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Just pat them on the head and whatever you do don’t tell them the truth.

Just lie about it, Stupid !

Hillary has your back, don’t worry.

Dont worry I will tell your family you lost your job and have to downsize.

For the last time it’s: agree, defend, attack and propose.

Listen, I’ll help you if you promise to help Hillary.

Trader to the American people

Barack, I think you’ve had it.

No problem…I’ll talk to Monica and set it up…….

Man-up! Face the facts! You’re TOAST!

We have 46 percent of these dummies fooled, that only leaves 5% to go. remember the people get what they deserve!

It’s time to step aside, it’s Hillary’s time.

Remember, it’s not a lie if YOU believe it!

Now Barrack, what ever you do, don’t admit anything! Deny, deny, deny!

We Progressive people have to stick together to take down the America as they know it. What Bill doesn’t know is Obama does not plan on leaving office. He considers himself a dictator. The joke is on you Bill

Here me now Mr. President, You are not Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Barry-can you spell whistleblower? I’d advise against throwing Hillary under the bus!

Remember….just deny, deny, deny!

You owe me…. big time!!! Let’s start with your Secretary of State!!

I know! I know! I wasn’t the first black president.