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AMAC: Attend Town Hall Meetings This Summer and Ask Your Lawmakers the Tough Questions

dan-weber ‘Ask why we, the people, are forced to live with Obamacare while they are not’ –

BOHEMIA, NY, Aug 9 – “Hold your Congressional representatives accountable this summer; call on them to hold Town Hall meetings during their annual break,” Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“For example, ask them why we, the people, are forced by law to accept the onerous provisions of Obamacare while our Senators and Representatives – and their staffs – are getting an exemption.”

Weber noted that over the last few years the number of  lawmakers who are willing to meet face to face with their constituents at district meetings has decreased dramatically.

“Maybe it’s because of the tongue-lashings they withstood during the summer recess of 2009 when voters took them to task regarding Obamacare.  Some Senators and Representatives were called on the carpet for supporting the Affordable Care Act, others were criticized for not offering strong resistance.  Imagine the clamor now that Obamacare is the law of the land and all its ugly and costly little secrets are slowly emerging as its full implementation gets closer and closer.  The calls for repeal will be deafening.”

He conceded that there are some members of Congress who are planning on setting up district meetings in their hometowns this month, but noted that many of them are resorting to safer venues such as conference calls and internet get-togethers.  Weber said, however, that these alternatives are restrictive, offering less of a chance for give-and-take.

Weber said that we need “real answers to real questions, particularly in view of the fact that President Obama and his Office of Personnel Management this week granted lawmakers an Obamacare exemption, effectively creating a special, elite class of individuals who are not subject to the law.”

The need for Town Hall meetings this summer is particularly important “in the wake of all of those so-called phony scandals, including – in addition to Obamacare – the political abuses of the IRS, the Benghazi cover-ups and the ongoing shenanigans at the Department of Justice.”

AMAC is not alone in calling on Senators and Representatives to take the initiative in setting up local forums where these and other issues can be discussed.  There’s even a web site sponsored by FreedomWorks where voters can find out whether their elected representatives are or are not scheduling a district meeting in the coming weeks.

Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, said he launched his town hall campaign because: “Most members of Congress have stopped engaging constituents and defending their policy initiatives.  That’s the real outrage here – the inside-the-beltway resistance to a participatory process where people have a choice.”

Weber said that AMAC applauds those lawmakers who will hold public meetings and encourages the association’s members to attend and “ask your representatives the tough questions.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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  1. peter ferretti says:

    If you want to help the helpless in the Middle East, the USA, and the World, use the $1/2 billion on the REFUGEES in the Region—– not on shooting 200 missiles into the thin air like on July 4th! Congress, don’t support OBAMA’S War under any conditions—it is too late unless US and Israel want to take out the NUCLEAR INFRASTRUCTURE in Iran.

  2. John Higgins says:

    AMAC has 750,000 members now & the word is they are going to have one million members by year end. When they have multi-millions they will be very powerful. Keep the faith!

  3. Suza says:

    What about the healthcare? Why are the Congress, Senate and others able to bypass using it and we are STUCK with it. So this tells me that WE THE PEOPLE are getting the dirty end of the stick once again. What is suppose to be good for us should be good for everyone!!!! You don’t want it, well neither DO WE! We should have the option to opt out as well.

    Do we really need the IRS involved with our healthcare? They have so much corruption now and I can just imagine what they will do with our PRIVATE information. What about Bengazi? What are we doing about “phony” politics. Really, we are very frustrated with this and don’t want the government telling us what we have to do concerning our health or anything else.

    We are disgusted by those who take advantage of what our government has to offer, while we have worked so hard all our lives! Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Phones, etc. – what happened to pride? Most of those who are on the system are able bodied, but slacking to get the freebies. Sad, very sad, and very disappointing – But the government continues to give handouts! Put them to work – instead of feeding their drug, porn, and other habits. I’m sure if you make them work in the community to earn their keep, then you will find that the ones who are taking advantage will be filtered out.

    We are sick of the “King Obama” rhetoric. He talks down to the people like we were uneducated idiots. Really???? This country is slowly becoming a socialist one – and most of our elected officials are sitting back and watching it. This is NOT what our country is all about – we are proud to be Americans – who learned to speak English, learned a trade, worked hard for what we have and had faith in our elected officials.

    Please, consider all that I have mentioned and take it back to Washington and DO SOMETHING, besides fight with your opposing senators and congressmen.

    UNITED WE STAND. . . DIVIDED WE FALL and we are falling!

  4. Phil says:

    The report I got was that the House of Representatives has repeatedly voted for funding of Obama Care which they do not need to do. They could make it die by not funding it if they wanted to. Tell your Representative.

  5. Bernie says:

    Don’t vote party lines , and Idiot can do that, Vote out incumbents is the answer.. Then those not up for re-election this year will get the message. We are going out next.. This is the only fear they have.

  6. ONTIME says:

    The right to free speech is again being impaired by the shallowness of men and women more scared of the people they represent than they have a right to be, they want that overpaid job they lied to get and will lie more to keep it and you from being represented. They believe in two tier law, they cook up schemes for themselves and feed you garbage, the elitism is rampant and a self serving POtuS in the WH mandates the practice in order to make these prissy elitist serve his needs…….Does this sound cynical, does the sarcasm drip thru?
    When I hire someone they work for me and if they cannot do the job as expected they are going to be replaced and when they tell me that their needs are more important than mine and use my tax money to establish their vacant extravagant lifestyle, they are walking on my wrong side…Term limits no retirement and a ballot driven national sales tax will begin to recapture the representation we pay for…

  7. Phil says:

    Dirty Harry Reid finally dump the cat out of the bag today. Obamacare was designed from the start to fail in order to jump start the single payer system. Socialism at work and growing by leaps and bounds! Hope you low information Obama supporters are happy!

    • KarenFaye says:

      I’ve been saying for a year that Obamacare was designed to fail so that King Obama can also control our health issues as well as everything else we depend on. This country is no longer “Free” unless you are the recipient of a Free Cell Phone, free welfare, free housing; free EBT cards, free Medicaid — those handing out depend on those with their hands out to further bring this nation to its knees. Thanks, all those who voted this Dictator into office.

  8. Jim says:

    Impeachment is needed, or let us decide which laws we want – just like obama does, and ignore the rest. What a useless leader he is.

  9. The DJ says:

    With all of the budget funding, funding and cost of Obamacare, and the Natioonal Debt rising by more than a Trillion dollars a year with no end in sight, America is in a world of hurt and is going to crash. Few people have mentioned the fact that the congress voted themselves a salary raise last Christmas before going home for the holidays. I heard that on one TV national news report. Nothing else was said in my state.

    Now to stop this Obamacare freight train I see a handful of senators trying to defund Obamacare. I think that is commendable and I have supported it writing to all the congressmen in my state. But what Obamabutt will probably do is get his troops to do is take the money out of the Social Sefurity fund that people have put their hard erned money into all their life,and reduce the benefits further for Medicare and Medicaid. Obamabutt is just thqt much of a double handed, double dealing, socialistic slime ball. Obamacare needs to be REPEALED! But, I don’t see anyone else coming up to bat to do that. Even Obamabutt has admitted thqt Obamacare is bad, so why did he sign it into law? Just so he could say he did something about health care? What a reason.

    GOA, pro-gun organization, has found that Mayor Bloomberg of New York has been using tax payer money and other government services to fund his own personal anti-gun agenda of anti-gun activities. Also Obamabutt is doing the very same thing. Yes, I am a defender of second amendment rights. It isn’t hard to tell.

    Now this country and government was founded with the people formulating government and giving them the power to conduct national busines for the betterment of the people and the good of the economy. Now we have a group of socialist people running government following their agenda to control the people. How do we impeach and/or remove from office the members of this group? What present member of congress is there who has the nerve, intestinal fortitude, and support to do this? Because it sure needs to happen

  10. FAR says:

    All the questions already have been asked. We need to burn the right answers into their thick heads!

  11. David A. Bunten says:

    I,m 64 1/2, I,m am a vet, & getting great care from the V.A., hoping they never drop me.Getting all sorts of mail about medicare, etc. What does the AMAC offer its members & helps w/ questions,etc..

  12. Power in Numbers, J.B says:

    This is to J.B.

    The “problem identifiers” like AMAC’s founder are doing their part. Individuals like you or me or Dan Weber, have limited power and only one (legal) vote. It is the power of numbers that bring the leverage to get politicians to pay attention. This is the method the Socialists have been using for years, and we are witnessing the fruits of their long term efforts to “fundamentally, change America”.

  13. Angela M. Rosati says:

    Defund: NO….Repeal: YES

  14. Jerome Hughes says:

    Each of us has his own list of legislator dos and don’ts. If this list is long and varied, we will accomplish little because the legislators will see no cohesion among their board of directors(we the voters). How do we organize a town hall meeting?

  15. Jim says:

    Amendment 28: The Congress shall make no law afflicting the People that does not equally afflict the Congress.

  16. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    I said even before the first term that he was bad news for our Nation and he was and still IS. I surely would like to see enough in Congress that would stand up and fight for our Country. There are far too many who are man or b.o. fearing and not enough who are GOD fearing. I don’t think we have ever had such a “wimpy” Congress and I have lived a rather long life.

  17. Lee Oliphant says:

    We certainly need to be more involved. It is the low information voter that has put us here. Beginning with active primary participation.only put forward candidates that commit to living undaer the same laws that they pass for us. If they chnage once in, work for their removal.

  18. Linda Vail says:

    Can anyone tell me why Obama has canceled his ttalk with Putin? I thought we elected a president to talk and debate with the heads of other countries and work out differences. Our president is acting like a schoolboy who will not play ball with another boy because he doesn’t like the rules, or he’s afraid of the other boy, so he goes to the corner and pouts.

  19. Roberta in Michigan says:

    I was frightened by Obama the first time he ran. I was appalled by the number of intelligent people who voted for him. I wonder what they think now. Wake up people!!!!! We are in danger as a nation. He is only seeking power to ruin America. If you listen to him he even says so. Our children’s future is at stake here. I don’t have a solution, but be informed and pay close attention to what goes on in the White House. We are financially broke. He bankrupted his own private household. What did people think he would do to the nation?

  20. Timothy Hopkins says:

    Defund Obamacare now. Present a budget without the money to operate this unconstitutional law. Force the politicians who support this legislation to defend this train wreck. If Obama vetoes the budget without the Obamacare funding then HE IS CHOOSING TO SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT, not Congress. It’s time my supposed representatives in Congress grow a pair and stand up to this liberal fascist tyrant.

  21. J.B. says:

    In this life there are two kinds of people. Problem solvers and problem identifiers. I seems to me all these organizations that are supposed to be supporting us common people are the latter and feed us copius doses of informative pablum while seemingly not accomplishing anything on our behalf. Why AMAC are you contantly telling us about what this insufferable government is doing to us as opposed to what you are doing about the problems in order to reverse or prevent them. I welcome a response to this comment/question

  22. HANK MAIER says:

    Along with the other outrages of this administration I think we should demand that if the buffoons we have in Washington can not, or will not pass a budget, then sequester requires their salaries to be cut off. The President, the Senate and the House.

    • KarenFaye says:

      I’ve been to two townhalls hosted by Tom Coburn. The first he was fiery and impressive and warned against what was coming with Obamacare, etc. The next time around he blamed the American people for being complacent, and wanting ‘free stuff’ (which is true), and mentioned his term was up in 2014 and he wouldn’t run again because he was only one man, and was weary of the struggling. That says it all. The moochers and leeches elected this Robotic Celebrity Farce of a President, and the leeches and moochers will fight to the death to keep their free goodies coming. The rest of us are insignificant and ignored.

    • Bob M. says:

      Their salaries are not important to them.It`s all the kickbacks,and insider trading information they get that are making them millionairs,not their salary.Isn`t it funny how a person can take a job that pays roughly a 170,000 dollors a year,and become a millionair in just a couple of yearsGee must be nice.

  23. AMP says:

    I am absolutely bewildered that this administration was voted in for a second term. Wake up America. We can not afford this catastrophe called affordable health care. The more we learn, the worse it gets.

    • MaryAnn says:

      We will get Obama for his life if the Repbulicans in the HOR don’t defund Obamacare and end the invasion of the US…including the Dream Act. Why should we support them if they don’t give a damn about anything but cheap labor and maximizing corporate profits?

  24. Jane Hill says:

    I am very much interested in AMAC views and would like to hear more about it.

    • KarenFaye says:

      It is a well meaning organization, much like the Tea Party – but I highly doubt it will be able to contend with the Liberalness of AARP and it’s supporters. We have joined, and hope for the best – but with the overall numbers of Democratic followers and liberal loons, it may just be one flea on the back of an elephant.

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