AMAC 2014 Health Care Symposium Gets Under Way Next Week


‘We’ve assembled a formidable team to deal with the formidable health care issues this country faces’

By John Grimaldi –

WASHINGTON, DC, June 6 – Leading experts will gather here next week to focus on “actionable, innovative solutions” to the nation’s health care crisis, including the failure of the Veterans Administration to adequately provide for the needs of wounded warriors.

The AMAC Foundation’s 2014 symposium, June 9 and 10, will also put the spotlight on Medicare, Medicaid, the needs of the uninsured, the preservation of Doctor/Patient relationships, tort reform and preventive medicine, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“There is bound to be keen interest in our planned open discussion of the needs of service men and women who are returning to civilian life and the obligations of government. Certainly the Veterans Administration scandals that have come to light in recent weeks have piqued interest in the topic. But, the symposium is designed as a comprehensive discussion of the health care needs of all Americans in the near term and the long term. And, while we will address ways to cope with new laws and regulations, our intent is not to exploit the controversies arising from the implementation of Obamacare.” Weber said.

He added that symposium participants will not “just talk about the issues, they are tasked with identifying specific actions that can help effectively deal with the crucial health care problems our nation faces. We’re not looking for sound bites; we’re looking for solutions.”

The 2014 AMAC Foundation National Health Care Symposium will be held at the Washington Court Hotel, June 9-10. Attendance is free for those who have registered at

The experts who have signed up to lead and participate in the Symposium include:

• Dr. Doug Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum and most recently a Commissioner on the Congressionally-chartered Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

• Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies. Dr. Moffit also served as a Reagan Administration appointee in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

• Grace-Marie Turner, Founder and President of the Galen Institute, a public policy research organization dedicated to promoting an informed debate over free-market ideas for health reform.

• Lt. Gen Jack Klimp, USMC (Ret.), President of the National Association for Uniformed Services.

• Scott Gottlieb, M.D., a practicing physician and a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

• Ratanjit Sondhe, founder and CEO of and an acclaimed author, writer, and columnist.

• John C. Goodman, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis and author of the new book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. He is widely known as the “Father of Health Savings Accounts.” Modern Healthcare named him as one of four people who have most influenced the modern health care system.

• Dr. Beth Haynes, Executive Director at The Benjamin Rush Institute. Previously in private practice with board certification in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, Dr. Haynes has been working full time in health care policy for the past four years.

• Michael F. Cannon, the Cato Institute’s director of health policy studies. Previously, he served as a domestic policy analyst for the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee.

• Senator Kelli Ward (AZ), Vice Chair, Health & Human Services Committee. She has been politically active in her profession since she was a medical student.

• Dr. Lee Gross, Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Epiphany Health and serves on the Board of Trustees at Fawcett Memorial Hospital.

• Marc O’Connor, COO and Chief Strategy Officer of Curant Health, a transformational healthcare company focused on improving patient outcomes while reducing health care spending.

• Author and public policy expert Kathryn Serkes, who developed the highly acclaimed “THRIVE, Not Just Survive” independent private practice workshop oriented toward development of patient-centered practices for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

“We’ve assembled a formidable team to deal with the formidable health care issues this country faces,” Weber commented.

 Visit to watch the 2014 AMAC Foundation National Health Care Symposium live, on June 9th & 10th.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Media is welcome at the event. Dan Weber and other participants will be available for in person or telephone interviews. Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at to make arrangements.

The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation. Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members. We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today. Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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I would like to mention another problem.. that the drug companies that have no cap on needed medications and keep raising the price, and the insurance companies that refuse medications to patients because of price. A specific example it the drug for multiple sclerosis called Copaxone 20mg. This drug is out for 20 years and can now be on the market for generic developers. Copaxone is delieverd in a syringe subq seven days a week, every week. So the manufacturer (TEVA) came out with Copaxone 40 mg. 3x/week. Teva says is is for now less expensive (slightly), but the insurance companies are not adding to their formularies because, I believe, they are hoping and waiting for a new generic version of the 20mg Copaxone. I was told my my insurance company that it is not cheaper but more than twice the price because they make their own contracts with the… Read more »
I have done research on alternative therapies for 25 years. I know so much yet most people aren’t interested in pursuing alternatives. It is easier to get a prescription for a pill for whatever reason. Until we demand that other things be offered and if effective paid for we will always have a substandard health care system. FYI my father is 89 years old. He fell on the 15th of February this year and fractured the head of his femur. He had to have a surgical repair. When I took him, 4 weeks and 2 days later, for his post-op evaluation the surgeon asked me what I had done. The X-Ray’s taken in his office that day showed my father was over 90% healed he discharged him and told him to start putting full weight on his leg. What is sad about all of this is first, although the surgeon… Read more »

It would be great if Ben Carson could be a speaker at the symposium. I belive it would be a great way for him to get his Ideas out to the general public.

Dr. Carson would be an excellent GOP nominee for 2016 — unless he falls for the trappings of Washington D.C. and turns into a regular politician like the rest of them. I’m to the point where I can’t trust anybody’s integrity any more……. too easily swayed or compromised. If the Liberals get “wind” of a possible Ben Carson run —- watch them get out the steam shovels to start digging up mud to sling!!

I think Ben Carson would be a great person to speak. I agree with both comments, but in terms of experience he has far more experience dealing with people and health issues as does our President. He always seem logical and truthful, although So did BO before he got elected (both times) but I have a hard time believing Dr. Carson has a similar deceitfulness.

Thank You for sending this email, I need to get this off my chest. One mouth ago my husbands doctor told him he (the

Doctor) will not be able to prescribe XANAX to him any longer, because of the new healthcare he can’nt prescribe

it to anyone over 64. Bill has never abused any meds,infact his Rx is for 30 pills 0.25MG for 1 month. 30 will last him

for 3 months. Also we received a letter about my 14yr old grandson. He has ADHD He takes 1 adderall XR 20mg.

daily. The letter says that they will no longer cover it (but) he can pay out of pocket. We are raising him and his

16yr old sister, who also has ADHD however she not take any meds. They are covered by Medicaid. Bill has medicare.

I wonder what they will drop next.

Thank You,



Be glad you don’t live in Oklahoma. Our Rheumatology Clinic can no longer prescribe pain medication either. They treat people there with MS, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chrone’s disease, Psoriasis; and a few other auto-immune diseases – many of which are horribly painful. I asked about it and they said it was a new “state” health regulation that the governor had signed because so many abused drugs. What about those of us who don’t????? Tough rocks, I guess!!!! Suffer or die – whichever comes first.

KarenFaye, it’s about 800 miles from here to a city in Colorado. How far from were you are. MM can stand for something other than Marylin Monroe.

Like some of us have pointed out, Dr. Ben cannot be a savior and solve all our accumulated problems all at once, and like PaulE has said in earlier comments on other issues, if he is to run for the Oval Office, he needs present his position papers on what his overall intentions are. If he waits too late in the game, Hillary will have too much of a lead in getting her lies out. I do believe the good doctor has many good ideas about the healthcare fix, but we should also remember any fix should be a bridge to eventual market forces and not make healthcare a right just because the progressives allowed some to be born and breathing. Like in welfare, to shut it off suddenly would itself be unfair in that we have whole generations who have not had the opportunity to understand that self-sufficiency must… Read more »
It’s easy to see from the above comments that we like Ben (Carson). I would love to see him as our next President! He is a brilliant doctor and a compassionate and worthy leader. No question that Dr. Carson has got what it takes to “fix” our medical system which is in chaos. Also, he is well informed on the economy and foreign policy issues. By that I mean, what he may not be an expert on, he has the good sense to surround himself wit those that do. Regarding the shingles issue, I watched my mother go through the misery of shingles on her face and into her eye. Hers occurred after a very stressful event in her life and she eventually completely healed. When the shingles vaccine became available, I waited a few years to see if there would be side effects, and then I got the shot.… Read more »

I hope you will get ideas from Dr. Benjamin Carson. He will be in our City tomorrow.

It’s time Seniors realize , there are NO politicians In I the present Washington CLUB ,that is standing up for them. All Cuts in Budgets are against Senior Program.. We paid for them.. Now they are stealing the money for their PORK needs !! Vote out ALL incumbents Organize this ! LET them KNOW Seniors VOTE and WE are tired of their stealing our money and giving it to ILLGALS!

I was disappointed to see that Dr. Ben Carson was not included in the list of participants. I think his medical background as well as his vast understanding of how government meddling can mess things up would be very helpful toward solving this incredible mess we’re in.i

I agree! Run Ben Run!! Let us all encourage this man, Dr. Ben Carson, to run as a conservative candidate for the 2016 US Presidential Race. The information I’ve gotten makes this the man that with God’s blessing could put America back to it’s constitutional roots. There are one or two others who seem like they might be good leaders, but I am praying for God’s guidance and blessing on Dr. Ben Carson.

I agree that Dr. Carson would have been a great resource for presentation and feedback questions. He seems to be far more knowledgeable than the current administration regarding HealthCare for all Americans.

I am happy that the Health Care Symposium will be be available live via the Web on June 9 and 10. I plan to watch. However, what are the times? Do you have a schedule for the speakers?

The comment about shingles is correct and most Drs don’t know this. Mine started in my low back after a car accident and I still get them on my back near the same place as I have 4 discs that were affected.

I look forward to AMAC publishing the solutions suggested by all the participants to this conference. Then we can all review the quality of the expert advice given and see just how innovative these people can be in an environment where the government is, in many ways, working against providing quality, affordable health care.

Missing from the list of important experts that should be participating in this symposium is Dr. Ben Carson;

My understanding is that Dr. Carson was invited but was unable to attend due to another commitment.

On the shingles survey one cause of shingles outbreak was never mentioned…injury that allows the virus to escape from its place of dormancy in the body and affect the nearby nerves. Our daughter, in her late 20’s, developed shingles in her arm and back within a week or so of her head/neck being tossed around on a roller coaster at 6 Flags. Her doctor told her that it was unusual for someone her age to develop shingles, but that an injury to the area where the virus lies dormant can trigger an outbreak. She suffered for months. She had had the world’s worst case of chicken pox as a child…including huge blisters all the way into her hair. I cracked my head on a marble counter as I arose from picking something up on the floor as we prepared to go on a cruise. Throughout the week my head felt… Read more »