AMAC vs. AARP – Battling for the Hearts and Minds of Seniors

fightsIf you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, here’s why you should.

During the first debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times, clearly tying them together.

Further proof that they were working in concert can be found in recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives. As the emails show, AARP threw their tremendous power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it.

In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats.

Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much.

AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better. As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the Nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

AMAC Fights for You!


AMAC, the leading Conservative Alternative to AARP
Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC, delivers remarks with the House GOP Doctors Caucus the day the Supreme Court decided to uphold ObamaCare. Standing with Dan are (from left to right) Representatives, Paul Broun (GA-10th), John Fleming (LA-4th), Phil Gingrey GA-11th), Joe Heck (NV-3rd), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25th), and Tim Murphy (PA-18th).

As AMAC continues to grow and build a presence in DC, we’re able to stand up to the tremendous lobbying power of AARP on behalf of concerned conservative Americans like you.

A senator told us, “You have got to grow AMAC!” When we asked him why, he said, “You don’t understand, when AARP comes to our committees they say they represent older Americans. We know at times they really don’t, but because of their numbers we have got to listen to them. When AMAC has one million members we can tell them they are not the only one we will listen to.”

AMAC can do something AARP will not do – we’ll fight against the horror of big government “solutions” like Obamacare with common sense solutions. Now, more than ever, we need your help!

If you want to belong to an organization that will speak out for the conservative values you believe in,

For a limited time, a 5-year membership is available for less than $1 a month, and you’ll have access to exclusive AMAC benefits – such as the members-only auto and home insurance program, the AMAC Roadside Assistance Program, travel, and much more!


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  1. Karen Karad says:

    AMAC is truly representitive of the voice of American Retirees.

  2. dan moffett says:

    This long list of COMMENTS in the discussion should be placed on a separate webpage. They should be divided inro categories also.

    • Jerry Gill says:

      I agree with Don, the comments below, both for and against AMAC are over a year old and completely irrelevant to the discussion of the merits of AMAC vs AARP today. AMAC has demonstrated it’s ability to provide seniors with outstanding products and services competitively priced with AARP services, while representing the conservative causes and viewpoints of most seniors. Hopefully all future posted comments will be based on the advantages or disadvantages of the products and services of the two organizations rather than political bickering which serves no purpose other than to inflame the passions of commenters and draw out “trolls” who thrive on and encourage animosity. Seniors face tough obstacles and we should be working on them together, we shouldn’t divide ourselves into camps and fight against one another.

      • KATHY B says:

        I just joined Amac .I am so sick of the way big government has become the last several years.I am sick of the lies and the liars.I use to be a registered liberal voter,,but thank God ,,I realized I am more than just a vote.I and millions of others are a Voice,,,and our voices need to be and can be heard by joining AMAC!!!!! I am grateful to have a CHOICE other than the liberally run AARP!!! I am now a member of a better choice! Thank you Amac ! God Bless you and God Bless America again!

        • Forbodden says:

          I agree with about AARP, but Amac is in bed with ranking Republicans in DC and most states especially Texas and Florida who are nothing more thanpawns of BIG business. Conservative huge corporations that are recipients of favors from Amac supported mega rich people who could care less about seniors or the near poverty levels most Americans currently try to survive. Like their Amac supported Conservative Republican friends reducing the funding of Medicare that helps with the funding of wars that use volumes of products the rich military conservative corporations (G. Bush and Cheney close friends) that are majority owned by ultra rich Republicans. I am sick that 1% of rich Conservatives own 95% of our nation’s wealth. They refuse to pay their fair share, ship good paying jobs overseas, buying elected officials, funding groups that attempt to disallow low income Americans to share in the nation’s wealth that used to be a part of the American Dream by stifling wages and in addition refusing the same people from voting by rearranging voter areas to favor the conservative Republicans. We no longer live in a Democracy, but rather an Oligarchy. The rich own everything and they need to be stopped before no one in this Country would be able to affordably live. Amac does not support any middle class citizens. Like their greedy friends they just want to be a part the 1% that are the for the wealthy becoming richer. AARP is no different!!

    • Pam says:

      Just received your information in our mail. We have never belonged to AARP because we picked up years ago they are not for the best interest of seniors. You hopefully will not go down the same path. However, giving away trinkets for joining is not a very good idea. Use the money spent on the trinkets fighting for our country and sustaining our rights. You’d be surprised how quickly it will mount up. Be different than AARP! Let us join because we believe in what you say you are doing! We plan to join and will give you a chance. Don’t prove us wrong!

  3. Gary says:

    AARP support of Obamacare is enough reason to cancel my AARP membership. Obamacare is turning into a monster with cancellation of thousands of current individual policies, disruption of many group plans deemed “Cadillac” plans by Obamacare, and a website that is atrocious. The unions complained, so they are now exempt. Millions of American citizens complain, and they are ignored. As citizens of this great country, we should be able to make our own decisions and own choices about what kind of health plan to get. Obamacare needs to be replaced by another “better way” initiative to help those unable to buy health insurance without imposing fees, policy change, policy cancellations, and more on the vast majority of U.S. citizens that have chosen their own form of health care coverage.

    • Howard says:

      Obama made claims he would not increase entitlements but all the subsidies of Obamacare are entitlements.
      US citizens, very very few illegals, pay into Social Security and Medicare.
      Social Security and Medicare ARE NOT entitlements since their direct funding comes from F.I.C.A. payments.
      Obamacare subsidies are not from direct payments by the users nor is Medicaid, Food Stamps, S.S.I., Section 8 housing and other WELFARE entitlements.

      Obama is a fraud and the most stupidest and racist president ever in the USA.

  4. Joe Dea says:

    Their PLOY is to tell you that ” since everything is NOT perfect ” YOU need to “TEAR IT ALL DOWN AND START AGAIN” …. BUT …. they don’t tell you that their way to start all over again is to destroy everything that is GOOD AND DECENT and replace it with their brand of ” CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION” !!!
    THINK NAZI’s and COMMIES anywhere in the world that they have taken over !!!! GOOD NIGHT ;-(

    • democratsaint says:

      so you rant and rave about how he is a plant but offer no proof that it was who is playing the magic tricks.sorry but show a link to where he is wrong,prove it. the fact is it tauts Conservative principles which IS getting rid of ss and medicare.don’t say your taut but than run and hide when the truth comes which point do your conservetive principle overtake the needs of the elderly?conservetive principle like deficits,doubling the debt?2 unpaid wars?where those your conservetive principle,how about the nsa that was under bush,.another conservetive principle?how about id card to vote which hurts the elderly?another great conservetive principle i see. you know the conservetive principle where mitch said he job was to make obama a 1 term president NOT to create jobs,NOT to cut the deficit,none of that was HIS job his job was to make him a 1 term president, the best way of course is to sink the YOUR conservetive principle must bee to put as many people out of work to make obama look bad.IT who would trust people like you to do a damn sorry but the right had 20 years to fix health care their way.THEY DID NOT
      they offer nothing,no solution no is a solution remove the cap on taxes on ss,why do you pay less taxes after you make more is another solution eliminate ALL deductions like reagan did.isn’t that ‘fair’

  5. John Baxter says:

    AMAC’s backers want to abolish Medicare and Social Security. They won’t say it directly, because they are a propaganda mill, but if you follow the money, you will understand that. Don’t be foolish and do your own background check.

  6. Roger says:

    Thank You, Left Wing Wackos. I turn 62 in a few days and came to this site to check out if I should sign up with AARP or AMAC. After the Left’s Bla Bla Bla I will send my money to AMAC.
    Thank You, for helping me decide.

    • JOHN PORTER says:


      • Rae says:

        what do AMAC offer that’s any different than AARP all of them seem to have an agenda of getting money for themselves. I have used the AARP card to get discounts and what they give I can get it from cutting out coupons. So I am asking what can they do theat is so different than
        AARP? Can antyone tell; me.

  7. xboeing says:

    Why all the venom directed against AMAC? I mean if all they are is gnat of an organization then why worry about it? The libs have either the shortest memory ever or they are deniers of the truth. Do any of you even remember when BO ripped 16 billion from Medicare and then do you remember when the AARP snooze paper came out in a panic and ask us all to write our congress person because Medicare was going broke! Major DUH moment here.

    I can’t fathom AARP motivation unless they just wanted to sell us more insurance we will all need if this turd is not defunded.

    • De Schultz says:

      If obamacare is so great why did the unions get a waiver?

      If Obamacare is so great how come the Obama’s and Congress have exempted themselves? If they shove it down our throat then it should be good enough for them

      Obama is out to destroy our country and he is will on his way!! He needs to be impeached now!!

      • Jack Fitz says:

        I agree with you 100%

      • democratsaint says:

        and the rights solution for health care IS..crickets
        1994 heritage foundation came up with a MANDATE omg
        aca is of course designed after,ROMNEY CARE omg he was the 2012 republican candidate
        the taxes to pay for were buy MCCAIN.wrap it up and put a bow on it and the right hates it.
        fact if you call it the aca and describe it,even republicans love it.if you say obamacare they hate it.tells you a lot.
        bush LIED to get us in wars no outcry of impeachment by right,he started the nsa spying,quiet,he broke us laws with torture,silence.reagan armed and trained osama sold wmd to saddam.can hear a pin drop.omg obama created a health care program that was ruled constitutional.impeach him.

      • Pooh says:

        Impeaching BO would give us our VP, yes? Talk about a rock and a hard place!

        • Louise A Carasone says:

          I know everyone thinks that the VP is an idiot. I say give him a chance. He can’t be much worse than what we have. just saying!!

    • JOHN HANEBURY says:

      I would just like to make a correction ——— BO did not rip 16 billion out of Medicare. He did however rip 700 BILLION from Medicare.

  8. Jerry says:

    Can’t wait to find out who dreamed up this new organization, just guessing it’s gets a lot of funding from the far right, probably fade out after they fail to end Obamacare. Never ceases to amaze me how so many people can be convinced to rally against their own best interests. I love my children and Obamacare is the greatest hope for their future, I am a Teamster with great benefits but I am the last of a dying breed until Unions can be revived. To all the haters out there, copy this post for the future, Obama will be recognized as one of our greatest Presidents, Obamacare will eventually morph into a type of single-payer plan, the GOP will get one more election cycle in power before the Democrats take both Houses of Congress in 2016 and you and your children will use and love Obamacare in the future and tell everybody that you voted for it.

    • wes says:

      WOW…….This guy most have drank a gallon of koolaid. I my self am a teamster ( local 305) . obamacare is going to be a deathnail to the 40 hour workweek. If you think I am wrong just look at what companies are going to do to be able to get out of paying.
      But why do you think the administration put on hold the mandate for companies untill 2015……..2014 election maybe?

    • Sue says:

      If Obamacare is so great, then why are the Teamsters you are so proud of trying to back out? Now that the unions have had a chance to ‘read’ the legislation and have found out how it will gut your Cadillac health plan they want no part of it! Even the IRS workers now don’t want any part of this health plan! Get real! Obamacare is already bankrupting this country and will continue to do so if it is allowed to continue. The 40 hour and 32 hour work week is dead or dying…So employers can avoid paying for health insurance under Obamacare…If you are lucky enough to get a part-time job, you may be fired before your ‘training period’ ends so employer does not have to pay benefits…This is already happening in my state since passage of Obamacare. I’m on Medicare and have already seen premiums and copays go up and services go down. Medicare insurers (supplement plans) have warned that this trend will continue after 2014. Your ‘greatest President’ ignores the constitution and legislates by executive order because ‘congress is too slow’. Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote…not a resounding endorsement for bipartisanship for such a wide-reaching act. Obama has eclipsed Jimmy Carter as the WORST president this country has ever had! I could go on about the plethora of overreaching acts perpetrated by this president and members of his administration, but if you’d pay any attention to anything but the lamestream media – you’d have a clue already….

    • cheryl says:

      Jerry, I really am dumbfounded to hear you say that OB will be recognized as one the greatest presidents. So sorry to hear that you are one of people that really believe his crap of lies. Don’t you realize that he is a puppet for that rich billionaire that hates the USA & the only reason he was put in office was to bring our great country down. I do realize that some of the stuff on the internet that has been said about OB is probably not true, but not all of it are lies. Open your eyes before its too late. Who do you think is going to pay for Obamacare? Certainly not the career unemployed. About him being a natural born citizen, why did he not produce a birth certificate in the very beginning if he has nothing to hide. He only produced one after 4 yrs in office at the cost of how much of our money, no doubt. Take a look at the birth certificate he did produce ( I really mean “PRODUCE”). The hsp where is was supposed to be born was not the name that it is now, but the certificate says the name of the hsp as it is now. I have a friend who is a very intelligent person, she is a republican but she also thinks that OB is just the greatest. When he takes all of our freedoms away & destroys our country I am going to be tbhe first to tell her “we tried to warn you” as I am saying that to you now. Yes, he will be remembered, he will be remembered for destroying this country. Will you be happy then. People should really care more about our country than about which party they belong to (if that is what you are doing). Our country is more important than any political party. Oh, & while I am at it, how many vacation do you get to take a year & to exotic places. f none like me that is because Obama & his family, his dog & his girls friends are taking them for you. So unless you don’t want or need to take a vacation at least once a yr I guess you are happy with OB spending that money when our country is going broke & we have homeless & starving people in the USA. Don’t forget about our religious going away but he still lets his muslim friends close down streets in N.Y. to have prayer sessions. I hope I have given you can think about & gets thru to you.

    • Jeffrey Johnson says:

      Jerry, If Obamacare is so great how come the obama’s and Congress have exempted themselves?

    • bob says:

      you do know the teamster leadership is against obamacare-fact

    • bob says:

      u r a very weak minded person. u have always been a follower, not a leader

    • m guth says:

      If obamacare is so great why did the unions get a waiver

    • John says:

      The first time you have a family member who needs medical care urgently but cannot get it because care is rationed, you will finally understand why obamacare is not the answer. Governement cannot sustain the financial burden which is why care will be rationed. Unfortunatly for the blind who cannot rationlize reality it will be to late. I fear for the elderly who are no longer working. Their medical care will be reduced to nothing because a panel is making the decision for them to receive medical treatment not a Doctor.

    • Dreama says:

      I see you posted in 7/13, guess you see how misled you were! This is a disaster, DISASTER and will be dismantled very soon!

    • Tim says:

      Keep dreaming . It must be really “great” with all the waivers and all.

  9. mytorpor says:

    AMAC must be doing some serious harm to AARP or all these Obamabots would not be here spewing their hatred! I have discovered that the left uses the exact same technique every time they try to shut down someone or something that threatens their power…1) name calling and profanity 2) accuse the opposition of being greedy and only in it for the power, money etc. 3) claim THEY tried or supported it and had horrible things happen to them 4) start all over again with the name calling and try to find a way to slip the race card into it!

    • Bill says:

      At the risk of sounding like one of the “Obamabots” you describe, why does this article say our healthcare system is the best in the world? The people who wrote this, the people who have a problem with Obamacare, and right wing conservatives don’t seem to understand how the world works. The system has been broken, the system still is broken, and Obamacare is also broken – but at least they’re trying to do something new.

      For someone who makes minimum wage today, you have to spend ~20 hours working to see a GP for 15 minutes. If that is a system that “works,” then I don’t think I understand the basis of that system. That is a result of a combination of greed and inefficiency, and, incidentally, it happens to stack the system against both minotities (who tend to be poor for a number of reasons), and a growing demographic – poor white people who continue to slave under corporate overlords who refuse to pay the same people who do all the work that keeps them rich. (Yet, they still demand tax breaks for their businesses – they can’t keep growing and expanding if they have to lose some of the billions of dollars of profit they make). See the problem here? Your mindset is flawed – and while plenty of “Obamabots” will cuss and swear, say you’re greedy and lay the race card – you have Glenn Beck shouting insanity in the corner every single day.


      • cheryl says:

        Bill, nothing in this world is perfect but the USA probably has one of the best in the world. If you don’t like it then go to another country & see what you can get. Maybe you think that Glenn Beck is shouting insanity because he is telling the truth to what is really going on in this country. If you are looking to the media for the truth forget it. There are lots of American doing very noble things here & in our military but those are never mention in the media. They only dig up stuff to depress us & make OB look good.

        • Richard says:

          Odd you should mention the military Cheryl, because they’ve had government run healthcare for over 100 years. Works pretty well too, by all accounts. And all those members of Congress? Do you think they’d ever even think of giving up their taxpayer paid platinum-plated healthcare? Not a chance. The Republican members just don’t want you to have anything remotely similar to it. Our healthcare system is in shambles. A sudden healthcare issue is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country. And close to one million Americans declare bankruptcy every year because of it. If that’s what you call one of the best healthcare systems in the world, then you are sadly deluded.

  10. Dennmc says:

    To Cap’n Ron.. and too many others.. Despite your characterization of the ACA as being an “bipartisan” legislation, the fact that not a single Republican voted for it makes it clearly NOT “Bipartisan” at all. Just wondering how you came up with the idea that it was “bipartisan”? I also wonder just why you and others are so against another senior’s group being involved and only considering it as being a “hate” group or an “Republican” group?? Is there not room for more than one Organization to be representative of “Seniors” or are you people more interested in an totalitarian state where one one voice can speak? Statements like yours and other’s similar commentary speak loud and clear for your intolerance, your totalitarian philosophy, and your hate for others not like you or with differing viewpoints than yours. The Seniors of this Country deserve better than this. By your insinuation of limiting organizational or group access to only a single entity such as the AARP, and the defining an competitor as being backed by any hate group, you have also defined yourself as an advocate of hate and in opposition to the Freedom of choice that a great many Soldiers and other people have given their lives to defend.

  11. Gene Jarvi says:

    Just another branch of the Republican Party. Now they will present their distortion of facts to the older generation, of which I am one of. They are displaying their twisted versions of all issues to everyone. It’s all bullshit . They want the White House in 2016 and will twist, distort, and exaggerate any issue that Obama is involved with. They are so obvious in what they are doing. They are making asses of themselves. They will eventually bullshit their way out of existence.

    • Tim says:

      And so your evidence of such claims is……
      Sounds like a direct quote of the MSNBC propaganda
      Please provide some evidence if you are going to make such claims about AMAC
      I am sure you are an intelligent person, let’s try to show it in the political debate or you just sound wacky
      There are many people (actually by far a majority in the country) who are against Obamacare and clearly that is why the 2010 election went the way it did. — the tea party movement for smaller govt was sparked by it and extremely successful — the fact is that democrats are now running from Obamacare and even unions are against it– wow!
      It is true that AARP went extremely political on obamacare even though their members were overwhelmingly against it — why should we continue to support an organization that takes action against what we support?
      AMAC is clearly a solid alternative now that AARP has been taken over by statist ideologues
      Thank you Dan Weber and the folks who stood up to start an alternative — now that is a great American tradition

  12. El Duke says:

    Mark J, you are doing exactly what you protest. You are pointing your finger at those that do not believe as you do and mocking them. Notice, when you point your finger at others that there are 3 more pointed back at you. It is very childish to attack an individual as you have and even insult someone by calling their mother a beast of the field. You are very typical of the average liberal. You shout “Nay, Nay. That is intolerant!!”, yet you are the most intolerant of all.

  13. Mark J says:

    Wow. So this is the state of discourse in America. “You belive this, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not!” “Yes you are!”


    Truth is, both of these groups represent certain idiologies. Pick the one that fits your beliefs, and stop calling those who chose otherwise names. You look like idiots.

    Just make sure who it is that backs the org you are thinking of joining. If they fit your beliefs, great. If not, THEN DON’T JOIN! Just don’t attack those that do.

    Man, this childish “We’re always right and your always wrong. Your an idiot. And your mother was a wildebeast.” BS is really tiresome and absolutely not helpful.

  14. BOB REDMOND says:


  15. Bruce Bacon says:

    Another right wing hate group. Yawn.

    • may britton says:

      how do i get a packet to look at and decide –i am no longer with aarp either after i found out they was for obamacare
      would like to have a packet please

    • T. Vaughan says:

      Thanks for the comment “pork belly”….helped me make up my mind…..sending in my membership to AMAC tomorrow!!

    • Randall R. Kniess says:

      Do tell where the hate is in this advertisement? I do believe it was a leftist phrase, “Question government!”, that was so loudly touted by those of my generation. OK, some of us have followed that advice and have found our government to be acting against the provisions of the Bill of Rights. The greed in that group’s leadership is to line their pockets with profits by being what the left says they are against. Corporate capitalism. We who refuse to accept this arrangement, oppose it collectively. That’s not right-wing hate, that’s Americans and the American way. The only hate that many of us Americans see here, is the sappy, trollish drivel emanating from a boorish troll named after a piece of swine flesh. Namely you and your equally destructive useful idiots.

    • Fred Parker says:

      Clones like you on the LEFT are ALL about Hate, so that would make you an expert.

    • melanie says:

      Libs do more “hating” and name calling than any convervative. Look in the mirror, hypocrite!

  16. Tina R says:

    Part of the problem of solidifying any one group is what I see here. Stop name calling and putting each other down and stick to finding solutions.

    • Bobby Prince says:

      Please take me off your mailing list. I do not want to hear about your propaganda and lies!

    • RM Fisher says:

      I’m sorry, but if you believe OBAMA…. I’ll stick with AARP. And, since when are advocates for us seniors engaging in petty slander? You discredit yourself in so doing.

      You should be working together if you are truly out to help and support the Elderly.
      Never mind AMAC vs AARP. That will not stand.

  17. Steve T says:

    When I turned 50 I received my AARP packet in the mail and joined. It didn’t take me long to see AARP as a sales organization only posing to represent seniors, so when it was time to renew I passed and properly recycled the paper. When Obama Care came into the political frame and I saw the AARP support for this legislation I knew my non-renewal was justified. So when I received my packet to rejoin AARP I took the time to cut the information provided into pieces and mailed it back to them in the envelope they provided. Gee, I hope they recycle paper too.

    • Grandma J says:

      AARP also received my packet in the mail the other day; cards they sent with my name spelled wrong all nicely cut in small pieces, registration form with big x’s drawn through the blanks, told them to take my name off their mailing list and I had made a circle with “Obamacare” written in it with a slash mark through it. All sent back to them in the postage paid envelope. How convenient!! Maybe they will get my message!!

      • Terrylee Dembowski says:

        Gramma…. don’t get off their mailing list… keep sending them literature you want them to have in their postpaid envelopes… if everyone who has disdain for l this bunch of phoney-balonies did this to their garbage then perhaps we could cut into their budgets… Just saying!!

        • Loren says:

          I love to send stuff back in the prepaid envelops. It keeps postal workers employed and stiffs the companies.

          • Bradley Martin says:

            If you send junk in prepay-ed envelopes the company mailed to can get credit for it and not have to pay to receive it so you are only adding to the Post Office loses.

      • KB says:

        Great idea! I’m sick of their spam mailings!

    • Terrylee Dembowski says:

      I make a game out of harassing the AARP…. everytime I receive their garbage in the mail.. I stuff it with my choice of ads and send it back to them… they receive my ads and pay for it too !!! So juvenile for a 65 yr. old. but what the hell it’s fun

    • Sue says:

      Good for you! I did the same thing!!

  18. Jim says:

    Personally, I am tired of people griping and griping. I am ready for people talking action and not leave aarp but real action. Turning Washington to being afraid of the people instead of the people being afraid of Washington. I am a veteran and proud of it but I am increasingly becoming ashamed of my country of what we the people have allowed to take place. I remember in 1956 Russian Premiere Kruskesf made the statement they would take over the U S with out firing a shot. Think about it folks, they are almost there and we just sit around griping. We have nothing else to loose if we just continue sitting around the U S as we have known it for all our lives will be GONE. I’d love to see a million or two of us old geezers march on Washington D C, we might even be able to pick up some young geezers along the way.

    • Barb Mason says:

      It would be nice to see that many people March in Washington DC. I truly would be proud to stand and march along with them .

    • Loren says:

      I too served my country, have LOD VA pension. My medicare just shot up 88% on my SS and it will go even higher in the future. I will probably end up paying my own disability.

    • Bill Lavent says:

      Amen Jim. I’ve been saying the same thing. My memory is fresh enough to remember stories of what happened to some of my relatives who vanished from Poland after the second world war. My grandmother ended up up in Siberia and was never heard from again. I too am a veteran and recognize what’s going on in our government. Inch by inch, step by step we are slowly being turned into a socialist government. As the story goes, put a frog into a pan of lukewarm water and gradually turn up the heat, he will boiled before he knows it.

  19. Ray says:

    A lot of dialogue to be certain. Not sure I’d “join” either group here. But the best argument that I’ve ever seen against joining the AARP is the comments left here by it’s supporters.

    • jta says:

      By the attack comments it looks as if the left is vehemently opposed to someone exposing more holes in the Kool-Aid Kid’s (read Obama) pet senior group AARP.
      Rule 1 for liberals. If you can’t defend your position use derogatory comments, insults, perverted inuindos and any means available to demean your opponents. Avoid the truth at all costs.

  20. Whew! says:

    This is great. AMAC sounds like a great place for all the crazy right wingers over-50s, a nice comfortable place where they can all talk their conspiracy theories and worship their guns and hate all kinds of people unlike themselves. Bravo. Gets them out of AARP and contained in their own play place. Truly a win/win for both the AARP and AMAC.

    • Momus says:

      Really? You can give up your rights quietly but please do not expect others to roll over and let the .GOV rub their bellies in content.. Smiles on this crazy hump day..

    • Patriot says:

      Serously? Do you ever listen to yourself? You are exactly what you hate in others! No wonder liberalism is on the verge of extinction, unless you ask a liberal, then they think 99% of Americans are with them. Oh well, just let these liberals live in their delusional world having their strings pulled by their puppetmasters!

      • Rafael Salas says:

        Liberalism is dying? Really? Obama won the last two elections by a large number of electoral votes. The Senate is full of Liberals. The GOP might be able to elect a Congressman in Utah or Alabama but the GOP as a National party could not elect a dog catcher. When you have 55% of women, 71% of Latinoes, 73% of Asians and 95% of blacks voting against you, you’re doomed. I was a Republican admitedly a RINO but I did support McCain but due to the tea party our whole family voted for Obama.

        • AKMark says:

          So you admitting that you are part of the problem!

        • Capn Ron says:

          Rafael pretty much hit the nail on the head. George Will, a staunch Republican, said it best when he stated the Republican Party defines itself by what they are against. A right wing hate group is exactly what it is. Last year I saw a Latino interviewed on the news. He stated that he wants the same family values the Republicans want; however, he stated, “They just don’t want us.” Republicans are going down in 2014 because they cannot eliminate their hatred for so many groups that are not like themselves. Since the very founding of our country America has changed and is still changing and it will continue to change and evolve. Those that cannot accept this will be left behind.

          If you would really like to know where our problems began I suggest you read “Who Stole the American Dream” by Hedrick Smith. Many of America’s ‘old geezers’ grew up in a household where unions made a difference in people’s lives. This all changed with Lewis Powell’s Memo to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce in 1971. I prefer to call it his ‘Corporate Domination Manifesto’. Most of you reading this have never even heard of it. It is what changed political economics in America and had a huge impact of the Republican Party during the Carter Presidency. Just this morning while watching a morning news show it was pointed out that since 1978 working pay has gone up 5% (based on inflation) while corporate executive pay has risen 875%. Republican policy creates poverty. Sure, some people’s lives are better off, but there is a hidden cost that many are unable to understand. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re not smart enough or simple refuse to become educated outside of a rosy painted picture that only exists in their minds.

          Healthcare cost is another problem in America and I hear many people whine about the ACA when, in fact, they know nothing about it. It is change so they hate it, but cannot tell you anything about it except for idiotic conclusion from hate conversations. I am a veteran and very proud to be one. The U.S. military has a preventative maintenance program that is second to none. Proper maintenance will prevent 80% of your problems. This was drilled into us. The same thing applies to the human body. The ACA was a bipartisan bill that seeks to do just that, prevent problems. If you haven’t read the ACA you might wish to educate yourself so you don’t make a fool of yourself. And by the way, America does not have the best healthcare in the world. Those are baseless assumptions people make, but cannot back it with facts. The fact is the ACA has already begun to drive the cost of healthcare in American and some is a result of new ideas that were never thought of before such doctor’s beginning healthcare pools. (It is essentially healthcare insurance without an insurance company.) I also know a person that administers insurance payments for small business and she states it is absolutely costing the employers and employees less money.

          One final aspect of what is wrong with health insurance in America is the discount system. Corporate America is 10% of the people controlling 90% of the money. A hospital can charge $1000 for a procedure, but when the insurance company gets the bill it is $200. Healthcare would not be the problem it is if the hospital would charge me the same discounted price. You know they will not lose money on it so American insurance companies have those who cannot get insurance by the balls. These are the types of practices hurting many Americans that the ACA seeks to resolve.

          • Drifter says:

            Way to go Capn Ron – you just let all the air out of the righty windbags posting here. I wouldn’t be surprised if former Republican Rep Army was behind the formation of AMAC. Did anyone notice that the gents pictured in the photo op didn’t reveal their political affiliation like they usually do? I bet donuts to dollars you could put a big fat “R” in front of every name in that picture. The GOP needs to get out of women’s crotches and operating rooms and do something for the good of this country that counts – they are pure obstructionists and will do and say anything that will lather up idiotic, uninformed voters to support anything they say – Pathetic!!!!!!!!

        • Pat K. says:

          So Rafael, you knew what was right and voted against it. Not at all smart.

        • mytorpor says:

          Rafael, Obama received 9 million fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008 and Romney managed to get 1.3 million fewer votes than McCain! The margin between them in many states was less than 50,000, far smaller than the margins between Obama and McCain. For example, in 2008 Obama won New Hampshire by 10%, in 2012 he won by 4%. If both parties continue to alienate voters in those numbers…in 2016 Republicans win by a mile!

          As for your idea that Conservatives leaving AARP and going to AMAC is a win/win for both companies, I can promise you that AARP doesn’t think it is a win! I receive letters every month BEGGING me to come back!

          BTW, neither McCain nor Romney lost because of the populations you refer to…we have always had about the same % of that vote. They lost because they didn’t get their conservative base to the polls. If the GOP gets some sense knocked into their heads and runs a true conservative, we will be at the polling places by the bus load.

        • cheryl says:

          Rafael, If it was not for the electrorial vote OB would not have won. That is such a farce we need to get rid of. It does not seem to reflect what the majority of the population wants. One of the statistics I saw going by how many states OB won against Rommney OB would have lost. After the election I saw on internet & so true, Obama won, America loses.

      • Randall R. Kniess says:


    • Jim says:

      Too bad having an IQ over 10 is not required for posting here. Beings like you are the reason I will never join AARP.

    • KC Vendetta says:

      Until idiots like you grow up and get at least a high school
      education this nation is doomed to a path of self destruction! “Whew” …you try to make an argument without an ounce of intelligence. I’ll be glad when summer vacation is over!

    • TLiebling says:

      There you are! We wondered where you went after you escaped from your padded room at the hospital. Stay were you are. The nice men in white coats will be there soon to take you back to the funny farm, where you will be given nice little pills that will make you feel much better.

    • Al Fracker says:

      Wow, a red herring, generalization, jump to conclusion and ad hominy grit attack in two short sentences. Liberal Logic 101

    • Fred Parker says:

      Whew! – We’re all glad that you’ll stay with the clueless clones at AARP where you truly belong.

    • cheryl says:

      Whew, I guess you are one of the crazies from the left. Since you mentioned guns. Gun control is not about gun control its about “PEOPLE CONTROL”, you fool. You don’t believe it, look back in history & take a look at Hilter & take note of the resemblance between OB & Hitler.

  21. michael pollard says:

    AMAC is a Extreme Far Right Group set up to take medical benefits and their homes from the elderly , , and give more money to lobbyists and rich politicians…. Just like Jim and Tammy Baker…

    • G Grant says:


      Lets stick with the facts…. Did you read the article that was posted in the Wall Street Journal…It’s still on-line and it states that you and me and everyone else that is a member of AARP is in full support of Obama Care. I don’t know about you but already my cost of insurance with AARP has gone up 30% and it’s is projected to go up again. The source of the above article is a valid source………..

    • Patriot says:

      Oh, lets see, the IRS targets conservative groups through litigation and audits, effectively oppressing an opposing voice, AG Holder attacks a Conservative news agency, lies about, breaking the law, obama administration covers up Benghazi, obama is trying to dismantle the Constotution, one Amendment at a time, the scandals keep mounting and you think we should trust AARP, a well known supporter of obama? Talk about left wing delusional exyremism!

  22. mary says:

    Now I admit I live in a very small rural town….but I have NEVER heard of this group. I pay attention to the news reports about Medicare.,,,,As I am on it. However….I also know that the things Medicare approves…is only because they recieve money for their endorsement.

    Where can I find out more about this group??? I didn’t renew my membership in AARP simply because I consider them “BIG BUSINESS” that is not looking out for my interests. At this point in my life…I don’t trust our government either.

  23. Larry Talbott says:

    amac is just a scam to confuse old people with a shell game. gopers realized they shot themselves in the foot when they tried to victimize seniors. This is just an attempt to split seniors so that they lose political power. Gotta hand it to gopers they think up creative ways to be evil.

    • Rich says:

      Where was AARP when Obama chopped 716 Billion from medicare. They should have been in Washington with picket signs. This cut will affect every senior.

      • tames says:

        He chopped 716 billion by condensing wasteful duplication of programs and reductions to prescription cost agreement to the drug companies and set national hospital cost for same type of treatments, i.e.: one hospital would charge $500 and another would charge$1200. get your facts strait Tea baggers.

      • Drifter says:

        Where do you clowns get this 716 billion dollar figure from??? Obama didn’t cut it from medicare recipients, he pared it out of payments to hospitals, doctors, medical parts groups, research groups, all of whom agreed to the cuts as necessary. Your clown prince, Lyin Ryan is the jerk who wanted to cut that amount out of medicare – look it up – it is a fact but then you guys don’t understand what facts are – you froth at the mouth whenever a FAUX puppet or GOP idiot opens their mouths!

        • J R Moses says:

          Drifter………..with good health and a little luck, you too will live to become a senior. If we continue down the road to socialized medicine, and it looks like we will, you will probably be one of the most vocal about the injustices to seniors when you find that you cannot get the care you deserve. As a present senior watching the number of Dr.’s declining to accept medicare growing daily, I feel pretty sure this is bound to be true……….so enjoy your young life to the fullest……….because if you do grow old………..good luck.

        • cheryl says:

          Oh God, another OB lover.

    • Barbara Ford says:

      Let us (seniors) not forget. This is a right wing group who has nothing for the seniors who have worked very hard in our younger years; and they now want us to come and give up our rights?

      • Moaab says:

        What does your beloved left-wing AARP have for you? They betrayed all seniors with their support of Obamacare. When Obamacare goes full force next year, seniors over 70 will not get care, only “end of life” counseling. The left has only been out for your money for years. They raise our taxes, began taxing social security payments, and now want to take our retirement accounts. Are you blind??? The right is trying to get rid of Obamacare, lower our taxes and not take over our retirement accounts.

        Do you not follow the news? The left-wingers are trying to take away our rights to: 1) freedom of speech, 2) freedom of religion, 3) right to bear arms, and 4) right to privacy. They are trying to take away our rights, not the right. Try thinking for yourself and quit believing everything everyone else tells you.

      • Fred Parker says:

        Hey Barbara, Øbama brought you compassion and socialism. So all you have to do is ask his puppet master George Soros to assist you when the hand picked Øbama death panels deny you the procedure that your doctor says you need. Just tell him you voted for that lovable community organizer, Barry Øbama.

    • Jeff G says:

      I guess you aren’t refuting anything written in the WSJ article.

    • Fred Parker says:

      Hey Larry, you need to get yourself a life. And while you’re at it, – get yourself a brain. It won’t cost you much, they’ll fit you with the smallest size imaginable.

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