to be taken out and hung, they took our habeas corpus , well, that’s one of Almighty Gods double edge swords what protects Americans also would have protected the traitors, their bad! I’d say. or their great mistake. I do not know what to expect next from these manics but I’d venture to guess- nothing Good.

    • Scott B. says:

      It seems as if Congress — not all politicians, just Congress and some parts of the Federal govt — manage to exclude themselves from almost every program that requires the rest of us to pay into them in order to get anything out. It’s not just the Affordable Care Act. They have their own health insurance, their own retirement program, etc.

    • Shannon says:

      You said it, Max! If Obamacare is so great, why is it not good enough for Obama and HIS family? Or, as you stated, Congress and the Senate, or any of their employees? And speaking of employees, that is exactly what Obama is and every member of Congress is…OUR EMPLOYEES! We hire them with our vote, and THEY CAN BE FIRED! If any other employee throughout corporate America had the job performance of those in Washington, he/she would be relieved of their job. But only in Washington do they do wrong, and get promoted!! Americans needs to reclaim this great country, repeal Obamacare, and clean house! God bless America!

  30. Jan says:

    My disappointment with Obamacare is that it is not single payer. We should have a system that provides decent health care to every American, not just those with enough money to buy health insurance which is increasingly becoming more and more expensive. I suspect that AMAC is in the pocket of the health insurance companies and the medical industry. Interestingly enough every nurse with whom I have spoken at my HMO is strongly in favor of single payer. And I’ll bet that the underpaid workers at Walmart who often have to get food stamps to support their meager wages and who get no health benefits would also love to have single payer. The fact that the US does not is a total disgrace.

    • Jo says:

      I think that Obamacare initially was formulated around a single payer system but it grew to be much more intrusive when the politicians got a hold of it. I haven’t studied much about it but I would certainly be willing to listen to a single payer system. I haven’t read the 9,000 pages of new medical codes but this was reported by AMAC’s president, Dan Weber, ““No kidding,” Weber said. “Senator Rand Paul, an MD, himself, pored through the 9,000 pages of new regulations and 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes in the Affordable Care Act and reported that in addition to the Macaw codes, there are two new codes for turtle accidents and two more for injuries suffered as the result of walking into a lamppost. It’s slapstick comedy worthy of the Keystone Kops.””, read the whole article at . Now that a total disgrace!

    • Onita says:

      Jan – they don’t have to work in a low paying job at Walmart – if they have the skills to be employed elsewhere they can choose to move into a better paying job and benefits. I owe unskilled workers NOTHING!! They need to work to improve themselves through education and training to get better jobs – and not choose to get married and have a family if they can’t support them….NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to support their poor choices. As for HMO’s – I’ve always avoided them as I would also not support a single payer system. Hope AMAC is in the pocket of conservative American’s who will jump ship from AARP who does not represent conservative views!!!

      • Dale says:

        “…they don’t have to work in a low paying job at Walmart…” Right. Because everyone in this nation has the ability to afford a college degree. Or get one of a limited number of scholarships that offered to a select few students of exceptional academic achievement.

        “They need to work to improve themselves through education and training to get better jobs – and not choose to get married and have a family if they can’t support them…” Because being poor means you don’t deserve emotions, you don’t deserve to have a family, you’re not really a human being. “….NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to support their poor choices.” Because they chose to be born into a poor family that didn’t have all the advantages that you clearly had, given your hatred for the poor.

        You are the problem in this country. Not the poor, not the minorities, not liberals. You’re greedy, selfish, judgemental, intolerant and hateful. That’s conservative “values.” It’s a way to justify the fact that you’re a complete jerk and are proud to be one. You’re disgusting.

        • Jan says:

          Dale I completely agree with you. Sadly this country is filled with people like Onita, selfish, uncaring and proud of it. I would not be a bit surprised if she did not shop at Walmart where the billionaire Walton family chooses to pay low salaries with no benfits. Not everyone in this country can have a high paying job and people like Onita don’t give a damn if they can’t afford the ever increasing cost of health insurance or have to decide between buying food or medicine. I can only hope that one day people like Onita will find themselves in the same prediciment as those she damns.

          As for AMAC it is obvious that they are in the pocket of the insurance companies and the right wing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did not get much of their funding from the Koch Brothers who don’t give a damn for anyone not in the 1 %.

          • Larry Graff says:

            Amen to both of you. The insurers were supposed to be appeased by the “insurance for all” requirement; young, healthier people must buy insurance so the industry won’t have anything but older and sicker customers. And those “immortals” who also ride motorcycles helmet less and uninsured are treated in ERs costing everyone. Seems fair to me.

            AMAC appears to be funded by the same people who have fought the concept from its inception. Must be real reforms in the law for the insurance industry for them to keep pouring more money into a lost cause.

            Conservatives have their’s and everyone else, be damned – despite being good, generous people who would rather volunteer at a food bank than offer food stamps or health care opportunities to folks needier than they.

            This organization and its funders (no typo here) are contributing to the nation’s polarization. Why have there been no constructive ideas for health-care reform, only obstruction, repeal attempts and anti-Obama rhetoric. If Reagan (hallowed be his name) would have championed this cause, it would be hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. But the Democrats would have fought it. That’s politics … which has replaced governing. By all parties and splinter groups. Don’t do anything, just argue.

        • Lori says:

          Dale you said it all!!! I so totally agree with you,

        • Chicken sushi says:

          dale, are you saying that only those with money or a scholarship can get an education? No poor person has ever worked their way through college and become successful? What a great message to pass along to those poor folks: just give up because you can’t make it on your own without a hand out from someone else. That’s how liberals keep those poor people voting for them, with promises they will make sure they are given something.

    • Leanne says:

      Do NOT let the Wal-Mart employees give you such a hard story. I realize they’re always a little different. But my sister-in-law raised four kids NO husband on her Wal-Mart wages!

    • DEE says:

      Jan, you are so out of touch. The whole point of Obamacare is for people to get disgusted and turn it into a single payer system–and when that happens—watch out. No a disgrace is single payer. Education my dear. Education.

      • tames says:

        NOTE TO ALL TEA BAGGERS The plan that you are calling Obomacare was written by your own past Republican Presidential candidate when he was governor and you thought it was great at the time. What a bunch of two faced hypocrites.

        • DMcG says:

          No. We never thought it was great. You are confusing the rest of us with the liberal RINOs in Massachusetts. Romney’s invention of what became Obamacare was his biggest failing as a candidate. A real conservative might have beaten Obama, if it weren’t for all the ballot-box stuffing going on in the swing states. Darn hard to beat a crook when he’s already in charge.

    • PF says:

      Jan, you come across as the typical liberal making up whatever she wants to make a point that does not exist. When I lost my job, my wife went to work at Walmart. Why? Primarily for the health insurance coverage for both of us. Walmart has excellent benfits including health, 401k, purchasing discounts, and stock options. She has been there for 3 years now. I found work and she is staying there, continuing to happily stock shelves. We have found them to be an excellent employer.

      But you got to make up a story and pretend to have an point, so good for you!

  31. Timothy says:

    I will absolutely join AMAC. After reading all the libtard postings here, this has to be one fantastic group!!

    • Onita says:

      right there with you Timothy!!!

    • alma says:

      most of you may think that we have something good going on here, but haven’t you noticed every time we got something good going Government put their fingers into the pie, A very good example of that is Social Security.
      that has always been the peoples program and at one time it was so big the banks claimed paying the interest would bank rupt them, Now isn’t that interesting? , that the people could do even back in the day something Government has never done nor will ever do. grew a nest egg so large banks couldn’t afford to pay the interest on it. or so they claimed.
      which gave Uncle Sam all the go ahead they needed to dip into that Hugh pie, and they have been in there ever since. Think about that folks, This may be the greatest program ever devised But for how long will our now government allow you to have that decent coverage’s.? or will they jump into that big pie as well. ? to ither destroy it and force people into the aarp insurances. and even to allow it to continue?, how long before they make their presence well known from with in again.? Until we clean house I do not see us having very much any more. and if we get it , they won’t allow it to remain for long. So anyone working on and creating these programs of whatever sort , must put guards in place that the minute out Governments start getting involved, that these folks have every right to shut their doors as that’s about all that’s left they can do. go to another country ? that won’t work, where they are promoting a one world government. they have taken a blessed nation and cursed it’s very existence into oblivion, Until we get a handle on them , we don’t really have a future. and no one is more sad about that than I am.
      it sure looks bleak to me.

    • Leonard says:

      Yea Timothy, you hit the nail on it’s liberal head! If this makes the name calling liberals so upset then AMAC sounds pretty good. They have yet come up with a reason, any reason, for Conservatives to stay in AARP. I let my AARP membership lapse last month and will be joining AMAC right away…… not tomorrow, not later tonight……NOW!!

  32. Paul Duca says:

    AMAC is for the old folks that fit the Republican ideal….white, healthy, prosperous, resentful of their inferiors, and think they are the ones favored by the Christian God.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks, Paul! Your one line sold me on AMAC far better and in more ways than any advertising. I’ve always wanted to be part of a group that says, “Normal thinking people, welcome – all others, get the F out.” Which would pretty much eliminate the entitlement-minded, liberals, Muslims, atheists, welfare cheats, and other pussies. Amen and hallelujah!

      • Jan says:

        Jeff I guess that you might just consider yourself to be a “good Christian.” Your reply shows that you are anything but that. I wonder which people would Jesus deny decent health care. Probably none.

        • Jon says:

          Neither you, nor anyone else, deserve ANYTHING you haven’t earned or paid for. Jesus is out of this picture, becuz under Bamacare, a board of mere mortals will decide whether you are of any future value to the state. (as in collectible tax revenue). If not an asset to the state, the state will surely let you die.

          • Dale says:

            You guys have nothing except to repeat long-debunked Faux News talking points. There are no “death panels” in the ACA. you just refuse to admit it because it would mean one less to hate the black guy in the Whitey House for.

            And Jeff, thank you for your honesty. It’s refreshing, if no less pathetic and disgusting, for a conservative to admit themselves to be a bigot. Kudos for failing at humanity.

            • DMcG says:

              Death panels are already at work. Sebelius tried to let that little girl die for want of a transplant last month, for no good reason. The court made her back off. This administration and its policies are evil.

      • santijose says:

        And then you wonder why more are leaving religion. You’re a prefect example. Religion is just another excuse to create artificial differences to justify murder

      • Margie Davis says:

        Jeff, I must agree with you. My AARP sub. will never be renewed. As opposed to what Paul says, I am a white, diabetic, raised on a mill hill. Worked my way through college. Took 10 years to repay loans, No freebies for li’l ol’ white ladies. I raised 2 girls with no assistance from their father or the government. We all three worked to put them through college. They are still repaying their loans. So PAUL, you don’t have to be prosperous or resentful of inferiors. However, I am resentful that I don’t have an i-phone and the woman in the checkout line with the “card” and her free phone goes out to get in a nicer vehicle than I have and her free groceries contain things I can’t afford. . I have also worked continuously since I was 16 years old. So please explain this to me, Jeff.

    • Vickie says:

      You have been listening to too many talking heads and not investigating the truth for yourself. Resentful? You are showing it big time!

    • Onita says:

      Paul…you are definitely a liberal. I know plenty of young Republican’s who are not white, prosperous or resentful of anyone. I am also a Christian and do not believe we are the only favored ones. There are many God’s for many religions. But NO GOD says that I owe anyone anything – if I want to give and support those in need…that is a choice. Being an American does not give you a right to FREE anything….period!!!!!

    • alma says:

      Really Paul.?
      Wow, now that was a mouthful, exactly where that came from’ I am not sure ? . sounds like everybody belongs in some slot or category somewhere, whereas they must fit into some political slot somewhere. being labeled in some way size or form, Can’t we just be people, American, whose a true peon, that is sincerely concerned at not only what we are being faced with but what anybody is most likely faced with that tries to do the right and MORAL thing in setting up designing and trying to promote an alternative program for the people. what I am saying is yes AMAC may very well be a program set up and designed for the people, BUT when it all comes down to the wire, WHOM can Americans Now trust ? as acting in their best interest, yes I know: sounds paranoid, At this point that isn’t important anymore when you look at things in a realistic manner, I wish I were simply paranoid. that’s too easy and too simple. But that’s not the case, I see Americans being hemmed in, do this or a consequence at doing that. look at the IRS problems of late. Just one more of so many now it’s hard to keep count of all the violations, going on in this country and mainly aimed at Americans’ and breaking the financial back of AMERICA. bottom line that is exactly what is going on, all anyone needs to do is to re-cant , where voters asked for change now for the last 10 years or more even, nothing changed , then look at the financial ends of the bail outs , Wow was that an eye opener.
      If the bail outs doesn’t put you on the right tract here as to what is in fact going on, Nothing will. Who needs to be a rocket scientist to see that they are hell bent on financial collapse of this country in every aspect of the word, work , food , you name all under the guises of play pretend to be helping stabilize the country. since when has a bail out ever stabilized a country (for Very long )? a bail out is a very strong signal of ( a short span of time) of eventual collapse, think about it, when has it ever meant stabilization.? it’s TEMPORARY. what caused the problem is still there, nothing changed. and what caused the problem is a bunch of goons getting together raping and pillaging, the monetary stabilities of this country and it’s peoples.

  33. Jim says:

    This presentation is full of typical Republican lies. Just because AARP and Obama are both right on health insurance doesn’t mean one is the extension of the other. We already have rationing: Those who have a good job and good retirement have their health insurance paid for them, those who do not risk becoming one of the 45000 people who die each year because they don’t have health insurance. Romneycare (remember where Obamacare came from) does not take control of our health care any more than the current system where private insurers decide what we can or can’t do. Romneycare simply requires everyone to buy insurance and insurers to insure everybody. $716 billion from medicare will be made up by cracking down on fraud. No wonder Republican cheaters are mad! Our current system is very expensive and the results are not as good as other developed countries who spend half as much per person as we do. So much for the “best healthcare system in the world”. I don’t know if Romneycare has cost jobs but THE STIMULUS HAS ADDED JOBS NOT COST JOBS. THE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS BECAUSE OF THE BUSH RECESSION AND WOULD BE WORSE IF THE GOP HAD WON THE LAST TWO ELECTIONS!! I believe in religious freedom which means keeping fanatics like Rick Santorum, Sara Palin, Rick Perry and Paul Ryan out of the White House!!! “Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.” means keeping Republicans out of Washington!!!!!

    • John says:

      prove your job numbers. I know you can’t, I’m looking forward to your double talk.

    • David says:

      keep drinking the koolaide…it will be fine…brave new world..

    • jarin says:

      nothing but a running non stopping lie and the saddest part is you believe it…

    • Paul Duca says:

      They are the type of seniors Republicans like…THEY don’t need medical assistance, THEY don’t have to depend on Social Security, THEY aren’t forced to live with their families. But being old, there are things they can’t do–and the 47% is SUPPOSED to grateful to do them, for whatever they feel like paying.

      • Errol Van Allen says:

        The great thing about this country Paul is that anyone with the ambition to do so can start their own business. It sounds like you should quit looking for handouts and get to work.

    • dick says:

      You love the IRS too? Cause there the ones that will control all your life……but then again, you are ok with that…..

    • Barbara Holmes says:

      Jim > you are so full of dog crap, You must be a liberal leach who believes in social medicine. I think if able you should get a job and Send me a check to pay back the money that i worked and earned all my young life. My( paid for) MEDICARE, is now the Medicaid that i don’t qualify for because I’m not a liberal leach.

    • David Hawkins says:

      So, is it AMAC’s position that if AARP had not supported the passage of the Affordable Care Act and remained neutral, that AMAC would have remained neutral and not voiced opposition towards it’s passage.

      Your feeble minded members, sipping the stupid-juice you pour, can barely remember to wipe their asses let alone realize your hypocritical approach towards blaming a group that’s ‘for’ something while your professed good-willed group is merely ‘against’ something.

      It’s long past time to cull the ranks.

    • Ann says:

      I didn’t know anyone could be so stupid.I am 77 yrs old and lived thru lots of presidents,but never one who is trying to turn my great country into a third world country.his lies are so many,if he EVER told the truth ,no one would believe him.I am a FORMER dem.who grew up

    • Jon says:

      Democrats have destroyed every city they’ve run for the last 60 years: Chicago, NY, LA, SF. They need to be exposed for the frauds they are. Compassionate my derrier. Vote ’em out!!!

    • Kevin says:

      Jim you are so misguided…..

    • Onita says:

      Jim…hmmm…so you resent people who have good jobs and good retirement because they have worked to ensure they have solid healthcare in place when they retire. Perhaps they worked hard and long to ensure that happened. They didn’t expect it to be GIVEN to them. Healthcare is not a right. You have a right to live and breath and make your way in this world. Life is tough…not perfect….I’m not planning on paying for anyone’s healthcare or free cell phones. Their families can join together and live in smaller quarters and pool their money to get ahead. Stimulus has added DEBT not jobs. Obama believe in bigger government and wants everyone to believe they can make better decisions for us – NOT MY IDEA OF A FREE LIFE…I prefer to make my own decisions and mistakes and learn from them. For those above that you listed as fanatics…they are entitled to their opinions of what is a better path for this country…all of them believe in smaller government. I happen to like all of them…..but then…I’m a conservative.

    • Leonard says:

      Oh, lets just blame EVERYTHING in the WORLD on the Bush administration!! Sorry, it is too late for that now, my insurance premiums are going UP because of all the free stuff in OBAMACARE……someone has to pay……. Maybe Bush?

    • JR says:

      Wow, from all the left wing vitriol and government nanny-state dogma being peddled on this site I’d say that the NSA must have already flagged the AMAC site to the IRS enforcement division for an “active doctrine correction” exercise! I wonder how many of the posters here are really government employees engaged in an active psyops campaign against AMAC? Shameful, really…just shameful. The IRS and DNC probably have an AI application (paid for with taxpayer and/or DNC dollars) that automagically spews bovine excrement in response to essentially sane and logical threads. Your and (my) tax $s at work destroying America. Sieg Heil mein uber-Fuhrers! Good job. Nicely done. Yes, it’s most certainly us evil Republicans you need to be worried about. lol

  34. Kirby says:

    Let’s see, should I join this right wing, conservative group..mmmm Republicans were against Social Security, they were against Medicare, they now want to reduce social security and voucherize medicare leading to seniors paying large sums out of their pockets. They want tax breaks for the rich and see nothing wrong with corporations paying zero federal income tax….yes what a wonderful organization this must be. WHAT A JOKE!

    • Errol Van Allen says:

      Kirby you’re an idiot if you believe what you just stated. What republicans want is less government, fewer handouts and everyone working. The problem with your way of thinking is sooner or later the government will run out of everyone else’s money.

  35. NANCY says:


  36. Don Liston says:

    I am trying to get into the Klu Klux Klan because I think right-wing radical clubs are really neat. They are always very uneducated and stupid and you hear things that are outrageous passed as fact.

  37. John Ferguson says:

    AARP makes me want to puke, claiming to be a NON-PARTISAN advocate for seniors? I smell nothing but a lot of cow manure, AARP is a political wing of the democratic party and will do the bidding ob the Obama administration like they were getting paid for it (are they?) If they would just be honest and say we want to see seniors lose all healthcare so we can be part of the Obama sheep corps…..AARP sucks, they have their filthy little hands in everything as they are not a senior advocacy group, they are a multi million dollar insurance brokerage, nothing more, nothing less, unless you want to call them out for telling lies every day as they do. AARP dues are in effect campaign contributions for the liberal left. I hope they choke on it when Obama fails….I say “SCREW YOU AARP”

    • Don Liston says:

      John, I hope you having copyrighted that comment about, “The AARP is a branch of the Democratic Party”……I do see that you have all the identifying characteristics of a Republican. In case you didn’t notice, your lot LOST the last two presidential elections and your chances of winning the congressional elections next year are POOR to NONE.

      • Sharon says:

        And you have all of the characteristics of a brainless follower of the traitor in chief.

      • Gwen says:

        Don, if that is so it is because the prez has bought the vote with freebies and unkept promises that most who have voted for him and other liberals are uninformed and are oblivious to. They want the handouts and will never vote for anyone who would in fact give them true freedom. Why should they want to better themselves? They are moochers and live on the taxpayers hard earned money. If you have children you should at the very least be angry at the deficit that has mushroomed since Obama has taken over (and NO it is not Bush’s fault) that they and their children’s children will be paying for. Sure you and I will be long gone but they will be paying out money from now until dooms day!

        • Jim says:

          If there is anything that isn’t Obama’s fault it is the deficit and the poor economy. W’s last broken promise was to cut the DEFICIT (not the national debt) in half. Instead it doubled in Bush’s last year in office as the economy crumbled under the weight of the mortgage mess. The deregulation of the mortgage and financial industries dates back to the 90s or before and both parties share blame. By the time Obama joined the Senate in 2005 the housing bubble had already occurred and there was little or nothing anybody could do to stop the crash. So how can anyone say that Obama is at fault when the policies that brought the economy to its knees were in place and had done their damage BEFORE OBAMA JOINED THE SENATE nevermind occupying the whitehouse. Those who blame Obama for the economy are typical of today’s Republicans, refusing to accept responsibility for their failed policies. And if Romney/Ryan had been elected, they would do more of the same: More tax cuts for the wealthy, more military spending, more deregulation and more wars!

          • Gerry says:

            The Demoncrats controlled the House and Senate during the last two years of the Bush administration and overturned anything Bush vetoed. The blame clearly falls on the Demoncrats. Check your facts.

            • Richard says:

              I love how the Teapublicans always love to throw the idea that the Democrats controlled the House and Senate during the last two years of Dubya’s administration, so obviously Dubya isn’t to blame. However, when the Teapublicans are in charge, everything is President Obama’s fault! HYPOCRITES!

              • Dannyboy says:

                Sorry, the Teapublicans are not in charge right now. The Dems are, so you are correct in that it is Obama’s fault. Worst President in history. Gee, I hope the IRS doesn’t audit me now!

        • Arc says:

          Look at recent numbers, kids. The deficit has shrunk to pre-Reagan levels, and the huge national debt is mostly from two unfunded and unnecessary wars and bailouts for giant banks. I am a liberal and proud to claim that label. The Republican Party is the party of “no”, these days. No hope, no future, no solutions. They consistently nominate crazy candidates, deny scientific evidence, and use the offices they managed to get as impromptu pulpits to force pseudo-religious ‘laws’ down the throat of the American people. Is it any wonder that people wanting to make America great again work with Democrats? At least they’re trying, instead of willfully throwing our future away for cheap political points.

          • Gerry says:

            Maybe you ought to check out the most conservative state in the Union, Oklahoma, where Obama never won a single county in either election. One of the lowest rates of unemployment in the US, the state economy is doing great, both conceal and open carry, and this big turn-around came within the last few years when the voters turned their backs on being run by the Demoncrats for all but their most recent history (Dems controlled everything in OK from the first day of statehood until around 2004). Do a little research and you might learn something.

          • JCH says:

            Ill, state of the Democrats. Chicago the city with the toughest gun laws and crime, yet you can’t walk the streets. Yep run by Democrats, home to the Mafia and Obama.

            • dick says:

              And the ones that did run ill and cities in jail……libs don’t remember that or should I say they won’t talk about it

              • Richard says:

                When the Illinois Democratic politicians break the law, they go to jail. When the GOP politicians and their big business backers break the law, they get more tax breaks!

        • Bill says:

          You can’t teach a democrat. Their thinking is clouded by kool-aid, ignorance and freebies.

      • Shelly Lambert says:

        Don, there is a scene in the movie Gone With the Wind where the slaves have just been freed. A politician is telling them they are about to get 40 acres and a mule. The slave repeats back “40 acres and a mule? Gee”. Then the punchline comes. The politician then says “yeah, because we’re your friends. And you’re going to vote like your friends do”. Of course, the slave didn’t get the right to vote for many years later, but the political statement was being made back in the 30’s when this film was made. The statement holds true today. The uneducated slave didn’t realize back then how the handouts were actually going to keep him on the plantation for years to come in the form of share cropping. He wasn’t really free and he would continue serving his masters for years to come. Today, the people have sold themselves back into slavery, waiting for their next handout, their next meal, free education, medical, free cell phone, free bus passes, free, free, free. They remain subservient to their master, Uncle Sam rather than rising above to independence, yes and work for a living. People will always vote for slothfulness and handouts. They think that’s cool! Then those that actually work, have to pay additional taxes to pay for the laziness of others. Do you really think this philosophy of the Democrat party is beneficial to anyone? Really?

      • Dan says:

        Funny thats exactly what was said about the 2010 elections when the House went Red…Same thing is going to happen in the Senate 2014..Then the Nation will start recovering once again. Until then we will only get scandal after scandal, dead Americans and blood on the hands of obama and his administration. Agent Terry is still dead, thank obama and holder, IRS is still being used as a political weapon, thanks obama..holder and obama use the DOJ like a knife against the right and those who would report against them. And yet many with their hand out continue to ask for more…for nothing. Cant wait until the Senate turns Red…

      • jarin says:

        yeah they lost because of the lazy lay about demos that want to keep their free hand outs and free phones..makes you wonder why half the country is unemployed now…just another way to keep you under their thumbs.

      • Paul Duca says:

        I wonder how many people John Ferguson screwed, so he can brag that no one needs to take care of him, except the lazy rabble who have to be FORCED to work for peanuts.

      • Onita says:

        Don…we conservatives will take you on. How the hell people voted for that POS they put into the White House absolutely evades me. He lies, he has shielded Holder who still has not answered for Fast & Furious – who lied to 3 judges before he could get a subpoena for the phone records of the Fox Correspondent and his parents!! And where the hell was the Commander in Chief while our men were being killed in Benghazi??? Partying – that is where. He and Hilary Clinton ABANDONED our men – they are pond scum and how you guys can continue to support Obama’s Administration puts in question your allegiance to the United States.

  38. enkelin says:

    The right wing and this group AMAC want to voucherize medicare and eliminate Social Security and privatize it. Sorry but Im staying with AARP. I know who wants to steal me blind. (with Paul Ryan’s Budget proposals) and who wants to preserve the programs I have paid into for over 40 years, and it is NOT these people or the Conservatives in the GOP and TEA Party.

    • Phyllis says:

      I can assure you Obama has absolutely no intention of keeping faith with senior. We’ve seen where his loyalties lie, and it’s not with America or Americans. AARP has been sneaky and underhanded…not at all representing my interests as a senior. All they ever seem to want is my money. I wouldn’t join AARP if it were the only senior organization out there.

      • Don Liston says:

        How can you assure anyone of that? Are you banking on your Republican representatives to give you all the “facts?” Republicans wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them over the head.

        • Rick Hill says:

          Don , you are an idiot . I am not republican and still do NOT care for your progressive and under informed opinions. you are trying to be a verbal bully with your wit. Unfortunately you are unarmed so shut up and try to get some real information before spouting tour BS among regular seniors!!!

          • Gary says:

            If you’re not a progressive then you must be a Regressive . The progressive Movement began with Teddy Roosevelt , While his party was adopting Fscism
            KINDA LIKE TODAY EH ??

    • Vivian Gobin says:

      I agree with this person. I do not want a voucher program. I am glad President Obama was working with AARP. It shows he gets his facts straight before jumping in. I wish others would. The new health care plan is a protector of diabetics and many other citizens.

      • Joe says:

        In 2008, before Obamacare was introduced, there were problems with our healthcare coverage systems. But nothing that conscientious discussion and could not solve. Obamacare doubles down on everything that was and is wrong with our system.

        I liked what I had and didn’t want any changes. Now I’m paying more and the HMO has me seeing a nurse-Practioner, I can only see my MD if things are really bad.

        It’s not about healthcare and providing coverage, it’s all about making certain well-connected individuals rich, and growing government. But then everything Obama has done has been about crony capitalism and growing government.

        No one seems to notice that BHO started in 2005 with no real money, after 2 years in the Senate he was worth over $2million.(12/2007). Four years later (12/2011), he’s worth over $11million. All on a 400k salary. It’s all insider trading. But the media is in his pocket so it’s all good.

      • dick says:

        Do any of you dumb &ucks remember what that pigolios said… to pass it, so we can see what’s in it…. yep,that is your people in Washington..

      • snoopie says:

        when i am 76, i hope i have diabetes and not cancer. maybe i have a chance at of getting treatment under obamacare.

    • Debbie says:

      Many years ago my father, who has since passed on, was a member of AARP. When they took his money and then lobbied for a bill that hurt senior citizens, he dropped AARP in a heartbeat. He never had anything good to say about AARP after that. It pissed him off to the ground! I took a lesson from that and I’ve watched AARP’s activities and I’ve noticed that more often than not, they have the ears and hearts of our representatives who vote against anything that is of benefit to seniors. My dad died an avowed AARP dissenter and I will follow his guidance. AMAC you’ve got my vote and support. Just make sure you never make the same mistake AARP made and use our money to support bills that hurt us!

  39. Teresa Wieman says:

    AARP supports abortion thru its support of Planned Parenthood, AARP does not support the 2nd Amendment, AARP supports Affordable Health Care Act— No, I am not joining AARP. I sent in my membership for AMAC.

  40. Kathy says:

    Bottom line what we really need is lower cost medical care, lower priced pharmaceutical pricing and lower cost insurance pricing, that’s really what needs to done with our system, good down to earth pricing, taking all GREED out of the system, and just good down to earth caring about one another. So whether it be Health Care Reform Act, AARP, your group or a Doctor, Nurse, CEO… Humans should not be bilked to receive and retain the ‘gift’ of LIFE? Let’s get real folks….it shouldn’t be a profit GAME… It should be the game of LIFE and LIVING…. Behind every institution are people, let’s ask for respect of the ‘human race’ and demand realistic pricing!!!

  41. Carol Jean O'Neil Goodwin says:

    The biggest problem I h ave is that $60 for 5 years only would pay for one membership: mine since I am a widow and live solely on social security. There is no allowance for subscriptions. AARP expires next year but it was paid for before my spouse died. I cannot afford to join AMAC as much as I’d prefer it.

  42. Ro says:

    This link: states, “We’re sorry, the page you are looking for either doesn’t exist or may have moved. Try using the search to find what you were looking for”.

    It was written in:
    Then there was a change:

    I hope this goes through

  43. Ro says:

    When you look/search for answers, don’t look under Obama Care. It’s not “obama care” It’s health care

  44. Kevin says:

    The AARP supported the Bush administration’s implementation of a drug plan for seniors; no big conservative uproar then.

    And why is it that so many conservatives have to resort to name-calling to make a point?

    • cdl123 says:

      Why do so many liberals resort to name calling when they can’t make a point?

    • Ro says:

      AARP has been fighting for yrs. Yet this Administration has been one of the biggest battles.

    • Greg Johnston says:

      Actually Kevin, there was a large uproar from conservatives, myself included. I love President Bush but I disagreed with his domestic spending on social programs. Still, he was a man of honor and high moral character. Unfortunately, all we have in the Whitehouse now is a character!

    • John says:

      Kevin, don’t know if you’re a liberal or not (from your post I’m assuming you are). We conservatives were in a big uproar when Bush went after the drug plan. The problem was your liberal media did not want to cover it and wanted to portray that we were for it – WE WERE NOT!!! While I respect Bush for his foreign policies and his genuine love of country (unlike BO), I did not like his domestic spending policies.

    • Shelly Lambert says:

      I believe that the Drug plans being sold are private and not government plans.

  45. joe says:

    If your a Conservative isn’t this going against your values getting something for less then you should pay for it. This is what Conservative call socializing

    • joe says:

      If your a Conservative isn’t this going against your values getting something for less then you should pay for it. This is what Conservative call socializing

      • cdl123 says:

        What nonsense.

        • joe says:

          this is group is the same thing as Obama care a group of people joining together to get service for less same thing honey

          • Ron says:

            If you’re following the news, you’ll know that it’s going to cost more, not less. Any thinking person should question how government, which cannot do anything efficiently (like that $1,000 toilet seat?), can cover pre-existing conditions, kids until they’re 27, and lots of other additional mandates, and still cost the SAME. It cannot be done. Promises of this type of “benefit” have always cost many times more than the original estimate. This “affordable health care act” has already been deflowered. Health care premiums are expected to go up 80% in the first year of implementation. The purpose is to put private insurers out of the market, so the uninformed will clamor for full-fledged socialized medicine. Of course, older people should not expect life-saving care. They should just get pain-killers, as President Obama has suggested.

            • Mary says:

              then why is he not on obama care!!?; he will one day be old, but I bet he will not just take a PAIN PILL ….

            • P.C. Melendez says:

              What would you go back to, what plan would you advocate?

              • Joe says:

                Take the government out of the picture. They screw up everything they touch.

                Turn back the clock to 2007, examine the problems and address them, issue by issue.

                What we’ve done is throw everything out the window, good and bad, for a wacky system that is DOA. Thank God I have my health!

            • enkelin says:

              “Yesterday, Covered California—the name given to the healthcare exchange created pursuant to the Affordable Care Act that will serve the largest population of insured citizens in the nation—released the premium rates submitted by participating health insurance companies for the three health insurance program categories (bronze, silver and gold) established by the Affordable Care Act, along with the catastrophic policy created for and available to those under the age of 30.

              Upon reviewing the data, I was indeed shocked by the proposed premium rates—but not in the way you might expect. The jolt that I was experiencing was not the result of the predicted out-of-control premium costs but the shock of rates far lower than what I expected—even at the lowest end of the age scale.”


          • Mike Jonew says:

            It may be a group of people joining togethere to get service for less , but it does not FORCE the entire nation to be a part of it against their will!!Mi

            • Chester says:

              This is what I don’t understand about “Obamacare”. We already have Medicare for seniors and Medicaid for the poor (both gov’t programs that have existed for years and accepted and used by the public) and then some people have private insurance. Why couldn’t the politicians have set up a program ONLY for those LEGAL Americans who are WITHOUT health insurance? Those that fall in the gaps? Don’t mess w/ Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Surely this would have been more cost effective and not messed with any of the other types of insurance. I worked in HR for over 26 years and saw the costs of health insurance rise every year from 12% to 27% – a company can’t sustain that kind of increase without asking it’s employees to pay more. So our politicians could have worked to cover only those without insurance; they could have also put in cost control factors as is done in other industries and made it legal for Americans to purchase prescribed medications from Canada which would greatly decrease costs for Americans. I don’t like Obamacare – I don’t like the way it was passed (pushed down our throats by politicians who admittedly didn’t read it) and I don’t like a lot of other things that went with it. I do like that it covers pre-existing conditions that other insurance companies used to deny someone coverage. They could have created a plan to cover only the uninsured in a more reasonable and responsible way but instead they decided to go after everyone – that’s what concerns me.

              • Bill Downing says:

                Very well said Chester! This country does not need a new program. Just needs to update and implement some changes to what has worked for years. Name calling, bashing political partys, and Presidents does not fix a thing. This only creates dissention.

              • ldw says:

                If you don’t give free medical care to illegals you get that vote!

      • DD says:

        Getting value for less, means paying for what is a fair price. It doesn’t mean eliminating profit, or denigrating the wealthy. The wealthy make jobs. When Government eliminates the job makers the result is huge taxation and dependence. Happily, so far we have a choice to not be dependant.

    • John says:

      Joe, getting something for less (better value) is exactly what conservatives are for. Your post shows that you have absolutely no idea what conservatism is about.

  46. Kix says:

    I joined and feel good about it. Obama will do, say or not say anything that will get him money or votes. He is a social path, what do we expect, people need to educate themselves!,,,,,,he is a serious threat to this nation.

    • marybeth stincic says:

      What is a “Social Path” ? I agree, education is important. I’ll stick with AARP though.

    • P.C. Melendez says:

      We have a president that cares about this country, would you feel different if he was white.

      • MEFKE says:

        I personally would feel different if the president was white because I would be much more vocal in my opposition without the constant fear of being branded a racist for not agreeing with all the misguided and ill-advised policy decisions of the current administration. Affordable health-care is a grand idea that will never work. They say the lottery is a tax on people that cannot do math… I believe ‘affordable’ health-care is a similar scenario. Do the math.

      • Greg Johnston says:

        Why do you libs blame everything on racism? This is the 21st century in America! Racism is a thing of the past with the exception of a few ignorant people. And here’s a news flash for you, there are racists from every race. But just to prove my point, I’m as much against Biden as I am obama and as much for Colonel West as I am for any white man. Now call me a racist!!!
        It’s not the color, it’s the character. The truth is, only conservatives have the character and values that this country was founded on.

      • fred says:

        He doesn’t care and your are black, right.

      • John says:

        P.C., I do not believe, based on his actions, that BO genuinely cares for this country. His actions say that he genuinely cares for his power and tyranny. You obviously disagree- perhaps based on what he saids, but his actions say something entirely different.

      • Sharon says:

        You are so misinformed by your traitor in chief and the rest of the brainless followers of this p/o/s lyer. I wouldn’t care if he was tiedyed, he care’s only about himself and how much money he can spend on himself, his family, vacations, supporting the welfare leechs and his muslim brothers.

      • Mike says:

        If you think this President cares about this country, you need to look a bit harder at his policies. HE IS A SOCIALIST. He will not tell you this but he is. Socialism is NOT for America, not the America my dad fought for. Yeah the reason YOU dont speak German or Japanese right now. Those nasty Vets that kept your Parents free, or gave your parents a Free Nation to bring you too. If Socialism is what you want, fine by me MOVE TO EUROPE. You will be happy there. That is where this President is trying to take us. I WILL NOT GO, NOT QUIETLY, NOT AL ALL, I WILL DIE FIRST. As many of the founders of this country did against the British twice.

        • Paul Duca says:

          I’d like to see you and a lot of other people here without their money…and seeing how much their Republican buddies care for them at that point.

      • jarin says:

        his color is not in question here. I don’t care black, white, pink with purple spots…If they work for the good of this country I am all for him/her. He has shown by his actions he cares nothing for anyone that does not directly involve him. Tell me one thing He has done for the good of this country…

  47. Jerry says:

    Thanks for confirming my support of the AARP.

    • Bette says:

      From reading some of these posts, all I see are talking points, please educate yourselves to the facts. . But if you want to separate the facts from the myths, go to They have pages and pages of what is true and what is not true. And a lot of these comments are just not facts, just empty talking points and I am trying to put it nicely. This has been done in Mass. under Romney and it is working well. And I am with Jerry, you just confirm why I will stay with AARP. You need to just start telling the truth about the healthcare bill and you are not. All I see are the same old scare tactics and they won’t work anymore, to many sites that you can fact check on and they are non partisan sites.

      • calvin says:

        The fact is Bette, you cannot cover 20 million illegals and their future children along with people who have pre-existing conditions and the costs stay lower. What you are reading is only part of the story, you seem to forget that the ACA has not fully been implemented and won’t be until 2016. The obama administration, however has already been collecting the money since way back in 2012, so it would appear that the actual costs are lower. Once again the obama administration has duped you and your ilk with smoke and mirrors.

  48. Jo wolf says:

    The dumb idiots who voted for Obama a second time, well what do you expect. Yeh, the same dumb idiots
    Are still in favor of AARP. They lie just like Obama does. When they sober up, it will be too late. So then
    When they do wake up, you will find out you’ve been denied any necessary medical treatment any way.
    Especially the poor seniors they’ll be stuck in the hall ways until they die. Sorry! Your too old & gonna
    Die any way.

    Thanks for letting us seniors have a voice, while we can.

    • joe says:

      If your a Conservative isn’t this going against your values getting something for less then you should pay for it. This is what Conservative call socializing

      • jarin says:

        joe if you walked into a car dealership and they had the car you wanted for 1/2 the original price..are you going to say no no I want to pay full price? Everyone wants value for a cheaper price what is wrong with that?

        • Robert Hanks says:

          jarin you want everyone else to pay for that other half. Now that I understand you, I would like you and your friends to send me $10,000.00 I do not need a new car I will make do with a nice used vehicle. Please respond soon as my present vehicle has 526,000 miles and needs replaced.

    • Kevin says:

      The AARP supported the Bush administration’s implementation of a drug plan for seniors; no big conservative uproar then.

      And why is it that so many conservatives have to resort to name-calling to make a point?

    • Bette says:

      You are ridiculous and you aren’t dumb, just ignorant from reading that post.

    • P.C. Melendez says:

      Women are starting to see benfits concerning birth control under Obamacare.

  49. Amos Moses says:

    For those of you supporting AARP……Put down the Koolaid before its too late. You have no idea how many people have died already from obomma care, Doctors have retired early, Corporations have cut back to 35 hour work week and/or laid people off and refuse to rehire so that they do not have to over pay insurance, obamas unions have filed excemptions and so has congress, on top of all that AARP claimed an exemption and got it.. you’ve been duped and the sad thing is you didn’t even know it. Because Obama media wont put out the truth. AMAC is not perfect but it damn sure isn’t AARP…..You drink the Kool Aid I’ll choose Freedom!!

    • joe says:

      If your a Conservative isn’t this going against your values getting something for less then you should pay for it. This is what Conservative call socializing

      • calvin says:

        Joe, you have demonstrated your knowledge of “cut and paste” but your statement is in error. Thanks for playing, and have a nice day!

  50. Frank says:

    OK, I understand what AMAC wants to do for the drug companies. It wants me to pay money to make sure that Advair costs $220 in the US and that it’s illegal for me to buy Advair for $55 in British Columbia. And they can legally collude to set prices.

    The only other industry that gets to collude on prices is Major league baseball. And even MLB can’t say that I don’t get to watch a game televised from Calgary.

    You want me to send you money for this? Hello?

    • Watson Hammond Jr says:

      I think you’re wrong on this. If you join them (AMAC) Advair will cost $440 in the USA. LOL. Keep on fighting the Darkness!

      • Robin says:

        I must have missed something. I did not see any costing of drugs in this advertisement . Please enlighten the darkness, and give a link to your talking point so I can follow it and see what I am missing.

        And, unless I misunderstand law, you can thank the government for not being able to buy drugs from Canada. It is regulated by the Federal Government, and has been for many, many years! My father was on a drug back in the 70’s that would cost many times less from Canada or Mexico. AMAC was not around to influence that legislation.

  51. Minou says:

    If you don’t think we have the best healthcare in the world, why do so many world leaders (especially those from socialized medicine countries) come here? You’ve not lived very far from home or read modern papers about the poor care elsewhere. God Bless the USA.

    • Kathy says:

      Because they have the money to buy the best health care. If you are middle class you don’t have access to that same health care.

      • cdl123 says:

        But diluting what we have access to is stupidity. As more Doctors retire and fewer talent go into medicine there will be longer waits for treatments. As costs increase and the have and will, many treatments will be denied. People will begin to die that once had decent care. Thank you for raising costs I once did not have to pay for, and now struggle to pay. Thank you for your contribution in advance. I hope that those who wanted something for nothing and helped to create this coming mess, are the recipiants of what they have forced others to deal with in every way.

      • Gary says:

        wE PAY FOR ALL INSURANCE The problem arose when private insurances began turning down requests for care for profit

    • mark says:


      • Watson Hammond Jr says:


      • Keith Jordan says:


      • Mary says:

        There is something very wrong with this picture….

      • Bette says:

        Mark what exactly do you think Obamacare is, if you or anyone else has insurance now and you like what you have you keep it. Go check it out on a fact or fiction site, and educate yourself. The only reason Republicans are fighting it, the insurance co. will no longer be able to raise rates willy nilly like they do now , and a certain % has to go to medical instead of CEO’s bonus’s. Republicans are trying to protect the ins. companies, they donate a lot to their campaigns. This healthcare plan was endorsed first by Republicans, they were for it, but since Obama thought they had a good plan he went for it, so now of course they are against it. This plan is the same plan used in Mass. that Romney put in place. Why do you think ins. companies have been raising their rates lately, they want to get it in before this goes into effect. Congress has an insurance plan and if they like it they can keep it, same as you and me. I am on medicare, with a supplement and will keep it. Just hoping the Republicans don’t get their way and try to privatize it, along with SS. Many many people are getting the help they need now that couldn’t because they had pre-existing conditions. And we will no longer have to pay for people who can afford HC but choose not to get it , and the rest of us get stuck with paying for it if they need med. attention. Same with those up to 27, they will be covered on their parents plan and we won’t be paying for them either now.

        • calvin says:

          Bette, I work in the medical field and many doctors right now are considering dropping Medicare and Medicaid patients because they aren’t going to receive enough income off those patients to stay in business. You do understand that Medicare and Medicaid set rates at what they will pay service providers and can cut those payments at any time, do you not? Many doctors will be retiring or accepting only cash paying customers in the very near future because of the ACA. It is happening at this very moment. When ACA fully implements you will be fighting 20 million illegals to get those few doctors left to see you! Good luck!

    • Sue says:

      What do you think is happening in the USA with Obamacare. Just wait until Obama’s time is up and he will have socialized medicine here.

    • Donald Miller says:

      This is about as ill informed as anything that I have heard. Have you had an original thought anytime in the last forty years?

  52. Una Watt says:

    My post in answer to “death panels” in the stealthcare bill has not shown up after two tries. I just posted it on Facebook and counting down. How long will it last there?

  53. Una Watt says:

    Someone asked where to find “death panels” in the bill. You won’t find those words, but if you read the
    summary (see link below), you will see why it was described as “death panels”. No one will even admit there is anything written in it that comes close.

    Seems someone didn’t like my post last night. It hasn’t popped up yet, so here it is again:

    Summary of key components here:
    Scroll to “Creation of insurance pooling mechanisms”. It reads, in part:
    “Require plans participating in the Exchange to be state licensed, report data as required, implement
    affordability credits, meet network adequacy standards, provide culturally and linguistically appropriate
    services, contract with essential community providers and Indian health care providers, and participate
    in risk pooling. Require participating plans to offer one basic plan for each service area and permit
    them to offer additional plans.
    >>>>>Require plans to provide information related to end-of-life planning to
    individuals and provide the option to establish advance directives and physician’s order for life-sustaining

    (Don't be fooled by the words: "life-sustaining".)

    There were so many healthcare related bills listed with different numbers and titles, I called my reps office
    to ask the number of the bill they are now working on (HR3962) which passed the House in Nov 2009. There is no
    "current" number assigned while it is being amended.

    I'd prefer it being thrown out altogether. If it isn't, God help us!

    See the entire bill here:

    • Lloyd says:

      The provision for end of life planning and palliative care is essential. We will all die one day. Calling this a death panel is ignorant fear-mongering at best. Does anyone really think they can live forever? Anyone who has ever needed Hospice will understand.

      • Sue says:

        Lloyd, you are the one who does not understand. I don’t know how old you are but if you are a senior, your health care will be rationed.

        • Mary says:

          this is true. my own Doctor told me it was bad and going to get worse. they [the government] is telling him how to treat me [ I am a senior] he said I went to school for years now im being told how to take care of you…..yea people it’s not good and those who voted him in office I really feel sorry for you..we that didn’t vote him in or back in knew what and who he is..but you all r in for one big let down, in the end we will all suffer. but at least we know whats coming.

        • Donald Miller says:

          Pure and simple BS. You really don’t have an original thought. This crap is all that conservatives have to offer. Fear mongering, lies and more lies.

    • Stuck in the Middle says:

      Check with your doctor or a hospital nurse about the first book of guidelines issued regarding Obamacare. Patients over 75 who present at ERs with heart attacks are to be sent home. Read the law, then ask for the published treatment guidelines. Decide on your own. Don’t let the lobbyists run roughshod over you – after all voting isn’t nearly enough anymore to stop the arrogance of the Administration.

    • Judy B says:

      The link provided no longer works. Page gone, will all the many negative in Ocare be scrubbed from the internet?

    • Kurt says:

      I have not read so much stupidity on a single page since I log onto the tea party bunch….Death panels was a term made popular by right wing dreamers some time before the bill was passed..They do not exist in the context you are using..Preparation made by the patent and his family just as has been done back in the 20th century and is a sad task we all face. Some of us old marines has done so already…You best get to your last wishes also…..

    • Keith Jordan says:

      If you have insurance you have that same planning now. All hospitals and hospice care facilities have staff to council families and patients and IT IS BILLABLE TO YOUR INSURANCE. Stop with the teabagger lies for christ’s sake. Grow up.

    • Ro says:

      @Una Watt, you are correct when you say there is an end-of-life plan. I’ve seen it several times.

      This link: states, “We’re sorry, the page you are looking for either doesn’t exist or may have moved. Try using the search to find what you were looking for”.

      It was written in:
      Three years ago, at the height of the debate over health care reform, there was an uproar over a voluntary provision that encouraged doctors to discuss with Medicare patients the kinds of treatments they would want as they neared the end of life. That thoughtful provision was left out of the final bill after right-wing commentators and Republican politicians denounced it falsely as a step toward euthanasia and > “death panels.” <

      Then there was a change:

      “We will amend the regulation to take out voluntary advance care planning,” the official said. “This should not affect beneficiaries’ ability to have these voluntary conversations with their doctors.”…

      "Republicans said inaccurately that the House version of the bill allowed a government panel to make decisions about end-of-life care for people on Medicare."

      "…the provision could be a step “down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia.”

      "…Health policy experts assumed that the proposal had been set aside — until a similar idea showed up in the final Medicare regulation in November."..

      • Ro says:

        Looks like my post may not surface either:
        Ro says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        05/12/2013 at 12:55 pm

        @Una Watt, you are correct when you say there is an end-of-life plan. I’ve seen it several times…….

    • Ro says:

      This link: states, “We’re sorry, the page you are looking for either doesn’t exist or may have moved. Try using the search to find what you were looking for”.

      It was written in:
      Then there was a change:

      I hope this goes through

  54. MB Kershner says:

    The idea that we have the best healthcare in the world is a lie. A young friend of mine died because she didn’t have insurance & was too afraid to run up bills at the ER to get the care she needed to save her life. When she finally had to go to the hospital it was too late. Just because I’m almost old enough to get Medicare doesn’t mean I care more about my insurance than I do about young people who also need insurance. Don’t bother me anymore.

    • gma says:


      • YOLANDA CLARK says:


        • Pierre Paul says:

          My answer/comment to that is: It’s fine if the government wants to “give” insurance to people who currently have none or, are too poor to buy it. However, it’s not fine to screw the rest of us with some bogus plan that does nothing to improve treatment for the vast majority of Americans.

    • Jane says:

      First, the mistake people make is, that they don’t have healthcare. Everyone can get healthcare, it is health insurance that they can’t get. If you go to an emergency room, you cannot be turned away.Also, as long as you pay some amount on a hospital bill,they have to accept it.

      • Jococo says:

        If you go to an emergency room with chest pain they will test to see if you are having a heart attack only…if they determine that you are not but the pain is persisting, you will be sent home with instructions to call your doctor so they can determine what your problem is…they are there to treat emergencies not to replace your physician…this exact scenario happened to me and I had premium health insurance…

      • Blue Swamper says:

        Going to Emergency Room for the flu or some other non life threatened illiness is the problem! It is expensive and it puts a drain on real Emergencies you know people that are actually drying. We Americans can be clueless!

      • Eva says:

        So many here have done research on what they are talking about! Research before commenting, most of you are just repeating what you have heard from the Anti American Media! They lie as much as Obama does! I know what Obamacare is already doing to my insurance! My husbands company pays part and the rest is held out weekly! Our portion has almost doubled because of this! Why? Because this has caused many of the Doctors in the group have retired because of Obamacare! Wait till it hit’s you where it hurts and see who is ignorant about this so called insurance!! It has affected the health care facility that my Mother is in, I now have to pay for some of her meds that medicare can no longer pay for! This Obamacare hurts the middle class and the elderly! Smarten up and do some research People, stop believing what the media reports!

  55. Elaine Laurvick says:

    You have made so many misstatements I’m not going to try to aregue with all of them! I am a senior citizen. All my life, I have watched a system where death panels in the insurance industry decided who would get treatment and who would be condemned to die.

    And I will rebut one statement. The United States does not and never has had the best medical system in the world, except for the very, very wealthy who can go anywhere in the world.

    • Dave Groh says:

      So true Elaine. I too am a senior citizen. I am an AARP member. AARP asked for my opinion and sent it on to elected leaders. Yes death panels have exsisted in the insurance industry.

    • Pierre Paul says:

      Please give me a source for that information. I need to check it for myself.

    • Tchaffin says:

      The United States may not have the best health care in the world but mark my words. Obamacare is not the answer and we are already seeing the effects.

    • Manuel S DeMello Sr. says:

      I suppose that you Voted for Obama in both elections,Let Me Rebut your Rebuttal,the United States Does have the best Health care in the World. The Affordable Health Care Act IS the worst Mess that I have ever seen, Outside of the Almost Three thousand Pages of rules to Begin with, there Many More Thousands of Pages of Taxes-Rules- Committees And panels that Are Detrimental to Seniors, That on top of 783 Billion stripped from Medicare for His Very Bad system. I Found NO Misstatements in the a fore mentioned article by Eva, SO it seems that YOU are the one who is Uninformed Madam, Before you Get in someones face, Research the true facts, NOT the have been systematically fed!

  56. Keith Jordan says:

    This organization is product of rhe Koch Brothers and Tea Party lies. It is clearly about Republican and Libritarianploitics and DOES NOT HAVE THE SENIORS OF THIS COUNTRY IN IT’S BEST INTEREST. It is high quackery and flatulence. Losers.

    • Peggy Woods says:

      The fact that AARP is fine with Obamacare taking funds from Medicare to help fund healthcare for anyone under retirement age is enough proof that they are a tool of Obama. Their huge contributions to his campaigns also show very clearly where their alliance lies and it isn’t with Senior Citizens. They have contributed far more to the Democrats than Koch has to the Republicans. We are among the large number of people who have health insurance so we have seen our premiums and deductibles skyrocket thanks to Obamacare. With the higher premiums and the deductible that just went up to $8000, we can’t afford to go to the Dr. Our premium rates are not due to insurance claims, I haven’t been to the Dr in over 3 years due to the high cost of care. The statement that ER’s have to provide care to everyone is false, they only have to treat those with life threatening conditions. The Health Industry has turned their focus from providing the best possible medical care to being a strictly corporate entity, only interested in profits. AARP should be advocating for legislation to protect and help Seniors, not aligning with any political party. Keith you are clearly taken in with the Liberal spin machine if you believe your statements. Senior Citizens are suffering more under Obama than any previous administration and it’s only going to get worse because he sees us as expendable and too expensive to keep around.

      • Sherma Jillson says:

        Well said Peggy. Wake up people.

      • Jococo says:

        The Health Industry has always focused on profits first…that’s why it shouldn’t be an industry…this didn’t start with Obamacare…why do you think we had to pass a law to stop them from denying coverage and dropping people when they get sick…like every other industry in this country, profits will always come before people…

        • Tchaffin says:

          So tell me Jococo… When you were growing up and going to school or college to be able to start a career. Was it not to make a profit. I don’t understand why it is a crime now days for people to be successful. Maybe if more people had the ethics to be hard workers our country wouldn’t be where it is. I speak as someone with only a high school education and worked hard my whole life for everything I have…

          • Kim61 says:

            No one is saying profit is bad. What we don’t like, are unethical acts of greed which are not only condoned, but elevated to a level of justifiable behavior when in any other context it’s called stealing.

      • Kurt says:

        I am a senior citizen. have had heart surgery. Have not had any kind of problem you people are writing about. Last year my plan B premium went down nearly $3.. I do not fall in the hole for prescriptions, but that would be a problem. I don`t know what state you live in but in Minnesota we had good state program for those who needed it and I know of no one suffering from obamacare.. It is probably not the complete solution but a huge step up for a great number of people..

      • Sue says:

        Peggy, you are so right. My grand daughter went to the ER and we sat there for over 8 hours and never got to see anyone. She had a high fever and was throwing up but they didn’t care. She is white and a US citizen so does that tell you anything.

      • luine chamers smith says:

        Peggy you are right on, I have had numerous surgeries, but now that I am over 70, none of those surgeries are available;..they will tell you to learn to live with the pain or take the pain meds.Medicatiions have skyrocketed since, Obummers healthcare has started…If you look at the AARP magazines they have approx.150 ads in there..AARP..started out good, but have become a greedy money making machine..Where does all that money go? Have they helped you or me? No! My family Doc. is no longer taking medicare patients, he already quit taking medicade patients..he is considering moving to another country..insursance is so high…and he said with the new health care paperwork,he ould have to hire several people just to do paperwork.. and if there is the slightest infraction.of the “new health care” he can loose his liscence..Folks ask your Dr.s and see what they tell you…Obama Care and AARP..are greedy and wicked.

    • Donald Miller says:

      Absolutely true.

  57. Rena Nadeau says:

    I will only join AMAC when they show me they can help with defending the right of low income seniors and individuals that are being discriminated against in Virginia. If you need more information please read my blog in Face Book and call me for more information. By the way I contacted AARP on this matter and got insulted by one of their advocate lawyer. I am in the process of contacting the attorney general of Va. to get his comment or support. When I exhaust all Va. resources then the Civil Right Organization in D.C. will take the case to defend the rights of these people. When you contact agencies who are responsible to look after the welfare of these poor seniors and they tell you there hands are tied and afraid to lose their job, it is not difficult to understand that something is definitely wrong with this issue. can be reach through the white pages.

  58. ProfessorHS says:

    Any organization that claims the US has “the best healthcare system in the world” is working for someone that profits from that system, not for those of us that are unable to afford quality healthcare. Obamacare is certainly not the answer, but it has my vote for its attempts to make the current system accountable to the public rather than the insurance industry.

    • Pierre Paul says:

      Which country anywhere in the world has better medical care? I’d like to know so we can let the illegals know they need to go there now.

      • Scott M says:

        Well they have 37 choices. According to well researched and published statistics by the World Health Organization the US ranks 38th in Health Care Quality but number one in expenditures. Just Google world health care rankings by country and you’ll have your choice of places to view the statistics.

      • monamay says:

        Yep Pierre, sounds like a plan….

  59. Gary E Boatner says:

    I never liked aarp and never joined

    • carlos says:

      This is a political organisation back by insurance industry for political gain.

      • Classic_Brian says:

        And AARP isn’t? You need to work on a better arguement than that.

        • Dave Groh says:

          What makes you think that AARP is backed by the insurance industry??

        • Pierre Paul says:

          AARP will take endorsement money from any top bidder. I wouldn’t join them at any cost.

          • Sue says:

            Pierre Paul, I agree with you. I get crap from them all the time and I have tried to get them to stop sending it but it just keeps coming. They spend so much money trying to get someone to join, they need to spend it for something that will do some good.

      • James Meier says:

        So AMAC is a political organization but AARP isn’t? Really? They didn’t just cheerlead for Obama and they coincidentally sell their own insurance… Wake up and stop posting for Obama. Tell the truth.

        • Dave Groh says:

          AARP is on the side of senior citizens. They better back Obama and the dems in general. Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare is to take money out of your check for you working life and then give you some of that money back to buy health insurance when you retire. That makes no sense at all. I don’t even see anything small government in his plan. Privatizing SS would be a disaster for anyone retireing after one of these stock market meltdowns.. The GOP really needs to rethink their ideas if they want me to vote for them.

    • StarMann says:


  60. Billy says:

    Sometimes with all the political misinformation we all get confused and manipulated. Doesn’t the Paul Ryan budget also cut 716 billion from medicare ? Another area that would be my concern is how much money can you save me in discounts from retail operations in this country ? You did mention the power of AARP and I enjoy the discounts with auto insurance as well as United HealthCare, Hotels, Restaurant’s, Car Rentals and many other discounts. I don’t see how AMAC can provide that buying power and can only cause debate with zero buying or discount power…??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  61. Dick Poop says:

    Do any of you remember all the hoohah against Medicare when it first came out? Well I do, because I am very old. People back then said the same things – it would be a death knell for seniors, killing boards of senseless, heartless bureaucrats would decide to take away procedures that would only add a year or two to our lives based on cost, and the President was a charlatan, a Satan in a great suit. Now everyone can see nothing bad happened. Medicare is not perfect but it’s kept me alive for a very long time. I’ve seen these lying politicians come and go – they are all the same, Republican or Democrat – they are meat puppets for the filthy rich bastards that got them elected. They are bought and paid for. Why do you think we get special legislation after a week of airline delays, but 30 kids die in a firefight in rheir elementary achool and we can’t get a simple thing like universal background checks everywhere you buy a gun? Because dead children don’t vote, that’s why. Wake up, America. Start putting pressure on your Government about things that matter, not some gobbledygook about healthcare, else I might not see 120!

    • jeffrey ney says:

      And now it is going bankrupt just like they said it would.

      • Kathleen Harris says:

        Mainly going bankrupt because of the ignorant Congress that borrowed billions from it to fight a war that we should have NEVER been in. But they did the same to the Railroad retirement system, Our Social Security, etc. And now would like to further assault us by wanting the ignorant few to believe that it is going broke. Well, not true! It has it’s funding and those azzes need to pay OUR money back!

        Have you been able to buy a car and not pay for it? OR a house? Well, what makes them think they can use our money and not pay it back. And sure they would like to delete the funds of all accounts. That would almost eliminate the debt. And if we let them, we are nuts.

        I say, lets get the ACLU involved to protect our funding. Class Action Lawsuit! Against each one in office, and perhaps Criminal charges, too! We all had to pay into the system, it was manditory! And the funds were never supposed to be touched for any reason. But they squandered our money.

        Now, it is time to take their pay, their retirements and their healthcare. And give them hourly wages with no hope for a retirement. If we stick together we CAN do this. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for once. We need to rally together to make them pay, either out of their own pockets(with their lobbist funds they took to vote against us, or their paycheck, retirements, healthcare)! First step is to vote them all out! Everyone of them. We need people in Washington not on the take and not corrupt!

        • Karen McIlwain says:

          I’m with you Kathleen Harris ……….. and now Congress is trying to exempt itself from the Affordable Care Act. I think they should have to use the same system we use, and since they haven’t done any real work in about 10 years, I think their salaries should be cut. In the real world when you have a job, if you don’t do your job, show up to work, etc., you don’t get paid. I am pretty sure that Congress has used up all of the “sick” time and they take way too any vacations. WE THE PEOPLE are their employer. If they can’t and won’t do their job, vote their asses out of office.

        • TJ says:

          ACLU? Are you kidding? They’re in bed with the politicians!

        • jim7l says:

          Well said, Kathleen Harris!

        • John Carlin says:

          Very Very Very well said, Ms. Harris, I’m with you.

      • YOLANDA CLARK says:


    • Opinionated says:

      You had me til’ you got to the back ground checks…..guess your mind is going…criminals and mentally ill folks don’t go that route.

    • Lewis says:

      Ok folks, I have read a lot of your comments and I agree with the soldier. Many of you say what is wrong with how America is moving and the direction it is headed. All of us have the power to do something about it. After all, we are Americans, right? We are the people of the United States of America. So, instead of complaining about what should be done, let’s do it ourselves. Do you realize we have the power to FIRE anybody in office that is not doing what is best for our country? Wake Up America, you have slept too long. It is time to get rid of all the people who are steering our country in the wrong direction and it is time to fight for Our Rights. Get rid of them all and start fresh. Start by getting rid of Obama, Biden and everyone else before this year is up. Let’s show the Superior Court system that we mean business.

      • skeenon says:

        Lewis, What you say is absoluely correct in theory, but in fact it isn’t working that way. The thinking, working, tax paying citizen is currently outnumbered by the uneducated, on the dole, “poor” that this administration has curried from the beginning. They out number us and they out vote us.

        We who cherish freedom, we who believe in the constitution and we who honor America’s past have our work cut out for us. We lack cohesion and leadership. I pray daily for men and women of hig morals, high inegrity and a love of liberty to step out of the shadows and begin to take resonsible positons in government.

    • James Meier says:

      No background check would’ve prevented those children dying. The guns were stolen from a murdered, legal gun owner. Criminals don’t do background checks. Your argument is invalid…

    • doodle says:

      Background checks don’t stop a criminals from stealing a gun from his mother and then killing her in her home and the taking it on a killing spree. I was with you till you got stupid.

    • Pierre Paul says:

      What you’re seeing now are the predictions we made back then coming true today.

  62. Jim Grandone says:

    AMAC is just the Republican version of AARP. Republicans do not support seniors. They oppose Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as entitlements. I don’t belong to either.

    • jeffrey ney says:

      You are correct. Real Republicans support Congress being reduced to the 18 enumerated powers granted to it by the Constitution and the States. The government needs to get out of the health care business completely.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        Jeffrey Ney – Yes, let’s go back to 1776- that’ll work out for us. When did your family come to the U.S.? What job(s) did they have??? Are those jobs still available to you and me??? What do they pay??? Do you want to go back to the pay of 1776 too? Unfortunately, the wolf has been in charge of the chicken coop for too long….You should read the Affordable Health Care Act. Yes, insurance companies are lobbying against it because it requires that 60% of premiums must actually go toward health care….. The goose with the golden egg will have to stop paying those huge incomes and bonuses. I don’t know about you, but I expect to get a reasonable product for the money I spend. I don’t like filling the pockets of other people to my own detriment. I believe some in Congress (read Republicans) don’t like it because they will be required to follow the same critieria that the rest of us follow. BTW- do you know how much insurance salesmen make??? Most of them make over six figures a year — for selling us an overpriced product.
        BTW- there are no death panels or any of the other things critics have tried to scare us with.

        • Kathyb says:

          Just curious, have you read the whole Obama care package?

        • James Meier says:

          So we know one thing, surely Shirley hasn’t read the Obamacare package. And who can blame her, it’s a bloated bureaucracy, guaranteed to add billions to healthcare costs. Employers are downsizing full-time employees to avoid the ridiculous premiums it is driving.
          Sadly, doctors do know and oppose Obamacare.. Which might better be titled “Obama don’t care.”

        • Bryan says:

          If you believe that, tell us why the democrats exempted themselves, the unions and muslims from the affordable healthcare act when they wrote the bill.

        • Bette says:

          Amen Shirley, a sane voice in all the gloom and doom put out here. We live in a beautiful country and it is getting better, just have to shut out the doomsday people. Don’t want to live in the negativity they put out, how sad.

    • Ed says:

      We oppose government run anything. We the people are supposed to be in charge. Our elected are to do what each majority ask, tell, mandate, or vote for. It has obviously changed and for the worse. They take more and more, give us less and less, all the while lining their pockets with tax money. ( The only method of removing money from us) Republicans don’t support seniors!!!!!!!!!!! There are missing parts in your head. This is not Robin Hood in Sherwood Forrest. Pay your own way without government intervention should be our battle cry. Nothing worse than someone who makes an error in judgment and then expecting his neighbor or someone in a different state to pay for that decision. Grow up.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        Hummm – Ed – What state do you live in??? I live in one of the few states that pays more into the Federal pot than they get from the Federal pot. There are 17 states that pay more in than they get out. My state ranks as # 8 of those paying more in than receiving back. 33 States and D.C. receive more from the Federal Government than they pay in. Texas, # 15 received more than paid for many years. They are now paying more in – This works out to be a kind of “insurance” When a state needs funds, they are normally able to rely on Federal funds.
        I hope you don’t live in a state that has natural disasters – these are not errors in judgment – and if you feel people should just “buck up” and “tough it out” I feel sorry for you.
        As for “We the People” in charge – the financial melt down is another fine example of that. The lack of regulation,coupled with the removal of the restriction that financial institutions could not loan more than 12 TIMES (not percent) of their net capital during the Bush Administration and Republican Congress in 2004, and you have the unholy storm that caused the “melt down”. Some institutions were lending 40 TIMES and more than their net capital, and using incredibly risky instruments and policies.

        • Brian Lewis says:

          Too bad you dont know what you are talking about. The last two state of the union messages that Bush gave he specifically told congress that they need to do something to stop the loans to people who could not pay them. Seems as if the dems. (which I used to be) , specifically Barney Frank and Joe Biden, had their minions go to the banks and other loan institutions and demand that they give loans to any minority no matter what their credit or ability to pay was like. They invented a false “gifting program” where you jack up the price of the house by the amount normally used for a dn payment and then girt it to the buyer. We did not understand what this was and signed papers to do this with our moms house. The people had 14 credit judgments against them and with $200 out of their pocket, bought our moms house. In one yr they got a second mortgage and vacationed around till the money ran out and lost the house to the loan institution. A friend with sever kids and low income in Sacramento was shocked that she could “afford” a new split level 4 bedroom on her meager income. Now she has no house and knows she cant afford it. All they (dems) wanted was to tell everyone that they had helped them get a house of their own so re-elect us. When there were senate hearings on this Joe and Barney stood up and screamed at the top of their lungs about how great a job the head of Fanny Mae was doing. A yr. later he was given his millions in bonuses for putting through all those bogus failed loans and fired and Obama hired him as a financial adviser. We taxpayers bailed out the banks, etc. For a while you could see those hearings on you tube but they got taken off.

      • YOLANDA CLARK says:


    • Ken says:

      It’s funny that Democrats keep insisting that Social Security is an entitlement. It’s not. It is your money, deducted from your paycheck throughout the years of your working life. So stop calling it an “entitlement” and start calling it what it really is when FDR and Congress passed the Social Security Act back in the ’30s.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        Democrats are not the ones calling Social Security an “entitlement” and referring it to in negative tones.

      • Gary Ktenn says:

        They believe that way because many, many did not work to pay into it. Just look closely at the 50+ % that elected Obama. Look at where 90% of his vote came from, inner city county’s and many had a 100% turnout. No one yet gas questioned that number. The other 10 % came from California and New York. Well then with that kind of turn out from the darkest of blue stated its no wonder.

        • Bette says:

          Where do you people come up with this tripe? The average hard working people of this country voted for Obama, most of us twice and we come from all walks of life, and we come from everywhere, rural, cities, small towns, urban areas. And where in heavens name did you get that many many did not pay into it, that is just coming out of nowhere. Anyway that is the Republicans that believe it is an entitlement, why do you think they lost the election just because they talked all that nonsense. According to you no one works but Republicans, I think we know that isn’t true, look at them in congress, they have done nothing in 5 years. I have friends in both parties and surprise, they all work!

      • Bette says:

        Ken I think you meant Republicans, they are the ones calling it an entitlement and wanting to privatize it, not Democrats.

    • monamay says:

      Social security is not an entitlement!!! This is our hard earned money!!!

  63. Gary Holman says:

    I once belonged to AARP, but got sick of their carrying water for the liberals. I have refused to rejoin. I am glad that there is now an alternative..

    • Mary Haman says:

      I think your organization is what we need.
      My husband and I are over 60 living off our
      social security. We can’t afford to join AMAC
      But we support your efforts. AARP Is nothing
      but a rip off. We hope you keep up working to
      Protect us.

  64. John Fitzgerald says:

    We won.

    You lost.

    Deal with it.

    And, by the way, this notion that the Republican Party has, is and will do anything possible to obstruct the President of the United States borders on treason.

    You folks are committed to bringing this country to its knees, rather than provide worthwhile alternatives to the American people.

    Have you folks any shame? Any patriotism?

    • Sharon Kesel says:

      WOW John, where do you get those meds you are taking? I need some of them. If this is a good insurance fix why are Obama, Congress, and their staffs exempt from it? It will pay for abortion, but will not pay for the orthotics I need to walk without pain (less than half the cost of a typical abortion.) Treason is allowing our ambassador to be killed while he played golf. SHAME ON HIM.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        Sharon – Read the Act – Congress is NOT expempt from the Act. Also don’t think you are correct about the orthotics. There is a clause regarding those ride on scooter things – but wheel chairs, etc. will be covered.
        John is correct about those congress people who are obstructing what the majority of voters have voted for. Obama won the last election with millions more votes than the Republican party.

        What makes you think the President had any idea that our ambassador was being killed (no matter what the President was doing)???
        I’m sorry that scenario happened – it was terrible – but why are those few people more important than the thousands of Americans who have been killed and hundreds of thousands of middle easterners who were killed in Bush’s wars?? BTW the compound at Bengahzi (sp??) had about 8 embassy personnel and the rest were CIA. If the CIA who were there didn’t know it was coming, how would you expect the President to know a half a world away?

      • Laurie says:

        VERY well said Sharon! Also do people know that ALL Muslims are exempt from the Healthcare penalties of not buying Insurance and they can employ more than 50 employees without having to provide insurance and not pay the penalty? And YES, i did read that portion of the health care debacle! And
        Shirley, YES Congress IS excempt from the Healthcare bill. They get to keep thier Blue Cross Insurance plan in tact.

        • Frank says:

          Congress is exempt from everything. They get all the good stuff and none of the bad. R&D, Blue & Red, they’ve been doing it since Jefferson was president. Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond are still in living memory. Conservatives have zero moral standing on anything Congress does.

    • Jim Bailey says:

      John is obviously a weak-minded man that allowed himself to be brainwashed by Obama’s OBVIOUS lies and his MSNBC media. It’s no wonder the US is up to its eyeballs in debt when people that voted for Obama had no clue that he is a Marxist that wants power for himself and the people be damned.

    • tschooley says:

      I am neither Republican, nor Democrat, nor Tea Partier…I am an American, a Former Combat Veteran and swore an oath to Defend the CONSTITUTION from enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!! Now, you throw the word treason around like it is volley ball…well, it is NOT!!! WE ALL LOST and we are losing more and more each day. I DO NOT SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO obama…I SWEAR ALLEGIANGE TO THE FLAG and the CONSTITUTION. The DEBT IS WHAT IS BRINGING THIS COUNTRY TO ITS KNEES…free reign to ILLEGAL aliens…2nd AMMENDMENT ATTACKS…ALLOWING KNOWN TERRORISTS TO OPERATE IN OUR COUNTRY…LEGISLATING marriage, which is NOT in the perview of the CONSTITUTION…BENGHAZI murders that make obama and hillary complicit as they watched for NINE (9) hours…NINE HOURS…watching our citizens get murdered, brutalized, and raped!!! 9 HOURS!!!!!! I will defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic…You are the furthest thing from a patriot…you are a communist/socialist and are blinded like a baby bird who wait for obama to shove anything down your throat he wants and you will swallow it…

      • Mjjmj says:

        You are right on. I agree. So sad for our country. Our economy is a mess and we are in a very scary situation. I’m afraid our deficit is so far out of reach now that we might be doomed. And the idiot you responded to is not living in the real world and does not have a clue. Our country has WAY too many of this type of people living here. I wonder—What is OBAMA’s REAL agenda???? And who is/and has been behind him with the big bucks……

      • Diane says:

        You said it all very well. !!! Nothing for me to say because you said it all. I totally agree and you are wonderful veteran ,, Bless you. America needs more people like you. I am in total agreement to everything you said and very well , I must add. God Bless America and everyone of the Military. .. America needs to clean house in DC so bad, God Bless us all .

        • CODY says:

          I totally agree with you Tschooley! God Bless you and your service to our country! I am a US Navy wife and mother!!!

          Thank you for your service!

      • Becky Magnus says:

        Tsshooley I agree with with you. Respect American values, Constitution, will you run for President ? America needs vets and people like you.

      • Joel says:

        Finally, a true patriot. Well said. I salute you, Sir!

    • Ed says:

      Are you insane. It’s the politicians who continually vote to raise our taxes, fees, and whatever name they compose to remove money from those who earn it. You have no idea what patriotism is ! The president is attempting to become Robin Hood…Hey dude, NEWS FLASH, this ain’t Sherwood Forrest… This nation used to be indivisible, but now the lunatics on the left are causing us against them…you call that patriotism???
      Oh by the way, I see the way you taunt and you will be dealing with the fact of NO AMERICA if this type of progressive antics become the norm. I wish I had the answer to help all of us, but until then try depending on yourself instead of other peoples money!

    • Alfredo says:

      Yes we did and how many people voted who aren’t even Americans? We should pass a law that you must have a job and pay taxes to vote or at least own property. Definitely You must be an American.
      instead of importing professionals teach those that are here to do the job. If they don’t want to go to school. Teach those who do.
      Here you go if a Banker steals a home Put him or her in jail.
      We are responsible for ourselves. Why do Republicans give more to charity? Democrats don’t help the poor. They force others to do it for them. If the Dems want to support freeloaders let them pay for it.

      Ah for a return to the days when people worked to support themselves.

      Go to AARP. You say you are an American why post against something. Let everyone make up there own minds. The market will take care of the issue.

      • Kevin says:

        There was a law that you could not vote unless you paid a special fee and passed a test, that was to keep people down. Yea your not in the right country or you are very young and don’t remember it was only 50 years ago when that was going on.

      • YOLANDA CLARK says:


    • Bette says:

      Thank you John! It needed to be said!

    • monamay says:

      No John, you voted and we all lost!!! If you voted for him twice with all the things he has done to destroy our wonderful country, you have your blinders on buddy!!! What is wrong with you?

  65. Rick says:


    With all due respect….YOU LOST. The majority of Americans are just fine with Obamacare.

    Forming this transparently opportunist group is only going to help speed the demise of the GOP which clearly
    is going the way of the Whigs and No-nothings….

    Given that. Congrats. Am so glad you opened and wish you well!!

    • Christine says:

      What are the numbers on “the majority of Americans are just fine with Obamacare?” We ALL lost when Obama was reelected!!

      • Jackie says:

        AMEN!!!! I so agree. Obama is awful & he does not care about America. He is for the Muslims & what they stand for. He said & I quote : the best sound ever is to hear the chants of the Muslims when it’s time to pray.”
        AARP I find is not for us. It’s supporting Obamacare & everything else.

    • Steve says:

      Rick you are terribly misinformed. The majority of the American people are AGINST OBAMA Care by a wide margin . Now the insurance Co are requesting a 25 percent increase in YOUR premiums. It’s a train reck and finally some Dems in congress are opposing OBAMA CARE, it’s too bad that the people in Washington like good old Nancy, that are supposed to protect the American people DID NOT READ THIS BILL before voting on it. If this bill is so good why are the unions like SEIU ( a large Obama contributor ) and about 100 mega companies exempt from this bill? I’ll tell you, the cost factor is astonishing. These companies would have to pay millions for this health care coverage. The companies that weren’t granted exemption are planning on only having part time employes to bypass this bill. As of Friday, some Dems are now speaking up against this bill. Too bad they didn’t do the diligent part before voting on this bill. Hey, if it’s good enough for the American people why is CONGRESS exempt from it. Unfortunately many folks are going to loss their health care because companies will pay the TAX FINE that is less expensive than offering health care to their workers. Remember our President famous words , IF YOU LIKE YOUR HEALTH CARE YOU CAN KEEP IT! IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR! YOU CAN KEEP IT. ………….NOT NOT Just more lies from this administration. Just like he will cut the deficit in half in his first term. Now it’s reaching 17 trillion.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        CONGRESS IS NOT EXEMPT FROM THE BILL !!! And you CAN keep the health care you have if you desire. Unions, etc. which already have health coverage will continue to keep using their coverage……. Who are you listening to??? STOP listening to other people – research for yourself. The bill is available on line…. Don’t get your news from other people – go to and Also read the Federal Register – you CAN’T get better facts than the Federal Register.

        Also – please remember that the President made some of his “wishes” known prior to knowing the economy in free fall that he inherited. We will not recover from the Bush mess for at least a decade – probably more.

        What happens when millions of people lose their jobs??? They don’t pay taxes anymore… This creates a deficit which adds to the Federal Debt. BTW- the deficit is NOT “reaching 17 trillion” you are speaking of the Federal Debt – the Obama Administration HAS reduced the deficit (not by half- but it has been reduced)When millions of people no longer pay taxes because they no longer have the income they did previously, it is important to both cut spending, AND collect additional revenue. The Republicans appear to have a blind spot about this simple fact, and continue to make the top one to two percent richer.

        As for SPEND, SPEND, spend – Call or write John Mc Cain (R)- tell him you think the Congressional Barber Shop should be eliminated – Congress (mostly Republicans) voted to BAIL it out to the tune of approximately $250,000 earlier this year. Some Congress people thought it should be eliminated, but John Mc Cain said “NO” – SO – if you think the deficit is all the fault of Democrats – think again.

    • tschooley says:

      Good Lord, how can people be so so so dilusional…WE ALL LOST…I am convinced, not ever the collapse of the dollar or hyperinflation will have any impact on people who have no clue…You are like little baby birds…mouth wide open and ready to take anything Obama shoves down it. The OATH I TOOK was to defend the CONSTITUTION< NOT a person or regime!!!!

    • Ed says:

      The majority does not support this crap. It has been shoved down our throats by people who will not even be required to utilize it. Being a low information voter (I assume you have the guts to vote) you have been duped. Most people who want free stuff from the feds or states is proof enough. I will also assume you have read the 2700 page law and the additional thousands of pages which explain your free benefits…RIGHT??? The media you hear are bigger liars than those whom they got elected. Remember, stink is very closely associated with it’s pile.

    • Alfredo says:

      Not Congress or the President.

    • Joel says:

      Hey Rick,
      Your abacus is broken. Most Americans DO NOT want Obamacare.

  66. dumb ass site says:

    you don’t know how to spell warrant? your idiocy is smoking stupid.

  67. justme says:

    Your stated “bottom line” says it all: Greed. You love money, and despise humans.

    Any organization that slanders and spreads false information regarding health care will never get my support.

    “…best health care system in the world…” ??? Are you serious? or that uneducated? We are waaaaaay down the list!

    Your values are definitely NOT conservative.

    ~a primary care provider

    • Steve says:

      Thanks, justme, first for doing the mostly thankless job of providing primary care but also for spreading the “gospel” about AMAC. If they keep crying about how bad AARP is, it’s time that folks realized that they are just AARP in sheep’s clothing.

  68. Bear says:

    I canceled my AARP membership because of this.They keep sending me papers to sign on again and I send it back to them stating they supported Obama and Obamacare and screw over the elderly so quit sending me your damn mail

  69. Paul says:

    so, folks are still trying to figure out how to get a free lunch. $1000 of health care costs… $1000. Now, if ‘market’ and ‘competition’ and ‘innovation’ can trim Real Costs, then the price will fall. What has happened is everyone feels “entitled” to “unlimited” care even if they don’t plan to pay into it. Obama is mandating that everyone get a BMW plan, but only the rich will pay full price… now, why don’t we just do that with cars and see what happens to the economy. or, even food. Insurance is only a vehicle of risk management, not ‘free ride’ or ‘unlimited’. The conservatives have proposals that are ignored by the media that will actually work. Also, no one is ‘turned away’ now. For the added cost of Obama(don’t)Care we could have given all those uninsured folks a great policy for free… just that the gov wouldn’t have control, so they decided to be even more inefficient than the mandates and regulations of the past 30 years.

    • JEN says:

      the republicans are in the pocket of insurance companies… they dont want you to have a choice… the insurance companies will no longer be able to not pay claims or deny you insurance because of prior medical conditions and the insurance company will have to give you a refund if they dont use a certain amt of your premiums… I have read the Obama Care and it gives the little people rights that the present system doesn’t … It lets you choose your health care coverage instead of your employer… who often picks the cheapest… alternative… I have had insurance all my life … but now insurance companies refuse to insure me because of my health conditions… Medicare does not refuse to pay for your care… but that insurance you get from your employer does refuse to pay…for any pre-existing conditions… For the last 2 years … my employer insurance refused to pay for any of my visits to my doctors …my labs.. etc…I have worked in the health care industry for 35 years as a nurse… you do get turned away at the ER.. If you dont have insurance .. they give you aspirin or something similar and refer you to your doctor… it is just a big run a round… I am for Obamacare… because you get to choose the coverage you want… if you loose a job… you can take your insurance with. you… We no longer have to take what your employer chooses for you.. Those of you that have a good insurance plan with you employer are lucky… but the cost of insurance is going up… not because of Obama care, but because of all the uninsured… The hospitals don’t just eat this debt… I t gets paid by the people who do have insurance by charging more for their services… The cost of health care will go down… as more people are insured… If you don’t think you are paying for the uninsured now… You need to wake up… If they are able to see doctors and get medication… they stay healther and out of the ER’s and hospital rooms… which lowers the cost of healthcare for all of us…

  70. Lrtread says:

    Thanks for the timely update. I have heard that the AARP was founded by an insurance company. Can anyone shed some light on this comment? It also may explain their positions on this.

    • Ernie says:

      Just ask aarp if they sell insurance, that should tell you who they support…

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        AARP does NOT sell insurance. They do recommend an insurance company, and appear to advertise on that company’s behalf. I don’t like that company for several reasons and wouldn’t use them, but the actuality is that AARP does not sell insurance.

  71. Michael Powe says:

    As a matter of plain fact, we don’t have the “best healthcare system in the world.” The United States ranks 34th in infant mortality and 40th in life expectancy. The CIA Fact Book lists the US death rate as 88th out of 227 nations — 139 countries have lower rates. WHO lists the death rate from cancer in the US as 58th out of 197 countries surveyed — 139 countries have lower rates.

    The “best healthcare system in the world” is probably in Singapore, which has the lowest infant mortality and highest longevity. Singapore is 189 on the CIA Fact Book list (39 countries have lower death rates) and 75th on the cancer death rate list.

    Singapore has an insurance mandate (you must buy health insurance) and a public option (you can choose to buy private insurance or the public Medicare-like system).

    This article contains numerous errors of fact sandwiched in hyperbole. That’s not the ticket to persuading people that you’re a trustworthy organization. The only way to overcome our serious deficiencies in heath care, including the avoidably high rates of infant mortality and cancer death, is to acknowledge that we can do better, and look at the systems which are demonstrably, empirically effective. Such as the system in Singapore.

    • Mark says:

      The population size and demographic mix of Singapore do not in any way compare to those of the U.S.

      • rewinn says:

        @Mark seems to think that population size is somehow relevant. But in the real world, a larger population has more doctors and more economies of scale. It’s actually remarkable that a small population can do so well.

        @Mark’s “demographic mix” argument is just silly. America is much more multiracial than Singapore but that does not make medical care more expensive; the difference is in our insane profit-oriented insurance system.

    • Vulcan Alex says:

      As a matter of fact it depends on how you measure and determine which is the best system. Now it is also a matter of fact that using the data that you quote is not only a result of the “system” but rather many other factors.

      My opinion is that we do have the best system in the world considering how many people we have the vast diversity of our citizens etc. Folks around the world come here for the most advanced care, best top facilities, and best top doctors and other employees.

      Simply the best!!

      • rewinn says:

        @Vulcan Alex’s “opinion” is not supported by any facts, such as infant mortality, longevity, cost or outcome.

        To state that the size of our population is an excuse for low quality care is to state that economies of scale do not exist. That makes no sense at all.

    • Steve Howard says:

      Mr. Michael Powe: You do not get out much do you? Too bad! I have spent many years in a variety of different nations and have personal experience with the type of health care you quote as being better. I spent two weeks of my the most sick weeks I can ever remember while in Singapore and could not get access to any health care whatsoever. I had my gums sown to my cheek in New Zealand after an emergency tooth extraction. I can site more examples from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium and Portugal! Trust me, you do NOT want to be a senior citizen in ANY of those nations!

    • MikeB says:

      “The United States ranks 34th in infant mortality and 40th in life expectancy.”

      1st in pregnant women using drugs and 1st in obesity. Any wonder why kids die early and adults have diabetes and heart disease?
      Don’t look at the statistics, look at the causes.

    • skyyyguy says:

      While I wont dispute your assessment of where the USA falls on the list, I would like to point out that the list is bogus. This is so because of simple facts like the USA measures infant mortality by a different standard than most other countries. In other words, in the USA, if a baby dies whithin so many days of birth, it counts toward our infant mortality rate. Whereas, in many other countries, if the baby is born alive and lives even for a few minutes, it no longer counts toward their infant mortality rate. That is just ONE example of why the list is BOGUS. The USA is among the best places on earth, in the history of earth, to recieve healthcare. As a healthcare provider it is my opinion that that standard of care is about to take a nose dive with Obamacare.

    • Shirley Mc Leod says:

      Well said, Michael Powe. Its also an eye opener to see the names of those 139 countries, too.

  72. Charlie says:

    What upset me about AARP is that they ignored the people they claim to represent. I saw a Town Hall meeting that was disgusting the way the AARP higher ups treated the seniors. Then after lying about being neutral they supported Obamacare fully and completely. Right after it passed Obama gave the management of AARP a waver saying they didn’t have to comply with what the members will. Now if that isn’t betrayal I don’t know what is. Shame, shame on you AARP traitors.

    • Shirley Mc Leod says:

      Charlie – Please site your source….. Actually, the majority of the country IS for “Obama Care”. The Koch Brothers not withstanding. (How about those guys – Kizzillionaires who deny their employees decent health care –

      Seniors who have medicare will not be adversely affected by the Affordable Care Act. They can keep the “Senior Advantage” plans they have – or not use a Senior Advantage plan to supplement Medicare.

      The main reason for the Affordable Care Act is for people who have little or no coverage, and are increasing our medical costs by using Emergency rooms as their primary care vehicle.
      When these people go to hospitals and don’t pay (because they can’t) the medical industry tacks these costs on to the medical care of everyone else – hence $50.00 asprins (I was shocked when I saw this on a bill some years ago – it may be more by now)

  73. George Leveto Sr. says:

    I’ve called to receive your insurance information, although I feel you’ll have to go some to be competitive. What sparked my interest was your article stating that AARP was in some way connected to Obama, via Obama Care….I’m not sure that it is in any way harmful to my existing insurance coverage that I presently have. Albeit a safe move, I don’t like the fact they saw fit to back his plan using Medicare funds to the tune of ,”$$716 ; BILLION dollars”; that belongs to those of us that have backed its existence from day one! I’m partially responsible for having Obama carry the state of “Ohio” for an election win for president for a second term, only because he convinced me he needed a second term to finish the work he hadn’t finished his first term. Well he hasn’t even mentioned anything he even thought of during his first term, only to put Social Security and Medicare on the table for the republicans to use as the budget balancing lure. From the first both he and his VP Biden claimed he would “NEVER” even consider either program for consideration, what a back stabber he is …THE best part of all of this is I along with many if not all AARP members have received messages to get in touch with DC an tell both Congressman and Senators that we won’t stand by anyone who is not for both programs 100%!

    • triwing says:

      That $716 Billion was not from Medicare but from money paid out to Medicare supplementary Insurance which takes money away from Medicare. AARP still sounds like a better deal to me.

      • Shirley Mc Leod says:

        triwing – Supplemental Insurance does not take money away from Medicare. One pays the Medicare premium, and – if they want – they also pay an additional premium for the supplementary insurance or “Senior Advantage” I pay both, but the Affordable Health Care Act allows for some things to not have a co-pay with my Senior Advantage provider.

  74. Linda says:

    I was member of aarp for years. They have come to political for me. Dropped them, my dad also for years…..

    When he needed help……..they said sorry can’t help……………… W H A T …..suppost to represent and help seniors………….

    They all do the talk and once they get………….they turn around and do the opposite. So done with them………….

  75. Chamay0 says:

    Excuse me but give me a break with your insurance sells pitch. What difference do it make whether you are a right wing outfit vs a so called left wing outfit?

    No what people need is insurance that is not on a freaking agenda (pro or con Obama) and one that will deal with suitability for the individual. AARP and as well as Amac represents single insurance company. Neither one of you represent the people….just bs business as usual.

    So sorry no, I can not hear you with this nonsense. But I’m not worried since I know you will have plenty of black helicopter losers sucking up your insurance on the basis of fear.

    I’ll join someone that have me in mind and not some stupid predatory political nonsense.

    • lively4JESUS says:

      Why post?!

    • maxpom says:

      Well said Chamay0 well said.

    • Charles says:

      Don’t get fooled by AMAC,it was created as a political tool,by the corporations and pharmaceutical companies,to counter AARP’s efforts to help seniors fight for their rights.

      • DrDick says:

        Yes AMAC smells an awful lot like a front for the Koch brothers and the rightwingnutjob snake factory

        • Sick and Tired says:

          Now that makes sense!! That said, I’ve never been able to afford AARP. My goal is to spend some tome actually reading the Obamacare plan. It shouldn’t be to hard to find out where the money comes from and how it’s spent. Until then, I’m sticking with Obamacare!

      • Jenna says:

        Oh spare us! Next you’ll be revealing that Mitt Romney and his rich friends are also behind it…the AARP supported the Medicare cuts under Ombama Care….until it was going to gut reimbursement rates to their precious United Healthcare Med B supplement plan, then they fought the cuts and prevailed.
        Why do so-called senior citizens need any group to lobby for their “interests”?
        It’s all pay-to-play…

        • John says:

          How long are you guys going to keep chugging that “Medicare cuts” Kool Aid? It’s embarrassing. There are no $716 billion in cuts to Medicare. There is $716 billion in Medicare SPENDING REDUCTIONS to providers. And it’s included in the Ryan budget … at the same Ryan is out peddling (lying about) the Kool Aid that SPENDING REDUCTIONS to Medicare providers are cuts.

          Oversimplified Analogy: You’re getting $100 worth of groceries a week. You get the same groceries next week, but the government only pays Publix $75.00. $25 saved. You still get the same amount of groceries. No cuts to YOUR GroceryCare, only to the providers.

          It’s been rebutted, rebutted, rebutted, rebutted, …. Stop. Read. Think. Retain. Avoid the Kool Aid.

          • Beau says:

            Wake up John, your over simplified analogy leave out that Publix wont eat the cut and it will be passed down to us. So that $25 saved by government is a 25% increase in our costs.

          • Vulcan Alex says:

            While a portion of your post is correct it is incorrect to say that you are going to get the same care just for less money. Some (perhaps many) providers will not accept the lower rates and that will have some effect on the care that you receive. Now I agree that by some measures it did not “take money” from Medicare, but it did reduce the resources devoted to it. It is necessary to do so and having vouchers with some additional support for poor folks is the best and fairest way to do so.

          • skyyyguy says:

            And then the grocery store lays off 2 people to cover the loss of 25% of thier revenue, and then 2 more people have to go on government benefits, so the government decides to cut payment again and the cycle repeats until the grocery decides it can no longer keep it’s doors open and goes out of businness. It is happening in heathcare RIGHT NOW.

            • Shirley Mc Leod says:

              skyyyguy – Health Care is VERY healthy. Millions of people in this country have had to “tighten their belts” due to the economic nightmare left by the Bush Administration. The health care industry can streamline their costs a bit too. They are NOT underpaid, and NOT struggling. When everyone has insurance, and they don’t have to pass the costs of the uninsured along to the rest of us, they will do just fine.

      • Rio says:

        AARP has never fought for seniors. Only for the agenda of the Administration and their own fat salaries. If you think AARP has done anything for us, then you will believe everything the controllers tell you.

        • Steve says:

          AARP has always supported whatever administration is in power at the time. It is a political animal and always will be, because it is heavily invested in its money-making arms and spends lots of money on lobbying. If one dislikes this aspect of AARP, why would one take up with AMAC, which begins its life by broadly announcing that it is going to be stridently political? I suppose it is impossible to represent the interests of a certain group of people without becoming somewhat political, but a group that is truly not connected to any commercial interests would hold any realistic hope of fairly representing all its constituents and you’re clearly not getting that with either group discussed here in this Hobson’s choice.

  76. Gryfdaddy says:

    When I first became elegible for AARP membership, I discovered that they support gun control and are affiliated with Sarah Brady’s nonsense. What does my devotion to hunting have to do with insurance, other than being the reason I keep fit? They are poking their collective noses into areas they are not wanted or needed.

    • James R Colloca says:

      They make decisions not on what their members desire but what they know you need, sounds like government politicians to me.

    • Dave says:

      Despite the the gun manufacturers’ mantra “Guns don’t kill people…,” the fact is, they do. look at the numbers of accidental deaths each year by ‘pacifist” guns. Now look at the accidents involving mere hospitalizations, disfiguements, and paralysis. Are you starting to see the health connection. Of course, Gryfdaddy, responsible gun owners like yourself and your friends have all your guns locked up or have trigger locks so you won’t have that problem. Problem is, not everyone is an responsible as you.

  77. Virginia says:

    I have been eligible for 10 years to be a member of AARP. I don’t like the position they take on several things for several years. I have no money to support any group anymore except myself. Everything has gone up including the memberships for these organizations. I will struggle financially until I leave this world, but my money will be spent on myself to keep myself going. I don’t trust any groups or any politicians but I will live with the memories of what was once a great America that I loved and will continue to love it where I can find it. I am sick of all of the arguing of all of the parties. What we are witnessing today is The Bible fulfilling itself. Take care of yourselves dear friends!

  78. George Strickland says:

    Wake up AMERICA!!! cant you see what Obama is doing to our country????

    • bowen says:

      hes trying to help us all not just the few who have it now so when they die off no one will be helped

      • Tyler Sawyer says:

        Bowen <——- Kool-Aid drinker

      • Jean says:

        Obama is trying to help us alright, to the poor house while he parties the White House is still closed to us. The White House belongs to the people. He tell us to stop spending money and then he goes on a 20 day vacation that cost us 4.5 Million dollars. I could go on and on but I don’t want to sound like a nag.

      • lively4JESUS says:

        Wow! he is an un-apologetic communist! who single handedly will make All Americans slaves :( Don’t believe it, time will tell. The best news is JESUS is coming to take from the world HIS own! Then the Wrath of GOD will be poured out on a CHRIST rejecting world :( Confess, Repent, ask JESUS into your heart, surrender to HIS Will as described in the BIBLE~ Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!! Hope to see you in the air :)

      • Galen says:

        You mean allowing “all” to dig into the Medicare funding (the ONLY fund source for Obamacare though it could come from anywhere in the budget), ignoring that the Medicare fund comes entirely by mandatory payment of a separate tax by those actually contributing to the GDP. And two years from now, the person who paid in for decades will get a wheelchair instead of a hip replacement, all so the unwed mother of five can get free breast exams, pay no insurance premium, and have the birth of her next income source without paying a dime.

        • Cheryl says:

          You are so right,,,sick of paying for people who use the system then scream if they are going to get drug tested!!!

          • Linda says:

            OMG!!! you are so right!!!!! *i* had to get drug tested to do my job and pay taxes to support those who would rather let the government take care of them…what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!!! now that i’ve been hurt on the job and can no longer do my job, i’m fighting to get disability…..perhaps if i spoke espanola maybe that would hurry things along???? if i spent money the way the government does…..*i* would be in jail…..yet we are told to *learn to budget better*……why should i have to *pay* to join some senior society???? i’ve *earned* my way to it!!!!! i’m just glad my mother, father, and grandmother aren’t around to see what obama’s done to this country…..

            • Sick and Tired says:

              Linda you need a reality check! I got my disability in 2006, on my first try and I didn’t use an attorney! The fact is, you so won’t see a dime for about two years, and you’ll lose your Medicaid for those two years as well. I’m Caucasian, race has nothing to do with it. You will be lucky if it puts you above poverty level! My guess is at least half of us are at or below poverty level, I am and I worked hard all my life and made decent money. News flash, you are not “special” get over yourself. Anyone who thinks getting and living on disability is the good life is just plain stupid! Hell, it’s not enough to live and cover the Doctor and hospital bills… and then you are called lazy and cheating the system. Healthy people will look down their nose at you! I’d give anything to have my health back and go back to work. I loved working so just deal with it!

              • Thom says:

                You said it all when you said “I GOT my disability”….. It is obvious to me that YOU were an idiot because YOU apparently thought that you could “live” on it, and then found out the reality that you can’t. Sour grapes…..shoulda done your homework.

          • YOLANDA CLARK says:


    • Chamay0 says:

      It that would be what??? Or are you suggesting that it was a good thing we slept through what GWB did? Clown!

      • originalflyinhawaiian says:

        @Chamay0-If you want to be taken seriously, learn how to spell and speak the english language correctly-Uneducated clown! So by your logic, Obama is right for doing what he does because GB did? So if I jumped off a cliff, you will too? Do yo not see the stupidity in your position? The difference in from now to then, according to you is that back then we were asleep. Are you awake now? REALLY uneducated clown!

      • Marilyn says:

        My God ! That’s all you buck pushers know how to do !! Blame a prior president when the CLOWN that ruins things now, and does it right in your face and has been doing (ruining the U.S,A.), it the whole time; he’s played you like puppets for the last 41/2 years !! Of course, all the honorable George W. Bush did was eliminate another forming Hitler and kept your ass safe during his tenure ! Quit burying you heads in the sand, all you who put this guy in office and realize……ADMIT you got stiffed and made a wrong choice !

    • Mary Lou says:

      The country will be divided and taken down from within…….I can’t understand why the American people do not see this. We need to tand together and take our great America back!

      • Dave says:

        I agree. We need to take our country back from the corporations. Just like Medicare Part B, the ones who gain are the insurance companies. Obama Care is stock full of gifts to Big Money, put in by legislators that then voted against it.

      • monamay says:

        We are going down so fast Mary Lou… We have a terrorist for a so called President. I pray he will get what he rightfully deserves. He is truly evil. God help us!

  79. RN says:

    Enough. Ask any crusty old RN of a hospital discharge planner what Section 3026 means. She’ll tell you it’s the Death List. All socialized medicine must have one, or the system goes broke and those in power fall out of power. It’s the one feature of the law that you owe it to yourself and lifetime partner not to be in denial of. Go ask.

    • Chamay0 says:

      Got damn but you ppl are crazy…please see a shrink asap! Thanks.

    • Scott M says:

      and insurance companies don’t? Just wait until someone approaches the lifetime limit on benefits and see what a hospital does… The problem now is money is spent on those with the most insurance not those with the best prognosis.. My mother had a heart attack at 92.. The hospital and doctors were quite happy to push us to try more and more procedures and essentially sold us a bill of goods.. They were quite happy to blow through the better part of a million dollars of insurance company and medicare and provided zero quality of life to the last couple of months of my mother’s life.

  80. Otto W. says:

    I believe the most horrific part of our county’s problem is clearly demonstrated in these comments.

    Our country is divided. This problem is quickly getting worse. When so many people focus on what is wrong based exclusively on which party supports the issue instead of what is wrong or correct about the issue itself, we have become ingnorant and are not capable of crafting solutions to our problems.

    We need to get over ourselves, look at the real issues and work toward real solutions that respect one another’s interests. The tail can not continue to wag the dog. There needs to be organized planning with transparency and not one sided solutions that are thrust upon the masses without having the other sides assist in resolving the problems.

    • Mike A says:

      well said Otto W. it is a problem with people working toward mutual needs and interests. it is unfortunate that many are still asleep to that cause. its our responsibily, as americans to do our homework, research, and not just be taken in by only what we hear.

      if people think back over the years, how has much of the regime type powers taken hold of countries? it has been through mass media and people muttering, and actually believing what the eventual tyrant said. its definitely that time that the uneducated pick up and educate themselves. those who take responsibility for them selves can become the part of the solution that is better and not drain america for all her resources.

      one thing that needs to be done is definitely close our borders to illegal immigration. there are to many families that came here legally and worked hard to get to where they are. it wasnt an easy path to gain the benefits of this great country for families. it taught responsibility, pride and appreciation. today we see to many comimg and taking without these qualities.

      unfortunately, they and so many apathetics are fed and nourished slowly down a course that will eventually destroy america. i too believe that we solutions not focus on petty bickering and placing blame.

      and to those who may be thinking that my not caps etc are due to lack of education, no its my keyboard goes trhough times where it wont do the alternate functions needed.

      in closing. please wake up people. become part of the solution. there are family members of ours that have, taken time to serve our country, fought for our country, died for our country. please do not let that be all done in vain. it started with the great revolutionary war. people who comen here to america, and those who are born in america, need to understand these parts of history. its not taught anymore. again, we need to take responsibility to educate ourselves, and our children, to these sacred moments and understandings of this country.

  81. mary sweet says:

    Nice try. Your an extension of hatred, and Republicans. F!#=; you!

    • J Allen says:

      Nice Mary Sweet. :-(

    • tommy hewell says:

      AARP – publicly backed backed Obama Care – ! – Thus I dropped them – “FAST” – ! – I joined AMAC and to this very day I “NEVER” heard another word from them …… go guess —- Who do we trust — ? — I really do not know – !
      Mary Sweet – you are an Obama voting liberal – you just proved it – I do pray your family is suffering as bad if not worse than our nation – Shame on you- shame on your family name – !

      • Una Watt says:

        Tommy, I dropped AARP the day after I saw that they were backing that “stealthcare” program. After a year, they finally stopped asking me to join again. The people who think the majority want this apparently haven’t been listening. And you who think it need to READ the bill. I personally wrote numerous letters begging my reps to do whatever it took to stop it. I guess, if they tried, it was a lost cause. This administration does too much “deeming” and writing executive orders.

      • Paul Duca says:

        AMAC only contacts when they want your money…

    • James says:

      Mary said …

      “Nice try. Your (sic) an extension of hatred, and Republicans. F!#=; you!”

      First, aren’t you Democrats the party of love and understand? (Nice level of hateful discourse there.)
      Second, aren’t you the party of the NEA and education? (Might want to get a few of “your” tax dollars “you’re” sending in to pay for these fine educations we’re giving our children.

      You may also want to consider whether a comma is necessary with “and” also.

    • jose angel says:

      nice try “mary”, you show all that is wrong with this country, anyone who disagrees with you must be a hater and stupid. your use of profanity shows your small mindedness remember that “Profanity is the sign of a small mind trying to forcefully exert itself”,”it is better to let others think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  82. Kelley says:

    Easy to see that AARP had a whole bunch of their members write a bunch of crap messages to stick up for AARP. AARP is very liberal and full of pork.why not go with AMAC who will work for you?

  83. Jerry says:

    Thanks for confirming that I made the right decision to join AARP and for making it clear that I should’t be wasting my time on the AMAC. This article has removed any doubts I may have had.

    • Charlotte says:

      I agree, any doubts I may have had have been removed by this article, AMAC is clearly not speaking for me…

      • maxpom says:

        clearly not speaking for this Republican either. Our party has a cancer, and it’s people like the ones who run AMAC. They are slowly passing though the sphincter of time … soon they will be nothing but a memory when decent caring people like those who run the AARP remain.

  84. Grayce says:

    I will not be joining Amac. Clearly, it is coding an organization to promote the basic tenets of the KKK. I am not fooled. Shame on you!

    • Jean says:

      Dear Grayce For your information the KKK was started by the Democrats and the Republicans were the ones that freed the slaves. Check out the facts before you make any more dumb comments..

      • Chamay0 says:

        Oh how right you are Jean but let’s not leave out the part about how those same bigoted racist democrats became present day republicans because they refused to be the party of giving a shlt about Black people. Then the strategy became “we only need 10% of Black votes” and the whole suppression of Black votes. Just keeping it real here. If you are going to do a history lesson please include all the points of reality and not just the sound bites, LOL!

      • Margie says:

        Hey Jean, You are talking about 150 yrs ago, not present day politics. The GOP today is famously bigoted. Today the GOP is for more states right and not federal government. Abe Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he saw what control big business has over the Republican Party. You may have had your facts right, but you don’t use logic. Unless of course like other Pubies, you are living in the ninteenth century. Please post what the current day Republican Party has done for the American People, not Big Business, people. The author of the article also makes a point of saying the US has the best healthcare in the world. No, we have the most expensive. There is a difference. The people turn a lot of money over to insurance companies that have refused to honor claims. the AMEC is just anotherr right-wing sham. Not crazy about AARP any more, since they were pushing to get Republicans elected that had already said they wanted to gut SS and Medicare

        • Wizerdave says:

          150 years ago? Try – MLK, Jr. from my home town was a Republican! Try Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was a leader in the KKK and voted against the Civil Rights Act. Democrats just learned that they needed you and started buying black votes. Have you heard the comments President Johnson made when he was behind closed doors? 150 years ago? Don’t you remember Governor George Wallace? Maddox? I do. Democrats. And they found out how to promise free stuff and keep American blacks “in their place”. If that’s what you want, I guess it’s what you’ll continue to get. But more and more educated American blacks are escaping from the Democrat plantations.

          • maxpom says:

            Look at a map genius. Places like Kentucky, where I live, never were Republican – until the Rs started with the message of hate and intolerance couched in fake patriotism and christianity. The uninformed masses became today’s teabillies. The GOP of my youth is now the DCCC. The Democrats of my youth are now the GOP (Guard Our Profits)

          • Jo says:

            Thank you Wizerdave, for helping out with more recent history. It’s so tragic that today’s students aren’t being taught the truth about history or current events.

      • triwing says:

        That Republican party you speak of ceased to exist long ago.

        • Una Watt says:

          So did the Democrats. Only one I would trust today, Pat Caddel. A Democrat with common sense and can read the handwriting on the wall. Unfortunately, he is not in office.

      • Dave says:

        Democrat/Republican that’s just a name. They have pretty much switched ideals. The pro-slavery south were all Democrats. They changed to Republican during Civil Rights struggles fifty years ago. Not sure where Lincoln would fit into today’s politics.

  85. Bird Williams says:

    How can you actually assert that “Big government experiments like the ‘stimulus’ and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate…” with a straight face? George W. Bush and cabinet putting two wars put on credit cards and throwing the middle class and elderly to the gutter in order to provide corporate welfare are the core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate. Do your homework.

    • Mark Bacca says:

      You honestly can’t be saying this with a straight face it too 237 yearly to reach 10 trillion in National Debt. Obama did 7 trillion in only 4 1/2 years! Get your facts straight. To think that that this Administration is not doling out corporate welfare to its friends is absurd.

      • Chamay0 says:

        Dear Mark, please be so kind as to stay in reality and not quote made up statistics. Our debt is created and in direct proportion of how much GWB put on his magic credit card to pay for two wars and medicare part D. Either have a conversation that exist in reality or just STFU! Thanks.

        • Wizerdave says:

          And that’s the thanks a Republican (GB) will always get for trying to help people on Medicare who needed drug coverage. He put his neck on the line, knowing most Republicans saw this as another government move towards socialism, but he did it because he hated seeing people who paid into Medicare all their working lives find out when they retired that even basic drugs were not covered. STILL, Obama doubled GB’s 8 years of debt in just 4 years. Yes, we also fought a war with GB’s debt – against foreign attackers of an American city. You would have done like Clinton and ignored it???

        • Marilyn says:

          ChamayO, you have the audacity to tell anyone else to STAY IN REALITY ???!!! You’re out of touch every time you say anything and I have a mounting suspicion that’s where you’ll elect to remain ! So sad !!

        • Mike A says:

          the use of foul language often reflects irrational behavior. meaning, that all rational thought processes have or are slipping away. therefore can any of that be considered rationall?

      • Margie says:

        A good chuck of that 7 trillion is interest on the debt old “W” took on for America. Obama is reducing the deficit, jujst like Bill Clinton did. Reagan, Bush I and II all increased the debt. Get you facts straight.

    • Jean says:

      Bird Williams Obama is the one that is robbing Social Security to pay for Obama Care. which BTW HAS DEATH PANELS in it so Obama doesn’t give a rats behind about the OLD PEOPLE . In fact, he could save money by doing away with us old people. just like he would have liked to done with his grandparents.
      As for the unemployment rate please explain why Obama is called the Welfare President. ? Perhaps you should be the one doing your homework.

  86. Michael says:

    I’m perfectly happy with the Affordable Care Act, except what the tea-stained GOP and Libertarians AND conservative Democrats gutted from it. It’s sad that it has been so handicapped but otherwise it’s long overdue. It’s pretty clear that AMAC is more closely affiliated with the true corporate rulers who will never have my best interest at heart, AT ALL.
    I’ll stick with AARP and President Obama as the far lesser of the evils presented here.

    • Jean says:

      I am glad your happy with Obama Care. I won’t call it Affordable Care Act, because it’s not affordable as it will cost a family of 4 $1666. a month plus it has a death panel in it. When you get too old you won’t get your care. You will be cancel. As for President Obama he is a fraud as well. Enjoy your freebies while they last.

      • Chamay0 says:

        Dear Jean, please stop listening or talking to idiots like Bachmann or Palin. You are really sounding very stupid right now. I understand you are just misinformed (or willfully ignorant) but please do try to stay within the limits of reality.

        • Marilyn says:

          There you go again !

        • Linda says:

          chamayO… you REALLY think obamacare is going to take care of you??????? insurance is all about profit……the only way to make that profit is to DENY….DENY…..DENY!!!!!!! they will assign a monetary value on your life…..just like other countries with socialized medicine…..and if they determine it costs too much to treat you……you will be sent home to DIE!!!!!!! and you’ll only have yourself to thank….because YOU voted for obama!!!!!!! LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dave says:

            I also voted for Obama and I am disappointed that he is not doing more. I am glad that SOMETHING was passed to fix the problem of too many uninsured. It is a start. It is not, by any stroke of the imagination socialized medicine. I would like to see a system in place where anyone could go to the doctor without going on a ramen noodle diet for a week. That is not in the legislation. What is in it, is more people being insured, but the insurers middle-manning the government money. The forced buy part of the bill, the part that fines you if you don’t buy insurance was put in so the Republicans would sign it. They didn’t though and are trying to get the last laugh.

        • Una Watt says:

          Chamay, a doctor tweeted that this bill does reference a “death panel”, and yes, it will be unaffordable to almost everyone. Wait until DHS and IRS starts collecting fines for those who refuse to sign up for this “insurance”. DHHS and IRS in charge of healthcare? Really? Although I hear that Sebelius will be in charge of abortions. Is this insane or what?

      • Margie says:

        Jean, where is the “death Panel” info listed in the amendment?

        • Una Watt says:

          Margie, I called my reps office and got the current bill number. There is a summary of key components here:

          You won’t find the phrase “death panel” in the bill. Scroll down to the heading “Creation of insurance
          pooling mechanisms”; in part:
          “Require plans participating in the Exchange to be state licensed, report data as required, implement affordability credits, meet network adequacy standards, provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services, contract with essential community providers and Indian health care providers, and participate in risk pooling. Require participating plans to offer one basic plan for each service area and permit them to offer additional plans. Require plans to provide information related to end-of-life planning to individuals and provide the option to establish advance directives and physician’s order for life-sustaining treatment.”

          The bill number is HR 3962, passed by the House Nov 7, 2009. It is currently being revised/amended, so some parts might have changed, but all in all, what I read “between the lines”, it is really not good

          There were so many listed under different titles, it was confusing, hence my call to get the correct one. You can search for the entire bill at

          I’m praying that it does not pass as written.

  87. rightwingfreaks says:

    Liberal Bias: also known as INFORMED OPINION!!!!! Rot in your shoes, Repugnantcan whiners!!!! >:)

  88. Janet Quinlan says:

    I would join but do not have the money to do so. My medicare has gone up my part D private insc. has gone up. now the threat that O will be cutting our benefits is just too much to take I left AARP a long time ago because they were doing nothing for us. BRING BACK THE GREY PANTHERS SO WE ALL CAN MARCH TO D.C. wish I could join sorry

    • Diane Fletcher says:

      I totally agree with Janet Quinlan. I dropped AARP some time ago after I realized that they cared more about Obama’s agenda and the money they got than for the Seniors in this country. I have been watching my medical health benefits get slimmer and slimmer and it’s getting harder and harder to find a doctor to take a Medicare patient and if they do, you must wait a few months before you get see a specialist. Do the U.S. Seniors a favor and this country and joing AMAC. Both my husband and I did and am very glad we did. We need to be able to stand up in Washington and say tell Mr. Obama and AARP, we want full control of our medical care and to stay out of our personal lives.

      • Chamay0 says:

        Dear Jean and Diane. Stop being stupid and mislead by nonsense and just get coverage by a medigap (medicare supplement) by an insurance company that takes into account your suitability and affordability. The AARP is not Obamacare. They are an insurance company (just like GHI, Blue/Cross Blue/Shield and Amac) looking out for their own bottom dollar.

        Do not be so dumb as to believe that Amac cares more about you then AARP. They are just greedy flacks trying to get your business based off of fear.

        Keep in mind your life health should never be about a political stance….EVER!

        • Wizerdave says:

          Since AARP stood to gain over a Billion $ from Obamacare, they went along with something like $700 – $800 Billion being stripped from Medicare, which working people paid into all their lives. AARP fought for homosexual benefits and the destruction of traditional families. They fought for Obamacare against working people who paid into Medicare. And they promote socialist/Democratic agendas.

          I cancelled AARP. I’m considering AMAC, but have not joined. Will NEVER go back to AARP!

        • Marilyn says:

          This poster is so very ignorant ! ChamayO….AARP is not an insurance company…..I repeat…AARP is not an insurance company !

        • lively4JESUS says:

          Dear co, aarp is nothing but the communist’s in charge political mouthpiece~

        • Pete says:

          I’m not going to say a name, but someone here sounds a lot like a really aggressive insurance salesman.

        • Donna says:

          Actually, AARP nor AMAC are insurance companies. They would be more of a ‘broker’, if anything to get business for a designated insurance company….AARP uses United Healthcare and I am not sure the name of the insurance company AMAC uses. However, if you are considering purchasing a Medicare supplement or replacement for Medicare, it would be better to look at what each different insurance company charges as their premium. Look at the benefits each supplement provides and find what fits your life’s needs and budget better. Choosing AARP or AMAC has become a political decision….but then, choosing any insurance company is too as all companies have lobbyists in your local, state and federal governments. That is just a fact of life in today’s world.

      • Marilyn says:

        Diane…..bravo !! I, too, dropped AARP some time ago and for many of the reasons you mention. I will give AMAC a test run !

  89. Milton says:

    I’ve read most of your comments and realize the great irony in all this. We all would not be arguing over whether it’s the conservatives or liberals who are at fault and whether AARP or AMAC is better. POLITICIANS – on both sides – have messed up our country. Each working man and woman in this country should be able to afford separate private insurance at a cost we could afford. It is the politicians that have made this near impossible and it’s not just Republican or Democrats. It’s POLITICIANS!


    Well, pewrites, I don’t get my news from Fox. My main source for news comes from PBS. Thy are the ONLY ones who still provide unbiased reporting. I also watch lamestream media and am generally appalled at how biased they are. They think this idiot of a president can do no wrong.

    All of you Obama lovers are going to feel like total fools when this bastard is impeached and put in prison for treason! He thinks he is untouchable but h is the worst of the worst!

    • Jean says:

      Too bad you don’t get your news from Fox cause it is the only news that tells the truth. Obama’s little buddy George Soro owns CBS, ABC, NBC just to name a few and he has paid them to say what they are told As for Obama getting impeached he can’t be impeached because he became a President by being a fraud. He got to be President illegally . How is that for a loophole?

      • jack sweitzer says:

        Jean I am waiting for some information that resembles a fact. There is nothing in the way of factual information in what you say. Those of us who proudly voted for President Obama saw through the misinformation race hating bigots who lost the election by a landslide and continue to spew opinion over fact based information. The President beat your party by the third largest margin in the history of Presidential elections, 51.5 popular votes and around one third more electoral votes, that’s called a slaughter. So talking about impeachment is ridiculous. If you weren’t politically challenged you’d trace why and who caused this economy to nose dive. You won’t, you’ll continue to hate the Man who’s trying to bring us back from the spiral down economy your boy George created. I have no doubt I just wasted my time with you and could write your response, and that’s the sad part.

        • Cheryl says:

          I am so sick of people turning everything into a race issue. Not just politics either. Get a grip!! Grow up and stop hiding behind the race issue and your own prejudice. People who speak the truth know everyone has a prejudice in one form or another. TRUE!!!! If you say it isn’t the truth then you are lying to yourself.

      • Margie says:

        Fox news admits they they lye every time they get caught. They laugh it off because they know they have followers like you that would never bother checking any statement, whether it’s from laziness or stupidness, I’m not sure, but you can’t fix stupid

      • monamay says:

        That is absolutely correct and I say: do not pass
        go, do not collect $200.00, go directly to JAIL! Pure evil!!!

    • Chamay0 says:

      Get over your self clown. He’ll be impeach the same day you die. So tired of you racist crap azz who always have to throw in your hate. Did you miss the whole point of the topic? It’s about Medicare and health care not your personal hate the Black man in the White (that Black people built) house.

      • monamay says:

        Oh brother! It is not about race and you know it! When you have nothing intellegent to say, scream racism… Blow this crap out your B…! Loser

    • lively4JESUS says:

      blahhaaahaaa unbiased??? You have got to be out of your mind! If you interested in real news try PJTV. :)

  91. babyfaceassassin says:

    lol @ all the rantimg and fear -mongering CONservatives who forget CONservative think tank Heritage Foundation came up with Obamacare and as a matter a fact was implemented in the state of Mass by a CONservative Gov. none other than Myth Rob-me.. you call us socialist but you un-american fear mongerers are nothing but fascist bigots

    • Godsong says:

      Since Libtards policies are responsible for all that has failed you sir have no say against Conservatives. They are for less taxes, less government and more freedom. If you don’t like that then you sir are part of our problem.

      • John says:

        As the record indicates, Republican economic policies do not work. In the last 100 years, there have been only two times that the Republicans have controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress for a significant period of time.

        The first was from 1921 to 1931 and that ended in the Great Depression.

        The second was from 2001 to 2007 and that ended in the Great Meltdown.

        Why are these periods separated by 70 years? That is how long it took for the people who lived through the Depression, and who knew and experienced the effects of Republican economic misrule first hand, to die, so that the Republicans could get back in power.

        There is not one credible economist who will affirm that giving a tax cut to a rich person, so that he can buy more mink coats, yachts, and Rolls Royces, actually helps anyone else in the country.

      • Margie says:

        Which “libtard” policies are responsible for all that failed? I know, pesky facts. Let’s see Pubies thought trickle-down politics would work. First Reagan did and then Bush II did. It never worked. Pubies want government to not be involved in personel lives EXCEPT the lives of pregnant women. Are pregnant woman not really people? Publies want a theocracy in a country founded on freedom of religion. They want everyone to worship their God, their way.

      • Dave says:

        Godsong, the conservatives are for freedom–for corporations, not for individuals. And less taxes—for the wealthy. And less government (jobs)—so that our tax money can be turned into profits by the banks, private prisons, private schools, and any other “person” able to lobby the congress out of our money. Have you noticed how quickly the transfer of wealth is accumulating at the top?

    • scneocon says:

      Nice, babyfaceass. I’ll bet you talk all of the plain- janes down at Whole-foods right out of their hemp panties with that witty charm of yours. You’ve scored your Media Matters nut for the day. Now run along, Skippy. The adults want to talk about some grown- up things now

    • Harlan says:

      Romney is not a true Conservative. A true conservative would be Huckaby [SP ]

    • Jean says:

      Poor baby you are so stupid you can’t spell. We are not the Un-Americans You people are as your trying to destroy the constitution to fit your needs. Obama wants to re-write everything so it will fit his Muslim Brotherhood and so Obama can be a dictator. He is a illegal President that got elected illegal as he doesn’t have a legal birth certificate that shows he was born in America . So you see Obama is the Un-American . His day is coming when justice will be served. When the murder and traitor is put in prison.

      • Margie says:

        Jean, I’m so glad you are not stupid, but the Constitution always starts with a capital C where I come from. Please give examples of how Obama wants to re-write everything to fit his Muslim religion. Please state how you know Obama is a Muslim, other than Fox saying it. The Right wants a theocracy for America. Since this country was founded on religious freedom, they are the most un-American people I know.

  92. pebwrites says:

    The american Insurance industry created AARP and underwrote it for a long, long time. Its’ purpose was ALWAYS to accumulate names and then sell lists of seniors to whatever commercial interest could pay the fee. AMAC is underwritten and paid for by powerful corporate interests that do not give a damn about seniors. For all of you who join either organization, you’re an idiot. You’re getting played. If you hate Obama, good for you. If you blame Obama you’re a moron who watches Fox and likes to be told how to think. The money cut out of Medicare was waste, fraud and abuse (of YOUR money) and it’s a good thing. All of the hyperbole you’re hearing is being ginned up by health insurance companies that do not want to take everyone into their system. Keep blaming Obama if you must but try thinking with your own brain and figure out the truth. Propaganda from Fox News had no basis in reality. He’s not destroying Medicare, he’s trying to save it. Facts are facts and some of the bull being tossed around in the comments is evidence of the unspeakable ignorance of a small proportion of the population. Common Sense matters, sheeple.

    • Martin says:

      After 33 years as an Agent in the Medical Insurance industry, I find it quite hillarious that people like ‘pebwrites says’ has the freedom to promulgate such “misguided intelligence” as to convince those, not so well informed, that he/she (pebwrites says) that if you don’t somewhow agree with their position — YOU’RE A MORON–. Obama is wrong and just like clinton stole from Social Security to “balance the budget” SO TOO is obama simply pulling the wool over your eyes now via obamacare.— AND BTW — especially now that the Boomers are coming to age; simple logic alone demands more ‘usage’ — obama zombies are at least sharp enough to try to reason but imo they lack Common Sense. — but even if you look at the FACT that they have at least 5 media sources to gleen from and we only have one (1). That alone tells me — if all the others are saying the same and praising the wonders/follies of obama, yet FACTS state otherwise from one trusted source,,, — then that source is worthy of my atttention. so let’s hear about what you have to think about obama giving 1.5 BILLION American tax dollar to the musslim brotherhood (within his first two years in office) who are the same brotherhood that legally can beat their Women and marryRAPE little 8yo musslim girls? Please explain to us where these mentally poor unfortunate souls fit into obamacare? IMO — any one who supports obama is complicit with the beating of women and pedophillia. PERIOD !

    • Fed up with Obama says:

      My husband and I only listen to Fox News. We simply prefer to hear the truth and not be spoon fed lies. Personally, I think your left leg is shorter than your right. Maybe you need a lift. We lean neither 100% left nor right. We are intelligent enough to open our eyes, ears and minds. As a result, we have been able to make our own determinations about our current president. In short, he’s a liar and a crook. We just hope the both of us live long enough to see this country once again be what it was.

      • NotATeabagger says:

        If you and your husband only listen to Fox News, you’re ignorant fools. That corporation is run by, and funded by, far right crazies like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch. Read up on Roger Ailes, who was Richard Nixon’s propaganda chief. You may think you lean neither left nor right, but you’re being spoon fed lies by the far right media corporatists.

        • Godsong says:

          Hate blinds you. Give it up. You’ll never see truth until you give it up.

        • Ben says:

          Far right lies? Are you kidding? The left is leading America down the same path the Third Reich, Mao’s butchers, Stalin’s slaughter masters, and all the rest of the lemming masters took their sheep herds before they disarmed them and slaughtered them. Wake up! Or is repeating history what you want for your children, grandchildren? US?!

        • Paul Duca says:

          They’re old but not struggling to survive…what else do they do all day but watch Fox News (and listen to talk radio)?

      • Deeallison says:

        Fox News IS THE NO TRUTH ZONE. please wake up. Truth? No disrespect, but do you have dementia?

        • Godsong says:

          Hate is the reason you think this way. You’ve been played by the Left. The Left is the enemy of freedom. There are no Leftists in heaven.

        • scneocon says:

          Yes , I’m sure most “rational” folks such as yourself would rather get their information from the likes of Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews who “gets a thrill down his leg” when Chicago Jesus gives a speech. Soooo objective. Or Martin Bashir, a sneering Paki- British import whose “news” consists of slandering Conservatives for two hours a day. And then there’s “”Ralph” Maddow & Chris “guyliner” Hayes – but then I repeat myself. But, by all means, keep spewing your nonsensical garbage. You’re validating EVERY widely held belief the rest of us have about you.

        • Right is right, left is wrong says:

          No, do you? No disrespect, of course.

      • Margie says:

        If you only listen to one source of news, and they admit they lie, you really are not acting intelligently. Most people know the necessity of checking your source. However Fox tells you to believe only them and never listen to anyone else. Everyplace else in the world, that’s called propaganda.

      • triwing says:

        You might try BBC, DW, NHK, Al Jazeera and if you really want to hear the truth in news.

      • monamay says:

        Wishful thinking but I do not believe it is possible. That would be wonderful! We all need to pray a lot more!

    • P Zoller says:

      I need to see facts. Where did you get your information? I never did join AARP, but when AMAC came along I did join them. I don’t need somebody dipping into my social security. I barely am able to eat now with what I get. I am 76 now and worked since I was 17 years old. I paid into social security for 50 plus years. That is a lot of money. They took more out every year. I don’t think they need to start taking away. It is my money. FACTS PLEASE

      • highcotton5 says:

        I was a long time member of AARP but when they threw us to the wolves in order to profit, only for themselves, with Obamacare I ended my relationship with them. They didn’t listen to their members they just went with Obama’s agenda because he has promised them over a billion dollars. My husband, like you has been paying into Social Security for over 50 years and he can’t even semi-retire on what he gets. He will have to work until he dies. We don’t need one penny cut. He earned every cent! AMAC has no hidden agenda. It hasn’t been bought off and if it ever does, then I’ll quit them too! I’m like you, PZoller, Just the facts please! I’m sick of everyone’s agendas and all the baloney!

        • Marilyn says:

          This is where I fit in ! Ditto to most everything you Pzoller and highcotton, have said ! I would imagine most posters on here don’t fall into our age bracket and haven’t experienced, first hand, as we have, the frustration (to put it mildly), of the problems we feel that are coming and some that are already dumped on us !

      • Dave says:

        P Zoller, if you want to know the facts, look at your Social Security statement. It shows you how much you paid into it. Now add that up and look at it next to what you are getting back. I’m not collecting yet, but if I live a few years past 65, I will get it back with big interest.

        One more thing. How much would you have if there was no forced payment into the system and you just saved an invested it like you did with the rest of your money?

    • June says:

      Why are you afraid of Fox News? How much money is aarp making off of obamacare? If the other networks were ever critical of obama or even quit gushing over him or his policies, I might consider them -and aarp for that matter-more impartial and reliable. Since they nor you cannot possibly do that I view you, the aarp and msnbc, nbc, cbs, abc and cnn with complete distrust. At least Fox blasts both sides and gives us the actual news. Does acorn ring a bell? Benghazi? Do not preach to me when you are as guilty as they are by trying to indoctrinate others with your completely biased views.

      • Robert says:

        Just one look at the top man at AARP and it is plain to see why AARP became so infatuated with the Obama train wreck.

      • Margie says:

        If Fox is the only true network because they tell you they are, and all the other networks are saying the same thing and that’s the opposite of Fox, why to you believe Fox. Is it because they espouse the same ideas you hold? They tell you what you want to hear? They spread hate and fear? I am curious why no one watching Fox ever checks facts. Fox blasts Repubs? Gimme a break. Even you can’t believe that.

        • Paul Duca says:

          These are the old folks who brag they don’t have to work anymore…especially between the ears. Fox News takes care of that–just as they hope someday the 47% will take care of everything else for them, and accept it as their due for being inferior beings..i.e. not white, wealthy, or healthy.

    • Margaret says:

      Really pebwrites? I suppose you get your information from lamestream media who are all in Obama’s pocket. You are too lazy to do any independent research on your own. While I don’t think AMAC is perfect, it is a lot better than AARP. For some unknown reason AARP is also in in bed with the abortion industry. Why in the world would a corporation who is supposed to be helping seniors be interested in killing babies? For the record, at one time I did support Obama. I watched him for 4 yrs destroy our country. Obviously you are the “moron” because you are not educated enough to know socialism when you see it.

    • Inthemiddle says:

      Keep drinking the kool-aid. Just keep drinking.
      The insurance companies are welcoming Obamacare, they stand to make a ton of money off all those young healthy people who will off-set the ones the health insurance companies do not want to take into their system. What company wouldn’t welcome forced business???

    • Godsong says:

      I watch Fox because they believe what I believe not the other way around. If you ask any Conservative they would tell you exactly that. You have chosen to listen to politicians that think it’s their job to destroy the opposition, You have been brainwashed by the left to think the way you do. We watch Fox because we have morals. The truth has set us free from listening to politicians with no morals from both sides. Their lies and deceit are very obvious to us. We look at BOTH sides of the issue. you forget that there was no Fox or conservative radion before the media became Pravda. You will never look for the truth or even care to look until you give up your hate. You are blinded by it. You can thank the Libtards for that.

      • Margie says:

        “You have chosen to listen to politicians that think it’s their job to destroy the opposition.” Please give examples. We have been brainwashed? One of the comical things on the Dailey show, is when they show person after person on Fox news saying the exact same thing over and over. That’s brainwashing. You lie when you say you look at both sides of an issue. You may listen to what Fox news has to say about both sides and base your decision on that. ” The media became Pravda” WHAT? Our media has become lazy. They no longer dig for the truth and expose it, but Pravda? The only thing close is Fox news with their repetious propagansda and you son’t even see it.

  93. Jim says:

    I dropped out of AARP two years ago. I won’t go into the reasons, suffice to say they went commercial a long time ago.

    • Stephanie says:

      As soon as I could see that AARP was in the pocket of the “unspoken named pres” I cut relationship with them.
      I am a member of the AMAC.
      When AARP is part of “OBama Tax Care” & has the right to be “right in there making rules & regulations with Pelosi & reed…something tells me there is nothing good going on in the government but hope & change & those that are socialist sneaking right in on top. I’m done with AARP & have been since the Tax insurance began.
      Watch out…there is something we are not seeing quite yet.!

    • Alan S says:

      Dropped out of AARP two years ago also once I awakened to the fact that the insurance company they endorse , was going to increase our auto and home insurance 33%. In doing my homework, I found insurance with the exact same coverage from another major insurer for 25% less than my original premiums (before the 33% increase). Seniors beware, do your homework and never consider that AARP is looking out for your interest, they are not !!!

  94. judy says:

    where does the writer live? we have the most expensive medical systems in the world and absolutely not the best!

    • Pat says:

      Dear Judy, obviously, you have not had any experience with medical care in other countries. I have traveled all over the world and in most places, I’ve prayed I wouldn’t need medical care! I guess you’ve fallen for the lie that socialized medicine is the way to go. Well, it is pretty good unless you need surgery or have a chronic illness. Wake up America.

  95. Stephen & Sandra S. says:

    This is the letter we sent to Mr. Rand when we cancelled our membership back in December of 2009. Since then, most intelligent, and well read people understand what else has truly taken place and what this so-called plan does. In fact, so far none of what was promised has come true. Read what we wrote back then:

    Dear Mr. Rand,

    My wife and I looked forward to becoming members of AARP, and we enrolled as members nine years ago. As a matter of fact, a few months ago we renewed our membership for the next three (3) years.

    HOWEVER, we are sending this letter to you directly, but we are also sending it to the Membership Department to advise you that we are cancelling our membership effective immediately. We are also asking that AARP refund all of the payments for the future years.

    Both of us realized that AARP got involved in “backroom negotiations” with the Obama Administration that served your own interests for your “Insurance Division” to protect that aspect of AARP, as well as the profits you make from that part of your business, while totally ignoring what “WE THE MEMBERS” want and need.

    The current Administration, led by President Obama, and the Democratic majority, are simply ruining this great nation of ours, and you have now become a part of the problem, rather than becoming a part of the solution.

    If we look back at what put us into this mess, it started back in 2003 and 2004, with the likes of Barney Franks, and his cronies, insisting that mortgage loans be made to people that could not afford to pay those loans. The Republicans tried to stop that insanity, but instead, good ole Barney Franks insisted Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are “SOLID”, when in fact, they were already in trouble. Then we have Obama, and his pals at ACORN putting pressure on the banks to make even more loans to people that could not possibly get credit, but that was to be overlooked so they could become homeowners. That Socialist mentality started the collapse of our economy as we know it today. We tried to sell our home, but this mess was already snowballing out of control. We lowered our price five times, and we began to compete with “foreclosed homes” thereby in effect we have lost 40% of the value of our home thanks to the competition we faced from the foreclosures. We had no choice but to remove our home from the market. Like other seniors, we have already taken a beating on our 401K’s, and now we’ve lost the equity we had thought we had in our home.

    Now we have the current Administration that is on a spending spree, creating more entitlements, wanting to give things to “illegal aliens”, (ALL WHO BROKE OUR LAWS BY THE WAY), that are not entitled to a damn thing other than being arrested and deported. (My ancestors came here from Croatia and they did it according to the laws of this great Nation of ours). All of the bailouts were unnecessary, we should never have done that, and now that some of the banks are starting to pay us back, the people that are supposed to put the TAXPAYERS MONEY back, now seem to think they can do whatever they please with it. Don’t even get us started on Cap and Trade, and the climate bill!!!

    AARP was supposed to protect us seniors, and look out for our best interests, and now it is clear to the two of us, that all you did was to sell your soul to protect your profits. You had no business supporting this so-called Health Care Bill before you knew that the majority of your members supported it. We certainly were never asked, and we were pretty ticked off when we learned you had all these meetings, received concessions from the White House, all to protect your Insurance Division. Both of us at that time could not understand how AARP could get behind something that you didn’t even read. That was exactly what our Representatives did as well. None of them even knew all the details of this thing, and the vote was rushed through to get it done before their Christmas break. Then we look at just how many VOTES HAD TO BE BOUGHT to secure their 60 votes, talk about a crooked deal, here’s a classic example. Why should we, as citizens in the State of OH, be required to pay Nebraska’s share, Florida’s share, etc., etc…? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????

    Here again, President Obama tells all of us that if it isn’t approved, it will bankrupt our Nation. He criticiized the previous administration for scare tactics, and he’s done it since he took office. He told all of us all of those banks were too big to fail, Fannie and Freddie were too big to fail, the auto industry was too big to fail, and on and on. This Administration scares the heck out of us, the things they are doing are deplorable, now it wants to give “rights to terrorists” that want to kill us. What the hell are they thinking!!! These people are the enemy, (how quickly 911 is forgotten), they have no rights as a citizen of this country, they belong at GITMO, and the latest one on the Detroit flight, he is given an attorney, he is charged like a criminal that just robbed a 711 store, when in fact, he is a TERRORIST that tried to blow up a plane over American soil, so let’s call him what he is. He should have immediately been turned over to the military as an “ENEMY COMBATENT”, because that is what he is.

    Now this bill AARP and you as CEO supported, is filled with PORK, it exempts a ton of UNIONS that helped get Obama elected, and it exempts far too many others as well. It also creates a burden on small businesses that are the lifeblood of this nation as far as jobs are concerned. The current administration and the Democratically controlled majorities, are taking this great nation down a slippery slope to Socialism and to make matters worse, President Obama surrounded himself with tax cheats, and other like minded Socialist thinkers, not to mention some that have been tied to radical extremist groups, and AARP just jumps right in. How disappointing.

    We were both proud of John McCain when he stood up and told everyone how AARP has betrayed us, and all of us need to cut up our membership cards and send them back to you. We were already prepared to do that, but then you strongly came out anyway in support of this bill, and that sealed our decision that you Mr. Rand, and AARP, DO NOT REPRESENT our thinking, our values, and you certainly are out of touch with the majority. Therefore, if we allow you to have our money as paying members of AARP, then that means we too support your views and since we don’t, it only makes sense to cancel our membership as we don’t want any part of your shady agendas and backroom dealings. You have betrayed us sir, as well as the majority of the membership. Our only hope is that you get millions of members doing the same as us!

    Therefore, please send us a refund check for the remainder of our paid membership.


    Stephen & Sandra

    • pebwrites says:

      AARP was never “supposed to protect seniors” or anyone else. It was created by Prudential Insurance Company and its main purpose was to create a very targeted mailing list of seniors. It was the beginning of target marketing; they gathered info based on which products or services appealed to you and eventually, they knew everything about you. Their power stems from seniors willingness to respond in unison to anything they are told to focus on. AARP is not about seniors and never was. AMAC is all about right wing republicans who want to create something as powerful as AARP (inadvertently) became. Neither organization gives a damn about seniors…other than their money.

  96. BBQDad says:

    The job-exporting, ChiCom-loving, illegal-alien-hiring, American-worker-hating, family-busting, pension-stealing, union-busting, right-wingers destroyed our medical benefits and our pensions, destroyed the value of the American worker, and created the present nightmare in the American healthcare industry—and they have a better idea than President Barack Obama?

    Yes, they will do wonderful things for the American worker and his family—when pigs fly!

    • John the Patriot says:

      BBQDad – You’ve gotten your education from the propaganda machine bent on brainwashing the American People. Sorry, millions of Americans won’t buy your argument. They are awaking to reality.

      • Una_blogger says:

        By the propaganda machine, do you mean everywhere and everyone that isn’t batsh!t crazy, teanderthal-centric, and fomented by the single “news” station that’s run by a greedy, elitist foreigner, batting less than about 50-50 with facts? Seems you guys have been tucked tail, and apologizing a lot lately, and distancing yourselves from… yourselves…

      • Robert says:

        What kind of education do you think BBQDAD has, if any?

    • Pat says:

      Dear BBQDad,
      You are showing your ignorance by name-calling. You have swallowed, hook, line, and sinker the lies promoted by the liberal media who represent liberal politicians. Those you seem to hate so much are not to be blamed for the NAFTA treaty, which made it possible for ALL American businesses to ship jobs overseas. My husband lost his garment business in 1996 when the company he contracted for- Levi’s, closed their US factories and went to Costa Rico, Mexico, China, and anywhere else they could pay workers 25 cents an hour. Most manufacturing and production jobs of every kind went overseas, but back then nobody cared. Our factory employed 125-150 people. The local newspapers didn’t even report it. We lost our business and people lost jobs- ho hum, who cares. That has happened over and over, but until now, no one cares.
      BTW, his business was not unionized and his employees loved working for him because he paid well and treated them fairly. Unions are not the saviors of this world. They are corrupt and self-serving for the most part.
      Obama and big government will be the death of America as we know it. And yes- conservative, God-loving Americans do have a better idea than Obama our glorified dictator in charge.

    • Margaret says:

      Huh? Family-busting? Obama is the one that wants to destroy the family by his abortion policies. You are one messed up cookie. Obama is the most pro abort prez our country has had. Check out Margaret Sanger & see what abortion is really about. It’s racism. Obama says that pregnancy is a disease. Killing babies is not health care. It’s murder, not to mention elective surgery. American-working-hating? What does that even mean? For the past 34 out of 5 years my veteran, American husband has been out of work. Obama wants the illegals to get the jobs. Yes, I have a much better idea than Obama. Get rid of the socialism and bring back American values.

    • Dave says:

      Obama pushed for tax relief for corporation who bring back jobs to America, and a tax increase for shell corporations who move jobs overseas. It was blocked by the conservatives.

  97. wellbeing12 says:

    The best healthcare system in the world?

    You MUST be joking! We DO NOT have a health care system in this country – we have a SICKNESS CARE system.

    Ours is way down on the list of health managements systems in the world, and by far the most expensive.

    Why, you ask? Because of the pharmacy, ‘health’ insurance, medical supply industries, lobbyists for these and other mega-corporations, and most importantly BOUGHT & PAID FOR, CORRUPT POLITICIANS.


  98. Dee Thomson says:

    My mom might be alive today, but for AARP. She was falling alot. The doctor said she needed a wheelchair. AARP wanted to give her a manual. Thia was a 91 yr old woman, who did not have the strength to walk, and they wanted her to have a manual chair. For 3 yrs, we fought to get her a chair. We appealed to the Insurance board. Fat lot of good that did. THEIR doctor said she didn’t need one, WITHOUT EVEN EXAMINING HER. The last time she fell, she hit her head on the dresser and the floor, and had a heart attack. 8 days later she died.

    I wouldn’t buy their insurance for my dog.

  99. Dee Thomson says:

    My mom might be alive today but for AARP. SO, I don;t want to hear any crap about how great they are, I tried for THREE yrs to get her a wheel chair. she kept falling. She couldn’t walk from one end of her house to the other. i bought her a walker with a seat. They wouldn’t even do that. She fell about twice a month, and each time had bruises and several times had breathing issues, and we had to take her to the hosp to the tune of $21,000. A wheel chair is alot cheaper than that. We even appealed to the insurance board., Fat lot of good that did, They said THEIR doctor had determined she was ineligible for one, WITH NO EXAM OF HER AT ALL. Wouldn’t accept her doctor’s 20 pages of proof. The last time she fell, she hit her head on the dresser anbe the floor, had a heart attack and did not recover. THANK YOU AARP. I wouldn’t buy their insuracne for my dog.

    • Margaret says:

      I understand how you feel. I agree with your views on AARP, they are a horrible company. But I have to ask. Why wasn’t she in a nursing home or have a health care provider or a family member with her? You mentioned she ws 91. As a health care provider, your mom lived a good, long life. I know how it hurts when a loved one dies. My condolences on your loss.

    • YOLANDA CLARK says:


  100. Genevieve Willis says:

    I’m not sure anymore exactly what I am…I’m not very trusting anymore that’s for sure…I’m pretty sure I’ll have to check every thing out first hand myself. Every doctor on my list took AARP Medicare Advantage Formerly Secure Horizons..
    Then last year my primary care doc quit, he was 60 and didn’t think he could stand up to the rules & regulations, he was nice enough to appoligise and wanted me to come along with him. he musta had me confused with JD Rockfellers wife, because fee to come along was somewhere in their neighborhood. That was not for both of us that was for me only and it was every year per each and then you had the privilege of seeing their doctors, they were the cream of the crop to be sure, so I looked for another doctor. I found one just starting out who was especially good with diabetic patience..ok now he has an office full of patience and will see me every time I think I’m dying. But things are starting to change, he had no time last time and suggested I make an appointment or go to the ER. If I had felt better..but COPD, you are never sure where you’d get next breath, let alone dealing with the Head man at the hospital emergency room after 4 hrs of waiting. Husband gets in right away he is on disability, and if he didn’t have the x-rays to prove it and me fighting tooth and nail he might not get in either…I mention he’s had a saddle emboli, and he’s in! They do check it out thou and then keep him for a week! But despite all that, he does get good treatment, and I am happy till I get my part of the I don’t trust people and have to figure out which I can afford to live with…to work I am unable, to beg I am too proud!

  101. Anthony says:

    So what if AARP favor the Democrats and Obama. After all, this organization favors the Republicans and disses AARP like they are evil. You guy grip that AARP makes money – they DO! As a non-profit, they put the money they make into supporting our seniors and do not use it to change Social Security, strip Medicare, and take health care away from nearly 40 million Americans.

    AARP makes no demeaning, nasty, nor vitriolic comments about ADAC, but the same cannot be said of you. AARP does not publish lies and try to instill gear in our older population, but YOU do.

  102. Dennis says:

    AARP only wants to sell insurance. I had home owners and auto with AARP for many years, but my premiums got to a point I went shopping around and found a lot better coverage for less money with an independant agent. When AARP started backing Obama and all his goofy ideas about the so called obamacare, I let mey membership lapse. I will not support AARP when all they look out for is their own bottom line by selling high price insurance. AARP stands to make millions of of obamacare when fully implemented. I do think that at one time they did a good deed for the elderly, but now all they see are dollar signs, and how much they can fleese us out of.

  103. Dan says:

    Read the article, read the comments, and have never seen so much uninformed, right wing propaganda. AARP has capable leadership that looks out for seniors. Some folks are just so conservative that they can’t get over their hatred and fear enough to study the reality of the health care disaster we’re dealing with. Status quo is not an option. The Affordable Care Act needs some fixing, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  104. Brad Copper says:

    I’m tired of getting continuously bombarded with AARP garbage, and knowing their political affiliation I’m now inclined to tape the postage paid envelopes to bricks and drop them in the nearest mailbox.

    • Anthony says:

      And many of us are getting pretty sick of all the lies, vitriol, and name calling coming from the right. The conservatives are the culprits here and NOT the liberals as the conservatives like to say as they do it with name calling and lied.

    • Ruth says:

      I totally agree with you! I have (and still get) so many letters and requests for insurance, from AARP-and niether my husband nor I are members! So sick of it!

    • Cora Kirby says:

      I have returned ALL of AARP’s “your membership is expiring” garbage to them with a note in their prepaid envelope saying so long as they support the antichrist they will not have a dime of mine to help them. They continue to send me cards and reminders, and I continue to return them – it’s free!! Oh wait – how do they pay for those prepaid postage envelopes? Obama probably gives them to AARP as a bail out.

  105. Mark C. says:

    well, AARP, Your lying in bed with Obama will cost you in the long run. I am also an AARP member that will be joining AMAC later this year when my subscription runs out. I wrote AARP a letter during the obamacare fiasco and told them I was finished and I will be. Lots of members are leaving by the tens of thousands and I hope they join AMAC. Good riddance, AARP. You laid in bed with the enemy, when you knew it would be detrimental to the senior citizens in the long haul, and now you are paying the price. Invest your billion dollars well, because you won’t have a lot of members in the next 3 years. GO AMAC

    • PJ Kielberg-McClenahan says:

      I quit AARP a couple of years ago, when I saw their favorable comments on this administration’s ignorant policies being put into play. I would be interested in learning more about AMAC.

  106. Sandi Bell says:

    After reading all of the above comments of everyone…I have decided to keep AARP…some knew what they were talking about…90% didn’t…It seems all you want to do is repeat scare tatics..

    • George Spelvin says:

      What scare tactics? All of AARPs sub-rosa activities have been well-documented. It’s clear that they sold out their membership by supporting Obama Care so they could then sell their gap insurance.

      Knowing this (and don’t take my word for it — do some research) and you still want to belong to an orgnization
      that has no ethics or integrity – go for it.

    • patty Hoyt says:

      Sandi ,go ahead keep your AARP do not listen and pay the price when you need them.Sometimes it pays to listen.

    • pebwrites says:

      It’s all about hating the black guy…just like Fox told them to do. Not a single one has a verifiable fact to argue with. What we need is Medicare for all and the rich can buy their plastic surgery and boutique plans while the rest of us get much better health care coverage….but we know that won’t happen.

  107. Oliver says:

    This is all good…. but look at the bottom line. I would LOVE to drop AARP for this alternative, but I am on a fixed income and can’t afford it. Actually, I have yet to see any information as to a comparison of costs with AARP’s programs for the necessities:

    Auto Insurance
    Homeowners Insurance
    Medi Gap Insurance

    Offer me something I can afford and I would drop AARP in a second. I don’t think that AARP has ever supported the Senior Citizen…. but they do a good selling job that makes it hard for anyone to step in and compete.

    • Bill Smith says:

      I have been an AARP member for 17 years and had my cars insured with their compadre, Hartford.Premiums went up every year even though their were no claims, no tickets, no accidents. My premium incresed from $1200 in 2012 to $1994 for 2013. When I called to inquire if they had not made a mistake, I was passed from person to person so finally shopped my insurance. Would up with Nationwide for $900 for the very same coverage. Something is very wrong here.

    • Paul Duca says:

      How ironic…the conservative senior can’t afford to join the club for conservative seniors. Makes you wonder who AMAC does and doesn’t want on its rolls.

  108. jim brown says:

    I left AARP when they supported Obamacare. They still send me stuff 3 times a week and its always wanting money or wanting me to buy insurance. They are not for seniors , ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

    • rosie says:

      everytime they send something to you, they include a post paid envelope with it..Just take your name off of all of the stuff and put it right back into that post paid envelope and mail it right back to them…they will get the message eventually.

  109. J R says:

    I dumped AARP years ago. They dumped on seniors, thought it only fair to dump back.

  110. Velda says:

    I think this sounds great. I have been scared after watching many you tube videos on obama care. Frightening stuff..your voice needs to be heard.I will tell as many as I can. A communist medical plan isn’t my idea of health care.for sure no chip in my arm isn’t, which holds more than medical inf. Like article said, politicans don’t get obama care. I believe its part mr. o’s New World Order

    • Deb says:

      I dumped AARP when I found out they were left wing zealots that only support Progressives. AMAC is much better, however, I do wish they offered deals on term life insurance. I will pay more however, before I go thru AARP!

      • Oliver says:

        I sell insurance. Interestingly… they are NOT all that cheap. And WHY would someone want to buy TERM insurance at our age? Term will last you for a certain number of years, then it goes away. Guaranteed Universal Life insurance or Whole Life insurance last till you die. They would LOVE for you to BUY their term insurance, then the year after your term insurance CEASES, you DIE and THEY DON’T have to pay your beneficiaries…. “Thank you for your CASH contribution”

        Term insurance is ideal for covering a SHORT term need. (Examples – House mortgage, small business partnerships, children growing up dependent upon your income….)

        AARP gets a “thank you” from the insurance company for pushing their sales. The insurance company gets to SELL YOU insurance that you probably will NOT die early enough to use before they can terminate your policy due to your age.

        (By the way, that is why the other forms of insurance cost more… the insurance companies KNOW they will be paying off on Guaranteed Universal Life and Whole Life insurances, so they have to collect more to make sure they have the funds necessary to pay your beneficiaries when you DO die.)

        • Mario says:

          There is a book called Sylvia Porter’s Money Book. It explains all about insurance. If you buy any type of life insurance that comes with a so called savings plan, you are throwing your money away. Read the policy. I have a high school education, and I can see that most of your so called savings the first seven or more years are eaten up by fees and costs. I’m not a salesman of any kind. I just don’t like to see people cheated out of their money. Read the book. It’s easy to understand. You can check it out at the library.

  111. Peter Parsons says:

    If you have, use, and enjoy MEDICARE, you should support MEDICARE FOR ALL. Why should private insurance corporations PROFIT from our health care? See the Steven Brill article on our Health (S)Care System in “TIME MAGAZINE”.

    • Deb says:

      EVERYBODY “enjoy” Medicare??? You have A WHOLE LOT to learn. MEDICARE If for DISABLED PEOPLE and WE PAID IN ALL OUR LIVES FOR THIS BENEFIT IF we need it. You are suggesting EVERYONE get on disability?!?! BTW, it is NOT “enjoyable” to be disabled..but it is nice to have WORKED and payed in taxes all my life in case I HAD to use it, which I did! MEDICARE is NOT is INSURANCE we PAID for from WORKING. EDUCATE yourself.

      • Oliver says:

        Medicare is NOT welfare.
        Medicare is insurance run by the government originally set aside to cover us in our “old age”. Then is was adjusted to allow for covering those who became injured or too sick to work. The government has RAIDED the coffers so there is no longer enough money to cover those of us who put money into the Medicare for OUR retirement.

        And if you ask people ON Medicare how the government has done… you may be surprised to find out a great deal of them are NOT that impressed with how the government has been running it.

        You can ALSO ask the returning Veterans how they “enjoy” their Government run hospitals and Doctors…

      • PJ Kielberg-McClenahan says:

        Between us, my husband and I worked damn near 100 years. We paid into Social Security, as did our employers, and we paid into Medicare, when that became mandatory.

        Now that we are retired seniors, I do not consider our Social Security checks or health care from Medicare as “benefits”. These are funds we were *required* to have deducted from our paychecks. We also pay for our own “secondary” health insurance, but this Obamacare has the entire system so messed up that we have to battle just to get prescriptions refilled. Obamacare has rewritten the entire health care system, and NOT for the better.

        • Bette says:

          Funny, because it doesn’t take effect until 2014. My husband and I also have medicare and a supplement and we have no problems with it, It has nothing to do with Obamacare. If Obamacare doesn’t go in effect until next year how can it be affecting your prescriptions?

      • pebwrites says:

        I believe she’s suggesting that we all have access to healthcare and base it on the Medicare system. It is not for the disabled….it is for seniors over the age of 65, many of whom are in excellent health.
        Medicare is an “earned benefit” and yes, you paid into it. Social Security is an insurance program that you paid into also. Democrats call these “earned benefit programs…” Republican’s call them “entitlements” as if it’s not a benefit we’re entitled to collect based on payments we made all of our lives. Social Security is solvent for a long, long time…IF the republican’s don’t get their hands on it; it was Ronald Reagan who broke the lock on SSI and borrowed YOUR money to fund his failed “Star Wars” missile program, among other things. The biggest debtor to the social security trust fund is the US government…and Republican’s DON’T want to pay back the debt. Sadly, people keep voting for them…

  112. Wanda Haase says:

    I believe that a lot of Conservative American senior citizens don’t realize what AARP stands for… And it isn’t upholding their beliefs.

  113. Glen says:

    This group is a front or corporations. It’s a right wing party for old people.

    • Eric J. Hanson says:

      It is a “front” for which corporations exactly? Show me the facts bahind your very large accusation.

    • Charolette says:

      Glen, Which group are you referring to as a front for corporations? I’m sincerely looking into the differences since I’ve never heard of AMAC until just now.


      • Deb says:

        If you are a Liberal, AARP is your company..If you are a CONSERVATIVE, PLEASE check out AMAC. AARP is nothing but a front for left wing agendas. AARP is FUNDED by the government, wheras AMAC is NOT.

    • Geno Fowler says:

      And the aarp isnt a left wing frront for getting something for nothing ?

    • Deb says:

      You are VERY WRONG..AARP is nothing but a tool for the left and they ONLY uphold PROGRESSIVES and the PRGRESSIVES support them. I quit AARP when they started sending me mail about voting Democrat!

    • sue stevenson says:

      What do you think AARP is?? It is a left wing front for left wing politicians..period. People have been fooled for years by this bunch…they are driven by money and power only.

  114. Dave says:

    When I hit my early 50s, I was bombarded by AARP. I actually joined them for a year. I reviewed all of the literature on insurance and the like. I really saw no savings in their products. Their term insurance is very expensive as are their other products. I get a better deal with USAA and the like. Now, once 2014 hits and those costs kick in, let’s see where we are at. I am retired military myself and have excellent health insurance coverage outside of Tricare. Yet, there is talk that all military retirees will be required to use VA only and cannot be on another family member’s insurance. A good deal? Maybe, until VA become swamped and under funded (again). We shall see.

    • Deb says:

      Me too..Their car/home insurance was thru of the HIGHEST priced insurances there is.

      • Georgiana Roday says:

        I just got rid of the car insurance from the Hartford. Too expensive. My car is older and paid for. I wanted to drop it to the minimum coverage and they still were asking for to much. My driving record is perfect and I even took the driving course just to lower it. What a rip off. Never again.

        • r says:

          David Paulson,
          Please think about a few things if you are over 65.
          1. Obamacare will double the price of Medicare Jan. 1, 2014.
          2. Under Obamacare the Federal Government has imposed a 3.8% tax on all gross income from sale of stocks and homes in addition to that set by the IRS.
          3. Obamacare has impose a 3-4% sales tax on all medical equipment and supplies.
          4. Obamacare is responsible for the increase in Medical insurance costs which Your President said would not happen.
          5. All Medigap policies will cease to exist in the next 2 Years thanks to Obamacare.
          Any of these facts that you wish to check are available in the 7500 page explaination of THR Healthcare Act.
          AARP said all of these were untrue until Democratic Congressmen started getting calls from Constituents. So all I can add is enjoy your higher bills thanks to AARP’s support for Obama and his Healthcare plan. By the way. The GAO has already figured many major companies would rather pay the fines than provide healthcare for their employees and that many younger employees will opt for the fines rather than by healthcare. All of these points have been ignored by AARP and the Major News providers to cover up for their support of Obama.

          • gentji says:

            So all these people opting to pay the fines are just giving free money to the government. Either way we are being fleeced! Like a sheep before its shearer we are silentand now we are in a precarious position. Lets fire all politicians and make the new ones live by the same laws they pass.

          • Bette says:

            This is exactly what I mean, this list is just not true. Go check it out for yourselves. Simply scare tactics, go to or any other non partisan fact site, it is easy to find and read. Obamacare is not responsible for higher premium rates, it is not even in effect yet. Just total BS. I read this somewhere else and checked for myself, hope you all do the same.

  115. David Paulson says:

    I have never been a member of AARP, but having read what AMAC stands for, as opposed to AARP, and having read the comments above, I will most probably join AARP. Thank goodness we have Obamacare. Wait until 2014 when it is fully implemented. No senior citizen is willing to give up medicare or social security. The Affordable Health Care Law will go down in American history as one of the courageous pieces of legislation that helped improve medical care for everyone…especially the 25 million directly affected.

    • Forzahuskers says:

      David Paulson, methinks, Sir, that thou art a troll.

    • J Lee says:

      Next time you post, would you mind stating which planet you are from!

    • Catherine Whitfield says:

      David Paulson….You ARE kidding, right? A belated April Fools joke, maybe.

    • Julie says:


    • Patti Hulsey says:

      What have you been smoking, and what rock have you been hiding under, Mr. Paulson???? It’s the most dangerous program ever enacted in our country…it will bring down this country and it will certainly bring down the seniors.

    • Geno Fowler says:

      Including the ILLEGAL ALIENS that DO NOT have to prove citizenship to benefit from other peoples labor.. Forced charity is not charity at all.. its communism.

    • Fran says:

      David Paulson you are part of the reason our country is going under…You are a selfish person with no common sense. Our country is in a downward spiral and you and the other sheeple are the reason for us going down… Shame on you and all the liberals that think that money grows on trees… Our entitlement programs have not helped people become better citizens, or self sufficient, just the opposite. This has become a country of people that just want things handed to them. Wake up…you are stealing from your children, grandchildren and future generations. Obamacare has hurt our company and our employees… So you are wrong about that too…God forgive all of you, are you not listening to the news…They now want to hire people to translate Obamacare…at 20.00 – 50.00 an hour….so yeah that is going to save us tons of money, too. All of the hidden taxes in Obamacare…that is good too, right? NOT !…Obamacare is also going to screw up Medicare and more…

    • Elisabeth says:

      Mr. Paulson, your statement that the affordable health care law will go down in American History as one of the courageous pieces of legislation that helped improve medical care for everyone… must be a joke.
      Please read all the facts about Obama Care. It is not good. It was funded by taking moneys away from Medicare, which in turn will cost everyone more for care and getting less care. It is a death sentence for some.I agree with Patti H. it will bring down this country and our senior citizens.

      • Georgiana Roday says:

        I agree with everyone who believes Obama Care will be remembered as bringing this country to it’s knees. The cost alone will be astronomical. More and more would be cut in Medicare till the older folks can forget about getting the treatment they need to stay alive. That’s because they will only want the working people to shore up the money they need for keeping this horrible plan going. Sorry Grandma or Grandpa, your on the way out with this wonderful health care. Most doctors will drop Medicare patients because of low payments. I already have bee treated badly because I only have Medicare. They want to bill the insurance companies the extra Medicare doesn’t pay so they get more, and not have my monthly payments to them. Wait and see what a mess this will be for everyone.

        • Don Hall says:

          I have to agree with Georgiana, some doctors have already dropped medicare patients. At 81, I hope my doctors will not follow the nutty Obama care. I too, am bombarded with AARP “junk”mail tried Hartford insurance years ago couldn’t afford it then and sure can’t now.I still get applications for their medical insurance and they have to know I can’t qualify at my age. I will take a closer look at AMAC.

    • Karen Frak says:

      I f Obamacare is so great, why is it that certain Americans won’t be able to buy because they can’t afford it, but illegal aliens will be covered, no matter what. Something tells me that much of the reason this “insurance” was pushed through was for all the illegals and their votes for the democrats!

  116. jackie says:

    I will not join AARP cause my parents warned me about them long ago..They do not work for the seniors but their own pockets as all democrats do..I listen to my elders who are experienced with this company and they all have dropped out because they rip offs..They have tried for yrs to get me to join ..They wasting their time.Ill will not join a damn thing the democrats are tied to at this point and time..They not the party I supported long ago..They are not the same in any means..They have fooled the young but not the old..

    • patty Hoyt says:

      Jackie You are so right we hear & see it all the time. How can we make our young understand,when Obama
      is lying to them all the time. they do not see what is coming.!

  117. mtbque says:

    If you realy understand Obamacare you understand it is bad for seniors. It already took funds away from medicare and now even Democratic senators are trying to reform cuts mandated by a comittee at DHS to medicare advantage. Enough engaged seniors don’t like where things are headed.

    You are never to old to do your own research. Just do it, then decide by looking to government sources of data, and then decide.

    For me, AARP is in it now for the money. Their gap insurance will be very profitable….follow the money. Don’t know enough about AMAC. Don’t make the mistake of letting your previous decisions biase your future decisions. Relook at everything to include what really happened and what will happen this year vice the propoganda.

  118. Mattie Brown says:

    I ‘ve been with AARP for 10 years, and completely happy with them. They’ve paid out many thousand of dollars for some big time major surgeries. If it comes down to whose n the positive zone & the negative zone, it is I that’s in the positive zone!! ounds to me like some big outfit trying to cut AARP out of the game. GO GO Obama Care. All u people pray & think carefully before U jump the gun with this new outfit. AARP is the way to go. don’t let this outfit fool U.

    • Brenda says:

      Since AARP supported Obamacare I have no use for them. They are not interested in the welfare of seniors, but in filling their own pockets.

    • Velda says:

      Site, please read about that chip. It is alot more than medical inf. I pray you and I and all patriot Americans never have to undergo that!

    • Red Dawn says:

      First AARP hasn’t paid out one dime for your “BIG TIME SURGERIES” you might have bought an insurance policy through AARP but they get a kickback for that policy. I was with AARP for ten years also but I dropped them when they started sucking up to obama. I have my medicare supplement policy from the same company that AARP sells for at a cheaper premium because I’m not have to pay AARPs kickback. All I have to say about obamacare is to hell with obama and his care.

    • Oliver says:

      Side note – AARP is NOT an insurance company… THEY didn’t pay a DIME for any expense you had. That was 80% or more Medicare paid… and the remaining 20% paid for with your Medicare Supplemental insurance IF you chose to ADD that insurance for your protection.

    • Paul Duca says:

      AMAC is for old conservatives who are sure they’ll NEVER need ANY serious help…good Christian God made them healthy, good Christian America made them wealthy. If you’re not either….screw you, ’cause you didn’t love Jesus enough.

  119. Lynn Brady says:

    Please send info. Thank you.

  120. Doug says:

    As long as the people jeep electing these nutcases into office, time and again, we are getting what we deserve, Hospitals overcharge for almost everything they supply to a patient.. Insurance companies have obscene executive bonuses ti pay. Additionally both have congressmen to bribe. Nut the consumers are the ones who cast the ballots. Time for change? Use your vote ang get the extremists and crooks out of office.

  121. Ellis Phillips says:

    I made my mind up about AARP a long time ago, it is not good for me or anyone that I can see. I will watch AMAC and see what they are all about before I join and support it. Anyone who joins and supports AARP deserves what they get!

    • Carol says:

      In 2009 I paid AARP dues for 5 years….within 2 years I was getting renewal notices when I had a card, in pocket, with an expiration date of 2014. Decided right then that money was their only interest and they will get no more of mine. AARP ought to be able to offer great rates with the membership they have but they are too busy with politics and if anyone thinks it is with the seniors in mind….think again. I won’t be joining the new group either…my pockets are thread bare enough without any more politicians picking them!

  122. Dennis Wilson says:

    AMAC is just trying to co-opt seniors till their masters in the GOP can steal the benefits they have earned.

    • Oliver says:

      And WHICH party STOLE 780 BILLION from Medicare to PAY for OBAMA CARE?????

      I bet you can guess that answer >>WITHOUT<< using the initials GOP

  123. Mary Taylor says:

    How do I know this is any better than AARP. AARP has been on the democrats side for years, that is why I would never join it. AARP puts up a good front, but it is all HOT AIR. HOW DO I KNOW IF AMAC IS ANY BETTER>

  124. Roxanne says:

    I am not fooled by your propaganda.

  125. Terry says:

    My husband is a 63 year-old who served his country during the Vietnam war. I took a second full time job at 55 years-old so we could get employer sponsored insurance. We have been self-employed for years and our private policies cost $24,000 annually. We simply couldn’t afford it any longer and we knew the premiums would continue to increase. We must be willing to work longer and pay more for our healthcare rather than shift the burden to our children and grandchildren. The healthcare premiums that most seniors pay doesn’t even begin to cover the cost. I work in a hospital and the Medicare copay is very small compared to that of the average insurance policy.
    I also think medicaid recipients should always have a copay even if it is only $2 per visit. It seems like most of them always have money to use in the expensive vending machines at the hospital ($2 for a drink and $1.50 for a snack). That money could go toward their healthcare. They are also much more likely to come to the ER for sniffles.
    We must all do our part. The young people in this country cannot bear our healthcare burden.

  126. Hyddyr Caradoc says:

    Who funds AMAC because this sounds like an arm of the Tea Party.

  127. Jeff says:

    I would like to know.When are the people going to unite in this country again and take it back again from the rich and greedy.The people need to unite and stand up again like they did in the 60’s and 70’s.If we didnt do what they did back then the the blacks would not be where they are and we would still be in Vietnam.Come on people lets unite again and take this country back for the people by the people.Bring our jobs back from china and from the country we fought in Vietnam Nikeshoes are made in Vietnam.They pay them people like 10 cents a hour.Then turn around and seel them to us for 65 to a 100 plus a pair.Lets take this country back from the rich.Bring it back to the people.Lets get off out ass
    and take this country back.

    • Norma Jean Grooms says:

      How long has this thing been going on? Just tell me how we go about taking our country back. I think we all are thinking mutually, but it needs to begin somewhere! We have the wrong guy in the White House, & everyone will say impeach Obama. But it doesn’t sound like it will be a reality. People can talk big, but doing something about it is another story. So! Where do we go from here? I’m not too good about starting the battle here, so who is????

      • PJ Kielberg-McClenahan says:

        Impeach? Remember, we impeached Clinton for his illicit affair with Monica Lewenski, but he *did not* leave office. If we want Obama out of office, we need to recall him.

        There are so many people out there who either have their heads in the sand, or are on the receiving end of Democrat give-away programs, it would be hard to accomplish this.

        What will get their attention is to learn who your Representatives are in the House and the Senate. Bombard them with letters and emails. Let them know what you like or do not like, what you want or do not want. Resolve to contact them at least every two weeks.

        Remember, they represent US. If they get enough opinions one way or the other, we can make changes.

        THIS is Democracy in action.

      • Don Hall says:

        Norma Jean, It starts with the ballot box we need to be very careful who we vote for. It won’t be easy but it has to start there.

      • Teresa says:

        Norma-Jean, we start by boycotting the products of corporations that do the majority of their business overseas, by not paying $125.00 for a pair of shoes with fancy soles, or caving in to our childrens’ demands for the next “big” thing when we know it is overpriced, by NOT BUYING from corporations whose CEO’s earn more than a third world nation’s GNP while their OVERSEAS workers get .15 cent /yr raises and the price of their product doubles in one year. Problem is we ALL have to do this TOGETHER. Until we as a nation can control our own greed and sloth we will never “take back” our country. To take something requires action and the large majority of Americans cannot drag themselves away from their “entertainment” long enough to do for themselves.Forget about the next generation doing it either as they have been raised on a steady diet of instant gratification and distracted by the obscene amount of glittering twittering techno toys that are produced overseas by people smart to budget their earnings and NOT buy things they don’t need just because some ad company tells ’em they can’t live without it. tell our children no, when our neighbor buys the next big status toy from a company that sent all it’s payroll out of the country we need STOP going out and buying one too.
        It’s not entirely the fault of the corporations, or the politicians the fools who live beyond their means, and don’t research the candidates before voting who bear the bulk of the blame and their numbers are growing.
        Democracy is NOT for the faint hearted, or the lazy.

    • agrafixman says:

      Are you under the assumption that most people who have money did not earn it? Why do we have to “take it back” from them. I would rather just see an environment where EVERYONE can succeed. That’s what I hate about today’s Dem’s. The message always comes across like they are owed something. No one is owed anything except the OPPORTUNITY to succeed. And, for the record, I would not call myself rich. My wife and I both work and we live paycheck to paycheck, but what you won’t hear me do is whine that someone should come and give me some of what they earned so that I don’t have to work. All I want is a fair chance to succeed in this life.

    • marie says:


    • Robert says:

      about where to start taking our Country back.. we need to start with a Constitutional amendment that puts TERM LIMITS, on Every Federal Offical Elected.. No more then 2 terms can be served by any person, it is time to STOP Lifetime politicians.. We also need a Justice Department that will PROSECUTE, members of Congress who break the Laws and statutes set forth by the Constitution.. And the best third step, is a Constitutional Amendment that say the Federal Government MUST present a Balanced Budget … These three steps would go a long way to getting America back in the Hands of WE THE PEOPLE…

  128. Robert Allen says:

    AARP big wigs make more than Obamo how much do AMAC maningers take out.

  129. Retta says:

    Many of our ELECTED folks in Washington did not read the entire ObamaCare Bill, but voted to pass it anyway. When renewing my AARP membership (not a member now) sometime ago, my membership records and dues paid became a nightmare. Makes one wonder if they can adequately keep any records. During some of my wellness visits, I was told by the physicians that in 2014, many provisions in insurance coverage would change or not be allowed and would be more expensive, if allowed. It doesn’t matter your political persuasion, costs are going to be more expensive for all of us, retired or still actively employed. Ever wonder what type of medical coverage members of Congress have? Are they required to pay a premium or have to wait to see if the insurance company will approve a medication or procedure? Those elected to serve are supposed to do so for the people that, for lack of a better term, sent them to Washington. It is time for average citizens to stop finger pointing and name calling and do some research.

  130. Sue says:

    I hope all of you AMAC people are ready for vouchers for you health care and God forbid you use up your allotment of them because you will be on your own. The AMAC is backed by the rich old good boys and they could care less about your retirement years. Most of them are connected to the insurance industry who also could care less about your welfare. Wake up, this is not an organization concerned with the anything other than to make themselves richer!

    • Carol says:

      Sue….you are truly mistaken. With Obamacare, which AARP helped shove down our throats, you will have NO choice but to follow the “guidelines” set up by the rationing board (IPAB). Obamacare has already taken monies out of medicare to pay for itself. AMAC is trying to give power back to seniors.

      • Maria Smith says:

        That’s not true, Carol. That’s what the repugs want you to believe. The money that was projected to come out of future Medicare budgets was supposed to come from efficiency savings. It has nothing to do with reducing benefits or medical care. On top of that, it’s a reduction in future increases, not a cut to the basic program.

        • Mary Taylor says:

          Maria, what Carol says IS TRUE. They robbed that money OUT OF our Medicare and America was stupid enough to let it go. YOU all need to go in and research OBAMACARE before you make judgments on either of these. We Know for a fact that AARP is in Obama’s pocket, I have known AARP WAS STRICTLY DEMOCRATIC years before I retired. Neither my husband nor I would join AARP. This new company, I will have to research, But I sure won’t give money to the AARP so they can shoot seniors down the tube. They are the biggest bigots I have ever heard of.

          • susan says:

            I am a member of AMAC and I have nothing bad to say about them.In fact I like them because nobama does not own them like aarp.They send newsletters with up to date info and informative articles

          • Red Dawn says:

            Mary please don’t ask a liberal to research anything they just don’t have the intelligence to do so. You can give a liberal a roll of paper and they have to have a search warrant to find their butt.

        • Danny says:

          Really you believe that money will come from the EFFICIENCY SAVINGS from our GOVERNMENT.


          WOW WOW

        • Christine says:

          Thank you!

        • jessie falconer says:

          carol, you might take back that statement about no reductions in medicare. Talk to some seniors who were just cut out of their cancer medication. it was on the news tonight

        • PJ Kielberg-McClenahan says:

          @Maria Smith: Have you ever seen any efficiency savings that has come about from a large governmental program?

          If you can, please let me know. All that will happen will be a redundancy of efforts, forms, bureaucrats, more governmental employees, more paperwork, ad infinitum.

    • Lisa says:

      And AARP is? They keep hammering me to join. I
      will not join them and I probably won’t join AMAC either.
      Obamacare is really going to screw everyone who
      Has their own insurance. I have heard of premiums tripling
      Next year. They want to force everyone on the
      Obama plan that is the only way it will work.
      I can’t afford to pay $3600 a month for insurance
      So I will be forced onto this program. Has anyone
      given any thought as to why all of our legislators
      voted not to be on the Obama care and to keep
      Their own great insurance.
      It’s F_ _k the people as long as it doesn’t effect us.

    • Fran says:

      Too funny….AARP gets kickbacks from all the insurance companies they represent..those companies are for profit.
      And AARP…went AGAINST over half general population of AARP voters that said they did not WANT OBAMACARE…we are going down the tubes and it is because people have no common sense. The spending in this country has to be controlled…People on welfare should not be able to use their vouchers for Strip Clubs, Gambling, and liquor. People on welfare should be drug tested just like people that work. WE, THE PEOPLE are paying with our hard earned money to support these people through our taxes…and Obamacare has already done damage to our company and our employees.

      • lou says:

        Fran. So true if people would just realize the damage that Obama and obamacare is doing to our country with help of AARP and the liberal left. I don’t want to live in the coming socialist country, that is not why our forefathers came to this land. I do have supplemental insurance that uses AArps name but with ever increasing premiums I soon won’t be able to afford them then what, oh yea there’s alway obamacare, I wonder if they have a Provision for burying us too. By the way I DON’T have a membership in AARP just to have one of their sponsored supplements.

  131. Alton Hetherington says:

    AARP IS AN INSURANCE CO. IN LOVE WITH OBAMA. Need I say more? What an obvious SCAM!

    • Brad says:

      you are exactly right Alton….why I wont join AARP

    • jan d sims says:

      I was my Mothers caregiver for almost 3 yrs………She passed in 2002………She belonged to AARP for 30 yrs and trusted them. When I got involved I saw how AARP and The Hartford was sucking her dry by paying unnecessary insurance premiums for her house and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. AARP should be ashamed of what they are doing to seniors.

      • Mary Taylor says:

        Your Experience Jan is repeated over and over and over again. I have found the same thing happening in my family as people pass on. They have been ripped off by AARP with things they didn’t need. I agree AARP should be ashamed of what they have done and are still doing to seniors. Obamacare has sold most of America down the river, but especially seniors.

    • Mary Taylor says:

      Alton, this is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. IN LOVE WITH OBAMA. GAG GAG GAG. He is ripping America off left and right, Does not care about seniors at all. His statement directly from his own mouth was that seniors had served their purpose and now it was time for them to move over and let the younger generation take over and Not continue to support the health of Older people. AND, if you are paying any attention that is exactly what HE is doing. Latest OBAMACARE Bulletin “If you need a colonoscopy and your health is poor You will not get it. If your healthy you will get it.” That makes absolutely no sense to me at all. If your healthy you wouldn’t need one. This and many other Obamacare things we will have to live with. Keep you head in the sand, the truth will hit you right between the eyes soon.

      • Anna Epperson says:

        What gets hit when your head is in the sand, Mary Taylor? Seems to me there would be a more prominent target. LOL. Seriously, I have known for years that AARP does NOT represent me (82 years young). I hope AMAC is a credible alternative. Need more info., sources, track record and sponsors. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE

      • PJ Kielberg-McClenahan says:

        I have suspected this all along, but never mentioned it online. I have had a growing feeling that since people are healthier and living longer, that the unspoken mission st